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I for real can’t think of any show that does the “was complacent in an oppressive situation, went through philosophical turmoil, ended up fighting against the oppressor” character arc better than DS9

Odo, a morally-questionable repeat collaborator, spending so much of the beginning of season 6 moping around with the founder, essentially navel-gazing as his friends are arrested and harassed and demoralized, until “Sacrifice of Angels” when he steps up against his own people to save the station

In the same episode, Quark (the guy who dispassionately began restocking kanar before Dukat even set foot on DS9 after the Federation pulled out; a consummate acceptor of the status quo) seeing his brother jailed and recognizing that sometimes it’s necessary to rock the boat, even if it means standing stock-still in shock after you shoot two Jem'Hadar guards to help your friends/valued customers

Damar, the good soldier passed around from the Cardassian Empire to the Dominion, unreservedly supporting whoever happens to be in control while privately battling his own self-hatred; eventually recognizing that power alone doesn’t make a leader, rather, the fortitude to pursue the common good does

Sisko isn’t wrong when he says that Deep Space 9 exists in shades of gray, and that’s a good thing. Because the world is mostly gray, there aren’t often clear and constant heroes and villains, and it’s refreshing to acknowledge (especially at this particular period in history) that someone who was once on the wrong side of the road can have a change of heart.


prompt 396: “We’re sitting in a food court and I can see you staring at me so what’s your fucking deal- wait are you drawing me?”

for anon. Enjoy!

pairings: Connor x reader

warnings: none

It was your secret superpower. When you had a pencil tucked behind your ear and your notebook under your arm, one could only wonder what you were going to create. Yes, your secret power was being skilled in art- something that not everyone was good at. You kept your drawings in your super secret notebook so that you didn’t have random sketches scattered throughout your house and backpack.

You had decided to go to the mall today- well, it was more like you needed to. The pens that you used to put the finishing touches on your work had finally run dry and you decided to restock before you resorted to using sharpies. You shuddered at the thought, the last time you used a sharpie you had accidentally bleed over one of your prized drawings.

Sighing, you swirled your straw around in your drink and stared off in the distance. You had forgotten to eat lunch and the food court was your only option- not that you minded, you loved any type of food.

Suddenly, you saw him.

And, man, was his hair beautiful. He was beautiful- no, perfect.

Perfect enough for you to pull out your notebook and start sketching. You tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, only taking short, quick glances. You were putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece and you glanced up one more time to make sure you had gotten each detail right when you froze. Your muse had disappeared.

Suddenly, a pair of hands slammed down on the side of your table and you shrieked, instinctively holding your notebook to your chest.

We’re sitting in a food court and I can see you staring at me so what’s your fucking deal- wait are you drawing me?” The tone of anger in Connor’s voice had diminished as he caught a glance of the picture in your notebook.

Of course, you knew Connor, A.K.A: your muse. The two of you were in the same grade and shared physics together. You couldn’t help the deep blush that ran up your neck to the tip of your ears. You were so embarrassed, he had caught you.

“Um… yeah.” You muttered and you awkwardly scratched the side of your head, not knowing what to do now.

Ignoring your cry of protest, Connor snatched your notebook from your hands and stared at the drawing of himself. He wouldn’t lie, you had some serious skill.

“This is actually pretty fucking good.” He said before closing your book and handing it to you. Without another word, Connor stalked off and headed towards the exit. You, however, stayed frozen, still trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Let’s just say, the next time Connor caught you trying to draw him, he stayed as still as he could.

We All Fall Down - Twelve

Emily drove which made perfect sense as she had the larger car and also knew the way. She chatted as she navigated the roads, disrupting you from gazing out of the windows at the scenery.

“So I had a look in your pantry and you pretty much need everything. Diana has kinda lived on take out and anything I would  bring over for her during this last year, which given the circumstances is completely understandable.” You agreed and nodded as Emily continued. “I’d say your safest bet is to literally start from scratch and get all of your pantry staples today as well as some stuff to stock the fridge. Defrost the freezer overnight ready to throw out for the trash collection and we can go fill the freezer during the week. But we can get you plenty of fresh stuff today that’ll last awhile, at least then you’ll be able to cook.”

You wrinkled your nose up slightly and she clocked it.

“Not a big cook then?”

You shook your head. “I never really learned how to. I can put stuff in the oven to heat it up but… Cooking from scratch? I’d probably poison us.”

“What about Spencer, does he cook?”

“Not really.” You’d always got the impression from him that he was disappointed in your inability to piece together a meal from scratch, relying mainly on takeout or if you weren’t hungry, leaving him to own devices. Perhaps this could be something else you could change. You went out on a sudden limb. “I think I’d like to learn though.”

“Cooking is a invaluable skill. I can lend you easy to follow recipe books if you’d like. There’s a great number of websites too, I could send you… actually no I couldn’t because you’re stuck in the dark ages and don’t have a phone.”

You laughed at her comment and pulled your cell out of from your bag, waving it at her. “Hey, I was only stuck in the dark ages momentarily. I saw the light yesterday and now have a phone. And a new car actually.”

“Someone’s breaking the bank, a new phone AND a new car in one day?” she joked.

“Well it was Spencer who paid, not that I could if I even wanted to.”

“I take it you don’t work then?” Emily asked, her voice steady and unjudgemental.

“It’s a long story,” you sighed. She reached over and patted your knee lightly.

“Perhaps one that you’ll tell me sometime.”

Emily led you around the store, you slightly in awe at how big it was. Sure in New York you had huge department stores but the atmosphere in them was always different. Like everyone was in a hurry and that no one wanted to stop and talk. This target was bigger than the ones you’d been in when you were younger but yet it felt friendly, Emily receiving many nods and hellos as you both pushed your shopping carts through the aisles, Emily instructing you what to buy as she idly chatted at you. You dawdled in the stationary section, seeing some fancy looking binders with their spines designed to look like old books. Having a surge of inspiration you tossed a few into the cart, throwing in some sheet protectors as well. As you rounded the corner of the aisle to catch up with Emily, you crashed your cart into a solid mass of person, you letting out a curse.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you muttered, reversing yourself and repositioning the cart.


You looked up to see yesterday’s saviour with a light smirk on his face.

“Mr Alvez… I mean Luke! Hi! Sorry about that….”

“Hey it’s cool, it’s cool. It’s not you hit me with your car or anything, I’ll live. Did you drive here? I’m not going to have to rescue you again from the parking lot am I?” he teased you and for the first time in years you felt your cheeks burn.

“No I’m here with my neighbour… Emily?”

As if summoned by magic she reappeared, searching for you.

“There you are! I thought I’d lost you forever to the stationary stores. Oh hey Luke, have you two met properly?” she looked between you both, waiting.

“Yeah we have,” you told her. “Luke rescued me yesterday on my first solo drive in years.”

“And she repays me by ramming her shopping cart into my stomach,” he grinned.

Emily nudged him playfully. “Oh shut it now Alvez, those abs of yours can take it I’m sure.”

“Well I think I’ll survive. Anyway, nice seeing you again Y/N. I’m off to pillage the stationary section now, gotta restock before school starts tomorrow.” Giving you another huge grin, he wheeled his own cart away.

“So he rescued you yesterday?” Emily asked curiously.

“I got stuck in a parking space near the tech store in town,” you explained.

“And Luke was your knight in shining armour. Well, there are worse knights to have in this town. He’s a good guy and his cousin Penelope is a right sweetheart.”

“The tech shop girl?” you asked, remembering your curiosity from yesterday.

“That’s her. Now come on, we still have plenty more to get.”

You followed Emily around the store for a while longer before checking out, handing over Spencer’s credit card, cringing slightly at spending his money again. Well, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t going to eat the food, you told yourself. As you were both loading your carts back up, you locked eyes with Luke again, him paying four checkouts away. He smiled and gave you a wave, both you and Emily returning it.

As Emily drove you home she chatted to you, surprising you with her words. “You know, you’re not what I expected.”

You frowned slightly, “How so?”

“I don’t mean any offence by it Y/N. Just…. I don’t know Spencer that well and I obviously can’t comment too much because it’s not like I’ve even really seen you together aside from at the funeral but, you’re not who I expected him to be with. Tara teases me sometimes, I read far too many psychology books in high school and she thinks I try to…. what’s that word they use in those dumb ass crime shows?” she thought for a moment before it coming to her. “Profile?…Yes, profile people. She’s the one with all the doctorates, she actually started in psychology before moving to family medicine but she says I see people clearer than she does. I think it’s just because I like watching people and picking up on their interactions. Doing the sort of job I do, I’m often blending onto the background of people’s kitchens when I’m working events. It’s amazing the interactions you see, how people behave when they don’t realise people are watching.”

You were curious but scared to ask her. Still, you took a deep breath and did it anyway. “What do you see when you look at me then?”

She hesitated slightly, chewing her lip before answering. “Someone who isn’t where she’s meant to be.”


Oh how right she was and she didn’t even know it.

“I’ve not offended you have I?” she was suddenly concerned.

“No, not at all. This isn’t where I pictured myself either.”

