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For the drabbles, can I request J-Hope, 62, and smut? >.< Thank you!

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: slight exhibitionism (idk does kitchen sex count as that?), oral

Prompt: “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”

Summary: Some things would never change, and one of those was how you could never keep your mouth shut. 

a/n: drabble requests are still open!

The dorms were quiet, all the boys had retreated to their rooms to enjoy some down time as they’d tired themselves out on multiple rounds of “Just Dance” and gorging on junk food until they were borderline comatose.

You were in the kitchen, making coffee with the decision to binge watch “Game of Thrones” till your eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. Or that was your plan until a pair of arms snaked around your turned back.

You jumped before relaxing into their back, the familiar scent of clean laundry and lemongrass making you instantly know who it was. 

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Title: His Name

Pairing: Sidlink 

Tags: Crushes, first crushes, pining 

Summary: Just a short (relatively speaking) drabble about how Sidon had a crush on Link before the 100 yr time jump and how all those feelings come rushing back when he and Link meet up for the first time 

Also available on my AO3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are highly appreciated, thank you!



The name is, somehow, familiar. Though, he can’t ever remember hearing it before. Hints, whispers of fond memories push at the back of his mind, like a word sitting just on the tip of his tongue, desperate to be said. Looking down into the young Hylian’s face, there too is something there he recognizes. The shape of the eyes, the line of his nose, the curve of his jaw - together they present a picture he could swear he’s seen before but the knowledge of just where alludes him. For whatever reason, gazing down into that vaguely familiar face inspires a peculiar feeling inside of his chest. A warmth, a fondness that he can’t quite understand. 

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Opinion time

So here’s the situation:
My boyfriends best friend came over tonight, and he brought his own friend that my boyfriend had never met before. This new friend happened to be quite overweight, and I’m not saying that to be judge mental but it’s important to the story.
So my boyfriend tells new friend to make himself at home, so new friend continues to run and jump on the bed, breaking the bed frame in half in the process.
My boyfriend feels really bad about it, but he told the guy he needs to pay for the bed frame because he broke it. New friend says he’s not going to pay for it because it’s not his fault the bed frame broke, and it was probably damaged before he even jumped on it.

What are your opinions on the situation? Should he be obligated to pay for it or should we save the money to buy a new frame because he was invited to the house?

saying i love you: before we jump

saying i love you masterpost

note: i’m so sorry this is terribly late, but here’s the last installation in this series! no need to read the others to understand this one. as a gift for making you all wait so long, this installment is by far the longest, clocking in at around 1700 words. look out for a post on ao3 soon with the entire series!

“Can you remind me why you’re going on a date with this guy when Even, like, exists?”

Isak turned to glare at his best friend. “If you’re not going to be supportive then you can fuck off.”

Jonas threw his hands up in surrender, though a knowing smirk lingered on his lips. Isak went back to digging through his laundry basket, filled with clean clothes he hadn’t had the energy to put up, looking for something appropriate to wear.

“Is this okay?”

Jonas looked at the shirt Isak was holding up. It was a plain gray t-shirt.

“Bro, I honestly can’t tell the difference between that and what you’re already wearing.”

Isak groaned and threw the shirt back in the basket and resumed his digging.

“Hey, so –“ Jonas was cut off by a knock at the apartment door.

“Are you going to get that?” Isak asked distractedly, looking at a white shirt with a stain on the collar with a frown. He had hoped that would come out when he washed it.

“You should know it’s Even,” Jonas said quickly, then ignored Isak’s high pitched what! and ran to the front door. Isak was frozen, hands submerged in clothes, feeling his cheeks heat up. How the hell was he supposed to explain to Even what he was doing, when he himself didn’t even know?

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6/21/2017 training block 1 day 3 - heavy deadlifts

competition deadlifts: 260x3x4 Double initiation deadlifts: 185x3x3 Barbell RDL: 105x4x8 Bent over single arm row: 30x4x10

Deadlifts went really well! I was nervous, but I referred back to my cue sheet and had a really solid initiation with each rep. I definitely could’ve/should’ve gone heavier with all of my accessories tonight, but I wanted to make sure my form was good before jumping into any heavy weight. I need to be doing RDL’s with at least 135 tbh. Rows could’ve gone up to 40 maybe, but double initiation deadlifts were at an appropriate weight.

IT WAS MY LAST DAY OF WORK AND I FOUND A TATTOO ARTIST I LOVE. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY! Also, these shorts were only $7 and they’re my new faves. I’m going to go back and buy more because they fit well and don’t cut into your midsection.

