before sesame street

46 years ago, Sesame Street​ aired for the first time and has been one of the most important staples in television culture. Created to educate inner city children with the idea of “Kids are always watching TV, why not make something that’s good for them?” Co-productions around the world were soon to follow and several has been going since the 70’s, and after 46 years they’ve tackled more than basic preschool preparation and helped children become better people. And it also gave Jim Henson a big boost in popularity and became one of the most important things he ever worked on before his passing.

Substituted today, for Theatre Arts (again).  Just a half day, though, in the afternoon.

6th graders (4th period) and 7th graders (5th period) had a worksheet on Jim Henson.

Some of them had never heard of Henson or The Muppets or Sesame Street before!  That made me feel quite old.  But also happy to know I was introducing a new generation of kids to Henson & his works.

And it was an eerily timed assignment, since today (May 16th) is the anniversary of Henson’s passing.  :(


what exactly does that make a twiddlebug then
Kids can learn as much from "Sesame Street" as from preschool
The TV show has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of children, researchers said.

“Sesame Street” has always been lauded for its programming on education, diversity, mental health, wellness and acceptance – and was doing so long before it was cool. 

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