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On the make you draw thing. Patty Thompson Or Black Star (Both are so underrated a lot and i love them tbh)

you can’t make me choose

make me choose between two characters and i’ll draw the winner

I was reading a soul eater fic when I was struck by the idea of orihime being ishida’s bow, She is a bow with a beautiful intricate flower pattern decorating her metal, surrounded by a blue flow of energy that can form a shield. Their resonance is second only to Rukia and Ichigos.

Ichigo and Rukia though they are a one of a kind team because they are both weapons and meisters. They can both fight and wield each other. They can transition between both effortlessly. Rukia transforms into a beautiful white blade and ichigo transforms into pitch black scythe. They resonance is off the charts.

Also imagine urahara as Stein and Isshin as Spirt but without the cheating(papa loves you ichigo ;-; lol).

Marble Hornets Soul Eater AU, anyone? @read-me-loud-and-queer pointed out just how underappreciated these AUs are to me, and dragged me onto the bandwagon. I mean, you have monster hunting, soul mates, and magical weapons. What more could you want? 

So we’ve been texting about this thing, and we decided Alex, Jay, and Jessica are meisters. Everyone else is a weapon. Brian is a cane with concealable blades, and he partners with Alex pretty frequently. Tim is a shield, and he doesn’t have a meister because 1) he’s not really a weapon in most people’s eyes so he’s not anyone’s first pick, and 2) he doesn’t trust many people. Brian’s really his only friend, so they wield each other sometimes. Amy is a rapier, and she and Jessica are the most accomplished pair of the group. Jessica was well on her way to making Amy into a death scythe before Amy went missing. Seth is a gun. He gets forcibly partnered with Alex after Alex snaps and starts hunting down his friends. Mostly because Alex couldn’t get his hands on Brian. Jay doesn’t have a solid weapon partner because he’s an awkward bean, but he and Tim do eventually learn to trust each other and partner up to take down Alex. 

Rani, if you’ve got anything else to add, go for it.

P.S. the reason Alex is in a suit is because I love the idea of Alex and Brian going to some formal engagement to take care of a kishin James Bond style.

Fairy Tail AU

introducing the new and slowly progressive collab with l0chn3ss ♥♥♥ comes with dork ‘eater’ evans wearing a hipster-ass headband


Ah, this is my first drawing in this blog. I’m sorry, it’s been months since i made this blog but i really didn’t have motivation.
@simple-symphonia i drew this based of your soul eater AU. I hope you like it! I really love your AU and i want to draw more based off it.

A head canon i had based of this au would be that Yachi’s weapon (Kiyoko) has multiple blades so they can be able to attack multiple ways.
2) Yachi can’t fight when she’s thinking too hard, but when she isn’t thinking much, she’s awfully strong.
3) Yachi’s is able to wield her weapon with one hand, but when she’s serious, she uses both hands.
I love this AU and your art too.

between the lines // 3

“I need to ask you a favor.”

She’s wringing her hands together and hoping for a miracle.

“You can depend on your god in your time of need,” Black*Star nods solemnly, and for a moment Maka wants to punch herself for ever thinking that this was a good idea. The wannabe deity may be her oldest friend, but he’s also Black*Star, narcissist to the third degree. “Ask me anything.”

Here goes nothing.

“Could you kiss me?”

“No,” he says at once. “Nuh uh, not a chance. That’s against the bro code.”

Maka sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose tensely. “Please?”

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I’ve watched Soul Eater before and my motivation to make a fanart became crazy that I had to do it. I don’t feel like coloring it so much today because I have a term paper research that I have to work on right now.

but i’m still not touching it and continue to be a tumblr freak

Inspired from @bendan-ninja’s post: