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After Party // Jughead

Prompt #20: Let’s have a some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.

Summary: Reader got ready for the dance with Veronica and Betty but when the party at Cheryl’s happened she didn’t expect a suprise. The surprise in the form of Jughead Jones and getting dared to play seven minutes in heaven with the boy.

Character: Reader x Jughead Jones, Veronica, Betty, Archie, Cheryl, and Reggie Mantle (mentioned)

Words: 1017

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Also to clarify in the tv series Jughead is NOT asexual and this is not based on the comics.

Warnings: Make out session, swearing, alcohol, fluff and a party

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes. Anon

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If you had to answer someone on what was the most surprisingly thing the first week of school you could answer. After the school dance everyone went to Cheryl’s place for a party. It didn’t matter if you hated her guts everyone went, either for the alcohol, the drama or just to see the castle of a home the popular girl lived in.

The most surprising thing was when you noticed that Jughead Jones was lounging around the room where everyone was. You couldn’t believe he had made an appearance at this party because majority of the popular kids were rude to him. You noticed that Archie was even surprised at Jughead.

“Jughead what are you doing here?” You asked. He had opened his mouth before Cheryl interrupted.

“Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” Cheryl smiled, “Well maybe once but they moved away.”

You rolled your eyes at her words because she would have been the reason that person fled town. The girl pouted her plump lips before calling everyone to circle up.

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I dreamt that I found an enormous Pacific blood star clinging to a rock. It was bigger than a dinner plate and moved with unsettling speed. I lifted it off the rock easily - it wrapped slender red arms around my fingers, but as I turned it over, I saw that it had a tiny hypodermic needle where a mouth should be. It could rotate the needle (black, thin, no more than a centimeter long, encased in a pale fleshy mound) smoothly in several directions. It pricked my thumb, and as I frantically tried to peel the blood star off before it could drink my blood, I began to hear its thoughts in my head.

(Note: blood stars are so named because of their color, not a tendency towards vampirism.)

Illusion (Lance Tucker x Reader) part two

Part Two


Warnings: NONE, Swearing? Shirtless Lance?

If you haven’t seen part one, here it is :)

“Are you almost done?” Lance laid on your bed with his hands behind his head as you finished packing some stuff.

“Yeah give me five seconds.” You popped your head out of your closet before returning to folding the last of your clothes.

“You said that 10 minutes ago, we are going to miss the flight.”

“Stop nagging, you sound like my mother.” You zipped up your suitcase and brought it out into your bedroom. “Ok I’m done.”

“Finally.” Lance stood up. “Your bed is really comfortable Y/N. Should we get back into it?”

“I really hate you, you know that right?”

“Don’t kid yourself, you don’t hate me.” Lance smiled and walked out of your bedroom. You brought your suitcase out to Lance’s car. He opened the trunk and you put it in before walking to the passenger door and getting in. Lance’s black Cadillac was ridiculous but, it screamed Lance. Lance closed the driver’s door and turned on his car. The engine purred to life and the radio started playing. Lance had a playlist playing and the song Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado started blasting through the speakers.

“You listen to this?” You were holding back a laugh.

“Fuck you it’s a good song.” Lance looked over before backing out of your parking lot and heading down the road towards the highway.

The song continued to play and you found yourself singing along quietly. Lace would glance over to you every now and again when you’d say certain phrases. The next song to play was Starboy by The Weeknd

“You know, your playlist is very douchey, but It’s not bad.”

“Thank you? I’ve never had someone say my playlist is douchey but there’s a first for everything.”

You guys arrived at the airport and check in, sending your large suitcases on the way before heading over to the ridiculous line for security. The line took 45 minutes alone to get to the metal detectors. After an eternity and a half, you found your gate and set your stuff on a chair before plopping down.

“Do you want anything? I’m going to walk around and see what’s good.”

“If there is a Starbucks, I’ll take coffee.”

“Anything else?”

“If you stumble upon food, I won’t object.”

“Ok, I’ll brb.”

Lance walked off somewhere and you pulled out your phone, sending your mother a text that you were at the airport and what time your flight should land. She responded with an ok, and that she will have someone pick you up at the airport. You closed out your messages and put in your headphones. You played some music and put your feet up onto the chair, leaned your head on your hand, which rested on the arm rest. You closed your eyes and relaxed a bit, since you knew that you wouldn’t be getting much relaxation next 4 days. After a few minutes, you felt Lance’s presence return. You opened your eyes and saw he had a coffee extended towards you.

“Thanks.” You grabbed the cup and took a drink.

“No problem.” Lance looked over his shoulder towards the restaurant. “I forgot about food, but I saw the fucking hottest chick, I wish I could find a closet somewhere and invite her.”

You rolled your eyes and drank your coffee. “You’re ridiculous.” Lance had no response, except for the side look he gave you before drinking his own coffee.

The flight began boarding an hour later, once you guys found your seat you made yourself comfortable again, or at least as comfortable as you could on an airplane. It was 6am, so the plane was fairly packed for being an early 4th of July weekend flight. It had been a while since you’ve flown, so you were thankful that you wore shorts and a tank top, unlike Lance who was in dark jeans and a white t shirt.

30 minutes after taking your seats, the plane was finally moving towards the runway to take off. You pulled out a pack of gum to chew so your ears wouldn’t pop.

“Do you want gum?” You looked over to Lance while putting your piece of gum in your mouth.


The plane lifted and took to the sky while you watched Los Angeles’ skyline become smaller and smaller in the sunrise. Once the light became too much you closed the blind and pulled out the book you had been reading. Lance took out his phone and headphones, putting them in his ears before playing music, he closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

You had made it about 2 more chapter into your book when Lance’s head fell onto your shoulder. You looked over and saw that he was fast asleep. You decided not to shrug him off, since he was going to have hell to deal with back home. You hadn’t made it past the end of the chapter before you had also dozed off.

You awoke to someone grabbing your thigh and shaking it slightly. You opened your eyes and were immediately met with Lance’s blue ones.

“Hey we just landed.”

You stretched and let out a yawn before gathering your stuff.

Your mother had promised someone would be at the airport to pick you up, but you didn’t imagine it would be a chauffeur. You exchanged glances with Lance before following the man to the car he had parked outside. It was warm on the east coast, but wasn’t nearly as warm as California. The ride to your mother’s was a short one, she lived in a suburb only 5 miles away from the airport. You had never been to this house, since your mom had only lived here for a year.

The house was ridiculously large, there was a half circle driveway in the front with, of course, a fountain in the middle. The car came to a stop before the door was opened for you and Lance.

“Well, here were go.” You looked at Lance and he winked down at you before grabbing your hand and intertwining it with his. The two of you walked towards the front door and you grabbed the handle opening it. The foyer was empty but there were 4th of July decorations up.

“MOM?” You called out, before walking out of Lance’s grasp and looking towards the kitchen.

“Y/N, You’re here already?!” Your mother’s voice rang out from upstairs. You turned around and looked at the woman walking down the stairs. You walked towards her and she brought you into a hug. Once you guys separated, she held you at arm’s length, giving you a look up and down. “You’re getting way too skinny sweetheart. We need to make sure you eat this weekend.”

“Mom, I have to be in shape for trials next week.”

“I’m still making sure you eat, screw your diet.”

“Mom, this is Lance. You guys have met before, but he,” You took a second before finishing your sentence, the words coming out so foreign. “is my boyfriend.” You walked closer to Lance and grabbed his arm. He looked down and you, slightly shocked by the contact. “Lance this is my mother, Y/M/N.”

“Oh yeah, aren’t you Y/N’s coach?”

Lance nodded, and looked at you. “Uh, yep. It’s great to finally meet you. Or officially meet you, should I say.”

“Leave it up to my daughter to get herself an older man, and her coach, of course.” Your mother rolled her eyes and motioned between Lance and you. You shifted where you stood and shot her a look. “You two must be exhausted, let me show you to where you’ll be staying.” Your mother turned around and headed back up the stairs. You look up at Lance and clenched your jaw before signaling your eyes towards your mother. Lance chuckled under his breath before putting a finger gun towards his head and pretending to shoot it.

You started up the stairs and followed your mother up towards a bedroom, she opened the door and lead you guys in.

“Hopefully this will be fine? There was bathroom through that door there.”

“Yeah it’s fine thanks mom.”

