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Can you make a story where taehyungs best friend loses a bet so they have to wear a vibrator all day during school that taehyung controlls and can turn on and control how fast or slow it goes when he wants thanks :))))))

Black Panties:

You stretched out your stiff joints as you rolled over in the cocoon of sheets that were on your bed. The big comforter sliding off one side as the sheets trapped your legs into the confines of the ends. You didn’t want to wake up, but the soft sounds of ‘Boys’ by Charlie XCX alerted you that your alarm was going off. Rubbing your hands over your face you sighed softly, cracking your eyes open and damn near falling out of the bed as you gasped and yelped with fright. Taehyung was sitting on the edge of your bed smirking down at you as he watched your frightened state clearly unaffected by the inhuman noises you were letting out of your mouth.

“Taehyung! What in God’s name!” You cried out detangling yourself from the covers to place them over your chest covering up your breast that were spilling out of your tank top. Taehyung gave a boyish grin that lit up his facial features and brown orbs that seemed to melt you in every time you looked at him.

“You did give me a key to come over whenever I wanted. Besides, it is time for me to tell you the punishment that’s in store for you.” Taehyung boasted proudly sticking his chest out and you groaned falling back against the soft sheets letting them flip up around you, your eyes slowly falling back closed.

“Five more minutes.” You grunted but Taehyung wasn’t having it. He crawled onto the bed and started to tickle you with his fingertips running up and down your sides causing your loud yelping noises to come back full fledge. Your body squirmed under him as your arms pushed out to attack him but he dodged every attack that you had in store for him. He straddled your waist laughing down at you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as he let his own deep chuckles wrap around the both of your ear drums causing you to shiver because his everything was intoxicating. “Mercy!” You called out and finally he pulled back smiling down at you both of your breathing ragged as he plopped back down on his ass and you squirmed to sit up, if your hair was disheveled before it looked like a tornado landed on top of your head now.

“Go get ready bed head.” Taehyung teased as he ruffled your hair combing through the locks but also gripping at your hair causing you to gasp and look at him.

“it’s too early.” You slapped at his shoulder and he pulled you onto his lap before you stood up and pulled down the booty shorts that you had on. Taehyung had no problem sliding his hand up to caress your ass cheeks as he watched you walk away into the bathroom.

You stood there and started to brush your teeth and wash your face doing the main things that would help you get rid of your sleepy state. You started to mess with your hair running your fingers through it and combing it out, fixing it to make it look presentable for the day. You didn’t feel like putting on makeup or anything that required extra work because you had also stayed up late the night before and now you were dreading every making such a decision. Once you walked back out to Taehyung your eyes finally look in what he had on. Black skinny jeans that had rips at the knee and a long sleeved blue sweater. His newly dyed blonde hair was getting him attention for sure and you always being around him saw how he ate that shit up.

“So, having a good morning blondie?” You teased him as you went to your closet to look for some clothes frowning because you didn’t know what to wear.

“I did. Also, I wouldn’t wear anything too tight if I were you.” Taehyung stated and you groaned softly to yourself, deciding on leggings and a T-shirt of your favorite anime. You walked out with the clothes in your hand and saw that Taehyung had just finished making up your bed. Your heart swelled as you watched the male, he took care of you and it was times like this where you questioned why you two kept the title of just best friends. You did everything together. Even each other. The thought made your cheeks tint pink but you waved it off as you sat the clothes down onto the edge of the bed standing in front of them watching him. Taehyung saw you and he came to sit by your clothes smiling up at you gripping onto his backpack.

“I told you not to make a bet with me. I know things and I have people that tell me things. And you can imagine how happy I was when I heard first hand that our biology quiz was canceled for today.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows and you groaned inwardly. You had been on his ass all week about studying for the test on Friday because you didn’t want him to fail. Both you and Taehyung had the same major so he was always in your classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and you wanted to help him out. But he insisted that there would be no test today and for you to calm down. One too many insults back and forth between the two of you; and your mouth was opening a bet being placed on if there was a test today or not. The bet went for a range of things. If he won you had to try out these new panties that vibrated and if you won he had to wear a skirt to class all day and not complain about it.

“Shut up, just because you know things it doesn’t mean you are always right.” You said bitterly and Taehyung mocked you nodding his head as he pulled his backpack onto his lap unzipping it and taking out the new package for you. He undid it and slipped another package out and your eyes watched as he placed the vibrator into a little opening compartment where your pussy was going to be resting and your legs lightly buckled. Your pussy tingled as you thought about it, your heart rate slowly starting to pick up as sweat prickled at your temples on each side of your head. Taehyung held up the remote and smiled happily before handing over the black panties.

