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46 years ago, Sesame Street​ aired for the first time and has been one of the most important staples in television culture. Created to educate inner city children with the idea of “Kids are always watching TV, why not make something that’s good for them?” Co-productions around the world were soon to follow and several has been going since the 70’s, and after 46 years they’ve tackled more than basic preschool preparation and helped children become better people. And it also gave Jim Henson a big boost in popularity and became one of the most important things he ever worked on before his passing.


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Insecurities Mats Hummels




Y/n frowned as she stared in the mirror; she had been standing in front of it for at least five minutes, dissecting what she saw. She was supposed to be getting dressed but all she really wanted to do  at this point was curl up in a ball and hideout in bed.  

But she couldn’t.

She had promised her son, Julian, they would go to the neighborhood playground when his father got home from training. The two year old was so excited about it, all he could talk about was the different things he remembered from the last time they went. As soon as Mats walked through the door Julian’s excitement went into overdrive.

Mats only shared his little boys enthusiasm; it was the cutest thing to watch them interact with one another because Mats always looked like such a big kid. They were both ready to go, Y/n just needed to get dressed and they would be on there way. It seemed like a simple enough  task…until it wasn’t.

As the evidence of scattered clothes showed, it was a lot harder than she had ever anticipated. Already going through a third of her wardrobe, she was feeling more and more frustrated by the minute. Everything was just all wrong. Nothing looked or fit right; her body had changed significantly after she had Julian two years ago and she never really bounced back to her pre-baby body. Most days she was okay with the curves having a child bestowed upon her, but there were always those days when she felt a little less secure in her own skin. Like today.

She pulled at the  t-shirt she had just put on a minute ago, before smoothing it down. Her eyes zeroed in on her midsection and her frown deepened. The sight out the slight prodding of her stomach was both discouraging and frustrating. No matter how much she hit the gym, she couldn’t seem to get rid of it.

Mats always told her that her body was even more sexy than before but sometimes that was so hard to believe. Especially when gossip magazines, blogs, and people on social media went out of their way to remind her about her weight gain. It seemed like everyday someone was mentioning the difference of her weight, some even going as far as calling her fat and to put now the cheese burger before Mats left her. It was crazy; she didn’t usually let it get to her, but even the strongest cracked under pressure once in awhile.

Y/n wanted to scream in frustration, her grip on her emotions slipping as she became increasingly displeased by what she saw staring back at her. Everything was too tight, showing off what she wanted to hide. So she went for the only way she knew how, without literally hiding out, quickly grabbed a hoodie she  pulled it over her head.  Her gaze went back to the mirror  and she nearly screamed that time– while the hoodie did its job of hiding her, it made her look even bigger than she was.

She couldn’t win.

On the verge of tears, she snatched it off and castes it aside with the rest of the discarded clothing. Getting ready to change for the thousandth time just as Mats walked in the room, Julian in his arms.

“Y/n, you ready to go—yet.”He started, trailing off once he saw the chaotic state of things, it looked like a mini tornado had passed through,”babe whats going on?”

“Nothing,”she mumbled.


“Really Mats, its nothing. I just…I think I’m gonna sit this one out you take Julian. take lots of pictures.”She said hurriedly rushing into their bathroom in hopes to get away before he asked anymore questions but before she could close the door behind her, he stepped in as well.


“Why—-baby, what’s wrong?” He started but once he noticed the tears in her eyes his confusion quickly turned into concern. Great just great; now he wasn’t going to leave until he knew exactly what was wrong. You just couldn’t hold onto your emotions a little longer huh Y/n? she scolded herself. But that wasnt even the worst of it, the worse was when Julian noticed his mother distress,

“Why Mama crying?”Julian asked, a frown now marring his innocent little face; it looked so wrong because he has always been a happy go lucky kid. When he only cried when he was really hurt and frowned when he saw one of his parents were upset. Y/n instantly felt worse knowing her baby had to see her like this. She was suppose to be strong for him and here she was a few wrong words away from an emotional breakdown….over something that shouldn’t even matter so much to her.

“Mama’s just a little sad that all.”she forced a smile, as she made sure not to look at Mats who was staring so intensely at her. Julian squirmed in his father’s grasp, “Down, Papa!”

Mats put him down and no sooner than when his feet touched the ground was he running into Y/n’s legs, hugging them tight.“Hugs take sad away?”He asked as he innocently stared up at her. Y/n felt her heart explode with a warmth only the loves of her life could put there. “Oh baby,”She cooed as she gathered him up into her arms, hugging him close,”Yes you’re hugs always takes the sad away. thank you.”

“Welcome, Mama.”He said as he placed a kiss on her lips as he wrapped his tiny arms around her neck. Y/n should have known her son would be her cure all, just holding him close made her feel a hundred times better.


