before they

And a quick dash of Megane!Prompto! I really love this boy, My sunshine, my wooooorrlllddd!  I love drawing Prompto but it’s always more fulfilling when I draw him for others, especially for my @playdencos! Pink with a dash of blue, I end the night with his smile :)

Kageyama Tatsuya, our new Kageyama Tobio!  

This is NOT, in fact, his visual for the upcoming play, he’s just a fan of the series and dressed up as Kageyama a while back.  So clearly, he’s very excited to play this role.  

  • Villain: This town isn't big enough for two super villains!
  • Black hat: Oh, you're a villain alright, just not a SUPER one.
  • Villain: Oh yeah? What's the difference?
  • Black Hat: *appears with a light show and choreographed robots* Presentation!