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{PART 4} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook learns more about you and your life, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to date a man of his power - before asking him something you’d never thought he’d say yes to; not in a million years.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Namjoon invited to a Latin American wedding

It’s your “solterona” cousin’s wedding, so basically everybody in the family is thrilled. Your parents force you to invite Namjoon so your relatives will finally meet him. Things go a little bit like:

Namjoon breaking 1 or 2 things at the wedding reception even before you’ve introduced him to your family. 

He introduces himself in flawless Spanish as your boyfriend, but then he’s awkward af and he doesn’t know what else to say. 

La abuela eyes him up and down and then blurts “Esta muy flaco, do you even feed your boyfriend?” or something along the lines. (Afterwards she’ll always ask if he’s eating properly and she’ll even share her recipes with you so you can cook for him)

Your primos ask him to rap out of the blue, ofc he’s a little bit flustered but he wants to cause an impression so he puts a lot of effort and in the end your cousins are left super impressed by his skills. Instead of calling him “Namjoon” they go for “Rapmon”, as an informal way to refer to him,

But el abuelo is a little bit deaf, so calls him “Ramón”. Everybody laughs at that new nickname, but Namjoon believes they’re making fun of him, so he gets way too self-conscious (Even though you explain him why everybody is laughing)

That of course until your tío hands him some “cocktails” and he starts to loosen up. He jokes with your distant relatives, and your uncle introduces him to every guest in the wedding as his “future nephew or Y/N’s future husband” 

Everybody asks  Namjoon when are you guys getting married. Namjoon is confused, but since he’s a little it tipsy he says “Soon, soon” and smiles brightly. 

That makes your father raise brows at him and jokingly (not really) remind you that he keeps a machete close by for quick use if Namjoon tries to steal “his baby” away from him, so “soon”. 

Namjoon’s dance skills will worsen with the alcohol, but yet he’ll throw some serious moves here and there before you can stop him. He’ll totally jam to reggaeton. 

When the mariachi times finally comes, he’ll come to your side and wrap an arm around your waist, but eventually he’ll be snatched away by your grandmom, mom, tía and prima. He’ll be delighted to dance with them because he’s still tipsy but once he’s sobered up he’ll keep asking you if he made a fool of himself. (No, baby, you didn’t. Yes, you totally did)

But that sober state won’t last long because your primos will drag him with them and by the time the cotillon starts, Namjoon will be drunk enough to dance the Macarena without any inhibition.

You won’t even be surprised that he keeps repeating random words/phrases in Spanish like “mami, te quiero; eres muy sexy, me vuelves loco”, etc. Of course your primos will get an earful for teaching your bf that kind of stuff (but you’re thankful, anyhow)

By the end of the night, Namjoon knows by heart the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias “Bailando” and some reggaeton songs like “Despacito” or “Chantaje”.

Overall your family approves of Namjoon and ask you why didn’t you introduce him earlier and that’s when Namjoon stumbles with a table, makes a major mess at the wedding reception and everybody turns to look at him… “Were you guys saying…?” 

Alarice, the Noble Queen

TITLE: Alarice, the Noble Queen


AUTHOR: countessofkrolock

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the young queen of Sakaar and meeting Loki. You give your hospitality, making him think you are the princess. When he asks to meet the king and queen you simply smile and offer your hand. “I am queen y/n of Sakaar.” He’s shocked and greets you as a gentleman should, apologizing for mistaking you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: This is basically the first thing I have written in ages. I hope I made no big errors as I have been out of all fandoms for a while. Christy-winchester, this is for you. Thank you for bringing back my inspiration with this imagine! The name Alarice was brought to me by my friend Google and is a royal name which means the noble, regal ruler.

It was when Loki first arrived on Sakaar that he met her. Her sight was one a man won’t forget easily. Her long flowing dark brown hair was braided in parts so that her features were free for his view to roam over. Delicately build as well in frame as in facial features, her sparkling blue eyes and cheery red lips were what had caught Loki’s attention from the very first moment. When her eyes finally caught his, she bowed her head slightly. “Your royal highness, a warm welcome to Sakaar.” He bowed his head as well. “It’s my pleasure. Thank you for welcoming me here.” His eyes again began to travel up and down her frame. The beautiful dark blue dress, which clung to her frame, was embroidered with sparkling gem stones, which led him to assume that she belonged to the royal family of Sakaar. She could as well be a princess as far as he was concerned. Maybe a sister or even a daughter to the new Queen of Sakaar? He wasn’t given much information about the new queen when his father chose him to make this courtesy visit. Their families never had been close, however his father seemed eager to change this and therefor sent him here. Her voice brought Loki back from his thoughts. “May I lead our way to the dining hall? A small lunch was arranged upon your arrival. Afterwards you will be led to your room to prepare yourself for the reception this evening.” Loki bowed slightly, before offering her his arm. “Please lead the way.” She lightly put her hand on his arm before starting to move.

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anonymous asked:

how would the boys react to their girlfriend falling out of love with them? i'm completely obsessed with your writing style, it's so beautiful. ♡

you tell me it’s beautiful and then you send a scenario like this to break my heart. but thank you darling I’m glad you like them! I might do a happy ending version but I hope you like this!

Shownu: reacts subtly almost like he doesn’t notice but he does. he notices when you don’t initiate the hugs anymore. he’s going to notice when the silence isn’t comfortable anymore and you don’t make a move to fix it. he’s going to try and try to salvage what he can but he’s not a person for big gestures and confrontations. that could be why he watches it fizzle out slowly instead of grabbing on tightly. by the time he reaching for what’s left of the relationship it’s already slipped out.

Wonho: notices things quickly, and he’s been receptive to emotions even before the relationship started. he knows the good days and the bad days, the sour moods and the sweet ones. he knows the ins and outs even if he doesn’t always know how to fix them. and that’s what he’d try to do, he’d try a little harder to make you smile and give you space, too worried about what he’s doing and worried about his moves than asking what would make it better. so it doesn’t get better.

Minhyuk: believes in happiness and laughter as ways to help a relationship grow. so when there’s more than one dry laugh and your smiles at his words aren’t as bright he notices then. and he already gives his all into a relationship, so he’s going to want to take a step back and question himself. he’s going to wonder what he did wrong or what’s going on between you two. it’s the step back and not the step forward that make the distance irreparable. and when the laughter just stops coming it falls apart.

Kihyun: is very perceptive. but he’s also very forward about things. so he’s going to ask the minute something seems off. he won’t press and maybe he should but he’s going to ask whenever he notices something. asking doesn’t really mean something will change and sometimes he’ll be too busy watching you that he won’t watch himself. that’s where the problem lies and you’re too tired to talk and he’s expecting you to. you’re too tired to go places and he’ll let you be, and he’ll be okay with letting you slip if you are.

Hyungwon: reacts quickly and it’s unexpected. sometimes he’s not going to  be good at showing his affections, not verbally at least. and at some point it becomes too little. the hugs you used to settle in, you wiggle out quicker. the small smiles shared between you two become one smile and tight lips. it won’t catch him off-guard but all he knows is to grab on tight, hold you longer, kiss you sweeter, say everything he can with what he knows but it won’t work. he didn’t say what you needed when you needed it and holding tight won’t be enough.

