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I honestly lowkey feeel bad for brandon just cause like… no criticism all season, he does the same thing hes done ALL SEASON and only now do the judges go “well, actually,” and give him acrual criticism. Like every other designer got feedback to help them grow and improve and they just…. didnt help brandon do the same thing.


OTV-4 mission concludes as X-37 returns to Earth.

After nearly two years in space, the U.S. Air Force’s classified space shuttle, the Orbital Test Vehicle X-37B, returned to Earth, landing on Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility runway shortly before 8am EDT. 

Officially known as the AFSPC-5 mission, OTV-4 launched on May 20, 2015, atop an Atlas V rocket. That same rocket also lifted the Planetary Society’s solar sailing cubesat, LightSail-1 into orbit on its own groundbreaking mission. Spending over 717 days in space, the OTV-4 mission is the longest mission thus far of the program’s four flights.

Measuring 29 feet long with a wingspan of 15 feet, the X-37B is a robotic spaceplane with a payload bay ideal for small payloads. While the specific milestones for this flight were classified, at least two of the experiments included the testing of an electric engine and materials exposure pallets.

The first three flights of the OTV program landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, though OTV-4 became the first to land in Florida. By landing at the same spaceport which it left from, OTV operations are expected to streamline and potentially allow for faster times in between missions. One of Kennedy’s three Orbiter Processing Facilities is used by the Air Force to house the two X-37 spaceplanes in between missions.

As seen in the gifs above - taken from video of the vehicle’s landing - the spaceplane glides past a model of another famous space plane, the Space Shuttle. The Inspiration, which once sat outside the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville, was moved to the SLF for restoration ahead of a nationwide tour promoting aerospace science and STEM fields.

See our coverage of the AFSPC-5 mission here.



On this day five years ago (September 7, 2011) at 12:02 UTS (16:02 MSK) near the Russian city of Yaroslavl crashed the passenger plane Yak-47 with the hockey team “Lokomotiv” Yaroslavl on board.

The aircraft ran off the runway before lifting off, struck a tower mast, caught fire, crashed 2 km from Tunoshna Airport at the Volga River bank and exploded. 

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, a member of the Kontinental Hockey League, was on its way to Belarus to start the 2011–12 season with a match against Dynamo Minsk. All players from the main roster and four from the youth team were on board the aircraft. 

Of the 45 men, 43 died immediately at the crash site. One of the two rescued from the wreck, forward Alexander Galimov, died five days later in hospital. Only the avionics flight engineer, Alexander Sizov, survived. 

Every year on this day we recall them all. We remember those, who will never come back and who will not come out again on the ice of “Arena 2000”.

Hockey players: Vitaly Anikeyenko (24, Russia, defense); Mikhail Balandin (31, Russia, defense); Gennady Churilov (24, Russia, forward); Pavol Demitra (36, Slovakia, forward); Robert Dietrich (25, Germany, defense); Alexander Galimov (26, Russia, forward); Marat Kalimulin (23, Russia, defense); Alexander Kalyanin (23, Russia, forward); Andrei Kiryukhin (24, Russia, forward); Nikita Klyukin (21, Russia, forward); Stefan Liv (30, Sweden, goaltender); Jan Marek (31, Czech Republic, forward); Sergei Ostapchuk (21, Belarus, forward); Karel Rachůnek (32, Czech Republic, defense); Ruslan Salei (36, Belarus, defense); Maxim Shuvalov (18, Russia, defense); Kārlis Skrastiņš (37, Latvia, defense); Pavel Snurnitsyn (19, Russia, forward); Daniil Sobchenko (20, Russia, forward); Ivan Tkachenko (31, Russia, forward); Pavel Trakhanov (33, Russia, defense); Yuri Urychev (20, Russia, defense); Josef Vašíček (30, Czech Republic, forward); Alexander Vasyunov (23, Russia, forward); Alexander Vyukhin (38, Ukraine, goaltender); Artem Yarchuk (21, Russia, forward).

Team staff: Yuri Bakhvalov (47, Physician/Massage Therapist); Aleksandr Belyaev (48, Equipment Manager/Massage Therapist); Alexander Karpovtsev (41, Assistant Coach); Igor Korolev (41, Assistant Coach); Nikolai Krivonosov (31, Fitness Coach); Yevgeni Kunnov (Massage Therapist); Vyacheslav Kuznetsov (Massage Therapist); Brad McCrimmon (52, Head Coach); Vladimir Piskunov (52, Administrator);
Yevgeni Sidorov (Coach-Analyst); Andrei Zimin (Team Doctor).

