before that other one gets ridiculous

I wish everyone would stop hating on Mutsuki…. no one does this to similar characters so?? Is it really just because of your ships? Idk in sick of the drama with it. I don’t like what Mutsuki is doing obviously but does everyone really hate them just because they want to kill Touka now? I mean no one hates Tsukiyama who tried to kill Touka and Kaneki.. or Ayato for basically torturing Touka, no one hated him even back before he was a good guy. Just to name some examples.

Idk tho I’m not saying this to join the drama so please no one start any with me. I’m just saying it’s pretty ridiculous to turn on a character you used to love because they’re getting in the way of your ship. And you can’t pretend it’s cuz Mutsuki went psycho bc the TG fandom loves every other psycho character. It’s like a thing. People started loving Kaneki when he went crazy (he used to be called a boring protagonist), Takizawa was never loved so much til he lost it, Kurona tried to kill Juuzou, another beloved character, and went crazy, why does no one hate her?

It’s just dumb af. Like Mutsuki isn’t gonna end up with Kaneki obviously and anyway you all started hating them before anyone knew Mutsuki liked Kaneki. I just don’t get it I guess.

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How the reader and Cassian wake up in the mornings?

Usually when you wake up, Cassian is gone. He’s always being called away at ridiculous times for missions, so you’re used to waking up to see the other side of the bed empty.

Whenever he is called away before you wake up, he writes a little note and leaves it on your bedside table for you to see when you wake up. It’s usually something along the lines of “good morning, beautiful, lunch outside at 1?” and it always makes you smile.

On the rare occasions when Cassian gets to sleep in, you usually wake up first. Cassian loves to hold you in your sleep, and to rest his chin on top of your head. It makes you both feel safe.

Cassian is one of those ridiculously adorable people who smiles in his sleep. When you wake up first, you carefully roll over so that you’re facing him and can see his tiny smile.

Since Cassian is usually woken up harshly by his comm beeping loudly to get his attention, you like to wake him up gently with kisses. You press soft kisses to his cheeks and forehead, then press a tender kiss to his lips to finally wake him up. His smile gets bigger before his eyes open.

When Cassian wakes up before you on one of his days off, he likes to just leave you sleeping for as long as possible. He’ll pull you closer to him and bury his face in your hair, trying to fall asleep again.

Cassian often wakes up with you lying on his chest, with your head tucked under his chin. When this happens, he gently traces random patterns on your back with his fingertips to wake you up, before pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head. There’s no better way to start your day than in Cassian’s arms.

Stop Craptions.

Okay so I’ve made a post about this before but this is just getting ridiculous. Actually, the post I made before regards the same freaking video I’m going to talk about now. This has to do with closed captioning. After my little rant in my other post about how big youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have people writing captions for them and inserting stupid jokes and unnecessary commentary, there were edits made to the CC in the video I specifically talked about. A good start, but not revolutionary. 

I went back to watch that video tonight because it’s one of my favourite videos, and the captions have somehow gotten WORSE. Not only is there stupid commentary, but now there’s jokes that are actually offensive. 

(For context, they are doing the Whisper Challenge).

For YEARS people in the Deaf community have been trying to end the stigma/stereotype of deaf = dumb and then this BS rolls around. I’m just.. I’m just so done.

I shouldn’t have to turn the CC off for some of my favourite youtubers simply because they’re obnoxious, distracting, and/or offensive. I shouldn’t have to struggle to understand videos because I had to turn the CC off. So, to those who write captions for youtubers, please do it right oh my god. If you want to add commentary, do so in the comments like you’re supposed to. Otherwise you’re ruining it for a lot of people, and not just in the Deaf community. People who don’t have English as their first language, people with auditory processing disorder, people with ADD, etc. You’re ruining their youtube experience “for the lolz”. 

I just wish youtube had regulations for CC like television does. This shouldn’t be an issue. 

For more information about CC and “craptions”, check out @rikkipoynter​. 

it seems like people forget that even if they’re in love, lance and keith are Rivals. they’re Arch Enemies and they wouldn’t let a little thing like dating change that:

  • keith convinces lance to go on morning jogs with him, but they always turn into sprints real quick bc one boy starts edging in front of the other and so on
  • “I bet I can kiss you longer without stopping for air.” 
    • “um? no way dude you’re on.”
    • shiro finds keith and lance making out but they’re both turning blue and keith is punching the wall for some reason? keith breaks away and gasps in a huge gulp of air and screams “DAMMIT” at the same time lance just like. dabs or something
  • they get into an honest-to-god hand holding contest. whoever lets go first loses. 
    • “guys, we have to start afternoon training.”
    • “I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation, shiro. I can’t let keith win. jesus, are you insane?”
    • “keith, then–”
    • “nope. already lost the kissing. I am not about to go o-for-two here.”
  • everything, absolutely everything turns into a competition, and the more in love they fall the worse it gets. 
  • like, before it was just bc they “hated” each other. but now? goddamn if lance is gonna be shown up by his boyfriend. and keith needs to keep lance’s head from getting too big or he’s unbearable.
  • who uses the most pet names in a day? one point lance. who reaches out for little touches always? another point lance. makes the other smile the most? keith’s on the board. the best at complimenting?
    • “your mullet is actually ridiculously attractive and your hair in general is so soft and I would actually commit murder to know your secret.”
    • “yeah? well, your skin is like, spotless, ok? do you even have pores?”
    • “it’s called moisturizing, babe. and when I’m stressed I get backne! I’ve seen you shirtless a bazillion times and your body is perfect!”
    • “no way. don’t even say that. my core needs some serious work. you have abs, lance. I could wash my jacket on those things.”
    • I have a good body? have you looked in a mirror? someone carved a v in your hips with a freaking chisel!”
  • this becomes a regular game over dinner, and team voltron barely even hears them bicker anymore.
  • just. keith and lance being an Old Married Couple. they were made for each other. 

