before she let herself realize she was his old lady and before he became her husband


“Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter].

Chapter I: “Horses”.

SummaryWidower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: This is fiction, and these wonderful actors are just playing these characters.


Jeremy was sitting behind the desk in his study, going through his mail.

He opened a drawer to pull out a folder, and a photograph fell out. He picked it up and squinted through his glasses to get a good look at it. He smiled when he saw his younger self staring back at him, and he put the picture away but his line of sight deviated and he found himself staring at the portrait of his young wife on their wedding day, right there on the desk. He became expressionless once he realized that she was the same age as him in that old photograph.

Jeremy stood up but as if life itself wanted to mock him, a sharp pain in his lower back made him groan and bend over with a grimace.

“What is it?” his wife asked, suddenly standing by the door, “Are you okay?”

“My bloody back…” he said.

But his ego seemed to be hurting far more.

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*** The request didn’t really give a specific ending so I used the gif 😘***

“Did you like tea sweetheart?” “Yes ma'am.” Your mom smiled warmly and took Jax’s empty cup, patting his shoulder and throwing you a smirk. “So polite.” You all laughed but your smile fell as your mom’s boyfriend’s voice rang out. “You really are a charming young man. I’m glad that Y/N here got herself such a good man to take care of her.” Jax nodded gratefully and smiled. “Thank you Nathan. I really appreciate that.” Jax looked over at you with a grin and you returned it, hoping that he couldn’t tell how fake it was.

You hadn’t ever really spoken to Jax about what a douche Nate was when you were growing up. He had a bit of a god complex and thought he was the best thing to walk the earth. When they had first started going out, he’d been fine. He’d helped your mom out with some bills, helping out around the house, taking you out for ice cream and doing everything he could be to a good boyfriend and hopefully husband/stepfather.

Somewhere along the way though, his facade had crumbled and the real him had been exposed. A gross, chauvinistic pervert who liked to make comments about how attractive he thought you were. He’d do it to your mom too, saying sexual things about and to her right in front of you. As you’d gotten older, you’d tried to tell her how rude it was but she just wrote it off as men being men. So when the comments became directed at you, you decided to stay quiet. You figured she’d just use the same excuse for him and you didn’t feel like wasting your time. Instead, you just began to get out more. You hung out with friends, went to the park, to the movies, shopping, anything that would keep you away from him and his comments. He never touched you but his words were enough to make you feel grossed out. Always letting you know how well you had filled out, how womanly your figure had become. How pretty your lips were, perfect for kissing. How you would make some lucky man very happy one day.

You were 17 when it started but you were still young and it was still taboo. So you began to spend less and less time at home since he was always there. Instead you hung out around town, looking for a job and gotten hired at TM to file age as paperwork and process the repo orders. Jax has seen you come into work that first day and the rest was history. He’d known there was something off about you and had taken you under his wing just as the club did. You’d fallen for each other fast and eventually he’d helped you move out and get your own place, though you never told him why you’d been so set on leaving. He hadn’t pushed you, just helping you with whatever you needed and before long you’d been in your own for 3 years.

In those three years, you’d become his Old Lady and gotten his crow but you still hadn’t introduced him to your mom, or Nate. You wanted to leave that part of your life behind. It seemed though that Nate had either changed his ways or lost interest because he was very gentlemanly and polite the whole night. He had obviously fooled Jax as they’d been conversing amicably all night. You slipped away and let them talk, going to the kitchen to say goodbye to your mom. When you entered the kitchen, you saw her at the sink, washing the kettle.

“Thanks for dinner mom. It was nice seeing you.” “You leaving already?” “Yeah. I have work tomorrow and he has a run, he has to start packing.” Your mother pouted but nodded and dried her hands, pulling you into a hug. “Well alright baby. I’ll see you soon.” You both walked out of the kitchen and Jax looked over. “Ready to go?” “Yep.” Both him and Nathan stood, shaking hands and saying their goodbyes. They walked over towards you and Jax moved to the side, letting Nate come to you. He smiled and held his arms out open for a hug which you reluctantly stepped into. You faked a smile and hugged him but Jax knew you well and he knew that it was a fake smile. He could see how uncomfortable you looked and he realized that anytime Nathan came around, you seemed to shy away from him. Even his presence seemed to make you uneasy and while Jax didn’t know why, he didn’t like it.