“It doesn’t matter if I am always right or not. I was right today so be a good girl and put on these panties or I will spank you.” Taehyung threated you and you slowly started to strip.

“You make that sound like a bad thing, but I don’t want to be late for class once again so I might as well take my loss.” You grumbled out your complaints as you started to peel of layers of clothes until you were in nothing. Slowly, you stepped into the panties and pulled them up your legs before your bra and then your clothes. It felt snug against your pussy and the part that you dreaded the most had come true. The bullet pressed against your clit the most. You sighed to yourself before you searched for your shoes keys and your backpack.

“I’m going to drive today.” Taehyung stated and you nodded your head knowing that he had a motive up his sleeve so you weren’t going to question him about it.

Once you were at school, you got out of the car and walked beside the male towards your first class. It was like any other day but you couldn’t help the nervous feeling you felt swirling into the pit of your stomach wondering when he would turn the panties on or use them against you. The thought alone had you wanting to run away from him and hide, he was ruthless when it came to things like this.

You were in the classroom before you knew it, your mind finally focusing onto the task at hand. You loved English class, it was the only class you were the best at and it helped that you occasionally dabbled in writing yourself though it wasn’t that good. The teacher came in wearing a dazzling smile on his lips that made your heart stop along with the rest of the student body in that classroom. Once he started to talk you forgot about everything including the stupid lost bet between you and Taehyung. Taehyung himself did not like the fact that you were drooling over your professor because the male also flirted with you.

“Raise your hand if you can tell me what kind of emotion Shakespeare must have been facing when he was writing this story.”

Your hand went up immediately and the teacher smiled, his eyes training on you as he turned to face you stating your name. As soon as your lips parted Taehyung had fished the remote out of his pocket and turned the vibrations up to the medium setting. A soft moan left your lips as your mouth stayed perched open from surprise. Some of the people in the classroom laughed finding it funny and others finding it ‘cute’. Some girls who had it out for you sneered their noses up at you finding what you did to be an insult. Taehyung himself felt very proud as he watched you stammer over your words and try to get your answer out.

“Thank you very much for that explanation. Anyone else?” The teacher asked avoiding you for the rest of the class period but honestly you could care less. Your hands gripped the edge of the desk and you pinpointed the vibrations pressing it down against the seat so that you could rock your hips against it gently to not alert anyone else of the vibrations that were present. In no time, your orgasm was swelling in your stomach, your mouth falling open again as you started to pant, the sweat starting to prickle at your forehead and neck, you were sure your juices were slipping past your bottoms and landing on the seat itself. You were shifting to get it to press harder against you but the moment you thought you’d cum, the vibrations were cut off. Your body jolted violently against the seat and you covered it up by reaching down into your backpack as if you suddenly remembered you had to get something out. Looking up at Taehyung you watched him tap the remote against his knee before he pushed it back into his pocket.

Orgasm denial was your biggest kink, so it only helped you become more wet because you knew the more worked up you got the more the orgasm would be when you were finally allowed to cum. Taehyung was thinking the same thing, he waited for twenty minutes to pass before he turned it back on the lowest setting this time, letting it soothe your puckered pink clit but not give you enough to make you cum like you wanted. As the class was winding down you gathered your stuff happy that Taehyung had once again turned off the vibrations and let you pack up as he did so as well. You were both walking down the hallways to go towards your next class when you felt the high vibrations of the panties press against your clit. Crying out you fell against Taehyung reaching out blindly for him as the sensitivity overtook your pussy. Your hips rutted against nothing and Taehyung wrapped his arm around your lower back pulling you towards him. You looked so beautiful with ragged breath and disheveled hair. Your body starting to coat in sweat as you trembled from the pleasure that he was giving you. Taehyung led you to class, slowly walking with you but the shifting of your weight only added in helping the bullet tear up your clit.

The moment you were in your next class you held onto the edges of the table, bending over to drop your backpack down you felt as if your very spot itself was being fucked. Your legs gave out and you fell against the floor as Taehyung turned off the vibrations. One of your fellow classmates came to check on you, wanting to see if you were okay and once you assured her that you were fine your high slowly came down. Your legs wobbled a bit but you were able to make your way into the seat your heart rate calming down a bit.