Before you all jump to conclusions saying I hate Evak or whatever, I really don’t I love the fact that they concentrated on a homosexual couple for a whole season it just shows how times are changing for the better…


It kinda makes me sad how literally all of the recent top liked posts are just Evak related and you have to scroll really far down to get to any Sana related posts.. It just highlights how under appreciated her season has been.. like now it’s just been highjacked by Evak by just one clip. I want my sweet Sanasol to be noticed. It is her season after all.

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Awwwww this special seems so cute!!! Could we have Francis and Arthur receiving cute little gifts that Child!Alfred and Child!Matthew made for them??

It had been the scent of burning food that woke Francis up. Looking to his side, he saw Arthur asleep which confused him as who else could cook so awfully? A few seconds passed by before Francis jumped out of bed with a concerned cry.

“Francis? What’s wr-….Is there a fire?!” Arthur shot up and followed Francis down to the kitchen to see their sons standing afraid and watching the pan catch fire. Francis, having had much experience with Arthur’s cooking, was able to put the fire out with ease as Arthur ushered the boys into the living room.

“Boys! What on earth were you two thinking?! What were you trying to do? Burn our house down?!” Arthur scolded as Francis walked into the living room.

“N..No sir….we just wanted to make you and Papa breakfast…” Matthew hiccuped, wiping his tears away the best he could

“We didn’t mean to start a fire! We just wanted to do something nice for you and Dad since you both always work so hard for us…It’s Father’s day, after all.” Alfred looked down at his feet nervously, he was trying to be a hero and help lessen the work on his dads only to make it worse.

“You…” Arthur looked over at Francis, not being able to keep himself angry at his two children who only meant good. Francis kneeled down next to Arthur in front of their sons.

“Boys, thank you for…attempting to make us breakfast but you never have to put much effort into a gift for us. A simple hug and ‘I love you, Dad’ will be enough to make us both very very happy.” Matthew and Alfred hugged their dads giving them a kiss on the cheek as well as “I love you’s”

“Now then, how about I make us breakfast instead.” Arthur smiled.

“The boys already set the kitchen on fire, only one fire per day, Angleterre.” Francis chuckled with his sons as Arthur began his argument on why his food was good and Francis was just being an idiot.

on the topic of baekho and recent developments

sexual assault is NEVER okay and is INEXCUSABLE. no one should have to go through that, and the perpetuators must be held accountable. the victim often gets attacked and blamed, especially when someone’s name is on the line. if accusations are true, stand with the victim. don’t attack them. don’t blame them. hold the assaulter accountable.

now, i will say the timing is fishy, and i too wondered why, 8 years later, these accusations would come to light at such a time. but put yourself in the victims shoes. seeing your assaulter rise to a large amount of fame is probably scary and triggering. so before you jump to conclusions or dismiss anything, keep in mind:

1. Nothing is confirmed. I’m not defending him or saying she’s lying. There is a description of the events and evidence she provided. The final truth is..we don’t know much yet.

2. Sexual assault is not something to easily admit. It’s traumatizing, and lots of sexual assaults are kept hidden in fear of ridicule, blame, etc. Some are never admitted. I know, 8 years seems like a lot, but you can’t immediately conclude that it’s false.

3. You don’t know Dongho. You see what he decides to show you. You don’t know what he’s really like, behind the cameras or closed doors. He could quite possibly be a completely different person that from what we know.

i don’t know what to think now. personally i feel as though pledis’s statement was whack and did more harm than help and i don’t know what else to do other than wait for further confirmation. i won’t stop supporting nu'est in the event that this is in fact true, unless other circumstances arise, but i can not support dongho. he must be held accountable. sexual assault is not and will never be okay.

if anyone needs to talk or anything i’m here! ㄴㅇㅅㅌ stands together!

(Copy+pasting this from my facebook page) 

Hey everyone, first off I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for the kind messages and comments left on my distress-posts yesterday. I try to keep this page professional, but sometimes I need to air my grievances to my followers, you know?

Second off, I did some thinking. And I think my next move is to take a longer break from SHELTER. Maybe a month or so. I fell behind because of my back injury and head cold, and trying to keep up with that and everything else has made me stressed and unable to focus. So I need to look after myself before I can jump back onto this.

I try not to bring my personal life or feelings onto this page, it’s all personal and I dont want to burden my followers with my shit. But lately, I’ve been struggling a lot with my mental illnesses. I haven’t been able to focus and come early July I’m going to try and get access to meds that will help me get focused and get energized to work like how I use to.