Jooheon: will give it his all when he realizes. it’s not the small frowns it’s not the silence it’s the body language, the steps has to take to get near and the ones you take to move away. you probably try not to be as obvious because details of the heart can only be so minute. he’s going to try everything, being by your side all the time, making that smile last longer and maybe - not giving you the space you need to figure it out. it’s not bad but in this case it’s not good. it’s constricting and the more you move the tighter he holds until you burst. 

Changkyun: sometimes gets lost in his own world. and by lost it’s not noticing your frowns all the time, not noticing your arms over your chest and messages left without responding. it’s not about him not caring. it’s about him not stressing things as much as he should and it’s about you getting fed up. when he does notice it’s going to be when things have gone downhill, when he’s giving you all the attention and you want none. and he’s going to be confused, when you talk, when he tries and gets nothing. and finally when he gets it he can’t do anything.

Runaway Bride Observation

After watching “The Runaway Bride” for I don’t know what number time, I just came to the realisation…

That the point when The Doctor gets really mad

When he makes his angry face, is when Lance is insulting and belittling Donna. He really didn’t like that. Not one little bit.

He also laughs, really laughs, for the first time since losing Rose when he is with Donna.

Donna laughs after all she has been through, for the first time, when she is with the Doctor.

Other points:

  • While at Donna’s reception, he can’t help but smile at Donna’s quick thinking and her spirit. Even if he’s still missing Rose.
  • Donna chooses the Doctor over Lance, even before discovering his betrayal, by leaving the reception with him.
  • Donna chooses to stick with the Doctor when he finds the sub-basement and offers her a way out.
  • Donna: “You’d better come back!”
  • Doctor: “I couldn’t get rid of you if I tried”
  • Donna - little smile
  • Donna puts herself between the Empress of the Racnoss and the Doctor to protect him,
  • By that point the Doctor has saved Donna a few times himself.
  • Donna: “What? There’s a secret base hidden underneath a major London landmark?”
  • Doctor: “I know. I know, Love”
  • The Doctor tries to cheer Donna up after seeing she is upset after learning about Lance’s betrayal.
  • Donna saves the Doctor from dying under the Thames.
  • The Doctor makes it snow for Donna to try to make Christmas a little better for her. To make her happy.
  • The Doctor is visibly disappointed when Donna decides not to travel with him at the end of the episode.

There’s more, but it was really the point where Ten is getting visibly angry at Lance’s insults towards Donna that I decided to post something. I am not sure why I never noted it before. But it is all right there. 

The Doctor was already quite taken with Donna Noble at that point. 

It makes me feel even worse for Martha now.

But even warmer for Donna and the Doctor.


Vanoo & Minicat. 8532 words.

Prompt: “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU 

A/N: For the anon that wanted some vanoo, and the other anon that wanted vanoo with the prompt ‘broken’. This may not be what you had in mind, but it’s what came out of my head anyway. Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy <3


The champagne was nice, he supposed. Evan would have preferred something much stronger, but he could live with the champagne until they got to the reception, and was just glad that the limo had any alcohol at all.

He felt bad that he was craving hard liquor at his best friends’ wedding, but he couldn’t help it. When he was standing next to Tyler at the alter, watching as Craig was led down the aisle, the couple staring at each other as if there was no one else in the room, all Evan could picture was him and Brock in their shoes. All he could imagine was Brock smiling at him the way Craig was smiling at Tyler with a grin that could split cheeks and melt hearts, and the wedding ring he was keeping safe for the groom was burning a hole in his pocket, and he couldn’t help but wish he had bought one for Brock when he had the chance.

Once the thought had struck him, it was difficult to shake off, and now he was desperately wanting some kind of alcohol in his hand that would burn his throat and numb everything else so he wouldn’t have to feel this heart break anymore.

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I Do

A/N: Spencer and reader get married!! A few things: I had a hard time with the vows so I had to look some up for inspiration, so not all of those words are mine! Also, I’ve never been married so I don’t know exactly what it’s like, but this is what I’ve always imagined it to be lol. I really hope you guys like this very fluffy one shot!!! :-)


“Today’s the day! Today’s the day!” A high pitched voice echoed throughout your apartment.

You rubbed your sleepy eyes and sat up in bed with a smile. Your best friend/maid of honor/wedding planner, Penelope, was already in your room sitting on your bed.

You gave her a quick hug. “I’m getting married today!” you said as you both squealed with excitement. You jumped out of bed and padded into the kitchen to get yourself a cup of coffee.

“I can’t believe it… two of my favorite people are getting MARRIED today!” Penelope’s eyes started to fill with tears. You handed her one of the many boxes of tissues you had prepared for this day, knowing how emotional she (and, admittedly you) got.

You and you future husband, Spencer, had known each other and worked together for 5 years now, but only started dating 2 years ago. You two had always clicked, and made a very smooth transition from being just friends to lovers.

You leaned against your kitchen counter thinking about your handsome fiancé. He insisted on being traditional, so he and Morgan went and stayed at a hotel and Penelope came to stay with you for the night before the wedding.

“We have SO much to do before this evening! I’ve already called the florist, caterer, band, reception venue, and your hair, nails, and makeup appointment this morning just to confirm everything and it’s all perfect!” she smiled and checked her watch. “You have approximately 20 minutes to finish that coffee and eat breakfast before we need to leave to get your hair, makeup, and nails done. Can you do that?”

You grinned and nodded your head. “Penelope, how can I thank you enough for doing all of this?”

“By getting ready and getting out the door!” she said with a giggle. You quickly changed your clothes and grabbed your purse. You shut and locked your apartment door, smiling knowing that was the last time you would be in your apartment as an unmarried woman.

You arrived to your appointment and they immediately started to work their magic on you. Within three hours, they transformed your bed head and tired face into a beautifully made up bride. You stood in the mirror admiring your curled up-do and subtle, yet stunning makeup.

Penelope was once again, crying softly. “You just… you look so beautiful, Y/N. I just can’t believe my babies are getting married…” she wiped away a tear as you walked over to her to give her a reassuring hug.

“C’mon P, you’re gonna make me cry…” you said as you held her. She immediately pushed you away.

“You can’t cry Y/N! Or else you’ll ruin your beautiful makeup! Now –” she stopped as he brushed away a stray tear on your cheek. “Let’s get you into that dress!”


You chose a golf course as your wedding venue months ago. There was an awning built on the course made especially for weddings, and the building that the reception was in was the perfect place for your guests. Plus, they offered free mini golf for your guests during to reception.

You stood with your best girlfriends all around you, each of you putting the finishing touches on each of their looks. The last thing to put on was the veil, and once that was put on, everything was put into perspective – you were about to get married to the man of your dreams.

As you looked down at your stunning, fitted white dress, Penelope handed you a glass of champagne. “To Y/N and Spencer – may they live long and happy lives together, forever” Penelope’s little toast made tears prick in your eyes.

Moments later, you began to get into place for everyone to walk down the aisle, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around to see Rossi standing beside you.

“I know this is last minute, but since I know your dad couldn’t make it here physically… I was wondering if I could do the honor of giving you away?” He asked sincerely.

Your father had passed away a few years ago, and the original plan had been that you would just walk down the aisle yourself. Knowing that Rossi was a close friend of your father, you felt bad that you hadn’t asked him to do it earlier and immediately agreed to his sweet notion.