It drove you crazy the whole class. You sat in the front of this class where Taehyung sat in the back. The whole class period he drove you crazy giving you, an intense two minutes of the high settings watching as you gripped onto the desk so hard that your knuckles changed colors only for him to deny you and shut it off. And then repeat it for a longer period with the volume on low. You couldn’t even count on your hands how many times he had denied you in the past hour alone. Your eyes were so close to rolling back at one point that you had to shut them and wince, squeezing your legs together you heard the teacher speaking to you asking if everything was okay. It went that way for every class period. Of course, you had breaks throughout your classes where you went to lunch or the library to study and hang out with friends where Taehyung became bolder, doing things like gripping at one of your legs to push them apart letting the bullet tear up your clit as your nails dug into his arms. Your cheeks had become swollen from how much tears you had shed over the course of the first half of the day.

Your biology class was the worse. As soon as the teacher started to explain why she did what she did Taehyung made sure to turn the vibrations on for ten seconds on maximum only to shut them off and let you rest for five seconds. You were frustrated, beyond mad at all the teasing. You were fed up and you needed the pent-up energy to be released. Your hands gripped onto the table again in the middle of the classroom and you started to cry, your body shaking from the ruined state it was in. Your pussy felt so sensitive it was hurting to even close your legs. It was throbbing and you knew there was a puddle in your seat. Shifting your legs down against the spot, you let your leggings take up the wetness, hearing your teacher once again call for you, you eyed her with a pained expression.

“Do you need to go to the nurse dear? You don’t look so well.” She said with worry written on her face.

“I- don’t feel so good but I really can’t miss class.” You whined softly letting your tears fall down your face making it seem like you were just upset behind the thought of having to leave class. Your teacher gave you a gentle smile as she shook her head.

“I am sure that your syllabus will show you the work for next class assignment. You can always email me and I will assist you in any way possible.” Your teacher stated and you nodded your head slowly wiping your puffy eyes and stuffing your belongings into your backpack as the vibrations were shut off.

“Yes Mr. Kim?” The teacher asked Taehyung and he cleared his throat sitting up and trying his best to keep the shit eating grin from his face.

“May I take her to the nurse? She doesn’t look like she will be able to get there on her own if she’s in that much pain.” He pleaded waiting for you to stand up and brace against the table worried that you were going to fall if you didn’t. Your teacher typically didn’t want anyone to walk out of class but because you looked as if you needed a helping your hand. She gave him a nod when concern on her features as she watched you sling your backpack over your shoulder. Taehyung moved to scoop you up in his arms carrying you out of the classroom walking down the hallway as he smirked at you, he was being a bit too nice to you but as soon as he started, it ended. Taehyung sat you down and turned the vibrations back on medium as he watched you.

“Stand up and walk to the bathroom.” Taehyung demanded and you gazed up at him with an incredulous look on your features shaking your head left to right. “Stand up and walk or you won’t cum for a whole week at least not with me.”

You puffed your cheeks and nodded your head standing up you took slow steps to the bathroom that was around the corner and down the hall. It was torturous for you to walk all that way and Taehyung stayed behind you teasing you with shifting the remote settings from medium to low. You pushed open the door harshly and Taehyung followed you turning the vibrations up on high. He watched you run for a stall before your legs gave out and he chuckled. He was a bit sadistic when it came to you and it knew one day he would have to learn how to control it but today was not that day. He pushed the stall door open watching as your body pressed against the wall, your legs wobbled and you were crying looking at him need in your eyes, unruly lust there as well. The sight made Taehyung’s already hardened shaft feel as if his pants couldn’t get any tighter and the amount of blood that rushed there almost made his head sway as well. He gripped both of your backpacks hanging them on the little clip that was behind the stall. He locked the stall and he moved towards you in the tight space spreading your legs wider with his own. His hand reached down to feel the drenched soaking wet fabric. He looked in your eyes as he pressed the vibrations hard against your clit watching you yelp out in pain more than pleasure.

“My poor baby does it hurt?” He teased as he felt your hips react before he moved to shut off the vibrations once he knew you were close again. You nodded your head, your hands reaching to pull him closer, you knew what he wanted and needed.

“Please Taehyung.” You spoke your voice barely a whisper. “Please fuck me, I need you deep inside of my pussy. I know you miss it. I miss feeling you. I miss having your thick dick buried deep inside of me stretching me out as you fuck the shit out of me. I want you to ruin me. I want you to make me cum. I don’t think I can take anymore. My pussy hurts so bad but I still want you, I need you to make this better. Only you can. Please Taehyung, please Daegu.” You called him that nickname when you were needy or wanted to get under his skin because you knew he loved it and he could never say no. Pressing gentle kisses against his lips and soon all over his face. Taehyung growled against your ear as you started to suck and nibble on his lobe. His hands gripped at the sides of your hips yanking down the leggings from your body. Next the panties followed, he was so eager that when he picked you up by the back of your thighs, your bottoms rested against your ankles but he never took them off.