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Sooooo, I really like your latest breakfast post. And the part with saeyoung walking in MC and Saeran kissing was funny. It gave me an idea. Can I request how the RFA+Saeran would react if another member walked in on them and Mc making out? Heehee~ thanks!

Haha, we laughed at this one. Hope you like these~


  • You brought Zen lunch during his rehearsals
  • It was just him in his dressing room since he was taking a break
  • When he saw you had brought him lunch, he kissed you on the lips as a thank you
  • Well…you two accidentally ended up kissing a lot more
  • Little did you know, Jaehee had thought to visit Zen as she had a short break from work
  • You two had left the door slightly open so she just walked in….and saw you both…and neither of you noticed
  • After a few minutes of stunned silence, she clears her throat awkwardly
  • You nearly fall on the floor trying to distance yourself from Zen
  • You can’t even look Jaehee in the eye
  • “Oh, er–enjoy your lunch, Zen. Bye!”
  • And you dash out the door
  • Meanwhile, Zen can’t stop blushing and stammering
  • He takes a huge bite out of his lunch to cover it up when Jaehee notices a smudged lipstick mark straying from his mouth
  • “Uh, you have something on your face…” she says with a small laugh
  • “Oh? Is it some sauce?”
  • “Not quite….”


  • It was your usual movie night at his house
  • The movie wasn’t at any interesting point, so Yoosung made his move
  • It started out as a few little pecks, and next thing you know he’s leaning over you and you both get lost in your own moment
  • Too bad the sound of someone munching on popcorn ruined the mood
  • You both pull a little away from each other to look at the source
  • Seven is casually sitting on the couch near the corner staring at the TV  
  • “Didn’t know this movie was rated PG-13,” he grins at you two
  • Yoosung starts yelling at Seven from his place on the couch
  • But Yoosung is still hovering over you on the couch
  • It doesn’t make the situation any better for you, but he doesn’t seem fazed
  • You guys just start throwing pillows and whatever soft items you can find and pelting them at Seven
  • When he finally leaves the house, Yoosung just keeps going like nothing ever happened
  • You stop him and make a joke that Seven might still be around
  • You hear a chuckle from nearby
  • “Seven, what the heck!”
  • To this day, neither of you knew why or how he was in Yoosung’s house that evening


  • The latest RFA party had just ended
  • Jumin was given the task of rounding up the members for the afterparty
  • He can’t seem to find Jaehee or you anywhere
  • He’s passing by a storage closet and he hears….voices?
  • It’s a long shot, but he figures he’ll check and and opens the door
  • You two are sitting on the floor oddly calm and playing…Go Fish
  • “Uh…what are you two doing?”
  • “Playing Go Fish.” Jaehee deadpans holding up some cards
  • “In a storage closet?”
  • “The party got too loud,” you shrug before turning back to your cards
  • Jumin looks between you two as Jaehee takes a turn
  • He doesn’t even try to figure out what’s going on
  • He just shuts the door and leaves and just tells everyone you two will join them later….probably


  • The next RFA meeting was at his penthouse
  • You had come early to help set up and use the kitchen to bake some treats
  • You’re not exactly sure what happened
  • You were just rambling on a bit while plating things, and he was watching from the doorway
  • Next thing you know, he lifted you onto the counter and his lips were on yours
  • This was all very pleasant…except for the fact that Jumin had told the security guards to let the RFA members in whenever they arrived
  • Zen so happened to arrive a little early and went searching for you and him in the house
  • He lets out a yelp, “Jumin, you can’t just do that to her wherever you want!”
  • Jumin sighs and rolls his eyes, “This is my house, so…if you would excuse me”
  • He just goes back to kissing you like nothing ever happened
  • You just hear Zen’s complaints growing more distant until he retreats to another room to wait for the others
  • You find a lot of complaints in the chatroom later


  • You were just about to leave Saeyoung’s house for the day
  • You gave him a kiss goodbye…then one kiss led to another…and another
  • Then he was gently pressing you up against the door as things got heated
  • Saeran was coming home from some outing or another…and he really had to use the bathroom
  • After getting through his twin’s ridiculous security system, he goes to open the door
  • But it kept getting stuck
  • He tries a few more gentle tries before peering through the window on the side
  • When he sees you and Saeyoung making out against the door, he’s so done
  • He shoves it open, not caring that he’s shoving you and Saeyoung onto the wall
  • “My bladder is not going to wait for your lips to stop moving!” 
  • You thought Saeyoung would be mortified….but no…he’s yelling at Saeran for ruining a moment
  • The twins start bickering at each other….one from the doorway and the other rushing towards the bathroom
  • You slide to the floor confused by the whole thing


  • Saeyoung had heard gardening might help Saeran…so he wanted to start one in the backyard
  • He even invited you and Yoosung to help
  • He didn’t account for the fact that Saeran had no interest in gardening
  • But he had a great interest in you and vice versa
  • So when you two were sent to fetch something from the shed, you take the advantage of kissing him, shutting the shed door behind you
  • As per usual, things heat up really quickly
  • Yoosung was sent to check on you both since it seemed to be taking so long
  • He opens the shed door and takes one glimpse at what you were doing
  • The sudden light makes you two break apart, shuffling away from each other
  • Yoosung doesn’t help your embarrassment since he’s covering his eyes
  • “No, no! Don’t mind me! Continue–er–whatever–um–”
  • He tries to grab some tools, but ends up tripping on everything while encouraging you two to continue kissing
  • After he falls over the seventh time, you and Saeran give up and walk out of the shed…you might also be trying to hide your laughter   

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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 5

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



You were tired and emotionally drained for what felt like the entire next week. With no classes to go to, and a job not available to you, you found yourself in the flat far more in one week than you felt you’d been there in the past month. You didn’t wear pants, drank a lot of hot cocoa, and caught up on way too much Netflix for things to be healthy.

