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This is the project I was working on for the past two days, and let me just say, I am never going to do the full 32 colors again.

Kudos to the person who got this game before me and made another thing out of it, because you’re the one who inspired me (I forget your URL lmao)

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Now what would happen if the glitch had one of his nightmares and injured a charging yellow bot... By the way has the glitch had any recent nightmares? Has the bot?

Anti jolts awake from another nightmare, a knife in hand ready to skewer something, anything. But the darkness around him is empty and still, and Anti takes a few moments to let his breathing slow before he bites down hard on the inside of his cheek until he tastes blood. He wants to call out for Ollie, but the yellow bot barely has enough time to charge before work calls him away as it is.

Instead he gets up and goes to his little workshop that Green set aside for him where the Googles dump spare parts for Anti to play around with. He’s currently building a dragon out of odd pieces of metal, and while the animal’s frame is somewhat intact, Anti can’t seem to get the wings quite right.

Green emerges from a dark corner of the workshop rubbing his eyes, and Anti glitches a few feet from where he was before he sees who it is approaching him. “Oh, hi, Greeny.”

Green nods to Anti, stifling a yawn. “Sorry, must’ve fallen asleep working again.” He studies the dragon for a bit. “Interesting. Anything I can help you with?”

Anti frowns at the metal beast and sighs. “Don’t think so. I was just…” He considers telling Green about the nightmares but decides against it, worried that Green might think him a danger to Oliver, to all of them. “The wings are giving me a hard time.”

Green smirks. “Say no more.” His eyes flash green and a hologram appears in the place of the wings so that Anti can see what they would look like implemented onto the sculpture. “How does that look?”

Anti’s eyes sparkle. “Woah! Can you make em bigger?”

Green nods and increases the wingspan. “How about that?”

“It’s perfect! Hold on, let me draw this or… or something…” Anti looks around for something to draw on, but Green just shakes his head.

“Here,” he pops out one of his eyes and hands it to Anti as it continues to display the hologram. Anti’s jaw drops as he stares at the eyeball currently sitting in his hand.

Excuse me?

“It doesn’t hurt,” Green says with a shrug. “Just give it back when you’re done.” Without another word, Green turns to go charge up for tomorrow.

Anti takes another look at the eyeball and grins. “Sweet.”


Shawn and his guitar are (pleasant) loud neighbors with a terrible timing.

Everyone is just out of breath and stumbling in their own words in this one, sorryyyy!
It’s another draft I put some work on. I think something like this was already written before but I felt like posting it. I am considering doing a part 2 but I also liked the mystery so… I’ll leave you to it. I apologize in advance for my possible bad grammar and I promise I’ll stop with the Harry Potter references. Feedback is more than welcome! Enjoy xxx

You lied back down and the bed looked bigger. You suddenly missed a hug you had never lived in, a perfume you had never smelled, a breath you had never heard and hands that had never touched you. You felt that desire of bringing in to your world a love that you can only imagine what it’s like to have.

You had given up on your presentation due to tomorrow morning a few minutes ago, when your thoughts and imagination traveled to the apartment next door. The calm rhythm these guitar strings formed, kept breaking through your mental reasoning. I have to finish it today. You kept reminding yourself whenever you heard this delicate voice singing along to the guitar’s melody. It was peaceful. It made you chill, actually. The way it softly left that person’s lips was absolutely distracting. Instead of imagining the way you were going to organize your presentation’s slides, you started to imagine how this guy’s lips folded to form the words to come out in such a beautiful way.

Again. You repeated to yourself, whenever he seemed to miss a chord. Your eyes were closed. You couldn’t get enough of it and it was killing your time to finish your work, but even when his voice faded or he got out of breath, you were just as amused as in the beginning of this apartment session.

Your phone buzzed right next to your head and you sat back down on the bed. You read a text of one of your friends. She was asking if you were still up and you frowned, looking back at your laptop, sitting on the duvet in front of your crossed legs, only to see it was almost 2am. You instantly panicked, ignoring your friend’s text, throwing the phone away on the bed and quickly moving the laptop closer to you to get back to work.

(Un)fortunately your neighbor wasn’t done with his own work. You read the same sentence for the 10th time but it was useless.