“Hold them up.” You nodded your head grabbing at your bottoms holding them with your hand, Taehyung started to unzip his pants and pull out his hardened shaft that was throbbing and warm in his hand. The tip angry and red, little beads of precum already on the tip from how worked up he had made himself all day. He moved to press his body against yours, resting your legs up against your chest. Your hands had to move up to grip onto your bottoms making sure that it was easy for the both of you to get this quickie on. Taehyung grind his hips against yours, his thick appendage dragging up and down your pussy lips grazing your sensitive clit and you whined more feeling something real against you this around. Taehyung coated his shaft with your juices and slipped his member down against your dripping opening. He slipped inside of you with ease your juices making the perfect lube from how wet you had been all day. Taehyung let his hands grip onto your thighs, his nails digging into the flesh as he started to deeply grind against you. He fucked you deep and hard, bottoming out instantly to help aid his thrusts. Your body moved up and down against the wall as Taehyung ate up your cries, the lewd sounds of your squelching pussy could be heard in the bathroom. Taehyung started to jackhammer inside of you, fucking you so fast and hard that you could barely get out any word moan or phrase. Your eyes rolled back as you held onto the bottoms above your head your toes curling in the shoes as he snapped his hips against yours. The bathroom door swinging open along with the animated chatter of voices let you both know that you weren’t alone. Taehyung moved to press his lips against yours, his tongue slipping past your parted lips. He sucked eagerly on your tongue searching the roof of your mouth and around the insides of your cheeks. Your spit mixing as he ground his hips in deep circles against you angling himself to find your spot. Your muffled cries were almost heard by the girls that were chatting, peeing and fixing their makeup discussing dinner plans for after class. Taehyung had you in a state of ruin, he was good at picking your body apart and making you feel on cloud nine. Your back was arching against him as your pussy eagerly squeezed him deeper inside, being so used to being molded and fit perfectly for him.

As soon as the girl’s left he pulled back. Rotating and slamming his hips harder against yours, causing the walls of the stall itself to shake lightly and sound off from the force. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum for me? That’s right wrap that pussy around my dick you little dirty slut. You fucking drenched out your panties, and leggings I should have stuffed them in your mouth and made you fucking clean them, now look at us. You’re lucky that was our last class for the day or I would have had to take you home and spank your pretty ass before fucking you into my mattress. Who’s my good girl?” he asked slapping your ass.

“I am.” You mumbled in the mist of your moans.

“Who?!” He shouted growling as he bit on your bottom lip pulling it with his teeth.

“ME!” You wailed out as your head shot back so hard it lightly hit against the stall.

“Good girl now fucking cum before you get us caught.” He demanded continuing to pound away at your G-spot. You didn’t know if anyone could hear you shouting out his name during incoherent shit but you had a feeling that the people passing by hinted at what was going on unless everyone was in class which you hoped they were. You gave into his command. Basking in the feeling of his dick penetrating you at just the right pace and spot, your stomach tightened up and the fire slowly consumed you until you were cumming with silent cries of pleasure that Taehyung swallowed as he kissed you again. Feeling your cum on his shaft, the male couldn’t help but immediately follow you. He had been waiting, his balls had been tightening to the point where it hurt but he had to wait to cum because he wanted you to cum first and now you were both meeting your end. Taehyung buried his face into your neck holding onto you as your hearts beat into one another. Slowly your highs faded and he was pulling out of you, even going so far as to dry your leggings with the automatic dryer in the bathrooms as you kept a look out at the door. Soon the both of you were walking back towards his car hand in hand as the both of you gloated in pleasure.

The Wedding - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 3985

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Beta’d by @iwillprobablybechangingthislater and @percywinchester27

Aesthetic by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Feedback and Constructive Criticism Always Welcome

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

A trail of kisses down the back of your neck pulled you from an amazing dream. You were out on a deserted beach, just you, Dean, and JoJo. You were wrapped in Dean’s arms, watching JoJo run through the surf, the wind and the water in her hair. You wanted nothing more than to get back to it and whined, burying your face back in your pillow, when the kisses pulled you towards consciousness. Dean chuckled and moved his trail of kisses to your shoulder, then retraced the route, back up your shoulder and back up your neck. “That must be a really good dream if you don’t wanna wake up and get married.”

“It was.” You mumbled, turning yourself in Dean’s arms to face him and smile. “Can’t we just call Cas and have him do the ceremony right here so we don’t have to get outta bed?”

“You’re adorable when you’re sleepy.” He chuckled, moving one hand to brush your hair from your face. “I mean, we could do that, but then we’d have to face JoJo’s wrath that she didn’t get to throw flowers.”

