before the year changes

ransom and holster get married the summer before their senior year
  • they decide not to change their names
    • birkholtz-oluransi is way too long for a jersey
    • so is oluransi-birkholtz obviously
    • also, two players with the same last name on the same line who are both captains? too confusing.
    • ransom has to fill out med school entrance exams and there are never enough boxes that he’d be able to put birkholtz-oluransi
      • sometimes he has to be O L U R A N S, J U S T I N
  • they obviously got married at niagara falls. they send pics to the grouptext and post them all over facebook
    • but
    • they forget to mention the marriage part
    • they’re so excited about all the other stuff they did that they just. forget
    • there are pictures from the actual wedding on the actual boat that goes under the falls
    • but they don’t send any of the ceremony just of them being incredibly happy, which is, honestly, not out of the ordinary
  • they asked the whole team to come up but they never explicitly said Come To Niagara Falls For Our Actual Wedding, just ‘hey you guys should all come up !!’
  • they wear their rings but after holster got a weird bruise on his hand from the ring when his hand got trapped between his body and the boards in their first practice, they wear them on necklaces
  • everyone knew they were gonna live together after graduation
  • the first time the guys realize they’re together, like a couple, never mind married is when they post a pic, kissing, showing off their rings, captioned ‘so grateful we get to be together for the rest of their lives’
    • the team is like CONGRATS BROS!!!! 
      • the guys all think r&h have just gotten engaged
      • but no one says the words ‘engaged’ or ‘married’ or ‘wedding’
      • so ransom and holster are like ‘thanks!!’ and they don’t say ‘it’s our first anniversary’ because they think everyone already knows that
      • bitty is internally like ‘do they know their rings are on the wrong hand!!! do i tell them????!!!!???’
  • eventually the guys are like ‘damn this is a long-ass engagement’
    • whiskey and tango have gotten together gotten married and adopted a child and ransom and holster are still engaged
    • chowder and farmer have three children and farmer got a master’s, a phd, and the first authorship on the discovery of a new kind of whale and ransom and holster are still engaged
    • they must be waiting until ransom’s got a solid position in his hospital and holtz is out of the nhl (it’s gotten better with lgbt athletes, what with jack and kent and a couple others, but it’s still not great, and holster’s good but not a wunderkind like jack or kent, so his being publicly gay might be messy)
  • the guys don’t actually figure out that ransom and holster are married until ten years after the fact
    • r&h invite everybody out to seattle for their tenth anniversary
    • everyone goes even though they’re like ‘uh. anniversaries are usually for weddings not engagements. but whatever these are our bros and we support them’
    • shitty gives them a bunch of tin and tells them to appropriate WASP marriage culture (bc, u know, one is Black, one is Jewish, neither of them are married)
    • lardo’s like ‘also it’s your ninth?? shitty’s getting tenth reunion emails, our tenth reunion and thus your tenth anniversary won’t be until next summer’
    • tango’s just like ‘are you guys ever gonna get married??’
  • ransom and holster are very confused
    • uh guys??? you know we’re married right?
    • i mean we’re not as Married TM as jack and bitty or god forbid chowder and farmer but… we are. definitely married
    • we’ve been married for a decade
    • we call each other our husbands
    • ‘i mean…. it’s in the title….. it’s our tenth anniversary…. so……. ten years ago’
  • bitty, shocked and horrified: ‘you didn”T INVITE ME TO YOUR WEDDING????????’
    • rans: ‘bro we did’
    • bitty: ‘you most certainly did not!’
    • holtz: ‘we invited all you guys?’
    • everyone: ‘lies, we never got invited to any wedding’
    • ‘we invited everyone up to niagara over the summer? nobody came which was kind of a bummer honestly’
  • lardo, who has been silently rethinking life: ‘but that means you would have been married our entire senior year’
    • holster: ‘you are not wrong’
    • ransom: ‘why did you think all the married students housing applications kept being delivered to the haus’
    • dex: ‘nursey and i were pretty sure it was because of chowder’
    • chowder: ‘i didn’t get married THAT early’
  • ransom and holster are forced to resort to pulling out their actual legal marriage certificates
    • both of them
    • from two countries
  • shitty needs to sit down and reevaluate his entire life
  • bitty is mortified that he never made them a wedding cake or a marriage pie or anything
  • whiskey walks in late to the discussion because he was changing his and tango’s daughter’s diaper
    • he silently hands over a card. it just says ‘happy ten years. niagara has never seen a stronger love’
    • whiskey has been fully aware that ransom and holster were married. 
    • for a decade.
  • he was actually their legal witness.
    • because he was the only one who shOWED UP THAT WEEKEND
    • he wasn’t even on the team
    • he still doesn’t know how he got added to the grouptext
    • he just showed up because he thought it was some kind of team bonding thing
    • his cousin john said he should go, said it would be ‘narratively entertaining’