“I would love nothing more” you said as your voice cracked. You both smiled at each other then you slipped your arm around his as you got your cue to begin walking down the aisle.

As you began your slow walk, you saw all of your guests stand up and look to you; but that’s not the thing you were focused on. You had been anxiously waiting to see Spencer all day, and seeing him at the end of the aisle overwhelmed you with joy.

He was dressed in a simple black suit with a straight black tie; a lavender flower was pinned to his suit jacket. You smiled as you saw his face light up and his brown, messy curls blow in the light wind.

You reached the end of the aisle, and Rossi leaned in and you gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for all he had done. You reached out as Spencer took your hand and you handed your large bouquet of flowers to Penelope who was already at the end of the aisle.

You turned to your soon to be husband as you smiled largely, showing all of your teeth. “You look incredible, Y/N” Spencer whispered to you, making you blush. It was amazing that after all this time, this man still gave you butterflies in your stomach.

The officiant began the ceremony with the story of how the two of you met. Now you knew that you should have been focused on what he was saying, but you were so focused on Spencer, that you could hardly hear what he was saying.

As you stood, hand in hand with the love of your life, surrounded by the people you loved most, your heart was overflowing with love.

You were brought back from your reality when the officiant asked for your vows. You cleared your throat then began to recite the vows you wrote.

“Today, I join my life to yours not merely as your wife, but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant. I promise to be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, and the companion of your life. I give you this ring, my heart, and my soul. I promise to love you, protect you, be with you forever, and cherish every moment as if it were our last moment on earth. I promise to be here for you as long as we both shall live, ‘til death do us part” you recited as you slipped a ring onto his finger. When you saw a tear fall down his cheek, you wiped it then gave him a reassuring smile. Spencer took a deep breath and begin to recite his vows to you.

“Y/N my love, from the day I met you, you captured my heart by being exactly who you are: the sweetest, most loving, compassionate, and sensitive person I have ever known. You have been my best friend through the good and the bad. You have been the reason that I smile and you have given comfort beyond measure when I have cried. You have believed in me when no one else would, and you have shown me how to love with passion, purity, and unconditional acceptance. I’m not sure a lifetime is long enough to return all you have given to me, but I promise the rest of my days I’ll spend by your side. You will always be the best part of my day”

Your eyes were blurry from all of the tears in your eyes as you watched Spencer slip your ring on your finger.

“Y/N, do you take Spencer to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

You answered with complete certainty. “I do” you said with a giddy smile.

“Spencer, do you take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do” he answered firmly with a chuckle of excitement.

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride” the officiant said with a grin, motioning the two of you to kiss.

Spencer pulled you closer to him by your waist and your hands cupped his cheek as you shared a deep, soft kiss that commenced the beginning of your long, happy lives together.

Wedding Sex // Isaac Lahey Imagine

So this isn’t a request but this is just something that I had running through my head for awhile now. It’s kind of lengthy because I got carried away so I hope you guys don’t mind. I think out of everything I’ve written so far, this has been my favorite. I hope you guys like it :)

Warnings: Smut, sensual (or well at least I tried)
Word Count: 3,931
Summary: After 3 long years, you and Isaac reunite at a friend’s wedding.  

“You ready, babe?” You heard your boyfriend Chris call from the kitchen of his house. 

“Yeah, give me a sec!” You called back, rushing to put your last earring in and grabbing your clutch. You trotted down the stairs, meeting your smiling boyfriend. 

“You look beautiful.” Chris complimented you, grabbing your hand as you stepped down the last stair. 

You smiled in response, thanking him. You two were on your way to Allison and Scott’s wedding reception, a surely magnificent evening for your two friends. You and Chris had been dating for about a year now so naturally, he was your date. Chris had a huge crush on you all through high school but you were a little preoccupied with Isaac Lahey during those years. When things went south between you and Isaac about 2 years ago, Chris was there to pick up the pieces. You were grateful for him for that. 

You were on edge for this wedding, though. Allison had let you in on a little secret a few weeks ago that she had, in fact, invited Isaac. She wasn’t sure if he was actually going to show up but the thought of you being in the same room as Isaac once again made your stomach churn. Would you guys speak? What exactly do you say to your ex after three long years of no contact? Would he have a date? You would never admit this out-loud but seeing Isaac with another girl had the potential to down right kill you. I guess that wasn’t really fair of you to say since you were the one bringing a date to Allison’s wedding, un-announced to him. 

When you say that you and Isaac had a mutual break-up, you in fact mean that. Towards the end of your relationship, all you did was fight. It was over the stupidest things too like Isaac being too tired after a long day with dealing with pack assignments or you getting an attitude because you were too stressed out with school assignments, you future weighing heavily on your shoulders with college right around the corner. Nights were spent fighting, being irritated and crying rather than loving and kissing. It wasn’t that you didn’t love each other, you loved each other more than anything, but sometimes love just isn’t enough. 

And that’s why seeing Isaac was number one of your list of “Top Ten Things You Would Rather Avoid”. 

A short drive later, Chris pulled into the driveway of the mansion Allison’s parents had given her after she graduated. No one was ever aware of the money that Chris Argent had possessed but after Allison graduated high school, they surprised her with this marvelous house to live in. Something about having hooks up within the werewolf hunting community or something like that. You had been staying with Allison the last few days but agreed to get ready at Chris’s place since he hadn’t seen you all day due to his busy work schedule.

Chris grabbed your hand, squeezing it lightly as you both made your way into the house, bringing you out of your unwanted reminiscing. The party was pretty much in full swing already and you weaved your way through people to get to your assigned table, smiling at a few familiar faces. Once you got to your table, you sat down and began scanning the crowd of dancing people. Subconsciously, you knew you were looking for Isaac. It was kind of like you expected him to appear out of nowhere and you wanted to be prepared at all costs. 

You tried to focus on the conversation at hand, catching up with a few people you haven’t talk to since high school. Your body was tense and you were sure Chris could tell, especially the way his thumb was drawing comforting circles on the top of your hand. This tactic seemed to calm you down a little but you were certain that your whole night was going to be spent on the edge and for good reason too. You probably jinxed it…worrying way too soon..

You weren’t even at the reception a half hour before your head snapped up at the sound of someone calling an all too heart wrenching name. You looked up to see Isaac Lahey smiling and going in for a hug with one of your mutual friends you had in high school. Your heart dropped to your stomach and a sense of panic built up wildly through your entire body. It was a dreamlike sequence to see him again. Everything seemed to move in slow motion and you weren’t sure if you wanted to run or cry. 

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him. You had lost your ability to breathe and to think straight. All along you knew that you missed him but you might have underestimated just how much. Seeing him again was like tiny shards of glass prickling your skin and a large weight pulling down your heart. Chris had felt you tense up and out of the corner of your eye, you saw him staring intently at you. 

“Y/N?” Chris asked, lightly shaking your hand.

You snapped out of your trance and darted your attention back to your boyfriend. A somber look on his face told you that he knew exactly what you were staring at and your stomach fell. You expected him to be angry or at least to question you a little but instead he gave you a small smile, standing up from the chair. 

“Would you like to dance, beautiful?” He asked you, extending his hand. 

You nodded, grabbing his hand and following him to the dance floor. 

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Valkyrie Part 4: Revelation

Y/N: Here is part 4 for you guys! You can find all the other parts of this series here. 