You pulled away from Nate as quickly as possible and absentmindedly reached for Jax’s hand immediately after, searching for security. He held onto your hand firmly and dragged his thumb along the back of your hand to soothe you, his smile now gone. He said goodbye to both your mom and Nate before leaving the house with you and heading home.


“You and Nate seemed to really hit it off.”

Jax nodded and finished drying off, running the towel over his body. “Yeah. He’s cool. Can’t say the same for you.” You laughed and finished washing your face, Jax’s arms wrapping around you as you put on your moisturizer. “What’s the deal with you two?”

You stayed quiet for a moment, not knowing how to really verbalize it.

“He just…he’s just rude. Disrespectful. He always used to talk about my mom like she was a piece of meat, right in front of me. Talking about her ass and her breasts. How she would be a perfect trophy wife. Then he started doing the same shit to me.”

Jax’s arms tightened around you and as you looked at him through the mirror, his angry face was already coming through.

“He was never as direct but it was still uncalled for. He’d say how if I was lucky I’d end up looking like her. That my face was just as beautiful as hers any my body was too. How our tits were the same. He’s just gross. I can’t stand his ass.”

You could tell Jax was pissed and you didn’t want to run the risk of him getting on the phone or worse, driving back over there. So instead you just turned around in his arms and leaned up to kiss him. “Doesn’t matter. I don’t have to deal with him anymore.” Jax relaxed slightly but he was still tense. “He ever says anything like that to you again, let me know.” You nodded and smiled, reaching down and giving the towel wrapped around his waist a tug. The cloth fell to the tile in a heap and Jax smirked down at you as you grabbed onto him and lead him back towards the bedroom. “Come on Mr. teller. I only got one more night with you before you head to Tacoma.”


Can you do a one shot where Harry and the girl do a vow renewal with all their children and grandchildren there please


30 years had gone by in what felt like an instant. One minute, you were walking down an aisle toward the love of your life and the next, you were waking up to flowers with a card that said, “Happy 30th Anniversary”.

You and Harry had gotten married at 26. Young by some standards, but you had already been dating for almost three years. His solo career was well in the works and Harry was touring all over the place on his own. You had a steady job of your own, so following him around was a bit tricky. It was after two and a half years of being together that Harry finally decided that he wanted to make it official. In true Harry fashion, he dropped to one knee one evening as you were clearing the dishes after dinner and asked you to marry him while kneeling on the kitchen floor. It was so utterly random and spontaneous that you couldn’t help but laugh, though you said yes within two seconds and were down on your knees with him so you could kiss him. (Kitchen floor sex had taken place shortly after and you had never been happier that you had swept up beforehand).

The wedding planning itself had been incredibly stressful, especially considering that Harry was in the middle of a tour at the time. He tried as best he could to help from afar, calming you down over Skype when you were freaking out about decorations and catering and assuring you that he didn’t care about any of that. He also tried to convince you to elope several times, but you were determined to have an actual wedding, so he went along with it.

Your wedding day, surprisingly, went down without much a hitch. There was a bit of worry that it would rain when you woke up that morning to dark clouds, but they cleared by the afternoon. Your family and friends were gathered in the field behind Anne and Robin’s house and your hands shook as you met your father at the beginning of the aisle.

The moment your eyes met Harry’s, you couldn’t stop the tears. You cold tell that Harry was also having a very difficult time keeping it together, which just made you cry harder. By the time you got to the vows, neither of you could speak properly and you doubted that any of your guests were able to hear a word you said.

It didn’t matter, however. Those vows were for the two of you and both of you meant every word.

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A New Adventure

August 1th, my birthday aaaaand… my thousandth post!!! No better occasion to introduce someone new and celebrate love! I hope you’ll like this as much as I do! Hugs, beautiful people! And enjoy the fluff!

Cullen x Demetra Trevelyan, Post Trespasser

It was the voice that woke her up.

Angry, hungry and too loud for such a little body. And still, that was the most beautiful sound in all the Thedas.

Demetra smiled against her pillow, opening slowly her eyes. The dim light in the room suggested her she had been asleep for a very short time, it wasn’t night yet. Demetra’s smile became brighter, seeing her husband.

Cullen, hair dishevelled and an even bigger smile on his face, was walking carefully through their bedroom “Hush, sweetie, let mummy sleep a little more. It’s all ok, isn’t it? What about a lullaby?”

“That’d be great.” Demetra murmured, wincing a little when a light pang of pain reminded her the events of that day.

