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Hey Chris I was wondering how you battled gym dysphoria before you got top surgery? I'm going to start working out at a public gym soon and I can't wear my binder while working out and wearing a sports bra makes me all kinds of anxious :(

my biggest recommendation for dealing with gym dysphoria is going to the gym during less crowded hours. I go to planet fitness and they’re open 24 hours so I used to go to the gym at like midnight because an empty gym is a great gym and there’s no one to make you feel weird or anything. 

besides that, honestly, no one is gonna be looking at you. it’s hard to believe that, but most people are there to focus on themselves and they’re too busy putting in work to be concerned with people around them. 

also also bodies come in all shapes and sizes! so if you’re wearing a sports bra and not so flat that’s okay! 


I woke up in his bed, the sunlight hitting the bed and our bare skin with bright patches of yellow light. I looked to my left, and the guy I was currently sleeping with, Josh, was laid out next to me. I checked his clock, and saw it was 7:30. I really needed to pee. I stood and crept to the bathroom, peeing and looking in the mirror, realizing only then that I was only wearing a bra and a pair of gym shorts. I looked around his bathroom and found a sweatshirt that was much too big for me laying on the floor and slipped it on (it smelled like Axe and Downy), fixed my face, then went back out and grabbed my pack of cigarettes from my purse and slipped outside. 

Josh wasn’t my boyfriend. He and I had more of a hook up relationship, although us calling it ‘official’ wouldn’t be so bad. He’s a nice guy, and we were friends before we started sleeping together. I don’t know, we never really talk about it together. I’d want to date him, but we’d just gotten used to this whole friends with benefits thing. I didn’t want to scare him off even more.

I go out into the bitter, cold morning air and sit on the small balcony of his apartment and let a cigarette dangle between my lips as I light it. I inhale, then extract the cig and breathe out slowly, my urge to smoke slowly dimming. I really shouldn’t be doing this, my family has a history of lung cancer, but smoking was the only legal thing that calmed me down (the illegal thing is weed. My state hasn’t legalized it yet, only medical) I finish my first one, then have another. That is, until, I hear a deep, gravelly voice from behind me. 

“Can I have one? I ran out, too lazy to get one right now,” Josh said, walking out, wearing nothing but a pair of black sweatpants. His yellow, curly hair is messy, curls going in every direction. I stood and hand him one, and my lighter, and places the cigarette in his mouth as he stretches. His powerful muscles move under his smooth skin, and I admire how beautiful he is. He shades his face from the sun as he takes the cigarette from his mouth and blows the smoke to the side. He looks me up and down, then stops on my torso.

“Is that my sweatshirt?” He asked. I blushed, struggling to say something. He smiled, letting the cigarette dance between his plump, pink lips as he spoke. “It’s okay, you look hot in it.”


this year has been a year of amazing spiritual growth for me and i feel deeply grateful and happy. I changed my lifestyle switching to a healthier diet, i stopped wearing bras, i started gaining my own money, i got my first tattoo, and i recently stopped wearing makeup. I’ve never felt this fulfilled and free before. However, while my soul started this journey of self love and happiness, the external world has been a complete mess, but i believe that, as my favorite poet wrote, to be restored, our sickness must grow worse. I know for a fact that things will get better for every living being on this planet. So, after this completely unrequired commentary about 2016, i wish everyone a beautiful, happy, and successful 2017. I love every single one of you.

I’ve been tagged by a piece of my heart aka @zcinab and i tag some of the people who made my year great: @webdirt @wrotten @gothcummies @hopeyougetwellsoon @douxkitten @digim0m @dialtonebabe @brownmuva @omeneg @fairskinnedfawn @eternalflamebyatomickitten @blackgirlwiththeglitterlipgloss thank you for existing, i love you all ♥

To anyone that wears a chest binder...

It doesn’t matter why you’re wearing your binder, if you start to feel uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. Please. Seriously, go without a bra, and just get back to feeling well before you put it back on. 

Also, please don’t wear it to school or work or whatever for the first time that you ever wear it. Try it out on the weekend, maybe an hour on Saturday, a little longer on Sunday, so that your body will be ready to be restrained for however long your school/work day is.

