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Can you do a scenario where bakugou gets teased by his fem s/o in front of his classmates and she gets him all flustered? I love your blog!! <3

I loved the recent Bakugou episode, it gave me life


Bakugō Katsuki 爆豪 勝己

Bakugou Katsuki. He was many things, but he definitely wasn’t shy.

He could declare himself the winner of the Sports Festival before it had even begun. He could come in first in the entrance exams and not bat an eye. He could be third in class and still have the nerve to call his classmates “nerds.” He could tell the number one hero and symbol of peace to buzz off.

But he could not, for the life of him, act natural around his s/o.

Bakugou was just bad at romance in general. He’d had experience with being a tough guy who won’t take crap form anyone and he’d had experience with winning and being the best constantly, but he’d never been in a relationship before.

It was a surprise to everyone in class 1-A when they realized that Bakugou was in a relationship with a transfer student from the general studies course. They had a good quirk and performed well enough in the Sports Festival to be transferred.

How did Bakugou have a s/o? Weren’t they constantly being harassed and yelled at by their boyfriend? What? Everything was just so confusing at first.

In class during break one day, Bakugou’s s/o spoke up a bit more than usual. “Hey, Katsuki-kun, your hair’s back to normal now! Looks like Best Jeanist wasn’t able to keep it like that.”

Bakugou scoffed. “You just realized that now? Jeez, you’re slow.” His s/o was unaffected by his snarky remarks, used to how their boyfriend reacted to things by now.

“I thought it was cute, though. You looked a little more proper.” By now, Bakugou’s face was a light shade of pink, which he was able to easily play of as being “annoyed” by his s/o.

He hated that his classmates were watching. He could hear Kaminari and Ashido trying to stifle their laughter.

“It wasn’t ‘cute’ at all, it sucked!” Bakugou exclaimed, the word “cute” being said with great distaste.

“Well, I still think Best Jeanist did a good job overall,” his s/o said. “You seem more professional in a way. Katsuki-kun, are your cheeks red?”

Bakugou was practically shaking. He was so angry and so embarrassed about his s/o. But, god, were they cute.

“They are red!” Kirishima exclaimed, suddenly very close to his friend. “Aww, Bakugou, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.”

Bakugou wanted nothing more than to just disappear or blow Kirishima up. He went with the option closest to disappearing.

“I’M LEAVING!” he yelled, fists clenched to suppress the smoke rising out of them.

“He’s cute when he’s embarrassed,” his s/o said, giggling.

Becaue @urisistable and I have a habit of getting randomly inspired, we’ve decided to start a new fic together! Enjoy <3 Name for it coming soon XD

A frown forms across Brendon’s face as he stares into the old, beaten up book in his lap, staring at the crude ink pictures of various beasts and creatures, he often finds himself wandering the library and picking up old mythology books when he’s bored like he is today. He trails his fingers over the picture of the vampire on the page, the thing looks like a beast, all skin and bone with sharp teeth and eyes that don’t even look human. Is that really what he’d become?

He sighs and glances over to the small cup on the night stand, some of the dark red liquid is still staining the side of the cup and the sight of it makes his stomach ache, that tiny amount of blood is all he’s ever given but it’s always mixed with whatever his dad puts in it to keep his change at bay. His head drops back against the wall in an exasperated sigh, everything hurts today, his head, his muscles, his stomach, not to mention the bruises he always had from various altercations with other hunters in the house.

They hate him, they all do and he knows it, the only reason he’s still alive is because he’s their boss’ son, if it wasn’t for that they’d have shot him in the head the night he got bit, but instead he’s made to suffer this. And he honestly can’t decide what’s worse.

He’s just allowing himself to get lost in the sound of the rain when something catches his attention, piercing through the thought cloud over his head, he can feel something strange, he’s used to feeling the presence of all the hunters always moving around the house, but this is different, he can feel something different. Whatever he’s feeling begins to get stronger, like a buzzing feeling in the back of his mind, lifting a hand he rubs the back of his neck, seemingly getting rid of the feeling.