It had started a little before the sunrise and, before she could fully realize, she was sat against a mountain of pillow, Cullen grabbing her hand with one of his, and pressing a dump towel against her forehead with the other. Mia and the midwife, an old woman with a gentle smile and a strong voice, were encouraging her to breath deeply.

It had seemed hours. The pain hadn’t been intolerable, after all. She had feard a lot worse and, for sure, thanks her enemies and the Anchor, she had experimented all sort of wounds. Nevertheless, she had needed all her strength for pushing and pushing and pushing, following the midwife’s voice and her own instinct. And she was scared for her child and for Cullen and for herself. She had heard such horrible stories…

But when the moment had arrived, all her focus was for convincing the child to come in this world, Cullen’s hand in her own, giving her courage and vigour.

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Robbie Kay-My Childhood Kiss

Two years ago you moved from Virginia to London, by that time you were only 7 years old, you weren’t extremely social by time and when it get the time to know the family next door you were nervous and anxious at the same time, because you never knew how to start a conversation.

When your mother ringed the bell, you felt your heart bumping louder against your chest, you were in front of your parents, and both of them placed a hand on your shoulders, and then a blonde lady opened the door, she was above your mother’s age and she smiled at your parents, after hugging them tightly she glared at you for a couple seconds and then her smile grows bigger.

“And who is these beautiful young lady?” She asked politely with a beautiful accent as she kneeled down to your height, you smiled a bit and looked into her small blue eyes before softly replying “Y/N” when you said it you could see the little sparkle in her eyes.

“That’s a wonderful name, sweetheart, my name is Stephanie” She introduced herself, you blushed a bit at her compliment before you reply “Nice to meet you” She smiled and stood up to look at your parents “Well… Come on in, this is your home” She said stepping aside let in you and your parents come in “Robbie, Fiona, Camilla! Come to say hi!” She yelled as she closed the door.

Moments later 3 kids went downstairs, 2 girls and 1 boy, the first girl was blonde like her mother, she was like 14 years old and had beautiful eyes, though they were mint green she was still beautiful.

Then there was another blonde, but this one had with curly hair about your age followed her from behind, her cheeks were pink, and her eyes sparkled with mischief.

Finally, 2 steps away from them, there was a brunette boy-who looked a little bit bigger than you were- almost immediately you lost yourself in his deep green orbs, he didn’t noticed you were staring at him, because he was lost in his own thoughts, you could say so by his expression, completely emotionless and by the fact that he was staring into nothingness.

When the three of them were in front of you, you somehow felt… Comfortable… You didn’t knew how to put it on words, but the feeling was quite nice, the first one that made contact with you was Fiona, who smiled and when you smiled back she hugged you.

Then was Camilla, she was nice, she waved her hand to say hi to you and you smiled in response, you told her your name and she told you hers.

After that you turned back to the last sibling, the mysterious brunette boy, you step in front of him, but he was still lost on his own world, you thought for a seconds and then you finally you thought of something, you smiled mischievously and you slowly peeked his cheek.

Almost immediately he got out of his trance to place a hand on his cheek as he turned back at you, a notorious heat filled his cheeks, which made Fiona giggle, while Camilla bite her lower lip to hold back her own giggle. The boy was speechless, so you decide to introduce yourself “My name is Y/N” you said “I’m…” He tried to reply but he frowned and scratched the back of his neck, you were about to ask him what was wrong, but then you realized. He couldn’t remember his name

“Robbie” Her mother finished the sentence for him, he smiled nervously and nodded “Yeah, Robbie” He said and you, -ones again- smiled at him

Nowadays you had 9 and Robbie was 12, both of you became very close and the four of you stand up for each other, by that time, Robbie and you knew each other like the back of your hands, and you were always there for each other.

Almost every day you went to visit him-usually after you finished your homework-and this day was no exception, an hour before you listened your mom talking with your aunt on the phone about what a kiss feels like, you kept replaying her words “I love those butterflies when I kiss my husband, is like soft tickles on your stomach, it just feels right, you know?” She said, and of course you were quite eager to tell Robbie about what you heard, you waved your hand to say goodbye to your mom, then you closed the door and you walked through the grass to knock the door.