I don’t care if you want to pass all day, please don’t wear it for more than 8 hours at a time or while you’re exercising.

True story, the first day I decided to wear my binder was last Friday. I wore it to marching band rehearsal at 6:45 am (I marched in it for two hours), then I went to school for 8 hours, then I had afternoon marching rehearsal (another hour of rehearsal), we waited until the football game started (2 ish hours), and then I marched in it again, and wore it for 2 more hours until I got home. So that’s 15 hours that I decided to wear it on the first day. That was 5 days ago and I still can’t breathe properly, I have chest pains, and I can’t bend over without my ribs hurting. I’m not going to bind again until I feel better, but seriously, I didn’t think that only doing it for one day would hurt that bad. News flash, it hurts really bad,and every once in a while I either gasp really loudly or I get light headed because my ribs hurt, so I don’t want to take a normal size breath.

So basically

  • Don’t bind for more than 8 hours
  • Don’t bind for 8 hours the first time you wear your binder
  • Don’t exercise in your binder
  • If you feel uncomfortable, take it off, hopefully you brought a sports bra or something else to put on, but please take it off.
  • I promise, if you’re taking care of yourself, no one will judge you for having boobs. People have boobs. Guys have boobs, just some bigger than others, and if people can’t get over that, then that’s their own problem
  • Please take care of yourself

And if you’re wearing a binder right now…

  • Do you feel any pain? Take it off.
  • How long have you had it on? More than 8 hours? Take it off (please)
  • When’s the last time you stretched your back?
  • When’s the last time you took a nice, big breath of air?
  • Do you feel cute? Because you are. You look nice, I promise.

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((1/?)) Trans! Suga is always making sure the other team members are educated on genders. He usually wears a tight sports bra to practice, so he still has noticeable lumps under his shirt. Other times he wears a binder though. He was out to his family before he went to high school and they helped him get hormones and the materials he needed, so most people don't know that he's trans. He met trans!Oikawa at the practice match, when he noticed the outlines of a binder under Oikawa's uniform.

((2/?)) he promptly pulled oikawa to the side and started scolding him for wearing that at a game because THAT IS NOT SAFE YOU NEED TO BE SAFE WHILE YOU BIND and they started hanging out more. They go shoppin g and because Suga has been out longer, he knows a lot more tricks to deal with games and periods and tricky things like that. Oikawa is really good with cloths, too, so the two quickly become the best dressed men at their schools. Oikawa starts going on birth control

((3/?)) because his periods give him a lot of dysphoria. I had a point. I had an end game in mind somewhere. Oh yeah hang on i got really off track. Suga is comfortable with a lot of questions, but sometimes they get out of hand. Some of the others find out that he’s trans, and people start poking fun at him. This is how the Suga Protection Squad was born. The school then gets used to the idea and more and more people come out as trans. News stations start asking him how he deals with sports

((4/4)) and he becomes an accidental celebrity in both the trans* communities and the volleyball communities. I have no idea where i was going with this. -skulduggery anon

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So I started using a binder several months ago and I've been having trouble with my ribs. Before I got a binder I would wear a compression sports bra all of the time exempt when I showered. When I did this I would often get a shooting pain in one side of my ribs, at first when I started using a binder this went away but then in came back. Also my ribs started aching. What should I do to make the pain in my side go away, and is aching normal?

Kii says:

You should not have been wearing a compression sports bra all the time, especially not while sleeping. Especially if you were in pain, there is a possibility that you could have damaged your body, which means that you should see a doctor, and keep your binder off until the doctor says that you are fine.

Granted, my hair is pretty distinctive (read: gingery, wavy-curly, and bushy - I legit used to get called “Hermione” if that gives any indication)

but like

As a person who used to cover when out in public 100% of the time, it was just a little surreal after all this time. That said, I’d been avoiding doing so at synagogue because I didn’t want to confuse people or send mixed signals.

I stopped altogether for a few months after starting my conversion because I wanted a clear break between my pagan practice of covering and any sort of Jewish/tzniut-related covering, but I’ve slowly started to do so again. I just… it’s just really awkward to not cover after years of covering, and in any event, it really helps my anxiety. 