“JoJo.” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “Where is she? I thought she’d be in here like a tiny tornado by now.”

“Maybe Sam took her?” Dean shrugged, but the look on his face said he didn’t think that was true. “We should probably check.” He groaned, sitting up with you still wrapped in his arms. “Before she tornadoes her way through the entire bunker.”

Dean took your hand and pulled you out of your room and down the hall. “A quiet JoJo is the most terrifying monster I’ve ever faced.” You giggled.

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There was a tiny tornado in a pen. Yes, a pen, as in the writing utensil. The tornado would sit with its narrow end around the tip of the pen and then you could just put the cap on over it. And the pen was really nice too. It was like, a mottled brown color with silver. And it didn’t have ink- its sole purpose was storing the tornado. And the tornado could suck up things and make itself bigger like Katamari. And some guy had the pen and he accidentally released the tornado and it destroyed a whole town. But then the guy made some machine for my dog, and then suddenly time went back to the moment before he released the tornado. I took the pen and decided to try to dispose of the tornado, but my plan backfired and the town was destroyed again.

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Baby Jeon au where Y/N comes back to the dorm with Jungkook asleep in her arms. In the dorm there's only Yoongi working on his laptop, composing. She joins him on the sofa with Kookie still asleep in her lap and asks Yoongi about his work. He gets shy but explains how it all works, and he would go on talking for ages if he didn't feel y/n's head bump onto his shoulder. And he's frozen there with y/n asleep on him. And he just dies as he glances at the two cause they cute and it feels so domestic

yoongi hadn’t been expecting anyone to return at this time when almost everyone is knocked out, except for him. the dim light from the living room, casted to his features as it reaches the dining area where he sets up his working gear is enough for him to work. it isn’t until he feels his back getting sore that he moves to the sofa and conquers that area as well (since dinner, up until now).

when he’s gotten used to the silence, occasional tunes that he’s familiar with as it is his work, he gets the shock of his life at the creak and the slam of the latch from the door. he jolts up, yelping when he knocks his knee against the coffee table, only to - “y/n…”

“sorry,” you whisper, stepping in and yoongi quickly paces over when you’re juggling jungkook in one arm, the other trying to hold the door open. he gently nudges you to the side so you can tend to jungkook with both arms and he’s locking up for you instead.

when you thank him, he tells you it’s no problem and as he heads back to his work station that drags out from the dining room to the living room, your chuckle catches his attention - more so when you sit beside him in front of his laptop.

“what’re you doing?” you murmur, leaning against him so you don’t have to crane your neck in case you want to see his screen. he clears his throat and relaxes into the sofa, rubbing the nape of his neck, “uh… well…”

“well?” you sing-song, quietly, because jungkook’s fast asleep comfortably in your arms and at first yoongi thinks he shouldn’t talk about it. because who cares and why do you but when you look at him like that, like that where you’re dying to know with curiosity lighting up the flame in your pupils, he gives in and starts to talk about it.

he describes of the procedure, and he gets his fuel of passion in talking about his passion when you ask questions, pointing at the level bars, to the audio controls, over to any other thing that catches your fancy.

yoongi could, would talk more and it would be to the point he talks your ear off but the light thud he feels against his shoulders gets him to stop. light, before it turns into a tornado storming inside his ribcage when he sees you sleeping on his shoulder, jungkook sleeping on yours.

he presses a smile and carefully reaches over to tuck you to him, while he uses his free hand to close his laptop quietly.

“guess it’s time to sleep, then.”

Jilted Part Two (John Laurens x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- This fic is extremely triggering. There is major angst and anger. There’s violence. There is hella drinking. There’s sorta self harmish vibes. There’s rape. There’s cheating. There’s a thousand swear words. 

A/N- ( Boyo am I sorry)

Song- Space – Ally Hills 

Words- 6,615

What does someone do when their world crashes around them? When life throws punches at them while their hands are tied behind their back? Do they break so entirely that they don’t think they’ll ever be whole again? It’s nice to think that you could never let one person or their actions affect you so deeply, but it’s never quite that easy, is it?

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have you experienced a hurricane before?

no but I’m from tornado alley so I get the gist of storm prep… except with tornadoes you don’t have a week in advance


~Princess in Action~

Finally! my favorite female character of Sonic franchise, the Cat on fire!
We really need a full 3D game of the dimension of Blaze! with Sol Emeralds, NEGA, Marine, pirates, vikings, koalas and stuff haha… a man can dream.

And today is the anniversary of the release date in japan of Sonic Rush! I really love the rush series, it was very fresh and solid. And of course the music was incredible, so much style.

