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This show literally did what EVERYONE wants the media to do with an lgbt relationship which is DEPICT IT AS A NATURAL THING. Instead of doing what EVERY show has done when writing a gay relationship which is being like “LOOK AT THE GAY COUPLE BEING GAY THEY ARE G A Y” and defining the relationship according to that, Yuri on Ice didn’t NEED to outright say “These men are in love” because it was so?? obvious?? I just. Please don’t discredit the first half of this show as “queerbaiting” when it was literally just the most beautifully natural and healthy development of a queer relationship we’ve ever witnessed in anime. Viktuuri has always been canon. This kiss just reaffirmed it in a really blunt way.


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi

ARMY! Thank you so much. This is an award that we have been waiting for a long time and have been wanting to receive ever since. Receiving such an important award for the 4th quarter on such a good day like today, I want to say thank you and I love you the most to ARMYs. We had a concert not long ago. Every time we have a concert, we always spend 20-30 minutes before performing to meditate and talk among our members. There’s something we talked about during that time. We have entered our 5th year and received many invitations from year-end award ceremonies, but we are not allowed to feel that of course we will be invited to year-end award shows, of course many people will come to our concerts, of course many people will listen to our albums. Actually we always think it’s a miracle being invited to such honorable award ceremonies and having someone come to our concerts, buy and listen to our albums. Thank you a lot. And I’d like to, I have to say thank you for all the ARMYs all over the world. We have been waiting for this for a very long time and today we have a good news about the Billboard chart. Thanh you very much. And I’d like to say just remember that we never walk alone. Let’s walk together forever and ever. Thank you very much.

Sincerely thank you to everyone for giving us this big award. There’s something we want to say as we stand in a great place like this. We think it’s thanks to many people’s effort that we can be in front of you guys looking good like this. I want to say thank you to our Bighit family who help us, our hair & makeup stylists and manager hyungs. Thank you very much and our ARMYs, you would know it even if we don’t say but we are always grateful and love you a lot.

And our parents who gave birth to us, Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, Vice President Choi Yoojung, Director Shinkyu, Director Yoon Seokjoon, we love you a lot, thank you for raising BTS. And of course our ARMYs, thank you and I love you.
—  Rap Monster & Jimin & V, Artist Of The Year - Physical Category - 4th Quarter, 2016 Gaon Music Chart Awards

BTS has revealed their feelings about being selected as the role model by new young artists.

In the press conference before their first stage performance of ‘2017 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III, THE WINGS TOUR in Seoul’ at Seoul Gocheok Skydome on February 18th, BTS said “We feel honored and amazed that junior artists have chosen them as their role model”.

“It was just a few years ago that we, too, would talk about our own role models or our senior artists we looked up to and become really excited,” said Suga, while sharing his special impression of the phenomenon.

He continued with his sincere message, “What we would want to tell our juniors is that at the time of the debut, there are many hard obstacles and worries. There were times when we couldn’t sleep because we were so distressed and worried, but I would like to tell them (their juniors) that the good days will come, for sure.”

“There are so many talented, amazing artists. I hope they grow up to become another seniors and have wonderful influence on the music industry,” said Suga, showing his mature side.

On February 18th, BTS will reveal their first stage performance of ‘Spring Day’, as well as their new songs on the album ‘WINGS:A Supplementary Story’, and the ‘WINGS Tour’ will be continued in total 11 cities with total 19 stage concerts.


TRANS CR: Song mi @ Bangtan Tumblr

I wanted to mention the fact that Viktor chose wisely his timing to find Yakov and announce him his return. He did it right in front of Yurio and right before his performance, because he knew very well that Yurio would make the Viktor is returning = Yuuri is retiring connection instantly, and that would motivate him to give 200% of himself on his performance, both for himself and to prevent Yuuri from leaving the competitive circuit just like that.

I’m still in awe by the way the narrative shows us how much entangled and close and influential are these three for each other and how the different types of love can coexist among them and can be weaponize in a positive way.

(side topic for the necessary mention of how far we’ve  come from “We don’t need two Yuris. Go and retire” to “You will regret it if you retire just like this” with Yurio).

For the past few years, you’ve belonged to a club consisting of the ten richest people on the planet. Having long since exhausted all conventional forms of entertainment, you now amuse yourselves by locating a random poor person or family and anonymously giving them millions of dollars under the guise of a “bank error” and watching the results. Today, you’ve just given a poor man ten million dollars. As you watch from your hidden bunker, the man kneels before an alter, performs a small blood sacrifice, and recites a quiet chant, apparently in thanks to some deity or another. But to your great surprise, you hear something answer him…


when you yell your boyfriend’s name for moral support right before his big performance