You had known about someone moving to the apartment next to you, but this had never happened before because, even when you saw a few people moving things in and out, it seemed to be empty all the time. You hadn’t moved in too long ago either. You were finishing your last year of collage with an internship your uni department provided. It was the first time you were living in the city and, although your friends loved to camp in your living room from time to time, you decided to be completely by yourself until you finished this important presentation. But it sure wasn’t working because it looked like your neighbor was here for good. Not that you didn’t appreciate these unplugged private next-door concerts but the timing for it was a bitch.

You got out of the bed and took your laptop with you to the living room. You were getting tired and your motivation was fading. You put down your laptop on the coffee table and took a deep breath. No way. Yes way. You had to go knock on his door. You hated to do these kind of things. First, you looked like shit. You surely didn’t look like you were preparing a presentation for your journalism class and if you had to come to the point and plead for your neighbor’s silence, he surely wouldn’t believe you with your big ass glasses. I’ll take the glasses off. It was worthless. You had been wearing them for too long and you could already feel the spot they were marking on your nose. Untie the hair. You were sounding desperate. He would notice if a lion was living next door, there was no need for him to fins out anoitecer it this way.

You looked down at yourself, glad you hadn’t changed into your pajamas yet. You were wearing a pair of jeans and one of your trillion HardRock t-shirts and a pair of adidas. You started to move to the door, unsure of what you were about to say. What if you’re about to tell John Mayer to shut the fuck up? The guitar swings sure had his vibe. OH! What if it is Ray LaMontagne? Wait, isn’t that guy dead? Either way, you felt bad. You kept thinking he wasn’t being too responsible for not keeping it down at that time of the night, but still, no one else in the building had come to complain so you guessed he took it as no was hearing the noise. An absolutely beauti.. okay enough.

You took your keys and left your apartment. You took a few steps towards the door next to yours, looking down as you adjusted your t-shirt, when the door opened and a boy stepped out of it. You looked up quickly, your eyes wide in surprise. You heart was jumping inside from the scare but you didn’t show it right away. His hand met his chest and he breathed out. He looked at you and smiled.

“You scared me!” He breathed. You let out an awkward chuckle and nodded.

You felt the same way but your words didn’t come out.

You noticed the door of the apartment still open and the guitar still playing.

“I’m sorry.” You finally said after taking a breath. “It’s just…” You started, not sure of how to explain, pointing at the apartment and your door.

“Hm, do you need anything?” He smiled, confused. He was holding a wallet and some keys.

You took in his tall figure. His arms were huge. He could knock you out just by blowing. He had reasonably long blonde hair and he kind of looked like that boy from the “Home Alone” movie, but not on crack. He was still smiling at you.

“It’s just…” You stuttered, looking inside the apartment again and then back at him. “I live next door and you guys…” You tried to explain through gestures, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” He instantly apologized.

“No, no, I’m sorry..” You tried to explain.

“No, we didn’t know..” He insisted, getting closer to the door.

“You’re clearly working..” You were both stumbling in your own words, trying to explain yourselves.

“No, please.” He nodded, holding his hands up, gesturing you to wait. “Let me just… Shawn!” He called out for his friend.

You slapped back your naïve self and snapped into reality recognizing his name. Holy moth.. The guy cut your thoughts and got away from the door.

“I’m so sorry, I have to go get some food, so..” He pointed out at the door where Shawn stood now. You smiled. You wanted to apologize a thousand times and run back into your apartment and hide.

What are you supposed to say now? It wasn’t John Mayer or the dead guy, it was Shawn Mendes. Of course you sang along at some point. You were too tired to realize it, otherwise you wouldn’t have come looking like fucking Moaning Mirtle with your stupid glasses that had these lens that looked like the bottom of a bottle. 

“Hi.” Shawn smiled, looking at his friend trying to get some answers. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry.. I was trying to explain to your friend..” You started, trying to rush this out and his friend interrupted again, trying to rush his own self.

“It’s Geoff. And I really have to go now before they close.” He smiled and started to walk out. “I’ll be right back.” He said but stopped on his tracks and looked back at you. “Should I bring you something? Do you wan..” He started.