Harry helped you clear everything from your bed – all your notes and textbooks and notebooks and extra papers and quizzes you’d kept to study just in case. He spent three days carefully organizing all of it on your desk and putting papers into folders and putting different textbooks all in order alphabetically.

You knew he was only doing it because he wanted to be near you to watch out for you without suffocating you or asking you if you were okay. You were just exhausted, and even when you walked – which was usually at a purposeful and quick speed that even Harry had to jog to keep up with from time to time – had slowly significantly to a languid and purposeless stroll.

So you allowed him to do his little organizing, stopping every once in a while to read a paper, or flip through the marked and worn pages of your textbooks. It occurred to him the ridiculous and meticulous amount of work you’d put into knowing every little thing, and he wondered if maybe it had just gotten to the point where you’d just started memorizing your textbooks. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever worked this hard in his life. Sure, memorizing scripts or writing songs was difficult, but he always had others to back him up. And you were on your own. Your entire education was on your shoulders.

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Patater Week - Day 4

Feb. 9 - Alternate Universe – Soulmate AU, 2.4K (everyone has their soulmate’s first thought about them on their skin – both still in NHL - coda of sorts to Dot Your Ts and Cross Your Is

“You’re in a good mood today,” Jack comments, as slides in next to Tater in the nook.

“Mhm,” Tater hums and chews his sandwich. “I find soulmate,” he says, like he’s commenting on the weather.

Snowy and Thirdy look up from their breakfast, and Marty nearly snorts out his cereal. Guy pats him on the back a little harder than necessary.

“You found your soulmate, Tater?” Poots asks carefully. “Like, the one who said ‘You’re tall and hot, I want to die,’ that soulmate?”

Almost everyone’s seen that particular marking in the locker room, and though no one actually voiced it, a large majority of the team had covered up their jealousy with chirps. Who doesn’t want a confidence booster like that as a soulmark? Tater simply nods, and Thirdy flies up, excited.

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The longer I work in education, the more I realize that the motivational posters in classrooms aren’t there for the students but for the teachers.

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Can I request hcs with spin the bottle where the bottle lands on MC and a member of the RFA and V and Saeran? They're not dating though. I saw your thing about Jaehee. You don't have to do her if you're not comfortable:) Thank you for all your headcanons! They're so cute!

Thank you for being understanding! Hope you like these~ 


  • After the RFA party, he asks you to become his manager
  • There was an after party after a final shoot, and you decide to go
  • A few people got a little tipsy and suggested a game of spin the bottle
  • It was all friends, so you didn’t really mind
  • You and Zen got separated from him thanks to some crazy women
  • So, you ended up sitting opposite of him in the circle
  • When it’s your turn, and you totally expect it to land on Weird Carl
  • Then the room erupts in chaos as people start “ooo-ing” and whistling
  • The bottle had landed on Zen
  • He gives a grin and scratches the back of his head
  • You’re a bit nervous about the idea of kissing him
  • Not that you didn’t think of it before
  • He gives you a small smile “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s just a game.”
  • You awkwardly move your head towards him
  • Zen cups your cheek and gently presses his lips to yours
  • You think it’s going to be short, but to your surprise he lingers longer than needed
  • You remember that there’s people in the room, so you gently push him back before he started to get carried away
  • He apologizes and is about to walk away
  • You find your boldness “It’s okay. We can finish this later, right?”


  • You both had a similar circle of friends at university
  • It was no surprise that you often got invited to the same parties
  • A few of your friends wanted to get away from the loudness of the large party
  • So, you went into another room and someone suggested spin the bottle
  • Yoosung gets a bit nervous because he’s never kissed anyone before
  • And moreso, you were there and what if someone else got to kiss you before he even had the chance to confess his feelings
  • The game was torturous
  • A few times, the bottle almost landed on you, but thankfully never did
  • By the time it was his turn, his palms were so sweaty
  • He barely taps the bottle because he’s shaking so much
  • It spins once and lands on the person next to him…which was you
  • He looks at you knowing he’s really red and wide-eyed
  • He’s stammering out an apology
  • “Why are you apologizing? It’s the point of the game!”
  • You lean forward and give him a small peck on the lips
  • RIP Yoosung
  • He doesn’t stop thinking about it all night
  • When he walks you back to your place, he accidentally ends up confessing
  • “I didn’t even get to kiss you properly because of the game,” he pouts
  • You smirk, “Well, you can try now?”