I’ve used this analogy before, but it’s kind of like deciding to not wear a bra after years of doing so… like, yeah, sure, if you’re wearing a shirt it’s completely legal and depending on the shirt it’s not obscene, but it still feels really exposed, y’know?

Idk, a couple things happened at the Purim events that really tipped the scale - first, I saw another person show up wearing a scarf as just a cold weather thing (I think) but it was nbd, so that was encouraging. Second, since it was Purim and people were already dressed up pretty wild anyway, I figured no one would look at me funny for wearing a scarf, especially a plain one tied up like a kerchief. So that’s what I did, and guess what? Not one comment, good or bad (yay!)

So anyway, tl;dr: I think I’m gonna go back to covering, at least in more subtle ways, because there’s technically no rule against it, I’m already partnered, and it just makes me more comfortable.

I HATED my breasts when I started to get them (fairly young and fairly quickly) and I think most girls I knew did too. To be essentially the same as your male classemates, friends, cousins one month and Entirely Different the next is not just jarring but to some extent legitimately traumatic. To play flag football during recess in the fall and by the spring be told by your teacher that it’s indecent if you won’t wear a “support”, to get whistled at for the first time by an adult man at 11, to have drunk male relatives comment on how womanly you look, to have your bra snapped and your breasts twisted, these things alienate you from your body years before you’re even able to conceive of your body and Yourself being possibly separate. They teach you to obsess over how you sit, move, dress, breathe before half of your classmates have started puberty. This has implications for basically every woman you know and that’s HORRIFYING to think about, but basically what defines women’s socialization IS trauma.

EXO Reaction when they accidentally spill their drink on you

Requested by @yvetteandcarterreynolds hope you like it hun!

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Runs away and hides* “Please Y/N! Don’t call Kyungsoo!! It wasn’t my intention!”


*Impossible he is a trained bartender* 


“I just.. ehh.. I’ll take my leave.. yes.. before you start… yelling… or kill me” *Sneaks out before you can even react*


“I ruined her Gucci..!” *And we never saw the panda again*


“Oh wow!! You are wearing a pink bra! Nice choice baby!”


“This is how we flirt back in my town! We throw water at each other… Yes!” *Tries to save the day*


“You didn’t have to throw the whole bucket of water on me! I told you it was a mistake!” *It actually wasn’t, you know how naughty he is*


*Whispers in your ear, lips touching your skin* “you know.. we should go home. It’s more quiet there…” *Totally distracting you so you don’t get mad*


*Laughs at himself* “Ah… I’m always messing up! I’m so sorry, do you still want to go out on a second date? I promise I won’t spill my drink on you next time”


“Please.. let me buy you a new shirt. I ruined it. Will you forgive me?” *Feels guilty for ten days even after you tell him it was fine*


*Don’t know why he is laughing but he is laughing and so are you now*


*Controls water so before it soaks you all, he stops it* “That was close! Thank god your hero was here!”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

004 Blowjobs

Ashton: You had just gotten home from work, only to find Ashton had, had an extremely frustrating day. Deciding to be the amazing girlfriend you are, you decided to give him a blowjob to help him release some of his pent up frustration. You barely had time to remove your skirt before you started sucking him off. 

Calum: You would’ve been teasing Calum all night long at dinner with the boys, so it was no surprised that when you got home he was incredibly horny. The two of you engaged in a heated make out session, clothes flying everywhere. Before you knew it you were on your knees, Calum’s hands roughly bobbing your head up and down his throbbing member. 

Michael: You had just returned from the gym, slightly sweating and extremely tired. Michael was sat on the sofa, his eyes immediately darting to your boobs as you were wearing that sports bra that he adored you in. You saw the bulge in his pants before joining him on the couch to help him tend to his little friend.

Luke: You were preparing dinner in only a pair of knickers and one of Luke’s shirts when he walked in, biting his lip and looking you up and down. “Damn babe” he said, watching as you walked over to him, making sure to sway your hips a little more than usual. You pushed him up against the cupboard door, palming him through his jeans before commencing to go down on him. 