After waiting for a couple seconds your brunette best friend opened the door, immediately a spark of joy covered his deep green eyes “Y/N!” He exclaimed and he hugged you, burring his nose on your hair, you hugged him back and after a moment he pulled apart to take your hand to drag you inside the house “Come on!” He said anxiously, when you came in his bedroom he closed the door and you two sat on the bed “Laid down” He requested, you raised your eyebrow teasingly “Why?” You asked and he rolled his eyes at your expression “Trust me” He simply said and you sighed, you laid your on the pillow, facing the roof and Robbie left your side to turn off the lights, instantly the roof was full of bright yellow stars “Wow” you breath out, looking in amusement at the roof, that now seemed like the night sky of the cartoons.

“Do you like it?” He whispered on your ear, the mere touch of his breath against your ear, made you feel goosebumps, but you were so focused on the stars you almost forgot about that “It’s beautiful” You replied, you could feel his glare focused only on you, which made you feel nervous but happy, so you tried to ignore it, but when you felt his fingers slowly intertwined with yours, your heart jumped against your chest in joy, your heartbeats were so loud you could even hear it bumping against your ears, for a second you thought that Robbie heard them too.

Then you remembered what your mom said that morning on the phone, you turned back at Robbie “Robbie?” You called him in a whisper, he looked at you “Yeah?” You debate with yourself a couple seconds weather to tell him or not, locking your eyes on his, finally you decide to speak “Do you know what a kiss feels like?” You asked him quietly, like you weren’t sure of what were you saying, his eyes wide in response, and a light pink covered is cheeks, but of course, it was dark so you didn’t notice, -what he was really thankful about- he then replied shyly “No” you two stared back at the roof, after a moment of silence he added “But we can try…” He mumbled shyly ones again, cutting himself off in the middle of the sentence, but you already knew what he was talking about, you asked him if he was sure, what he replied saying that, in that way you two could know what a kiss felt like. You thought he was right, so you agreed.

You both sat on the bed, facing each other, you were nervous and didn’t really know what to do, but before you could ask Robbie, he spoke “For what I’ve seen in movies with my sister, your have to put your hands on my shoulders, like this” He said taking your hands with extreme delicacy and placing them on his shoulders, you nodded in understanding “And mine go on here” He said placing his hands on your waist, unconsciously pulling you a bit closer “Close your eyes” He asked you, so you did.

Robbie pulled himself closer to your face, until finally his lips slowly touched yours, you felt it almost immediately, it was like some sort of little person tickled your stomach from inside, it was amazing and also curious.

Finally his lips left yours, you both open your eyes and stared at each other trying to figure out what did the other felt, but both of your expression were black by the shock of discovering this new feeling that none of you could describe how it felt, but you two definitely felt that something. You were the first to get out of the trance, so you spoke almost in a whisper, like the thing you were about to ask were top secret “Did you felt that?” Robbie stared at you until finally the words came out of his mouth “I… Think so…” He answered, what none of you knew, was that, the small and innocent kiss you two shared was just the beginning…
What do you think? You want a Part 2? Send me a fan mail if that’s what you want!

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Things Others Learn About Them : #51 - #60

Since this series which started for MTV got such a warm response for the continuation till 100, continue it shall. You can read the series here on AO3 if you haven’t. Hope you enjoy.  

Things Others Learn About Them #51

Every week on one night, the ladies all went out for drinks and bonding for hours.

And in those hours, Laurel saw Felicity never drink more than two glasses. She would nurse her glass for long, long minutes while Thea and Lyla downed them like water.

Laurel did not touch alcohol for obvious reasons, but she did not understand why Felicity did not. The lawyer in her got more and more curious every time. So one night, she asked her.

Thea and Lyla stopped too, curious to know.

Felicity laughed, “I’m not an alcoholic, no offense Laurel.”

Laurel saw her smile softly, remembering something good obviously, and then shrug. “I just get drunk with Oliver.”

It told Laurel nothing but it told her everything.

Things Others Learn About Them #52

Ollie called Felicity without fail at least twice when they were out.

On ladies night each week, Thea relaxed completely, enjoying her life, grateful for the different women who had become her friends.

She also saw the same appreciation in all of their faces. And then Ollie called Felicity and that appreciation flew out the window to be replaced with a sigh and an exasperated smile.

Thea knew how much Felicity hated having to answer to someone. She understood it. But the fact that Felicity took the call every time with a sassy but sweet remark, slayed her. They never spoke for more than a minute, but for that one minute, Felicity let go of her independent streak and Ollie let go of his need to never bend.

For a minute like that, so would Thea.

Things Others Learn About Them #53

At the end of every ladies’ night, Laurel dropped Thea home since she would be sober, and Oliver came to pick up both Lyla and Felicity since Johnny would be home with Sara.