“Ok well I’ll leave you guys to get comfortable, I had Andrew bring your stuff up while we were talking, your suitcases are in the closet, over there.” Your mother walked past and closed the door after she stepped into the hallway. You walked over to the bed and fell onto it.

“She’s even more insufferable that I remember.” You laid your arm over your face. “How the fuck will we survive?”

“Jesus Y/N, When you said she was bad, I did not think she’d be this bad. Jesus fucking Christ. I want to leave, already.”

“No you don’t” You sat up and pointed towards Lance. “We are in this together now mister. The only thing that can give us solace is the fact that there will be so much alcohol in this house this weekend.”

“Now, that is something I can look forward to.”

Lance jumped on the bed next to you and laid on his stomach, burying his face into the blanket to let out a yell.

“Did I ever mention, I just fucking hate parents. I’ve had to meet so fucking many, and I hate, all of them. Parents fucking suck.” Lance sighed in frustration before standing up and walking towards his suitcase. “I’m going to take a shower.” Lance walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. “You’re more than welcome to join.”

“Ew, no what the fuck.”

“Your loss.” Lance closed the door and turned on the shower. You rolled over on the bed and closed your eyes. You hadn’t planned on falling asleep, you just wanted to rest for a second.

When Lance come out of the bathroom in gray sweatpants and no shirt on, he was running a towel through his hair. He looked over and saw you sleeping in your clothes, as if you just knocked out. Lance threw the towel over the chair and walked over to you. He went to your converse and untied them, before sliding them off your feet and setting them next to the chair before walking back over.

“Hey, Y/N Here,” Lance grabbed the blanket from underneath you. “Let me put this blanket on you.” You shifted in your sleep, gaining enough consciousness to help get yourself tucked in before rolling over and completely passing out again. Lance walked to the other side of the bed, sliding under the blanket and taking another look at you before turning his back to you and closing his eyes.

You woke up to the setting sun hitting your face from the window. You rubbed your eyes before reaching down into your pocket, grabbing your phone. It was 15 minutes to 6, and the party was at 6:30, luckily you didn’t plan on dressing up too much. You looked to your right, finding Lance, still sleeping. He was laying on his stomach with his arms under the pillow, face towards you. You suddenly remembered that he helped you under the blanket on the bed. Lance was always cocky in LA while he was in his element, but you were really hoping that he’d let his walls down and show a softer side the next 4 days.

You took the blankets off you and stretched, Lance stirred and opened his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Almost 6. The party is at 6:30.”

“I don’t wanna go to the party.”

You stood and walked over to your suitcase and grabbed the dress that you planned on wearing, and the sandals. You walked into the bathroom and stripped yourself of you clothes and stepped into the dress. You opened the door to Lance, standing in a white button up shirt, wide open, and his grey sweatpants still. He was looking down when you emerged, not catching the look of surprise on your face, a warmth growing in your lower belly. You shook it off and cleared your throat.

“Can you zip this for me?”

“Uh, yeah.”

You walked over to Lance and turned around. He grabbed the zipper, pulling it up slowly, his fingers brushing against you slightly leaving chills up your spine at the lost contact.

“They you go.” He put his hands on your shoulders, giving them a small squeeze. You ran you hand through your hair and went back into the bathroom to put on some light makeup and lipstick. You grabbed your shoes and walked back into the bedroom towards the bed to put your shoes on.  Lance was wearing grey pants, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows, the top buttons on his shirt, un done.

“I’m so proud of you, you’re not wearing red, white, and blue, or a track suit. I’m so proud.”

“You’re so funny. You know me, I like to kiss ass and make parents like me.”

“I really doubt my mother will like you, or me, or anyone but this fake life she lives.”

“Wanna bet? 100 bucks says I can make her like me.”

“You’re on.” You shook his hands while laughing and finished getting ready.

You were sitting down at one of the many tables in the backyard, drinking a glass of champagne when you felt the chair next to you move, and Lance sit down next to you.

“These people aren’t taking the bait.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Maybe they see through your bullshit.”

“But that’s not possible, I’m really good.”

You stood up, still laughing at the desperation in Lance’s voice. “Well, you can keep trying I’m going to find something stronger.” You motioned towards your glass before walking away and heading back into the empty house. There was a full bar lining the counters, with ending possibilities of mixed drinks. You decided to make yourself a jack and coke. You walked over towards the living area to look at the pictures on the fire place. There were some of Mark’s children and he and mom. Then in the middle, was a picture of you at your first Olympic Game. You were 16 and it was the same year you messed up your hamstring.

“I still remember when you won.” Mark walked up next to you and put an arm around your shoulder, kissing the top of your head. “I felt so bad that I could see you earlier kiddo.”

“It’s ok, I was tired anyways. Plus, I knew I would see you tonight.” You smiled up at him.

“When is your next competition? I want to try and get off work.”

“Um in 4 weeks is the Games, next week is trials so hopefully I’ll qualify and then I’m back to Toronto.”

“You’ll do great. I’ll even get your mother to come around.”

“Thanks Mark.” You leaned into his side hug and he squeezed your arm before walked back towards the kitchen. “Hey Lance, you treat this one well, she is amazing. Don’t hurt her.”

“She really is great.”

You kept your back towards the men, but smiled at the compliment. You heard Mark leave the room and Lance walked up next to you with a glass.

“So, does everybody love you yet?”

“No. I don’t get it; the east coast is fucked.”

You laughed and took a drink. “I’m sorry your ego is deflating.”

Lance just sighed and chugged the rest of his drink.

“Do you want another drink?”

“Yeah. Thanks” You downed your drink and handed him the glass.

“Anything specific?”

“No, not really.”

Lance walked over to the bar and you followed.

“I really don’t want to go back outside.”

“Let’s just explore.”

“I’m pretty sure there is like a movie theater down stairs. We can just watch some shitty movie and get fucking wasted.”  

“Let’s find it.”

Lance handed you the drink and he grabbed another bottle before you guys went to find the basement door. You found the door and went downstairs. There was a bunch of couches and chairs with a large screen and a wall of movies.

“So, I say we just close our eyes and pick a random one?” Lance suggested standing in front of the large shelf.

“Sure.” You walked over and pointed to a random disc. Lance grabbed it and took it off the shelf. The movie as called ‘The Covenant’.

“Well this looks god awful.”

“Yeah I’m sure there will be enough drink worthy moments.”

Lance put the disc in and you took off your shoes, sitting down and grabbing a blanket putting it on your legs. Lance took a seat by you and grabbed the bottle of Tequila. The movie was truly god awful and before you were even 20 minutes in you were already slightly drunk. Lance and you just made joke and talked shit about the whole movie. The worse character in the movie was the villain Chase, it was laughable and you found yourself just rolling your eyes and drinking whenever the movie became ridiculous.

Lance and you made it about halfway through the movie before you both knocked out. The movie playing out until the end as you guys slept.


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New Additions (Wonho)

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Type: Fluff

Hoseok laid down with his eldest son Haewoo who was half asleep. The newest additions in the household were your newborn twin sons Taegon and Inkwon, kept everyone on their toes. The fact Haewoo shared a room with the twins often made Hoseok pick up Haewoo and take him to the living room along with his blankets and pillows and lay down of the foamy matts that covered the floor for so the little ones wouldn’t hurt themselves. “The boys keeping you up?” Hoseok asked as Haewoo nodded lightly. “I’m sorry buddy. I know the house is getting too small now with the twins” he whispered again as he stared up at the dark ceiling.


You would be woken up a few minutes before 6 in the morning by the loud cries that filled the air. Even if it was only the second week the twins were home you could tell their cries apart with ease. Little Inkwon was crying as his twin slept peacefully beside him. Picking up the small boy you made your way into the kitchen to grab a prefilled bottle of breast milk. You looked in the living room to see Haewoo fast asleep almost laying on a half awake Hoseok who made eyes contact before rubbing his eyes.

You stepped into the kitchen more bouncing your hungry boy who was now simply making sounds in hunger. You grabbed a bottle and headed to the microwave. “How long have you been up?” Hoseok asks as he comes up behind you. His head laid itself against you as you pressed buttons on the microwave and hitting start. “Not long after Taegon’s 2Am wake up call we slept for a few hours” you say as he nods.

“Haewoo needs his own room” he tells you as you turn to him “we don’t have the money to move or anything right now Hoseok” you tell him “I know I’m just saying” he says as he rests his hand on top of Inkwon’s tiny head rubbing it lightly. “We have to move before the twins start school” he tells you as you nod. “I know” you say as he opened the microwave seconds before it beeped as took the bottle out. He tested it against his arm before handing it to you.