She didn’t question you and you didn’t elaborate, a silence falling over you both for the last part of the journey home. When you arrived home, she helped you inside with your bags, before making you give her your number.

“I’ll send you some easy to follow recipes. And don’t forget to call the local authority about the trash collection.”

Whilst out she’d told you about the garbage collection dates and extra charges. Given the amount of food you needed to throw out combined with the other things you’d sorted out, she told you to call them in advance and for a small charge they’d take it all away. Otherwise they’d only take what was in the garbage bin and leave the rest. You’d call them Monday you assured her, thanking her again for taking you out.

“It’s not problem. Maybe you and Spencer could come over for dinner one evening soon as well. I really do want to get to know you Y/N. And if you’re ever bored during the day, give me a call. If I’m not at an event then I’m generally just baking at home. Having someone to talk to always makes it more fun.”

You smiled at her sweetly, telling both yourself and her that you would. It would be good for you to have an actual friend here. It had been such a long time since you had one you’d almost forgotten what it was like.

Emily left and you began putting the shopping away, reusing the bags to put the expired food items into. Just as you were finishing up you heard the front door unlock as Spencer returned home. Was it really that time already? Glancing at your phone you saw that it was just after 4pm and you remembered that you needed to get ready for the ‘family’ meal. You carried the bags of expired food through the house and into the dining room where you’d been putting all of the items to throw out, meeting Spencer in the hallway as you were done, him looking you up and down.

“Before you ask why I’m not ready, we’ve not long got home. I was busy all morning sorting some things out in the study. I’m just about to go and get ready now.”

Spencer frowned slightly and then uncreased his brow. “Y/N, it’s fine. I can see you’ve been busy. We don’t have to leave until around 6.30pm anyway.”

That gave you plenty of time to have another shower and to make yourself presentable. Remembering the folders you’d bought you spoke again. “Oh, erm… I had an idea if it’s okay with you? I picked up some nice ring binders which I thought we could display your fan mail in, rather than having it kept in boxes? But I do think it perhaps needs sorting out first as there’s a lot of it. And there’s lots of piles of papers in the study that I haven’t the first clue what to do with. The trash collection around here is a Tuesday morning so if you’re not too busy tomorrow do you think you could have look through things then? Emily told me that if I call the local authority and pay an upfront fee they’ll take away extra trash for us.”

Us. That sounded strange on your lips.

“I’m pretty much done at the office now anyway so yes, I’ll sort the study out tomorrow. Thank you for what you’ve done so far, and your idea about displaying letters does sound quite nice.”

It all seemed so formal between you both.

“Oh and Y/N. I picked up something for you today.” Spencer handed you a large black bag, you taking it and being suprised at how heavy it was. When you peered inside you saw a rectangular cardboard box, the words laptop computer standing out.

“I just thought it would be useful for you to have. You can try writing again on it.”

Had he not listened to a word you’d said? Had he not paid attention to you at all?

“Once you’ve got the house sorted, of course. But there’s plenty of online magazines and newspapers that will accept submissions and if they like you, they’ll pay you.” Spencer had hope in his eyes, and an ernest expression on his face, one that you hadn’t seen in a while. He thought he’d done good. You felt an extremely uneasy feeling in your stomach, a feeling you couldn’t quite place. Counting to ten mentally you forced a smile of thanks across your face.

“That’s very kind Spencer, thank you.” The same formal tone that he had. “I’m sure that once I’ve got everything sorted in the house, I’ll be able to think of something to write.”

Even though you hadn’t for years and had no intention of even trying. Part of you told you that it was the thought that counted, that he’d tried to do something nice for you. The other part screamed at you that he wasn’t even listening to you anymore. Did he ever though? Really?

“I’ll take it upstairs with me now, and set it up when I have a moment. Six thirty you said we were leaving?” Spencer nodded, looking pleased with himself. “Ill be ready for then,” you told him before turning and heading upstairs. Once there you opened the closet and stashed the bag in there.

Perhaps, if it came to it, you’d could sell it.




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After all the tweaking and adding new items my webstore is opened again! Thank you for the support!

P.S. I limited stock for the Genyatta bundle and a BnHA Atsume bundle. Once it sells out, it’ll be a while before I restock it! If you’re interested in it, grab it quick!

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Hurricane (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by girlwithlandscape

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Way-Finder!Reader

Requested?: Day Two for my write-a-thon!

Prompt: Reader is a way-finder from Nevis and decides to take her best friend with her on a journey.

Words: 3000+

Warnings: Loosely Based on Moana, Storms, Adventure, Angst, Death



You weren’t always home.

