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♡ Yeshi's 1st Mutual Appreciation Post !! ♡

Hello friends !! I’ve been on tumglr.hell for a little over a year now and I just hit 200+ followers !!! I’ve met so many new friends and wonderful people during my time on this website, and I’d like to thank all of you for being so so kind and making me laugh and smile (and sometimes a little disturbed) even though hard times :’)

Listed below are some of my beloved mutuals, friends, and favorite blogs. I can’t put into words how much I love all of you, some of you I’ve know for a long time and others I haven’t interacted with that much but I still love you lots and would not hesitate to take a bullet for you if the opportunity arose 👀👀

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Thank you all again !! Ya girl Yeshi here sending you all good vibes ilysm 💕♥️💕💖💕

Remember that episode in Season 10 when Monica and Chandler's file get mixed up in the adoption agency meeting with Erica??

I think we know why


“Uh… Please don’t.”

Ocs haru and tsuki in yet another doodle~. They get along well even if she talks about ghosts too much and he acts over-confident!

EDIT: Fixed a few things that were bugging me and added bg color woooh~ 

facebook may be a horrible trash fire site but at least there I know that my queer friends will always be supportive of each other

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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I wish I could

strip away all

my pain.

As well as all

my sadness,

and anger,

and anxiety,

and heartbreak,

and emotions.

As easily as you could

my clothes.

Confession:  Despite how everyone paints the Dragon Age fandom as a toxic place, it has quite literally saved me. I had no friends before joining Tumblr and Dragon Age, and now I have a wonderful group of people who I can talk to and rely on and who have helped me through some awful medical and mental issues. There are good people out there! I promise!

Ben, Ted, and Marcus are going to kidnap the president of the United States 

400+ Follow Forever

So, today some crazy shit happend that yall will never believe.  I hit 400 followers (how the fuck did that happen??) and decided to celebrate with giving MASSIVE thanks to all of my awesome followers/mutuals/people that i like to stalk.  I honestly never thought i would hit 100 followers, so a number like this blows my fucking mind.  I can’t thank all of you enough for putting up with me for two years!  This thing is so massive that I had to put it under a fancy keep reading sign (professional).  So, whithout further adieu, I present to you my first follow forever.

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ON THE COVER: MELVIN TORDECILLA | Photographed by Ariel Magyawe | Styled by Dexter Balita | Issue No. 36


For people who personally don’t know you, it’s hard to imagine that a funny guy like you works in a more corporate job. How is Melvin different from @beben-eleben?

I think there’s no difference between Melvin and @beben-eleben. What you see online is what you get. I mean whatever Melvin feels and thinks, @beben-eleben feels and thinks the same way. Maybe @beben-eleben is just being Melvin online. I don’t have to impress somebody.

When and how did you discover tumblr? How long have you been on tumblr?

Before Tumblr, I was a loyal Plurk user. I had a group of friends called Plurkada; they’re also UPLB graduates. Some of them were blogging using tumblr. Then I got envious and I tried signing up. The first time I saw tumblr dashboard, I was like “Shet paano ito?! Haha” But then, I started posting like corny jokes I knew when I was in high school (I was the class clown) and photos I edited with my large watermark. Eventually, I love being a tumblr user. I’ve been posting crazy stuff since December 11, 2009. 

(Beben’s father painted this picture of young Melvin  displayed on his room)

You must’ve witnessed a lot of tumblr changes throughout the years. What’s the best thing about tumblr back then?

The best thing about tumblr way back then (circa 2009-2010) was the Tumblr Primetime where everyone was so active posting NSFW photos and jokes, funny texts, and some of them had their own GIFs. Another thing was that almost everyone in the dashboard joins the trending topics every night. When one tumblr famous posted something then another one had a post related to that, everyone would divulge things related to that until it becomes a trending topic of the night. My dashboard was fun-filled.

A lot of my friends know you. Even the ones whom I thought do not own a tumblr account will ask me if I’m friends with you. Are you as funny as your online persona in real life?

We’re friends, so am I? Haha. Kidding aside, yeah I think I was born to make other people happy.

You’ve organized some of the most unforgettable tumblr gatherings. What is by far, the most memorable meet up? Why?

I think the most unforgettable meet up I organized was the Enchanted Meet Up last May 14, 2011. This was memorable because as far as I know, this was the first tumblr meet up held in EK. This was also the first time that I became so stressed dealing with different kind people and solving unexpected circumstances; however, everything was all worth it because everyone still enjoyed the meet up.

What is the worst thing about tumblr?