“No, no ,no, no! Thank you!” You smiled and he nodded, turning around and rushing to the elevator.

You turn your head to find Shawn giving you that clueless puppy look. You felt nothing more than embarrassed. You felt really bad for doing this.

Somehow you new about his work and how much time he was putting into it. You were a big fan of his music but you were so busy with your work and your own little world that you didn’t even notice what, a few times somewhere in the middle of his acoustic session, you were singing along to. You tried to keep it casual.

“I’m really sorry to bother..” You started. His features changed. He looked slightly annoyed. “ I was trying to explain, I live next door and I’m trying to finish this presentation..” He didn’t let you finish.

“Oh, I’m so sorry honey!” He nodded, one of his hands on his chest as the other moved back and forth in this hair, fingers tangling in a slow pace as he nervously tried to explain himself. “We had no idea! I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s fine..”

“It’s not! You could have told us earlier.. we just..”

“No, it’s okay. Listen..” You started, moving your hand around trying to explain. This was both the worse and the best situation you had ever experienced so far. You smiled sweetly and you noticed his shoulders relaxing a bit. “I really hate to do this, because I was enjoying at some point..” He chuckled and then smiled as you continued to speak. “.. but I just really need five minutes of pure concentration to finish it.”

“I understand. God, I feel bad!” He chuckled nervously, covering his face with his hands and then looking back at you.

His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were red and slightly closed. He was just as beautiful as you imagined. He looked tired but the way he moved showed a contradictory amount of energy. You regretted not washing your hair for the 3rd time that day, but it simply decided for itself to be in a bad day anyway.

“I didn’t even know there was someone living next door, I’m really sorry.” His voice was calm.

“I’m a quiet neighbor.” You shyly smiled, looking down.

“Are you throwing some kind of shade at me?” He asked, laughing nervously.

“If the shoe fits, wear it.” You giggled, looking back at him and he let out a laugh.

“Oh, okay..!” He raised his hands in front of him in defense. You laughed.

He ran his fingers through his hair again, placing his other hand inside his black jeans pocket.

“No, really..” You started, your cheeks hurting from smiling. “I just need five more minutes and I promise I will never bother you again.” You excused yourself.

“It’s okay, take your time! It’s late so we should be done..” He said looking down at you as he pointed to the apartment behind him with his free hand. “I just had no idea there was someone else on our floor or else we wouldn’t do it, so I’m really sorry.” He admitted.

He did feel bad. You notice how his eyes got bigger in concern after you explained yourself. As you talked, he took in your looks. Your cheeks were flushed and he found it cute, although you looked a little tired. He felt bad and started thinking he was the one to keep you up this late, not letting you finish your work.

“I’m really sorry, hun’. I had no clue, but the studio’s power was out and we decided to come back here and improvise a little. I should have knocked on your door first.” He started.

“No it’s okay.. It really is..”

“No.” He nodded.

“It wasn’t bothering me at all and it wasn’t too loud or anything… I just started stressing out and really needed a little time.” You shrugged, innocently and he smiled. “It’s embarrassing to come he..” He cut you off.

“No! You shouldn’t feel embarrassed!” He smiled. “I’m sorry if I came out too rude, but I thought you were a fan that found out where I was and it scared me a little!” He laughed and you joined him.

“Don’t worry about that.” You smiled. “I just want to get this presentation done.. it’s getting itchy.” You giggled.

“But you have to promise you won’t tell anyone about anything you just heard!” He joined his hands, pleading.

“Oh!” You gasped. “My recorder’s still on!” You started to step back ready to walk back to your apartment.

“No, please!” He smiled, unsure of what you meant. You looked back at him and nodded, letting out a quiet laugh.

“Don’t worry.” You reassured him. “Just five minutes, please, I promise. You’re clearly working too so, I understand.” You said, looking inside the apartment once more. You found it extremely weird that so many people could fit in that living room but you only heard his voice from your apartment. You ignored it and looked back at him. “I just need to focus completely and then you can go back to your own work.” You nodded.

“Don’t worry!” He laughed. “Take your time, okay?” You nodded and walked to your door, feeling his gaze burn your back.