Alexander knew how independent and adventurous you were. You lost your parents at a young age like he did. You two became the best of friends. You did everything together; eat, play, read, write, even go down to the harbor and mess with the fishermen and merchants. You were very tomboyish so Alexander didn’t have to worry about being too gentle with you. You were his best friend and he was yours.

But, he knew something was pulling you away.

You always loved the ocean. The waves crashing on the shore, the muddy sand between your toes, and the salty ocean breeze filled you with adventure and contentment. You wanted to travel and discover new places across the sea. Hell, you even crafted a Polynesian sailboat like the ones ancient voyagers once had. You had your heart set on the sea while Alexander had his set on the New World. He was leaving Nevis and making his island proud by going to New York and getting an education. You were happy for him, but you wanted him to come with you. You wanted Alexander to experience the sea and discovery with you. He was all you had.

It was three days after a horrible hurricane when you decided to leave.

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Between the Pages

Summary: After losing your Potions textbook, you’re pulled along on this journey to find out Draco’s true feelings for you. 

Word Count: 1,885

Warning(s): Fluff?

Once again, one of my first imagines I’m posting. Please, please give me constructive criticism to help for future work. Thanks for reading, loves! -D 💚💚

Originally posted by moon-leviosa

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Turn loose the mermaids(Part 2)

Here is Part 2! Part 1| Part 3 | Part 4| Etc

 Art by the wonderful @taulun who came with this au in the first place.

Marinette got accustomed to the idea that she will die. At least, it has been some beautiful 160 years. The young mermaid sighed and run her fingers through the sand. The little island was her comfort for over a century and half now, since she discovered she turned into a human at night. There was a spring hidden between the trees in a small clearing where Marinette made a little nest out of some wrecked sails and other things she found on the wreckages of ships on the bottom of the ocean. She was sad she won’t see it again.

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Dēbĭlĭto #1


Brain Trauma AU masterpost


Dēbĭlĭto - meaning to paralyse, to weaken, to disable, to incapacitate, to impair, to maim, to lame, to cripple

Chapter 1: Set sail

Seagulls cried out above their heads, circling over the deck and the coast as the two men walked along the pier. There was the occasional flap of a seagull’s wings as one flew too close, before letting out a squawk and flying off again. The old wooden planks beneath the men’s feet creaked a little as they walked, straining under their weight. Behind them, they could hear the crashing of the waves hitting the beach, accompanied by the laughter of young children playing in the surf. The sound reminded them of their niece and nephew over in California.

“Ah, there she is!” The larger of the two men, Stanley, pointed to a small wooden boat tied up at the side of the deck in front of them. Constructed of dark oak and the hull reinforced with carbon fibre, the boat bobbed up and down on the waves. A large, wooden mast stuck up out of the middle of the cabin, numerous aerials for radio and mobile signal attached with firm steel plating. A telescope was fixed to the front of the cabin roof, already aiming up towards the stratosphere. A red banner of paint ran around the edge of the boat, just above the surface of the water and below the railing. The words ‘Stan ‘O War II’ were painted on in block capitals with white paint.

Stanley’s twin brother grinned. “Finally. I thought we would never get her finished.” The second man, Stanford was considerably thinner than Stanley, though they were of identical height and age. Ford’s hair was not confined by a hat in the way Stan’s was, being whipped around by the ocean breeze. Ford took a deep breath as the twins approached their boat. Ford was the first to step onto the deck, offering his brother a six-fingered hand to help him on.

“I’m not that old Sixer.” Stan rolled his eyes. “I can still walk fine, you know.” He reached for the hand anyway.

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Companion to Sunrise. For @theadamantdaughter in solidarity against a ridiculous brigade of anons.

Summary: Iroh and Katara have a late-night chat.

It was late, but Katara still had work to do around the camp. Zuko had helped her bank the campfires, but there were still dishes to scrub and food to pack away for the next adventure. Katara had checked their water supplies an hour before restocking, and was now fishing in the river, hoping to catch a few juicy morsels for breakfast.

Closing her eyes to get a better feel for the water, she extended her bending senses until she could feel the little vibrations where the flow of the current was disrupted. There … no, that was a twig … there! Katara reached forward and made a scooping motion. A blue tentacle looped away from the rest of the river and wrapping tightly around a fat spotted carp. Water shot upward as Katara plucked the fish from the darkening waters, encasing her catch in a globe. She kept her prey immersed with one hand, while with the other, she formed an ice spear.

“Miss Katara?”