And we remember those, who lost their lives, performing their duties.

Flight crew: Nadezhda Maksumova (Flight attendant); Vladimir Matyushin (Flight engineer); Elena Sarmatova (Flight attendant); Elena Shavina (Flight attendant); Andrei Solomentsev (Captain); Igor Zhivelov (First Officer); Sergei Zhuravlev (First Officer).

We wish some days had never happened. We wish some days to be erased. Sometimes life is unfair and cruel. But we want to believe that all these souls are calm in heaven. They will never be forgotten.

We pay tribute to the team that should not has left so tragically. 

They will always be with us on the ice. 

Rest in peace.


Ramstein air show disaster

On Sunday, 28 August 1988 during the Flugtag ‘88 airshow at the US Ramstein Air Base near the city of Kaiserslautern, West Germany, aircraft of the Italian Air Force display team, the Frecce Tricolori, collided during their display, crashing to the ground in front of a crowd of about 300,000 people. There were 70 fatalities (67 spectators and 3 pilots); 346 spectators sustained serious injuries in the resulting explosion and fire, and hundreds more had minor injuries.

Ten Aermacchi MB-339 PAN jets from the Frecce Tricolori, were performing their “pierced heart” formation. In this formation, two groups of aircraft create a heart shape in front of the audience along the runway. In the completion of the lower tip of the heart, the two groups pass each other parallel to the runway. The heart is then pierced, in the direction of the audience, by a lone aircraft.

The mid-air collision took place as the two heart-forming groups passed each other and the heart-piercing aircraft hit them. The piercing aircraft (1) crashed onto the runway and consequently both the fuselage and resulting fireball of aviation fuel tumbled into the spectator area, hitting the crowd and coming to rest against a refrigerated trailer being used to dispense ice cream to the various vendor booths in the area.

At the same time, one of the damaged aircraft from the heart-forming group crashed into the emergency medical evacuation UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter (2), the pilot of this aircraft ejected, but was killed as he hit the runway before his parachute opened. The third aircraft (3) disintegrated in the collision and parts of it were strewn along the runway.

At the time it was the deadliest air show accident in the world, until it overtaken in 2002 by the Sknyliv air show disaster.


Harley x Ivy thing

“Do you have to pull me so hard red!” Harley Quinn argued as her girlfriend, Poison ivy dragged her through the airport.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” the green skinned woman replied. “We’ll be at the boarding ramp soon enough.”

The two made it to their plane and Harley and Ivy sneaked into a pair of empty seats.

“You think anyone will know we stole their seats?” Harley wondered.

“If they do, I’ll send them a kiss,” Ivy winked.

Harley giggled. “Red, you are a very naughty girl.”

“I must get it from being around you,” Ivy remarked.

Harley lay back in her seat and smiled, taking off her sunglasses and revealing her pale white skin and blue eyes. She took of her red beret hat and let her long blonde hair flow free. “Thanks for this by the way. Getting me out of this city.”

“I don’t leave my friends in bad places, harl, not that I had many friends before you,” Ivy told her.

“I just wish Mistah J hadn’t come back,” she looked out of the window. “He probably has a dozen guys out for me.”

“Batman will put him behind bars eventually, you and I both know that, and once your former puddin is back in the crazy house, we’ll head back home.”

“You think nightwing is feeding the babies okay?” Harley inquired.

“You left him all the meat in the fridge, so I guess that’s enough.”

“Well, they do eat a lot, even for hyena’s,” Harley giggled.

“Where did you get them anyway?” Ivy wondered. “They follow you everywhere you go.”

“Oh, I found them in the zoo one night. Mistah J was real mad when I brought them home, but then they laughed with him and… he was happy. For that one moment, my puddin was happy for me, but…” She then shed a few tears

Ivy put her hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder. “Hey, Hey, it’s okay.”

“I know, but thinking back… it kinda hurts sometimes.”

Ivy then held her hand. “Don’t worry, if you stick with me, I promise nothing will happen to you.”