Try Me | LRH | Part 3

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Part 1 Part 2

Summary: Rich kid asshole!Luke has everything he could ever need. Good looks, money thrown at him, grades to get in whatever university he wanted, at the top of the food chain in school, and every girl throwing themselves at him. When [Y/N] starts paying attention to him, his life everything changes, suddenly she’s the only thing he can focus on, but her, she’s not into him. Or so he thinks as she plays her hard to get facade.

Relationship: Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: 1159

You groaned as you slowly opened your eyes, the blinding light hitting your tired sore eyes immediately, strengthening your migraine. You started to recollect your memories from the night before but not much was coming back, that’s when you realised you weren’t in your bed or [Y/F/N]’s bed and started to panic. 

You shot up from your position in the bed, bad idea. The dizziness and nausea washed over you like a tidal wave as you pressed your head into your hands trying to dull both feelings. You noticed you weren’t wearing what you were wearing the night before and began panicking even harder, you still had your bra and panties on so that had to be a good sign. 

Your eyes roamed the room and were met by posters and records and guitars strewn all around. You groaned out loud as you realised you were in Luke’s room. 

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty.” You heard Luke chuckle from position at the doorframe. You squeezed your eyes shut as you pinched the bridge of your nose. 

“Did we…did we…” You tried to get out before he laughed, cutting in, “no we didn’t do it, but you really wanted to.” He laughed before you shot him daggers. 

“No way, Hemmings.” You retorted as he walked over to the edge of his bed. 

“Okay, whatever floats your boat.” He said as he handed you a tall glass of water and two advil’s. 

“Drink.” He instructed as you took both offerings with no obligations. 

“Thank you.” You said as you flopped back down on the bed, hungover as hell. 

“Get up, I have breakfast downstairs.” He said jokingly, “nooo, I don’t wanna.” You whined as you covered your head with a pillow. 

Before you knew it Luke had grabbed both your arms successfully pulling you out of bed making you squeal from the shock. 

“Luke put me down!” You half yelled, half laughed as he made his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs, walking into the kitchen and placing you down there. 

“See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” He joked as you mocked him, taking a seat at the island that was situated perfectly in the middle of his kitchen. He placed two plates of breakfast food down before joining you. The two of you ate in peaceful silence as your headache and nausea slowly started to dissipate. 

“Did you make this?” You asked as you finished off the rest of your toast. 

“Mhm.” He nodded with a mouthful of egg making you laugh. “Why?” He mumbled out, “it’s pretty good.” You shrugged. 

“It’s eggs and toast, not rocket science.” He commented after he swallowed. 

“Just take the damn compliment.” You defended as he laughed and took the plate away, putting it in the dishwasher. 

“Well I should probably get going.” You said as you stood up, “oh yeah, uhm your clothes are upstairs.” He said motioning you to follow him. 

“Wait. You undressed me?!” You asked feeling completely violated. 

“I didn’t want your dirty booze filled clothes in my bed, so yes I did. Don’t worry I didn’t see anything I liked.” He sneered as your mouth dropped, “you really are the biggest jackass on the planet.” You spoke hushed as you made your way around him and up the stairs back to his room where you found your clothes. 

“Don’t bitch at me after everything I just did.” He argued as you rolled your eyes, “oh yeah thanks for stripping me then insulting me, I appreciate it.” You argued sarcastically as he shut his door stepping closer to you, frightening you a bit. 

“You really think that I would do all that if I saw something I didn’t like?! You think I would let you sleep in my bed, in my clothes, then make you breakfast instead of pushing you outside if I didn’t see something I liked?!” He contended as you stepped back feeling smaller than ever. This was something you never thought Luke would say, especially to you. 

“Get dressed, I’ll be waiting in the car.” He told you as he started walking to the door. 

“Why?” You asked in a small voice, “you came with [Y/F/N] and she left without you, I’ll drive you home.” He said calmly as he opened the door before closing it quietly, leaving you completely shocked. 

You quickly changed into your jeans and top before grabbing your phone and keys walking out the door. You met Luke at the front door, his leather jacked draped loosely over his shoulders as he wore a simple white tee underneath with a pair of sweatpants and converse. 

