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How do you feel about the Kara/M'gann ship? I personally think its a good pairing even if a it's a rare one. Thoughts?

Is this one of my friends on anon? I feel like it has to be.

Now, I haven’t watched season 2. I don’t plan to ever with recent developments. However…

From just before the season was about to start I pondered just how perfect these two would be. After seeing gifs and such…ugh. Oh man, they WOULD. Two badass cinnamon rolls both trying their best to prove themselves for different reasons. M’gann fits right into the found family and I could just die.

It has been one of my biggest private lamentations that this ship never took off in the way all the other new ships did this season. It’s actually [a big] part of the reason I don’t ship pretty much any of the new ships. I’m bitter.

Anyway, I won’t get myself started because I just woke up and I don’t want to be salty all day.

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Hello! I saw your Altean Druid Lance and Marmoran Keith and now have a GREAT NEED! What are you planning to do with that idea, and how did those two get into that particular situation in the first place? I am so curious!!

Like Keiths mom was obviously a part of the marmorians so she left him there before she disappeared, and he grew up with the resistance.
Lance was born on a Galra ship to druids but wasn’t really mentally made of the stuff they wanted, so he was pushed away by everyone and thought of as useless dead weight. He was only kept around because the common Galra feared the druids and the druids, so few in numbers, didn’t want to get rid of one of their own and come to later regret it so they opt on just ignoring him instead

They meet when the resistance execute a plan to free Shiro, Keith being there on his first real mission. Keith do know about the druids but have no idea that they are not galran - Lance probably have no idea what he really is either, because no one ever taught him how to do any of the magic shit he had the potential to do. Lance just happens to stumble upon Keith as he is sneaking around and being the #1 fan of the Champion and being a good person he help to get Shiro out. And suddenly he made an enemy of the people and place that used to be his home and his only option is hanging onto Keith as they flee.

that’s all i got, next I have NO IDEA lol please do contribute.

Facts not Fiction Kids

Guys seriously stop trying to ship melon and rotten with any other then sugar and sour its not just characters these two are made based on love that two people share for each other its not just pairing  it means more to them respect them and dont ship them with others its respectful and it freaking hurts them when you do ship them with someone else  so stop upsetting them please i dont like seeing either @missladytale or @sugartalesans sad. I am getting fed up with seeing that in my feed it hurts them just stop think of there feelings before your own these are there characters not yours and its there love not yours also for god sake peeps asks before using there characters sheesh i am being flatout serious treat others the way you want to be treated i go out of my way to ask permission it barely takes 5mins to just message the creators and ask or pop them a ask before using there characters. 

so please stop seriously its sugarx melon and  rottenxsour for a reason respect the official pairings , respect the ship and respect there love stop upsetting melon and sugar, (hugs for @missladytale and @sugartalesans) the only thing i want to see in my feed is sugar melon together forever. plus rotten with sour of course  anyway *do not make me post a freaking sugarmelon post every day just to get the point across i freaking swear i will go ahead and do that stop upsetting melon and sugar. Neither Melon nor Sugar deserves this bullfrogs of nonsense in there ask blogs. 

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Christmas Exchange

A/N: You and your friends exchange gifts on Christmas and you knitted Mac a sweater. I dreamt this until the wasps came and made it into a nightmare.

Originally posted by beauitful-paradise

Originally posted by i-alwayslikedstrangecharacters

Riley seemed more excited about Christmas than you and the others. But, nevertheless, you went Christmas shopping with her. You made something special for Mac or as Riley called it, your imaginary boyfriend before punching her in the arm. “He’s not my boyfriend, Riley.” You always say to her before she could get the last word in. “Yes, you do. I ship you two.” She said, showing you multiple pictures she took of you and Mac together.

Like the time you had to share a motel bed together, where Mac carried you bridal style on time because you injured your foot or the time where you and Mac had to be a fake bride and groom for undercover work. You rolled your eyes. “You gonna give it to him?” She asked you. She was, of course, talking about the sweater you made him months before Christmas.

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Answer time!