“And I the same for you, red,” Harley replied.

Ivy giggled. “I love you, Harleen Quinzel.”

“And I love you too, Pamela Isley.”

Ivy leaned in and kissed harley, her green lips pressing against harley’s soft red ones.

Harley stroked her cheek as they kissed and smiled. “You’ve been eating chocolate.”

“Well, it is a naturally grown plant product,” Ivy replied.

Harley and Ivy then touched foreheads. “It’s crazy. You and me, running away together. Two years ago, no one would have thought that.”

“And here we are, about to take wherever we’re going by storm.”

“I hope it has a beach,” Harley admitted.

“Why? Your skin is bleached white, you can’t get a tan.”

“Neither can you greenie, but that doesn’t matter, just being there, with you, it will be perfect.”

Ivy blushed. “You’re a real sweet bean, you know that?”

“I’m the sweetest sweet bean ever, red,” Harley proudly declared.

“Please put on your seatbelts for takeoff,” the PA voice stated.

Harley and Ivy buckled up. “Here we go,” Harley said with a grin.

“Right with you,” Ivy added.

The plane shook as it sped down the runway before taking off into the air.

Harley looked out of her window and smiled. “Goodbye Gotham. See you soon.”

Ivy was about to make a comment about Harley thinking the city was alive, but she didn’t. Harley was happy now, free again. She didn’t want to ruin this moment.

Harley then looked at Ivy again. “And red?”


“Thank you, for everything you’ve done for me.”

“And thank you, for everything you’ve done for me,” Ivy replied.

Harley then snuggled up to Ivy. “You think they have cartoons on this flight? I’m in a bit of a disney mood.”

“I’ll have a look,” Ivy replied, stroking her girlfriend’s hair. This flight was going to be long, so Ivy wanted to make sure her favourite little clown girl was happy and entertained.

for @thefingerfuckingfemalefury

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.12

                                             Part T W E L V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im alive, still! ((thankfully)) here is chapter 12 for yall ! its a bit steamy so, sexual warning (?) i guess. brace yourselves, bc this was something beyond me. hope you guys enjoy ! :] x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Tokyo, 23:40 P.M.

“The parties here in Tokyo are amazing!” Taka, the lead singer of One OK Rock, gushed. He, along with his band mates, were touring you guys down Tokyo, the busiest and biggest city in the world (though it still fights that title with the Big Apple). The tall buildings were brightly lit with screens of commercials and Japanese icons. You couldn’t help but become fascinated with it. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you write a mature fanfic about Harry and his gf on a plane?!? Thanks!

Thank you for the request, sweetie! Here ya go:

#13: Jet Sickness**




“Harry, look at me.”

“Yeah, babe.”


“Just five more minutes and I’m done with this piece.”

“But what about me?”

“Patience, pet, patience.” 


And he’s not answering anymore. 

Y/N untangles her arm from underneath his bicep, huffing and puffing like a kid, as she turns towards the air hostess at the end of the cabin who gives out instructions to the people flying in the business class. She’s pretty and sweet, and that doesn’t stop the rest of the passengers from ogling at her hands that gesticulate out the seat belt procedure and emergency warning and etcetera, etcetera. 

Unlike the rest, Harry’s hasn’t lifted his head even once since he boarded the plane and neither has he stared at the air hostess like the rest do. The fact should somehow be pleasing Y/N, but Harry is neither baring her a look so that over and all frustrates her. 

He has been thinking over the last and few songs for the albums this past week and today morning it suddenly occurred to him that he has it all ready on his mind. All he needed was to sit in peace and jot them down. 

Of course then, he had to chose an eight hour flight to do so. 

Y/N sighs, pulling her packet of gummy bears out of her hand bag and chewing on to to them until the air hostess wraps up her procedures, and the light above for the seatbelts dings loud. 

“Harry.” She nudges him. “We’re about to fly.” 

“But that doesn’t blend with say.” 


“What?” Harry blinks at Y/N. “What’re you saying?” 

Y/N’s nose fume at him. “I’m saying that the flight’s about to take off.”

“Oh.” He breathes, nodding absentmindedly. “Okay.” 

Y/N gives him a ‘for real?” kinda look while he resumes back to his work. 