Plot Summary: Y/N gets to know some of Scott’s friends and in the attempt to protect the youngest of them, herself into harm’s way. Stiles still mistrusts her and finally wants answers.

Persons involved: Reader, Scott, Liam, Stiles (+ a cute dog and an unkown threat)

You stayed. Not because you didn’t take Theo’s message seriously, you know perfectly well what he’s capable of, but because you finally have a chance to build up a life here. You have a job, an apartment and you just don’t want to move again. Also, this inexplicable feeling that brought you here in the first place hasn’t left yet. There is something here for you and you wanna find out what that is.

Therefore you don’t falter but stay and go to work every day just like a perfectly normal person. After your first meeting Scott behaves very differently towards you. You get to know a whole other side of him. Kind and nice. That’s what describes him best in your opinion. The way he treats those animals with highest care and the fact that you do the same creates respect between the two of you.

Apart from Scott you get to know some of his friends, at least a bit. The girl who got you this job, Lydia, shows up now and then but never stays long .The other guy, Isaac, sometimes comes over after work and every time he enters he greets you with a wink and a smirk that seems to be a constant part of him. Scott tells you that he is a nurse at the hospital but considers studying medicine at college. And then there’s a third boy, a new one. He looks younger than the rest of them and his blue eyes observed you curiously as you first met. Liam. He actually bothers to introduce himself and talk to you whenever he’s around. You start to like him, he awakes your motherly instincts. However, like the others he tends to pull Scott aside to whisper to him either about someone called Stiles or Allison. You never really get what they’re saying but it evokes your curiosity, although you hide it from them.

One afternoon you and Scott are the only ones present in the clinic and taking care of a poor dog that got hit by a car. You watched interested while Scott performed surgery on his leg. Now he stitches him up and you softly brush his fur.

“Can I ask you something?”, Scott suddenly breaks the silence and makes you look up. His expression is still relaxed and his eyes are focused on the leg.

“Yeah, of course.”

“According to your papers you’ve lived in New York before. Why have you moved here? I mean, Beacon Hills must seem like a small village to you compared to the big city”, he mumbles in a matter of fact tone.

You tense a bit which annoys you. It’s a normal question. No reason to get nervous, no reason to suspect anything.

“I don’t really know”, you admit with a shrug. “I’ve been sick of the noise and the crowd. And then I kinda…felt drawn here.”

In your opinion that’s a pretty general statement. Nevertheless, Scott’s head shoots up and he stares at you puzzled before he gets his expression back under control. He quickly snatches the scissors to cut the string but a weird feeling has already bubbled up inside of you and suddenly you are one hundred percent sure that Scott is hiding something.

“What about you?”, you inquire.

A soft smile brushes his lips. “I’ve lived here since I was born. Well, I was away for college but afterwards I just wanted to return. I guess I’ve always belonged here.”

You feel a pang of jealousy. How much you envy that, how much you’d wish to have a real home and people surrounding you that love you unconditionally. You lower your gaze for a second, scared that Scott could see something in your eyes.

“Great, we are done here”, he fetches you out of your thoughts and back to your task at hand. “Let’s get this little guy back into his kennel.”

He’s about to pick him up as the phone rings in the reception and he has to excuse himself. You do it instead and carry the sleeping dog into a room filled with kennels that are almost all empty. You carefully open one of them and bed him on a soft blanket before you stay there for a moment to pet him lovingly.

“Y/N, I need to make a house visit. It could take a while. Could you finish everything up?”, Scott asks you as he reappears.

Obviously you agree and with finishing up he means feeding the animals and cleaning. You are lost in your work, not letting any other thought enter your mind while you do everything as perfectly as possible to impress your boss. As you are busy with disinfecting the surgery table you hear the bell in the reception and seconds later, before you can even react, Liam comes through the door. A sincere smile spreads on his face as he catches sight of you.

“Hey Y/N! Is Scott here? I’m supposed to pick him up”, he explains while he leans on the table, infecting it all over again but you don’t say anything. It seems weird to you that Liam has to drive Scott.

“Sorry, he’s still out and about but I guess he’ll be back soon. You can wait here with me if you want to.”

He agrees but you already don’t really notice it anymore. The feeling is back. Damnit, why right now? It appears in your stomach, a pressure that grows heavier quickly. You stumble backwards, overwhelmed by the sudden sensation and Liam frowns in concern.

“Y/N, are you alright?”

No. No you aren’t. You are drawn to the next supernatural soul that’s about to die and shockingly enough you realize that it’s him. He’s supposed to die. This young man right in front of you. Your eyes widen as this information sinks in and your heart skips a beat. Only one thought rushes through your mind: You can’t let that happen.

“Liam, you need to go! Go now or you’ll get hurt!”, you exclaim.

Irritation flickers through his eyes. Obviously he thinks that you’ve gone crazy and is insecure what to do now. He awkwardly extends his arms to comfort you, which is just absurd considering the situation, as suddenly the atmosphere in the room changes.

The bright white lights start to flicker and a cold wind brushes over your skin and makes you shiver. You turn around in bewilderment, searching the room for some source but you can’t find anything.

“What the hell is going on?”, Liam asks, directing this question to you. You have no answer.

Out of nowhere a voice appears. A high, lovely and eerie voice that sings words that you are not able to understand. It makes your blood run cold. You whirl around desperately and cover your ears to shut it out but it doesn’t work. The voice is everywhere and it scares you to death. You see the same expression mirrored on Liam.

Liam. You must protect Liam. This attack is directed towards him, not you.

You hold your breath for a second and stare him in the eyes. Then you throw yourself in front of his body right in time. You only catch a glimpse of a pale figure with wide blue eyes and a foggy black coat that hisses as the knife enters your shoulder instead of Liam’s heart. Then you crash to the floor and the air is pressed out of your lungs.

As you wake up, your surroundings have changed drastically. You realize immediately that you’re not in the clinic anymore. The walls here are white and the place seems sterile. The bed on which you’re resting is hard and as you turn to your side, you push out a hiss as your shoulder aches with sudden pain.

The hospital. Now you start to remember. Someone must’ve brought you here after you got stabbed. Liam. Is he safe? You need to know. Need to know if you were able to save him. Otherwise you made a horrible mistake and he had nobody to accompany him into death.

Your heart starts to race at this thought and you heave yourself up into a sitting position, determined to go search for him and ignoring the dizzy feeling. Before you can put your feet on the floor, though, somebody pushes open the door to your small room und rushes in.

It’s Scott. He looks awfully tired with those dark circles under his eyes but as he discovers that you’re awake, a big smile appears on his face and makes those errors seem minor.

“Hey, you’re supposed to stay in bed, Y/N!”, he scolds you but you ignore his words and don’t move.

“How’s Liam? Is he…?”, you ask frightened.

“He’s okay”, Scott assures you as he reaches you and sits down on your bed. Those words finally relax your body. Relief washes over you and you sink back into the cushions with a sigh. “He was waiting outside the whole night but his dad sent him home a few hours ago”, Scott continues. Then he looks at you and his gaze becomes more serious. “You probably saved his life, Y/N. The blade was dipped in mountain ash.”

Mountain ash. So he knows that you’re aware of the supernatural world. You don’t even try to seem surprised or confused, he wouldn’t believe it anyway.