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I have added and restocked a bunch of products in my shop! The Sirens limited edition is restocked but I only have a very limited amount of back patches left! The first people who order will receive a free back patch, but once they’re out I will not be restocking the patches.
I have also added the sirens screen printed shirts! Please read the description before purchasing! I restocked a few mermaid mugs and added the original mermaid watercolor painting as well! 😊💕
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I’m being driven up the wall at work like I’m so close to having a full blown breakdown. Despite me being the most senior and experienced member here after the owner change, it feels like I’m literally being treated like a new hire. I work morning shifts and sometimes we get so busy that I can’t restock everything before my shift ends and I get SO much shit for it. Like it’s a huge fucking deal that I didn’t fill the cups up to the top yet the afternoon shift cant even manage the most basic shit. They have the easiest shift yet if they have to do literally anything, it’s a huge fucking problem. Like one of the girls who used to be nice to me literally isn’t anymore and I’m pretty sure it’s bc she and my boss are salty that sometimes they have to actually do shit when I don’t have time/energy to do literally everything.

I’m expected to make all the sandwiches and salads and wrap up all the new pastries and restock literally everything on top of dealing with the only rushes of the day and if I miss anything before my shift ends, I’m berated for it. But I literally come in to open the shop and I see milk steaming containers full of spoiled milk left overnight, coffee that hasn’t been ground or prepared so I have to do it as im opening, almost empty sugar containers on the bar, unfilled cup holders, low stock fridge, etc. and it’s totally okay yet if I did that in the morning bc I have a fuck ton of shit to do, it’s my fault and I’m not doing something right. Pastry, coffee, milk, and general delivery is literally scheduled during my shift every fucking time so I have to take care of that too!!!

I’m so fucking sick of this shit it’s so unfair to expect me to do literally everything and then do the bare minimum in return. If I come in the morning and see one more of those issues and then get berated, I’m gonna have a meltdown. If I get blamed for one more goddamn thing in my life that is out of my control, I s2g imma kms forreal lmao I’m so done

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Hi I saw how you didn't have any pins on your store anymore, may i ask how much the pins usually are?


Sorry about that, they’re currently out of stock, but I hope to restock sometime before the end of this year! They go $13 for one 1.5″ hard enamel pin. There’s an additional discount when you buy more than 1 pin. Hope this helps!


Axe and lantern charms now available on medium and large green gel necklaces!

I only have a few jars left before I have to restock so I figured I’d make a post! You can also check out more items in my shop. :)

Since I have a variety of charms now, I’d also be willing to make gels with two charms on a necklace for a couple dollars more.  Say, for example you want a Seb or Joseph themed one, or even a Joseb one. Just request a custom order!

The Retail Method

If you find yourself needing to trade a large amount of bells or want, this is by far the easiest route to go. 

If bells are being dropped off in your town

First and foremost, make sure your Re-Tail is filled with garbage listed at 999,999 bells each. Try not to use any valuable items while doing this. Most people tend to use miscellaneous flowers or gyroids just to avoid losing anything of importance. Your job while doing this is to make sure that the person is paying the correct amount of bells. People will sometimes “forget” how many times they’ve ran back; however, you can enlist the help of a friend if you feel as though you’ll need help keeping a watch on whoever is visiting. The friend should be the one to walk them to the ABD (whether it be in your home or the post office). While the person is buying the items, the objects should be dropped outside Re-Tail prior to them running to the ABD. You will need to pick the items up and restock before they return. Some helpful advice would be to save every 10 million, especially if it’s a big purchase. Disconnecting halfway through is more common than you’d think.

If you are the one dropping off bells

Every pocketful that you have will hold around 1.6 million bells. In order to receive more bang for your buck, you’ll want to store around 400,000 in empty letters. This will help complete the task in half of the time that it’s normally supposed to take. You will need to buy the items in Re-Tail and drop them directly outside before running to the ABD for more bells. Please be cautious about running over other people’s hybrids or picking up their things, doing so is actually very looked down upon. Don’t steal things from others. If it’s something that you really and truly want be polite and ask to dupe. Continue this until you’ve paid however much that you owe. 

By following this method you should be able to trade bells quicker and easier than dropping them on the ground. Good luck!

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The harsh sound of klaxons piercing the air of the bridge made Lotor fixate a glare on his officers. He’d already seen the footage, and frankly, he was hardly amused. 

“A stowaway? Explain to me how you managed to miss that on our last inspection of supply restocking before we left the planet?” Honey coated his voice as he shoved past the officer, sword now drawn. “If you are incapable of a simple task, then it appears your prince must lower himself to find our stowaway and toss them out the nearest airlock.” 

Useless. Every last one of them, he thought as he made his way towards the lower hangar.