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the compliments! I used to not be much of a shipper not too long ago. Before Overwatch, if I did ship anything, it was usually canon or I’d create two OCs for each other, lol!
  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful message! You are also absolutely lovely! I’m so happy that you love what I’ve produced for my comic so far. I will do my best with the pages to come!
  3. Thank you so much for the kind message! Haha! Yes, I noticed that there are a few Hanzo-mains around. I wish I could say that I had a comparable number of hours on Mercy, but I need to make sure I don’t fall behind on work and my other art things. :( 
  4. Aww, what a cute story! Thank you so much for sharing! I love spontaneous Healing Arrow love on the battlefield! XD

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Do you have any tips on DIY chew stim toys? I cant afford to buy any

Absolutely! I’ll also include a few cheap chew stim toys at the end that don’t involve purchasing online and paying shipping, just in case it’s easier to buy those as opposed to buying materials, but I’ll also talk about ways to do the DIYs that, hopefully, don’t involve buying anything.

Firstly, the DIYs. There’s two ways to go about it, cloth or silicone. I’ve mentioned the cloth DIYs before on this post and I’ll quote my comment below:

There’s a no-sew necklace tutorial here at Hdydi and a slightly-more-complicated (but nicer-looking) bangle tutorial here at Craftaholics Anonymous. (The bangle does require a little sewing, but it can be done via hand or machine.) Both use cut-up T-shirts or T-shirt material. There’s also a tutorial here at Lemon Lime Adventures for a version using wooden beads.

The Hdydi tute involves only the ability to cut up an old T-shirt into strips, braid it and knot it into a loop that can be a necklace or bracelet. It’s super easy as DIYs go if you can braid and knot (I’m aware that not all disabled people can manage even the super easy DIYs). If you want to turn it into a necklace, you may need to sew two strips together at the ends - a running stitch will do the job - in order to have length long enough that you can pull the braid over your head.

The Craftaholics Anonymous tute requires scrap fabric (again, you can cut up an old T-shirt). Instead of knotting the end of the braid, they’re sewn across (again, a running stitch will work just fine) the ends to finish them. The two sewn ends are then sewn to each other to form a bracelet, providing a neater finish.

If you’re making bracelets, you’ll want material with a little stretch: most cheap T-shirts are made from polyester. This will be fine. If your material doesn’t stretch at all, keep your braid a little loose or make the bracelet a little larger than needed - this gives you more play in the fabric to pull it over your hand.

These braids could easily be turned into keychain attachments or zip pulls, for those who want something chewable but don’t necessarily wish to wear them!

(For both of these tutorials, you need an old T-shirt and scissors. For the second, a needle and thread. If you need to borrow these from someone and don’t want to explain what you’re doing, just say you’re mending a tear in your own clothing.)

The Lemon Lime Adventures tute uses socks, shoelaces and wooden beads. The beads can be omitted if you don’t have them - just tie more knots in the socks. This might be an option for those who can’t/don’t wish to sew.

(If the bead is going in your mouth, don’t use painted or dyed ones. Plain, unpainted, undyed, unvarnished, untreated ones are safest.)

Other options for fabric chewing involve buying thick, soft woven fabric cord - think the kind used for hoodie strings, which I’ve seen in many a dollar shop craft section - and tying knots in it before knotting the ends in a loop to make a bracelet or necklace. You may even have an old hoodie from which you can acquire the strings! Shoelaces, likewise, especially the thick ones. These probably won’t last as long as the Lemon Lime Adventures version, but they’re easily replaced.

(I’d wash everything mentioned above thoroughly before using, even if it’s new: you don’t want dye leeching from the cloth into your mouth.)

The silicone DIY method involves getting a silicone pot holder or some other silicone kitchen object, cutting it up and using it as a handheld chewable or putting a hole in it and stringing it on a cord (even a shoelace) for chewellery. (There are so many silicone kitchen items these days: you could look at the bottom part of a spatula, the edge of a baking tray, a shaped part from an ice tray or chocolate mould … whatever you think works.) Now, finding something silicone and thick will be the hardest part, as most of these things are pretty thin, and I think even a moderate chewer might go through these pretty quickly.

(I’ll stress here that I do not know what degree of food-safe some of these items may be. If it’s designed to hold food or have a lot of contact with food, I’d think it’d be pretty safe; if it’s not designed to have contact with food, it may be questionable.)