In that moment, as you both stare at each other in silence, the door gets thrown open another time and as you see who’s entering, you immediately push out an unnerved moan. It’s Sheriff Stilinski.

“What the hell are you doing here?”, you ask bluntly. It’s much easier to talk to him like that if he doesn’t wear a uniform but brown trousers and a dark red pullover that suits him pretty well, as you realize annoyed. He stops in the middle of the room and raises his eyebrows, wearing a steely expression.

“I’m here to ask you some questions.”

“I just woke up. I’m pretty sure you’re officially not allowed to do that.”, you retort angrily.

“Well, I’m not here officially but go on like that and I might change my opinion”, he returns darkly.

“Stiles!”, Scott suddenly interrupts him and shoots him a warning look. Stiles. Oh God. Now you get it. He’s the one they constantly talked about.

“Stiles?”, you inquire curiously. “Your name is really Stiles Stilinski?”

This earns you a deathly glare. “Of course not, it’s a nickname!”

While you stared at Scott in silent understanding before, you now stare at Stiles in a whole different manner, almost hostile. Scott runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

“Y/N, we just wanna know what you are”, he explains softly.

You press your lips together stubbornly. “I don’t know what…”

“Oh, don’t you say that!”, Stiles interrupts you roughly. “We know exactly what you said to Liam. You knew that someone would attack. What happened? Did you get cold feet? Or do you believe that you can gain our trust like that?”

Your mouth drops open in utter disbelief while your dislike towards this guy grows with every second. Scott seems very uncomfortable but you’re both ignoring him.

“Yes, I got myself stabbed just to gain your trust”, you reply sarcastically.

“How did you know then?”

“Feminine intuition”, you snap.

“Another one of your great answers”, he growls, squinting his hazel eyes at you. “All of this makes you highly suspicious.”

For the first time you look away from him and at your blanket to lower your pulse. As you feel Scott’s careful touch on your hand, you pull it away quickly.

“Y/N, we’re not your enemies. Maybe we could help each other”, he mumbles. “I bet all of this has something to do with what you are. If you could just tell us…”

“But I can’t, Scott!”, you say desperately. “I honestly can’t. And this has nothing to do with being secretive.”

“Would it change something if I told you that I’m a werewolf?”

You have to shake your head. By now you’ve figured as much and you actually would love to tell him out of all people. It’s just not possible. You’re not allowed to tell anyone, otherwise you could mix up fate and that would be horrific. You look at him apologetically in the hope that he understands.

“Good, let’s skip this for now and come to another question”, Stiles speaks up again and you turn over to him unwillingly. “How do you know Theo Raeken?”

This time you really are taken aback.

“Theo?”, you ask weakly.

A triumphant glimmer appears in his eyes, caused by your insecurity.

“Yes, Theo Raeken. We know that he paid you a visit.”

“Wait, have you been watching me?”

He doesn’t need to answer it, you already know they did. Of course. He seems to be one that likes to work thoroughly. You feel a lump building up in your throat because of the mention of Theo’s name. However, to the outside you stay tough.

“Theo is a part of my past just as he’s a part of yours”, you reply coldly. “And believe me, I have no sympathy for him.”

“Why should we believe that? Maybe you’re working with him”, Stiles challenges you.

And now you have enough. Not only is he indignant but he also implies that you’re evil while you’re lying injured in a hospital bed. This is unbelievable and unfair.

“I fucking saved Liam’s life!”, you exclaim heavily, making Scott flinch. “And you call me a traitor! I didn’t do this because of an evil masterplan but because I didn’t want him to get harmed! If you don’t believe that that’s your problem! Now leave me alone, I’m tired.”

At first Stiles looks like he won’t but after Scott cleared his throat meaningfully, he finally takes his eyes off of you and turns around. As they both walk out of the room, he promises: “I’ll find out what you are, Y/N.”

You fall back onto the matrass with a heavy sigh after he closed the door and you’re alone again. Damnit, what have you gotten yourself into?

–> Part 5

moneybagsmultirp  asked:

💐 - Drake & Claudia


   Being her mother had started to fall ill, her parents only wanted one thing for the omega; to be married. She wasn’t too keen on the idea, but at the same token wasn’t against it. She was also interested since whoever came forward didn’t even know they were just starting to look into a arranged marriage, but she was curious. She had gotten the name and face, meeting him a couple of times, but mostly over meeting of the arranged marriage. Finally a date was set, and it seemed like a whirl wind before she was finally married. Even during her reception she hadn’t gotten a chance to sit down and rest, so she had decided to sneak up to her hotel room a little early to sit on the bed and rest. And soon she felt herself close her eyes and rest a little until the hotel room door opened. She found herself quickly sitting up to fix her hair. “Guess you caught me, I needed a bit of peace and quiet.” She said. “If I’m needed back down there for the last while, I can go.”

anonymous asked:

That anon. is right. The CNN article says "However, Prince Harry's girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, did not accompany him to the ceremony. It was rumored she might join him for the reception; if Markle attended," What does it mean? It means no one saw her at the reception. Highly unlikely she was there. At least, Meghan's fans need to face it. No church, no reception. Before I was almost positive she would be at the evening party. Now I started believing she was not there either.

Well she is not important is she can’t make it to the Ceremony with him and now after that pic I am certain that she wasn’t at there at all incase E! can prove me wrong and produce pics on there show.

I will state this for all. If you don’t believe that the car pick was photoshopped that’s fine with me but please ask yourself one question, why is there only one pic when there where many photographers there outside the the Middleton’s residence????

Have a great day anon and lets wait for E! to produce something which will indicate 100% that MM was at the evening party with harry on Saturday evening.


ask-ichigo-and-rukia  asked:

Pssst, Emma, imagine the first time Stiles hugs Derek, think about it, there's no life threatening situation or emotional distress the first time it happens, and that's the best part, they're just so mundane at the time, just sitting in the loft talking with the rest of the pack, everyone starts to leave and Derek is putting left overs away from dinner and Stiles just comes up and is like "See ya' later Der" and gives him a big hug- the really good kind where there's squeezing and 1/?

face-in-chest nuzzling and back patting involved, and the thing is there’s no awkwardness when he pulls away, no “Oh I didn’t mean to do that”, no “Sorry I was dared by Scott”, none of that, just a really sincere smile and “I’ll see you in the morning” because the pack have plans to meet in the morning and Derek finds himself chasing that touch, it’s the first positive touch he’s had in SO long and he can still feel it in his skin hours after Stiles leaves, he’s vibrating, he’s high, he needs more of that so badly, but he doesn’t know how to ask- he doesn’t even think he SHOULD ask for like an entire list of reasons.

And the morning comes and he hasn’t slept because he closes his eyes and still feels Stiles and when Stiles joins the pack he just goes up immediately, claps an arm around Scott like he always does, and then wraps Derek in that same big bear hug and smiles at him like nothing is different, and Derek is almost silent the entire meeting, unable to stop looking at Stiles.

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Meeting Harry - A Wedding

A/N: I’m thinking of doing a series of different first meetings with Harry. This meeting is at the wedding of Perrie & Zayn. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time. My blonde hair was styled into an up do, a loose bun with curls falling out and I had spent a long time styling my make up to look natural but flawless, I’d eventually decided that this was the best it was ever going to look.