The flight comes into position and soon is racing down the runway before soaring high. Harry seems extremely numb to all the activities going around and outside him for he barely shows a difference in his posture as now the flight cruises through the air. 

Y/N pulls out her I-Pod, shuffling through her classic playlist and doozes off against the seat. 

It seems like an hour or two when Harry finally closes his notebook and puts away everything before he’s started to poke and disturb Y/N’s slumber. 

Y/N wakes up with a sneeze when Harry’s finger brushes under her nose multiple times, and she gives a confused look, looks around while Harry snickers into his jacket. 

“Ello, pretty girl.” Harry greets as she turns to him. 

“Who are you?” Y/N mutters, narrowing her eyes at him. Harry has a good laugh watching her. 

Y/N shuffles around, putting her I-Pod back and resuming back in the comfortable position on the chair, her feet tucked under her behind while her body all turned to him. “So, are you done?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He’s hopping on his, up and down, up and down, like a little school girl with his smiles and dimples. 

Y/N gives a subtle smile. “I’m guessing it went quite well.” She extends her hand out to the inside of his arm, where he has tucked his notebook. “Lemme see i-”

Harry goes all possessive, jumping up and and holding her wrist tight in his grip as he throws the notebook behind him, hiding it away. “NO!”

Y/N’s eyes widen, she looks around for Harry’s shouted so loud. “What is wrong with you? Why can’t I read it?” 

“It’s a surprise.” Harry pushes her back into her seat. “You have to wait like all will do.” 

Y/N gives a whiny look. “No, come on, you can’t do this.” 

Harry gives a fake evil laugh, twiddling his fingers together with a cunning look on his face. Y/N makes big eyes, joining her hands together as she makes a frown, muttering ‘pwease’, but all she receives is his kiss on her up turned lips. 

“But it’s come off so well, y’know. Like-it’s jus-it’s just so, so pure and so true and I-I can’t believe it came out of me, Y/N. I can’t believe I created it.” Harry sighs, dreamy and satisfied. 

Y/N smiles at him, her eyes looking up at him in awe. “Are you crying, Harry?” She chuckles. 

“No, but I might.” he turns to her, grinning wide. “It’s just that good.”  

“I’m so happy for you.” She kisses him again. “So proud.” He rests his head on her shoulder and sighs. Y/N continues. “And I just can’t wait for you to sleep so that I get a hold of that notebook.” 

“Hey!” Harry whines, jumping up on his seat and giving her an annoyed look. He huffs, puffing his cheeks and gets up from his place, taking the notebook in hand and tucking the book in one of the bags in the upper aisles above their heads. He sits back, giving a winning smile. 

“You’re so naive, baby.” Y/N chuckles, amused. 

“My eyes,” He does a gesture, pointing to his eyes and then on her. “on you.” 

Y/N looks away and moment later, she stretches and says,” I think I should get my laptop from above and then probably even take a round in the bathroom.” 

She’s just started to get up when Harry pulls her back down, shifting her on his lap. She squeals and gets off quick, returning back on her place. 

“Will I have to now keep you engaged for the rest of the ride?” Harry gives a quirky smirk. 

Y/N nods. “I guess.” 

“Why don’t you go to sleep?”

“I don’t feel tired enough.” 

Harry coughs. “D’ya want me to help you with that then..?”

Y/N takes a moment to get the catch of his comment but when she does, her loud gasp has Harry laughing loudly. 

“Are you bloody out of your mind! In the plane-you want us to-in the fucking airplane!?” She whispers sharp and loudly. 

Harry laughs at her. “Do you not feel excited? God, it’s amazing in the plane, baby, I swear.” 

“In a private jet, Harry.” She rolls her eyes at him. “In here it feels as so every person’s just got their eyes on the young couple to pull up such stunt and they get to have something to talk about all life then.” 

Harry laughs. 

“Y’know, them old couples there.” Y/N points subtly. “They’re probably just pretending to be asleep, I know they have one eye open for us. One single move of ours and they’re coming for our lives!” 

“No body’s getting to know about it. I have something in mind, I swear no one’s gonna have a single clue what would just happen.” Harry holds her hands in his. 

“So, we do it in the bathroom?” Harry nods. “But the crew members! They’ll know. I guess they are specially trained to identify such couples.” 

“No silly.“ Harry clicks his tongue. “Come close, I have something in mind..” He whispers into her ear and by the end of his plan discussion, Y/N has her eyes wide. 