  • You were just visiting his penthouse after work one day
  • His father calls him and asks him to attend some office party last minute
  • He really doesn’t want to go alone, so he asks you and you accept
  • For a party of CEO’s, you really didn’t expect a game of spin the bottle to come up
  • Yet it did…both you and Jumin weren’t thrilled about playing and stayed to the side
  • Somehow, Mr. Han coerced you both to join in “for fun”
  • You wanted to get it out of the way, so you offer to spin first
  • Jumin was so caught up ranting about probability in these sorts of games that he didn’t realize the bottle landed on him
  • Suddenly he went quiet
  • You really didn’t want to do it, because you thought he didn’t like you in that way
  • You were caught off-guard when he walked up to you and stood expectantly
  • “Jumin, we don’t have to,” you start rambling. “If you feel weird about it–”
  • It was a surprise when he grabbed your face and kissed you full on the mouth
  • When he pulls away, you need a moment to catch your breath
  • “Oh, sorry? Was that too intense? I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.”
  • He kept apologizing for it throughout the night
  • You kept telling him it was fine until finally you admitted you kind of liked it
  • Jumin’s just like “Well, if you liked it that much…”


  • Neighborhood friend Tom invited him to a party
  • Oddly enough, he invited you too
  • When you got there…it was just the three of you
  • He sits you down in the living room and places an empty bottle on the table
  • He declares you three would play spin the bottle
  • And then abruptly says he needs to use the bathroom
  • But insists you two should still play
  • When Tom is gone, you and Seven just stare at each other before bursting into laughter at the ridiculous situation
  • You both figured out Tom had poorly attempted to matchmake you
  • Seven smirks and spins the bottle
  • There was no one else for it land on, so it points in your general direction
  • You get kind of flustered when he leans forward
  • Just as you think he’s going to kiss you, his head swerves to the side and he bites into an apple sitting in the fruit bowl behind you
  • “Your turn,” he adds with a wink
  • For fun, you spin it and you think it’ll land on the lamp on the other side of the room or something
  • It actually lands on him…dead accurate too
  • He teases you and leans really close to your face
  • Cue Tom coming in and “conveniently” running into the couch
  • The impact causes the distance between you and Seven to close
  • You both pull back immediately, blushing and flustered
  • Tom just ushers you out the door, thanking you for coming
  • You both agree it was the weirdest experience you’ve ever had
  • Although Seven chuckles, “So…wanna play that game again sometime?”


  • Seven dragged him out to an RFA and friends get together
  • He was a bit relieved to see you there
  • He was less relieved when Seven and Zen suggested a friendly game of spin the bottle
  • He was in the circle more to observe what was going on
  • Seven spun the bottle and it landed on you
  • He leaned forward about to kiss you when Saeran jutted out his hand, blocking it
  • After wiping Seven’s “kiss” off his palm in disgust….
  • He unexpectedly kissed you in front of everyone
  • He was super embarrassed afterwards and slipped out of the room
  • You followed him…mostly to ask what happened and if he was okay
  • He admitted he kind of got jealous
  • You smile and give a vague confession about your own feelings
  • You two continue the game…without the bottle


  • Jumin invited you over to his penthouse for a small get-together with the RFA as well as some potential party guests
  • After at least one bottle of wine was finished, someone suggested to play spin the bottle with it
  • While a few people ducked out of the game, you decided it might be fun
  • V wants to be a good sport so he joins in
  • He can’t see though, so he finds the anticipation funny
  • It’s his turn to spin and suddenly people are giggling
  • He’s chuckling
  • “Who? Who did I get?”
  • You tap V on the shoulder and announce it’s you  
  • He breathes, “Oh good. I’m glad.”
  • Was that an indirect confession?
  • You have to initiate, so you cup his face gently and press your lips to his
  • It was short and sweet, but there was no denying a connection had been made
  • At the end of the night, he offers to see you home safely
  • And maybe asks you on a date

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keyword: date

thank you! all the date headcanons! ^^

Keyword Requests

  • Victor and Yuuri aim to go on at least one date a week.
  • They have a silent agreement that they don’t go anywhere they have to be quiet (mostly cinemas).
  • The above agreement was decided after they got banned from one cinema because it was dark and quiet and naturally they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. 
  • Since Victor gets recognised quite often, and so does Yuuri nowadays, they go to either super crowded places where they can blend in, or relatively unknown places where no one else will be around. 
  • Victor is the one that goes ridiculously all out with dates, and books an entire restaurant just for the two of them, despite the fact it makes Yuuri a blushing mess. 
  • Yuuri’s dates are always much more subtle and calm, and usually significantly cheaper too. 
  • Now and then, they’ll pick out outfits for each other before their dates. Usually Yuuri has to re-pick his outfit because, no Victor, I’m not going on our date wearing my new skimpy free skate costume, why did you even bring it home from the rink?
  • Surprise dates are some of Victor’s favourite, and some of Yuuri’s most anxiety-inducing, because he couldn’t even begin to guess what Victor is planning next. 
  • Most of their dates include lots of gazing into each others eyes in silence, or hand holding, or whispering to each other even if no ones around to overhear anyway. 
  • As playful and obsessed with Yuuri as he is, Victor’s always a huge gentleman when it comes to dates - he’s all about pulling chairs out and offering his arm. And at the end of every date, he’ll kiss Yuuri goodbye at the door, to which Yuuri always rolls his eyes and drags him into their apartment. 

anonymous asked:

um, can i get a sick!viktor fic featuring viktor calling yuuri lots of petnames, yuuri catching viktor's sneezes and coughs in tissues, and a lot of sniffling and sneezing and just general needing-to-be-taken-care-of viktor?

I’m out of order yet again on the requests, but this one is so freaking cute that I can’t help it! Anyways, this is set post-series, with Yuuri and Victor living together in Russia. I used google for the nicknames, so hopefully they’re accurate (translations at the end). Warning for copious amounts of sappiness. Enjoy!