My dress was a fitted purple number from Topshop, slightly more expensive than my student loan could afford but I was heading off to the wedding of the century so I needed to look the part. Today was the day my friend from school was getting married to the love of her life. It just so happened that my old school friend was Perrie Edwards from Little Mix and her fiancé was Zayn Malik of a little known band called One Direction!! It was surreal to me that Perrie who I used to sit with in science class was walking down the aisle, let alone the fact that she was meeting a member of the hottest boy band in the world at the end of it.

The day the engagement was announced I freaked out and called her straight away to confirm the rumours. I wasn’t expecting it at all but they were perfect for each other. I had had the pleasure of meeting Zayn a few times and he was a complete gentleman, he treated her like a princess not to mention he was one fine piece of ass! The girl did good!!

When the invite had arrived in the post I freaked out once more. It was always easy to forget the celebrity status of my friend and her fiancé because they were so down to earth but this finally hit me, I was going to meet the rest of One Direction. I would never admit it to Perrie but deep down I am a massive 1D fan! Harry is my favourite, he’s an absolute dream, Perrie and Zayn know I think he’s hot and tease me on a regular basis. I’ve never had the chance to meet the rest of the band because I’m always away at university whenever there’s a party which Perrie invited me to. But that wasn’t the case, no lecture or assignment could make me stay away from her wedding.

I shared a cab to the wedding with our other friend from school, James. We had all been close friends in school and it was lovely to share this experience together.
As I got into the car James gave me a wolf whistle “Wow, looking hot Y/N!”
“Thanks James” I smiled “You scrub up well yourself”
We spent the entire cab ride from the hotel to the venue reminiscing about old school times and how different everyone’s lives were now.

When we arrived at the venue I was taken aback by the beauty, everything looked amazing, like a dream. Little Perrie Edwards officially had the best wedding ever! We took our seats and waited for the ceremony to begin. Zayn gave us a wave from the top of the aisle and I got my first glimpse of the rest of the One Direction lads stood at the front next to Zayn in their suits. I’ve always liked a man in a suit but I wasn’t quite prepared for Harry Styles in a suit. Jesus he looked good! He was wearing a fitted black suit and white shirt with a black tie. His suit jacket was adorned with a purple flower to match the bridesmaids. He was laughing with Liam, his smile making him look even more gorgeous. Jesus the things I’d do to him.

My thoughts were interrupted by the start of the processional music and I stood to see Perrie walking down the aisle. She looked absolutely amazing, her dress suited her style completely and her smile lit up her face, it was easy to see how happy she was. I turned and looked back at Zayn, my favourite part of the wedding was seeing the groom as he views his bride for the first time. His eyes were filled with pride and love.
I shed a tear as they read their vows, weddings always made me cry.

The day rushed by too fast and before we knew it, it was almost time for the evening reception. I was already well on my way to tipsy as James kept feeding me champagne. The bubbles always did something to me. As there was a lull between the day and evening reception, James and I headed outside to look at the grounds and enjoy the beautiful warm weather.
We turned a corner, heading towards the gardens of the venue and straight ahead of us was Harry Styles walking with Niall. The two of them looking like perfection. My heart started to thud loudly.
James looked down to me and said “Dibs on the blonde, an Irish accent just does something to me!”
I laughed, thinking of James with Niall. James was a gentle giant at 6’2 and he was very built, poor Niall!

“Hi There” Niall said reaching out his hand to James “I’m Niall, and this is Harry. You’re both Perrie’s friends right?” His accent was warm and friendly. I couldn’t quite believe that he was talking to me, willingly and opposite me a man who I often read imagines about was looking at me straight in the eye.
“Hey, Yeah, I’m James and this is Y/N we’re her friends from school.  I’m sure we could tell Zayn a thing or two about her” James started to laugh and began to talk to Niall about things I’m sure Perrie would kill him for.
Harry reached his hand out for mine, brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. I felt light headed. His beauty was just about to kill me.
“Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” His voice was smooth and seductive
“Thanks, my parents gave me it for my birthday” I joked, my awkwardness ruining quite a sexy moment.
Luckily Harry saw the humour and began to laugh.
We were interrupted by Perrie’s mum calling us back in for the evening do, I moved closer to James and held on to his arm as we walked back into the venue, I feared that if I tried to walk next to Harry, the nerves would get the better of me and I would fall flat on my face.

“This is my song!!” James exclaimed “Come dance, pleaaasseee” James pleaded with me. A Beyoncé song had just came on over the sound system. I wanted to dance, I really did but my feet felt like they were on fire. He had had me dancing to every song.
He gave me a pet lip and went to the dance floor by himself. He was soon joined by Jade and Leigh from Little Mix. It was nice to see him so happy and enjoying the night. I watched them making fools of themselves and took pictures as evidence to show him in the morning.

“A beautiful girl shouldn’t be sat by herself” I heard a voice from behind me say. I turned round to see Harry stood with two glasses of champagne in his hands “Is this seat taken?” He asked
My cheeks burned red and my heart started to thump again. By this point I was drunk, I couldn’t stop myself from being even more embarrassing than earlier. This would not end well.
“No of course not, have a seat” I said, pushing the seat out for him.
He sat down and handed me the spare glass “So will it be you next?” He asked.
I nearly choked on my drink, spitting it back into the glass. ‘Fantastic, I’m sure he found that really sexy’ I thought
“Me? No, I am so single it hurts” I said, kicking myself for being so embarrassing and sounding so desperate. I might as well have told him that I had spent most of the previous day on Tumblr looking at pictures of him.
He turned to me and smiled, his green eyes piercing into mine “Is that not your boyfriend?” He asked, nodding towards James.
People always made this mistake, James and I were very close but James was gay and like a brother to me. “No, no we’re just friends. I think you’ve got more of a chance with him than me” I laughed.
“Oh” Harry said, catching on to what I was saying “I’m sorry, I just thought with you two holding hands earlier. I did wonder why the new Mr & Mrs Malik were so happy to know I’d met you and practically bullied me into coming over here”
We both looked over to the new married couple, they were staring straight back at us with huge grins on their faces, they raised their glasses to us and they met our stare. Both Harry and I looked at the floor feeling very awkward.

Harry and I spoke for a while, chatting about Perrie and Zayn, my degree and the new One Direction tour. I tried hard to not slip up, revealing that I already knew all the details. The conversation was too easy, it was going to be hard to return to normal life after this. How could I go back to normal boys after tonight? Not only was Harry heart breakingly beautiful but his personality was equally beautiful. He was kind, funny, smart and we gelled so well. It was like speaking to someone I had known for years.

Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud started to play from the speakers, all of the couples in the room grabbing each other for a slow dance. I loved this song but James was dancing with Perrie’s mum.
“So” Harry said, taking my glass from my hand “Now that I know James won’t beat me up, would you like to dance?” He stood up and offered his hand
I grabbed his hand and we walked over to the dance floor. His arms wrapped around my waist, I reached up and placed my arms around his neck. We both swayed slowly in time to the music. The rest of the world seemed to go in slow motion. My magical moment was suddenly broken by James and Perrie who were stood behind Harry giving me the thumbs up, James taking it one step further by miming a sexual action. I broke out into laughter.
“You look even more beautiful when you smile” Harry said making my heart beat double time “You know, I wasn’t looking forward to today, I thought it would just be me and Niall drowning our sorrows at being the single ones but you’ve made it for me” His cheeks turned ever so slightly pink. I couldn’t quite believe what he was saying, was I dreaming?
“Thanks. You’ve made my day too, I can’t quite believe I’m dancing with Harry bloody Styles” The words escaping my lips before I could stop them. I was so embarrassing, now he’d know I was just a big fan girl.
I laugh escaped his lips “Harry bloody Styles? That’s a new one” He joked “Well how would you like to go out for a coffee tomorrow with Harry bloody Styles? I can’t not see you again after tonight”
“I’d really like that” I said, my jaw starting to ache from smiling so much, I was the luckiest girl in the world.
Harry smiled back at me and lowered his head to mine, planting a kiss on my lips. The perfect end to the perfect day.