After opting to go back to his reading, drawing his knees up closer to his chest, the feeling comes back, stronger this time, maybe he’s been focusing too hard on reading. He slips his glasses off of his nose and places them carefully down on his night stand, he catches sight of himself in the mirror when he stands, moving closer to look at himself, he looks paler than usual, his eyes hollowed out and tired looking. The buzzing feeling comes back again, sudden and so much stronger than before, but it’s not unpleasant, it just won’t leave him alone, he can’t focus and it’s only get stronger by the second. Without warning the presence he’s feeling becomes too much to bare, he can’t stay in this room anymore.

He gently clicks the lock on his door open, pushing it open and moving down the hall, focusing hard on the feeling his that’s now spread from the back of his mind to all over his body, what the fuck it this? Is he reacting badly to his meds? Following his senses to the stairway, he stands at the top, moving down a few steps and staring at the front door, that’s where it’s coming from, it has to be. He’s about to move further down when the door swings open violently, he freezes in place when he sees his dad, staying near the top his eyes meeting with his father’s briefly before more of his guards enter, pulling you in with him.

As soon as his eyes lay on you he freezes up completely, almost yelping at the way all of his nerve endings seem to fry when he sees you, from this distance he can clearly see your slightly messy hair and bright eyes, a dark grey sweater swamping you slightly. You stop in you tracks, glancing up towards him and catching his gaze, but to his surprise, there’s no malice in your eyes when you look at him, instead your head cocks to the side a little, gazing up at the dark haired boy, his warm, chocolate brown eyes staring back almost longingly. He honestly had no clue how long he just stares.

“Move,” His father snarls, pushing into your shoulder roughly with the butt of the gun in his hands, your legs start to move in response but your eyes stay locked with his for a while longer, a final shove from his dad breaks it.

“I can walk, you don’t need to push me,” Your voice is so calm and soft when you speak, his stomach almost jumps into his chest, he’s confused as to why someone so seemingly normal has been brought here. He keeps staring until a cold, stern glare from his dad reminds him to look away, backing up and heading back towards his room.

What the fuck just happened to him?

Tossing and turning in bed, Brendon tries to ignore the thrumming in his head, ever since he saw you it hasn’t gone, he doesn’t know what’s going on in his body right now, everything is hot and achy and his mind is buzzing. It’s pathetic isn’t it? Being so hooked on the idea of someone he’s literally seen one time, but regardless it’s still there. After resisting the urge to get out of bed for another hour, he finally groans to himself and climbs up, throwing a t-shirt on with his black jeans and slipping on a pair of boots. He tries to stay quiet, it’s the middle of the night, so no one should even be awake right now as he pads slowly through the halls, he knows exactly where you’ll be. He navigates his way through the house to the cells in the basement, slowly clicking the lock open and stepping down the cold steps, it’s surprisingly quiet since his dad cleared most of the ferals out of here.

He steps light as he moves down the centre of all the cells, finding the majority of them empty except for a few sleeping, he stops midway through, deciding if this is really a good idea, maybe he should back out.

“I know you’re there.” Your voice pierces through the silence and he stops, identifying the cell you’re in he slowly approaches, peeking round to see you again, being this close to you seems to quieten the thrumming in his head.

“How did you know?” He clears his throat, still trying to speak quietly, unwanted attention is definitely not something he needs, it’s bad enough for him here as it is.

“I heard you, that and I could feel you getting closer,” You comment, his eyes are drawn to the heavy chains shackling your wrists in front of you, attached by a huge metal look to the wall, both ankles shackled in front of you too, “You’re not a prisoner, so why’re you here?”

“Wha- why would I be a prisoner, what the hell do you mean?” He stammers, gulping a little as you shuffle so you’re kneeling in the cell.

“This is a house filled to the brim with hunters and vampire haters, yet they let one live among them,” You tilt your head to the side a little, chains rattling as you shift to get more comfortable.

“I… how did you..?” He stumbles back a little, he didn’t even get halfway through his transition before the meds, how the fuck can you even tell?

“You’re telling me that my being here hasn’t set your senses on fire?” Your voice is so calming, it breaks through the buzzing sounds and makes him feel so strangely comforted.

