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Imagine being the new bartender at Molly’s and all the Chicago guys flirting with you.

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It was part of the job, really, and you played it up as much as you could for good tips. That said, when you had first applied for the bartending position open at Molly’s, you hadn’t quite expected for the amount of attention you would get. The flirting you carried on with nearly every guy who showed up only boosted your tips and their spirits.

Cops, firefighters, as well as medical personnel flocked to the bar on both busy and slow days. Hell, it was even owned by some of Chicago’s finest firefighters, as Gabby, Otis, and Herrmann loved to let you know. Really, it was only a matter of time before you began knowing the regulars by name.

Pouring drinks, flirting, and laughing became just as much a part of your job as anything else, and you loved it.

“There’s our favorite bartender,” the Halstead brothers call out as they come into Molly’s at a solid ten o’clock, the elder taking a moment to check you out before the younger did, too, only serving to make your smile wider as you move away from Severide and Jimmy to where the newcomers chose to sit.

“Don’t spoil me, boys,” you shoot back with a wink, making the two of them laugh while you carry on, asking for their order, “What’ll it be for you tonight?”

“Aside from your phone number?” Jay tries, making Will roll his eyes.

“Real smooth, Jay.”

This was the best job ever.


It was an accident.

Well, maybe that wasn’t the best explanation. It wasn’t necessarily an “accident” in that the situation had been out of his control. On the contrary, the situation would have been entirely within his control if he had just taken a few moments to cool his head before acting so impulsively. But he didn’t. Instead, Obi let the hum and the buzz of alcohol zip through his bloodstream, curling its way into his consciousness and somehow dampening his good thought with every tip of the glass.

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Sober Friday

My super white ass hometown celebrates an annual festival, called Perchville, during the first weekend of February.  It is mostly a beer tent on frozen Lake Huron and a polar bear plunge. It’s cold as hell and everyone is hammered beyond belief.  There is dancing and drinking and eating chili and drinking and drinking. My family gets fully into it.  I began to dislike Perchville even before I stopped drinking, but I am still profoundly sad I’m not there right now as there were some fun times.  I know it’s rose-tinted lenses, but there were some great times with my friends and family- eating, farting, and drinking beer and bag wine at 9AM. As the smalltown party begins to rage, I am sitting at home, 113 miles away, alone & sober.  

Each year without fail, after 36 hours of debauchery, everyone laments, “I’m never drinking again.”  Then we all remember that the Super Bowl is on Sunday night and we change this vow to, “I’m never drinking again after I get smashed during this football game.” I was drunk always again by the next weekend which allowed me another opportunity to vow never to drink again.

The first time I believed my promise to stop drinking was when I made a total fucking blubbering asshole of myself at my best friend’s surprise engagement party.  Surprise! Your best friend is a trainwreck.  I ubered home, met some probably-not-shady friends on the stoop next store, and called a guy I met on Tinder to take me to the ER. He also picked me up several hours later; romance is not dead. At the ER, I vomited and slept in a bathroom then I was given fluids with zofran. I have never been so sick with shame and nausea in my life.  

That wasn’t when I stopped drinking, though.  It took me another year to work through this shame (as previously documented on this blog) and realize my Perchville binge-drinking was more of a year-round binge-drinking.  The time, at Perchville, when I threw myself down the stairs and broke my tailbone was less of an isolated incident and more of one event in a patterned series. Digesting this information allowed me to say, “I’m never drinking again,” on September 25, 2016, and I really meant it that time.  

So I hope that everyone is having fun at Perchville, but I am glad that I am here safe, sober, and alone on a Friday night.

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Mia curiously dropped a dissolving tanker into Beetle's soda without him looking. It was supposed to help unleash his beastly side more. The package said something about extreme growth changes and fertility. But she didn't pay attention.

Beetle smiles at her and began drinking it humming a little before blinking a little confused and began sweating a little while he adjusting his pants a bit. “What the fuck….”

The Children Of Thunder

Justin and Taylor (a stockbroker) Helzer (pictured above) were raised as Mormons and were active members of both their church and community. Taylor, however, grew tired of the restrictions of his religion and was expelled from the church for drugs, drinking, and affairs. Shortly before any of this happened, Taylor began claiming God was speaking to him. According to Taylor, God gave him a plan, which involved starting a new religious movement.

