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If I had a dollar every time someone said I looked like I was from Lord of the Rings… I could buy my own Shire, three elves, seven dwarves, nine men, one dark lord and one very precious ring.

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Don’t know if I’ve posted this before.  PD fashion shoot.  I particularly like the way the dude behind him is looking at him. “WTF, another snotty hipster.”

I disapprove of the red jacket and yellow scarf.

Oops, it’s the lighting guy, but I still think that’s the expression on his face.

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Maybe the audit explains her lack of pap walks and her desperation for that money shot. IR$ wants its $$$.

Did you know they are the number collection agency in the world. It pays to go to a former irs agent as your accountant, professional courtesy. She started doing those in November, what is she calling pap walks, fashion shoots? She should stop before she gets into any more troubles.

thanks anon


FAT, Femme, & Fearless

The Introduction of the Beautifully Complex

I had the great opportunity to work with a close friend, Paxton Taylor, in this 80’s meets Hollywood Glam fashion shoot, which encompasses two very distinct styles that inspire much of my everyday wardrobe. Within both of those eras, a very thin yet curvaceous body standard was needed to create the signature looks of the time. I’m not thin. I definitely have curves and probably a little more. Being the Jarrid that I am, I make it my mission to break sociocultural beauty standards and allow myself to be influenced by those styles while staying true to myself.

Today I fully embrace FAT! Fabulous and Thick! Fearless and Triumphant! Fashionable and Trendy!

Before all the photo-shoots and the social media coverage, I had a negative connection to the word “Fat” and associated it with being undesirable and the lack of opportunity that exists for me based on the size I am. Boy was I wrong. FAT gives me the strongest feeling of confidence and motivation I’ve ever had. Despite what America’s perception of beauty is, I’m still turning heads and I am given the most extraordinary experiences that I could ever wish for.

As the shoot progressed I became more in tuned with my body, allowing myself to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in the most femme ways, despite how society may try to shape my gender.

“Due to socially constructed gender roles and a strictly enforced binary, this expression is often discouraged and even shamed. It is important that we question these assumptions and attack coercion that enforces them, if we are to ever truly be free, free to be ourselves, free to live our truth. (Corey Kempster)”

I think being inspired by two, embracing two, but not being limited by two, has opened my mind to the most beautifully complex ideas, living a truth that most won’t understand and being appreciated for it. The More photo-shoots, interviews, and articles I do, the more fearless I become. It becomes less about me and more about the activism and being part of creating visibility for the gender spectrum community. I’m able to use my words, thoughts, and physical body to set a presence, not to join and become part of mainstream society, but to diversify society’s understanding of the beautifully complex.

Be Proud, Be Complicated, Be Beautiful
- Jarrid Jones

(Words of a FAT, Femme, and Fearless Being)

Just One Day-Yoongi Fluff

Info: Requested; A romantic Yoongi smut with a House of Cards inspiration. This Fluff is Part One of this request. It will start with a romantic date in a very Yoongi style, but Part Two will be the smutty smut.

WC: 2000+

Warnings: Just Cuteness

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You had just arrived home, a heavy sigh falling from your lips as you kicked your shoes to the side and hung your purse up. Work had been long and difficult, two things you tended to hate especially when coming home at such a late hour. Therefore, a grimace was plastered onto your face when you sluggishly dragged your feet further into the house the quiet roar of the TV letting you know Yoongi was home from practice and either waiting for you or sleeping on the couch. Upon entering the kitchen you noticed a rather beautiful bouquet of red tulips sitting on the counter in a vase with a small card attached. Immediately you perked up and shuffled quickly towards them in order to read the little pink card. Your fingers snatched at it, a small smile gracing your lips as you read.

Red Tulips signify undying love, so I figured they were fitting.

-Love Yoongi ♥️♥️

A little giggle fell from your lips, a small smile taking over as you glanced towards the living room where the quiet hum of the TV trailed towards you. It wasn’t often that Yoongi gave you flowers, but when he did it usually meant he was up to something. With the card still between your fingers, you looked to the other room once more to call for him.

“Oppa? What’s this?” You asked, though knowing full well what his response would be and as if on cue he gave you that answer.