“Yuu-ri!” Victor singsongs from the living room. “I’m lonely! You need to come cuddle with me.”

Well, that’s certainly a change from this morning, when Victor had pushed him away every time he tried to get close, saying that he didn’t want to get Yuuri sick. He pads out into the living room. “What’s wrong, Vitya? Do you need more tea?”

“Vitya” is currently a pathetic-looking lump of blankets on the couch. Only his face remains visible, revealing a pink nose and pale cheeks. “No, no. I said I needed snuggles!”

One look at Victor’s face tells him what happened: his fiancé looks dazed and his eyes are slightly unfocused. Yuuri sighs. “You took the nighttime medicine instead of the daytime one, didn’t you?”

“What?” Victor just seems confused by the question. His brow wrinkles, his eyes narrow, and he stifles a sudden sneeze into the blankets.

“Never mind.” Yuuri just shakes his head. He loves Victor, he really does, but sometimes he wonders if his fiancé has any common sense. Victor reaches his arms out like a grumpy toddler, still determined to get his snuggles. It’s very endearing, and Yuuri gives in, settling himself onto the couch next to him.

Victor wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist, burying his face in Yuuri’s neck and twining their legs together. Yuuri grabs a blanket (one of the ones that Victor did not just sneeze on) and covers the both of them with it. Victor makes a small sound of contentment. “Comfortable now?” Yuuri asks fondly.

“Mhm.” Victor nods into his shoulder. Yuuri can feel a little wetness from his nose seeping into his shirt, but decides to ignore it for now. “Your skin is so soft, Yuuri. And beautiful. I have the most handsome fiancé in the world.”

At this, Yuuri blushes a deep red, glad that Victor can’t see his face as he snuggles closer. “I missed you while you were gone, kotyonok.”

“I was only gone for a few minutes,” Yuuri points out, giggling a little.

Victor pouts. “Mmph. Still too long. I want to be with you always, Yuuri,” he murmurs into Yuuri’s neck. His warm breath tickles, and it makes Yuuri shiver a bit. “I love you.”

Yuuri doesn’t hesitate before he responds. “I love you too,” he says softly. It’s funny, they say it every day, at every possible opportunity; they say it so often that other people (aka Yuri) complain about it. But each time, Yuuri feels that he means it even more. It’s the one certainty in his life: he is deeply and hopelessly in the with the beautiful, ridiculous, and wonderful Victor Nikiforov. How did he get so lucky?

Of course, Victor interrupts the heartfelt moment when his chest starts to hitch with an impending sneeze. Fortunately, Victor is practically famous for his long buildups, so Yuuri has ample time to snatch a tissue from the box on the coffee table and cup it over Victor’s twitching nose.

The sneeze itself is tiny, in sharp contrast to the dramatic, hitching buildup that preceded it. Yuuri has always found Victor’s sneezes amusing. His fiancé is normally so loud, but his sneezes are so tiny and quiet, like a kitten. “Bless you, dear.”

“Thank you, lybuv moya,” Victor says, taking the tissue from Yuuri and wiping his nose. Then he looks at Yuuri in horror. “I’m going to get you sick.”

Yuuri tactfully decides not to point out that they’re already cuddling, so he’s blown any chances of not catching this cold. “I was probably going to catch it from you anyway. We do live together, after all. It’s kind of unavoidable.”

Victor hums in agreement; the sound catches in his throat and sends him into a small coughing fit. Yuuri grabs a handful of tissues and presses them to his mouth. The fit doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to set Victor sniffling wetly and make his eyes run. Yuuri dabs gently at the moisture around his eyes, frowning. “Your cough sounds about the same, but are you sure that you don’t feel any worse?”

“I’ll be okay, solnyshko,” Victor reassures him. “As long as you’re with me, that is.” He tries to sound seductive with his low, raspy voice. The attempt backfires when he has to cough again, and it’s immediately followed by several sneezes that Yuuri barely manages to catch in time.

“You sound absolutely dreadful,” Yuuri scolds lightly.

“Really? I was going for sexy, actually.”

“Nope.” Yuuri shakes his head firmly.

Victor huffs through his nose, mindful of his sore throat. “You have wounded me, zvezda moya.”

Yuuri kisses his forehead in apology. “I’m sorry to disappoint you. Why don’t you try to get some rest? I’m sure that you’ll feel better when you wake up.”

“Not tired,” Victor protests, right before he’s interrupted by a huge yawn. Yuuri smirks at him. “Okay, maybe a little bit. Stay close to me?”

“I won’t leave your side,” Yuuri promises. Victor is already drowsy from the medicine, so it doesn’t take him long to drift into a deep sleep, his head pillowed on Yuuri’s chest. Yuuri carefully extricates one of his arms, reaching behind him for his phone. “I love you,” he whispers into the silver hair nestled beneath his chin.