“Your shoes are right there.” He pointed as your head followed, you quickly slipping them on (quietly thanking yourself for choosing a flat pair) and walking back to Luke. The two of you walked out onto his driveway where an older looking black Lincoln Navigator was parked, he unlocked it and you two hopped in. 

“I just need you to tell me your address.” He spoke quietly as he turned the car on. “it’s uh just the next street over.” You mumbled a little embarrassed, “really? You’re my neighbour?” He joked trying to lighten the mood as he pulled out of the redundantly long driveway. 

The drive was barely five minutes before you pointed your house out, similar to Luke’s just smaller. 

“Uhm thanks…for everything.” You said looking down at your hands. 

“Don’t worry about it.” He told you with a smile as you got out of the car and headed into your house, awkwardly waving to Luke as he pulled out. What the fuck just happened?


“Next time listen to me when I tell you a boy likes you.” You friend laughed on the phone as you rolled your eyes, “but he doesn’t.” You rebuked as you friend groaned, “yes he does, just trust me.” She explained. 

“Okay even if he does, I don’t like him.” You lied straight through your teeth. The truth was, there was a little feeling for Luke that you couldn’t deny, it was something you couldn’t describe but it was there. 

You knew liking him would be the death of you so you denied it, sticking to your plan. “Whatevs, you two would make a cute couple.” She joked as you told her to shut up. 

You knew that Luke wasn’t a commitment type of guy so there was no chance either way, he was just Luke, he was a player and a total douchebag. 

“I’ll talk to you later, have fun with Cal.” You joked knowing she was still with him from the previous night. You ended the phone call and went to check your messages, nothing. As usual.

You debated whether or not you wanted to text him but that was kinda weird after what had just happened. You decided to just leave things as they are and wait and see what would happen on Monday. 


the marching band au: playing doctor

[start from the beginning]

  • summer band camp before junior year
  • the camp that changed everything
  • shaw rolls into practice almost an hour early, grabs her quads, and makes her way onto the practice field
  • starts doing stretches on her own, lunges, push ups, the whole nine yards
  • root and ms. thornhill come out of the band hall and out onto the practice field half an hour later
  • (did root sleep in the practice room again? yes)
  • shaw sees them laughing out of the corner of her eye
  • root hasnt even NOTICED that shaw’s wearing a tank top yet
  • rude
  • so shaw decides she’s going to have to step it up a little
  • she whips off her shirt and starts doing all of her warm ups in a sports bra and shorts
  • root notices the flash of movement and turns her head and is slapped with glorious image that is sameen shaw mid-pushup without a shirt
  • she trips and bites the ground hard
  • ms. thornhill manages to save her trombone before it suffers a similar fate
  • root’s so embarrassed. she wants to die
  • she’s managed to scrape up her knees pretty badly
  • shaw hustles over just as ms. thornhill says she’s gonna get the first aid kit
  • “i can do it” shaw insists
  • thornhill: oh?
  • shaw: i’m a lifeguard, i know first aid
  • thornhill: then by all means, ms. shaw
  • shaw runs inside to grab the first aid kit
  • root whispers “i haven’t done that since /middle school/”
  • ms. thornhill smiles gently “you often trip around miss shaw?”
  • root blushes and doesn’t say anything
  • shaw comes back and starts unpacking the first aid kit. “i /said/ i could do it”
  • ms. thornhill pats root on the shoulder and heads off to the podium to discuss todays practice with the other band directors. “i trust you’re in good hands, root”
  • shaw feels a little bad. maybe. just a little teeny tiny bit
  • “didn’t mean to make you fall”
  • “you didn’t! the uh, ground. was a little uneven there”
  • “mhmm”
  • shaw’s putting a slightly unnecessary amount of tape over the gauze on root’s knee. pats it a little. "there. all better”
  • maybe her hand rests on that knee for a few moments
  • maybe longer
  • (it’s pretty gay)
  • suddenly over the megaphone: “if our trombone and quads section leaders would care to join us on the field, i’d love to begin practice”
  • shaw growls a little. helps root up
  • they exchange an awkward head nod and hurry back to their sections
  • shaw never puts her goddamn shirt back on
  • root never stops swooning

Jensen Ackles One Shot- Hands Off

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a Jensen x reader where there dating and the cast has to do a workout thing with obstacles (like the tough muder) and Jensen can’t keep his hands off of her and can’t stop looking at the womanly parts because she’s wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts. Then some romantic smut pls. And a bit of dirty talk.”