Lastly, I’ve found relatively inexpensive plastic and silicone teethers in stores like K-Mart and The Reject Shop. (I’ve posted about them here and here.) These are probably far better for tougher chewers, especially the silicone ones as they’re quite thick and sturdy, and may be worth the investment. I don’t know where you’re located, so I don’t know what stores to suggest, but I’d try looking at the better discount stores - the ones that stock cheap and clearanced brand-name items - and cheap department stores. From the right store, teethers aren’t expensive. The silicone ones I found are pretty cute (clearancing at $1 AUD!) and aren’t that different from the handheld chewables sold on Stimtastic. I say this because it may be as cheap to buy a silicone teether as it is to buy a silicone pot holder for DIY.

I hope this gives you some ideas. Followers, please feel welcome to add!

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Sorry, I really don't wanna interrupt the wednesday spoiler fest, but ever since I read all of your doomtony fics three days ago, I've been dying to know more about them (more than the wikia can tell anyway). By any chance, do you happen to know which are the most relevant comics about them? Or better yet, your favorites- 10/10 if you didn't need this ship before, now you will?

Hmm, I think the most important two are:- Invincible Iron Man series from 2015 by Bendis, which would’ve been the shippiest, if not for:- Legacy of Doom, aka “I will now put my sword in your sheath” Now someone will probably say you forgot Doomquest, so here I am mentioning Doomquest :P

Plus for background - my favourite Doom feels (or Doom/Strange, as is) are in Triumph and Torment.

@comicsohwhyohwhy or @doctorxdoom might have more and better suggestions here :D


“Hey sweetheart,” Nick greeted, walking into the room.

“Hi, Nick,” you replied, turning around.

You didn’t notice as a giant smile began to spread on Judy’s face, as her eyes widened to watch the two of you.

“What are you doing, love?”

“Finishing a file.”

“Need any help, darlin’?”

“Nah, I’m good. Thanks, though.”

You were about to say something else, when you saw the look on Judy’s face. The rabbit looked like she was about to spontaneously combust.

“Judy, you okay?” you asked concernedly. 

“I just…” the rabbit officer trailed off, eyes flitting from you to Nick and back to you again. “I just ship you two so hard!”

“Ship?” you repeated, confused. 

Nick glared at Judy, not wanting the rabbit to give away that he liked you.

“Nothng!” she sang, before skippping away


This young man took his third meal last night and is ready to start looking for a new home! He’ll need to eat two more times before I ship.

2016 male Pastel: “Butter Brickle” hatched on June 28th, and unlike his sister Dreamsicle (who finally took her first meal last night), he has a great appetite! He’s never seen live prey–he took to f/t right away. He’s not as shy as his sister, and is much more eager to unball and explore when handled. 

“Brickle” is a little guy at 76 grams, but he’s growing fast. He has fed 3 times on f/t adult mice, and needs to eat two more times before I ship.  Asking $50 + shipping.

Send me a PM if you are interested in him, but be sure to read our ToS first. Thanks!

If you’d like to see how some of our past babies are doing, check out my “Snakey Success Stories” tag.

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noerah headcanons i beg you

ALRIGHT LET’S DO THIS (also sorry for answering this at like, 1 am)

  • Mog high key ships Serah and Noel. Like, he gives Noel a hard time mostly so Serah will defend Noel and then while those two are talking he goes off and documents his progress like some evil mastermind
  • When Serah wanders off somewhere else, Noel feels really anxious and lonely for a few seconds before reminding himself that she’ll come back—he’s just really reminded of those lonely days when Caius left and Yeul died and he was all alone :(
  • Serah REALLY LIKES Noel’s arms (tbh we all do)
  • Serah bought her swimsuit with ulterior motives  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • When they have enough money for upgrades, Noel always upgrades Serah’s weaponry first—he uses his initial configuration of Flame Fossil for the entire first half of their journey
  • Lightning low key ships Serah and Noel. She pretty much hates every guy Serah dates on principle, but then realizes that if Serah dated Noel, she wouldn’t mind
  • When they start their journey, Noel’s memory is patchy but he dreams things that have happened before, like his subconscious is reminding him of things. But as their journey progresses, he starts dreaming things that might happen—and Serah is in every one of those dreams and it’s really comforting to him
  • Vendors who buy behemoth claws, etc. from Serah and Noel notice the high quality of the goods, but also how well-healed both Serah and Noel are especially for the monsters they fight. The healing compliments usually get directed to Serah (esp. when she’s wearing her white mage outfit) but Serah vehemently denies it all and just points at Noel, who is usually looking at some GIANT ASS WEAPON with a critical eye and Mog is floating around his head bothering him about spending too much money, and the shopkeepers end up staring at this goober in confusion wondering HOW