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you please write one where Cas is mad at Dean and he’s holding a grudge against him for something stupid he did, but then Castiel gets the news that Dean has been seriously hurt and Cas rushes to his side.

Author’s note: Someone sent me this prompt last week, and immediately like 10 other people jumped on me, asking me to please do this one first. So here you go. Angst if you squint, but with a happy ending. 

Dean’s going to be fine… He’s going to be alright, he has to. Please, let him be okay…

These silent prayers were repeating themselves over and over again in Castiel’s head, like a broken record. The only thing Castiel could feel at the moment, was how terrified he was, more scared than he had ever been in his life.

He ignored the speed limit, as well as yet another red light. Even with his reckless driving, he knew that it would at least take him another ten minutes to get to the hospital. And to think that Castiel had almost ignored Sam Winchester’s phone call. Almost.

Because Castiel had assumed that Sam was only calling to try and mediate between him and Dean. It had been three weeks since that stupid argument now, and the two best friends hadn’t spoken to each other since. Granted, harmful things had been said in the heat of the moment, but Castiel knew deep down that it was not a good enough reason for throwing away ten years of friendship. Most definitely not a good enough reason to shut out the man whom Castiel loved, even though he was fairly sure that it wasn’t like that for Dean.

But none of that had mattered any longer when Sam had spoken the panicked words “Dean has been in a car accident, I’m at the hospital… Please come over, man.”

Castiel shook himself out of this thoughts, and took a deep breath of relief when the large building that he had been looking for finally came into sight. He parked his car somewhere that he was pretty sure was a no-parking zone, but he didn’t care.

When he entered the hospital’s crowded lobby, he feverishly glanced around, looking for a reception area. Before he could even properly scan his surroundings, he already saw Sam rushing towards him. Castiel was mildly surprised when the younger Winchester went in for a hug right away, and he could feel how Sam was shaking in his embrace.

“Cas, I’m so glad you came! He was driving home from his job at the Roadhouse, and then this happened! A truck crashed into him! They won’t let me see him, and Dad hasn’t been home in a week, and I didn’t know who else to call…” Sam blurted out his confusing explanation without taking a pause.

Castiel sighed as Sam gently pulled out of the hug. Cas could see the bewildered look in Sam’s watery hazel eyes. Dean’s little brother was tall, and mature for his age, and so it was easy to forget at times that he was only eighteen and barely an adult, but right now Castiel could completely understand that it had to be terrifying for him to have to deal with something like this on his own.

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Calm like a bomb || Klaine

Blaine had persuaded Kurt to give him 3 days. 3 days before heading back to Dalton. 3 days to get re-introduced to one another. 3 days to sort themselves out.

There was a lot that Blaine had to explain, and answer for, things he had done in his life, things he had done when he thought they were finished as a couple, and over the 3 days, he opened up to Kurt, more than he ever had. He wanted a clean slate, and he wanted to do everything right this time. He explained in depth the feelings, the emotions, the overall nature of their kind, and hoped to slowly ease Kurt into it. He told Kurt all he knew about his own sire, the way he felt when he broke that bond, and how they were never soul mates.  All the things he wanted to do before he turned Kurt.

Sure, it was a little late now, but he thought the gesture was still welcomed. He knew that Kurt was bored with it most of the time, he could feel the boredom in his own mind, but the other didn’t fight back much, though there was the occasional outbreak.

They had spent the entire first day, mostly nude, re-exploring each other’s bodies, only putting on a pair of pants when Kurt began to complain that the smell was too much that was wafting out of the other room. By the time Blaine had finished disposing of everything, and cleaning the room, he found Kurt curled up on his arm chair, with a book he’d found in the bookcase. None of the books were Blaine’s and the bookcase was there when he arrived, but just the image, the domesticated view of his boyfriend doing something as simple as reading a book, that made Blaine’s heart swell. It was in that moment, when Kurt glanced up, his wide blue eyes looking at Blaine, the small smile that pulled on his lips, that Blaine knew. He knew they were meant for each other. He knew that they would always be together. Thick or thin.

Kurt’s emotions were temperamental, but it had only taken a few times for Blaine to pick up the signs, to realise what was happening. Blaine however did begin to notice the stronger Kurt’s emotions,whether positive or negative, the more items began to fall over around them. At first, he thought it was coincidental, but after a while Blaine got suspicious. He knew that was something that they’d need to explore later, to see why it was happening, what was happening, and he’d need more proof that something that was, at best, circumstantial, if it was even related to Kurt, but he didn’t get long to dwell on it,  since there was a bigger issue going on in Blaine’s mind.  He could feel it. The pull on his throat. The dryness…and he was slowly coming to the realisation that Kurt was hungry. His anger was being steam rolled by his thirst. His poor boy was starving, but refused to eat. Blaine knew the feeling, of trying to be strong, of not succumbing to blood… he also knew how it affected his body. How painful it was. How irritated it made him.

Blaine tried to keep Kurt occupied, going for walks around the forest, keeping out of sight of people, playing with Kurt in a way that no human would be able to, playing with his speed, playing with his strength, realising in that moment that he used to get up to A LOT while Kurt would be asleep.  He was usually able to tidy up, do some work, and get himself ready, basically, being the best version of himself that he could be before Kurt would wake, but now Kurt was going to have to fill his own time, and Blaine was going to have to get used to not hiding anything from him. Kurt was here to see how weak Blaine got in the early morning as the sun would rise. He got to see when Blaine’s stubble would grow up. Got to see his hair, wild and curly. There would never be secrets. There would never be night time sadness where either was lonely. They shared the nights together now.

He knew it would be hard for the boy, especially while they were away from Dalton, since he knew inside those walls he would have friends to talk and hang out with, and a plethora of activities to fill his nights with, but while they were off campus he tried to make it easier.

It was by the second day that Blaine himself was growing hungry, after spending nearly 24 hours trying to get Kurt to drink. Kurt had been hand scrubbing his Dalton uniform since Blaine didn’t have a washing machine in the cabin when he made his way to the fridge to get a blood bag, not before pressing a small kiss to the back of Kurt’s neck on the way.

Maybe it was because he was hungry that he wasn’t thinking properly, but the moment he opened the bag, and brought it to his lips, Blaine could feel Kurt’s body when it took off in his direction. Blaine braced himself, quickly scooping Kurt up, lifting him off the ground, instead of falling backwards as the other tried to attack him, his hands frantically clawing at the blood bag.

“Easy… Baby, easy” Blaine coo’ed as he tried to get Kurt to stand up on his own feet, watching as Kurt bared his teeth at Blaine, eyes darting back and forth from Blaine, to the bag. Blaine stared back, watching how the vampire inside of Kurt submitted without any effort. The part of Kurt that clicked over seemed to register Blaine as the sire, and waited, like an obedient puppy… a very angry puppy who was snapping his teeth.