She tensed, knowing Mats wasnt about to let her off easy,it didn’t matter if she felt better now, he was going to want to know what had her upset. He was so good to her, always wanting to protect  and do right by her and their family. As much as she loved him for that, she wished he could just let things go but just by the way intensity of his gaze she knew he wasn’t about to let this go.

”Yes Mats.”she sighed.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”he demanded  gently.

“Nothing wrong Papa, Mama all better!”Julian cheered happily. Mats smiled at his son before gently taking him from his mother’s grasp and putting him down on his own feet once again.

“And you’re the reason, good job champ, how bout you go watch TV in Mama and Papa’s bed?”

“Okay Papa!” With that the little boy rushed back into the room, Mats followed after him to put the tv on sesame street before he came back. Y/n could handle a little of his staring before tears started streaking her face. Mats quickly closed the space between them holding her close.

“whats wrong baby?”He said softly, rubbing her back in soothing circles.“Its stupid.”She mumbled, feeling increasing dumb that she was getting  emotional over this. Gosh she was so vapid and vain.  

“Not if its upsetting you, tell me.”

“I just…I  just feel so unattractive.”She admitted softly, “its been two years since I had Julian and I still can’t get rid of all the weight. I go to the gym and I still can’t get it off… No matter what I buy nothing seems to fit me right. And everyone seems to notice…and and I knots stupid and superficial and people have way bigger problems but I just want to crawl into bed and not go out.”

She was rambling but she couldn’t help it, it sucked that this bothered her so much. That she couldn’t brush it off , it made her feel weak. She looked down at her feet, Mats took her hands in his own and gave her a reassuring squeeze. He waited until she looked back up at him before he began to speak.

“First of all you’re beautiful. Stunning.”Y/n rolled her eyes and scoffed but Mats didn’t let that stop him from continuing, “ There is literally nothing unattractive about you…well maybe except for your snoring.“he teased, he was happy when she cracked a small smile. He hated when she was upset especially about things that weren’t true.

"You and ‘unattractive’ shouldn’t ever be in the same sentence because it’s a lie period”Mats said firmly,“Yes your body’s different since Julian but it’s a good different. I didn’t think it was possible for sexiest woman on the planet to get even more sexy but you did. Every curve Julian gave you is a blessing and perfection. And as for your clothes–they look as good as ever on you.”

“Really?"Y/n felt her heart beating rapidly as every word he spoke seemed to fill her entire being. He always knew what to say. "Why else do you think it’s so hard for me to keep my hands off you?"Mats smirked.

Y/n blushed; He was right, there were plenty of times she had to swat Mats hands away when they were out in public because of how touchy he was at times. Specifically with grabbing her ass. As shy as it made her, she couldnt deny that she felt desired. He always made her feel desired.

"You’re beautiful Y/n and don’t doubt that. But when you have those moments when you do just tell me and I’ll tell you every reason why you’re perfect to me."He promised kissing her lips tenderly.Y/n couldn’t help her tears as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest.

"Thank you.”

Once Y/n got herself together and dressed, the family of three headed to the neighborhood park. Julian dragged his parents around getting them to play with him on whatever caught his interest at any given moment. They laughed as they ran around chasing one another, climbing the ladder,sliding down the slide and swing on the monkey bars–well Mats held Julian up walking the young boy from bar to bar.

The best part of it all was the fact that people were respectful of their privacy. Sure some stared and a few random paparazzi took pictures, they kept their distance. Julian’s world of play and innocence wasn’t disturbed once, and Mats and Y/n were thankful for that.

It was early evening when they  finally decided it was time to leave. Julian had long since tired himself out and had been in Mats’ arms all but two minutes before was sound asleep. When they got home Mats instructed Y/n to go to their bedroom that he would takes care of Julian. He room the boy a bath and changed him into his pajamas before putting him to bed and heading to the master room. he found Y/n sitting in the middle of the bed, he got in bed with her pulling her onto him.

“Mats what–”

Her question was left  incomplete as he kissed her. “You’re  beautiful,” he mumbled against her lips in between every kiss. He tugged at her shirt before pulling it over her head and continued to undress her until she was only in her underwear.

“You’re beautiful Y/n and Im going to make sure you know  how much.” He told her and though  those were the last words he spoke for the rest of the night, he kept his word.Making her feel beautiful in every sense  of the word  as handled her with a gentleness and passion that only a man head over heels in love could .




Kids can learn as much from "Sesame Street" as from preschool
The TV show has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of children, researchers said.

“Sesame Street” has always been lauded for its programming on education, diversity, mental health, wellness and acceptance – and was doing so long before it was cool. 

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