A/N- So I started this over 2 hours ago and got really distracted, but here it is :) Keep requesting, lovlies <3

       Standing on set next to Jared, you were in a sports bra and spandex , you were swaying back and forth, trying to entertain yourself before the workout started. Jensen walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Hey Baby..” You said, grabbing his forearms with yours. Resting his chin on your head, he pulled you tight against him. 


     When the workout had begun, Jensen had already shown that he wanted you tonight. You were always up for it, but he couldn’t keep his hands off you. If you were in front of him climbing, he would occasionally slap your ass. You smiled to yourself at him little gestures, but you knew it would be different the second that front door closed. 


        Your skin was sweaty and on fire from anticipation. You were waiting for Jensen to come out from the shower so you could take yours. He invited you to shower with him, but you chose not to, just to make him wait. 

     Walking out, Jensen was fully dressed, running a towel in his hair. “Your turn, baby girl.” he caught your attention from your phone. “Okay baby. Don’t drop my phone.” you handed him your phone, walking past him, swaying your hips more than normal, making sure he was watching. 


    When you left the bathroom, your hair was merely towel dried, clad in just your spandex and a sweater. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jensen was standing outside of the door, his grip on your arm light. You could leave if you wanted to, just walk away- but you had no intentions. “Well, I was going to get food, what about you, handsome?” You asked, giving a sincere yet seductive smile to him. 

    “We’re going home..” Jensen’s voice wasn’t demanding or rude, but low and heavy, as if to imply that you’ll go on your own will. Leaning down, he kissed the corner of your jaw, his hands on your hips. “I need you right now, don’t make me carry you out of here.” Jensen pulled back, smiling at you. You kissed your teeth, looking up at him. “Okay” you said, smirking to yourself. 


        Sitting in the passenger seat, you watched Jensen drive. Not far from the set, your hotel was waiting. Instead of waiting, you caressed Jensen’s knee, you slowly moved it up. Shifting in his seat, you continued to moved your hand up, slowly rubbing the inside of the top of his thigh. 

   “Baby..” Jensen said warningly. “Yes, sweetheart?” You asked sarcastically. Gripping the steering wheel, Jensen sped up.


       As soon as the door to your room was kicked closed, Jensen had you pinned against it, your hands above your head. His hips were harshly pushing against yours. “Jensen…” you said warningly. Before he could muster up a reply, he grabbed the back of your thighs and held you up. Your legs around his torso, you kissed him sweetly. “Never leave me..” You mumbled into the kiss. “I’m not going anywhere.” Jensen said before placing you on the bed.

         The soft bedding formed to your little figure as you watched Jensen undress. Doing the same, you slowly lifted up your shirt, then removing your bra. Slowly, teasingly, Jensen watched you as you slid your hands down your front, pushing your spandex down with your underwear. 

        Practically attacking you, Jensen opened your legs and laid between them, moving his body into yours. Kissing your neck, one arm held him up, the other one groping at your chest. Moaning, you tangled your hands in his hair, pushing him closer to you. Your legs went around his waist as his hard cock rubbed on your stomach. Reaching down, you wrapped your hand around his hardened member, slowly stroking. Using your thumb, you spread the wetness of his pre cum on his tip. Moaning, Jensen bit at your neck. “Fuck, Y/N” Jensen let out breathily. “Jensen please..” you moaned when his hand went south to rub your entrance . Before you could let out another moan, Jensen shoved himself deep inside you, buried to the base. Your nails raked at his shoulders as he let you adjust. 

     Beginning to move, he pushed in and pulled out at a good pace, holding onto your hips. As he continued to thrust, you felt your climax building, becoming almost unbearable. Right before you could come undone, Jensen stopped moving. “Don’t cum… “ He spoke into your ear, letting you calm down before thrusting again. “God damn- fuck! Jensen !” You screamed out as your nails went down his muscular back when your climax hit you. Moaning at the sensation of you clenching around him, Jensen came, filling you with his hot cum. 