tl;dr: ransom and holster got married and managed to accidentally not tell anyone on smh for ten entire years

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a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades


3 Years of BEYONCÉ // 14 Songs. 17 Videos. 828K Copies in Three Days.

My message behind this album is finding the beauty in imperfection. I had this image of this trophy and me accepting these awards and kind of training myself to be this champion. And at the end of the day when you go through all of these things, is it worth it? I mean, you get this trophy and you’re like, ‘I basically starved, I have neglected all of the people that I love, I’ve conformed to what everybody else thinks I should be and I have this trophy. What does that mean?’ The trophy represents all of the sacrifices I made as a kid. All of the time that I lost, being on the road/in the studios as a child. And, I just wanna throw that shit up. I have a lot of awards and I have a lot of these things I’m – I worked my ass off. I worked harder than probably everybody I know to get those things, but nothing feels like my child saying ‘mommy.’ No, nothing feels like when I look at my husband in the eyes, nothing feels like when I’m respected, when I get on the stage and I see I’m changing people’s lives. Those are the things that matter and, at this point in my life, that’s what I’m striving for. Growth, love, happiness, fun; enjoying your life, it’s short – that’s the message.

Undercover - Jughead Jones

Hi! Could I get a Jughead x Reader imagine where the reader and Jughead are best friends, but the reader has feelings for Jughead but doesn’t tell him. One day she goes “undercover” to get info about Jason’s death for Jughead and he sees her undercover and realizes he has feelings for her, and then there’s some rated T action and fluff between them? Thanks!

I kinda twisted the meaning of it but it lead to *high pitched screaming*

Originally posted by squintlovely

Being best friends with Jughead Jones isn’t the easiest thing in the world. He’s not the friendliest person to begin with, but some can easily look past that, like yourself. You and Jughead had been close every since you could remember, but the summer before Sophomore year changed things. Jughead became more reclusive and less in touch with you. It all happened after Jason Blossoms’ death. The day before school started up again, you invited yourself over to his house. Needless to say, Jughead was surprised.

“Y/N?” He asked, the bags under his eyes telling you he must’ve just woken up. Despite the normal summer heat, he was wearing a loose sweater and sweatpants. Just seeing him again, after so long, made your heart flutter. You quickly pushed it down and regained your angry composure. “I haven’t seen you in months, Jug!” You said, obviously breaking him out of his tired state. He quickly pulled you inside his house, and you accidently bumped into his chest. It was so tempting to hug him, but you fought the urge and watched as he closed the door behind you. When he faced you, you saw how intense his gaze was. “I’m sorry about that, Y/N, I am.” He said, his tone serious. “I’ve been working on something,” he said as he walked past you, beckoning you to follow him. He lead you to his room then to his desk where an open laptop rested. Pages of text cluttered the screen and just by skimming through the document the words ‘Summer’, ‘Jason Blossom’, and ‘presumed dead’ caught your eye. You turned to face Jughead who stood, unmoving, next to you. “This is what you were doing?” You asked, turning back to study the words he had typed.

“Yeah, ever since I heard he was missing.” He muttered, but you couldn’t help but be amazed by your friend. His drive and dedication to his writing was eye-opening. You faced him once more with a grin on your features. “Do you need help?”

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Một tình bạn kết thúc luôn đau đớn hơn một tình yêu.
Nó là một nỗi đau khắc khoải không thành lời.
Không thể rơi nước mắt, chẳng thể nói cho ai.
Tình yêu kết thúc là một nỗi đau
Nhưng tình bạn kết thúc là một vết cứa
Cứ âm ỉ chảy máu từng giờ.
Mỗi lần nghĩ đến đều đau mà không thể bày tỏ,
Không thể giãi bày…


you know, at this point, I could almost just leave my icon alone until december when it becomes relevant again


(1/5) Recap of Vhope during 2016: On stage

Taehyung (to Hoseok): “I’m glad you’re by my side”

alright so since everyone’s doing follow forevers i figured i might as well hop on the bandwagon and do one too!

since this blog is only just over a year old 2016 was a v good year for me on here! i’ve made so many friends and lovely mutuals and can’t thank all of you enough for even just following me 💕💕💕 

anyway let’s get right to it! it’ll just be in alphabetical order and my favs/good friends will be bolded!