“No, no, no, NO!” Y/N gives a panicked look. “We’ll get caught, it’ll be embarrassing!” 

“Nothing’s gonna happen, Y/N. You only told me you liked adventures, take this as a bloody mission or something!” 

“Harry, it’s mission impossible, I’m telling you.” Y/N shakes her head. “What if I butt out midst the play, probably laugh or something-” 

“You’re my girlfriend, have some air about it.” Harry cups her cheeks, kissing her forehead. “Let’s do this.” 

Both of them settle back on their seats, take deep breaths. And, it begins. 

“Oh, shit! Oh God!” Harry clutches his stomach, getting off his seat and standing up. “Oh, my god!” 

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Y/N gets up, her face pale. 

“Y/N, I-” He cups his hand over his mouth and rushes past her, to the bathrooms. Y/N follows a moment later, trying to control her smile. 

“Harry!” She calls out, and everyone’s looking at couple but with concern. 

Harry’s inside one of the stalls, an air hostess standing outside, knocking on the doors for some response. 

“What’s happened to Mister Styles?” The air hostess seems more panicked that Y/N. 

Y/N makes big, worried eyes. “Oh, dear. He’s had nothing since morning. Must be all that sickness.” And then she’s banging away on the door. 

“There was a paper bag in the front pocket if you had needed it.” The air hostess tells. Y/N looks at her with an awkward, crooked smile. 

“Oh, was there? You know, he just gets way too panicky, must’ve not seen it. Harry! Harry!” Y/N’s banging on the door. 

“He can’t hear you, neither can you, miss. The doors are sound proof.” 

“Good.” Y/N mutters under her breath. Then, clearing her throat, she says,” Is there some way I can get in, I have to see how he’s doing. He tends to faint and all.” 

The air hostess’s eyes widen. “Yes, yes. Here.” She unlocks the door from the outside. “Is there something I can do, Miss?” 

Y/N rolls her eyes in thought. “Yeah, just keep some tissues and a glass of water ready. “ And she’s inside the bathroom. 

“Took you too long?” In the cramped space of the bathroom, Harry has pinned Y/N to the sink. 

“Had to make it seem genuine, but d’ya know these walls are sound proof.” Her eyes twinkle with amusement. 

Harry grins at her. 

“We won’t have to be wailing for help from the inside then.” 

“Maybe you’ll need to, baby.” Harry winks and Y/N has a moment to think, before his lips come down on her, combusting all thoughts except of him. 

His hands cup over the fabric between her legs and she’s gasping into his mouth, pushing herself more into his hand. Her own hand comes down on him, popping his button open and sliding her hand inside his jeans, inside his boxers to hold him in her hand. 

Harry moans into her mouth, sliding his lips past her cheeks to her jaw and down on her neck. He tucks his hand inside her jeans, palming her with a flat hand. 

Urgency and desperation kicks in, as the two now start shedding off each other’s clothes. Y/N shirt hits the floor moment after Harry’s, the button of her jeans pop open, her panties drag down to her ankles and Harry’s hand replaces the exposed feeling from over her clit. 

His fingers dig in, wetting her walls. She’s groaning into his neck, clutching his shoulders with both her hands. 

“You can scream, baby.” Harry pants into her skin above her breast. “Say my name, pet, tell me how it feels.” 

“I won’t take the chance of screaming.” Y/N bites her lips, suppressing a chuckle. “But it feels so good, Harry. Deeper, deeper, ah.” 

Harry smiles, kissing the swells of her breasts. When she’s almost on the verge of getting off, Harry pulls out of her, and works down to take off his jeans and then his boxer briefs. Y/N’s hands come down on his member, holding him in one while the other digs into his hip. She pumps him up and down, Harry face digging into her neck as he bites her skin, trying to get over with the sensation and pain. 

“Y/N.” He pants. “I just realized jeans and boxer briefs sound good when you say them together. Li-ah, shit-like there doesn’t seem any disruption. I think I can totally write a song on this.” 

Y/N chuckles, pumping faster. “What’re you gonna write?” 

“Something about you giving me a blow and then I fucking you right, but of course it’ll be all metaphoric on record.” He grins, taking a hold of his own self and with ease sliding into her. 

