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‘Edmund! Don’t tell me what to do!’ you shouted.

'But it’s not safe! You should stay here. Protected’ he responded calmly. He always tried to put you off your stroke like that. You always were too emotional and Edmund always tried not to loose his temper.

'I’m not a child anymore! I can defend myself! It’s also my fight! I…’

'I will not risk loosing you… You will stay here. That’s an order’ he raised his voice.

You looked him in the eyes incredulously. 

'You’re not my king, Edmund. Don’t you ever try to command me again.’ you hissed furiously and left him alone in the room. It was fist time when you really saw Edmund angry… or maybe was he scared? Moment later you heard someone running behind you. Before he could say anything you stopped and turned around just to find yourself in his loving arms. 

'I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…’

'I know.’ you cut him off.

'I just don’t want you to get hurt but you’re right. You’re not a child anymore and I can’t treat you like one.’ You smiled a little bit. 'So if you promise me to stay with the archers…’

You chuckled. 

'Dumbo. You know that I’m a better archer than swordsman. Where you expected me to be?’

’…and not rush in the middle of the battle to help.’ he finished.

'Oookay. That might have happened… But if you desire it so much then it won’t.’

'Promise?’ he asked to confirm. 

'Promise.’ you said and kissed him on his cheek.

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So a few weeks ago, I found out that I'm aro and I told my family that I may be aro and these are the responses I got "How can you say that when you've never kissed someone before" "You've never been in a real relationship before because you have to kiss before it's an actual relationship" and that made me discourage (?) to tell my best friend, who's also my ex-boyfriend, and he deserves to know

invalidation sucks, i’m sorry your family reacted that way. if you believe your best friend should know, then try not to let your family’s reaction discourage you. you know your friend best, but in my experience, peers tend to react better to this stuff than family. something about a generational/age difference, and how invested your family is in you having a family.

you can know you’re aro without ever being in a relationship. maybe it could help to be like “how did you know you weren’t attracted to [x gender] if you didn’t date one?”

u know what makes me lowkey sad? when someone says ‘i know it seems silly’ before talking about something they clearly care very deeply about bc u know that means someone gave them shit for caring that much about that thing before which is Fucked Up.

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused
  • Lance: No, but you guys didn't see her, it was like... her eyes were so blue they contained the entire universe...
  • Pidge: *rolls her eyes*
  • Shiro: ... I've heard that before...
  • Lance: What? I only met her today
  • Shiro: No, I mean that string of words... I swear I've heard someone say them before about someone...
  • Hunk: Before the Kerberos mission?
  • Shiro: Yeah ... back at the Garrison or something I don't know...
  • Keith: *sweats nervously*
  • (headcanon that Keith knew Lance at the garrison, but only as 'that cute cargo pilot')
“Taking Flight” Theory

So I’ve always had an interesting thought about this episode 

That maybe it could be a metaphor? It didn’t just have to do with the castle literally taking flight for the first time

So in this episode Pidge revealed that she was a girl to the team

This allowed her to accept herself for who she really is, instead of hiding behind someone she’s not. It also must have took a lot of confidence for her to do this, but the fact that she went through with telling them, means she gained a new found confidence, allowing her to take another step forward in her life. 

She metaphorically took flight in this way. 

Then there’s Keith 

So we know that before this episode took place, we had the classic and famous bonding moment

Here Keith had a one on one connection with Lance, something that I’m sure he’s never had with someone before (other than Shiro.) Meaning this moment was very important to him, here he went through an experience with someone that he’s never had. 

This must have made Lance special to him in his eyes, his first bond with someone, especially a person he usually doesn’t get a long with. I can only imagine this affected him so much on a personal level, but also on an emotional level too. 

When you experience something with someone that you’ve never had before, isn’t it safe to say that this is how you develop feelings for this person? This is only six episodes in, Keith has never had this. This is where his own feelings take flight. 

That’s portrayed in the next episode in literally the first scene

Keith acting impatient, wanting Lance to come out is pretty much portraying those feelings. Remember, the bonding moment was very important for him. I can’t even imagine how excited he probably was for Lance to come out so that they could continue this new relationship. Except Keith’s pretty abrasive, so that’s probably why his excitement was portrayed this way. 

He wants Lance to come out so that they can start where they left off and grow closer on a personal and emotional level. He feels closer to Lance here, we are literally seeing his feelings for him take off.

(Not to mention the fact that he was the longest to leave the pod when they all left to go look at their clocks, and I think the creators set up that scene on purpose just to portray how close he feels to Lance now, and that he doesn’t want to leave his side.)

If you remember in season two, this is how Keith was acting when Shiro was in the healing pod

He’s calm, he’s composed, he isn’t impatient and he doesn’t seem very worried

This clearly shows the difference in how he feels about them, Lance is able to make Keith act this way because of the events that occurred before and how those new feelings impacted him. He’s already used to Shiro, he knows him, he has no doubt that he’ll heal fast and get better soon. He doesn’t have to worry or be impatient. 

He’s still by his side because he’s close to him, but not in the way that he was with Lance. 

His feelings are also clearly portrayed in this moment with Lance, after he comes out of the pod

Lance flirts with Allura, everyone says their comments and then at the very end we hear Keith say “Classic.” and other than Allura he isn’t even looking at Lance (he’s also the farthest away from the group). This is a clear as glass portrayal of jealousy, he is jealous that Lance notices Allura and not him, that their bonding moment is clearly not important to him right now. 

Then Lance forgets the moment (which I’m sure he didn’t) and Keith does this

This is literally the face of rejection, Lance forgets an important moment between the both of them, a moment where he most likely started developing feelings for him. It’s really no surprise why he would act like this. But I feel like this moment was purposeful too, because it would have been way too early for anything to happen or start between them anyways. 

Except, in season two we got a pretty clear indication that Lance most definitely cares about Keith, even if he doesn’t express it around him. So maybe once he stops flirting with Allura and all of those other girls and literally looks at what’s right in front of him, maybe then he’ll finally find what he’s looking for?