before we sewed it together

I was asked about the way I make the scrunchy fabric effect on my bloomers so I decided to make a little tutorial. This tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of the tools in MD. So here goes! I hope you guys find this helpful and can’t wait to see you guys release some scrunchy cc!

So in order to make this gathered effect, first you need to make a rectangular shaped fabric in marvelous designer. The size of the fabric is completely up to you and what you’re making.

After making your fabric you’ll want to right click on the piece and make a copy of it.

I have placed the copy of the piece on top of my initial piece as you can see here but you can place it anywhere you’d like. Just try and make sure that the pieces are close to each other just because we have to sew them later on and it just makes it easier to sew if they are close.

After you decide where to place your copied piece on the 2D window, go over to the 3D window and right click on the first piece you created and click “freeze”. We want to freeze this piece in place because it is basically going to be the anchor for our other piece.

Here you can see that the first piece we made is now frozen in place because it has turned a bluish color. This piece will no longer move when simulating. Our copied piece is still white and therefore will be the only piece that moves when we click the simulate button.

Now what we want to do is sew the pieces together. In the 3D window you can see that I have pulled the copied piece in front of the piece we froze in the last step. You don’t necessarily have to do this but it makes simulating much quicker if you do and for me it’s just easier to see that I have sewed things correctly.

Anyway, like I said before we have to sew the pieces together. We want to sew all the sides of both pieces together. So we will be sewing the left side of the top piece to the left side of the bottom piece. The top side of the top piece to the top side of the bottom piece. The right side of the top piece to the right side of the bottom piece. And lastly, the bottom side of the top piece to the bottom side of the bottom piece.

If sewed correctly your 3D window should look like the image above. All sewing lines are straight which means the sewing lines are in the right direction. It basically looks like a 3D rectangle. (This is what I meant by being easier to see when you pull the piece forward).

Now  we want to click on the piece of fabric that isn’t frozen and change the layer from “0″ to “1″. This will ensure that this piece will overlap the frozen piece.

Now back in the 2D window we will change the width of the unfrozen piece and make it reallly long! The longer you make it the more folds will appear. Now we can click the simulate button! The fabric may explode while simulating but just let it finish and it should fix itself right up!

Look at all those bomb ass ruffles! A++!

Now for some reason Marvelous doesn’t produce the same effect if your piece is very thin. As you can see in this picture my pieces are a lot thinner than before and even though I took the same steps to make the ruffles, they don’t actually appear at all on this piece! Well don’t worry ladies and gents there is an easy fix for this!

Click on your unfrozen piece and in the property editor window look for “particle distance”. Your default particle distance will be set to 20. We want to make this number smaller.

Here you can see I have set the particle distance to 5 and pressed simulate again. We are beginning to see the ruffles slightly but they aren’t all that great right now because my fabric is so thin. The thinner the fabric the smaller your particle distance will have to be in order for your ruffles to show up properly. So lets make the number lower again. Note: that the smaller your particle distance, the higher poly your mesh becomes!!

So here you can see I lowered my particle distance to 2 and yayyy there go those darn ruffles! You did it! Note: since making the particle distance smaller increases your poly size, I would recommend messing around with the particle distance size as well as the width of the fabric in order to get it to look how you like.

You are officially a scrunchy guru! Go you!

whatever you do don’t imagine the impact on the foxes if Neil’s dad had managed to kill him in the end.

So they’re in the hotel because everyone’s freaking the fuck out and it’s just kind of silent because nobody knows what to do or say. They find out in the middle of the night and it’s a female agent at the door who’s so overcome with second hand grief that the only words she can get out are “I’m sorry”.

It’s Nicky who answers the door and he collapses against is because he knows what those words mean and he knows what’s happened and he doesn’t even want to hear anymore about it, he just collapses down against the wall next to the door and doesn’t move for however long it takes him to catch his breath.

Matts up next, he’s a light sleeper, and he takes one look at Nicky and at the woman and storms out, he marches down the stairs and outside and throws his fists into the first wall he sees until he’s bleeding and then sits down. Dan finds him but she doesn’t say anything, just sits down next to him and leans on his shoulder, both of them watching the sunrise and thinking about this messy, broken kid they tried to save but failed.

When the rest of the team are woken up and told they’re all silently stunned. Nobody can deal with it, nobody can really process it and it falls to Allison to start to organise. She organises when Neil’s body will be released so they can say goodbye, how they’re getting home, brigs everybody breakfast, sends Matt to hospital, calls the university and pulls the liquor bottle away from Kevin, pouring it down the sink.

She tells them Neil wanted to win, he wanted to fucking kill the Ravens on the court and so help her god they will, they will finish this season, for Neil and for Seth and for what they did to Kevin they have to at least try.

So they do.