Sucking filled the room as Inkwon began drinking the second it touched his mouth. “I just wish we had a daughter” you say as he chuckles “we can always try again” he hints as you shook your head no. “3 is more than enough” you tell him. “Safe sex for the rest of our reproductive lives then” he says as you nodded. “You look great you know?” he asked as he looked at you. You were still carrying your baby weight so you wore his shirts and baggy pj pants to sleep in, your hair was a mess, your eyes were tired but to him you looked fine as ever. “Shut up its too early for your flirting” you says as you move passed him with a smile.

He follows behind you to see that Haewoo was up and dazed as he looked for Hoseok “hey little man how are you” he asked as he headed over and sat down beside him “you hungry? I can get you cereal” he says as he received a nod. “Well I guess we can’t go back to sleep for awhile” he says as he passes you. After getting his eldest cereal another cry filled the house. Taegon was up. He sighed but smiled loving his little chaotic family.

the signs as shit my family did at my aunt's wedding
  • aries: organized a wii bowling tournament, proceeded to lose said tournament to a seven year old
  • taurus: cried about pancakes
  • gemini: bought a hotel room made for four people to stay in for only two people
  • cancer: refused to dance for the entire night until five minutes before the reception was over
  • leo: drank heavily at 2 pm
  • virgo: fought with the other family for the entire weekend about baseball
  • libra: tried every single dessert possible at the reception
  • scorpio: tried to spin on back on the dance floor but fell over instead
  • sagittarius: forgot the veil at the hotel, remembered it 25 minutes before the service began
  • capricorn: brought drink on the dance floor, refused to set down drink, dropped it on the floor
  • aquarius: slept in and missed a breakfast at 12 pm
  • pisces: got lost at grant park three times
Commence the Prank Wars (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter, Weasley Twins

Warnings: Cheekiness, pranks

Word count: 1040

Song: N/A

Request: Hey, could you do a Harry Potter thing where the main character is the Slytherin prefect and on the quidditch team and all that. And she’s one of the cool Slytherins that is generally nice to everybody. Like, she pokes fun but nothing too serious. And her two best friends/nemesis are the Weasley twins. And they’re in a sort of prank war and she does this really brilliant prank and Fred finally realises that he likes her as more than a friend.

You were the perfect Slytherin girl. You took pride in being an A* student and being a chaser on the quidditch team. You were very nice to everyone and had no beef with anyone. Your best friends were George and Fred Weasley. You had a love hate relationship though. You were sat outside Fred and George’s bedroom in the grand Hogwarts. You were waiting for one of them to come by. One of them to walk into their room to what you had laid out for both of them. 

You were thinking.

You, Fred and George had always been the best friends. The moment you’d sat behind them at the great feast and you heard them scoffing food down them and, basically, eating like pigs. It was clearly a Weasley thing, as you’d noticed their younger brother Ron, too, ate like this. You turned to them.

“Can you quiet down?” you laughed, looking at bright orange hair and extremely similar faces. You squinted your eyes, trying to see some kind of difference between the faces.

I’m Fred" replied one of the ginger twins.  

“George” said the other. You looked at him and tilted your head. They had completely ignored your question, which automatically caused you to roll your eyes. They laughed and you frowned. 

“Something funny?” you asked, still frowning at the twins. They, who were still laughing, looked at each other but didn’t reply. They turned back round and continued eating like pigs. You laughed to yourself and then continued to eat and talk with your friends.

A few days after the first meeting with the Weasley brothers. You were hanging around in the Gryffindor common room, even though you obviously weren’t meant to. You were hanging around with your friends and noticed a kettle. You loved pranking people. You looked at the tins next to the kettle and grabbed the sugar tin. You laughed and poured all the sugar in the bin, at this point, your friends knew what you were doing and ran to get you some salt. When they had came back to the room, you grabbed the salt and poured some into the sugar tin. You were smiling and went to sit by your friends. All of you were waiting for someone to walk in and make some tea. Suddenly, two ginger, similar looking boys walk in. You smile looking at them both, remembering the sounds of them gobbling food. One of them, walked towards the kettle and began making tea. You looked at all your friends and they were looking down, attempting not to laugh. The boy poured two mugs of tea and then put a few spoons of “sugar” in them. They both grabbed a mug and began to drink. You looked up and before you could stand up and greet them, the pair had spat tea at each other. Your friends were squawking with laughter and you were crying with laughter, you stood up and walked towards them.

“That was disgusting…” you looked at the one, who said it. You set your mind back to the day you’d met them in the Great Hall, where you first tried to familiarise yourself with their facial features. You smiled as you remembered which one was which. 

“George” you pointed at the one, who had spoken. They looked at you and tilted their heads. 

“I’m Fred” he replied. 

“I’m George…” the other one laughed. 

“But, you said…” you looked at them both confused while they screamed laughing. You’d been pranked by them. With their names. THEIR NAMES. You smiled mildly. 

“How was the tea, George” you turned to Fred and questioned, his eyes widened and you got very close to him. You saw it in Fred’s eyes he had realised you were the one who changed the sugar for salt. You cackled and George was pointing and the sugar and pointing at you, you could see him in your peripheral vision. You turned to him. “What’s up, Fred?" 

You stood up and they both laughed. You were, also, giggling. You couldn’t help it. 

"Of course, a Slytherin would prank the innocent Gryffindors” George joked

“Hey! You two started it!” you chuckled. 

“Commence the prank war!!!” shouted Fred and you all laughed.
End Flashback

Fred and George Weasley walked round the corner and Fred walked right into you.

“Hey!” you shouted, then realised who it was and began to giggle uncontrollably. 

“Sorry, Y/N…” whispered Fred and George was howling with laughter like a monkey. You flicked him in the forehead. 

“I came here but neither of you were in your room so I thought I’d wait for you…” you smiled. The pair looked at each other with fear in their eyes and you just continued to smile, innocently. Both of them reached for the door handle and pushed the door open, panicked. George walked out of the room again. 

“Y/N, what have you done?” he was shocked but he was smirking, so you knew it was okay. You walked into their room, which was currently covered from the floor to the ceiling in pictures of you. You knew it would take them ages to clean up and that’s why you did it. You were laughing so hard, you had to sit down on Fred’s bed. Fred smiled at you and he peered into your eyes so deeply, you could feel his gaze burning. Fred and George did a ‘discreet’ nod to each other and George walked out of the room. 

“Your faces were priceless, where’s George going?” you were still in hysterics but curious. Fred was smiling, a lot, at your amusement. 

“Y/N, you are the best at pranks…” Fred whispered. You creased, a little more.

“I know” you replied and he shook his head, smiling.

“Y/N…” he spoke, shaking a little.

“Fred?” you inquisitively replied, confused by his sudden nervousness.

“I like you, like, I like you, a lot…” he stuttered and you looked at him deep in the eyes and smiled.

“I like you too, George” you replied cheekily.

“No, it’s me, Fred” he panicked some more and you laughed and placed your lips on his. You both shared a long, overdue kiss.

“I know who you are, Fred”  

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Limerence and Aphrodisiacs (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1000+?

Warnings: light smut, drugged drinks, nothing serious yall

Request: In the mood for some love ? Idk why but I’ve been thinking about love potion or aphrodisiacs (… don’t ask) So what would happen If someone “drugs” the reader and the person he/she doesn’t like What would happen before ? In the meantime ? After ? Only you know the answer of the reader’s destiny ! (And which personne they hates) Free to choose which character you love or hate @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of how lonely we all are (maybe its just me) let’s read some fic!

Your friends, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Angelica Schuyler decided that you all should celebrate Valentine’s Day together this year. February 14 was coming up soon, and although Eliza was courting Alexander, she insisted that the four of you were each other’s’ valentine.

“Eliza, you know how Hamilton is. He’ll beg for you to be his valentine. I bet he’s going to show up with chocolate from around the globe.” Angelica said, tying up her hair. Peggy was helping you put on your corset, looking at Eliza doing her makeup. Eliza snorted, glancing back at her older sister.

“And you think I won’t be able to say no?” She replied, putting on blush. Peggy laughed.

“You could never say no to him. Especially when he sends you all of those letters.” You laughed along with Peggy, and Eliza pouted.

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be backing me up on this.” You shrugged, thanking Peggy for helping you with a smile.

