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Hope you like my Cosplay showcase video of my KH3 Sora cosplay at Disney World!!

Zodiac signs as my favorite animated movies

Aries: Madagascar
Taurus: Ice Age  
Gemini: Zootopia
Cancer: Balto or The Land Before Time   
Leo: The Fox and the Hound     
Virgo: The Aristocats  
Libra: Shrek
Scorpio:Finding Nemo  
Saggitarius: Shark Tale or Oliver & Company
Capricorn: The Lion King
Aquarius: Rio
Pisces: Lady and the Tramp  

“I’m not really a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas as a movie, but Jack Skellington has got to be one of the most enjoyable characters to exist in animation. He’s also a prime example of great character design and writing. The idea of Halloween’s king being this happy-go-lucky guy in a pinstripe suit that can go from terrifying roar to “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, sir” in one second is just beautiful.”            


A lot of people wanted to hear the conversations I had with each of the characters so here you go! The background noise was really loud though for almost every meet and greet but I subtitled it for what I could hear/remember the characters saying. And yes, some characters did know who I was! 

P.S. Trying to stay in character myself as Sora was lots of fun while talking to the characters!

Tim Burton was born in 1958, Burbank California. He began making movies at a young age. After high school Burton attended the California Institute of Arts to study character animation. After he graduated from the Institute in 1979, he was hired by Disney.
Later in his career, an old poem he wrote back in 1982, caught the attention of Disney and they decided to use it as the blueprint to make “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which was then directed by Henry Selick, a good friend of Tim Burton.


Haunted Mansion Holiday 9_19_2017

Photographer:  Dominick Tabon


Haunted Mansion Holiday - When Two Holidays Collide…

Photographer:  Tom Bricker

“As an artist, animator, 2nd degree blackbelt who knows 3 types of martial arts, knows and practices a lot of weapons, when Tangled BEA and the series aired during a bad time in my life, I was thrilled to see Tangled back in this new stylistic art form and especially for the new character Cassandra, who is just like me. Not only did the show save me from giving up art for a while, but it has a strong character that I relate to and look up to.”