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24 & 25!

thank you!! (also this is unrelated but your icon is gorgeous)

24. Do you mostly ship canon pairings? lol i wish. supercorp and clizzy are two of my faves at the moment…but even for years i get attached to a lot of non-canon ships :(( and beronica too, so basically the cw is ruining everything

25. Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar? for shadowhunters i started shipping malec before watching and i started loving sanvers and supercorp before watching supergirl!! also beronica from riverdale

40 Question Shipper Meme

somebody on etsy is saving my ass because i need a yukine hat that isn’t going to take three weeks to get here and my dumb ass is shopping a week before the con [i thought i had closer to two good god what am i doing] and i asked them about a rush order and/or expedited shipping and they were like “you just wanna meet me at katsu?”


Wait, this is an ending to another imagine, so you may wonder what happened before this moment. If you are I have linked the first post below.


“I like Balthazar.” You answered

“What!” everyone said, but Balthazar (Who was doing as the gif does)

“Well yea, I mean the man saved the Titanic for me, and got me the Heart of the Ocean.”

“I thought you said you saved the ship because you hated the penny whistle?” Dean asked

“Well I do, but it was [y/n] who first suggested it to save Jack.”

“Really.”Sam gave you the bitch face 

“Sorry but it’s true. Now can we just continue playing?” You asked 

“Fine, but if you two ever do it, don’t do it here.” Dean instructed

“Too late.” Balthazar answered

“Tell me it was a one time thing.” Sam asked

“It was more of a multiple times thing.” You replied

“I’m done.” Cas and Crowley said as they disappeared along with the silent Gabriel.

“If it makes you feel better Dean, we didn’t do it in your bed, but we did do it on the table.” Balthazar replied

“Eww.” Dean got up and left followed by Sam

“Well wanna go drink wine in France?” You asked

“As long as I get to pick the hotel?” 

“Of course Bal.” you smiled as he kissed you gently 

“Well lets go, FWB.”

Alternate Endings






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Hey, I'm a 5'10 girl who's asexual and biromantic. I ride horses, have for a long time, love to read, and I love to write fiction as well. I knit, and training dogs is also a passion of mine. I'm hoping that one day I can be some sort of teacher or an author. I'm an ENTP personality type, and in HP houses I'd be a Slytherin/Thunderbird. I've got brown hair, brown eyes, and I've got an 'hourglass' figure. Could I get a ship? I've never asked for one before, so I'm not totally sure how it works.

Ship: Hermione


- During your summer holidays the two of you love doing outside activities. Whether it is riding horses together or laying outside reading the two of you just love hanging out in the sunlight. 

- For Valentine’s Day you would knit a cute scarf for Hermione and she would find it so sweet. Since it’s kind of cold she would then wear it everyday until it basically became way too hot for her not to. She would give you a special edition of your favorite book and also a book she thinks that you will love.

- Hermione would, if you want her to, read what you write and be really supportive of you becoming an author. She would actually find it pretty cool that you can write and actually do it so well. Even though she is good in school she isn’t as good at writing fiction which is why she just finds it so amazing that you can do it.

- How you cuddle:

Originally posted by crazylivin

(Hey! Hope you like your ship! I didn’t know which fandom you wanted so I just went with HP since you mentioned it. Hope it’s fine ^^)


“Come on idiot, hurry up, if you trip I’m leaving you.” You teased as you dodged a blaster shot. “Keep talking, we both know that’s all you are.” Peter said he was only a few steps behind you, it was true, you wouldn’t leave, not as long as he wasn’t with you. 

You jumped on the ship and slammed your hand on the button and watched as Peter slipped into the ship seconds before it closed. “A little close there don’t cha think?” He asked as the two of you made your way to the pilot seats. “You’re loosing your edge Peter, you’re lucky I’m here to keep you on your toes.” You said as you strapped yourself in. 

You looked over at him and let out a laugh as the two of you left the planet’s atmosphere. “I could do this forever.” You said. “With me?” He asked as he set the autopilot. The two of you were already far enough away that there was no way they would catch the two of you. “Well obviously, you’re my partner, who else would I do this with?” You asked rolling your eyes. 

