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No wayyyyy! You ship the Blind Specter and Cagney?? Duuuuude, this was my OTP! I guess I shipped them because one, they're my favorites, and two, because of how I imagined their personalities. But I would do ship art of this before the game come out! I called it Blindflower. It's nice to find someone that also ships this!

Same! And I call it Ghostblossom but woah Blindflower sounds nice too!!

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Do you think the reason so many people ship phan is because if it's not real then they will eventually move out. Idk

Dan and Phil have this amazing chemistry together, something that I don’t think I’ve seen before between two friends. I don’t think I’ve even seen any couples with the sort of chemistry that Dan and Phil have, but it goes so much further than just having chemistry .

It’s the little things that make people believe that they are in a relationship

  •  It’s the softest voice asking ‘do you know what viscosity is?’ and genuine laughter following as Dan looks at Phil with so much fondness and happiness, his eyes are all crinkly with the size of his smile
  • It’s Dan calling Phil a living flop in the gentlest voice imaginable which just screams the exact opposite and even though he’s standing behind the camera you can picture his dimple standing out because his smile is just so damn wide
  • It’s Phil catching Dan in a trust fall and Dan actually trusting Phil to grab him before he hit the ground
  • It’s Phil constantly stealing Dan’s cereal and eating the ingredients for their baking videos and Dan pretending to be annoyed but everyone knows that he really doesn’t care
  • “If I had a house I would just make every window glass” *insert the fondest look and laugh here*
  • It’s knowing that Phil was there to support Dan when he was struggling with uni and thinking about dropping out
  • It’s all the little pranks they try to pull on each other but they never get mad they just laugh and know that there’ll be another one
  • It’s the fact that they’re living in their third home together and have plans to move into a forever home with each other
  • It’s knowing that they want to get a dog together and Dan telling his live show audience that Phil likes corgis, heavily implying that they’d probably get a corgi for Phil
  • It’s Phil finally getting the recognition he deserves at the boncas but calling Dan up to accept the award with him and actually saying “I’ve spent the majority of 2016 with another person”
  • It’s travelling the world together and sharing a small bus but never getting sick of sharing each other’s company
  • It’s creating an entire community and knowing that they’ll always have each other’s backs
  • It’s waiting for each other to wake up so they can have breakfast and watch anime together
  • It’s ‘me and Phil’, ‘Phil and I’, ‘we’, ‘our’
  • It’s Phil screaming all or nothing and Dan just shaking his head fondly bc he knew that was coming but he didn’t care and just humoured Phil

There are honestly so many reasons why Dan and Phil work together and I could go on for another 300 bullet points (no seriously, I could) but most of all I think it’s the fact they’ve been so close for 8 years and have no intentions of leaving each other any time soon

Imagine being in a relationship with Jensen for years and getting married in secret and him revealing it in an interview.

“Well, I really feel like I need to give you great congratulations for the movie once more. Nobody expected it to be such a blockbuster but we were pleasantly surprised, I’m sure it must have been for you too seeing as- it’s the first time you act on a movie together, am I right?” the interviewer asked and you nodded your head, glancing at your costar and… husband.

“Yeah, well I- I’ve been out of the big screen for some time now because I- because of Supernatural, and I love don’t get me wrong. It was my choice because I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, even if sometimes the shooting is exhausting it’s all worth it.” Jensen gave her a charming grin.

“I’ll agree, they’ve got like the best crew I’ve ever met. Everything works out so well and- and that’s even more surprising seeing how much they goof around I- at times I wonder how they get anything done there!” you laughed and Jensen chuckled, nodding his head with a shy smile.

“We’re all a bunch of kids, I’ll admit.” he mumbled as you rubbed his shoulder.

“But they really have the best of the best there. From director, writers, crew to cast, I think that’s what has made the show so successful so I don’t blame Jensen or anyone if they’d never want to leave that! They are really a family and- and you can feel that you know?” you made hand motions “You feel it from the first day and you feel so welcomed you just could as well stay there forever!”

“Speaking of which, though-” the interviewer spoke up with a smile “-Congratulations (Y/n)! I learned that you have been cast to play a surprise character in the show this upcoming season, is it right?”

“Uh yeah, yeah I have! It was amazing, the soonest I found out they wanted someone for a role I just went for it. I didn’t care what it was as long as I could be there even for one effin episode, it will be more than that yeah but still.” you nodded your head.

“Yeah, and I secretly believe that she was just cast to be there to take care of us. I mean “Two oscars?”-” he made a deep voice and a funny face “Screw that, she can keep Jensen and Jared under control; you’re hired!” he slammed his hand on the chair and you giggled as he laughed along with the interviewer.

“I can almost believe that to be honest.” she laughed “But to be honest, and just because we saw how people reacted to the news: Do you not think it has to do with the chemistry you two seemed to have in the movie? And-” she raised a finger “-Before you answer, let me tell you that 9 out of 10 critics pointed out how great your acting together was, as it’s obviously well known. The fans have not stopped shipping you like crazy after this movie, asking for as much as they can get of the two of you together in a screen, big or small.”

Jensen had a sly smirk on his face and you kicked his foot slightly, trying to keep a serious face on “Well-” he cleared his throat, getting a little serious himself, or at least trying to “-I mean look at her!” he showed you off with both his hands “How can someone not have chemistry with this woman?”

You giggled shaking your head with a blush “J!”

“We- we just clicked, from the first moment; I think that was it.” he said with a fond smile and you knew that even if she thought the first day of shooting you could understand he met that first time about ten years ago in a coffee shop “There was a connection, there was defintiely understanding, an unspoken agreement and-”

“Lots of spilled coffee.” you added with a giggle and he laughed next to you.

“Lots of spilled coffee too, yeah.” he had a boyish grin on his face.

“There was chemistry, yeah.” you spoke more softly “Maybe we didn’t see it from the first moment, but it was there. We don’t act like any other couple- screen couple I mean.” you hurried to add “You’d really be surprised to see us communicate, maybe freak out a little bit too.” you chuckled and Jensen did the same “But we- we work, that’s what we know and we’re glad that people could see it as well and that it helped the movie so much; in being believable and true I mean.”

“It really came out of nowhere for some, me including let me tell you. I might be fangirling a little now, but your ship is a really big thing and I know this Halloween what I am going to dress up with my boyfriend. With both the new season of Supernatural and a Sequel in the works the ship has sailed!” she said with a wide grin and you and Jensen laughed.

“You tell me!” he grinned “Wherever I go someone will talk about it and you know what? I completely understand!” he nodded his head.

“Of course you would.” you said with a small smirk and he gave you a look that just made you shift in your place uncomfortably.

“And you know-” he suddenly said, turning to look at the interviewer “I ship it too. Yeah, I ship us like you have no idea but I think I’m the number one fan here because this has been my ship for much longer than yours!”

“Really? That would be an interesting story to hear!”

“Oh you bet!” you exclaimed, remembering how much he tried everything in his power to get to you to say yes in a date with him.

“You know?” she raised an eyebrow and you nodded your head with a grin.

“I was drunk, that’s the only thing I have to say! I was drunk, for everything! Just getting it out there, before he says anything.”

“Excuse me?!” he gasped, looking at you in fake shock that made you and the other woman laugh “Ouch!” he placed a hand over his chest.

“You know what?” he looked at the interviewer “You think a woman loves you, you do everything together: Jump off cliffs, kill aliens, go through the end of the world and almost give your life for each other and that’s what she says: I was drunk. Pff” he scoffed, shaking his head “You end up getting married and after almost a year she tells me she was just drunk, can you believe that?” he asked, his voice almost squeaky as the woman stared with almost wide eyes between the two of you, her smile vanishing slowly as she got more shocked.


“No, really. I even buy her flowers every chance I get- not just anniversaries but well, she was obviously drunk when she said yes.” he said with a clearly fake hurt face and you giggled as the interviewer gaped at you.

“You two are-” she ended up grinning as you nodded your head with a shy smile

“Ask the wife.” he said with a small pout as he rested his chin on his hand, his wedding ring more evident at that moment.

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Seven

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You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“Harry, why do you carry that hook around?” You asked, looking up at the pirate from the dock as he mopped the deck of the ship. Harry shrugged, “it was me dad’s. I always thought he’d give it to me older sister, Harriet. But he gave it to me instead. It made me feel like maybe the old man actually cared.” He paused, a slight blush covering his cheeks as he glanced up to you quickly before turning back to his mopping. “That sounded corny, eh?”

You smiled, “I think it sounded nice.”

“Now I have a question for ye, Lass,” The pirate hummed, glancing up at you with a small smile. “Have ye ever been in love?” He asked, placing his hands on top of the mop handle and resting his chin on them. You chuckled, shaking your head. “No I have not.” You replied, receiving a cheeky grin in return.

“Well I guess there’s a first time for everythin’.”

“Right you are, Hook.”

“Okay, Lass, ye’ve had yer fun. Time to give me back me hook,” The pirate gritted through clenched teeth, hand outstretched. You snickered, stepping back. “I don’t think I’ve had enough fun just yet.”

Harry growled, lunging out to you. You laughed, running away from the angry pirate. He should have known better than to let you “borrow” his most prized possession. You barely outran him in time to climb up to the crow’s nest. “I don’t care if ye’re goin’ up there! I’ll still catch ye!” Harry shouted, following up after you.

You laughed when the pirate cornered you. “Hiya!” Harry rolled his eyes, reaching for the hook, which you held out behind you. “Nah ah ah,” You tsked. “Not until you say it back.”

“I’m not saying it back.”


The pirate sighed, clenching his jaw before looking at you. “Hiya.” He muttered blandly. You sighed, “No. Like you mean it, Harold.” You scolded, poking him in the stomach. You grinned slightly at the giggle he let out in response to being poked in one of his most ticklish spots. “Okay okay okay,” He laughed before looking to you with a small smile.

“Hiya!” He repeated, voice higher than normal. You gave him a fond smile, pressing your lips to his for a brief kiss. You pulled away as he took his hook, gripping it tightly in his left hand. “Good pirate,” You cooed, arm slipping around his neck in order to pull him down to your height and pinch his cheek.

“Right you are, Lass. I am a grand pirate. But, ye want to know a secret?” He asked, voice dropping to a whisper. You nodded eagerly, you loved being told secrets.

“I’m an even better boyfriend.”

“Harry you look seasick,” Uma sighed, sitting beside the mopey pirate at the picnic table. “So?” Came the reply, muffled by the fact he had his arms crossed on the table and his chin on his arms so he could barely move his mouth.

“Well, we’re not on a boat, and besides you’ve lived on a boat your entire life you never get seasick,” She reasoned. “Here. Eat.”

Harry grunted in reply as a tray of food was shoved at him. “I’m not hungry.”

“Well then what are you gonna do for the next half hour?” Uma questioned, rolling her eyes at her stubborn friend.

Harry buried his face in his arms. “Remember,” He whispered before closing his eyes.

Uma shook her head, leaving her friend to stomp over to where Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay sat. “What did that wench do to Harry?”

“What’s it to you, Shrimpy?” Mal asked, smirking slightly.

“I’ve never seen him this upset. He won’t even eat or fight with Gil. The poor oaf’s lost without his partner-in-crime,” Uma growled, motioning to a lonely Gil blowing on dandelions. Jay sighed.

“I wish we knew. Lonnie said Y/N hasn’t gotten out of bed. She ditched all of her classes today,” He replied. “She had some appointments today she missed. I was supposed to fit her for new clothes and she was supposed to help Dizzy mix some hair potions,” Evie added with a sigh. “Dizzy’s really upset about it.”