“Y’know I can’t wait to hear it.” 

“And, I can’t wait to write it. “ 

Harry lifts her leg up in the air and over his shoulder, pumping deeper as Y/N looses control of her curses, all she feels is him inside her and how her walls work up so desperately for him. Harry’s lips find her in the chaos, kissing deeply and getting her come undone with just a few left thrusts. 

He puts her leg down, kissing her neck, him still in her as he thrusts slow. “S’more, baby? Let me come too? You can take it, c’mon.” 

“Ah, Harry, ah, so good.” Y/N groans, throwing her head back. Harry lifts her on the sink, spreading her legs to stand in between them and he thrusts faster and stronger, coming inside her as their lips meet and she’s dominating him. 

They pause, catching their breaths, and when their eyes meet, all they do is laugh.

“Was this your adventure, now?” Y/N teases. 

“Life with me ain’t no simple, baby.” Harry chuckles into her neck. 

“Lets get outta here.” Y/N urges. “You couldn’t have been puking this long!” 

Harry laughs, pulling out of her, and together they put on their clothes. Harry slaps his face a few times looking in the mirror, sprinkles some water on his forehead and eyes, and looks over at Y/N for final review. 

Giving him a thumbs up, she hold his hand and opens the lock, Harry pretentiously slumping his shoulders as they walk out. The air hostess actually waits there with tissue papers and a glass of water, and accepting them gratefully, Y/N and Harry rush to their seats. 

Sitting down Harry gulps away all the water, then, wraps his arms around Y/N shoulder, tucking her on the inside of his arm. 

“So, you literally just pulled up all those tricks just so I don’t read your notebook? Aren’t you just dramatic as hell?” Y/N comments. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Harry Styles and you’re watching keeping up with Styles only on Disney channel.” 

Y/N bursts into a fits of laughter, hiding her face so she doesn’t lets out any clue to the co-passengers. 

“Now sleep you.” Harry pats her arms circled around him and closes his eyes. 

He’s the first one to doze off, Y/N’s awake for a little longer but she never tries to get his notebook. 


im watching the latest project runway and just so hey is everyone who got pissed at margarita for “throwing her model under the bus” going to call out brandon for literally passive aggressively complaining many times about a CHILD and acting like this kid was an inconvenient and unruly brat for making any suggestions for the design

Chris Evans Fic: Outnumbered (2 of 2)

Okay, here we go! Part 2, and probably the last thing I’ll put in the ‘Four Kids’ verse for a while, just so I can get my other WIPs finished off.

Just a warning, this is very, very NSFW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


The next morning, you awoke fairly late after the patchy sleep you’d had during the night. Even so, this was unusual for you since the kids didn’t tend to sleep in. The bed was empty apart from you but Chris’ side still had that tell tale warmth that indicated he hadn’t been gone long.

You still felt exhausted from the stress of yesterday and its ensuing argument, Chris’ words niggling in the back of your mind as you hauled yourself upright and threw your legs over the side of the mattress, planting your feet on the soft carpet. Your eyes were heavy and the groggy fog of lack of sleep swirled around you.

Part of you didn’t want to go downstairs at all, wanted to leave Chris with the kids and hide upstairs all day, just for an opportunity to regain some semblance of sanity. But, you knew that eventually one or two or all of them would come looking for you. So after a quick visit to the bathroom, you pulled your thin robe over your short pyjama set and padded down the staircase, fluffy slippers adorning your feet.

And what you saw downstairs in the kitchen surprised you a little, it was true. The kids were sat at the breakfast table, each on a stool apart from Connor who was in his high chair, watching intently and with amusement, their father flipping Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes across the kitchen island, applauding and laughing when he managed it. All turned to look at you as you entered.

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Cuddles in a Coat

In a lot of ways, Adrien Agreste isn’t a normal teenage boy. He’s a model, he has a bodyguard, he’s secretly a superhero….

But just like any other teenager, he’ll stubbornly refuse to admit when an adult was right. Even if he ends up freezing because of it.

( (AO3)

Adrien repressed yet another shiver as a gust of wind blew across the plaza under the Eiffel Tower. Nathalie shot another critical glance his way, but he stubbornly refused to look the least bit cold.

He wasn’t going to let her have the satisfaction of being right.