“If you really mean that then prove it.” Peter said as he turned to you. “What are you–” The question stopped, the words frozen on your lips. In front of you Peter held a ring–an engagement ring. 

“Are you–”

“I know I’m not exactly a guy you settle down with, but you’re not exactly the kind of person who wants to settle down, so let’s just do this while we’re both still alive, and after it’s over we can keep doing whatever the hell we want.” He said. 

“You’re an idiot, I don’t need a speech, hell I don’t even need a ring. Peter Quill I love you, and I’d love to marry you.” You said as you grabbed him by the front of his jacket and kissed him fiercely. 

Requested by Anon


hey so a couple things

one, i might not be around a lot. i know i say that literally every other day, but this time i mean it. i’m doing other stuff and trying to make actual, real-world friends. i’m looking at college and shit. college, man. jesus. trying to get out of the house more and dedicate more time in school to actually doing schoolwork and maybe getting a job. (i hear off the waffle needs a graphic designer.)

two, i’m not gonna abandon my ask/rp blogs just because no one asks or rps. i’m just gonna keep yelling at y’all until you send something in. i know i have before but i’m not and most of the time i do spend on tumblr will be formatting their character pages and writing backstories.

three, septiplier. i’m doing a 30-day shipping challenge i made up for myself during march and it’s gonna be septiplier. it includes not only a short fic/chapter, but a drawing as well even though they don’t have to be necessarily related. that means even less time spent here. if you wanna do it with me, let me know.

lastly i want to throw out an open askbox notification. i draw pretty much anything from most fandoms i’m involved in and could always use something new to doodle for you guys. again, won’t be on too much, but i want to at least have something to post when i am on rather than just long text posts like this.

you still with me? cool, i’m about to tell you something awesome just for sticking it through with me: i got carried away with henna and wrote ‘daddy darkiplier’ on my arm and it won’t come off. i’m dying, squirtle.

(also i may or may not be at sakuracon this april as a short, gay, twinky antisepticeye. :D )


As some of you may know, I have recently come across some money and a few gifts I don’t need and i figured why not give back to my followers?


Four Colourpop Ultra Matte Lippies

  • Instigator
  • LAX
  • Trap 
  • And one in the shade of your choice

Two Colourpop Highlighters

  • Glo Up 
  • Lunch Money

One Too Faced Beauty Expert Darlings Kit

  • Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Shadow Insurance Shadow Primer
  • Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer
  • La Creme Lipstick in Naked Dolly

One Origins Rose Clay Retexturizing Face Mask


  • Must be following Me Liquidhighlight (this is for my followers, I will be checking)!
  • Rebog as many times as you want!
  • Likes don’t count, sorry.
  • For an extra entry or two you can follow my instagram! Please do message me your usernames once you’ve followed! (Personal / Makeup)
  • Giveaway closes June 17 2016
  • Winner will be picked June 17!
  • Please be sure to leave your ask boxes open! Once a winner is chosen they will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.
  • I am willing to ship worldwide!

I will be using a random generator to pick a winner, good luck and don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions!


I am doing a one-time order for these amazingly awfdorable (awful+adorable) hoodies. The site I will be buying from is really hard to navigate and it is in chinese, so I will be having it shipped to me before shipping it out to you guys!

PRICE: $8USD + Shipping

The order will be split into two payments, first payment is the base fee of $8USD, the second payment (after hoodies arrive at my humble abode) will be tailored to each of you! :)


Feel free to drop me an ask or two (or several) if you need to clarify on more stuff! If you need parental consent, please get it and let me know if your parents will like my personal contact to verify things with me :)

Order ends 7th Aug! DONT MISS YOUR CHANCE! :D

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May I join in on the shipping train? I'm a 22 year old Slytherclaw, genderfluid (uses female/they pronouns), pansexual/demiromantic ENTP. I'm witty, adventurous. A mix of logical and emotional. Pretty loyal to those that are loyal to me. I can be brutally honest at times. My favourite thing to do is play video games and to make people happy.

Um… I hate to tell you, love, but the shipping party ended like… two weeks ago. And our inboxes haven’t been open since then for asks or shipping requests so, I’m not sure where you saw that we were accepting. 

If you stick around with the blog, we may have a shipping party when we reach another milestone but it’s going to be awhile before we reach our next one. 