Working on SHELTER was stressing me out because I felt like it was all I had keeping me afloat in terms of providing art and deserving money for it. As you all know I had to drop out of art school and that was a huge blow on my confidence as an artist. And my lifelong dream of having art be my supporting job seems further out of my reach than ever. And that’s why I’m working so hard on SHELTER and on my illustrations and on patreon and comics and EVERYTHING. I have to! Art is all I have. I dont have a degree or any education to show for it. And I feel if I stop producing work for even a moment, if I’m not constantly working I’m worthless and everything I’ve ever done will fade away. It doesn’t help that I keep losing patrons, which is nobody’s fault but my own. Losing patrons made me feel like I had to push more and thus I felt worse.

Pity aside, I’m going to keep working on shelter, but I wont be releasing it publicly for a while (I want to say a month). Just so I can have a decent buffer, and work on future pages without stress, and also work on other things and other comics. You guys deserve a stream of good content. And I thank all of you for being so understanding.

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And it literally makes everyone laugh so hard and jack doesn't realize how serious the problem is until he goes to check on davey

And then it turns out Davey was not exaggerating when he said he broke his leg. Jack leaves the camera on, so the audience just hears a lot of off-screen cursing from both Jack and Davey before it jump cuts to them in the hospital.

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Honestly I read what you said about Shawn kissing Ellie, I think your right; first of all that kid must have been so nervous; second of all I don't think he's kissing her lips, they aren't even moving. When you kiss someone your heads are titled to the side a little bit

It honestly was so far away and so fast that it was really hard to tell. I don’t want to say that they DIDN’T kiss because I wasn’t there and I don’t know for sure. I just looked at it frame by frame and it just looks a little off to me.

Again, we’ll see if Shawn says anything about it before jumping to conclusions.

Secondhand smoke kills, but not as fast as firsthand hammer. 

Red & Blue Connection Theory

Be warned there’s gonna be Voltron s3 spoilers in here!! So if you don’t want to see that, look elsewhere. (Also this is super fucking long, I’m sorry.) 

Anyway so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and what with (at least temporary) Red Paladin!Lance being confirmed, now is probably the time to post this.

Coincidentally, I’ve been spending the past couple weeks looking for foreshadow of the Red and Blue Lions have some kind of Special Connection and there is quite a bit, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found.

The gist of it is that I think Red and Blue have some kind of connection that the other lions don’t seem to have with each other. Of course all the lions have a special bond, but there seem to be a lot of hints that the connection between Red and Blue *coughs* and their pilots is something a little different––basically, that Lance and Keith have shown a lot more interest in/connection to each other’s lions than any of the other paladins have.

(And before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m NOT proposing a permanent lion switch so jot that down lol. But I do think temporary lion switches are Good so uhhhh fight me.)

I’m not sure how to go about explaining this, but I’m just gonna break it down to:

- Keith’s connection with Blue

- Lance’s connection with Red

- What Does It Mean

Here we go!!!

Keith & Blue

- I’m still caught up on this whole “Keith sensed the Blue Lion” thing. Granted, it could have something to do with his alien abilities™ (I’m still rooting for Keith with Altean ancestry, y’all) but I still question the choice of having Keith sense Blue, of all the lions. He only detects the location of two lions in canon, and they’re––you guessed it––Blue and Red. 

First we have some kinda vague “energy” that attracts Keith to Blue:

Then we have this part where Keith just … closes his eyes and senses Red somehow??

(These both happen in the first episode, I might add.)

Like I said, this could be some kinda sixth alien sense. But, I do also wonder if it was Blue trusting & calling out to Keith specifically, which is interesting considering he’s not even her paladin.

- Also in the first episode, when they find Blue, Keith & Lance are the first ones to approach her. Keith even reaches Blue before Lance does!

And then they’re both standing right in front of Blue, side-by-side, when she wakes up.

There is still a close-up on Lance when Blue awakens––but even so, everyone else has much more of a one-on-one first interaction with their lion, so this scene in particular stands out to me.

- Other than in the first episode we don’t get much of Keith interacting with Blue in s1 (except for him saving Blue for Lance in s1e06, which is cute!)

But then there’s also this moment in s2 where he starts asking Coran about whether there might have been Galra on earth before, and whether that could have something to do with Blue being on Earth:

Which is especially interesting now that we know that Keith is part Galra. So …. is it possible the previous Blue Paladin might’ve been Galra?? or even could have been an ancestor of Keith’s?

Then of course we have Lance emerging from his room at the mention of Blue, and accusing Keith of “having his eye on the Blue Lion since day one”:

This is … kinda odd considering Keith hasn’t outwardly shown any desire to pilot Blue as far as I can remember. So, obviously this is a throwback to the very first episode in which Keith first sensed Blue––and the fact that it was brought up again out of nowhere makes me suspicious that there’s Something there that hasn’t quite been addressed yet.