“I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Harry constantly flirting with her, despite the fact she only broke up with him because of you,” Carlos retorted. Uma narrowed her eyes at him. “What are you insinuating there, Flea Boy?”

“Harry’s been doing nothing but flirting with her since he got to Auradon. Acting like it’s not his fault they broke up. He did cheat with you, after all.”

“What are you talking about? Harry never cheated with me.”

“Yeah he did. That’s the entire reason Y/N broke up with him. Gil came to Y/N’s home and told him Harry was cheating on her with you,” Carlos explained, albeit a little confused. Did she really not remember?

“Gil told her what!?” Uma exclaimed, staring at the four in shock.

“Gil come over here right now!”

the blond boy looked confused, but followed his Captain’s orders.

“Why did you tell Y/N Harry was cheating on her with me?” Uma demanded, shoving him down on the bench seat so she could stare down at him.

Gil gulped, looking nervous. “Well, one day when I was walking into Ursula’s I overheard you guys talking…”

It had been a long day for Gil, his father had required him to workout with him all morning, then listen to his tales all afternoon. So, it was about five in the evening by the time the boy was able to head over to Ursula’s. He just hoped he hadn’t missed too much.

He grinned upon hearing the voice of his closest friends - Captain Uma and First Mate Harry Hook. He opened his mouth to greet them, stopping when he heard them talking in hushed voices.

“Uma, I’m askin’ as yer friend, not yer first mate. Ye can’t tell Y/N what’s goin’ on,” Harry insisted, sounding panicked.

“She’s your girlfriend, Harry. She has a right to know. Besides, don’t you think she’ll notice the marks eventually?” The voice of the Captain shot back, seeming angered.

“I’ll keep them covered. Please. She can’t find out. Not until I figure out how to tell her without her overreactin’.”

“Fine, Harry. But you better tell her eventually, or I will. I will not allow what’s going on to remain a secret.”

Carlos, Evie, Jay, and Mal all stared at Uma accusingly.

“Sounds like cheating to me,” Evie stated, narrowing her eyes at the sea witch. The others nodded in agreement.

“Harry and I never did anything! He’s like my brother! I view him and Gil the way you girls view Carlos and Jay!” Uma snarled before turning to Gil with a sigh. “Gil… You misread the situation. Harry and I weren’t talking about some secret affair or something,” She started, voice turning somber.

“Then what were you talking about?” Gil quizzed, crossing his arms. Uma sighed.

Uma was helping Harry untangle his hook from his jacket when she noticed shades of blue, black, and purple peeking out from the collar of his shirt. “Harry, why are there bruises on your back?” Uma inquired. Sure, as pirates and villains they get into fights often. But she knew Harry well enough to know he would never let someone sneak up behind him or turn his back on an enemy long enough get a bruise that bad on his back.

“Oh, uh, well, ye see I was moppin’ the ship and I slipped and fell on my back,” Harry replied.

“Don’t lie to me, Harry,” Uma growled before dropping her voice to a whisper. “Was it your dad?”

Harry paused, “Yeah. It was him.”

“Does Y/N know?” She quizzed, crossing her arms as the pirate turned to face her, panic on his face.

“No. And ye can’t tell her, Uma. She’d go ballistic!” He replied.

“She needs to know, Harry. Maybe she’d be able to convince you to stop visiting that drunk like I’ve been trying to.”

“Uma, I’m askin’ as yer friend, not yer first mate. Ye can’t tell Y/N what’s goin’ on,” Harry insisted, sounding panicked.

“She’s your girlfriend, Harry. She has a right to know. Besides, don’t you think she’ll notice the marks eventually?” The voice of the Captain shot back, seeming angered.

“I’ll keep them covered. Please. She can’t find out. Not until I figure out how to tell her without her overreactin’.”

“Fine, Harry. But you better tell her eventually, or I will. I will not allow what’s going on to remain a secret.”

“Harry’s dad was…” Evie trailed off, eyes drifting to the lone pirate, still off in his own little world.

“Yeah…” Uma trailed off. “That was what we were talking about, Gil. Not some stupid little scandal.”

“Uh oh…” gil mumbled, before looking to the group like a kicked puppy. “Guys… I think I messed up really bad this time.”

It was late, and you were getting ready to go to bed in the house you shared with your father. You had just turned off your light when a knock came on your broken window. “Ye up, Y/N?” A voice called from outside your window.

“Harry?”  You asked, peering out the window. You noticed his red jacket before opening the window completely. “Are you insane? You know my dad hates you. He’ll kill you if he finds you out here!” You whisper-shouted. Ever since Harry hooked one of your father’s voodoo dolls he hated the pirate. “Come on, I’ll be quiet! I just want to give ye a present, Lass.”

You sighed before helping the pirate through your window. Once he was steadily on his feet he instructed you to close your eyes, and hold out your hand. Seconds later, something cool and smooth was dropped into it. You opened your eyes, gasping at the ring in your hand.

“There. It was me mum’s. I want ya to have it,” Harry whispered, taking the ring and sliding it onto your ring finger. The one that was supposed to be reserved for wedding rings… and engagement rings.

“Harry, are you…?” You trailed off, staring questioningly at the pirate.

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, “No, lass. Not yet. Not until I can get ye out of this hellhole. Until then, consider us… engaged to be engaged. But the second we step foot off of this island, I hope ye’ll agree to bein’ my wife. My annoying, loud, short-tempered, smart-mouthed wife.”

“Harry, this is supposed to be a cute moment but you’re making me want to punch you in the face.”

“Ah, that’s my girl.”

Sliding out from under your covers, you walked over to the jewelry box sitting on a stand in your room. The last time you opened that box was when you returned from the Isle. “I’m so gonna regret this,” You whispered, opening one of the little drawers and pulling out a familiar ring.

It was me mum’s.

You slid it onto your finger, smiling softly.

The second we step foot off this island, I hope ye’ll agree to bein’ my wife.

“I wish, Harry. I wish…” You whispered as tears once again began to fill your eyes.

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bts reaction to you being a translator at bighit ( female reader )

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Bts reaction to you being a translator/ interpreter at bighit


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Jin would be walking into the main office where you and PD were standing there talking. Jin would walk in confusingly and PD would introduce you. “This is Y/N, she’s gonna be a translator here!”. Jin froze up at the sight of you and he introduced himself. Bang pd let you two alone to get to know each other and once he left Jin walked up and re-introduced himself formally. “Hi, I’m Jin. I’m sorry this is such an awkward introduction” he says laughing. You smile and giggle with him. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” He smiles once again and he thinks about his next move. “ Hey uhh, do you maybe wanna grab a coffee or something sometime?” and you nod your head “ That’ll be great, thanks Jin” you say also smiling.


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You were sitting in a chair in front of the dance room and you see a man walking down the hallway just assuming it was one of the staff members you just looked away. Namjoon walked past you and once he saw you writing down some of their lyrics he would instantly turn into a shy fluff. He would introduce himself with a smile and you would introduce yourself back. “Hi, I’m Namjoon. and you are?”. Once you told him your name he smiled and nodded. “Soo Y/N what are you doing translating?”, and you would respond with a tired voice “I’m the new translator, I’ve been translating for almost 6 hours now.” Namjoon would widen his eyes and told you to take a break. “Come on, let’s go on a walk. You need to take a break” he said grabbing your hand and pulling you up from your seat.


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Yoongi would be just be getting out of work and he saw you sitting in the main lobby of the building. He froze in his footsteps and widen his eyes looking at how perfect you looked. He closed his eyes and thought how he wanted to approach you. He calmy walked up trying not to startle you at 11pm at night. You kindly look up and you were also frozen at his flawless sweaty figure and face. “Hey, I’m yoongi. What are you doing in here at such a late hour?” you shyly smile and told him your name and that you’re the new translator. He smiled and asked to walk you home. You nodded and packed your backpack and followed by his side as you told him the directions. Once you reached your apartment he asked to hang out with him again once you two are free. You nodded your head cutely as he watched you walk into the tall building. While he was walking home he couldn’t stop thinking about you. ‘ Is this what love at first sight is?’ he thought to himself.

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The boys invited you over to the dorm so you all could hang out for the night. Hoseok was unaware of you or about you even coming over. He was the only one who hasn’t met you. Hoseok was sleeping when you eventually came to the dorm. It was about 10 minutes when you realized that the 7th member was missing. Jimin voluntered to wake up Hoseok and once he woke up he was a mess. He was in his pj’s,messy hair,unbrushed teeth, and 3 of the buttons of shirt undone. Once he got downstaires everyone started laughing and when Hoseok realized that someone was over he saw you and quickly went up staires to make himself decent. He came back downstairs laughing and he went up to the group on the couch. “Uhh guys who’s this?” and Namjoon speaks up, “It’s Y/N! She’s the new translator at bighit!” and Hoseoks’ face goes straight into a smile and he sits next to you introducing himself. “Y/N you’re very pretty, maybe we can hang out tomorrow for lunch?” he says with a smile while the boys are having a seperate conversation. You smile and laugh at his shyness while shaking your head yes.

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As you walk into the dance studio to go meet the boys for the first time, you lay your eyes on someone first. You both make eye contact while the boys are taking a water break and you shyly bow. He taps Yoongi on the shoulder asking if he knew who you were and he shook his head no. Jimin walks up to you and you bow once again and he laughs bowing. “ H-hi I’m Jimin.” , you smile and say “Hi, I’m Y/N. I’m the new translator here” and he smiles now knowing that you’re gonna be working with them. He looks at your phone screen and it’s a picture of you and your dog infront of a café. You shyly smile and put your phone away but before you could put it away fully he asks for your number. You look at him in the eyes for a second out of shock and you both exchange numbers. “ Nice meeting you Y/N, I have to go. Maybe you and I can go to café tomorrow?” and you shyly smile “ Yeah, I’d like that “ and he smiles as he walks off and you turn around leaving the studio.


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You would be sitting in front of the bighit building working on your translations. You would see Taehyung walk past just thinking he was a normal person but hear a door behind you open and you see his figure walk in. You stop writing and wait a few minutes before you go in to see where he was going. You went up to PDs’ office and saw Taehyung standing there and you introduce yourself “Hi, I’m Y/N; Sorry to interrupt.” You notice taehyung is staring at you so you continue facing PD to avoid awkwardness. Taehyung introduces himself and PD tells him that your the new translator. He smiles and asks PD nicely if you two can go on a walk and PD agrees. While you two are walking talking about your intrests and dislikes, Taehyung compliments you out of no where. “ Hey Y/N , I know we just met but I think you’re very pretty and lovely and I was just wondering if you wanna grab dinner one night with me?” You smile so genuinelly and jump up and down “Yes!Yes!Yes!” and he laughs at how cute and excited you were and you two continue walking side by side.


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You would be 1 hour early to work so you sat in the dance room listening to BTS blasting through the speakers. You barely got any early translations done because you were thinking about how perfect they would look. Jungkook came early on purpose so he could master his part in DNA. He came in about 15 minutes after you and he startled you and you startled him. You both just sit there staring until you pause the music and speak up. “Umm hi sorry, I-i was just working o-on translations, u-uh i’ll leave now.” you say packing your bag together. Jungkook walks up to you and takes your wrist softly so you stop packing everything. “You must be the new translator” and you nod. He lets go and smiles cutely. “ I’m Jungkook, and you don’t have to leave; By the way, what’s your name?”, “Oh, I’m Y/N, I was early so I just thought I might as well start translating.” He looks down at your paper and starts smiling looking at all your translations. You both sit down and you both have a lot in common. 5 minutes before the boys get there he asks “ Hey, uhh I really like you! Do you wanna grab a coffee later?” and you smile and nod and he kisses you on the forehead which you were not expecting at all and stands up and starts russling through his bag to get his phone so you two can exchange numbers.