“Sorry Eliza, can’t help you on this one.” You all laughed, and joked around for the rest of the time. You all were to meet the boys at the Early Spring ball. They seemed to have a dance for every occasion possible. Peggy had a huge crush on Laurens, and Angelica tended to talk to Lafayette. She insisted that it was nothing, but the smile on her face and the giggling between them told you three otherwise. You, on the other hand, didn’t really have anyone that you liked. The girls always said that you and Thomas should get together, but that was the opposite of what you wanted.

Thomas Jefferson, the annoying, pompous, self-centered man was someone you were never interested in. In fact, you two hated each other. He called you a self-absorbed, independent and no potential, while you said the exact same thing, but in more vulgar words. Every time the two of you were in the same room, the tension rose, and you couldn’t help but start to argue with him. It was inevitable.

“It’s just sexual tension.” Angelica murmured. Peggy gasped, blushing. You rolled your eyes at her, looking at your wrist watch.

“Or, it’s because he’s a spoiled man. Look at the way he prances around, doesn’t it just make you want to-“ You ended your sentence there, your face getting red from the anger rising in you.

“Jump his bones?” Eliza suggested, getting a small slap from Peggy on the arm.

“You know what I mean, Eliza.” You mumbled. The four of you finished, and walked out to the carriage that was to take you to the ball. Angelica insisted that you tried to work things out with Jefferson, but you shook your head, not wanting anything to do with him.

Once you all arrived, Eliza immediately broke off from the group, running to find her Alexander. Peggy walked away to get some drinks from the refreshments table, and Angelica went with her, leaving you alone. You walked to an empty table and sat down. Parties weren’t really your thing, but the girls always dragged you along for the ride. As you were playing with your fingers, you noticed a familiar purple silhouette approaching you. You sighed at the ridiculous color he was wearing, and turned your head away.

“Ah, so instead of arguing with me, you do not even acknowledge my presence? How rude.” Jefferson drawled, sitting across from you. You sighed, ignoring him. “I thought you said you do not like parties? Why are you here?”

“I came specifically to annoy you, Thomas.” You mumbled, looking at him. He had that same stupid, sly grin on his face. “Why are you even talking to me?” He shrugged, glancing around.

“Madison isn’t here to entertain me, and Burr isn’t the best of company. Not that you are, either, but you’re better than his blabbing mouth.” You snorted, and he frowned, giving you a disgusted look. “You are a very informal woman, Y/N.”

“Says the man who cannot entertain himself, so he comes and talks to me. You know, your presence is shying away potential suitors for me.” This time, Thomas laughed.

“Yes, because every man finds you desirable.”

Before you had a chance to retort, Peggy and Angelica came over, holding drinks in their hands. They offered you and Thomas one, insisting that you both drink together. Jefferson and you glared at each other, but accepted the drinks. Angelica had a mischievous look on her face, and you wondered why. Again, she ran away with her sister before you could ask.

As you two sipped your drinks, Jefferson began glancing down at your chest. You never saw him do this once before, so it was a surprise. But should it be? He was a man, after all. You stared at his face, noticing that he was indeed, quite handsome. His trimmed facial hair to his brown eyes made you want to-

“Would you care to dance with me, Y/N?” Jefferson asked, holding out his hand. Some part of you told you that this was wrong, but you touched his hand with yours, letting him lead you to the dance floor. He bowed once, and you curtsied. The song changed, and you two began dancing with each other.

“I thought you hated me, Jefferson?” You whispered low, letting him guide you along the dance floor. You criticized his dance moves before, but now, it seemed like he was the best you have ever seen. Jefferson chuckled, spinning you around slowly.

“And I thought you wanted to murder me, Y/N. Things change.” He pulled you tightly against him, your breath catching in your throat. His pupils were dilated, dark and unrecognizable. You felt a hard throbbing against your stomach, and you looked at him, your eyes widening. He smirked, pulling you back.

“Jefferson-“ He rushed you off the dance floor, guiding you to a back room. Before you could say more, he slammed the door shut, backing you against it. His eyes looked down hungrily at your lips, before pushing his against yours.

Before tonight, you would have punched him square in the jaw. Before tonight, you would have kicked him in his baby maker. But, you kissed him back, biting his lip softly. He groaned, fumbling with your dress. You guided his hands to your back, helping him pull off the tied ribbons.

“Tell me no if you want me to stop.” He whispered, pressing his lips against your neck. You sighed, tilting your head back.

“Okay…” You replied through gasps. You pulled off his jacket, breaking every button in the process.



The next morning, you woke up in your bed to a throbbing headache. You looked around, noticing that you were in fact, not in your room. And, you glanced down at your body, you were naked. Completely, utterly, naked.

“What the hell…” You mumbled, looking around for your dress. You found it in the corner of the room, torn to pieces. There you found another dress next to it. You immediately pulled it on, covering your body. You were sore, so it took you a minute.

You tried to ignore the thoughts that came to your head, reminding you what happened last night. I mean, it was hard to forget. Ha, hard.

“Y/N, stop. This isn’t funny.” You mumbled to yourself. You noticed Thomas’s clothes not far from yours, as teared and damaged as yours. “What are you going to do now?” You said, fixing your hair in the mirror that you found in the room. It was a complete mess, but you made it look as presentable as possible. Before you left the room, you saw a note on the door, written in what was clearly his writing.

Very interesting time last night. We need to talk, I will wait for you in the dining hall.

-Thomas Jefferson

You sighed, pulling the paper off the door. You reluctantly walked to the dining room, seeing the back of Thomas’s head. You noticed his foot tapping anxiously, and you were surprised. You never thought you would see Thomas nervous before.

Although under the circumstances, it was expected. When you slowly approached him, he heard your footsteps, and turned around quickly. He glanced over you quickly, standing up. He glanced at your body quickly, then looked at you in the eyes, giving you a small smile.

“Y/N, hi.” You tried to look anywhere but at him, wanting to forget what happened last night.

“Thomas, I don’t know what happened with us but…” You started, glancing over at him. His shoulders dropped, and a small part of you felt bad about it. Youactually felt bad about something that had to do with Thomas. “But, I do think that it meant something. Did, it mean something?” You asked, looking at him. He laughed, running his hands through his hair.

“I have been hiding this for a while, Y/N. But, I do, like you. I always liked you. I just, I thought that you hated me, so I pretended to do so as well. I did not want what happened last night to occur that way, I have no idea what came over us, but I do not regret it. I’ll never regret it.” There was a sorrowful look on his face, and he stared at you. There was no hate in his eyes, and you felt happy about that.

Did you really hate him? He was quite annoying, and his personality did make you want to stay away, but maybe there was something more? Maybe, he was not such a bad guy? You looked him over once, and sighed.

“Give me some time, Thomas. Give me some time, and I’ll think about it.” He gave you an encouraging grin, nodding slowly. “In the meantime, try not to be so overbearing?”

He grinned wickedly. “Do not count on it, love.”

Raspberry Kisses

[Title] Raspberry Kisses
[Genre] Smut
[Member] Seokmin
[Request] “Could I request a smut with DK where you guys are just hanging out in your room, kissing a little and things get heated? 😅🙈” - Anon
[Word Count] 3,320
[A/N] Since the Anon didn’t specify on the heated things, I just thought, hey why not mutual masturbation? It’s so long, omf, sorry guys haha.  Hope you guys enjoy nonetheless ;)

You were never good at making decisions.

Ever since you were young, every option and every choice you deemed had been through countless amounts of strain. Even the tiny, unimportant things made your head spin into an uncontrollable blur. Your indecisiveness captured away precious time and shook you with bottled-up frustration. Impatience and despair always boiled in the pits of your stomach. It seemed like the end of you.

And it didn’t quite help that Seokmin refused to speak.

He loved to tease and draw your desperation out a tad longer without throwing in a needed opinion. And you hated how even though he did so, he’d still get the nerve to wrap you in his arms, where everything would melt away— even you.

It hadn’t been long since the sun began to make its way down the horizon, and it hadn’t been long since you began to feel it. Streaks of vivid oranges and pinks painted the sky, and it’s lights seeped through the thin curtains of your window. The golden rays washed over two sprawled figures; where you lay at the foot of your bed and your boyfriend leaned back against the headboard.

The depths of your core twisted in an jaw-clenching manner, and you felt the temptation to cry aloud deep in your throat as you said for what seemed like the hundredth time:

“What movie should we watch?”