Lance & Red

- *rubs hands together* Now this is Extra Fun because now I know for a fact Lance is gonna fly the Red Lion at some point in s3 because it was in the trailer and all …


Unfortunately I don’t get to say “I told you so” because I didn’t publish this post before then, but anyway! I’ve been looking for foreshadow of this and honestly?? If you ask me, there are hints of Red Paladin!Lance since the very first episode. (Again, I’m not suggesting Lance becomes Red Paladin forever, so please don’t kill me. But I do think Lance having some kind of connection with Red has been foreshadowed.)

- So!! In the first episode I noticed that when Allura assigns each of them a lion, she doesn’t technically assign Blue to Lance (because he interrupts her, lol). It’s just kind of assumed that he’s Blue Paladin since, well, he’s flown Blue. Now, I’m not saying he’s not the Blue Paladin––he is! Buuut I also find a couple things about this scene Intriguing:

1) Lance looks like he almost expects to be assigned the lion as Allura describes it (even though he already has a lion), and then seems a bit shocked/upset when it gets assigned to Keith instead.

2) Not only that, but you may notice the Red Lion hovers between BOTH of them, which is noteworthy because this doesn’t happen to anyone else when they get their lion assigned to them. Hmmmmmm…

- This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually … also think Lance shows some Red Paladin traits. Once again, that’s not to say that Lance doesn’t also fit into the role of Blue Paladin because of course he does, but I do think he shows traces of being capable of being Red Paladin as well.

Like listen, when Allura is assigning Red, these are her exact words: “The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. … Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

So really the only qualifications here are: 1) Be skilled. 2) Have good instincts.

And Lance?? Fits those qualifications pretty damn well. He’s a skilled pilot, sharpshooter, and strategist. And he has very strong awareness/instincts as well (i.e. being able to identify the Rover clone super fast, being able to come up with a plan on the Balmera on the fly, etc.). There’s no reason why he can’t fly Red if you ask me.

- Also, when the Red Lion gets fire power for the first time Lance is like, “I want that!!” which is interesting … especially because (at least as far as I can remember) no one else expresses jealousy for another paladin’s lion that way.

And generally I just find it kinda funny that Lance accuses Keith of having his eye on the Blue Lion when Lance has like…canonically had his eye on the Red Lion from pretty early on. 

- In addition to all of the above, there does seem to be some foreshadow about Keith getting separated from Red (at least temporarily). i.e. he has that dream about Red rejecting him.

And there’s also that vision he has in BoM where Red is far away from him.

(Tag yourself I’m the people screaming.)

Could be coincidental …. or could be intentional to foreshadow something about a certain someone else temporarily taking over as Red Paladin.

- And lastly: it may not mean anything, but in GoLion (the original anime) Isamu/Lance was Red Paladin … So, could be a nod to the original!

And yes, he wore a blue outfit but piloted the Red Lion, don’t question it. Color coordination hadn’t been invented yet. 

What Does It Mean?!

- In general, there seems to be a lot of subtle foreshadow that there is Some kind of connection between the Red and Blue lions––or at least, to an extent, Keith and Lance have connections to each other’s lions as well as their own.

- It could mean they are both capable of piloting each other’s lions. I’ll say it again––I’m not suggesting a permanent lion swap or anything along those lines, because both paladins also have very strong connections to their own lions. (Also, I’m not sure about Blue Paladin!Keith at this point, although it’s hard to say since we don’t really know what the quintessence of the Blue Lion is yet.)

However, I think in certain situations their lions could be accepting of the other’s paladin (which of course we know is possible since Keith has piloted Black before, and in the s3 trailer it appears he does so again, as well as Lance piloting Red). So, I feel like that could be important.

- As for the reason behind this connection: It could be because their elements balance each other out (you know, the whole fire-and-ice thing), but what I’m really hoping is that there is some significance in the relationship between the previous Red & Blue Paladins (interpret that however you want––but yeah like, maybe they were good friends??? or …. more than that????) and their lions built up a strong connection because of that (or vice versa).

- TL;DR: I think it’s pretty much inevitable that Red & Blue/Keith & Lance have some kind of special connection (space ranger partners™ amiright) and if you ask me there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. That’s all, bye.

before ya’ll jump on To The Bone (2017) for romanticizing eating disorders in the same way 13rw  romanticizes suicide, keep in mind that the film is written and directed by Marti Noxon who based the film on her own personal struggles with eating disorders and stars lily collins who has also been very public about her battles with eating disorders. also the cast (including Keanu Reeves) have been raising awareness about eating disorders since early 2016 (when they began filming). of course you should steer clear of any potentially triggering content if you have an ed, I just wanted to point out that To The Bone has not been composed in the same circumstance as 13rw