“You’re… you’re one too? You can’t be, you’re so…” He cuts himself off, unwilling to stand in front of a woman he’s just met and tell her that she can’t be a vampire because she’s the most stunning creature he’s ever seen.

“I’m so what?” His heart flutters even harder when he sees a small smile pull at your lips, shaking his head he steps closer, staying far enough back so that you couldn’t reach him if you got too close.

“You’re not like the others I’ve seen, theyre… they’re monsters, like wild animals, but you? You’re… normal?” He pauses on the word, is that offensive? He relaxes when you chuckle.

“You’ve only ever seen ferals then, I guess it’d explain why you didn’t know I was one, you’ve never been around docile vampires before have you?” Your posture is relaxed and calm, there’s nothing hostile about you, how could you possibly be one of them.

“I thought they’re all like that…” He trails off but you shake your head, staring into his dark eyes with your head tilted to the side, he feels like you’re staring straight through him, reading him far too easily.

“Is that what they told you?” Stepping closer you wrap your hands around the bars, standing in front of him, the light from the corridor allowing him to better look at your features.

“They told me… the one that bit me, they told me I’d become that, some kind of monster, I don’t want to be a monster,” He’s still cautious of your hands on those bars, wary that you could be pretending to be some kind soul that understands him, though he pathetically hopes it’s not an act.

“What’s your name?” You ask, smiling softly at the boy in front of you, it doesn’t take much to see that he’s scared, he’s practically shaking and you can easily see the bruises on him, the tired look in his eyes. What are they doing to him?

“Brendon…” He says it almost as if he’s forgotten that he has a name, his eyes dropped to the ground.

“I’m Y/N.” You smile and see his full pink lips pull into one in return, he’s about to speak when he hears a sound by the doors to the basement.

“Fuck, shit! I should go, I have to go,” He says in a panic, backing away from the cell, hands instinctively reaching for his hair like they always do when he gets nervous, you nod understandingly, the last thing you want is to cause any kind of harm to him.

“Brendon?” You call, he turns, glancing over his shoulder at you, with another small smile you call, “You’re not a monster.”

title Technicolor
summary this song
pairing itasaku, sasusaku

For -lookingforthesky​, who has excellent taste in music.

Pressing her lower lip to the edge of her glass, Sakura made a face. 

“Am I just stupid or are you not making any sense right now?” she asked, pointing. Thumping the table with her fist, Temari laughed. 

“She’s got a point there, Sasu-cakes,” she interjected. Sasuke scowled.

“Don’t call me that,” he grumbled.

“Hunk-point-0. Prince Prissy,” Temari went on. Sasuke glared at Sakura.

“Control her,” he demanded. Sakura grimaced again, harder. 

“I wish I could,” lamented Sakura. She clinked her glass against Sasuke’s before they drank together. Shaking her head, Sakura pointed her empty glass at him. Sasuke raised his eyebrows as he swallowed. 

“You’re telling me that you saw a flower? Like a real-life honest flower? Not one of those synthetic ones?” she interrogated him. Nodding, Sasuke spun his glass between his fingers. He looked at her from underneath his lashes. She sighed. 

“Sasuke, I’d love to believe that. Seriously. But they’ve been extinct for years,” she reminded him. Sasuke dipped his finger in the condensation on the tabletop. He slowly traced the shapes of the petals in the water. Sakura’s eyes narrowed. 

“Is that…” she mused. She looked up at him.

“It wasn’t just any flower. It was a sakura,” declared Sasuke, pointing at her. Sucking in a deep breath through her teeth, Sakura leaned in closer. 

“Where?” she asked.

“I’ll show you.”

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This is a commission for manorabrucelee, who wanted fairy god parents Steve and Tony looking over their wards Natasha and Bucky. Comes with a healthy helping of Bucky/Nat, and rolls in at just over 6k :D

“All I’m saying is that it’s been six months since we got laid,” Tony whined, holding securely onto Natasha’s hair as he perched lightly on her shoulder. “The whole point of me being your fairy godmother or whatever is that I help you get laid.”