(kotyonok-kitten, lybuv moya-my love, solnyshko-small sun, zvezda moya-my star)

Real talk (vld fandom)

This Shallura thing is getting ridiculous to be honest. I literally come back on here to see everyone on my dash screaming at each other over a sentence said at wondercon. Just one sentence caused this whole thing. Yeah, it’s possibly canon that Allura is a teenager, and some believe that sinks her ship with Shiro. These characters are fictional, and if you shipped them before, nobody is stopping you. Age-gap relationships aren’t wrong as long as they’re consensual. Remember that. If you cannot support Shallura anymore because of this, than you don’t have to bring down those who are continuing on and vice versa. Just remember that this show brought us all together, and we can’t let it tear us apart. And honestly, if you have nothing nice to say about this situation, just stay away from it. Focus on other things, like Pidge’s birthday, the possibilities of Klance being canon, and Prince Lotor’s face reveal. There’s so much good in this fandom, just don’t let the dark cancel out the light. I’m probably gonna get so much hate for this, but this fandom is already mad at each other so ig it doesn’t matter. Promise me you’ll be nice, okay? 💝💝

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space-girlfriends  asked:



-Jason having a night terror and Tim being there when he lashes out and brushing his hair down and being like ‘Jay, it’s me. It’s just me.’ And Jason’s hand goes for his throat but his eyes snap open before he can squeeze down and he just looks heartbroken and starts babbling out apologies as he pushes himself away 

-But Tim grabs his hands and pulls him back and just grounds him like “Shhh, I know. That’s not you.” And Jason’s choking back tears because it used to be him, he hurt Tim. But Tim gets it, Tim understands how angry Jason was, how hurt, how fucked up the pit made him. And Jason’s so grateful and he mumbles apologies against Tim’s skin until he falls asleep on him 

-Tim being in the midst of a panic attack while they’re out on patrol because he saw something bad, a kid get shot, a body that looked like how he found his father. And Jason tugs him away from the scene and tells him to just breathe Timmy, breathe for me. Focus on me, remember that time we got chili dogs together and your preppy ass got mustard on your Calvin Klein button up?

-Jason and Tim sleeping together all cuddled up and sometimes Jason likes holding Tim tight and close but other times he loves it when Tim is the one holding him. Even if they look lowkey ridiculous (Jetpacking much?) 

-And don’t even get me started on all the late night conversations they had before even getting together. Jason shaking his head with a ‘You should hate me y’know.’ And Tim smirking and shrugging. ‘Bruce always did say he questioned my decision making skills’  And Jason laughs and flicks him behind the ear and they continue sitting on some abandoned building together until Bruce calls Tim back to the Cave.

The Night Is Young (Brooklyn Nine-Nine AU)

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: innuendos, mentions of drug trafficking, cursing

summary: Your sarcasm and Lin’s massive ego never worked well together. It also resulted in a bet on who can get more arrests in a month. If he wins, you have to go on a date with him.

DAY ONE, Y’ALL. I literally finished writing this 3 days before the write-a-thon started. The writing is ridiculously shitty because school is kicking my ass. This is very much based on Jake and Amy, who are 90% of the reason I believe in love. The other 10% is Mr. Darcy. Strap in, cause it’s gonna be a wild week.

words: 1,786

“Hey Lin, you wanna know what (Y/N) and I did last night?” Anthony said, smirking at you.

Lin turned to him and gasped exaggeratedly. “Did you get past first base?” He leaned forward towards Anthony, dropping his voice to a loud whisper. “Tell me, Ramos. What’s (Y/N)’s bod like underneath the sweaters and the sarcasm?”

“We tried playing video games with our feet. (Y/N) kept winning, somehow,” Anthony said.

“My hands were tied behind my back and I was still really good,” you added.

“My hands were tied behind my back and I was still really good. We found the name of (Y/L/N)’s sex tape, ladies and gentlemen!” Lin shouted, pulling off his leather jacket and propping his feet up on the table. You debated the pros and cons of flinging a binder at him, and you might’ve actually done so if Captain Jackson hadn’t walked inside the room.

“Where’s your tie, Miranda?” he asked.

“(Y/N) was using it last night,” Lin replied. Captain Jackson stopped walking and turned to you with his eyebrows raised.

“Careful there, Miranda, I just might use your tie to choke you to death,” you answered breezily.

“Kinky.” Lin winked at you then grinned at Captain Jackson.

“Stop it, you two,” he sighed wearily, already used to the two of you biting each other’s head off. “How’s the drug dealer case going? Jones?”

Jasmine shrugged, looking bored. “No leads.”

“Actually sir, I have a lead,” you said quickly, opening your binder. You saw Lin snap his head up to stare at you, but you ignored it with a small smirk on your face. “I found his address.”

“How do you know it’s his?” Lin countered without missing a beat.

“Don’t question my findings. I think I should go after the address alone,” you suggested.

Captain Jackson pondered this for a while, then shook his head. “Too risky. You’re not going alone.”

“Ha!” Lin yelled victoriously. “He doesn’t trust you enough to go after the address. So much for sucking up to him.”

“I can go after the address, just not alone, idiot. Is that not trust enough?”

Captain Jackson exhaled in irritation. “You know what, (Y/N)? Take Miranda with you. You two need to learn to calm down and work out your goddamn differences. I want this case solved by tomorrow.”

You and Lin turned to each other with wide, exasperated eyes and groaned at the same time. “Fucking hell.”

Lin was tapping his fingers incessantly on the steering wheel, humming along to an obnoxious pop song on the radio. You reached forward to turn down the volume, but he swatted your hand.

“So, (Y/N), it’s the last day of February,” he said conversationally. “Looks like I’m going to win the bet.”

“It’s my lead, it’s my arrest. I’m going to get more arrests than you and win this stupid bet, just so you know.”

You and Lin had a bet that had been going on for nearly a month. Whoever got more arrests in the span of a month wins. Today was the last day, and the two of you were currently tied. If he won, you’d have to go on a date with him. Which was why there was no way in hell you were letting him win.

After a moment of silence, Lin turned up the volume of the radio. He yelled along to Call Me Maybe, his ridiculous facial expressions drawing out a laugh from you. He grinned at you, delighted that he made you laugh.