“Five minutes.” You gestured smiling, his cheeks were flustered as he chuckled at your insistence. “Thank you.” You politely smiled. You put the keys on the door lock and opened it.

“Wait, what’s your name?” He asked, stepping out of the door, turning himself to you.

You smiled and shrugged as you just simply forgot your own name, getting in your apartment and closing the door, leaving him biting his lip before putting on a sly smile.

part 2?

Morgan Rielly - One Big Happy Family

Originally posted by koilers

The house was silent as you headed downstairs to make breakfast for the family before everyone woke up. It was a rare moment that it was ever quiet in the house seeing as there were three kids constantly running all over the place.

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What are some good cryptozoology books?

Monster Hunt: The Guide to Cryptozoology which is a great book and I would recommend it! Its set up to look like the journal of a cryptozoologist and offers very basic information on cryptozoology and cryptids. I personally own this one.

Cryptozoology A to Z, you cant go wrong with a book written by world renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. It was written in 1999 so you will be lacking in information of cryptids gathered in the last 18 years but I’m sure it has great information on cryptids and you may even learn about some you’ve never heard of before.

Mysterious America A guidebook to cryptozoology in the United States. Another great book written by Loren Coleman.

Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology is an encylopedia of nearly 1000 cryptids. It also covers hoaxes, sightings, habitats, and possible explanations for its existence.

Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend another book I personally own. Everything you could ever want to know about the Mothman and surrounding occurrences is covered in this book. It includes newspaper clippings which are very interesting to read.

Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology: A Global Guide to Hidden Animals and Their Pursuers this is another encyclopedia with 2,744 entries. Would be a great reference for learning about cryptids and cryptozoology.

Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology tells the true story of millionaire Tom Slick who spent his time searching for cryptids. This book isn’t specifically about cryptids but about a man’s journey to find them. Loren Coleman also wrote this one.

Kinda angsty: IPRE Taako amd Lup talk about Barry.

Lup walked into the room she and her brother shared, dropping her stuff in the floor. Taako looked up from his book and scowled at the pile of mess, but Lup started talking before he could complain.

“You’re, uh, you’re really good at transmutation magic my bro.”

“Yeeeeessss….” He said, obviously drawing out the word on purpose to prove how stupid the question was.

“Alright. So what can you transmute?”

“Anything. Literally fucking anything.”

“No but,” she sighed and sat in the arm if the couch “You can turn people to stone, change one sex to another, one non-sentient thing to another non-sentient thing, what else can you do?”

“Got anything specific in mind, Lulu?”

“Can you switch someone’s species?”

“Like from a dwarf to a human?”


He was quiet for a second before simply responding “No. It’s not possible.”

“Oh. Okay. Cool. Nice convo. Thanks bro.” She tried to keep her expression neutral. Fine. It didn’t matter anyways.

“Why are you asking?” Taako pressed.

“Innocent child-like curiosity.” She snapped quickly.

“Is that what we’re calling Barold now?”

Taako hadn’t meant to be harmful, He and his sister teased each other all the time. They weren’t sensitive people and they knew what topics to avoid. He back peddled the instant he saw Lup’s face crumble.

“Hey Lulu I was teasing; I’m sorry.”

She sat on the couch besides him, head in her hands. “It’s stupid I know but he’s a really nice guy. One of the first people I’ve trusted in a while and… Humans die so fast, Koko. I can hardly be his friend much less… Well it doesn’t matter because he’ll be dead in under 100 years anyway.”

Listen, I know in my heart that Sally Grissom is a hardcore Killers fan. I’ve talked about her love of Mr Brightside, but consider:

The Point-of-Exile team is very, very drunk after a celebratory breakthrough party. Sally, one beer in each hand, poses the question: Are we human, or are we dancer? A spirited (read: angry and loud) debate ensues.

Anthony: It doesn’t make sense!??? Dancers are people. People are human. It just makes sense!!? What’s the question. Whaaaaaat’s the question

Esther: Noooooonononono you’re missing the point! What’s the difference between them. The question is in another question and we have to solve that one before we solve any question, and that’s how we solve the question.

Jack, facedown on the floor: Hell yeah dancer!!!!