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Shot || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Sorry fot my bad english, butt can you write story that Jughead is cheated(?) reader with Betty ( or someone else) and they broke up when Jug go to drink with Serpentines and his father and get trouble and reader go to help him and something bad happens maybe? NO ONE DIES and happy end maybe?

A/N: I feel like this is kind of OOC, but I hope it’s okay nonetheless!

Gif by @ravemreyes


“Bad day, huh?” FP asked as he handed his son a beer.

Jughead was about to decline when his father cut him off.

“Just one. Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.”

Jughead hesitated before sighing, giving in and taking the drink.

“So…” FP began, sitting next to the teenager. “What happened?”

Jughead took a sip of the liquid and cringed, not liking the taste. He quickly put it down on the coffee table before recalling the story to his father.

“Jughead. Jughead!” you called, waving a hand over his face.

Jughead jerked out of his stupor, looking up at you, his girlfriend of five months.

“Hmm?” he asked.

You chuckled.

“You’ve been out of it all week. Something up?” you asked as you leaned back into your and Jughead’s booth at Pop’s.

Jughead sighed.

“Y/N… I have to tell you something. And you’re not going to like it.” he said.

Your smile faded.

“Oh. Okay,” you said, sitting up again. “What is it?”

Jughead sighed again and opened his mouth, but no words came out. You reached across the table, holding his hands in yours.

“Hey…” you soothed. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

Jughead looked down.

“I-I kissed Betty.” he said quietly.

He felt you tense up and then realized you were no longer holding his hands.

“W-What?” you whispered.

Jughead looked up at you pleadingly.

“It was a mistake, Y/N. A one-time thing. A spur of the moment—”

“You kissed her.” you hissed as you got up.

Jughead got up as well.

“Y/N, please, just try to understand that—”

“Understand?” you snapped.

You scoffed.

“There’s nothing to “understand,” Jughead. Cheating is cheating. There are no excuses for it.”

“I know, I know, but please just let me—”

“No,” you said, cutting him off. “That’s it, Jughead. I’m done.”

And with that you were gone.

FP whistled as Jughead finished the story.

“Damn,” the man said. “Well, Jug, I gotta tell you—”

The sound of the trailer door being slammed open made Jughead and FP jump. Four Southside Serpents burst into the trailer, and two of them dragged FP up, pining him against the wall.

“Hey!” Jughead exclaimed, rushing over to help his father.

He didn’t get far before one of the bigger Serpents easily restrained him, holding him so he couldn’t move anywhere. The fourth Serpent who had a nasty scar running down the side of his face turned to FP with a sneer.

“Hey there, Jones,” he said. “Where’s my money, huh?”

FP groaned as he looked down.

“I-I need more time. Give me three more days. Three!” he said, looking up at the man again.

The scarred Serpent laughed.

“You see, I would,” he began, cockily. “But this is the fourth time you’ve been late on payments. It’s bad for business. You know that.”

FP eyes went to Jughead before looking back at the gang member again.

“I don’t have the money.” he said.

The Serpent clucked his tongue.

“Shame. Oh well.” he said before pulling a gun out of his pocket, aiming it at FP.

“No! Don’t!” Jughead exclaimed, struggling against the other Serpent holding him.

The scarred man shushed him.

“Enough!” he snapped. “You’ll be quiet, kid. Otherwise you’re next.”

Jughead remained silent.

“Now this is how it’s going to go,” the Serpent said, turning back to FP. “Jones, you’re going to…”

Jughead tuned the Serpent out as he realized that he could die. He and his dad could die. He’d never see you again. Or Jellybean. Or his mother. This was it.

The head Serpent was talking so loudly that no one heard footsteps making their way to the trailer’s front door. That was, until that person opened the door.

“Hey, FP, is Jughead—”


Jughead flinched at the noise, ducking down.

“What did you do?!” one of the Serpents yelled.

“Run!” Another one screamed as the gang members quickly scrambled out of the trailer and Jughead finally looked up, seeing you in the doorway. Blood began to pool from your stomach, staining your blue shirt. You looked up at Jughead, the two of you making eye contact before you began to fall to the ground. Jughead jumped up, catching you before your head hit the ground.

“Dad! Call 911!” Jughead exclaimed.

FP nodded and ran to the phone, quickly calling for an ambulance. You whimpered at the pain and Jughead held you.


“Shh, Y/N, it’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay,” he said as tears filled his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said as the tears broke free and began streaming down his cheeks.

Jughead cradled your cheek with his hand.

 “I’m so sorry.”

“Y/N L/N?” the doctor called out.

Jughead jumped up at your name and rushed over to the doctor.

You had been in surgery for the last six hours. FP had gone home a few hours into your surgery, promising to come back first thing in the morning. It was nearly 3 am now, but Jughead didn’t care. He wasn’t going to sleep until he knew you were alright.

“How is she?” Jughead asked nervously.

What if he lost you? What would he do then? You were his world, his reason for living, his—

“She’s fine,” the doctor reassured.

Jughead breathed out a sigh of relief.

“She had severe internal bleeding but we were able to stop it. She’s recovering now. Would you like to see her?”

Jughead quickly nodded and the doctor began to lead him to your room. Jughead’s palms were sweaty and his heart beat a million times a minute as he walked down the corridors of the hospital.

This was all his fault. If only he didn’t kiss Betty. If only he didn’t go his dad’s. If only he didn’t—

“Right here.” the doctor said stopping, breaking the teenager out of his thoughts.

Jughead thanked him and opened the door to your room. You looked up at him from your spot on the bed and smiled weakly.

“Hey, Juggie.” you croaked.

Tears welled in Jughead’s eyes again as he rushed over to you, pulling you into a tight hug (making sure he didn’t touch your stitches.)

“This is all my fault,” he said. “This is all because of me. If only I didn’t—“

“Jughead.” you said, effectively cutting him off.

You pulled away from him, looking into his teary eyes.

“I’m okay. I’m alive,” you reassured him. “And you had no way of knowing the Serpents were going to be there. Especially with a gun. So please, please, do not beat yourself up about this, okay?”

“B-But this whole thing started because I kissed—”

“I don’t care about that anymore,” you said and he looked up at you.

You sighed.

“Am I heartbroken over it? Yeah. Of course I am. But I know you, Jughead. I know you won’t do it again. If I’m being honest, I thought about it for a while. Whether I should give us another shot or not. Decided I should. That’s why I came over. I wanted to find you and tell you that, face to face. Some other stuff happened instead,”

You attempted to laughed but winced again. You took a deep breath and continued.

“So I forgive you, Jughead. I forgive you.”

Jughead let out a sigh of relief and took your hands in his, running his thumbs over your knuckles.

“Thank you. Thank you, Y/N. I won’t let you down. I won’t let anything happen to you ever again.”


A/N: I was going to make the reader die BUT THEN I REMEMBERED YOU TOLD ME NO ONE DIES AND I WAS LIKE “FUCK.” Anyway… Hope you enjoyed it! Send me feedback! :)


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Hey guys! A nice treat for you, this one is much longer than my normal ones.

Word count: 3187

Warning: Subtle sexual content

“That would be an acquittal verdict.” your hand lowered into your lap as you replied to the professor’s question. She smiled widely, nodding in approval as the lecture continued. Satisfaction lined your face in response, lacing your fingers on the front of your desk and continuing your attention forward. Studying really did pay off. From behind you heard the faint sound of murmurs coming from a direction you knew all too well. You glanced behind you slowly, noticing a certain curly haired, pompous jerk smirking at you, his hands behind his head as his flock of fellow jerks chuckled around him. He had, of course, insulted you. Whether or not he meant for you to hear it was irrelevant, because you didn’t care.

That always confused you, you never cared about anything the man said or did to you. In any other scenario, that would get a bully-figure to leave you alone. He was relentless. So, you began fighting back.

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anonymous asked:

Can i get a scenario about Madara and his wife having many children and how he would deal with his large family?

I looooove writing Madara with a family honestly…..he deserved better fight me so this turned into an early morning at the Uchiha house. Written in Madara’s POV. Hope you like it<3


Madara always made sure he was awake and moving before anyone else, effortless in not making a single sound as he rose from the bed he shared with his wife. He wasn’t a morning person by any means, but escaping the chaotic energy that filled their home as of late by rising early and relishing in the quietness of the empty kitchen with a cup of hot tea.