The worst thing about tumblr is the issues among tumblr bloggers, specifically dealing with haters. Everyone should always think that we can’t please everyone. So stop wasting your time posting on everyone’s dashboard about your hater.

One lesson tumblr has taught you. (If there’s any)

One lesson that tumblr taught me is that not everyone will get your humor.

1 advise you’d like to share to tumblr newbies.

For tumblr newbies, just be yourself. It may sound cliché but, just share your skills and talents to express not to impress. Most tumblr oldies will not understand your own issues in life and what you do in tumblr, but you should not care about them because everything’s changing and we have to deal with it.

How is Melvin Tordecilla as a friend?

As a friend, I am makulit especially if I am the only one who doesn’t know a secret within my circle.  I always love to joke around. With my friends, I’m able to practice my sarcastic skills.  I’m always available when a friend needs my shoulder (figuratively and literally). My personality towards a close friend varies from unbearably clingy to disturbingly distant, and there is no in between.

How is Melvin Tordecilla back when he was five or six? What was your ambition?

When I was five or six, I dreamt to be a doctor or pilot. 

That one person who inspires you the most and why?

My mom (aside from my dad, of course).  I don’t have to tell all the reasons why, but one thing’s for sure, I love her and I’m very thankful for the all the things she’s doing for me, especially the delicious food she cooks and the moral support she gives during my tough times. My mom is that one precious stone separated from the other millions for her strong and everlasting love which makes her shine like a diamond. She’s not perfect human being, but I will forever consider her a treasure that is close to perfection.

3 tumblr bloggers you look up to and why.

Me, myself and I. LOL. Seriously, there a lot of talented bloggers in tumblr, but three of them whom I look up to and I admire their skills are Ariel (arielmagyawejr), Julius (infelice) and Cris (israelmekaniko). Their blogs belong in different categories. Ariel is an expert in photography. His works are really awesome! I mentioned this before that Ariel and I have this KC Concepcion-Mark Nicdao relationship; meaning, I always want Ariel to be my photographer for my every photoshoot.

I consider Julius the Vexel and Vector Art King of Tumblr Philippines. I felt so honored and flattered when he made a vexel art of myself way back 2011. He is one of a kind in which you will feel insecure and question yourself, “Why don’t I have that kind of talent?”

Lastly, Cris is a good friend of mine. I like the humor on his blog posts which are “sobrang benta sa masa”. I really like his personality – kalog, may pakajologs but classy. One thing I like from these guys is that these three are all down to earth which makes them respectable.

Some people in tumblr who are tumblr famous as they call it, don’t know how to keep their feet on the ground. Tumblr is just a microblogging site, not Westeros of Game of Thrones. 

5 Weird things we still don’t know about you.

a. Whenever I order food in a fast food or restaurant, my friends notice that I always have serious face that they find it very weird but funny.

b. I love reading books. I’m shocked that some people are surprised by this simply because they’re not expecingt that a funny weird guy like me  won’t read John Green novels.

c. I’m an impulsive shopper.

d. When I find someone cute around, I’m very transparent.  For further information, ask my friends. LOL

e. I have a lot of moles on my body (every body part you can think of).

What if one day, you wake up fearless, what’s the first thing that you will do?

I will go to the mall and eat everything!

I heard TAEMU12 is around the corner. What should we expect this time?

Thanks for this promotion! LOL. Having a competition in a tumblr meet up with cash involved as prize is not a joke. My co-organizers and I are very excited! We make sure everything is well-prepared before the meet up. Participants for the Amazing Race, which is the main event of TAEMU12, have been finalized, and we’re bonding online through our Facebook group. It’s a must, so that the racers will not have an awkward moment on the meet up itself. So expect TAEMU12 will be the best and grandest TAEMU to date! Too bad for others who refused to join in the race. LOL

Words you live by.

When my insecurity strikes, I always think and tell myself, “Fuck that! I’m Melvin Tordecilla!”

500 Followers!!! Follow Forever

I just reached 500 followers and I am so grateful to you all!! I just started this blog almost exactly a month ago and 500 followers was my all-time goal. I can’t believe I’m already there!

Some of these blogs I’ve been reading for years before I even had tumblr, some of these bloggers have become my friends in the past month, and some don’t even know I exist! 😂 But I love you all. And thanks sadouz
for being my 500th follower!!

I tried to remember everyone while limiting it to blogs I actually love and frequently reblog from and interact with. I know it’s inevitable that I missed a few of my favorites but just know if I have ever talked to you or frequently reblog from you that you were meant to be on here and you’re a sweet sunshine!

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