Lyla would just observe them, slightly tipsy, as he would simply take Felicity’s hand and smile at her in a way she had never seen him smile, and lead her to the car. He would open the door for her and then for Lyla before getting in and driving off.

And the entire time Lyla would be there, Felicity would be talking and telling him about the night and Oliver would smile and speak sometimes and keep his eyes on the road. He would also take a hold of Felicity’s hand and squeeze.

He did nothing romantic at all, per se. In fact it was very general.

But coming from him, and the way he did it, made Lyla sigh like a 15 year old girl on the inside.

Things Others Learn About Them #54

Laurel would not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself.

There were times when Ollie would sit quietly, staring at one spot, completely lost in his own mind, so, so quiet. And people would be talking and arguing around him and he would sit, completely uncaring of the place and the voices, just staring at the spot, somewhere else entirely.

And then Felicity would speak, not even addressing him, just speak generally in her normal voice, and Oliver’s gaze would swing to her without blinking. He would stare at her for a few seconds before blinking and joining them.

It happened every single time. And Laurel could still not believe it.

Felicity brought him back from the brink. Without even trying.

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On the Kaiba Family

((This is a piece written for the lovely and incredible owlteria who had asked me about my headcanons for Noa’s mother and her relationship to Gozaburo.))

Disclaimer: Some of the information here I came up withyears ago while writing that fanfic I’ve talked about, while the rest has been thought up over the past 2.5 months of running this blog (HOW?! How has it only been that long omg) so there will likely be amendments to this over time.

Cordelia Elizabeth Kaiba (nee: Hailey) was born on April 3rd to a moderately wealthy family in England. The Hailey estate was large and beautiful, as they were descendants of nobility, but had fallen into disrepair over the years. But to Cordelia, named after the third daughter of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, it was her castle, the maids her subjects, and the countryside her Kingdom. Perhaps it was because of her namesake that Cordelia developed an intense interest in the arts and dreamed of becoming a thespian and performing at the Globe Theatre. Her family indulged her fascination and it quickly became apparent that she was talented and could perhaps make a name for herself.  

As she grew older, it became clear to Cordelia that she would have to expand the borders of her Kingdom and left her ancestral home to explore the world. Cordelia was radiantly beautiful with unusual teal hair and bright, large blue eyes – calling many suitors to compare her to the ocean. That became old very quickly. But Cordelia was a quick witted, feisty, but proper lady who easily made friends wherever she went, enchanting every room she entered. As such, she was invited to many parties and galas across the globe, and it was at one of these events that she met the powerful, older businessman – Gozaburo Kaiba. Once they had caught each other’s attention, it became clear that they both had plans for the other.

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all1sees  asked:

hi! I fell hard for your ghost!au about clack and ASG! i would like to know more about the mystery behind clack's deaths - and also, if they've protected Aeris and Tifa from harm, like a home invasion about to go wrong (like ...6 feet under wrong) :0c

Serious fic-age is happening. I’ve really been thinking about this. Let’s make a cut and see how the story goes. 

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Cruel is Life

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking if I’m alright. It’s a hard question to answer, but physically yes. I know a lot of people are worried right now, and while it’s really nobodies business, I feel a bit bad that people are concerned and they have nothing to go off of. My sister is currently in the hospital, and that is why I’m there. She got in a car wreck and I’m here to keep company and make sure she’s alright. 

I’m sorry I got a few worried. But I will be fine, it’s just a lot to take in. Concerning this, I felt a bit bad, and wrote something for you all. It took me about a half-hour. So apologies for any misspelling. 

Description: Sansa finally kills Petyr. 


The moment Sansa found, saw, and heard beyond the Weirwood was the day she lost any consolation towards that of Petyr Baelish. The more evidence she gathered, the longer it dwelled in her head, a spiking urgency tearing her at the seams, the easier it became to hate him all the more.

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In Want of An Heir - Part One of Three

So I couldn’t sleep the other night and I ended up with the start of a vaguey-vague nobility/arranged marriage Whouffaldi AU. Here’s part one of the finished product. In the end it should be read as a one-shot, but for management sake (because it’s really long), I’m breaking it up.

The aging Marquis of Kasterborous and Gallifrey takes a second wife with a clever plan: in need of an heir, he plans to make his new Marchioness into his successor. What he doesn’t know is that even the cleverest plans don’t always run smoothly.


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