INBOX OPEN — ships closed — open to anything else:)

IwaOi Travel-themed Instagram AU

There’s a travel-themed Instagram account suddenly gets a lot of people’s attention. It’s like most of the travel-themed account where the owners travel to a lot of countries and share beautiful photos on their trip.

It could be the good look of the blogger or the aesthetic photos he takes that people start paying attention to the blog. Some fans even dig deep enough to know the photographer’s name is Iwaizumi Hajime. 

Iwa updates very often, snips of his trip on Instagram four or five or ten times a day. There are scenery, foods, merchandise in a shop, people on the street or just everything (including himself.) 

Iwa gets quite a few (well, many) followers in a short time and is dubbed “your vagabond lover” among his fans because Iwa tends to leave messages such as “Did you see this dog? I’d love to cuddle you but I need to hug it first.” on a dog picture or “What do you think? You’d fall in love with this instead of me really.” on a scenery photo like he’s talking to a lover. He also ends everyday with a picture of himself, may it be a selfie or a candid photo taken by a friend he befriends on the trip, saying good night or good day.

There’s a follower who always leaves long message below Iwa’s post. It’s usually a short story that matches the picture or their thoughts or what they feel about the photo. Their words work so well with Iwa’s photo that more people follow Iwa’s Instagram account for both their sakes.

One day, without any notification, Iwa suddenly disappears for a long time without posting anything. Then after a few days he resurfaces with a dim selfie of himself in a hospital room, smiling so bright to lit the dark room.

There’s someone in the bed besides him, sleeping peacefully and unaware of the camera. The caption says “I can’t wait to see the world with you.” 

The blog remains silent after that.

Followers are confused until a couple days later, the writer-follower appears and writes a story about a boy and his lover, where the boy is diagnosed of serious illness and needs to take a risky surgery. The boy has a dream to see the world and is afraid he could never be able to after he learns about the surgery. His lover believes the boy can make it through no matter what but doesn’t want the boy to have any regret before taking the surgery so the lover suggests to go see the world for the boy instead. He travels to the places the boy wants to see, taking picture of the scenery and himself for the boy staying in the hospital room. The lover gets back before the surgery and sits through the whole time outside the operating room. And to the lover’s greatest joy, the boy makes it!

Two months later, the blog becomes active again, starting with a selfie of Iwa and another handsome man, holding their hands to the camera, big smiles on their faces, in an airport. The caption says “We are ready to go. Are you ready?

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Connor Kenway x Reader: I Wish For A Family

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The soft crackling of the fire and the steady sound of raindrops hitting the windows were the only sounds that were competing to fill the silence that seemed to hollow the house. You were accompanied by a collection of books; an intriguing series that you were determined to finish as the storm outside weakened. There wasn’t much conversation anymore. Your eyes departed from the words on the page to gaze over to the chair Achilles used to sit in. It was times like these where his absence was palpable in an almost painful manner. You wished that he was here to offer his advice on how future events should be handled, to defeat you in every board game you played and to argue with the Native Assassin who now carried an even bigger load of worries and responsibilities than he did before.

With a sigh, you gently closed the book and placed it in its rightful place atop of the others. The soft silk material of your skirt trailed behind you as you stepped into the kitchen and found the necessary ingredients to make a delicious stew to feed yourself and the man who had sealed himself in his room upstairs. It all felt strangely domestic as you placed the apron over your head and tied it firmly behind you. Being trained by the French Brotherhood as if you were one of their own, you were a fierce assassin; as deadly as you were sophisticated and graceful. George Washington knew you by name, Lafayette could give testimony of your skills and Haytham Kenway himself had surprised his son when Connor was in the middle of introducing you but the Grand Master already knew of you.

You cut the carrots, the meat, and everything else before adding it into the pot and stirring it as it heated. You wiped your hands on the apron and turned to ready the bowls and utensils. The American Revolution had been fought and the colonists earned their victory. The United States of America had been the title given to the liberated nation and though now the people could take a break and celebrate their success, the work of the Assassins was just getting started. The American Brotherhood needed to be built to ensure their presence in the states was firm and lasting for the war with the Templars was far from over. The threat of Templar Order had been almost completely eradicated, yes, but the Assassins needed to be established for the freedom of the people and their posterity.

Ratonhnhaké:ton had this weight on his shoulders as well as the burden of knowing his people were driven from their land. In his life he had lost countless people. His story was painful in so many ways that you only wished for happiness to finally find him.

You carefully placed the bowls of hot stew on a tray along with two glasses of water. You carried these across the threshold and into the dinning room where you placed the bowls across from each other in the seats that Connor and you usually sat in. You could not help but look at the head of the table where Achilles used to sit. You walked up the stairs and towards the room where Connor resided to knock on the door.

“Connor,” you called out as you heard movement in his room.

The door opened to reveal the assassin who was not wearing his trademark robes but a simple white shirt that reached his elbows and blue pants.

“Dinner is ready downstairs. I was hoping you’d join me.”

“Of course.”

The both of you made your way downstairs and towards your respective seats. Connor thanked you for the food and you assured him that it was nothing. The same silence that you were trying to escape returned as the two of you enjoyed the flavors of the stew and the refreshment of the water. You knew well that he took notice of the way you examined him with concerned eyes looking for something to let you know how he was feeling but he had become extremely proficient at hiding his emotions.

You knew well the incredible warrior Connor was, you knew that he had the strength to survive any hardship that life placed in front of him but you had been his partner for years and had hoped that the trust you both shared was enough for him to know that he didn’t have to do this along; that you were more than willing to help. But before you could aid him you had to know what was wrong.

After eating, you stood to pick up everything and return it to the kitchen but Connor stopped you with a gesture of his hand.

“Please, allow me.” He said, lightly taking the bowl and cup from your hands and gathering them with his own before he walked to the kitchen.

He was fully aware that you followed behind him; walking in that soft, graceful way that made it seem as if you were gliding with your long skirts trailing behind you. There were many things on his mind, some that he was willing to share and others that he wanted to keep to himself. Connor knew that it wasn’t fair to you. He knew that you spent your days recruiting and training new assassins, just as he did, chatting with the other women in the homestead that you had become close friends with and making sure that everything in this home and outside ran smoothly. He did these things as well, obviously, but when he was away strengthening relations between the Caribbean brotherhood and his own, you were placed in charge.

You were the person he most trusted, a woman he admired for your strength and intelligence. He was sure that you already began to formulate your theories as to why he had been so distant suddenly and Connor felt guilty for making you worry. With all the courage he possessed he suddenly vulnerable under your analyzing gaze and he didn’t know how to explain what had put him in such an isolated place.

He finished washing the dishes and moved to go somewhere but he was suddenly stopped by your small hand grabbing his. All movement halted as he felt the coolness of your hand invade the warmth of his. Connor wasn’t one for physical contact but he always welcomed yours. Whether it came in the form of hugs or the rare kiss on the cheek, the gravitational pull he felt towards you was something he could never explain when he was younger.

For some time he felt as if he would never feel the love of another, especially from such a beautiful and refined lady like you, because of his heritage. He learned from others that women did these actions, gave these hugs, as a sign of friendship and that is what he took them as. For such a long time that had been enough…but his mentality began to change as he grew older.

“Connor, do you trust me?”

The inquiry in her voice saddened him. This shouldn’t be a question that needed to be asked.

“You are one of the persons in this life that I trust most.” Connor reassured, the depth of his kind eyes meeting your own. “Never place in doubt my trust in you.”

“Then tell me what you are thinking. The house already feels empty without Achilles and without your presence it just becomes more hollow.”

Upon hearing your words his hand moved to grab your upper arm and hold it in sympathy; as a way to comfort you.

“That is not what I wanted…I am sorry, (Your Name). I…” He trailed off as he took his hand off you and moved around you and towards the living room. “The things that burden my mind are not what you expect.”

“Explain it to me.” You told him. “You’ve helped me dozens of times. I wish to do the same.”

He stopped walking once he reached a place near the window where he could survey the storm that thrashed the nature outside. He contemplated the words he wanted to say to her and how he was going to do so while she leaned against the archway giving him the time he needed.

“The war has ended and the tyranny of the English crown and the Templar Order have been warded off.” He began. “What do you wish to happen now?”

You crossed your arms and rested your head against the doorway. “Well, I wish for the our influence to grow stronger here in to make sure that future attempts from the Templars to rise up again can be stopped. I wish for there to be a strong connection between not only us and the Caribbean brotherhood, but also the ones in Europe and around the world. I wish for the homestead to thrive always as it has been-”

“No. What I had meant was…what do you wish to happen to you, personally.” Connor tried again, looking a bit flustered because he hadn’t been clear enough the first time.

“Oh, to me? Um, well, I wish to be of service for as long as I can and help mentor the new assassins under your leadership.”

Connor’s eyes left yours as he shook his head and looked down to the floor. You suddenly felt as if you had answered the wrong thing and you didn’t understand. After the death of your father and the abandonment of your mother, you were sent to a family friend in France where you were raised in the creed. You had been working for the assassins all your life and could not imagine doing anything else with the knowledge of the evil that was found in this world. Your thoughts wondered if Connor was thinking about leaving the assassins but you quickly dismissed the idea. That was not something Connor would ever do.

“Was that the wrong thing to say?” You asked as you moved into the room.

“No. It is an honorable thing to want.”

You waited a moment before asking.

“What do you want, Connor?”

He took a moment before answering.

“I wish for a family.”

You are not going to lie and say that you weren’t surprised, even shocked, at his answer. Years ago, the both of you had been on aboard the Aquila resting inside the captain’s cabin after defeating a number of ships that had been controlling the bay around a lighthouse that they shouldn’t have been in. During the battle you had been slightly injured and now sat in his chair bandaging the wound when conversation between you two started. You talked the war, the homestead, the past and what waited ahead of you. It was in that conversation that you learned that Connor did not have time for romance. Members of the homestead were always asking him when he was going to find a nice girl during the times where all of them gathered to eat and have a good time. He had told you that he had other priorities with his people that came first and they would always come first, as would the fight for freedom.

You had agreed with him and somehow convinced yourself that his mentality would never change.

“Two weeks ago we all gathered in welcoming the child of Myriam and Norris’s to this world. I had returned days later to ask if they had a sufficient amount of firewood for the night or meat, since Myriam is now too busy to hunt, and she asked me if I could hold him for a moment. She placed her child in my arms, her small baby boy and I was overtaken by a strong feeling in my chest.” He said as he tapped his chest for emphasis, trying to get you to understand . “I want that. I want to be able to hold a child of my own. I want to watch my little one grow, watch him learn to form words and take his first steps. I want a wife. A woman whom would love me just as much as I would love her.”

The emotions in his words were so strong they touched your heart. In the long time that you had known Connor, you had never heard him speak as he was now. His eyes were filled with such emotion as if his wishes were never going to be attained no matter how much he wanted it. It was the first time that you had seen him want something other than freedom for his people and the death of his enemies. This time he wanted something that everyone wanted to have but it seemed as if a part of him believed he would not achieve this.

“Connor you will have that.” You tried to reassure him. “You will find a woman who will you love immeasurably, you’ll see. You will also have children who will adore you and see you as their hero. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a wonderful husband and an excellent father.”