Everyone watched Andrew the whole way back but he’s stoic, he’s more than that he’s absolutely still to the point coach sends Aaron to check he’s breathing. Aaron sits with him for a minute and try’s to do something comforting, but he doesn’t know what so he reached out for Andrews hand. Aaron fully expects him to pull away but he stays still. They sit like that the whole way home.

Of course the press have somehow found out and they’re all camped out when they get there. Nicky realises he hasn’t spoken to erik yet, but he’s seen the news and is already on his way, unable to answer the phone. This leads to Nicky having a full on meltdown in the parking lot as his phone rings and it’s exactly how it felt with Neil, that worry in his stomach. Kevin slips his arm around him to cover over the fact he’s sobbing.

A week later renee decides she wants to pray for Neil, but she try’s and try’s but she doesn’t know what to say to a God who took Neil from them so early, she can’t accept that as part of his plan. Allison is there with her as she silently cries.

Allison stays in charge, she manages to hold it together for all of them so she handles the press. She does it beautifully, answering every question reporters throw at her, until one suggests this was simply Neil’s past catching up to him, that he shouldn’t of broken the law all these years. She stares at them point blank and tells them “Neil Josten was a fucking good man.”. They don’t do press again.

Her parents show up, two deaths is too many for them, they want her to come home, where they say it’s safe. She tells them she’s built a home for herself here and they can go fuck themselves.

Kevin leaves. He essentially runs away, at first just to get away from the grief but then he realised why Neil did it. It was nice to sit somewhere where nobody knew your name. He starts drinking himself across the state, until one day he takes it to far and ends up at a police station. They call Coach and he takes him home, watching him break down in the living room reminds him of Neil after the Ravens, but he doesn’t say anything.

Andrew breaks down once. He’s at the court late at night with Kevin and he feels angry. Angry like nothing he’s ever felt before and he picks up the ball and just launched it at the glass. It’s one of the first reactions to anything he’s had since they got back, so Kevin says nothing and hands him another. They do that for a while until he decides to go in goal, catching every shot Kevin fires and then throwing them against the floor so they bounced up. In the end he throws his stick against the floor and crumples into himself, sobbing quietly, Kevin steps outside, turning down the lights to give him some privacy and gets in the car.

When Andrew comes out he’s silent again, and neither of them ever talk about it

Apart from that Andrew doesn’t change. He doesn’t speak, he seems to go on autopilot. He goes to classes before anyone else but he doesn’t seem to listen or understand. He won’t eat unless Nicky puts plates of food in front of him, a responsibility that eventually falls to erik, and he sleeps most of the time.

They near their game with the Ravens, and the press slowly moves away from Neil, they have the funeral, all the teams show up, excluding the Ravens who aren’t invited, and it falls into something they rarely discuss.

They’re doing the final press before the final game the next day, when someone asks about Neil, asks what made him great. Dan opens her mouth to answer but she hasn’t got a word out before Andrew has started laughing, small at first and then hysterically.

Nickys clawing at his arm for him to stop, Kevin’s trying to not smile, Allison is smirking at a camera.

“He wasn’t great” Andrew says when he manages to stop. “He was a bit of a mess really.”

He goes on to list everything that was wrong with Neil Josten; flighty, over dramatic, impulsive, rude, sarcastic, boring, never trusts anyone, never scared even when he should be, would of let himself bleed out long before this if we hadn’t continuously sewed him back together, oblivious, can literally never tell the truth, cared about exy way to much, although not at much as Kevin but honestly who cares as much about this stupid game as Kevin?“

Allison doesn’t miss a beat before she responds with “Riko.”

The reporters all look a little uncomfortable at the turn this has taken but the team are smiling for the first time in weeks and they don’t care. They lost everything the world cares about more than Riko, and by the end of it they’re all laughing, the twins are sort of half smiling ( which is as close as they can get) and something about dragging Riko to hell and back in Neil’s honour seems very right.

Nobody knows how but they manage to win the game, not by a lot but they win and the entire crowd goes wild. Andrew throws Renee up in the air in triumph, Kevin falls to his knees because he can’t quite believe they did it, and stares across the court at Riko. Nobody knows what he’s doing as he stands up and walks towards him, neither breaking eye contact. Then he punches him. The crowd erupts with cheers again.

Years later, and without telling anyone, Andrew manages to track down Neil’s father. He follows him for days until he’s alone in an alley in New York, and then he puts three bullets in his head. It’s nothing elaborate, it’s nothing like the death Neil faced, but it’s what he would’ve wanted, quick and over with. Andrew smiles from the rooftop and goes home, a weight lifted off his chest, where he’s been breaking for years.


“you know, it was often the case that we were sewing half of everything together right before the show, then ripping out linings, exposing zippers… it got to the point that people who were at the shows were getting confused when they saw the pieces in store. The rockstars, the celebrities… they didn’t like it neat and clean, they wanted the fucked up samples”