It’d been nearly nine years since they had gotten married, and he was almost 32 now, not that he looked it yet. The only hint of his age and the stress that came with being the clan head who had to manage three children at home were the bags under his eyes that had become more pronounced then they had before. Madara never expected to have so many children, and three was a lot in his eyes, but he never complained. 

He sighed as he sat down with a steaming cup of tea at the kitchen table, melting into the silence he was so fond of. Madara made sure to leave enough hot tea for his wife, as he was certain she shared his own preferences of the drink before the rest of the house began to wake. His youngest, at four, was always the first one awake, aside from Madara of course, but he figured that Nissho wouldn’t stir for at least another hour. 

Madara was slightly surprised to see his youngest son peering into the kitchen from the hallway. The sun was barely beginning to rise, and his short hair that looked like it was going to be as unruly as his own was sticking up in odd place. Madara gave another sigh, his day starting earlier than he’d planned. He looked at his son, who was walking across the kitchen to him. Nissho’s eyes were still sleepy, and he clung to the tiny blanket around his shoulders that he must’ve dragged out of his room with him. 

Nissho looked up at Madara, and even though the man was sitting on the floor the child still had to peer up at him. He wasn’t used to seeing his father in the morning, as Madara was usually gone as soon as his wife was awake to start his work day. The child tugged on Madara’s sleeve, “..Tou-san, can I sit with you?”

Madara nodded at his son, and he let him crawl into his lap. Nissho yawned into his hand and leaned his frame against his father’s chest. Madara lookd down at him, moments like these were few and fare between, and he admits to himself that he enjoys them the most. He had to remind himself that Nissho was indeed his own child, because he looked nearly exactly like Izuna did when he was this age. The thought of his youngest echoing Izuna so closely pained his heart, and he unconsciously held him just a little bit tighter than he had before. 

He continued to drink his tea, grabbing a book that was on the table. Madara sat like this, with his youngest son in his lap and a book in his hands, for longer than he realized. Nissho had fallen back asleep in his lap just as his wife came into the kitchen. He watched her look over the two of them, a small smile grazing her face. She then came over to the table, picking up his empty cup and refilling it. Madara nodded at his wife in appreciation, and she turned back to make her own cup. 

His wife joined him at the table, leaning her elbows on the surface and resting her head in her hands. She was still smiling at the two of them, and when Madara caught her gaze he looked away with the faintest hint of a smile on his own face. By now the sun filled their house, and he could hear his two other children beginning to wake up and shuffle about. He was usually gone by now, but he figured one morning like this wouldn’t do him any harm.

Madara avoided the early morning chaos of his two older children arguing with each other, they were so close in age it was bound to become an issue and their sibling rivalry was so strong. Madara often had to break the two apart when they got too competitive sparring with each other, and his wife was the one who patched the two up with Nissho laughing at the two of them being scolded by their mother. 

This calmer morning was a welcome change from the usual. Madara heard his wife get up from the table to start making breakfast for their boys, and Nissho stirred slightly in his arms. He could hear the two older boys, Ryuu and Sora, already betting on who could beat the other into the kitchen, and Madara gave yet another sigh as the two of them barreled into the kitchen.

His wife turned around from the stove, “Oi! Ryuu, Sora, the kitchen is not a place for running!” She began to laugh though, seeing her oldest boys huff and pout while her husband still had their youngest in his lap. She swears, each of them looked like Madara, and they had the same pout too. She returned to the stove and plated the breakfast she’d made, with an extra plate for her husband. Their second child, Sora came up behind her, “Kaa-san! I can help too!” So she nodded and gave her son two plates to place onto the table while she carried the rest over. 

Madara gently woke his son up, who was till sitting in his lap, and he slid off and onto the floor next to his left. Madara felt his wife lean next to him on his right after placing a plate in front o him, and she kissed his face. She whispered, “Thank you for staying so late,” before sitting next to him. Madara nodded and quickly gave his wife’s hand a small squeeze before joining his sons, who were just devouring their food like little wolf pups. 

Leon Draisaitl #2


Apologizes for not writing/posting lately, I just couldn’t get anything good but this came up! Wether it’s good or not I posted yay, enjoy :) Requests are still open, just don’t expect them to be written within a day

Word Count: 1,954

Originally posted by mattyymarts

You really didn’t want to go out to some party tonight. Sure it was a Friday night and you had a long week that was well deserving in a drink, but partying just didn’t seem appealing today. Add the fact the moment you got there you realized this wasn’t about to be just some normal party and you were so ready to go home. 

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First Time With Minho (Smut Fic)

Prompt: You had been wanting to be a Runner for a while now, but Minho (your boyfriend) would never allow it. After he finally caves and let’s you be a Runner, you decide to give him the night of his life.

Bonus: Y/N calling Minho “Mean Hoe” for any reason whatsoever.

Warning: Smut

I had been in the Glade for four months now. It was a strange thought, to think I only had four months worth of memory stored in my brain. But those four months had been amazing.

It hadn’t taken me long to form friendships with the Gladers. My two best friends were easily Minho and Ben, but it didn’t take long for Minho to make his feelings for me known. It took even less time for us to get together. Yet it was mainly Minho who held me back from my dream: to be a Runner.

He knew I was fast, he knew I was smart - still, he refused. Until today.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?” Alby said, looking at me. I nodded, quickly following him to a more isolated part of the Glade.

“What is it, Alby? Everything’s okay, right?” My thoughts turned to the Runners, but it was still hours before the Maze shut for the day.

Alby nodded. “I’ve been talking with Minho.”


“He wants to take you out on a run tomorrow. Depending on how you do, he’ll decide if you become a Runner or not.”

I squealed loudly, filled with joy. Alby pressed his hands to his ears, but he didn’t bother trying to stop the smile that appeared on his face. Once I had finished, Alby lowered his hands back to his sides.

“I couldn’t tell. Were you excited?” Alby questioned, smiling brightly.

“You have no idea.”

For the rest of the day, I was super bubbly and couldn’t stop smiling. By the time Minho had gotten back from the Maze, I was more than ready to greet him and tell him how excited I was.

Just as Minho came into the Glade, his body covered in sweat, he stopped. He allowed himself a moment to catch his breath, and in that moment I rushed to his side. He smiled when he saw me.

“Hey, Y/N.” Minho stood straight, his hands on his hips. I wondered vaguely if I would be just as out of breath tomorrow, or if I would be more so.

“Hey.” I smiled and kissed Minho. He smiled into the kiss, but pulled away.

“Guessing Alby told you?”

“I’m going to be a Runner.” I announced proudly.

“Only if I say so,” Minho reminded. He wrapped an arm around my waist and we walked towards the Map Room. “I still don’t like the idea of you being out in the Maze. But shuck me if you’re not persistent.”

I couldn’t stop myself from being a tease as I sent him a smirk, whispering seductively into his ear, “If you let me be a Runner, maybe you will get shucked.”

Minho suddenly stopped, just feet away from the Map Room. “Seriously?”

“We’ll see.” I sent him a fliratatious look, gave him a wink, and then walked away from him.

“Y/N! That’s not funny! Are you being serious?”

I giggled, continuing forward.
“There’s the Glade,” I gasped out. My lungs were burning and my muscles ached. I hadn’t ran that much in… Well, I wasn’t sure. I was incredibly grateful to Minho for finally caving and letting me run.

We stopped just inside of the Glade. Minho was sweating, his breathing a lot quieter than my own ragged breaths. I was drenched, my hair sticking to my neck and face in what I was sure an unflattering way.

“You did good, Y/N,” Minho said, kissing my cheek. “You can be a Runner.”

“Great. Busy dying now.”

Minho laughed, pulling me towards the Map Room. “You can die after you finish your map. When you’re done with that, die all you want.”

“You are so mean to me.” I paused in thought. “Minho, the Mean Hoe.”
Minho smacked the back of my head. “Shuckface.”

“Ow! Bad hoe.”

We began laughing. It was nice being with Minho, not having a single problem in the world. Well, other than not knowing what was actually in the world, where we were, why were here, and -

“Don’t think so much. You’ll hurt yourself.”

“Shove off.”
That night, the Gladers celebrated me becoming a new Runner. It was amazing. There was a huge bonfire, plenty of drink (Gally’s own secret recipe that was foul, yet no one could get enough of it), music, games and dancing.
As the night started to wind down, though, I suddenly remembered how I had teased Minho. It hadn’t been the first time that I hinted I’d have sex with him, but now, seeing Minho laughing with Newt and Alby, I suddenly wasn’t so sure it was just me teasing.