“What does it look like,” His voice was low and casual, not giving anything away as he spoke o you. You quietly chuckled at his words, still letting your fingers play along the edges of the card and admiring his silent profession of love. Yoongi was never the type to be foreword in how he felt, giving gifts and physical affections over sweet words. You like it that way though, his silent declarations of love scattered about your everyday life. You slipped the card from its attachments to the flowers and brought it with you into your bedroom. The little corkboard above your bed was already scattered with notes from the both of you to the other and that’s exactly where you placed the new one. Once it was up you sat back to enjoy the sight of all the years together compressed into little silly notes.

“Jagi, let’s go get some food,” You turned at the sound of his forever husky voice coming out as a mumble. He was leaned casually against the doorway, eyes searching yours for confirmation. You nodded and sent him a wide smile, quick to bounce off the bed and pad your way over to him. You shared a hug and a small peck on the lips before exiting the bedroom. Yoongi returned your wide smile while strolling towards the door hand in hand, both of you shuffling into your shoes and light jackets as it was a summers night, so it wasn’t so cold. Once outside Yoongi’s hand took yours once again, fingers soothing the back of your hand while dragging you down to the parking garage. There was never many words exchanged unless you were cuddled in bed or musing about the house on a lazy day. When out and about you both tended to stay quite, few words said, but the persistent squeeze of fingers around our own let you know he wasn’t forgetting you nor you him. Your relationship was a quiet one filled with many deep and meaningless conversations scattered from day to day and usually before bedtime, you both loved to talk, but with him being an Idol it was hard to talk openly in public. At night though, you both were a little more rambunctious. 

“Oppa, can we get these, please?” You set your eyes upon Yoongi and acted cute. Voice raising and annoying octave just to watch him scrunch his nose and hold back a silly grin at your antics. All the while you pouted cutely and continued to wave the snake in his face just to watch him cringe and chuckle. His hand swiped out to grab the food from you and bring your silly dancing to an end. He playfully swatted at you with the bag of food he had just taken causing a little giggle to break through your lips.

“Do you want anything else? I grabbed some beer, the sweet kind that you like,” He dangled up the alcohol in front of your face while his other arm cradled several snacks. Yoongi almost never let you hold the snakes or alcohol unless it was bagged. You had a tendency to drop things and his drinks were far too precious to go through that torture again.

“No, I think we have enough. Thank you Oppa,” Before he could turn away towards the counter you swooped in and gave him a quick peck on his nose a giggle erupting from you when he grumbled in discontent with a large smile plastered upon his face. His nose was scrunched up and a chuckle coming from him when you pulled back.

“You’re so gross,” Yoongi teased as he strode away to buy the food, with you trailing behind. You both were rather similar when showing affection, but Yoongi was less likely to be open about it in public. It was always the perfect opportunity to tease him and be playful in hopes of getting a rise. The most you usually got though was a playful kiss or two upon your nose as you did to him, or a sly pat on the butt when he knew no one was looking. Other than that though, he just held your hand and let you hang off of him. The cashier squinted at Yoongi, who was adorned with a beanie and facemask that he had pulled back up when he turned to the register. The cashier was a young man who had a look on his face like he was trying to figure out if he recognized Yoongi or not. Being the tease that Min Yoongi was though he finished paying and sent the kid a wink while bringing a finger to his covered mouth in a shushing fashion. The poor kids eyes widened in shock, but he nodded hurriedly, a little star struck. Once outside Yoongi’s fingers curled around yours once more after handing you the bag of food.

“Let’s eat in the park and play some basketball, it’s late so no fans will bother us,” Yoongi hummed, his voice coming out a slow drawl, completely lazed. You continued a silent walk towards his car, after giving a silent confirmation, swinging your bags of food while he lovingly cradled the alcohol in his arms as though it were a small child. Yoongi wasn’t an alcoholic by any means, but when he could drink he very much enjoyed it and held the drinks like they were lovers that he had to nurse back to health. Tonight though he released his hold with one hand and snaked the free arm around your waist tugging you into his side tightly. You squealed in surprise, looking to see if he was feeling alright, but he just continued to tug you towards the car completely ignoring your inquisitive look.

The drive was silent, Yoongi’s music tastes quietly humming through the speakers as he neared the park where dim lights scattered and left the area in a hushed darkness. It was never that scary though, especially with the badass Min Yoongi at your side, the thought made you chuckle. He was never much of a fighter, but you knew full well that he would drop everything to knock someone’s lights out if they gave you trouble. His lean build only hid how tough he actually was, Yoongi had a killer punch. You had met in this very park one night when a guy was harassing you and he decided to step in. Yoongi had explained about how even as a Student Council member in highschool he had learned to protect himself, especially from the less than grateful students he got in trouble. 