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Hey, do you know any top smutty Levi fics, prefer one-shots for a quick read! You's are awesome btw 😊 Thanks!!

We have a big ol’ [domLevi] tag with a ton in, so definitely go there. 

Mark Me as Your Own
Summary: When Eren goes into heat before his normal time, he rushes to find somewhere safe to hide out. Little does he know, he’s locked himself in Levi’s room. What happens when Levi comes back to find a half naked Omega in his bed?

Quarter to Five
Summary: I can barely breathe when you’re here loving me.

My Desert Jewel
Summary: Levi is the pharaoh of Egypt and one day he comes across a beautiful slave. He was dirtying his water fountain with his voluptuous dirty body that made Levi drool like a Jackal. One thing leads to another and Eren ends up working in the palace for Levi. But what he will be doing for the mighty pharaoh was still a mystery.

Burning Inside
Summary: Levi’s captain of his school’s football team, and he also just so happens to have a huge crush on the only male cheerleader around that wears a skirt and thigh highs.


I have several homes.
Not homes I can live in but
homes that help me live.
One being a home for happiness
another for sadness
one for comfort

Home to me
is the grip on my pencil
or my pen
either loose or tight
and the seemingly endless blankness
of a white sheet of paper before me
hungrily waiting to be
touched intimately by the emotions
from every inch
of my body.
It’s the place I can shout
without straining my vocal chords
cry without always having tears
drip on the paper
laugh without even so much as a flurry of carbon dioxide flying up my throat and escaping my lips.
A place I can
open up without having to
feel exposed
but then I realize
as I dress the paper in the intricacies
of my being
I myself become
empty yet fulfilled
how ironic it is.
The lead and ink
whisper my loud thoughts.
It almost feels like love to me in a sense.
Or maybe it is love.
Love is accepting
love is free
love is honest
- maybe it is love.

Home to me is
bursting through the front door
soaked from the rain
tearing off my coat
kicking off my exhausted shoes and
slipping off my worries - did I say worries? I mean wet socks
- tossing everything aside to
make way for the soon plop
on my comfy bed.
The burying
of myself
under the covers
in the warmth
in solitude.
A place I can
take a breath without worrying what will be caught in my next one
where I can ball up because I’m
or simply because I am cold but under those thick covers no one can tell
which one I truly am
confiding in…
Sometimes even I can’t tell.
Sometimes I lay there not knowing why
but I’m accepted anyway.
I always am.

Home to me
are the
familiar faces I see
each day.
Home is family.
I’m not an externally emotional person.

I’m not someone who can pour my
feelings into your
ready or not cup. I concede
before I even start
fearing there are holes or
the cup might overfill

become too heavy then

fall and shatter.
What if my sentimentalism becomes a constituent in
colossal displacement
causing your waters to unsettle and
form a tsunami?
But one may ask
what are the chances?
Substantial? Minute?
Still that possibility exists. But
even if I can’t find felicitous
comfort in their responses
I’m still an owner of the
opulent hospitality I find in just their
facial expressions.

A house was my home before
I came to realize that
only I live in it and
not it in me. A house is a
physical structure that can be
blown away by a tornado but
the structure of my homes never falter.

E.G. Home

round robin with the bunisher - part one (kastle fic)

this is a collaboration with the wonderful @devilbunnyking . watch as she slowly drags me back into kastle hell.

part one: phone calls and duct tape.

Her work phone is ringing.

Karen doesn’t answer it immediately. Nobody should have this number aside from Ellison, but she can see him across the room now, talking to the copy editor about this evening’s edition, and there’s no sign of a handset anywhere near him. She’d only been assigned this extension a few days ago, and she was planning on passing it onto Foggy when they met up for drinks tomorrow night.

The phone rings out for another few moments before she reaches over and picks up the handset, taking a breath before she says, “You’ve reached Karen Page of the Bulletin.”

There’s silence on the other end of the line, unresponsive even when she tries again. “Hello? This is Karen Page of the Bulletin. Is anyone there?”

She’s a second away from hanging up when there’s a crackle from the handset, and a slow, shaky exhale comes down the line. Before she has the chance to question the caller again, a hoarse whisper breaks the silence and says, “Your place. Twenty minutes.”