He looked gorgeous. Tan skin, dark hair, and his arms… Maybe I had a slight thing for his muscular arms.

Newt must have caught me staring at Minho, because he suddenly bumped Minho’s arm and nodded in my direction. Minho turned, saw me, and then a huge smile lit up his face. He jogged over to me, careful not to slosh his drink out of its cup.

“Like what you see, Y/N?” he teased.

“Yeah. This drink.” I quickly took it from him, downing a gulp to help collect my thoughts. Tonight was the night.

“You’re no fun,” he pouted. I smiled and kissed him.

“Thanks for making me a Runner.”

“Thanks for stealing my drink.” Minho took it back. I waited until he put it to his lips and began to drink before I leaned forward and whispered into his ear:

“Wanna have sex?”

I jerked back, giggling like mad as Minho started choking on his drink. His eyes found mine after he finished his coughing fit.

“Are you serious?”

I kissed him. “I love you.”

Minho’s face split into a wide smile. “I love you.”

The next thing I knew, Minho was leading me away from the others, calling out a “we’re going to bed” when Ben shouted after us. I didn’t miss the shouts of, “Go Minho!” By the way Minho only pulled me towards the Homestead faster, I knew he didn’t miss them either.

“I know you’re a Runner and all,” I said once Minho closed the door to one of the rooms in the Homestead. “But I don’t want this to be rushed.”

Minho nodded. “Never. I want to enjoy this.”

For a second, we both just stood there. And then Minho was moving towards me.

He kissed me tenderly at first, but it quickly became passionate. He lifted me up and my legs instantly went around his waist, my arms going around his neck to better hold me in place. Both of his hands were on my butt, keeping me firmly against him.

He sat me down on the bed. His eyes were dark with lust and I vaguely noticed that he had an erection.

“Take your shirt off,” I told him, tugging on the hem of his shirt. He quickly slid it off, his muscles tensing. I placed a hand on his abs, loving how they tightened and relaxed under my touch.

“I think you’re wearing too much.” His voice was deeper than usual, and it was oddly erotic. I moved to take my shirt off, but he pulled me to my feet again, stopping me. “I want to do it.”

A shiver of pleasure coursed through my body. Minho kissed his way from my mouth down to my collar bone, his hands dipping under the fabric of my shirt. A moment later, he was tugging it over my head. The second it was gone and thrown to who knows where, Minho had attached his mouth to my neck. His hands fiddled with my bra, trying to undo it.

I was just about to laugh and offer to do it myself when he bit down on a particularly soft spot. A rather loud moan escaped my lips. That damn shank smiled against my neck. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. A second later, he pulled away, tugging my bra away from me smugly.

“Took you long enough,” I commented breathlessly. We hadn’t even done much of anything yet, and I was already excited beyond belief.

“Taking it slow, remember? Or did that last moan make you forget?”



And then we were pressed together again, our mouths moving in sync. One of my hands was on his tan shoulder, the other in his dark hair. I had always loved his hair, but I was rarely allowed to mess with it. Now was an exception. One of his hands was on my hip, pulling me tight against him. I could feel his arousal pressing against me. His other hand was on my breast, gently massaging it, earning another moan from me. This one was, at least, much quieter than the other.

Both of his hands moved down my body, stopping at the waist band of my shorts. I pulled away slightly so he could see what he was doing. He made quick work of undoing the button and zipper, letting my shorts fall to the floor. I stepped out of them, kicking them and my sandles to the other side of the room, thankful I had changed out of those stupid running shoes after leaving the Map Room.

“You still have to take your shoes off,” I pointed out to Minho.
“Shuck me,” he muttered, sitting on the bed and taking off his shoes. When he was finished with those and his socks, I pushed him back down on the bed so he couldn’t get up. “Y/N?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Minho flipped me, coming to rest between my legs. He kissed me passionately, his tongue eventually making it into my mouth. After a moment, I felt it - Minho, slowly yet deliberately rubbing himself against me. I pulled away, out of breath. My face was surely red and my eyes must have been just as dark as his.
“Minho, get rid of those pants.”

At once, Minho stood up and undid his pants. He looked at me for a brief moment before letting them drop to the floor. We made direct eye contact as he slid his underwear off. I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail down his body to see his hardened member. It wasn’t overly big, but it wasn’t small - it was perfection, just like the rest of his body.

“One of us is naked.” Minho said, gesturing from his body to mine.

“And one of us is sexy,” I added. “But they’re not the same person.”

Minho let out a laugh. “We’re in the middle of a very naughty thing and you’re making jokes.”

“Until I die.” I smiled up at him. “But, you know, you can always take my pantis off whenever you want.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His fingers dipped under the waist band of my underwear and in one swift motion, he pulled them down my legs and threw them behind his back. He stared at me just long enough to make me feel slightly self-conscious. I was just bringing my legs together when he stopped me, crawling back up my body and kissing my ear.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N.”

His hands moved over my naked body, feeling me for the first time. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced, being with someone in such a way.

“Minho… I want you.”

Minho slid his hand down between our bodies. His fingers brushed my clit and I tensed, my body suddenly filled with a shock of pleasure. He didn’t stop there, though. Instead, he brought his fingers down to my entrance. He slid a finger into me, softly, carefully. My eyes closed at the feeling.

It felt good, but it was obvious that I had never had anything in me before. He slid another finger into me and I moaned out, one hand going to his hair and one hand resting on his bicep. He slowly moved them in and out of me. With each movement, another shockwave pulsed through me.

“M-Minho,” I moaned. He didn’t respond. Instead, he brought his lips down to my nipple and began to lick, kiss and suck the delicate flesh there. I moaned loudly, my body arching.

“Shuck me, Minho. Please. I don’t want your fingers anymore.”

Minho slid them out of me. He shifted his weight and I realized that he was lining himself up with my entrance. He looked up at me.


“For you? Always.”

Minho slid in to me, slowly stretching my walls. I groaned out in slight pain, but such pleasure that I had no memory of ever knowing before. Minho moaned, dropping his head to my neck as he eased himself the rest of the way inside of me.

“Shuck, Y/N. You’re so wet and tight.”

My legs wrapped around his waist and he managed to go a little deeper inside of me.

Slowly, Minho pulled out until just his tip was inside of me. He quickly pushed himself back into me, the both of us moaning at the feeling. The slow pace continued until it was nearly torturous.

“Faster, Minho,” I begged. “Please.”

He quickened the pace, pumping in and out of me. My nails were most likely biting into his skin by this point, but my brain couldn’t focus on that. The only thing I could focus on was the feeling of Minho above me, in me, and making those amazing noises that he made.

Suddenly, I felt one of his hands go between our bodies again. It trailed down my stomach to my womanhood. It didn’t even hesitate as it found its way to my clit, rubbing slowly at first and then gaining speed.

I screamed out his name, my body tensing around him. I could faintly hear his voice, but at this point I could no longer make sense of his words.

A strong feeling was building in the pit of my stomach as my moans increased in volume. Minho’s thrusts were faster and more wild and finally I felt it. Minho’s erection twitched inside of me, filling me with warmth as he orgasmed. It nearly sent me over the edge, but I wasn’t quite done. Minho, realizing this, quickly sped up his finger on my clit. He moved his lips to my neck and bit down on that place that he knew would make me moan out.

The feeling kept building until finally it exploded.

My body tensed, Minho’s name falling from my lips like a swear and a prayer, all in one. My body arched against his. All too soon, I came down from my orgasmic high and relaxed beneath Minho, who had pulled himself out of me. He rolled over onto his back, pulling me against his body.

“That was shucking amazing,” Minho breathed out.

I cuddeled up against his side, resting my head on his pounding heart. I didn’t have words yet, my mind still in a lustful haze from what had happened.

“I love you, Y/N.”

I smiled, cuddling up as close to Minho as I could get. “I love you, too, Minho.”

“Please tell me we can do that again.”

“Whenever you want.”


Request/Summary: Student gets drunk and Snape finds the happy, touchy, talkative, Gryffindor student roaming the halls.

Note: Sorry it took so long!! I had so much fun with this though! Keep the requests coming.

Originally posted by xpolyjuicepotion

“Look what we’ve got!” Fred and George said in unison as they walked closer to where you were sitting in the Gryffindor common room.