Sorry to give you the bad news 😢 but we aren’t going to do any more ships for awhile unless something miraculous happens

(Also, I high-key love your profile pic)

To everyone else, though, the shipping party is closed. It’s been closed for weeks now. We are returning to regular asks and sin.

The Electrifying Neighbour *Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis*

Summary: Steve gets a new neighbour, only he doesn’t know that she’s hired to watch over him or the fact, she’s Darcy Lewis; she’s here to help him get acquainted with the world again, with her ‘Darcy’s Awesome Recommendation List’.
Admins Note: Blame Mikie, the adorable angel that I have had the pleasure of knowing since joining Tumblr, who always hardcore ships these two and gave me the greatest idea for something ever. - Ro

Gif of Steve and Darcy made by me, please, ask permission before using or even give credit. -

“Hey, Darcy,” she glanced up at Steve who was walking up the stairs, she frowned, looked like he just came back from a run, “what you doing up this early?” he asked cheerily.

He’s way to human at seven in the morning, plus, who gets up for morning runs anymore? This was is the living embodiment of ‘Monday person’, a person Darcy swore she’d end up hating, yet here this tall tree of a human is and it’s impossible to even glare at him this early.

“I have a job interview, cause I am an adult,” She crossed her arms over her chest, smirking at how grown up she sounded, she had jobs before, well if you call volunteering to listen to Erik and Jane’s ramblings work… then she fucking aced that job.

“Really, a job interview? Thought you were a student? Wouldn’t that mess up your schedule or something,” he asked curiously.

“It will be part time, weekends mostly, that’s if I get it” Darcy shrugged “plus, I need money for real stuff, like gummy bears” she could hear the whine lace in her voice, Steve laughed at her, soon enough Darcy was laughing alongside him.

(Gif credit to owner-I tried finding them but couldn’t)

“Well, I know you are gonna ace it,” he smiled and nudged her “where is it?”

“Just a local diner, nothing too special” Darcy shrugged, pulling her coat on, he nodded lightly with a small frown in thought.

“The one just down the road, right?” he asked and she nodded, “yeah, I get my coffee from there some mornings, if I get up late enough for my run, that is.”

Darcy could tell it was rare for him to get up late or maybe, he doesn’t sleep at all, she hadn’t really thought about the fact he just may not be sleeping at night. If he does sleep he probably suffers from night terrors, she may not know a lot, but enough to know that he had a difficult time. He probably still has his military time, which never usually leaves someone; Darcy first hand witnessed that with her family.

“Anyway, gotta get going, if I see you I’ll let you know” Darcy smiles and walks down the hallway, pushing her keys inside her coat pocket and pulling on a hat.

“Darcy,” she stops at the stairs, “when you get back, knock my door, I wanna be the first to know how it went.” He smiled as he unlocked his door; she nodded with a smile herself before waving and going down the stairs.

“Progress, you are making progress, Darcy,” Darcy muttered to herself, pushing the apartment complex doors open, walking down the street to the diner for her interview.

He obviously, feels comfortable around her, hence why he told her to knock his door. Maybe, they are on the fast track to becoming friends? She didn’t really expect it to happen, this quick but maybe, he’s looking for normality. First, kinda, sorta normalish person to come into his life and he’s allowing them to be his friend- could be a mistake with it being Darcy.


Darcy bounded up the stairs, allowing a few seconds to breathe and compose herself before tapped on Steve’s door, waiting patiently for him to open the door; it was silent. She knocked a few more times, slightly harder than the first few knocks, still nothing.

God, dammit, SHIELD. Just when she had made progress, they got and call him for some mission, granted he’s probably saving the world from certain doom but still, she had made progress and they had to ruin it.

Sighing gently she strolled over to her door, unlocking it and stepping inside, for some reason she was a little deflated by it. Captain Fucking America had stood her up on a friend date, what an asshole, he didn’t even know it but that’s a dick move. She couldn’t really blame him either, which was even more annoying, because how can you be mad at superhero? They save people and make the world better, kinda; they could try not to destroy half of New York.

“Are you sure this is the right decision?” Jane asked from the down the phone, she had no other friends to call who would understand, she had to resort to Jane “probing into Steve Rogers life is kind of… bad.”