     Pulling out and climbing off you, Jensen laid next to you, pulling you into his warm embrace. “I love you, princess.” Jensen spoke into your neck, your limbs tangled together. 

going to a party w calum and you’d be wearing a strapless lbd and asfter a few drinks he’d pull you outside and push you against the wall and start sucking on your neck and you’d giggle and be like “calum what are you even doing” and he’d growl “it drives me crazy when you don’t wear a bra” and you’d chuckle and lean riiiight up against him and putting your lips to his ear before whispering “i’m not wearing panties either” and that’d be the story of the best sex of your life

luke becoming really angry and upset because you stole one of his t-shirts and you’re wearing it again and he looks really upset so you start to feel slightly bad and he walks up to you and he takes it off of you and before he gets the chance to totally walk out of this room, he turns around and with a little smirk he’d say “i didn’t think this would work on you… but here you are with a cute bra” and you’d roll your eyes before throwing something at him because really, how annoying can he be sometimes? “fuck off,” you’d mumble as he moves closer but there’s this grin on his face and it’s really cute and the moment his hand cups your cheek and his lips touch yours you really can’t be mad anymore


So none of the boys knew you did boxing not even your boyfriend Gilinsky and you never really gave much thought to it. It was just a hobby, something regular, you never saw the need on telling the boys. One day you were getting ready to go; 3 hair ties on your wrist, 3 water bottles, head gear, mouth piece, gloves, shorts, and a sports bra in your bag. You were already wearing shorts and a sports bra but you always kept a spare. Well that day Jack asked to go with you thinking you were going to the gym to work out. On the way there he started to mess around with you. “So babe, what do you usually do? Go on the treadmill, do some squads? Stick around me and I’ll show you what men do. The manly stuff. You see these babies *he flexed* they can knock anyone out in two hits.” You laughed knowing you’ve knocked a couple of guys before. You were just that good. You got your stuff and you and Jack headed inside. “Baby what are we doing here?” “What do you mean Jack?” “Y/N ready for a rematch?” your friend Adrian asked. “Yeah let me just warm up,” you told him while smirking at Jack, “Ready baby?” He looked beat after you both did the warm up reps. You gave him one of your water bottles and told him to relax while you put on your gear to start a math with Adrian. You took a couple of hits but also gave a fair amount. Gilinsky was just looking in awe at you but kept a close eye on Adrian making sure he didn’t hurt you. “VICTORY aha aye, aye, aye,” you did your victory dance, “babe how ‘bout a match?” “I don’t know Y/N I don’t want to hurt you,” he said when in reality he was the one that didn’t want to get hurt. “Oh come on Jack what you scared?” and so it started. He went easy on you at first because he didn’t want to hurt you, until you hit him, hard, showing that you weren’t holding back. “Gilinsky don’t hold back; as you can see I’m not, besides it won’t be as much fun kicking your ass. Don’t worry I can take a couple of hits.” You smirked and that’s when the fun really began. After going through 5 rounds you both decided to head home. As you were walking in he said, “Y/N I don’t want anyone to see me like this.” As you got to your living room ALL the guys were there and you started cracking up. “G I hope you don- Bro what happened to your face, dude you’re limping!” Johnson said. “Bro you should’ve seen the other guy.” “That other guy was me! You’re a liar Gilinsky,” you said making everyone look at you weirdly. “Guys he went boxing with me and had a couple of rounds in the ring, it’s not, my fault he can’t box…or hit…or has slow reflexes…” you started laughing. Your boyfriend went to get an ice pack and laid on the couch. “Oh my god bro your girl fucked you up so bad,” Dillon said laughing. “Guys don’t make fun of my boo or you gon catch these hands,” you told them and you all started laughing except G.


Akane had heard that word before. Her mother told it to her a few times, and said that soon she would need to start wearing a “training” bra. 

“What’s…a bra?” She asked carefully as she padded into the room. Akane wanted to make sure her information was correct.

“It’s a piece of underwear that helps hold up your… chest.” Pulling one from the closet Erika slipped it around her arms and settled herself into it, bouncing up and down until it sit right so she could clasp it.

“Otherwise sometimes they get in the way; it’s good to have support!”