“Ooohhh you’ve got a bag. How naughty of you.” You said in a sarcastic tone, but you couldn’t help but wonder what they were up to now.

“Oh, it’s not just any bag,” Fred started.

“This bag has three Fire Whiskeys in it.” George finished his brothers sentence like usual.

You leaned off the couch, “Oohh? Are you two gonna share?”

“Of course!” The boys said.

The three of you began a drinking game and before you knew it you were quite drunk.

“Guys. I gotta pee, I’ll be back.” You said getting up unsteadily.

You walked out of the common room and down the dark halls of the castle. Being drunk, however, you got quite lost.

You kept walking for a bit but stopped when you heard footsteps coming down the corridor you were in. It was Professor Snape. You started to walk toward him to ask him where the bathrooms were but got dizzy and feel.

“Whoops a daisy!” You said standing back up with your arms in the air, but swaying.

“Ms. Y/L/N, what is wrong with you?” Snape asked already knowing the answer.

“I’m intoxication Professor Sir Snape.” You answered, your words slurring.

“I believe you mean intoxicated or drunk.” He said his eyes narrowing.

“Sshhhhh!! Don’t tell Professssor Sssnape.” You say your slurring getting worse.

“Y/N, I am Professor Snape. Come with me.” He said as he turned but you quickly put your arms around him.

“I didn’t notice before. I can’t believe Severus Snape came to rescue me!” You said in a gleeful tone hugging him.

“Get off.” He said pushing you away and practically dragging you along behind him.

You followed him to his classroom, he began to rummage through his cabinets.

“Professor? I need you to help me.” You said, accidentally knocking over a large box on one of the desks.

He stoped and walked over to you, he let out an annoyed sigh and started picking up the items you’d knocked off. After he finished he sat down in on of the desks and you sat beside him.

You reached out and started to card your fingers through his hair.

“What are you doing?” He said pulling away from your touch.

“I jus’ really like your hair.” You say smiling flirtatiously.

“Actually, y'know, I jus’ really like you.” You said scooting closer to Snape.

He abruptly stood up, “You don’t know me. You are just my student.” He said once again rummaging through his cabinets.

You quickly stood up and walked toward him, hugging him once again.

“Why are you doing that? Get off.” He said pushing you away.

“But your kinda handsome, in a mysterious hot villain kind of way.” You say staring up at the tall man a large smile plastered on your face.

His face turned into one of complete confusion. “Stop talking to me like that. I’m going to find you a sedative.” He said trying to get out of your grip.

“Let me go.” He said coolly but in a very commanding tone.

“How about no?” You said with a smile. “I’m kinda tired, and I still gotta pee. But I don’t want to leave you.”

“Why do I always get stuck with the touchy, happy students?” Snape asked rhetorically.

“Oh, I dunno, maybe ‘cuz you’re the cute professor.” You said swaying back and forth on your heels.

“Oh shut up.” Snape started, “You are clearly inhibited and have no idea what you are saying.”

“Oh sir, I know what I’m saying.” You try to wink but you epically fail.

Snape’s face changes to a look with slight concern. “Are you having a seizure?” He walked closer to you.

“What? No, I’m winking at you silly!” You say trying to wink at him again but once again, failing.

Snape sighed, “Well stop, you look like you’re having some sort of convulsion.”

You cross your arms and start to pout.

“What on earth is wrong now?” He questioned you.

“You don’t like me.” You say in a childish voice and sit down on the chair behind you, but miss and hit the floor quite hard.

“Owwww!” You start to tear up and Snape walks over to you, giving you a look of almost pity.

“I don’t like many people y/n. Now let’s get that nasty cut on your arm cleaned up you klutz.” He says as he helps you up and over to his desk.

He swiftly cleans your cut and heals it with some kind of smelly potion. You start to feel tired and as he’s standing in front of you examining your arm, you put your head against his chest.

“Whoa, you have a heart, I can hear it.” You say yawning.

“You need to go back to your dorm. You’re very tired and very drunk.” Snape said helping you off the desk.

“I don’t think I can make it back alone, can you help me please?” You ask him in a begging tone.

“You’re pathetic.” Snape said but walks over and leads the way down the halls.

You began crying and stop walking before you get to your hall.

“Oh now what?” Snape asks in an annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to bother you. And I’m pathetic. And I’m sorry you have to deal with me.” You sniffled.

“Ms. Y/N, pull yourself together. You will be fine, you are just intoxicated. It is my job to deal with students. You’re lucky I’m not going to take house points from you, since you probably won’t remember this I will let you off with a warning.” He pulls you along and finally you’re by your painting.

“See you later.” You call to Snape as you turn to go into your dorm.

Snape nods at you and offers a small smile.

You woke with a raging headache the next morning. You walked into your first class of the day: Advance Potions.

“Ms. Y/ L/N, I trust you aren’t ‘intoxication’ today.” Snape says in a taunting voice, “If you are, I may have to take points from Gryffindor.”

You felt your face get hot as you blushed from embarrassment, “No, sir, I’m quite sober.”

Telling Him (Peter Parker X Male!Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Male!Reader, Tony X Adopted!Son!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mentions of coming out and past murder


Request: Hey! Could you do a Peter Parker x male!reader fic where reader is Tony’s son (probably an adoption situation?) and is closeted gay… maybe after Peter is already a part of the avengers, and not during Civil War? Thanks for reading! Really appreciate it!

Originally posted by poptartcalum

If your dad found out you were dating Peter Parker, your dad would flip for two reasons. One, he is Tony Stark and Peter in a way, works for him, and two, you were gay but hadn’t told him… at least not yet.

That was the problem. You had been trying to tell your dad you were gay for literally years. You’ve been trying for over five years, and it was getting ridiculous. When you first tried, the world got took over by aliens. You decided to then wait a while to try again, and when you tried, an attack of the robots your dad had made happened, so again you waited a while. Just when things calmed down, the avengers had a bloody civil war and your dad found out his parents didn’t die in an accident, and was actually murdered.

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Do Wonders Never Cease?

I have said this before and I will continue to say it: YOU GUYS AMAZE ME!!

Back in September when I posted my first fic, I never EVER in a million years would have guessed I would be here today, with 1,000 of you wonderful, supportive, amazing followers. Your words of encouragement are what keep me going each and every day!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I want to take the time to thank some of the people that have continually shown their support and encouragement, and most of all love. I know I am going to miss some, so I do apologize in advance. 

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So keep reading to learn more about my new challenge!!

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ibrokeeverything  asked:

"it's two sugars, right?" belle x adam

“It’s two sugars, right?” Belle asked, setting down both her and Adam’s tea cups on the side table. At her question, Adam glanced up from the book he had been reading, offering a quick nod and a smile.

“You remembered,” he remarked, swapping his book for the cup of tea. Taking a sip, he was pleasantly surprised to find she had gotten it perfect, just enough sugar to sweeten the drink without overpowering it.

“Of course I did,” Belle replied proudly, taking a seat across from him. “I would like to think something like that is important enough for me to remember.” Sipping from her own cup, Belle let a smile pull at the corners on her mouth at the sweet and appreciative expression on Adam’s face.

“It seems rather trivial to me,” he replied, but was grateful nonetheless. That was one of the things he loved most about Belle: her ability to notice even the smallest of things and to make use of them to make others happy.

“If it’s so unimportant, do you remember how I like my tea?” Belle challenged good-naturedly. She honestly didn’t expect him to know, due to the limited time they had spent together, with most of it while she was, in some form or another, his prisoner. She turned her attention to the fire, crackling and popping in the fireplace, giving him a moment to think.

“You like it plain, without any sugar or milk,” Adam decided, recalling a comment Chip had made about, what he believed to be, her poor taste in tea.

“See, it isn’t trivial at all,” Belle replied teasingly, a light laugh slipping past her lips.

“I suppose you’re right,” Adam agreed thoughtfully, mulling over the fact a bit more than he had intended to.

Opening his book up once more, he found his place on the page, taking one more drink before he began to read again. Though, his thoughts started to drift off of the story at hand. Instead, he found himself thinking of how lucky he was that Belle had been the one to come into his castle. She had saved him in every sense of the word, and, even the small things, like talking about their favorite books or Belle making his tea the way he liked meant far more than he ever could have guessed before he met her. Belle had managed to undo what his father had done, reminding him of who he really was. And for that, Adam couldn’t have been more grateful.