This isn’t the sight Jensen comes home often to. Not because it is unusual but because he doesn’t get much opportunity to. He just got back from working on some final ADR for the season and the house was silent. Too silent. Which can be a very bad sign when there should be six kids in that house. He walks through the rooms, calling out Jared’s and kids’ names, even the little ones’. It’s not like they will answer him but he can at least try. They are not in any of their rooms and there is no sign of them in the backyard. Jensen is pulling out his phone to call Jared when he enters their bedroom and stops dead in his tracks. Right there on their king size bed in a one big pile of bodies and blankets lies his whole life. 

Jared is sleeping in the middle on his back. There are three little bundles tucked up along his left side and he has one of his freakishly long, but oh so strong, arms wrapped around them for safe keeping. JJ is sleeping on his chest, Tom tucked up by his right side and Shep is sleeping basically on Jared’s head. Two dogs adapted his feet for their own pillows. He snaps a picture with his phone (which is still clutched in his hand) because it is just too cute not to. 

The room looks like a tornado went right through it. There are pillows on the floor around the bed in case someone decides to literally roll out of it. Toys, even more pillows and blankets all over the floor. Jensen is momentarily surprised they even own so many blankets. He suspects that right before the tornado hit, the whole room was one big blanket fort. The TV is turned on low, playing Aladdin. Jensen smiles. It is one of Jared’s favorite Disney movies. And all the teasing they do about being Jasmine or marrying her (in Jensen’s case) is not all that innocent. Sometimes they like to show as much of their true relationship as they can without blowing their cover in front of the fans just for fun. Sue them. At least it is more entertaining for them than another prank or wives questions.

Jensen shuffles through pillows, careful not to trip over anything and gets on the bed beside Tom. Thankfully the only one who wakes up is Sadie and even then she only wags her tail lazily and goes back to sleep. He is a little tired but just wants to watch over his beloved family. He doesn’t mean to actually fall asleep.

He is woken up by thirty little fingers tickling him and when he looks up he sees Jared smiling at him, sleepily but relaxed. His dimples are on full display and his eyes are crinkled, and he looks so damn beautiful Jensen’s heart skips a bit. He smiles back, happy, trying to show as much love as possible with his eyes while trying to prevent any little body from falling off the bed. He shifts his focus to Shep who avoids headbutting a head-post by just mere millimeters   and his hands shoot up to catch him. That leaves his armpits and ribs vulnerable to little demons’ fingers. Jensen is squirming in seconds. He needs Jared, his knight in shining armor to save him and just as he is about to ask for help, he sees wicked gleam in Jared’s eyes and his feet are attacked by very large, very capable fingers. 

“Et tu Brute?”, he asks through giggles, wanting but failing to sound angry. He is trying to escape the onslaught without actually hurting anyone. Not only Dean Winchester is wildly ticklish*. Jensen is too and Jared very well knows it (and isn’t shy to use it against him). After a while he admits he lost this damn battle, but he will definitely make Jared pay for it later. 

[could be followed by this]

Man, I’ve put a lot of work into this one. :) Like *checks time* about 12 hours of time. But I really like how it came out. The only problem is that I really want to make a terrain default to match it now. *headdesk* (The terrain in the pic is the high-res one I made to match Greatcheesecakepersona’s desert skyline; it’s a little too red/orange for this horizon. :) )

Anyway, it’s a horizoned sky. It’s made from pics taken just outside of Tuba City, which is a tiny town (not a “city” at all) in northern Arizona. It’s on a Navajo reservation in the Painted Desert, about 40 miles or so from the Grand Canyon. The sky there often looks cool, as it tends to be a place where thunderstorms “seed” and then grow as they move east before causing tornadoes and stuff in places like Kansas and Oklahoma. Ethan took a bunch of pics of the sky when we pit-stopped there on the way to the Canyon once, when the sky was “seeding.” I blended together a few of those pics to make the texture image for the skyglobe. Most of the time I spent on it was getting the scale of the horizon part right, though. It was mostly made from cloning bits from several different pics and then blending it all together so that the whole thing is seamless and scaled as close to right as I can make it. (It’s still not perfect, but it’s close in that regard.) So, lots of work, but it’s the fun kind of work for me.

Now…Yeah, need to see about a matching terrain default because that would have the potential to be awesome…

Glow 2/4 (Biadore/Trixya)- Houdini

A/N: Come on, inconsistent updates! Seriously, I was blown away by the response to the first chapter. Unfortunately, moving and all has got me stressed, so I’m aiming to have weekly updates for this and Hey Stranger, although they may be bi-weekly instead. This chapter was pretty necessary to stay somewhat realistic, and I’ve got big plans for part 3! As always enjoy, and if you’ve got questions/feedback/just wanna chat; hit me up at princess-banana-lady -xoxo Houdini

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She sat up in the dark, a fish out of water gasping for a breath. A reactive hand covered her pounding chest. Within minutes he was next to her.