He hangs up.

She keeps looking at the phone long after the dial tone has taken over the line. That was Frank; there was no mistaking his voice, even if it had been over a month since she had last heard from him. She doesn’t know how he’d managed to get this number, but she knew he’d never use it unless he had to – unless something had happened.

Glancing at the clock, she drafts a brief email to Ellison explaining that she will be working at home for the rest of the day, and packs her laptop into her bag.

She’s out the front door in less than five minutes.

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Reminder Ficlet 2!

One more week! One more week! Wooo! Find the post -> HERE <- Woooo~

Lance watched Kolivan with a keen eye. Everything had to be perfect, absolutely perfect. It’s why Lance had taken over their costumes; there was no way anyone would top their couple outfit! It’s also why Lance was making Kolivan hang up the decorations now. He had done the costumes, so Kolivan had to do the decorations.

If he spent a few moments checking Kolivan out as he hung things up then… no one had to know.

“Are you sure all of these are necessary?” Kolivan asked as he hung up another stream of paper bats they had bought a few hours prior.

“Koli, honey, love of my life,” Lance moved closer as he talked, giving Kolivan a chaste kiss on the lips before answering, “yes.” He moved back, gesturing around their decorated living room, “Since we’re hosting the party that means we have to go all out. If we don’t then that means we’ve failed, and I refuse to let Keith’s party last year seem even remotely better than ours.”

Kolivan watched Lance gesture around the space with a fond smile. “If I recall, we were the ones that decorated his apartment, and the year before that we decorated Pidge and Matt’s, and the year before that Shiro’s-”

“Sh!” Lance whirled on Kolivan, a finger to his lips. “Those are unimportant details. We still have to beat them, so get back to decorating, Mister. I didn’t hire you to stand around and look pretty.”

Kolivan couldn’t help but snort at that. “I don’t remember signing a contract.”

Lance grinned, “You signed over your services when you signed our marriage contract.”

If Kolivan’s deep blush was anything to go by, and the way he turned to get back to work, Lance had won that “argument.” The marriage card always worked.

Wooo! I can’t wait to see everything you guys create! Remember to check out the post/page  -> HERE <- if you’re interested! Love you guys!

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Okay but consider: During a battle or an attack on the castle ship, an enemy rushes to attack Coran and Allura screams “FATHER!” and they suddenly realize how much they mean to one another. Bonus if later Allura gets pinned down and Coran yells “LEAVE MY GIRL ALONE!” before attacking them

You see that??

Those are called: tears

As I grow older I become more acutely aware of just how finite my existence is. The days pass, almost indistinguishable from one another, at an alarming rate. As if I’m watching them from the window of a car at highway speeds. By the time my eyes have focused on them, they are gone. I’m beginning to understand how a lifetime can feel like a moment.

If you feel overwhelmed just try to relax and...

If you feel overwhelmed just try to relax and look for one positive thought. Every good thing begins with one positive thought. You don’t need to change everything in your life instantly. All you need is one positive thought. You can hold-on to that thought, and it will remind you that there is hope. One simple, positive thought is enough to make it all worth it. All your troubles, struggles, pains, and suffering is worth one good thing. Those good things come to us just when we need them the most, like an angel throwing us a life-preserver before we go under the waters of despair. One positive thought can save your life or the life of another. One positive thought is the miracle for which you have been waiting. One positive thought will shift the entire world under your feet. One positive thought is something you can accomplish. One positive thought is the victory you need today!

— Bryant McGill

(Oh no. It’s another sad.)

Chirrut has always been tactile, always demonstrably affectionate with touches, caresses, fingers on Baze’s waist or elbow, a hand on the back of his neck, an arm around his shoulders. Even before that first world changing, universe shattering kiss, his touches lingered, gentle and warm but steady, insistent, much like the humming of the kyber in the caves under the temple. I am here. I am here. I am here, they seemed to whisper, and Baze, who never learned to ask for anything, whose very presence in the halls seemed to give people the impression that he was a wall, aloof, alone, mean, would just relax into it because Chirrut was the only one who touched him outside of sparring, Chirrut was the only one who didn’t seem to think he was made of serrated rock ready to slash to ribbons anything that came in contact with him.

