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Will trying to seduce Nico with flowers?? idk?? Cookie for anyone who colours it for me


“Hmph…you’re all out already. That time of the day again? Speaking of Team Skull…”

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‘It’s going to be okay…’

     ‘I think it’s going to be…okay.’

Another day of this panic and things were starting to finally come together. Aether was coming together…! If Mohn wasn’t completely dazed he’d be glowing with pride at how his team was working in an effort to protect the family. The whole of the Foundation was working harder then he’s seen before. 

       – ‘We’ve been prepared this whole time. Maybe I had nothing to worry about like I did.’

Now walking on the outskirts of an island beach he could take in a deep breath of the ocean side. In came calm…out came the twisted anxiety scratching at his core the whole while through. It was just him and this secluded beach for awhile. He needed to step out alone from the Not-So-Aether-Paradise for just an evening to keep from emitting panic to the whole of the Foundation while he cleared his head. 

The threats died down…, Lillie was being brave enough to bear herself, Gladion was being watchful and Lusamine…ah, as if this even perturbed her for a moment. 

                                He had nothing to worry about.

For the first time since this event a smile stretched softly on his face as he faced the sun dotting the horizon water line. 

‘Alright… I’m going to go home, lift the ban keeping everything on the VLFS, and spend some downtown with my family… Get things back to runnin’ smooth-”

                                                - B A N G -

The sound reached him before the pain did. Mohn was suspended in place if only for a moment before the hot, burning sensation ripped through his side. He came crashing into the sands with curdled grunts of pain muffled into the ground and hands clutching at his side.


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            Why are you here?
                                                I’m here because you want me to be here.