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On the make you draw thing. Patty Thompson Or Black Star (Both are so underrated a lot and i love them tbh)

you can’t make me choose

make me choose between two characters and i’ll draw the winner

I was reading a soul eater fic when I was struck by the idea of orihime being ishida’s bow, She is a bow with a beautiful intricate flower pattern decorating her metal, surrounded by a blue flow of energy that can form a shield. Their resonance is second only to Rukia and Ichigos.

Ichigo and Rukia though they are a one of a kind team because they are both weapons and meisters. They can both fight and wield each other. They can transition between both effortlessly. Rukia transforms into a beautiful white blade and ichigo transforms into pitch black scythe. They resonance is off the charts.

Also imagine urahara as Stein and Isshin as Spirt but without the cheating(papa loves you ichigo ;-; lol).

Fairy Tail AU

introducing the new and slowly progressive collab with l0chn3ss ♥♥♥ comes with dork ‘eater’ evans wearing a hipster-ass headband


Ah, this is my first drawing in this blog. I’m sorry, it’s been months since i made this blog but i really didn’t have motivation.
@simple-symphonia i drew this based of your soul eater AU. I hope you like it! I really love your AU and i want to draw more based off it.

A head canon i had based of this au would be that Yachi’s weapon (Kiyoko) has multiple blades so they can be able to attack multiple ways.
2) Yachi can’t fight when she’s thinking too hard, but when she isn’t thinking much, she’s awfully strong.
3) Yachi’s is able to wield her weapon with one hand, but when she’s serious, she uses both hands.
I love this AU and your art too.

between the lines // 3

“I need to ask you a favor.”

She’s wringing her hands together and hoping for a miracle.

“You can depend on your god in your time of need,” Black*Star nods solemnly, and for a moment Maka wants to punch herself for ever thinking that this was a good idea. The wannabe deity may be her oldest friend, but he’s also Black*Star, narcissist to the third degree. “Ask me anything.”

Here goes nothing.

“Could you kiss me?”

“No,” he says at once. “Nuh uh, not a chance. That’s against the bro code.”

Maka sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose tensely. “Please?”

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soma, "why do you always win?" ???

Soul blinked at the game board sitting on the table.

It was their annual Friday night game night, and Maka had chosen Monopoly since it was her turn. Usually he had no problem with her picking the game since a majority of the time it was some lame game like Scrabble or Guess Who. The ones that didn’t really matter or include gloating for the rest of the week because she won. But this time she chose Monopoly. Out of all the games they had purchased in the time they’d been partners, she chose the one that he hated the most because she did gloat.

He had known about five minutes ago that he was shit out of luck. Maka had removed the final four houses on one of her properties and replaced it with a worn red one from the box. His own properties consisted of a handful of ones; the rest had gone to her when she saved his ass from bankruptcy.

For the last five minutes, he had been dumbfounded. There was no way for him to weasel his way out of this one. Every square that surrounded the silver car piece had the same red house sitting on them, and his money had been dwindled down to about fifty bucks – if that. His girlfriend had run him out dry. That was his punishment for making her banker, he guessed. She probably took a small sum of the play money for herself when he it was supposed to go the bank. Black*Star was her best friend after all.

“How do you always win?” Soul asked, a slight tinge of anger in his voice. He tossed the last of his money on top of the board and slouched in his chair like a spoiled brat. “Every time we play this damn game, you always beat me! It’s not fair!”

Maka blinked before half smiling and shaking her head. “You don’t need to throw a tantrum about it, Soul. I have a good knack for this game, and we both know I’m better at keeping track of money than you.”

“Yeah, that’s what all cheaters say,” he mumbled under his breath.

“I didn’t cheat. I beat you fair and square.”

“That’s what all cheaters say too!”

She lowly growled and started putting away the game. “You do this all the time. Complain, complain, complain when you don’t get your way, and it’s annoying! I’m this close to not playing anything with you anymore! The nerve of you to accuse me of cheating. I would never cheat unlike someone at this table.”

“That was one time, and it was years ago. ‘sides, I wasn’t the banker! If either of us cheated, it would have been you.”

The green and red buildings hit against each other as she dumped them in their respective spot and glared at him. Through gritted teeth she said, “I don’t cheat, Soul. I’m better at keeping my money than you. Admit it.”

“Not until you prove you didn’t cheat.”

“I don’t need to prove anything.” She began to close the game board in sections. “And if you don’t believe me, then–”

Maka stopped abruptly.

It took Soul several seconds to see what had caught her attention.

Sitting on the table near her were three golden 100s.

Her head whipped up. “I can explain!”

“You were cheating!” Soul yelled, sitting upright in his chair and glancing from her to the money. “And at a stupid board game!”

“I can explain!” she said again. Her face grew redder by the second; it almost beat out the shade of his eyes. “I only did it because you always win when we play Mario Party 3, and I wanted a game that was mine to win. Besides, I only did it as a last ditch effort to win! I won’t do it again.”

“That didn’t mean you had to cheat.”

“I know, but I wanted to win this time. You’ve won the last four games. I just wanted it to be my turn this time.”

A warm hint of sincerity mixed with her voice as she stared at the table, averting her gaze from his, and Soul felt the slightest tinge of regret. He couldn’t blame her for her reasoning. If it was him in her shoes, he would have undoubtedly done the same thing – especially if it meant he had the whole week to gloat about it. But the thing was, Monopoly was her game. Just like Mario Party was his after years of playing it with Wes, the Trump-impersonating game was hers. She was better at managing money and making the right decision in investments than he was; she didn’t need to cheat.

Defeatedly, he slouched back in his chair. “Yeah, but you don’t have to cheat at this game. You’re good at this game, and you’ve beat me loads of times before. There wasn’t a point to you cheating this time. You know I suck at games where money is involved.”

“I know,” she said a little sheepishly. Maka looked at him from beneath her lashes, and his heart twisted in that nice way it always did when she was around. “Are you mad at me still?”

Soul felt the corners his mouth tug up into a smile. “Kiss me, and we can forget this happened.”

Maka leaned across the table and gently pressed her lips against his in a chaste kiss.


“You get the week to gloat about your win.”