“Sing along, (Y/N)! The night is young, and so are we.”

He parked the car a good distance away from the apartment. Silently, you got out of the car and ran towards the apartment. He followed right behind you.

“Is this his car?” Lin asked, stopping next to a beaten-down truck. You stopped running, pulled a poker out of your bag and lodged it into the lock of the car. You pulled, but it didn’t budge.

“Need help?” Lin asked, taking the poker from you.

“I’m pretty good with my fingers,” you replied, realising your mistake a moment too late.

“Title of your sextape,” Lin whispered. You glared at him, yanked the poker towards you and the truck door opened.

Lin immediately reached for the compartment drawer and pulled it open. It was empty. You climbed into the backseat and checked under the seats: empty. He checked under the front seats: empty. You grabbed your knife and made a hole in the seat.  

Bingo. It was full of plastic bags, filled with a white powder. “Gotcha,” Lin whispered happily. You got out of the car, locked it and walked towards the apartment.

“We just need to make sure if the car is his,” Lin said to you, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“I think he’s inside,” you whispered back, leaning against the wall. Lin cocked his head, listening intently for any signs, before nodding in agreement.

Stumped, the two of you were waiting for a solution to strike when someone yelled from across the street. “Hey, you! What’re you doing near my house?”

You turned to Lin with wide eyes. He pulled you forward and kissed you. Shit. Why was he kissing you? Why were his lips so soft? Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the man stop walking and roll his eyes.

“Young love. Disgusting,” he shuddered, pulling out his car keys. The beaten-down truck beeped. Suddenly, Lin pulled away. You were still reeling from the kiss, startled by the sudden heat in your cheeks, when you saw Lin run towards the man.

He took out his handcuffs. “Adam Simon, you are under arrest for drug trafficking. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.”

You stared at him, furious. “I win,” he mouthed with a smirk.

“How was the case?” Jasmine asked, taking a bite of her sushi. Lin had submitted the investigation report to the Captain, and now the four of you were lounging around Jasmine’s table eating sushi.

“Nothing! It was all normal,” you said quickly, feeling heat rush to your cheeks.

“Why are you acting weird?” Anthony asked.

A beat of silence. “(Y/N) and I kissed,” Lin said.

“No way!” Anthony and Jasmine yelled at the same time, staring at each other. Giggling like 5-year-olds, they got up and left to make fun of you.

It was just the two of you left. “It was for the case, right? No big deal. We’re just detectives who work with each other,” he rambled.

“That’s right, Detective,” you answered awkwardly, trying not to look at him.

“Catch you tomorrow, Detective,” he said, giving you an exaggerated bow and then leaving.

“Morning, (Y/N),” Lin said, holding two cups of coffee in hand. He handed one to you. You raised an eyebrow.

“Did you poison this?” you asked. He laughed, and shrugged wordlessly, taking a sip of his coffee.

“It’s coffee. When have you ever rejected a cup of coffee?” he said, rolling his eyes. You sighed. He did know you very well. You reluctantly took a sip. Man, he was good at making coffee. You continued drinking, chugging it down until the last drop.

There was a writing at the bottom of the cup.


You looked up and caught his eye, and he smirked. “Don’t think I forgot. I won the bet, (Y/N).” He pressed a button on his phone, and Call Me Maybe rang across the room. He dug out a box from his pocket and grinned at you.

“Can I take your silence as a yes?”

You closed your eyes for patience, wanting nothing more than to sink into the ground. “Yes,” you mumbled to get it over with.

“I can’t hear you!” he sang in a bad impersonation of the Pirate from Spongebob.

“Aye aye, Captain,” you said sarcastically, crossing your arms in irritation. Lin’s face exploded into a grin.

“She said yes, everybody!” he whooped loudly, eliciting cheers from everyone. He began dancing along to Call Me Maybe, yelling the lyrics at the top of his lungs and winking at you when it ended.

At lunch, Jasmine came over to your table.

“You’ve looked over to my table at least 10 times in the span of 1 hour. Is there anything you want to ask me?” she said.

“Nope.” You resolutely continued flipping through a file.

“(Y/N),” Jasmine said, grabbing your file and putting it down.

You stared at your table. Without looking, you knew that Jasmine was smirking like she already knew what you were going to say. Screw it.

“What should I wear for my date with Lin?”

She burst into laughter and ruffled your hair affectionately. “I’ll come over.”

You were wearing a blue dress that you hadn’t taken out since you bought. Blue really wasn’t your colour, but Jasmine said that it was Lin’s least favourite colour and you wanted to piss him off. You were strapping on your heels when your front door opened. Lin strolled inside your house like it was his own.

“Why didn’t you knock, you fucking asshole?” you said. The date hadn’t even begun and you were already annoyed.

Lin grinned, tucking his hands into his pockets. He cleaned up quite well, for someone who wore the same leather jacket to work every day. “It’s nice to see you in a tie,” you said with a small smile, leading him out your front door.

“It’s nice to see you in blue,” he answered softly. There was a sincerity in his voice that you had never associated with him. “It’s my favourite colour.”

“Jasmine, you sneaky prick,” you muttered under your breath. He turned to you questioningly, but you waved him off.

Once you got to his car, he opened the door for you. To say that you were surprised was definitely an understatement. “Where are you taking me, gentleman?” you teased.

“Somewhere. You’ll see,” he said breezily, getting inside the car and beginning to drive. He looked so relaxed when driving, it him look like he was going to fall asleep and crash the car any second.

10 minutes passed, and he was driving you down a street you didn’t recognize. “Lin, where are we going?”