Connor’s desperate eyes once more looked away from yours. He shook his head again, running a hand through his hair which had begun to grow back to how it used to be. You didn’t understand why this was causing him such anguish. You moved closer to him and placed a hand on his face so that he was once again looking at you. You held his gaze and looked deeply into his eyes so that she can find the source of his insecurities and extinguish it.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton, it will happen. You are such an exemplary person. You are brave beyond compare and never in my life have I met someone who can even come close to having the same amount of goodness that lives in you. Life may have been cruel to you like that storm outside but soon the storm will end and the sun will shine. And when the sun shines upon you, Connor, and it will, you will have everything that you want and more.”

Your words were so sincere that they softened his expression but not what burned in his eyes. You wrapped your arms around his neck and embraced him closely. He laid his head on your shoulder and after a bit he wrapped his arms around you to hold you as tightly as you were holding him. You could feel his breath on your neck as you rested your head on the side of his. You had never been this close to Connor. Yes, you had given him hugs before, but nothing like this. Your heart began to beat a little faster and you hoped he could not feel it.

Connor had not had the blessing of living that normal life that so many seemed to have. He did not grow up in a home where he had both his mother and his father. He had been denied both from an early age. He did not know what it was like for a family to be together and united because he had no example of it but after seeing the joy Norris and Myriam had…he wanted it. He wanted it badly.

“I want to have all of that with you.”

That’s when you were sure he wasn’t going to feel how fast your heart was beating because your heart stopped. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard.

In the years following you meeting the native, you had harbored feelings for him. Everything about him, to you, seemed perfect. You had fallen in love with the way he carefully enunciated every word to make sure that he was pronouncing it correctly, the way he would let his guard down around you sometimes and smile, the way his eyes held pride when he watched you in battle, with his morals and the way he would do anything to protect those he loved. You thought then, and now, that he was incredibly handsome but that conversation you both had on the Aquila made you hide your feelings and even try to ignore them.

Because you thought that he would never feel the same way.

He had held you but your silence was all he needed to confirm his doubts. He remembered the day that you had arrived to the homestead. You arrived wearing expensive clothing with your hair braided up and pearls pinned in the elaborate braid. Even in the city he had not seen a lady like you. Your eyes were bright and warm. Your smile was directed at him with no prejudice. He had not believed that someone that looked so delicate and elegant could be a skilled assassin. He was proved wrong many times over. Especially the time when you had been the first one to swing off the Aquila and attack that Man O’ War which surprised Mr. Faulkner who had first been against you boarding the ship (saying woman on board brought bad luck). After that his crew affectionally had nicknamed you the ‘Pirate Lass’.

He always sought to be near you. He wanted to be near you but you did not feel the same way.

“I should not have said that. I am sorry.” He said with fear and regret coating his words.

“No, wait, Connor-” He tried to slip away from you but you didn’t let him. “I…”

How were you supposed to explain how you felt for him for so many years? How you suppressed it in fear that you could lose his friendship? That you were so shocked and happy at his words that you didn’t know how to tell him?

He waited because you stopped him. His eyes urged you to go on even if it was to tell him the hard truth that you did not feel the same way.

“I’ve felt…I…” You sighed to shake off the sudden nervousness that now filled you. “I had feelings for you. I’ve always thought you were one of a kind, handsome and gallant. I had so many feelings I was afraid you would notice the way I smiled too widely. I always thought I was a bother to you. And then that night on your ship, after we defeated those ships that were controlling the lighthouse, you told me that you weren’t interested in a relationship and I respected that. You were right. I saw why you would want to make that decision and so I concealed my feelings.”

“I spoke those words while a war raged among us.” Connor clarified. “I could not allow my emotions to show. Our lives were threatened. At any moment anything could have happened to either of us.”

“I know,” you nodded.

He looked at you intently. You had taken small sections from the front of your hair and braided it so that it almost appeared as if you were wearing a crown; half up and half down. You didn’t have pearls pinned in your hair nor flowers but you looked no less radiant.

“I see things differently now.” The Master Assassin said with conviction. “The brotherhood is growing at a steady pace. All of our goals can and will be attained rather quickly. Perhaps it is time for the rain to cease and for the sun to shine.”

You turned to look outside and smiled when you saw that the storm had stopped. The only thing that remained from the brutal downpour was the crystal clear droplets that slid down the surface of the windows. It was only a matter of time before the sun broke through the clouds and basked everything in its golden light; you both knew that. Connor, still slightly timid, takes a hold of your hand.

“(Your Name)…I will do everything in my power to have the feelings you had for me return.”

“You already have them, Ratonhnhaké:ton.”

“But you said ’had’.” Connor said, his expression twisting in confusion.

You gave him a sweet smile before using both hands to bring him close enough to kiss. And kiss him you did. It had been Connor’s first kiss so despite not knowing that to do he followed your movements and kissed you back. It was that kiss that told him that your feelings had never left; they were only hidden but now, since the sun was going to shine, there is no need for them to hide from the storm any longer.

“You know, secretly, I’ve also always wanted to start a family.”

The joyful and hopeful grin he gave you was priceless.

Ship || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: May I request a Jughead x reader (of course haha) where the reader is Veronica’s adopted sister (same age) and she’s a fangirl and she starts making ships within her friends (I don’t care what ship you use I legit like every ship) and she tells her friends who she ships them with and then Ronnie smug little Ronnie is like “oh you didn’t tell us who you ship Jughead with?” And the reader is all like “well I don’t know me probably” (or something like that) and Jughead hears it and fluff? Thank you

A/N: I loved writing this! I hope you guys enjoy it!

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How you came into the Lodge family around the same time Veronica was born was a total coincidence. For years, Hermione and Hiram had tried to have children with no avail. Deciding having children naturally was out of the question, they decided to adopt. That’s where you came in. Your biological mother was a young teenager and your biological father had left her when he discovered she was pregnant. Realizing she couldn’t do this on her own and that she was way too young to have a baby, she contacted an adoption agency who put her in touch with Hermione and Hiram.

The Lodges were overjoyed when your biological mother had agreed to give you up to them. Finally, they could have a baby. When your biological mother was six months into her pregnancy, the adoption went through. All that everyone needed to do now was wait. However, a couple weeks later, Hermione Lodge discovered she was two months pregnant.

Your biological mother was terrified, thinking that the Lodges didn’t want the baby growing inside her anymore. They reassured her that they did, and three months later, you were born. The Lodges took you home, raising you as an only child until Veronica was born four months after that. The two of you were basically twins. Despite you guys being completely different, you two were as thick as thieves.

While Veronica preferred to shop and go to parties, you preferred to stay home and write and draw. Nevertheless, the two of you always made time for each other, whether it would be Veronica taking you shopping for a new sketchbook or you drawing Veronica a portrait of herself or of her favorite celebrity of the week.

The one thing the two of you absolutely loved to do together? Ship people.

“Valarchie!” you blurted out.

Your group of friends looked up from their lunches at you. Veronica bit back a smile.

“I’m sorry?” Archie asked.

Betty snickered.

“You and Valerie! Valarchie!” you said. “I finally figured out a ship name for you two!”

Archie chuckled.

You and the Core Four (minus Jughead) were sitting outside at your lunch table, Veronica next to you, Betty and Archie across from the two of you. Truth be told, you had a crush on Jughead. Veronica always encouraged you to tell him, swearing that he liked you back but you always quickly shook your head, denying that idea. He was your best friend. You couldn’t tell him you liked him because what if you lost him?

“Who do you ship me with, Y/N?” Betty asked, smiling.

You looked slyly at your sister.

“Veronica,” you said. “We came up with your ship name on the second day of school. It’s Beronica.”

Veronica coughed on her drink and Betty blushed.

““We,” huh?” Archie said as he smirked, looking towards Veronica. “You just helped Y/N out with that name?”

Now Veronica was blushing.

“Archiekins, that’s a story for another day,” she said as she turned to you. “Y/N, you haven’t mentioned Jughead yet.”

You knew where this was going and rolled your eyes.

“Who do you ship him with?” she asked.

You shrugged.

“I don’t know,” you said, smiling softly. “Me probably.”

You and Ronnie giggled before realizing that Archie and Betty weren’t laughing but were wide-eyed instead and focused on something behind the two of you.

“What?” Veronica asked. “You guys know she likes him.”

Betty quickly shook her head while Archie made a “cut” motion with his hand.

You and Ronnie heard a chuckle from behind and you two of you quickly spun around, seeing Jughead standing a few feet away from you. You froze.

Oh, sh—

“So…” he began, putting his hands in his pockets. You like me?” he asked, smiling cockily at you.

You gulped and you looked towards Veronica for help. Instead, she just smiled at you.

“Betty, Archie, I need to talk to you guys about that history project of ours due tomorrow. Privately. Come on!” she said as she got up, the other two quickly following her.

You grabbed her wrist.


“Shh, Y/N, it’s going to be okay.” she said quietly as she brushed a lock of your hair back behind your ear.

She gave you and Jughead a smile before she and your friends walked off, leaving just you and the beanie-clad teen. Jughead cleared his throat and walked over to the lunch table, sitting next to you.

“I-I know you don’t like me back,” you quickly said as you tried to keep your hands from shaking, failing miserably.

Jughead’s smile fell.

“A-And that’s okay,” you continued, looking down. “We can just pretend that this never happened, that—”

You stopped when you felt warm hands envelop your trembling ones. You looked up to see Jughead looking at you with the softest expression you had ever seen. Without saying another word, he slowly leaned in and claimed your lips with his. You froze for a moment in shock before you began kissing him back. He smiled into the kiss and deepened it, you gladly allowing him to do so. All of a sudden, the two of you heard cheering from a distance and broke apart, looking up. Across the field was Veronica, Betty, and Archie all clapping and whooping. You giggled and looked down, blushing furiously.

At least one of your ships was now canon.


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Would You Be So Kind - Peter Parker

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, where do you even go?” Peter asked me as I quickly packed my things into my bag. I shrugged at the boy in response to his question.

“You have your Stark Internship, Spidey, and I have super secret missions of my own,” I answered, purposefully being vague as I put my bag around my shoulder.

“You mind telling me what it is?” He asked, chuckling.

“Nope,” I answered nonchalantly. “See you tomorrow, Peter.” I began to walk out of the classroom when I heard him shout.

“This is so not fair!” I chuckled at his reply, but I continued walking.

I took my guitar out of its hard case and took my usual seat on the stool on the stage. Here I was in a very small and quaint coffee shop that not a lot of people knew about, sitting in front of a microphone.

I performed here thrice a week, basically using the money for books and school supplies since my mum never got them for me when I needed them. I tested the mic and the amplifier of my guitar quickly before beginning to perform.

“Hey guys. If you’re new, I’m Y/N. I perform here every so often, and… yeah… I guess that’s all I have to say. Tips are much appreciated; there’s a jar off the stage to your left, but you know, tips in general, constructive criticism and such are also greatly appreciated,” I smiled. “So, the first song I’m going to sing is called Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop.

I sang like I normally did and allowed myself to get lost in the music and not too wrapped up in the fact that I was singing in front of a crowd. My eyes, I admit, were closed for much of the song or I was looking down, or I wasn’t paying attention to the audience all that much.

I couldn’t help but think about a certain person who wasn’t in this coffee shop that I was singing about. The only reason I knew about this coffee shop was because of all of Peter and I’s midnight conversations. This was the closest coffee shop to my apartment. I think Peter and I’s conversations were one of the things that kept making me come back.

“Where do you keep getting this coffee? I’ve been to every coffee shop in Queens, but I still don’t know where you find this one,” he chuckled, taking a sip as I dressed a wound on his back.

“Clearly, you haven’t gone to every coffee shop in Queens,” I commented with a giggle of my own.

“Seriously though, where do you get it? It’s delicious,” he told me, “It’s my favourite coffee. And it actually keeps me up, too.”