One hour earlier

“Adrien! We need to get going so we arrive at the runway on time!” Nathalie called through Adrien’s door. “Your father will be very displeased if we arrive late!”

“Coming, coming,” Adrien called back, hurriedly closing the Ladyblog’s write-up on the latest akuma attack. Alya had gotten some really great photos of Ladybug during the last fight, and he had maybe lost track of time a little bit while he gazed at them. Nothing beat the real thing, of course, but since he couldn’t hang out with Ladybug 24/7, the Ladyblog was the next best thing. “Plagg, finish your cheese and get in my jacket.”

“Is that what you’re wearing to the event?” Plagg asked a bit dubiously, even as he finished the last of his cheese with a gulp. He sat back on his haunches, making no effort to move. “Are you sure?”

Adrien glanced down at himself and saw nothing wrong. His dark jeans were dressier than his usual ones, yet were casual enough that he wouldn’t be overdressed. He had on a lightweight green long-sleeved top, covered by an equally lightweight black jacket. It was perhaps an outfit more suited to an indoor event this late in the fall, but he had been out as Chat Noir earlier during an akuma attack and it had been surprisingly warm. “Yes?”

“Adrien, we need to leave right away!”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Your stomach clenches as the car passes through the gates to the Sanctuary, past the walkers chained around the fences.

“Home at last,” Negan jokes. You stay silent, not wanting to air the fact that you now think of Alexandria as your home. This place… This ‘Sanctuary’ is a prison, your prison. And you know you’ll never be allowed to leave.

The car pulls up in front of the main entrance. Simon kills the engine and climbs out, leaving you and Negan alone in the car again.

“You okay?” he asks. You just nod, giving a quiet ‘yeah’. “Gee, don’t sound too excited to be back,” he laughs. “I’ll get your door, darlin’.” He climbs out of the car and walks around to your side. One thing you could never fault Negan for: his chivalry. Opening doors, pulling out your chair, maintaining a solid orgasm ratio of 3:1 – and yes, you kept track in the past.

You unbuckle your seat belt with a sigh just as Negan opens the door for you. He holds out his hand, and you place your small fingers in his gloved ones. He helps you out the car, keeping a hand on the small of your back as he leads you inside.

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Shawns answers from the Armani event today:

  • Shawn says that one device he can’t live without is his phone, and how he can “connect the Armani watch to it.”
  • Shawn said he chose between Brooklyn or Toronto and he chose Toronto, but he hopes to get a place in Brooklyn.
  • Shawn says that the best advice he can give is to truly be authentic you, be the person you want to be, instead of some fabricated version.
  • Shawn said that he has never walked in a runway before until it came to Armani, and he was extremelly terrified, but it was a different fun.
  • Shawn said MSG was a surreal moment, it was the peak of his career, he said he didn’t realize what was going on till he was on stage.
  • definitely used to be his thing, but not anymore. He also prefers long sleeve to short sleeve.
  • Apparently, Shawn wrote 8 songs in London, which is literally insane considering the short amount of the time he was there.
Party like Porn Stars [Josh Washington x Reader] *SMUT*

Word Count: 3405 

Warning: Alcohol and very descriptive sex

Author Note: This story has sex in it and alcohol, if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff then DO NOT READ THIS. 

This story also has a song in it – Here’s the link to it [x] Sorry if you don’t listen to The Weeknd

Also here’s the outfit you’re wearing. [x]

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The Night We Met

Jake x MC

Summary: In which the stone cold traveler relied on a wonder struck girl. 

Inspired by the song the Night We Might by Lord Huron :)


It had only been a simple job. Jake was to pilot a group of college students to the island of La Huerta for their lavish and free spring break trip. He had scoffed as they boarded his precious plane, kicking his feet up on the well-worn equipment as he didn’t bother to personally introduce himself.

Once the group had finished boarding and they were cleared for take off, Jake quickly did what he did best. The small plane sped down the runway before lifting into the air, the feeling immediately calming the pilot. A blissful smile crossed Jake’s lips as he lifted them higher and higher, defying all laws of gravity. As the plane reached cruising altitude, the scruffy man turned on auto-pilot before kicking up his feet once more and allowing sleep to overcome him.