“Another one?”


“Kadie, you need to tell Nora.”

“I will.”

“This was different, wasn’t it?”


“Tell me” He caressed her shoulder, feeling the knots of her muscles under her supple skin. 

“I.. I uh.. I kissed you and walked across the lawn to the forest to pick the herbs you wanted to cook dinner. I heard the maw ripping logs open as you cut wood for the fireplace. You have a steady cadence, tossing the splintered wood into a pile. It echoes when it hits the others already lying on the ground.” Her hand touched his over her shoulder. 

“It was still early, the sun hadn’t risen over the treeline yet, and the morning dew still smelled fresh. I spotted Monarchs fluttering over milkweed. Birds chirped and flitted about. I carried my shears and gloves in a basket. I’d go in far enough to pull shepard roots, no more than twenty-one feet, I remember that number specifically. I’d only been there for a few minutes before it grew dark and silent, I couldn’t hear you anymore. I was alone. Animals and insects disappeared, you know what they do, they know. Everything was still.” 

She hesitated. “The sound of hazy green before a tornado.” 

His hand rubbed over her back when she shuddered, her skin had become cold. This was a first.

“Normally this is when I wake up.” 

“Okay. Keep going.” He kept rubbing her skin, trying to warm her up as she trembled.

She took a deep breath. “An icy wind hit me full force. Behind it a keening, sorrowful, wail.” A tear slid from the corner of her eye, she wiped it away.  

“It was driven by torment. Whipping mercilessly, swirling around me, battering me. Everything in my hands flew away. I was blinded by darkness, held motionless and whatever it was slammed into my stomach. I absorbed it, her, whatever it was, I guess. There was nothing that existed outside of me, I was a world alone.”  

“I had this visceral shrieking working its way up to my throat. I expected to vomit, everything burned inside me, not fire, ice. I was freezing. It was testing me, my strength, to see if it could shatter me from the inside out. Somehow I knew that. I stood my ground against her. When I dared believe it might be over she stole my last breath. I was frozen… alone … lost. I existed without existing. I sat up gasping for air.” 

She jumped from the bed running to the bathroom where she threw up. He followed her in, held her hair back out of her face. Her skin was unreasonably cold. He wet a washcloth with warm water. Grabbed her robe, wrapping her in it. 

When she said she was finished, he cleaned her up and got her back in bed. Still, she shuddered. “Do you want me to get you some ginger? You may be coming down with something.”

“No. I’m fine.” Her face matched the ivory linens.

He grabbed an extra blanket to pull over her then got in beside her, snuggling up close, laying on his side. “You’re talking to Nora today if I have to drag you to her. Come lay in my arms, I’ll hold you so you can sleep.”

“My Bear, you’re so protective, they’re only dreams. Besides, it’s six, we could get up, I don’t need any more sleep. We have classes at noon.”

“I said sleep, Beautiful.” He pulled her close, wrapping himself around her, stroking her hair.

She dropped off to sleep without further urging. He fell in right behind her. He couldn’t do anything when she talked, but he could walk in her dreams. 

He called upon the nine owls to be his eyes in the trees. Five towering stags stood the ground around them in the mists. Their ears twitched listening, their racks sharpened like arrows. The bear lay with his fox coiled warm in his arms, his claws flexing as he slept. Three packs of seven dire wolves secured the parameters. 

If this is what it took, it’s what he would do to protect her.

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28. 4

Words: 1569

Warnings: Violence, especially towards Reader. Double-usage of the prompt for obvious and maybe less obvious connotations (but nothing permanent). Angsty.


You’re hanging on by a thread. Or a chain, rather. Both of your feet are broken and if you could just dangle that would be great, but one of your arms is also broken, so you’re gripping higher up on the chain with the hand of your good (for now) arm and trying not to shout every time your body is jostled.

“Would you like to count them off?”

Your eyes are shut so you don’t know what he means by ‘them’. He likes his knives but he also likes breaking bones one by one. It doesn’t matter. “Fuck you,” you mumble.

He digs his fingers into your scalp and yanks your head back. Your eyes flit open for a second, but shut again. The left one is painfully swollen and the right one…well, there’s just no real good reason for it to be open.

“That’s not how you beg for mercy,” Alex growls in your ear.

You chuckle weakly. Seriously? “Cute.”

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Hoshi and 57?