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New Year’s vocabulary in Japanese

新年 [しんねん] - New Year
正月 [しょうがつ] - Japanese New Year
春節 [しゅんせつ] - Chinese New Year
良いお年を [よいおとしを] - Happy New Year! (before the year changes)
明けましておめでとうございます [あけましておめでとうございます] - Happy New Year! (after the year has changed)
大晦日 [おおみそか] - New Year’s Eve
元日 [がんじつ] - New Year’s Day
祭 [まつり] - feast, party, celebration
伝統 [でんとう] - tradition
大掃除 [おおそうじ] - major cleanup
除夜の鐘 [じょやのかね] - temple bell rung 108 times on New Year’s Eve
初詣で [はつもうで] - first shrine visit of the new year
神社 [じんじゃ] - shrine
礼拝 [れいはい] - service (religion)  
お年玉 [おとしだま] - New Year’s gift (usually money)
ポチ袋 [ポチぶくろ] - decorative paper envelope for giving
NHK紅白歌合戦 [エヌエイチケイこうはくうたがっせん] - an annual music show on New Year’s Eve
遊び [あそび] - play
遊戯 [ゆうぎ] - play, game, sports
パレード - parade
行進 [こうしん] - parade
コンサート - concert
スピーチ - speech
詩 [し] - poem, poetry
俳句 [はいく] - haiku  
御節料理 [おせちりょうり] - food served during the New Year’s Holidays
乾杯 [かんぱい] - toast; Cheers!
シャンパン - champagne, sparkling wine
花火 [はなび] - fireworks
爆竹 [ばくちく] - firecracker
思い出 [おもいで] - memory
カウントダウン - countdown
秒読み [びょうよみ] - countdown
新年の抱負 [しんねんのほうふ] - New Year’s resolution
夜中 [よなか] - midnight
キス - kiss

I know a lot of you don’t know since you’re new followers and I deleted all of my old posts, but this is my art from February of 2016:

This is from recently:

The first picture is a little embarrassing, but hey, it shows how I’ve improved. There’s still a lot I don’t know, but I’m proud of how much I’ve done in a year. 

Celebrating 2 happy years of being Vegan 🎉 85 pounds lost, 15 more to go!

It is such a beautiful day here today with rain promising to fall.

In the changes of life, I have to start dating again. This is a different experience for me because culturally I am a very different person than before my 15 years of marriage. My dating pool has changed as has how to meet individuals. My purpose in dating is to meet people and learn more about myself as well as to be social and have fun.

It is funny how we get the opportunity in life to revisit experiences from our past and try again. Growing up, I had bullies in my small town which made for some difficult childhood experiences. I went on a date this last week and discovered after the date that he is a lovely bully. 😒😒😒

But, life is different now. I told my youngest brother of my experience and my brother told me that if this individual causes me any problems, he will get some buddies and go take care of it.

Perhaps it seems silly.. but, I have never had anyone offer to care for me so… As the eldest child, I was supposed to be the protector. I am glad I met the bully for many reasons, but primarily because my little brother, the ultimate nemesis of my youth, became my Knight.


Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Sarah! ♥

‘We fell in love with each other back then.’
That’s what you say when they ask about me.
You don’t tell them about how sometimes you believe in the idea that we could still be in love with each other.
But for what it’s worth- I, too, have allowed myself to believe in it.
That there is still love in a place where we have too much pride to admit it and so we don’t.
Before we know it three years have gone by and everything has changed.
I see you for the first time in a year and I don’t have any doubts.
I still love you.
Except I don’t stop the world to let you know it.
Before we know it, we’re both too worn out from loving the wrong people and by then it’s too late to fix anything.
The brokenness we carry isn’t ours anymore.
Yours belongs to her.
And mine, is all his.
—  Before we know it / thewordsyouneverunderstood