“Relax…Slowly” Blaine handed the bag over, as Kurt snatched it, messily drinking it, almost eating the plastic around it as he tried to get every drop out of it. Blaine simply watched, a little confused, but watched none-the-less, focused on his boyfriend. Once he was done he saw Kurt blinked a few times, confused, before looking down at his hands, dropping the bag and taking a step back from it.

“Wh… what happened?” Kurt spluttered.

Blaine smiled, giving a little shrug “You were hungry I guess. If you starve yourself enough, that, other side of you will take over. I know you don’t want to feed, and that’s ok, it’s your choice, but you can’t let yourself get this way at Dalton. If you can’t feed from a donor, then you’ll have to get used to blood bags” Blaine reached forward, using his thumb to wipe the edges of Kurt’s mouth “Also that was the last bag I had, so I’m going to have to hunt soon”

Once the third day arrived, Blaine was still hesitant. He had packed his belongings, doing a quick sweep of the cabin before meeting Kurt at the front door. He was immaculate in his Dalton uniform, hair perfect, body seeming to fill out the blazer better than ever to the point Blaine couldn’t help let his eyes drag down to Kurt’s backside, causing him to bite on his lips.

“If you’re quite done” Kurt turned his head, smirking at Blaine as the other quickly glanced up.

“You know, I don’t know if I like you being in my head” Blaine laughed as he walked over to the Kurt, pressing a small kiss on his lips. “So, we stick to the plan. You go first. You call an emergency Warbler meeting, you present yourself to them, and then you meet me at in the office. I’ll lead you from there to the elders”

Kurt had been gone for a few hours before Blaine even made his trip to Dalton. He’d thrown his luggage into his car though left it parked on the outskirts of the woods. He’d come back for it later, when he knew everything had been worked out.

The doors opened before Blaine had even approached them, as he quickly looked around to see who was watching as he made his way inside. Before he could even approach reception, the woman gestured her hand toward a second open door that Blaine moved towards, and waited, glancing down at his watch. Waiting for Kurt to arrive.

This is No Accident

Title: This Is No Accident
Chapter/One Shot: Chapter 23
Original Imagine:
Imagine Loki meeting a single pregnant Midgardian woman during his exile and falling in love with her and her unborn child.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: This one’s a little long…But it’s the wedding!!!! Reception to follow. ;)

Chapter 23

The evening before the wedding was filled with last minute preparations and a lavish feast, which was organized by none other than Thor, who was well-known for his love of a good party.
Loki and Emma were the guests of honor, seated at the front of the great hall. Emma couldn’t keep her eyes off of Loki in his dress armor, and each time he caught her staring, he gave her thigh a little squeeze under the table, smirking in aroused amusement.
“Brother! How about sharing your lady for a dance?” Thor grinned.
Loki glared at Thor.
“I would choose my words more carefully if I were you, brother. You might lose a hand.”
“Ha ha ha!” Thor laughed boisterously.
Loki turned to Emma.
“Would you dance with my oaf of a brother? He can’t seem to get a girl for himself.”
“Of course, Thor. I’d be delighted.”
Loki bristled as he watched Emma and Thor walk to the dance floor.

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“Are you ready for this?” Stiles asked, straightening Derek’s tie.

“Of course” Derek replied, catching Stiles’ hand and kissing the ring sitting there.
Derek knew many years ago that Stiles would be it for him, being able to call him his husband was one of the most satisfying things in the world. No matter what the supernatural threw at him, as long as Stiles was by his side, he knew he’d be okay. He looked back up at his partner and gazed into his amber eyes, catching his breath at how the overhead light was creating flecks of gold in their usual brown, lighting up his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Stiles asked, placing a hand on Derek’s face. Derek leant into it and moved forward to brush their lips together, slow and tender. He pulled back only slightly to speak, breath ghosting over Stiles’ mouth.

“Just how being here at my sisters wedding is reminding me just how much I love you”

“Oh Derek you’re such a sap” Stiles beamed, kissing Derek again. There was a knock at the door, surprising them both. They pulled away from each other and looked at the door.

“Are you both ready, Allison is trying to reassure Lydia that everyones in position.” Scott said as he opened the door.

“Yeah, we’re good Scotty. Come on” Stiles said as he moved in front of Derek and pulled him forward by the hand towards the door. When they reached the hallway, they both stopped in their tracks. Cora was standing before them in a gorgeous white dress that fit her body beautifully. Her hair was pinned up at the back, and she had a grip with a silver wolf howling holding the hair at the side.

“Cora, you look, wow, amazing” Stiles commented, releasing Derek to give his sister-in law a hug.

“It’s not so bad, waist itches a bit though” she replied, looking over to her big brother. “What do you think Der? Think I’ll make Lydia proud?”

Derek stood still, amazed at the confidence and beauty standing before him, Cora never really was a delicate person, but the way she looked made her look beautifully fragile, in such a brilliant way. Seeing his Mothers pin in her hair made him even more emotional than he already was.

“You look -” he started almost tearing up and had to clear his throat before continuing, he pulled her into a hug, squeezing her. “You look beautiful, Laura and mom would be proud” he tried to compose himself before pulling back, looking into his sisters now teary eyes.

“Thanks Derek” she gave him a small personal smile, one he got to see a lot recently, before turning round and walking away with Scott.

“I love you too you know” Stiles said, turning back to Derek. “And you looked like that to me, not in a dress, but when we got married, you blew me away with how great you looked in a tux, scouts honour.” Derek smiled at him.

“Then you quite literally blew me before we even had the reception” Stiles remembered, chuckling as Derek lightly cuffed him across the head.

“Come on, we better not keep Lydia waiting, she’ll kill us both” Derek said, starting to walk after his sister. Stiles linked their hands together as they went. Derek glanced down at their joined hands briefly before looking back down the hall, not trying to suppress the smile on his face. Yeah, he was happy and getting to be the best man at his sisters wedding to the woman she loved, made his life complete. He knew his family would be proud of them and with Stiles there with him, he knew his future was a bright one.

mochi-mochi-cosplay asked: know you have a lot to write, but maybe for something in the future,I had a cute writing idea! OTP getting married and rival/friend interrupts because they live the bride! I wanted to tell you before I forgot it :)

Omg not gonna lie. Totally cried while I was writing this. Lord help me. I wanted an excuse to write this story for so long so thank you! It’s actually based off a dream I had, and I wanted to write it ever since. So it’s very different than what I normally write, but I really enjoyed doing it (and it’s fairly lengthy whoops). It was a nice little challenge! ^^

Eren didn’t know what he was doing here. All he really wanted was a cigarette but that would require him to go back inside the venue to ask Jean, and that would require him to remember why he even came to this God forsaken wedding anyway. He leaned up against the side of the brick building, his head hitting the stone, hands shoved in his slack pockets.

What was he doing here? Well, he supposed it was because he was invited. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the thought. He always wanted to see Mikasa dressed in a simple white dress that suited her perfectly walking down the aisle but not like this. He was the one who was supposed to be standing up at the altar, not forced to be sitting in the audience watching the girl he loved for so long marry someone else.

Eren really did wish he had that cigarette.

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