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I wanted to do this campaign because it was just a bit different from other ones. You always see clips of somber, brooding, dark, broody, very cool campaigns for perfumes and such. And this one had some life to it; I always thought that D&G does that quite well. And I don’t get to smile much in a lot of what I do, so this is quite an opportunity to have some fun.


ethnobotany moment of the day: native peoples in Southeast Asia using wild carnivorous pitcher plant traps to cook rice in bc honestly why not??? apparently it’s a totally chill and normal food and it’s sold in farmers markets and stuff. heres the recipe thats most popular to use too (transcribed in the left photo) in case you can’t read it:

“1. Take 24 large pitchers. Wash carefully, then soak in several changes of water, preferably overnight. Soak 1kg of glutinous rice overnight.

2. Cut off pitcher trendils.

3. Boil the rice with coconut milk and salt.

4. Wash and cut up two cupfuls of fresh prawns. Finely slice half a cup of red onions. Pound a knob of shrimp paste, 4 or 5 chilled, a few spring onions and a few celery leaves. Combine the pounded ingredients with the prawns and fry in a small amount of oil until fragrant.

5. When the rice is half cooked, remove pan from fire. Cool water slightly. Half full the pitchers with rice, add one tablespoon of the fried mixture. Fill up the pitcher with rice.

6. Stand the pitchers in a steamer, cover, steam over boiling water for half an hour. Serve hot or cold.”

(from “Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume 1 by Stewart McPherson, pages 204+205)


gamora appreciation 2/∞

Will trying to seduce Nico with flowers?? idk?? Cookie for anyone who colours it for me

Mike Wheeler’s never been an expert at managing his anger.

For as long as he can possibly remember, he’s always taken what begins as small spats very personally, to the point where he himself would wonder why he couldn’t bring himself to let it go.

When he was five, a nine year old Nancy accidentally broke his toy firetruck after stepping on it carelessly, and his small face turned such an alarming shade of red Karen had him sit in his room for a few minutes in order to calm down. While he lay in his bed, she brought him a PB&J (his favorite) and promised to purchase him another truck. It isn’t just the truck Mike wished he could properly communicate to her. How could his big sister be so careless? Didn’t she care about his things? About him?

Despite his 5 year old passion and genuine anger, things were so much simpler when he was younger; in retrospect. 

Seven years later, when an alien of a girl crashes into his life like a meteor across the Andromeda, and promptly leaves the same way, something inside him just breaks.

“Mike c'mon man, you can’t spend your entire life sulking.” Lucas sighs. It’s when he, Will and Dustin find him sitting on the basement couch with a blank expression that he decides to speak up. “Earth to Mike!”

“Lucas leave me alone okay? Please.“ It was the first time Lucas saw true desperation in his best friend’s eyes, and the same look that almost made him relent, pushed him to give him the wake up call he knew he needed.  

 "No, you can’t just sit in this basement and think that it’s gonna solve everything, it won’t and we both know it.”

 “What am I supposed to do? Go out and ride my bike? Go to the arcade? Pretend? She should be here too!” It slipped. Mike had no intention of even mentioning her, trying for months to imagine a world where he never met her, causing his heart to empty out in the form of emotions he didn’t know how to deal with.

 “And you don’t think I know that? Just an FYI, both Dustin and I were there in that very same classroom. We all saw it. You don’t think that very image keeps me up at night?! I cared about her too! But if I let it run my life, I’ll be lost just like–” Lucas stopped himself. Everyone in the room knew how that sentence was going to end, but accepting what it meant was difficult for all of them. To that both Will and Dustin let out a long sigh they didn’t realize they were holding in.

 “Just like me? Don’t you think I know that Lucas?! God, why don’t you do me a favor and just get lost?!”

Doing just that Lucas storms off and slams the door, with only a sigh and a immensely hurt look on his face. 

 “Mike…” Dustin starts, moving from his and Will’s spot by the stairs. 


 Dustin flinches slightly, but holds his resolve firmly. “We only want to see you you again, dude. We’re all hurt, but we have to accept that nothing’s the same anymore. We still have to stick together no matter what.” Mike doesn’t look up, and Dustin takes that as his cue to leave. “C'mon, Will.” 

Will takes one long last look at Mike before following his friend out the basement door.

 Ugh they never understand! They don’t see her every time they close their eyes, every time they wake up, every time they look at that damn fort!

 Storming over to the fort, he begins to tear it apart, every piece, every soft smile, every longing look; every memory. Reduced to tears, Mike is unable to control the soft sobs that escape him. She’s not coming back. And no amount of red faced and angry hearted rage would ever bring her back. Nothing’s the same anymore. And they never would be. Not without Eleven.

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

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"fuck it do you wanna get married" for bakugou?

It’d be stupid to say that he wasn’t nervous because he was, but he’d be damned to let anyone know that and especially you of all people. You were looking out at the sun which was setting on the water and he was too busy staring at you as your hair gently swayed in the breeze. He was completely smitten with you even though it didn’t seem like he was sometimes. This was one of only times the both of you have able to get together since the two of you became pro heroes. There was no telling when he’d get another chance like this so it was now or never.

“Oi, idiot.” He called to you making you turn to him. He fumbled with the small box in his pocket. 

“You could use my name you know.” You said with a slight deadpanned expression. “But what is?”

“Look you know you mean a lot to me and…” He paused with his face heating up. He felt like a goddamn fool trying to get this out like a normal person. 

“Mmmhmm?” You hummed. He cursed at you because you were enjoying his flustered ass and he hated it. 

“I.. Will you..” He couldn’t find the words. He banged his fist on the table out of frustration and practically threw the ring box at you. “Fuck it! Do you want to get married?”

You covered your mouth and he watched as you tried to hide the dumb smile on your face. The other people in the restaurant were giving him weird glances and he was tempted to flip them off if it wasn’t such a serious moment for him. You laughed that stupid musical laugh of yours and he stared you down waiting for your reply. 

“Well?!” He snapped. “You making fun of me or something?”

“No, it’s just… This is exactly how I imagined you’d propose.” You chuckled opening the ring box and looking at the beautiful ring that sat inside. “Oh Katsuki, of course I’ll marry you.” 

And with that you reached over and tugged the front of his shirt towards you. He got the cue and his lips crashed into yours for a quick, chaste, kiss. One of his calloused hands held your face close to his for a second and behind those eyes you could see that same fire you fell in love with all those years ago.