She had entered the cockpit, a determined look evident in her eyes as she gazed towards the pilot. “Excuse me. It’s Jake, right? Weren’t we supposed to have landed by now…? Wait, are you asleep?!” Her voice had exclaimed, abruptly pulling Jake from his unconsciousness. His jaw had clenched in annoyance before his eyes found her.

The girl was breathtaking, anyone was able to see that. Jake, however, saw something more than that. He took notice of the glare directed towards him, the way she crossed her arms over her chest, her foot impatiently tapping against the ground. She was fearless, and the stone cold pilot was finding it difficult to ignore the way his heartbeat had seemed to quicken at the very sight of the girl.

He paused for a moment before teasing in return, “Listen, Princess, don’tcha know it’s rude to wake someone who’s taking a nap?” 

“’Princess?’“ She had questioned.

A cocky smirk had crossed Jake’s lips, “What can I say? I give nicknames to people who annoy me,” He had waited for the girl to roll her eyes and leave. He had expected her to simply stand there dumbfounded.

Jake had not expected her to smirk back and state, “In that case, I’m calling you Top Gun,” He was impressed with her wit and was nonetheless surprised she was so quick on her feet.

His mouth had dropped, the girl’s heart fluttering because the effect she had on the man was quite obvious. “’Top Gun’? Hang on, you can’t be giving nicknames. That’s my thing!” A laugh had escaped both of their throats as they continued to tease one another, until Jake had glanced to the time to tell the beautiful girl the remaining duration of the flight.

This was when things got strange. The experienced pilot had noticed the weird reading of his instruments across the dashboard. He began to hit each of them, thinking it was just some sort of malfunction. This was the moment when the turbulence had hit, causing him to shout at the girl to return to the cabin and tell everyone to secure their seat belts.

He navigated through the severe storm front cautiously, his mind stuck on protecting her. Jake wouldn’t allow to her life to be lost, he wouldn’t allow her beautiful light to fade.


While the circumstances in which the two had met was not exactly the most pleasant, Jake’s mind often wandered back to that moment. He would never forget the first time his eyes had landed on his beautiful Princess and how easily she was able to take his breath away.

With his arm wrapped tightly around her now, he pulled her sleeping body closer. His calloused fingers lightly traced across the exposed skin of her back, his chapped lips pressing gentle kisses to the top of her head. His bright blue eyes focused on her features. He took noticed of how her eyes were lightly shut and they way her mouth was slightly parted. How desperately he wished he could kiss those lips all of the time.

He had never expected to let his guard down after Mike. He had never expected to trust someone more than he had trusted his best friend. He had never expected to love someone so hopelessly, so deeply, so madly as he had loved his Princess.

Jake had realized this now as he was holding the girl in bed. He had realized how she had flipped his entire world upside down and he would never be more grateful for that. 

He had so much faith in her, so much more than she had in herself. It hurt him to see that she doubted herself so much. Jake couldn’t bear to see the look of uncertainty that crossed her eyes as the group questioned one of her decisions. She was meant to be the leader of their group of misfits, she was the one meant to bring all of them together.

The girl shivered, her eyelids slowly fluttering open. “Jake?” She mumbled, her voice heavy with sleep. “What are you doing up? What time is it?” The girl questioned, sitting up in bed.

Jake’s palms found her waist as he tried to ease her back into bed, but she restrained. She gripped his arm, pulling his wrist to her eyes as she struggled to read his watch in the darkness. “One a.m.? What are you doing up this late Top Gun?” He simply shrugged, causing the girl to roll her eyes.

She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips. He smiled into the kiss, the taste of peppermint lingering across her tongue. She maneuvered her bare legs to straddle his waist, his hands entangling themselves in her soft hair as he pulled her closer. Their bodies seemed to mold together, as if they were each other’s missing half. 

The two broke apart after a moment, their heavy breaths filling the silence the nighttime air provided. She pressed her forehead to his, each of their eyes closing at the contact. He was her warmth, and she so desperately wanted him to see that. They pulled apart after another moment, falling back into bed. 

She rested her head on his chest, his hand returning to its place on her waist. Her body inched closer to his while his inched closer to hers. As she soon fell back asleep, Jake couldn’t keep the words from escaping his lips.

“I love you.”

[I like this. I listened to THIS to get an idea of how the game goes, thanks for the recommendation from that anon, it was pretty damn funny. I hope you guys enjoy!]

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