“Well, I’ll never tell you, so you’re just going to have to keep coming back to me if you want coffee,” I chuckled, looking at him when I finished dressing his wound.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much,” I sang. “All of the while, I never knew… All of the while, all of the while, it was you,” I sang, finishing the song with one last song. I opened my eyes at the sound of applause. I began to blush and grin and I scanned the crowd.

I felt my heart stop when my eyes locked on a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring into mine with a look of surprise and amazement. My mouth had gone dry and I cleared my throat beginning to speak, looking away from him. “Thank you. Now, I need to have a bit of water and I’ll be right back.”

I stood up, putting my guitar on a stand. I walked quickly to the barista and asked for a bottle of water, my fingers playing with each other nervously as I prayed Peter wouldn’t come and talk to me.

“In all of the months I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you this nervous, Y/N,” said the kind, old Barista. “You’d think a bomb was about to go off just by how stressed you are. You alright?”

I bit my lip and leaned closer to him. “You know that guy? The one that I buy coffees for?”

“Midnight coffees guy? Yeah!” He exclaimed.

I widened my eyes and shushed him. “Please be quiet; he’s the brunet one, brown eyes. The one that was looking at me all shocked.”

Keith, the Barista, just gave me a look. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweetheart, but there were a lot of brunet, brown-eyed boys looking at you all shocked.”


“Y/N?” Peter called.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip, silently cursing the heavens as I faked a smile and turned around. “Hey, Peter! What are you doing here?”

Oh,” Keith commented.

“I… Well, I think I fi-figured out where you get the-the midnight coffee,” Peter stuttered.

“Well, seeing as you’re here, you have,” I chuckled. Keith gave me a water bottle and I smiled at him. I took the bottle in my hands.

“So,” Keith cleared his throat, “Who was that song about?” He asked. I turned to glare at him. He put his hands up in surrender.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied, my voice strained. “I never said it was about anybody.”

“Well, your songs are always about somebody,” he replied.

Let me explain what was going on here. See, Keith has shipped Peter and I ever since the third time I bought coffee at midnight. He’s been constantly trying to get me to confess. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried several times and I’ve screwed each attempt up.

“Peter, I need to tell you something urgent,” I told him bravely in the halls.

Peter, confused at my sudden outburst, turned to look at me, eyebrows furrowed. “What?” he asked.

I bit my lip and clenched my fists so hard that I was sure I was leaving wounds on the palms of my hands from my nails, which weren’t even that long. “I like… I like… I like tacos!” I told him.

“What?” He asked after a silence. He raised his eyebrow at me and smiled a little.

“I like tacos. And cheeseburgers. You know, as one meal. Like, you get the insides of the cheeseburgers… and put it into the taco… like… I love it,” I began choking up a bit, both from frustration at myself and embarrassment. “I love it so much,” I lied.

“Okay, Y/N,” he laughed. “I have to get to class now, okay? See you later.”

“Peter, you know what a ship is, right?” I asked.

Peter gasped at me, putting his hand on his chest and feigned offence. “Do you even have to ask?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Well, okay. I was just checking. ‘Cause I ship two people, and I wanted you to know.”

“You ship a lot of people, Y/N.”

“Yeah, I know, but this pairing’s in real life!” I laughed, nudging him.

“Okay, then who is it?” He asked.

I bit my lip a little before opening my mouth to speak, but the words I wanted to say didn’t come out and instead what came out was, “Tony and Steve. The ultimate bromance.”

“What?!” He exclaimed.

“Yep,” I said, a bit bitterly. “Fantastic. Yep. Totally.”

“Tony would freak out if he knew.”

“I trust you with my life. Literally. If you told him, I’m pretty sure he’d kill me. Do me a favour: incase he finds out, I want to be cremated. Keep my books, too, would you? Don’t damage my babies. Keep them in good condition. They deserve to be read…”

“My songs aren’t always about people, Keith. What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to sound incredulous.

“So it wasn’t about that guy you have a crush on?” He asked.

“What guy?” Peter asked. I looked at Peter, then at Keith.

“There’s this guy who she just cannot shut up about. She buys him coffee all the time. Seriously, it’s both adorable and incredibly frustrating. She can’t seem to tell him about her feelings,” Keith continued.

I put my hand on my head, feeling a migraine coming on. “Please just stop talking,” I begged.

“She thinks he’s too good for her, could you believe it? If anybody’s too good for her, they’re probably too good to be true,” Keith chuckled.

I looked up at the ceiling. “Please kill me. Let the light fall on me or let there be poison in my water. Please kill me,” I pleaded.

“That’s crazy,” Peter said after a moment. “Y/N, you’re a great person. Whoever it is, they’d be incredibly lucky to have you.”

“Open a pit beneath my feet and let it eat me, I don’t care just kill me,” I whispered.

“So, who is it?” Peter asked, either ignoring my pleas or not hearing them altogether.

“Funny you should ask,” Keith commented.

I slammed my hands on the desk, surprising myself and I looked at Keith. “Do you want to tell him?” I asked.

Keith’s face lit up like he was a child on Christmas morning. “Can I?”

I put my hands up in exasperation. “You know what, I’ve tried too many times. Far too many. More than I’d like to admit, so you know, you can do it. I’m seemingly unable to,” I chuckled. “I’m gonna go and perform and you can tell him,” I took a swig of my water and walked back to the stage, leaving Peter confused.

“Hey guys. Let’s start with the next song. This one’s called… This one’s called Would You Be So Kind. I found it on Youtube while I was studying. It’s by Dodie Clark, and I think it’s really cute, but I don’t think I’m gonna think that in a few minutes, so I’m gonna sing it while it’s still cute. I hope you like it.” I took my guitar and began to sing the song.

“I have a question; it might seem strange,” I began, “How are your lungs? Are they in pain?” I kept singing the song, trying to get lost in the music, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous. My eyes locked on the scene unfolding in front of me with Peter and Keith. I could see Keith whispering while Peter’s eyes were locked on me.

“'Cause mine are aching… think I know why. I kinda like it, though. You wanna try?” I smiled before continuing, “Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? ‘Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me,” I sang, now finally getting lost in the words because I understood them well enough. I was in that situation right now.

“Let’s write a story. Be in my book. You’ve got to join me on my page… At least take a look,” I pleaded as I sang, “Oh, where are your manners? You need some time? Let’s swap chests today; that might help you decide.”

“Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? 'Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me.”

I surprised myself, and him too, when I began to cry. “Oh, do me a favour, can your heart rate rise a little? Do me a favour, can your heart rate rise a little?”

“Oh, would you be so kind as to fall in love with me? You see, I’m trying. I know you know that I like you, but that’s not enough, so if you will please fall in love. I think it’s only fair - There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? 'Cause I like you, but that’s not enough. So if you will, please fall in love with me,” I ended with a final strum, my gaze not leaving Peter’s. I cleared my throat again, looking down as I wiped my tears.

“I think I’m gonna stop for the day. Thank you for listening,” I looked at the other audience members. I quickly packed my things and waved at Keith, who waved back before I left.

I walked quickly, navigating the streets of Queens as I arrived back at my flat. I walked in, putting my guitar on case on the floor as more tears spilled from my eyes. Peter knew; he had to. He just… he didn’t like me that.

That’s okay. That was okay. It was okay for him not to like me. That’s fine. It was fine. I was going to be fine. Peter could fall in love with whoever the hell he wanted to fall in love with-

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door. I wiped more of my tears and opened the door to find Peter standing in my hallway, two cups of coffee in his hands. I bit my lip, letting him in silently. He walked in and put the coffee on my desk.

“Okay. I know. I screwed up and I’m a coward, I know. I get it. I’m a complete idiot and I know that you’re Spiderman and that, you know, you have better things to do than girls-” I paused, “Not that I’m insinuating that you should do girls, I mean- agh, why is this so hard?” I shook my head as I rambled on and on about phrasing and words and how I struggled with them. My eyes couldn’t seem to settle on Peter.

“Anyways, the point is: I know I screwed up by liking you, and I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you or that Keith did or that I even ended up liking you and complicating things for you. So, here’s the deal: I know you don’t like me, so I’ll help make this a little less awkward for you by telling you that it’s okay; it’s fine. You don’t have to say it; I know. Okay? Good? Is that out of the way?” I asked, finally looking at him.

Upon looking at him, I saw that he was smiling at me. “What?” I asked, “Why are you smiling?” He walked closer to me. “What… what are you doing?”

He kissed me.

Peter Parker kissed me.

And when he pulled away I said, “Holy crap.”

He laughed. “I really like you. So, could you do me a favour and just accept that?”

“Yeah,” I choked out, beginning to grin, “Yeah, I think I can do that.”

A Whole New World

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Spencer Reid x Reader

For Anon who requested - “ could you write something with Reid and the reader going to disneyland? Maybe include the team too? Just pure fluff. :) Thank you!” I didn’t include the team but I hope you like it anyways!

Spencer had been waiting for a week like this one his whole life. A week with no phone calls or text messages from Garcia. No Avengers assembling. Just a week of absolute relaxation with Y/N. He had already told the people he was closest with that this week was when he would take the plunge. He went shopping with JJ for the perfect ring. He had everything all planned out.

Spencer and Y/N were absolutely perfect for another. They had met at the park where Y/N had beaten him at chess. He was flabbergasted the second she uttered the words “checkmate”. That moment was when he knew that he had to get to know her. And ever since then their lives had been absolutely perfect. Y/N was as sarcastic as he was awkward. She had as many tattoos as he had degrees. She was as abnormally clumsy as he was shy. On the other hand the two were both so selfless. They both were so caring and loving that they often times forgot to take care of themselves. They both loved each other wholeheartedly. They both wore their hearts on their sleeves. They both loved reading. They both had given themselves ulcers from drinking too much coffee while working on their dissertations. They were totally different people but they worked.

The two had been planning a week long trip to Disney World, ever since Y/N found out that Spencer hadn’t been to her absolute favorite place on earth. She couldn’t wait to take cheesy pictures with Mickey Mouse and the Princesses. She longed to show him her favorite ride, the Mad Tea Party. She wanted to create memories with Spencer that would last them a lifetime.

Y/N was ecstatic for the trip while Spencer was more nervous than he was when he had Anthrax poisoning and gotten shot combined. He had decided to propose on the first day there. They had just gotten to the hotel,  Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, and dropped off their luggage before heading to the bus which would take them to Magic Kingdom.

Spencer happily took pictures of Y/N with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They went on Space Mountain while Spencer pointed out the flaws in the science. Spencer and Y/N walked around Sleeping Beauty’s cottage where Y/N was excitedly telling him about Aurora and Phillip. Spencer just held her hand and listened not bothering to attempt to tell Y/N that he knew the fairy tale. He would do anything to see her smile, her eyes shining with happiness and excitement. They got matching Mickey and Minnie ears at a gift shop. They took pictures with the Genie, one of Y/N’s favorite Disney characters. They got a caricature taken with Y/N being Jasmine and Spencer being Aladdin. Spencer and Y/N managed to do everything they wanted to. Spencer, although he didn’t tell her then, just did whatever Y/N wanted. Seeing her happy was all he needed to make this trip memorable.

That night Spencer had a dessert cruise on the Seven Seas Lagoon booked for the two. It had just gotten dark when the ship had set sail. As the ship left the port the pianist started to play Bella Note, a Disney classic, and coincidentally Y/N’s favorite song.

“Spencer, you didn’t have to do this” exclaimed Y/N, her voice oozing with glee.

“Yes I did Y/N. I would do anything to see you smile” said Spencer smiling at his hopefully future wife.