Yoongi pulled up and parked, but before getting out he tugged you towards him and landed a sweet kiss to your lips within the tinted confines of the car. His soft pressure took your breath away, but was gone quickly as he silently slipped from the vehicle and came to your side to open your door. Yoongi was all grins as he pulled you out and then fished a basketball and blanket from his trunk, all the while cradling his beer. You knew something was off, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. So you let the feeling pass and just enjoyed the moment together.

“I think you may love that alcohol more than me Min Yoongi,” You teased earning a sly grin from him as he kissed the top of one of the bottles and winked your way. A giggle erupted into the dark night and followed you both to the basketball court. Once there Yoongi was quick to spread the blanket onto one side of the lightly lit-up court, assembling the food and drinks into the center and cracking a bottle open. You laughed loudly when he took a large swig followed by an appreciative groan and a loud “ahhh”.

You were cracking into the food and your own bottle when he started to play by himself. If there was one thing Yoongi showed off at, it was basketball, especially in-front of you. He would do dribbling tricks and shoot in cool ways just to hear you clap and cheer him on. It was safe to say you consistently fed his ego. How could you help it though when your reward was that sweet, gummy smile and several soft words before bed. It was the only time Yoongi ever really told you how he felt in-depth.

“Jagi, come play with Oppa and stop eating like Jin Hyung.” His voice drifted towards you, taking on a playful lilt. You glanced up from your many snacks to see his ever present grin and cocked eyebrow. He always teased you for shoving your face with food, much like Jin always did. You couldn’t help it though, food was good and should be eaten ravenously. Instead of continuing to eat though, you complied and hopped up from your spot.

“You know I’m as good at this game as Hobi Oppa right?” You sang while snatching the ball from his fingers. Yoongi nodded, biting his lip to hold back laughter at the memories of you desperately trying to keep up with him every time the two of you played. The same could be said when you play soccer though, that being a sport you were much better at in comparison to him. Neither of you liked to run, but Yoongi especially hated it and to add kicking a ball at the same time.

“Don’t I always go easy on you Jagi?” His words hinted at something more than the childish games and the way he smirked had you throwing the ball at his face.

“Yah! You’re so dirty Oppa!” You chastised him, all the while he was roaring and hunched over a little. He lived for the way you reacted to his sexual jokes, the way your face would flush and you lashed out to make him hush up. His loose grip on the ball while laughing gave you your opportunity though and you were quick to take it. Past experience has taught you to cheat whenever playing with Yoongi or you wouldn’t get a single point.

You darted forward and easily slipped the ball from his fingers, running and not completely dribbling properly, till you stood under the basket before shooting in a very uncoordinated fashion. However, the ball still went in and you cheered yourself on happily. Soon after you were being swept off your feet and spun in a circle a cute scream and giggle ripping from your lips.

“You always cheat, cutie,” Yoongi mumbled into your neck when setting you down.

“I was just taking advantage of your weak points Oppa,” You batted your lashes and earned another scrunched nose from him accompanied by a grin. The look ha always gave you when you acted cute.

“Go get the ball little one,” His words were soft, a hand coming to pat your butt and more or less push you towards the ball. Around anyone else you were rather reserved and not so giggly, but Yoongi brought out that childish side of you and always earned himself cute laughter and smiles.

“No more cheating or I’ll end our date,” Yoongi said when you strolled back towards him, ball in hand, which he took from you while wagging a finger in your face.

“Date? Did you plan this Oppa?” You asked surprised, but seeing the chance to tease him for his little slip up. Immediately Yoongi’s cheeks bloomed and he turned away from you to continue playing silently. Chasing after him you tried several times to steal the ball, bumping into him and attempting to trip him up any way you could. His cute barking laughter filling the court area, a large gummy smile on his face as he continued to avoid you. In all honestly you wanted to stop him so you could tease him more about this supposed date. He was too quick though and seemed to know what you were attempting. That never stopped you before, a characteristic he loved, and you persistently tried stealing his ball. It lasted a good ten minutes with him scoring one point after another, and keeping track loudly so you knew you were losing, until you had enough and were too tired. So as a last resort you launched yourself at him when his back was turned and wound your arms firmly around his middle holding his back tightly to our chest. Yoongi paused before dropping the ball and struggling with you, but you weren’t easy to pry off. His fingers had just wedge their way under your arms when you cried out.

