before the game starts

How to play Mercy

So you think you got what it takes to be a Mercy main? Ok, let’s see, here are the basics:

  1. Before you start your game, make sure you have at least one bottle of Vodka beause oh my god you are going to need it.
  2. As soon as you enter your game say ‘Hello’ and wave in an effort to make the team care about you. If they don’t say ‘Hello’ back then ignore them for the rest of the game - they are on your naughty list.
  3. If there is a friendly Pharah who said ‘Hello’ back then you are basically married. Make sure to keep her alive at all costs. She flies into an ulting Reaper? Follow her. You fly and die together.
  4. Mercys pistol does a surprising amount of damage! Use it. Be the Battle Mercy you always wanted to be and bathe in the blood of your enemies and of your own team mates that are screaming for healing all over the place.
  5. Make sure to teabag when your entire team dies and you have your ult ready. Bonus points if you sit on the ground, let the camera linger, spray, resurrect, and then teabag. Everyone will love your POTG especially the Genji whose quintuple kill you just negated.
  6. As Mercy you are the center of the univese. When someone isn’t close enough for Guardian Angel let them die. You are the ruler over life and death and they have to learn their place. Establish dominance.
  7. The sooner you accept that people are not going to vote for you even if you heal 62%  of the overall damage, the better off you will be. Accept that the Roadhog’s 40% Hook-Accuracy is more important. 
  8. Shove your staff up the tanks ass and let your ult charge on them. Ignore the dying flankers, there are health packs for them. Ignore the Mei that is currently freezing your co-healer, Ressurect has priority over everything.
  9. You will scream a lot. Prepare in advance and get Ricola^TM for the maximum swiss feel.
  10. Ignore the Genjis. They have the blood of your sisters on their hands - they don’t deserve healing.

The Super Bowl ads and Lady Gaga proved that showing decency is all it takes to be political in 2017

  • All it took was a brief dramatized shot of an immigrant to send certain corners of the internet into hysterics during the 2017 Super Bowl. 
  • #BoycottBudweiser started to trend days before the big game, when Bud first shared its ad depicting its founder, Adolphus Busch, coming to America to found what would become America’s most popular beer.
  • Budweiser’s simple ask, which amounted to little more than “treat human beings the way you’d like to be treated,” spiraled out into a divisive flag-plant fit to shake brand loyalty and get the cuck sirens sounding. Because it seems that’s all it takes to be political in 2017.
  • Make a simple ask for peace, patience and compassion, and watch yourself turn into a martyr overnight. Read more

rose is a great character because she’s easily one of the most intelligent characters in the whole cast and yet she’s such a fuckin dumbass

like who looks at a bunch of lovecraftian dark gods that are literally called the Horrorterrors and immediately decides “yes, i can trust them, these are an ally”

you know how everyone has that hc of andrew scaring his future teammates who get confused when they see him being soft with neil? like, i get that bc of andrews reputation but. neil’s fucking scary. dude has a bunch of fucked up scars all over his arms, chest, and face. prolly never smiles unless it’s to intimidate the opponent or when he’s destroying some reporter who stepped over the line. everyone knows his dad was part of the mob. my point is: neil’s teammates being scared of him until they see him smile and laugh and be soft when other foxes go to his games. even better: andrew going to watch a game one day and neil kissing his cheek before it starts. going back into the field with the goofiest smile. completely befuddling everyone on the field


Anyway someone awesome compiled all the D&D-related Vines the cast made! Most of them are from the years before Critical Role officially got started, and it really shows how much time (years!) they had with these characters before they even started streaming the game.


I’m afraid you’re out of luck.


How to cheat in chess by Artemis Trevelyan

I cannot think of any better ways to cheat in chess. Like how?? Do you slide in extra pieces onto the board?? My inquisitor and I are kinda dumb at this game, so this is the only trick we can think of haha

Pokémon AU!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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