The two sat at the table they were seated to before the waiter brought them champagne and a massive slice of cheesecake.

“What’s this for?” asked Y/N. The waiter just smiled knowingly before leaving.

“What was that? Wait, why are your hands shaking?” questioned Y/N, her thoughts now directed to Spencer.

“Y/N, you know I love you right?” asked Spencer.

“Of course I know that Spencer, I love you too” replied Y/N looking at Spencer with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Dammit, I had this entire speech prepared but I can’t remember it now. Y/N, the day we met was one of the best days of my life and each day after that with you has been a dream. I love everything about you. How you read to me when I’ve come back from a difficult case. How you get along with my friends and my mom. How you straighten my ties every morning before I leave. I love how you wake up to say goodbye to me even if it’s 3 in the morning. The one thing that would make me happier is if you would be my wife so that we can start a whole new world together” said Spencer as he got down on one knee and took out the ring.

Y/N with tears streaming down her face nodded before saying, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you”.

Spencer took the ring out of the box and slid it onto her left hand ring finger as people in the background cheered. Y/N, with her converse clad feet, stood on her toes to press her tear stained lips to Spencer’s. As their lips eagerly collided, their cheeks flushed and their breaths deepened. Spencer and Y/N could see camera’s flash in their peripheral views and fireworks sparkling in the night sky but none of that mattered to the two, one entangled in the loving arms of the other.

A/N I hope you like this anon! I finish Final’s on the 23rd so after that I will be free to write more! Send in any requests you have and I hope ya’ll enjoy!

The Dinner Date

The Dinner Date

Bucky x Reader

Requested by anon;

‘Okay so i had a dream and i need an imagine just like it. So the reader is dating bucky and for the past week or so she becomes distant and he starts to notice. And then when he went out with friends to like a fancy restaurant he sees her there with thor and another couple. Not knowing they’re undercover as a couple he thinks she’s cheating. When thor and reader see bucky they start to panic and start hiding like bringing the menu up in their face so he doesn’t compromise the mission.’

Contains fluff, a brief drowning and Bucky Barnes

If you had closed your eyes for a moment you could almost have willed yourself to imagine you were at the beach with your family; playing chicken with the ocean and laughing at the sand stuck to your ice cream. But your eyes remained open, scanning the room in the flashing red light as your ears protested against the blaring alarm. “Does anyone copy?” You said into the comms, desperately hoping that someone would respond

Water dripped from the ceiling onto your forehead and you wiped it away impatiently. You needed to get out; this boat was sinking, and it was sinking fast. Your ear piece hissed and Steve’s voice came from the other end. “This is Steve, I copy loud and clear. What’s your position?”

“I’m in the cargo hold, and I’ve got something down here that you’re gonna need to see.”

“Y/N, get out of there; you’ll be locked in if this thing takes on too much more water.”

You looked around you and knew he was right; the water was waist high and rising more by the second. In another couple of minutes you wouldn’t be able to get out alive. Not ready to give up, you tried to persuade him to pay you a visit.  “Cap, you need to come and-”

“Work your way back up to the deck, now! We still have hostiles onboard, there isn’t any time.”

You groaned and kicked at the crate in front of you, puzzling frustratedly over the contents. How was it that years after he had stopped manufacturing, you were face to face with a crate full of Stark weapons?


You lay on the floor in the quinjet, soaking wet and shivering; you hadn’t seen the hostile until it was too late and she had thrown you overboard. You remembered what it felt like to fall, the moment it had taken you to comprehend what was going on before the ocean slapped you in the back and pulled you under. It was like being encased in ice; you couldn’t move; you couldn’t breathe, despite your lungs desperately trying.

As you had coughed the last of the ocean water from your lungs safely on board the quinjet with Natasha slapping you on the back, Bucky watched in a mixture of relief and horror. How had he missed it? One moment you had been stood six feet away from him; the next you were a ripple in the ocean. There had been a horrible, sickening moment when he had realised you weren’t going to resurface on your own. He hadn’t hesitated to dive in after you, and when he had found you motionless beneath the surface he had prayed to whatever god there was above that you would live.

You gasped for air, turning your head to the side to search for him with stinging eyes. You scanned blurry faces until you found his, watching you feebly. You stretched your shaking hand out to him and he was there in an instant; dripping wet and everything that made you feel safe. Your Bucky. “It’s okay,” He whispered into your hair as you used all of your meager strength to cling to him “you’re going to be okay.”

As his heart ached with joy one unshakeable thought entered his mind; he was most definitely, helplessly and completely in love with you.


The next day you lay in bed, feeling like you’d been run over and worrying about most things under the sun, particularly the crate of Stark weapons you had found in the cargo hold of that ship. How had they gotten a hold of them? Tony had gone on a veritable crusade after he shut down his weapons manufacturing division to reclaim any and everything that might have fallen into the wrong hands. Nothing had been unaccounted for; or so you had all thought.

You sat up slowly and groaned in pain. You knew without looking in the mirror that your entire back was bruised from the force you had hit the water with. “FRIDAY?” You asked, picking up the tablet from your bedside table “I’m gonna need your help with something.”

“Tony says you are to be on complete bed rest today, Y/N. I’m not technically supposed to do anything for you other than open netflix.”

You frowned and crossed your legs beneath you. “Then let’s keep this between us for now; we can’t let Tony know any of what I’m about to tell you.”

If FRIDAY had had a physical form, you were sure she would have been rolling her eyes at you. “Fine, but if anyone asks I had nothing to do with this.”

“You’ve got it,” You muttered before elevating your voice “do you have access to who purchased Stark weapons back in the day?”

“Officially or under the table?”

“Let’s start with both for now.”

For the next two hours you sifted through suspects, trying to find any possible connection between them and the ship you had raided last night. Two names brought up red flags; Michelle Henson and Steven Santana. You knew them by reputation, but had never had the pleasure of meeting them in person unlike the rest of the team. Well, that was except for one person… “FRIDAY, have you got a location on Thor right now?”


Thor leafed through the file you had given him with all the information you had gathered so far; you had asked FRIDAY to print it for you so there would be no chance of anyone else on the team stumbling across it in your online research files. “And you are sure it is these two who are in possession of the weapons?” He asked, looking up briefly before returning to the file

You shook your head “I’m not sure of anything, but it’s the best lead I’ve got so far.”

Thor nodded slowly, hovering on a photograph of Henson and Santana together. “Are they a couple?”

“Nobody is really sure; they’re definitely business partners though. One never goes to a meeting without the other.”

“How are you planning to contact them?”

You pulled a battered flip phone from your back pocket. “I pulled this from an associate of theirs a few months ago before he went into hiding. I’ll impersonate him through text and say that we’re an interested party. If there’s anything I know for sure about those two it’s that they’re greedy, if there’s even the slightest possibility of getting their hands on some money they’re in.”

Thor closed the file and put it on the water table next to you with a nod. “I will help you, Y/N, as much as I can.”

You let out a sigh of relief and placed a hand on his arm gratefully “Thank you, Thor. I wouldn’t normally ask, but I don’t think I can do this alone. Remember, you can’t tell anyone what we’re doing, not even the team.”

“You have my word.”

The door to the training room opened to reveal a frazzled Bucky Barnes. You quickly removed your hand from Thor’s arm and slid the file down the back of the table out of sight, trying to act casual. Bucky regarded the two of you strangely before clearing his throat and walking into the room. “I’ve been looking all over for you, Y/N. I stopped by your room and you weren’t there, I thought something had happened.” He said, looking at you with a caring intensity

You smiled and grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze as your head became a little foggy. You definitely shouldn’t have been out of bed. “I was looking for you,” You lied “I figured you might be in here like you are most Thursday’s.”

You cringed inwardly; you hated lying to him. Especially considering that you prided yourself on the fact that there were no secrets between yourself and Bucky. After dating for three months and having been close friends for nearly three years, you could truly say that you knew the man well. Which also meant that he knew you, which meant he always knew when you were lying. This was going to be hard.
“Well, here I am.” He smiled, putting an arm around you “C’mon, let’s go watch a movie and eat pizza.”

You closed your eyes and smiled as you walked out of the room, deciding to leave all thoughts of the mission behind until at least tomorrow morning. “Fine, but only if it has copious amounts of ham and pineapple.”

“You monster, fruit doesn’t belong on a pizza.”

“That’s what you think.”


You woke up the next morning in Bucky’s arms with a half eaten slice of pizza lay on your chest. At this point, you really weren’t sure who’s it was, and you didn’t particularly care. You picked it up and were about to take a bite when you heard it. A faint tapping at the window. Gently disentangling yourself from Bucky and grabbing your gun from underneath your pillow, you cautiously approached and raised the blind with your gun raised and your finger poised over the trigger ready. What you found on the other side made you blink in surprise. A large, inquisitive raven sat on the windowsill staring right at you. Trepidly, you opened the window and lowered your gun. It was then that you notice it; the small piece of paper tied to its left leg.

You made short work of the knot and took the heavy paper in your hands, unfolding it delicately to read the the message scrawled upon it;


I thought this means of communication would be more secretive than electronic messaging. I have spoken to Stark and informed him that you are assisting me with some reasearch on infinity stones for the next week. You will need to meet me at 16:00 in the garage to discuss things further. Please send your correspondence with a raven in future.

Thor Odinson :)

How the fuck were you supposed to find a raven to reply with? You shook your head, tearing the letter to pieces and taking it into the bathroom where you flushed it down the toilet. You looked at your watch and resolved that you had two hours before you had to meet Thor. That was plenty of time to eat leftover pizza and watch How I Met Your Mother. How would you explain your absence to Bucky though? You would have already told him by now that you were going to research on infinity stones. There was no way you could get that past him, right?


“Thor, for the last time; I don’t have the time nor the inclination to find and train a raven for this.” You groaned, leaning against the hood of one of Tony’s cars

Thor looked indignant “We must be discreet.”

You rolled your eyes “Yeah, because a raven screams discretion.”

He shook his head “Enough. What news have you on Santana and Henson?”

You pulled the flip phone out of your back pocket and passed it to Thor. “They replied in the early hours of this morning, agreeing to meet with us on the east coast in two days. I gave them your phone number for future contact. I think we should go tomorrow and sweep the area; check they haven’t set any traps. These guys are serious, we’d be idiots to go in blind.”

“Tomorrow.” Thor agreed, passing you the phone as he mulled something over in his mind

“What is it?”

He twirled his hands nervously and avoided eye contact. “I think it would be wise to distance yourself from Barnes until this over.”

You felt a weight drop into your stomach. “Why? Do you think I can’t pull this off?”

“I am in no doubt of your skills, Y/N. However you and Barnes are extremely close, and I think it would pain you to keep this from him.”

“It would pain me to be away from him as well, Thor.”

He smiled and shook his head “There will be plenty of time for you both to spend together when this is done, but for now you should be careful. We are doing this for Stark, not for ourselves.”

You nodded heavily. He was right; as much as it was going to hurt, you needed to back away from Bucky for a while to help save Tony from the demons of his past.


The past week had gone by in a terrible blur; you found undercover work taxing enough without trying to keep it from everyone. You would leave so early in the morning that nobody was awake, and arrive back at such random intervals that nobody would know you were there. It was torture. All you wanted to do was tell the team all about it; you wanted to moan to Nat about how Henson and Santana had automatically assumed that you and Thor were a couple, so that meant you had to pretend to be one which was embarrassing for everyone involved; you wanted to laugh with Sam and Clint about how Santana wore far too much aftershave and was covered in so much fake tan that he was practically a carrot; and you wanted to ask Steve how you should handle this strategically, because he was the one you always went to for guidance in these situations. But most importantly of all, you wanted to tell Bucky how much you missed him.