He didn’t reply for a while. He turned to look at you and gazed at you, his eyes softening and a small smile appearing on his lips.

“Relax, (Y/N). The night is young, and so are we.”

anonymous asked:

please, show us the joora's scene!

this is part of an ongoing series that is noooot completed so it’s a very, very rough draft, babe! there are references to moments that have not been written yet and some development yet to be shown tbh. and at the moment it’s also probably not canon-compliant. but here you are, at your request!

“don’t you want to come in?” jonas raises both of his eyebrows. “it’s raining.”

“no, i —“ noora purses her lips. “william’s back.”

jonas stiffens visibly. “oh.”

noora doesn’t know where she’s going from here. jonas seems to not know, either.

“so you’re—what?” jonas eyes her. “you’re going to get back together with him?”

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Imagine Sam confronting you and Dean about your feelings for each other.

“Whaaat?” You scoffed, “No. That’s just - that’s ridiculous.”

“I called you five times. No answer. Dean calls you once and you’re already here.”

“I didn’t see your calls. I was in the shower,” you lied, pretty smoothly. Or so you thought.

“In the shower for 2 hours?”

“Is that my phone ringing? Yep. Sorry, gotta get this one.”

“Why? Is it Dean again?” Sam asked with sarcasm.

You pretended to answer the call and rushed out of the room before you could dig yourself into an even bigger hole. God, you’d have to be more careful in the future or your little crush was going to get busted.

Just as you were leaving the motel room, Dean was walking inside, raising his eyebrows in salute to you with a smile, then popping a candy into his mouth.

He barely had the time to shut the door before his brother started.

“She’s into you, you know?”

“What?” Dean looked back at the door you had used just two seconds ago. “No, she - I’m not her type.”


“Yeah, she’s into herbal teas and fluffy animals. She probably wants a guy who writes her love poetry.”

“Trust me, she’s into you. When I call her she doesn’t pick up. When you do, she doesn’t even let it ring once. Does that tell you anything?” Sam asked, giving him a pointed look.

“Yeah, that you bore her to death before even opening your mouth. It’s barely her fault, really.”

“Yeah, right,” Sam said, unamused. “I know you like her, Dean.”

“What? No. That’s - that’s stupid. I don’t.”  

“I saw the way you look at her when she’s not looking. You like her,” he repeated, his voice only accentuating the conviction he held.

“Look, if by like you mean I’d sleep with her… sure. You got me. But that’s it. I don’t have some stupid crush on her.”

“Really? You don’t? Then why are you here?”


“You heard me. Didn’t you have to meet that waitress tonight? The moment you knew Y/N would be here, you canceled all your plans. Why’s that?”

Dean’s eyes slightly widened. He opened his mouth to reply, but no excuse came out. So he improvised. “Is that my phone? Yeah. Gotta take this one. Nice talk, Sammy.” In an instant, he was out the door.

Sam smiled to himself. They had to come back eventually, and he had nothing but time. An uncomfortable dinner was ready to happen.

Next time Dean would think twice before changing his laptop wallpaper to the one of a killer clown. Oh, he would.

The rules are simple. You don’t take a joint from a guy named Don. There are no dogs in the car. You don’t mess with Sam’s computer. And you never, ever, involve clowns.


Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 5.6k (haha whoops)

Warnings: Ridiculous amount of cussing (usual in my writings), OC’s, minor humour, size!kink, hip!kink, nail scratching, hair!kink, dirty talk, sweet, sweet passionate smut.

Summary: You win a competition to film on the set of Supernatural and meet your idols. During your first day on set, you notice not only that Jared Padalecki has been eyeing you, but discover the fandom’s biggest headcanon on him in the bedroom is true.

A/N: This is entirely written in first person BUT it is still technically a reader insert, just a different format. For the purpose of this fic, Jared is single. Obviously no hate on Gen, it is fiction for entertainment purposes only. This was written and posted within hours, so all grammatical and spelling errors are my own. I apologise if there is a slight switch between tense, I was tired and in a rush to get all my thoughts on screen and posted that I wasn’t too stressed. It’s fanfiction, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Anyway, please enjoy. Feedback is appreciated.

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Beep beep beep beep beep.

“For fuck sakes,” I groaned, slamming my forefinger on the ‘stop’ on my phone to silence the alarm. I closed my eyes for a few more seconds, already knowing my phone was about to buzz yet again with a second alarm. My sensible self knows how much I like to sleep in. My sleepy self wants to fucking punch my sensible self for being so… sensible.

After silencing the second alarm, I stretched and rubbed my eyes, already reaching back for my phone to browse my social media like I do every fucking morning because I like to ignore my daily responsibilities and shove my eyeballs onto a screen to pretend like my life is interesting.

I go through all of my notifications, none of them worth really looking at, and begin to scroll down my Facebook page. I stop suddenly when I see Jared Padalecki’s latest post, my eyes catching the photo of Jensen, Misha and himself holding up a sign that read ‘WE WANT YOU!’

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Dialogue prompt 114

“So, you here to try to convince me to ’go back and get some rest’ too?”

“They’re worried about you. They think you’re losing it.”

“They’re over reacting.”

“Are they? When was the last time you slept? Ate? Face it, you’re not exactly functioning at  one-hundred percent right now. And the others are freaking out because they have no idea how to deal with you.”

“And you do?”

“Please, you’re not the first person to lose something in this war, and you wont be the last. So stop being ridiculous and come back; before you end up killing yourself and I have to explain why I didn’t drag you back by force!”