After the kiss, itself some catastrophic event, the beginning of a new era, a new way of telling time, a falling, a freeing, the touching was nothing new, simply more brazen, more bold. Caresses and strokes, tickling and teasing, everything done with reverence much like sitting on the floor knee to knee praying in time with each other.

At night, in bed, arms and legs tangled, Chirrut’s fingers tracing his features even when he had slipped into something close to sleep, constant, constant, like his love, like the Force.

“Your hands are always on me,” Baze joked once, half serious, half embarrassed, always smitten.

“I like the shape of you,” was Chirrut’s answer, and then he chased away any further questions with a kiss–light, lingering–followed by another–deep and dark as any cavern–such that those were all Baze could consider.

The touches change when his sight leaves him, his eyes betraying him at last. He goes days without reaching for Baze, hands clenched around his cane white knuckled as though he means to break it in half. Perhaps he does. When Baze touches, Chirrut flinches back, away, turns his back, turns his head, and Baze doesn’t know what to do, what to give him other than patience and time and love. Love as unyielding as the Force.

Little by little, he returns. Small touches in the hall, hand on elbow, fingers on his shoulder, and Baze allows them all. At night in their bed, Chirrut is a wall of cool, soft skin that does not reach across the gulf even when Baze tries, in small gestures to reach him.

Fleeting, friendly touches during the day and nights bereft of warmth leave a strange taste in Baze’s mouth, darken his moods with concern that he does not voice, worried that the words will be stained with pity when he speaks them and then he will shame both of them. Chirrut keeps holding the cane like he means to break it, like that will solve everything around them, all the pain, all the heartache.

Words in the middle of the night. “I miss you.” Chirrut’s voice is a ghost.

Baze’s fingers stretched across the mattress, close enough that he can feel the heat off Chirrut’s skin. “I’m here.” Jump the gulf and find me. But Chirrut does not leap anymore, just blunders his way through forever darkened hallways, cursing under his breath, radiating anger.

“I’ll hurt you.” There is too much ire in him. It covers him like a blanket of starfire, and he knows that Baze has always been afraid of flames since his village was consumed.

Baze would walk across fire for him. Baze would walk into the heart of a star. Baze would ignite himself to keep him warm if needed. When his fingers touch skin, Chirrut sighs, shuddering, as though he has been holding his breath for weeks. When Baze pulls him close, he stiffens, tension throughout his body until Baze kisses him lightly and then deep and dark like a cavern. “The shape of me misses the shape of you. You can never hurt me.”

When Chirrut weeps, Baze smoothes away every tear and kisses the marks in his palms, crescent shaped, from holding the cane too tight.

When you guys fight/ Richie Tozier x Reader HC

A/N: Feedback is very much appreciated and forgive me for any mistakes that I made.


  • The fight was something petty like which band was better or which game at the arcade was the best.
  • You both give each other the silent treatment due to being too stubborn and too proud to admit that you both were wrong for fighting about something so trivial .
  • You both continue to wait it out until someone caves in and goes to the other to apologize.
  • Like you guys were miserable without each other
  • Everything reminded you guys of each other but still neither of you apologized you both kind of just tried to carry on with your day after being reminded of one another but ended up leaving early from whatever you both were doing feeling to miserable to continue
  • Richie was ultimately the one to break first and caved in just a little bit before you did.
  • Both met each other halfway to apologize
  • Y’all were crying and apologizing to each other like crazy it was a mess.
  • After you guys made up you both just went on chill date like to an ice cream parlor or just hung out at each other’s houses to avoid any further conflict.
Hold your Breath and Make a Wish

For Keith’s birthday, happy birthday my fire child
(On AO3)

Four candles flickered on top of the small cake with red frosting and star sprinkles.

“Happy birthday son, make a wish.” a deep male voice said. A small giggle was heard and the sound of a deep intake of air “-but don’t tell your wish, because then it won’t come true, okay.”
Nodding furiously made the world blur and black hair fall before their eyes.

The man laughed and a big hand came into view stroking the bangs away.

“Go ahead, Keith.”

The candle was blown out.
He’s given the knife that day.
And wishes for a birthday surrounded by family

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