Bucky had been much harder to avoid than the rest of the team; when you walked into the building he would always be waiting outside your door to see you with that agonisingly perfect smile on his face. You were running out of excuses about why you couldn’t talk to him, and quite frankly you didn’t have the will to put him off for much longer. This mission had better come to a close, and fast. Thankfully, tomorrow was the day the transaction would be completed; you and Thor had to go to a restaurant (one not too far from the compound, actually) and have dinner with Henson and Santana. While you dined, the valet would drive your car to a garage on the other side of town to fill with the goods so that by desert everything would be ready to go.

You and Thor had argued over how the transaction should be handled; he had wanted to take them down once and for all to bring an end to their chaotic deeds. You had told him that, for now, it was more important to get a hold of the weapons. Besides, now that you had both established a relationship with them it would be easier to set a trap later. As you both pulled up outside the restaurant in your eveningwear, you felt a little anxious. “Thor?”

“Yes?” He asked, straightening his tie

“Are you sure we can pull this off?”

He turned to you and smiled kindly “There is no doubt in my mind.”

You had every intention to reply, but before you knew it your door was being opened for you and you were both walking into the building arm in arm. You took in a deep breath and closed your eyes. It was going to be fine. Everything was going to go smoothly.


Bucky had been hesitant to accept the invitation to dinner he had received earlier that day, but he had attended on the grounds that he needed something to cheer him up. He lifted a glass of water to his lips and tried to look as though he was invested in the conversation going on at the other end of the table. If he was being completely honest, he hardly knew any of the people he was dining with; it was a birthday meal for Greg, the guy Bucky had been hanging out with a little recently from his book club. Greg, it turned out, was not much fun to be around when alcohol was involved. Lifting his sixth glass of scotch to his lips, Greg slurred the beginnings of another story nobody particularly wanted to hear.

Bucky found his gaze drifting through the room, taking in the different dishes of food and discussions around him. He had been particularly engrossed in lip reading a conversation between two men when he saw it out of the corner of his eye; the edge of your blue dress.

Everybody has a little black dress, Buck.” You had told him some weeks ago while you were getting ready to go out “But the real secret is to have an elegant blue one,”

He directed his gaze to the table you were seated at and couldn’t stop himself gaping in disbelief. It was definitely you, no doubt about it. He could distinctly make out your profile from across the room; you looked a little anxious, underneath the table your leg bounced up and down so violently it shook the table. A hand reached across and covered yours, in an instant your leg stopped shaking and you donned a perfect mask of composure. Bucky looked over to your dining partner and died a little inside as he recognised Thor sat opposite you with a smile. What the hell was going on? His stomach twisted unpleasantly. He knew exactly what was going on. It all made sense now; your near-constant avoidance of him over the past week; how much time you had been spending with Thor on ‘research’. You were cheating on him.

Bucky was about to walk over to the two of you and demand an explanation when a strangely familiar orange man and a relatively pale by comparison woman waltzed over to your table and embraced the two of you. As you embraced the woman your eyes met Bucky’s over her shoulder and you jolted in panic.


Shit. Shit. Shit! What the hell was Bucky doing here? And who the hell was he with? You quickly tore your gaze away, painting on a fake smile as you all took your seats and began to exchange pleasantries. You swiftly kicked Thor underneath the table and inclined your head ever so slightly towards Bucky, who was staring at the four of you in bewilderment. Thor’s eyes widened so much you were briefly concerned that they would fall out of his head before he began choking on his drink. Miss Michelle Henson- who had been flirting terribly with Thor all goddamned week- hit him delicately on the back, her exquisite features twisting into a delicate mask of concern. “Are you okay?” She asked, her voice as smooth as velvet

“He’s fine,” You assured, swatting away Santana’s orange hand as it tried to rest on your knee underneath the table

The man made an indignant noise and sipped from his wine glass, grimacing at the unpleasant bouquet. You picked up your menu and held it in front of your face, beckoning Thor to join you behind it. He raised an eyebrow, face still flushed from coughing, and ducked behind the menu with you. Henson and Santana looked at the two of you in confusion. “Do you mind?” You asked, impatiently gesturing between yourself and Thor “We just need a minute.”

They exchanged a look and reluctantly turned away. Thor peeked over the top of the menu and briefly locked gazes with Bucky, who raised an eyebrow at the pair of you before Thor ducked back behind the refuge of the menu again. “What is he doing here?” You mouthed

I have no idea!” Thor mouthed back, looking more than a little perturbed

You eyed Bucky from behind the menu, who waved at you painfully. Shit. “What do we do?

Why must I be the one with the solutions?! He is your associate!

Associate? He isn’t some guy I say hi to in the street! I’m in love with him for crying out loud!

Double shit. Thor smiled as the realisation of what you had just admitted flowered across your face. You were in love with him. “I’m in love with him…” You whispered to yourself in bewilderment

Michelle peeked at the two of you over her slender shoulder. “Is everything alright?”

You flashed what you hoped looked like a dazzling smile and nodded. “Fine, thank you Michelle; I was just telling Thor that I-”

“Thor?” Santana asked, turning into the conversation “What is that, a nickname?”

You gave a short laugh and shook your head, trying to think on your feet. “Well we saw a woman in the street earlier today who was convinced that he wa-”

“Good evening,” A familiar voice said from behind you, loaded with rage

Oh please no. You turned in you seat to see Bucky stood behind you, looking very hurt. How on earth were you going to talk your way out of this? He looked around the table and crossed his arms “Anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

Everyone exchanged a look; two men at the table next to you took a sudden interest in events and didn’t bother to hide their gaze. Santana gasped and pointed at Bucky “You! I remember you!”

“I’m sure this man is not whoever you’re thinking of, Mr Santana.” You panicked, kicking Bucky lightly in the shin

A group of women at the table behind you nudged each other discreetly and nodded in your direction. Bucky crinkled his brow and regarded Santana “Who the hell is this bastard?”

“This is the bastard who had his leg broken by you last year,” Santana growled, his orange skin turning red “twice.”

Thor groaned and threw his head into his hands as Bucky frowned and waved a dismissive hand at the man. “Whatever, I don’t care about that.” He turned his gaze to you and Thor who were both on the verge of banging your heads against the table “What I do care about though, is why the hell you are on a date with my girlfriend. Anyone care to explain? Thor, perhaps?”

“Barnes,” Thor said, regaining some composure “you are mistaken-”

Henson gasped and stood up from her chair upon studying Thor closely “It’s a goddamned set up! They’re a part of the Avengers!”

Bucky raised an eyebrow “What do you mean a set up?”

Michelle fished around in her bag and pulled a small gun out of it. Shit. You looked at Thor who had discreetly stuck his hand out to summon Mjolnir while you slowly started to reach for the gun you had strapped to your leg. “Steven, we’ve been compromised. We need to leave, now.” She hissed, dragging him out of his seat by the sleeve of his dinner jacket

You got a solid grip on your gun and tore it from its holster; you didn’t want this to end in a shootout, but there was no way you could let them get away from this. Without them, there was no hope of reclaiming Tony’s weapons. “If it’s all the same to you, I’d really prefer it if the two of you stayed.” You said as coolly as you could, sipping from your glass of water with your gun pointed directly at the other woman “After all, dinner really isn’t the same without company,”

A sudden crash came from the window as Mjolnir flew through it into Thor’s waiting palm. A woman sat near where the window had been let out a sudden scream. “Let’s not make a meal of this,” The woman smiled sweetly, aiming the gun at Bucky “I would hate for anyone to get hurt.”

Bucky squared his jaw and stared at the woman in defiance as your heart leapt into your mouth. You looked at him out of the corner of your eye and felt a nervous sweat creep up the back of your neck. “Let me make one thing clear, Miss Henson.” You said, desperately trying to stop the slight tremor in your hand “If you cause any civilian casualties today, you will be tried and prosecuted in a court of law for your actions; but if you so much as touch this man standing next to me, I will eviscerate you.”

She scoffed, trying to maintain her composure even though it was clear she had lost it a few seconds ago. Her gun now pointed in your direction. “And if I decide to kill you instead?”

“Then the outcome will still be the same,” Bucky said, stepping towards her menacingly “I can promise you that.”

She and Santana exchanged a glance and nodded before she slowly placed the gun down on the table. “A wise choice.” Thor said, grinning at you as he stepped forward to secure them


After the rest of the team had been called in to apprehend the car full of explosives and Henson and Santana had been formally arrested, you found yourself stood in the women’s bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror; you looked tired, and pale even by your standards. You heard the door open and ducked your head, not wanting to talk to Bucky just yet. “So the legends are true,” Tony said, walking into view with a smile “the ladies bathroom really does smell nicer.”

You rolled your eyes and turned off the running faucet beneath you. “There’s also a portal to another dimension behind the mirror,”

“That, I didn’t know about.”

Tony sat on the counter beside the sink as you turned to grab a paper towel. “Y/N?”


“Thank you,” He said truthfully “what the two of you have done is just sickeningly thoughtful, and it makes me seriously re-think the Christmas gifts I’ve bought for the two of you.”

You smiled, tossing your paper towel into the bin with a shrug “We just didn’t want to drag you back into the past; I figured it would only upset you.”

Tony shook his head and hopped down off the counter  “What upsets me is that neither of you told me what was going on; if something had gone dreadfully wrong and one of you had died just for the sake of protecting my feelings-”

“We’re a team, Tony. You’d do the same for us,”

He smiled and put an arm around your shoulder “Come on, kid. Let’s go back to the compound and order enough pizza to make us all sick for a week.”

“Sounds great, but there’s something I’ve got to do first.”


Bucky was the only one left in the restaurant when you walked in; all the diners had been vacated and the staff sent home. He was sat at a table staring intently at a silver fork. You wrung your hands in front of you nervously. What were you going to say? Summoning your bravery, you walked into the room lightly knowing he would hear your tread.

Sure enough, he turned in his chair and smiled at you tiredly “Hey doll,” He whispered, standing and closing the distance between you

You looked up into his eyes and felt a rush of love and fear fill your veins. “I’m sorry,” You said without drawing breath “for everything; I wanted to tell you, I really did but I was worried that if I did then I would somehow screw it all up. And then you were nearly shot and I-”

Bucky held up his hand to silence you and smiled “I’m sorry too; I should have known you were undercover when I saw you. I guess I was just worried that you and Thor were- well, you know.”

You laughed a little and shook your head, pulling him into a tight embrace. “Hey Bucky?” You whispered


“I realised something earlier when I saw you giving Thor and I the death stare.”

“And what was that?”

You took in a deep breath and replied “That I love with you,”

You felt a chuckle vibrate through his chest and looked up, feeling a little hurt that he thought your feelings for him were amusing. He met your eyes and smiled, brushing his thumb across your cheekbone as he brought his lips to your ear, breathing in the scent of your perfume as he whispered the words “I love you too.”

(Credit to @toastburninglucy the writer of this request if you wanna send love, leave a comment (not an ask to this blog as she won’t see it), or go over to her blog and send her the love there. Thank you for taking on the request. - Rosalee)

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My World

Requested by anon  

Can u do a song prompt of Harry w/ song Sia ‘I’m in here’ where the reader is from the Isle and dating Harry but he broke up with her so she can have her fairytale dream at Auradon Prep. 6 months later the reader goes to the isle tries convincing Harry to come to Auradon after he confesses to her about what he did so she can fulfill her dream and he says “ur world would be easier if I didn’t come back” and the reader says “that’s true but it wouldn’t be my world without you in it” fluff pls (:

Characters: Harry Hook, Uma, Gil, Evie, Ben, Mal, Carlos, Jay

Warnings: A couple swears here and there

Word Count: 2023

A/N: This request was so cute!! I hope I did it justice! Requests and tags are always open!