“Oppa,” You let out a childish huff and tightened your hold to end his struggling. Yoongi threw his arms in the air with an exasperated sigh and soft chuckle before turning in your arms to face you and looping his own limbs around your shoulders.

“You’re so troublesome,” He grumbled, but pecked your nose regardless, small smiles flitted across his face as he continued to peck your face and distract you from asking him questions. He never usually kissed you so much in public, but maybe it was the late night that had him acting this way, or the fact that he had been caught trying to go on a date without calling it a date.

“Just tell me that you planned this,” You laughed, now you were the one trying to get away while he enveloped you in his arms and peppered your cheeks with swift butterfly pecks.

“I may have, does it matter?” You rolled your eyes at his response, really you hadn’t expected anything more than that reply.

“You’re so cute,” You teased, pinching his cheek and watching how his face scrunched and his hand swatted yours away. Yoongi secretly loved the way you teased and doted over him, but it was natural to him to push away the compliments. He never knew how to properly respond to them, his cheeks would burn a little and a small smile would creep across his features occasionally accompanied by a quiet ‘Thank You’, or he would do what he usually did and just ignore the words all together.

“Let’s eat, I have a new song to show you. I’ve been working on it for awhile now,” Yoongi was starting his own rambling conversation and dragging the both of you toward your forgotten snacks and drinks. He was plopping down and tugging you to sit between his legs, chest to back and chin resting on your shoulder. His hands fishing out his phone and earbuds. In a very Yoongi fashion, he gave you the earbuds and waited till you had them in before clicking play and then moving to sit beside you to start eating.

The beat was soft and quiet, it was a surprise from his other tracks and you glanced to him to see his eyes trained on the food, deciding what to eat. When the rap started the words were spoken in a low register and very softly like he was speaking to a lover. Your eyebrow quirked and you glanced up again to see him taking a drink, his eyes slyly shifting over to you before snapping back foreword. He was watching your reaction, but ignoring you at the same time. As the song continued and your name rolled off his lips in the rap you began to realize exactly what the song was. Your fingers were quick to turn the phone screen on and read the title, “Red Tulip” was all it said, but you knew full well what it meant. The note on the counter made more sense now and tears pricked at your eyes when you looked to him once more.

His eyes were cast to the stars, he sat leaning back on his hands. His skin glowed under the lights, his hair brushing down into his eyes. Messy and unbrushed, most of it tucked under a black beanie. His shirt clung tightly to his torso and his lashes brushed his cheeks when he blinked and then looked to you. His dark eyes were so warm and soft, a small smile tugging at his lips when he saw the tears pricking at your eyes. On instinct your hand shot forward and you shoved him, a shaky laugh breaking from your lips. Yoongi’s smile just grew and he was quick to pull you toward him and kiss your temple. In his lap you listened to the rest of his song for you. A song professing his love, his fingers lightly rubbing soothing circles into your spine and thigh where he held you. His lips stayed planted against your temple, eyes closed and waiting for you to pull the earbuds out and hit him again.

“Min Yoongi you idiot,” You grumbled, still with tears in your eyes as you pulled the earbuds out. You hit his chest playfully, but then slid your hand to his neck and pulled his lips to your own for a sweet kiss. Yoongi was all smiles against your lips, chuckles bursting from him. This kiss was longer than most when you were in public, but it was late and he understood your need in that moment. His lips molding against yours with a soft groan leaving his throat and hands pulling you into him. 

“I love you,” His words were quiet and spoken against your lips when the kiss was broken, you pulled back a little to hold his face in your hands, finger tracing his jaw and thumbs brushing over his cheeks..

“I love you too you idiot,” Your own smile adorning your face as you leaned forward and kissed him deeply once more. Yoongi gave in, his hands squeezing you firmly and lips pushing against yours again and again. Your arms were wound around his neck, hands in his hair tugging softly.

“Let’s finish eating and then go home Jagi,” Yoongi mumbled against your mouth before pulling back and positioning you between his legs like before. The night continued with laughter and giggles, you had no idea what he had planned for when you got home.

That’s it for part one, I hope you all liked it <3<3 Much Love!