“And here I was thinking you were here to help me find my soulmate,” Natasha replied, rolling her eyes. “You’re just too picky with other people’s fairies.”

“Hey, I don’t think you realise that I’m stuck with the fairy of whoever you end up with,” Tony huffed. “It’s only gonna hurt your relationship if mine isn’t going well; I’m doing you a favour, really. We should just stick to one night stands -”

“Uh-huh,” Natasha hummed, obviously completely unimpressed. “Keep telling yourself that. Now, either make yourself normal, human size, or buzz off. I have to work.”

Rolling his eyes, Tony threw himself from Natasha’s shoulder and had grown to full size before he hit the floor. His wings shrunk and then disappeared, giving him the appearance of a normal human being; without even a misstep, he dusted off his business suit and continued along behind her as she stepped through the doors of SHIELD Publishing House, glancing around to make sure no-one had seen him phase.

Fairies were like the world’s worst kept secret. The idea was that if a person wanted to find their soulmate, as opposed to just a normal relationship, a fairy would appear to aid them, having the ability to sense when their human’s soulmate grew near. The only downside to the whole situation was fairies also had to have some level of rapport as well, whether it be romantic or platonic, lest they make their humans’ lives hell.

Tony… wasn’t really the monogamous type. Never had been. It had been fine so far, because when he’d met Natasha at eighteen she had been pretty laid back about when specifically she found her soulmate, but ten years had passed since then. Natasha’s friends and colleagues were starting to settle down, whether it be with soulmates or otherwise, and she had never really been one to follow the crowd, but even Tony could see that one night stands just weren’t really doing it for her anymore.

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“You Like Maya” -Joshaya Fanfic Part 1

“Hey Maya would you go out with me?” Zay asks walking into class Lucas trailing close behind him.

“Huh?” Maya says spinning in her desk chair to face his direction.

“Huh?” Riley repeats looking to Lucas for clarification on what was going on.

“You know on a date, we watch a movie, I yawn and carefully put my arm around you when you’re not paying attention.”

“Are you… are you asking me out?” Maya says still somewhat in shock

“Yeah sure why not?” Zay grins sitting down at his desk “I figure… Lucas and Riley are a couple now why don’t we give it a shot?”

“Um we are not a couple” Riley interjects

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say it every day

summary: 25. it sucks to be colour blind, but you always tell me how beautiful I am to be super sweet and loving AU. requested by effulgentcolors.

word count: ~ 2,300

rating: t.

a/n: i tried. i really did. (sorry it took so long, haha.)

For her being unable to differentiate colours sometimes…it’s tough on her, and she’s always struggled a little with it, even after developing her own coping mechanism with it. As a kid, she remembers screwing some colours up, mistaking violet for blues or reds for a brown when colouring.

And yet, twenty-nine years later, all she can do is deal with it.

But luckily for her, she knows she’s not alone. Emma still has some amazing friends and a boyfriend who’s been more than accommodating to the entire ride within the last few months since they’ve been together.

Reading traffic lights, looking at colour-coded graphs or anything of the sort, has always been extremely annoying. She hates having to drive around if the traffic lights aren’t those that flash; her greens would look like brown and then the red and yellows look the same. Luckily enough, Storybrooke doesn’t have that much traffic, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Emma always needs David to be in charge of distinguishing colours. It’s just how it is in her daily routine of things. But, of course she has a way to handle with things, she’s adapted generally well through the years.

It’s a late night patrol that keeps her out until a little past midnight, when she enters her dark apartment, flicking the lights to her bedroom on while she hears the water running in the washroom. Most people thinks about the colour of the clothes they wear. Emma sometimes thinks about that, but it’s not every day, not unless she has to put together some outfit. She just grabs a pair of flannel pants and a t-shirt, not even thinking about what colours they are, and slipping it on, chucking her jeans and jacket aside onto a chair.

She is beyond exhausted from the day’s amount of paperwork, problem-solving with some of the dwarves, and a late night patrol.

“Oh, you’re home.”

She’s startled, placing her phone down from setting the alarm, turning around to see him at the doorway. “Yeah, just got back.”

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