I need you to hold all of the sadness I cannot live with inside of me 

Originally posted by ehdsisjado

“I don’t understand,” You shook your head, refusing to believe what your boyfriend was telling you.

“It’s just not working out,” Harry’s voice was cold. All of a sudden you were filled with anger, a white hot blinding fury that you couldn’t keep inside. You started screaming profanities at him and it only made you more upset when he did nothing but stand there and take it.

“You know what? Fuck you, Harry” That was the last thing you said before turning and storming away. You headed straight in the direction of where you knew your friends would be. “I’m in” 

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The Gift - Yondu Udonta x Reader

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader - SFW

Length: ~1,400 words

Summary: A request sent by anon for Yondu and Reader. Yondu brings his reader gifts whenever he has to leave for a couple days. One time he comes back with something reader never thought they’d see again.

Warnings: Nothing really.

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Love Is Blindness

Tag List: @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter

Prompt: “Hi. I was wondering if you could write a Harry Hook imagine where the reader is Evie’s younger sister and she’s blind and when she goes to Auradon Fairy Godmother helps her. When she comes back to the Isle she can finally see her boyfriend Harry Hook. OMG I’m so sorry if this makes no sense and I’m sorry for my English!” - @meowmeowp

Warning: None. I was a good girl.


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Mile High Club

@getyourgraveon and @pietroimagines it’s finally happening… almost 4 months later…

(Not my GIF, do you know how hard it was to find a suitable GIF for this one…)

Warnings: smut, language

Pairing: Pietro X Reader

Words: 1,034

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Filming and Fucking

Description: Dan’s aware that Danthony is nothing more than a joke ship, but Anthony never seemed to get the message. When things get overwhelming and Anthony decides to act on it, Phil originally barges in to assert his own dominance, but ends up getting more fun than he’d anticipated. 

Genre: Smut, if you hadn’t guessed 

Warnings: le kinky shit (restraints, a singular use of the word “daddy”, etc.)

Word Count: 1251

A/N: This honestly makes me want death just a little bit but I’m just gonna do it anyway; wish me luck. (Also, I’m not even sorry for the title)

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“it’s a sad memory” + peter quill

ask: @fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13 “7 w either Peter Quill or young Charles Xavier, 8 w Tony Stark & 9 with Remy please and thank you!!!”

a/n: this is the 1st one!! i’ll do the other two later ;^) chose peter quill bc i haven’t done much for him?? 

warnings: none? (word count: 363)

   “What’s this?” You muse, pulling out a few papers tucked away in an unmarked compartment in his ship. 

   “Oh, no, don’t touch those,” He replies, eyes widening in horror before attempting to snatch them away. Of course, this only makes your curiosity grow, since you’ve know Peter to be someone who has no shame.

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Cole Sprouse | Fangirls

Count of words: 555

Warnings: none really…. a little short…

A/N: Sorry it took me so long but I just now found the time to write something for all you.. Also I made up that “scene” cause I couldn’t remember one I could fit in there and also I was watching a video with Cody Martin’s scream and I cried of laughter so yeah…. Hope you like it ♥




anonymous asked:

Thank you😊 my idea is that YN is Coles gf, they both starred on the sweet life, but she’s now on a succesful tv show.but since it’s her vacations, the producers offered her a role in 1 episode of Riverdale and none of the cast knew until she showed up in a live interviee and everyone one freaked out because “IT’S YN!! I LOVE HER SINCE TSLOZAC!” And they recreate some disney moments for them.what do you think?

After not seeing your boyfriend, Cole, for around six months, being offered a guest role on his show on your vacation was more than great. It would indeed give you the opportunity to hug him again and kiss his beautiful face, but most of all it would make you realise that it is not long until the both of you get to spent your whole summer together. 

The producer and you agreed that no one should know until the day you start filming with them, and even though it was very hard to hide it from Cole, things went as planned. While all of them where doing a live interview on set, their shows producer helped you sneak behind them and wait till the right time. It was this question the interviewer asked Cole that was your que to surprise them all. “So, Cole, what would you do if your girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N, was to guest star on Riverdale. Before even having the chance to answer you jumped on his back kissing him all over his face. Cole was shocked but no one could win Camila’s reaction. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MY FEELS, IT’S Y/N!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SINCE THE SUITE LIFE!!! OH GOD I SHIPPED YOU TWO SINCE THEN!!! OH MY GOD!!” She screamed not caring that this was a live interview and the fans where finally shown her extreme fangirl side. You laughed at her reaction and climbed off of Cole’s back. “Well, hello to you too Camila,” you said still laughing and holding your stomach as you saw her reaction when you hugged her. Lilly’s reaction was the same and you couldn’t help but hug them all, something that brought a huge blush on all their faces. You found that adorable and you really wanted to keep in touch with them.

“So, Y/N,” said the interviewer, “how do you feel about everything that happened here right now?” You politely smiled at her and replied. “I really didn’t think people could react like this. For me. I mean-” “No no no!” Kj interupted. “Are you joking? You didn’t expect it? I literally had three posters of you on my room, using the excuse that my girlfriend put them there to embarass me!” He said and you couldn’t help but laugh and there were more confessions like this thrown at you through out this whole thing. “Ok, ok, we all know mine was the most embarassing,” Lilly said. “But anyway, why don’t you guys recreate that scene where Y/C/N goes behind Cody and hugs him and he gets scared and screams?!?” She said and you laughed at the memory of that scene. The truth is, it was not planned but you were sure Cole could still scream like that. “I don’t see why not,” he said and you got up. He stood a couple feet away from you and you did the same sneaky walk you did on that scene. You opened your arms while approaching him and then you hugged him. “AHHHHH,” he screamed his famous scream from the show and everyone started laughing. “Thank you very much for watching, I enjoyed doing this but not again. My throat hurts,” he said and hugged you from the side. “Don’t be so sure,” you whispered and giggled at his reaction.

anonymous asked:

Hello, first let let me introduce myself as an elia martell lover, and second I kinda low key ship jonerys though my two oops with Jon are Samxjon and Robbxjon, but I know you ship jonsa and that's great we should all ship and let ship, but all this fandom drama between opposite side shippers is getting to me so to feel a bit better I'm looking to just avoided tumblr for a while but before leaving I wanna ask what makes you ship jonsa? I genuinely want to know.

Hello, thanks for introducing yourself to me.

I started working on this reply then I loss it so I can’t make any promises that it will be any good.

So why do I like Jonsa?

1. They aren’t meant to be

Now I know this might seem like a weird reason to like a ship but this is one of my favorite things about Jon and Sansa. The world of GOT is gritty and cut throat. It’s a fantasy world but it’s not a fairytale world. That’s why the idea of these two people going through so much individually away from each other, being on seemingly opposite paths in life romantically, but reuniting at this crucial moment and developing genuine feelings is so appealing to me. Their love wouldn’t be fated by the universe. It wouldn’t be something that was always meant to happen, it wouldn’t be something that was inevitable. It would be something that blossoms because of who they are and what they mean to each other. It would mirror how real life love tends to happen. In real life we don’t go on parallel journeys with our great loves and then meet at a universe determined point of convergence and instantly fall in love. We exist in our worlds and sometimes it’s pretty and sometimes it’s ugly and then suddenly you’re at concert and you lock eyes with this guy and he’s handsome and you exchange numbers and you get to know him and he makes you feel respected and valued and wanted and you fall in love with him. When I think about Jon and Sansa and how their love story would be that’s what I think of. Two people who existed in a shared world but never understood each other until one day they lock eyes at castle black and relief washes over them because it’s familiar and they both really need familiar. Then one day Sansa realizes that this guy makes her feel respected and valued and safe and she loves him for it. And for Jon, he looks at her one day and she’s beautiful and she’s smart and she challenges him and she gives him a reason to fight in this brutal world again and he loves her for it. It’s not a fairytale but it’s beautiful in it’s own right because it’s organic and pure

2. They compliment each other

Sansa has been through so much and she’s rightfully hardened. She’s not a hateful Bitch by any means, but Sansa has grown used to being betrayed which is breed feelings of mistrust in her and a low tolerance for bullshit. Jon brings a necessary balance to this in sansa. He’s still very much empathetic to those he even sees as an enemy. He still has a element of idealism to him that I think Sansa will need in her life so that she doesn’t slip into the type of hardness we saw in Cersei. Jon still trusts people, he still trusts in the goodness in people and I don’t think Sansa does but I think she needs to because even tho the songs were lies, even tho she had to have her fairytales ripped away from her in the harshest of ways, there are still good people in the world, there are still trustworthy people out there. She doesn’t have to walk around with a wall of suspicion all the time, doing so will get exhausting eventually. Jon has already brought this to her life because he’s restored her faith in men and he can keep doing this for her. As for Jon, well Jon can be a dumbass sometimes let’s just be honest lol Sansa brings a necessary sense of pragmatism to Jon to balance out his impulsiveness. Sansa is very smart and well versed in this game they will have to keep playing for the rest of their lives. She’s the missing link Jon needs to make sure he doesn’t end up like his predecessors. They make the perfect team and have a mutual respect and understanding that makes them well suited to build a stable and good life together.

I also like that Jon is very passionate. I know we associate Jon with broodiness most of the time but I’ve always seen an innate passion in Jon. He’s passionate about his family, he was passionate about the watch, he was passionate about ygritte, and now he’s passionate about Sansa. Maybe it’s the targ blood or even the wolf in him but he has a fire in him that I think Sansa needs after all of her experiences. She needs a man who will bring something innately passionate to her, spark a fire in her, push her, frustrate her, arouse her. She needs someone who won’t treat her like porcelain glass and I feel like Jon can do that. Jon needs someone who will in a way dominate him and I think Sansa can do that. When I say dominate him I don’t mean someone who makes him their little pet and constantly gets him to bend to their will. I mean someone who will challenge him in a way that makes him stand back in awe. Someone who makes him feel less like a hero or a savior and more like a regular person who doesn’t know everything and doesn’t do the right thing all the time. Sansa does that, she illuminates his flaws in a way that makes him adjust, not feel inadequate, she respects his leadership but she doesn’t worship at his feet. She sees him as a good competent man but he’s not infallible, he’s not just a hero, he’s Jon and sometimes Jon is stupid, sometimes Jon is impulsive, sometimes Jon needs to be checked just like everyone else. Sansa is the best person to do this from him, she already does it. To borrow Kit’s words Sansa twists Jon in a way that no one else does and he needs that in his life after experiencing something like a death and a resurrection because without it he becomes the mythic god that all these people thinks he is, that he doesn’t want to be.

3. They make sense

Even from a nonromantic standpoint Jon and Sansa make sense. I like things that make sense, that aren’t rooted in just my emotions but also logic. I think ships where there is a rational reason why they would fall for each other or end up together in some way and Jon and Sansa have a lot of logic to back up a potential marriage. Sansa is the key to the north, she always has been. Once Jon’s parentage is revealed he will need her if he wants any claim over the north. A marriage with Jon would be politically advantageous for both of them, giving Sansa power that she needs to maintain her autonomy and giving Jon a claim over the north that he will need of if he wants to unite the 7 kingdoms. It’s hard to resist something that makes so much sense which is why once I realized how good of a match they were and that there was a precedent for cousin marriages I couldn’t resist.

I hope this answers your question. I know I rambled a lot and in my original reply my thoughts were organized but better but this is pretty much why I ship the two of them.