Taylor managed to manipulate his younger brother, Justin, as well as Justin’s girlfriend, Dawn Godman into joining his movement and the “Children of Thunder” were born. His orders from God involved turning Brazilian orphans into assassins to slaughter leaders of the Mormon Church. He saw this as an opportunity to become the Church’s new leader,  and usher in the second coming of Christ. In order to accomplish this, they needed monetary resources.

In a scheme to raise money for their new religion, the Children of Thunder, went to the house of Annette and Ivan Stineman, an elderly couple who had once been clients of Taylor’s. The Stineman’s were forced to drink Rohypnol. Once properly sedated, the couple was taken back to the Helzer brothers’ home, and forced to write out two checks totaling $100,000.

When Dawn went to the bank in a poor excuse for a disguise and tried to deposit the checks into a fake account set up under the name of Taylor’s girlfriend (Selina) the bank became suspicious and confiscated the checks.

When the Stineman’s did not die from the Rohypnol as hoped, the Helzer brother’s beat, stabbed, and dismembered the Stineman’s in a bathtub. The Children of Thunder then prayed over the dead bodies. They believed the Stineman’s to be a sacrifice to a greater cause.

In an effort to cover their tracks, the cult then decided to kill Selina next. After inviting her over to house and distracting her, the brothers beat her head in with a hammer. When that didn’t immediately kill her, Taylor slit her throat. The brother’s dismembered her and put her body in gym bags and threw her in the river. A few days later, the brother’s wnt to Selina’s mother’s house and killed her and her boyfriend while they slept (Selina’s mother had seen Taylor and would be able to identify him).

Being sloppy and careless, it did not take long for police to connect the dots and all three cult members were arrested for homicide. Dawn testified against the brothers in exchange for a lesser sentence of 38 years. Justin received life without parole and Taylor received the death penalty. In 2010, Taylor tried to commit suicide by stuffing pens and pencils in his eye sockets. After this unsuccessful attempt, on August 14, 2013, Taylor hanged himself in his cell using sheets .

Prompt: “You like him/her, don’t you?” Dean and Sam 

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You and Dean had finished questioning the people on both of your lists about fifteen minutes ago. You were currently sitting in a diner that you’d planned to meet once done, but Sam wasn’t back yet. You sat with your hands cupped around your drink, Dean sitting opposite you. “You’ve been staring out that window since we got here” Dean said, making you snap out of your daze. “Huh? Oh sorry, um that’s rude right? How did your questioning go?” you asked taking a sip of your drink, before placing the cup back down as Dean began to speak. “The first few people I questioned were no help, I could have crossed their name off the list and…..” Dean’s voice had slowly become distant as you returned your gaze to the window. You heard Dean clear his throat making your look back to him once again. “Crap sorry, it’s just my mind is elsewhere” you explained with a sigh. “You’re worried about Sam” Dean nodded. You bit your lower lip as you looked down to your drink, keeping quiet for a moment. “Not worried, I know he can handle himself… I’m just wondering what’s taking so long” you shrugged. “Maybe he hit it off with one of the girls he was questioning” Dean guessed. As soon as those words left his lips your eyes were on him in a millisecond, you saw the smirk on his lips and immediately regretted your sudden reaction. “You like him don’t you?” Dean irked. “What? No, no Sam’s just a friend” you said, trying to laugh it off as if it was nothing. But Dean was right, you’d liked Sam for awhile now but couldn’t work up the courage to tell him. But you couldn’t let Dean know he would just tease you about it. “You need to work on your poker face Y/N” Dean chuckled. You sighed as you pursed your lips. “Fine I do, I like him. But you can’t tell him Dean” you acknowledged as you placed your hand on his. “If I don’t tell him how is he gonna know that you like him back?” he asked, a sneaky grin appearing. “Dean if you tell him I’ll be so embarrassed and… wait, did you just….?” you questioned, pointing at him confused. Dean just kept the smug look on his face, neither of you saying anything as he watched the realisation set in. “Sam.. Sam likes me?” you asked, pure happiness evident. “He told me not to say anything, but I’m not great with secrets” he winked playfully. “Here he comes now” he said, gesturing to the window you’d been looking out of for so long. “Oh and I just got the need to use the bathroom, what a coincidence” he chimed as he got up from the table so that when Sam entered it would be just the two of you.

Wintre starter

Wintre was wondering the forest in his fox form looking around and smiling his white tail wagging happily. He sniffed the air and smiled running to the lake purring. He began to drink before noticing a person on the other side. His head tilted and he looked at the bridge padding over to it before crossing it looking at the person confused. This was his forest or at least that’s what he thought.