“Not a good enough reason to use the word probe,” Darcy tells her, making a cup of coffee, “when have I ever done anything good? I need some solid advice, Jane, come on.”

“Okay, I guess, if you really want to be his friend and not be doing this for SHIELD” Darcy hummed, “then help him get used to, this time, take him to museums and galleries, just be a friend.”

“Okay, Dr Phil, but how does one befriend a hero? How did you get Thor to like you?” Darcy asked she swore she could hear and feel Jane’s eye roll from here, and Jane was in Florida.

“Okay, first off, you aren’t trying to befriend a hero” Darcy rolled her eyes, “and I don’t know, take him on an all exclusive Darcy Lewis day out, you are good at those. I gotta go, Darcy, stop getting involved with SHIELD. They won’t give you back your iPod, not matter what you do.” The line goes dead and Darcy sighs.


Tapping on her door jerks her up, her right hand still holding her pen and paper all sprawled out across her bed, she had fallen asleep mid writing; the life of a student. The tapping is slightly louder the second time, she frowns and grabs the Taser that’s under her bed, getting up and tip toeing to the door.

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“Steve?” she frowns, looking through the peep hole, unlocking her door and opening it with tired eyes as Steve looks down at her; equally looking tired also, “did I sleep through Thursday again?” she asked.

He chuckled, “no, you didn’t but I obviously woke you, sorry” he shakes his head, she waves a hand and gestures him inside, turning a light on and heading to the kitchen “little early for coffee or late, however, you view three in the morning?”

“Go in my bedroom and you’ll see the sleep schedule of a student, I feel asleep whilst studying, well think you woke me” she shrugged, flipping the kettle on and watching as Steve sat on the sofa, “so, what’s up?”

“Wanted to know how that interview went, honestly,” he tells her, looking up to see Darcy looking at him with raised eyebrows “and to apologise for not being around earlier,” her expression didn’t change “I could do with the company.” He sighed faintly.

“It’s cool, I told you it’s fine to ask for coffee and company, because a) I am great company and b) I have great coffee” he chuckled and nodded in agreement, taking the mug from her, the Star Wars one from last time, “so, tell me, what this time?”

“Just some big drug organisation, turns out they weren’t just drug lords but worked within the weaponry trade also,” he trailed off, “probably, shouldn’t be telling you any of this.”

“Who am I gonna tell?” Darcy asked, resting her feet up on her coffee table, looking at Steve “but talking about work is boring, well, not yours but no one wants to talk about what they’ve done all day; as for my interview? I aced it, I think, they liked me and I hope they phone me tomorrow.”

Steve grinned brightly, “that’s great, I knew you’d do well, it’s hard to resist the Lewis charm; tell me, did you threaten any of them with a Taser?” he joked, Darcy rolled her eyes at his sarcasm.

“No, but if you aren’t careful” she threatened, he sipped his coffee in silence, “hey, I hope this isn’t me over stepping a mark but I actually have something for you.” He frowned as she got up and walked to her bedroom, coming back with a piece of paper.

“What is it?” he asked taking it from her, opening it up, “Darcy’s Awesome Recommendations,” he said the title out loud, cobalt eyes scanning her hand writing “you made a list for me?” he asked with a frown.

“No, not just any list” she smirked “that there is everything, I am, recommending to you. You are looking at the most pop culture nut here, I mean, sure you had a great list an’ all but this… is the list of all lists, it’s the daddy of lists; I don’t recommend looking up the new term for ‘daddy’ either.” That last bit made him frown for a moment, he smiled and nodded.

“This is actually really great, thank you” Darcy shrugged, “I don’t know half of these things on here, Sims? Why do I need to keep up with the Kardashians?” he looked up, Darcy burst out laughing, tapping his shoulder whilst wiping away tears.

“Stick with me, kid” he chuckled at that, “perhaps my list is the stuff I show you, that way you aren’t completely clueless; ooh write that down under movies, it’s a must nineties classic. Anyway, also, at least you aren’t experiencing them alone, you have a… friend?” she offered, his eyes still scanning the page.

“Yeah, I’d like that” he looked up and smiled at her, Darcy nodded and leant back, drinking her coffee as Steve asked about some of the things on her list. 

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(Let me know what you guys think, I am loving this so far, it’s good to write something that isn’t Steve x Reader. Catch the latest Alternate part HERE. - Rosalee)