before the robot suits

running in circles

the mission in gulmira runs even smoother than before; he manages not to blow up one of rhodey’s planes, even as he lets him know that it’s him in the suit. and he flies back to america, satisfied, maybe even feeling a little better for the fight. in his mind, he promises yinsen that this time, he will do better.

it’s when he gets back to his lab that he realizes he maybe should have upgraded the suit, and the surrounding robotics, before flying out. because now he has exactly the same problem he has last time - a suit that’s a little bashed up, and a bevy of robotic arms that have very little idea how to get the suit off of him. 

it almost makes him miss mk 42. 

he’s snapping at jarvis irritably, trying to explain to him what needs to happen, when he hears footsteps down the stairs, hears an exclamation from pepper, and oh yeah, this was when pepper turned up. 

it’s hard to remember every little detail, the exact order this had all happened in. he’s going to have to start writing things down. 

“hey, pep,” he says softly, turning to grin at her, because he’s still amazed that she’s here.