AN: Sorry I took forever

gif creds to @kwontv

“There’s enough room for the both of us.” Drabble Game

You stared at the rain in dismay, hoping that when you ran out to your car you wouldn’t get too soaked. Of course the skies had to open up and be a burden to you on the one night you got to spend with Soonyoung this week. You understood Soonyoung needed to prioritize his career, but being his girlfriend could be difficult from time to time.

All you wanted was a few hours with him every now and then. Was that too much to ask for? Maybe; After all it wasn’t Soonyoung’s fault. It wasn’t like he was avoiding you or not paying attention to you. It was simply difficult to carve out the time to be together when most of his days were spent on stage and at events.

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imagine the last scene of Dirty Dancing with Gaston and Lefou though:

Gaston in the middle of a dancing crowd, he’s practically the center of the hall, black tight pants that leave nothing to imagination and a bordeaux loose shirt with the front nearly all open, showing his hairy pectorals glowing with sweat; everyone trying to move together with him if only for a few beats of music, trying to gain his attention but he has his eyes fixed on one particular side of the room, a lazy predatory smile plastered on his face meant for one man only; and Lefou knows he’s being looked at, observed with such an intensity that leaves no doubt whatsoever to who the person is. So he locks eyes with Gaston and starts moving towards him, curls loose like a halo around his head, and suddenly the song, and ohmygod he awaited all his life for someone to do this with and without a second thought he’s doing it; Gaston sees at once the change in Lefou’s demeanor and the way his eyes now are all but shining bright and he just stops while the crowd parts sideways and he blinks in confusion for a second before seeing a sort of tornado running towards him, yelling over the loud music “IT’S THIS ONEE! GASTOOONN! LIFT ME UP!”
“Lefou what the-” but he hasn’t even the time to express loudly his confusion because with a jump and a “LIFT ME! LIFT ME UP! NOW!” Lefou is on him and decides then to go along with him, why not, his boyfriend never seemed so excited after all, and lifts him up. Lefou released an undignified squeak of surprise, adrenaline and pure joy because he’s up, he’s there, he can see everyone down there shouting and applauding and he extends his arms, closes his eyes and just feels. He feels Gaston’s hands holding him so tightly just above his waist, he feels the sound of the music in his body, he feels Gaston’s arms lifting him higher still, he gasps and looks down and sees Gaston’s smirk and the flex of his muscles and revels in the feeling of his strenght while he says “you know, you could have warned me earlier, dancing queen” but he’s just as pleased as Lefou because all eyes are on them and he gets to show off, they’re quite literally having the time of their lives and it’s just perfect, he’s thinking that they’re just perfect.

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Can you do the domestic thing for Mino please! 9, 33, 40 & 47 (if that's too many feel free to do as many as you like 😂)

33. how do they refer to the other in public? How do other people refer to the other? (i.e. “my partner”, “ask your father”, “hows your wife?”)

40. who cusses more?

47. how do they make up after a fight?

domestic meme/prompt

By the third hour she was running out of things to think about. Her fingers tirelessly playing the edges of the midnight dress Minho had gotten her last Christmas. The one that never left the box until tonight; to see the old, familiar spark in his eyes when they landed on her was only wishful thinking.

 Where are you?

The text floated lonesome against the blinding white screen, ten minutes since she last sent it but it was only the start. Few of his replies scattered sparsely throughout their text history. Most going unanswered, swallowed up into a virtual string of bittersweet exchange of other distant lovers.

A soft ping! startled her, hitching her heart to a frenzy because maybe, just maybe, he didn’t forget.  

 Sorry, something came up. I’ll be a little late. Don’t wait up for me.

Something in her sank, finding it funny how she was further downed into an endless void of disappointment that she should’ve gotten used to. Lately, she had been forgiving. Brushing her feelings aside, swiped under the rug never to be spoken of again in fear that she’ll turn into the person she promised she’ll never be.

She knew what she was getting herself into when she saw him the first time. The wait in line prompted her eyes to roam the vicinity surrounding the fast food van, settling on a man immersed, drowned in a paragraph of a book he held in his hand while the world around him spun, hectic. She found herself smiling back when the corners of his peculiar lips pulled into a lovesick smile as he read and she couldn’t help but wonder what it was that the book offered to entrance him this way.

Conversations rumbled, feet scampered yet there he was still in line with a book in his hand and nothing else seemed to matter.

Despite his protests, a part of her knew that she was never first, that she couldn’t compete with the passion firing through his veins for other things but her.

She had been forgiving, but tonight she was worn. Dull rage crept up her ribs and into the back of her throat as her eyes bore holes into Minho’s lukewarm reply.

Don’t wait up for me.

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