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I always read your tags. On your most recent answer to an ask, you mentioned something about Jungkook saying a song that reminded him most of Jimin. But since I can't understand Korean, would you mind telling me what song it was? And when did he mention it? You made me so curious cause you said that 'he's either really in love or really hurting. probably both' ugh my heart ;(((

Jungkook mentioned it in the profile he wrote for Jimin a couple of years ago.

A song that suits Jimin Park very well is.. “This Isn’t It.”

There are multiple artists who have a song by that exact title and JK didn’t specify which one it was. Here are the different songs and the link to their lyrics:

And before people get upset or confused (and ask me if they broke up lmao), I want to remind you this was from back when JK was still a angsty teenager. I mean, that last version in particular is pretty telling. But like I said, he didn’t specify and we can only speculate.  

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So I have a question more aimed towards you, have you ever thought about doing commissions or opening a patreon? I'm sure tons of people would line up just to commission you or just want to support you! c: (sorry if it's been asked before or if you don't answer questions like these. I was just curious! )

ahahha omg you’re so friggin sweet, my dude!!!! I’m currently closed for commissions, but I do have a Patreon that I link to all of my drawings, comics, kofi thank-yous and stream announcements!! (not the asks, that’d just get annoying!) 

Usually it looks something like this! 🌸

• Kᴇᴇᴘ ᴍᴇ ɢᴏɪɴɢ! Bᴜʏ ᴍᴇ ᴀ ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇ? ☕️(´▿` )✏️
• Oʀ Sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ Pᴀᴛʀᴇᴏɴ!
Cʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ Sʜᴏᴘ! 🎁✨

Thanks so much for asking, dude! I try not to answer personal asks, since I wanna keep as much of the content coming out of this blog entertainment mostly; but believe it or not, this blog is my only job. “OTL so it’s important to me for this kind of thing to be addressed from time to time, whether I wanna or not. <:’3c Thank you so much!!!

i wonder if this will reach you.
i wonder if you’ll know it’s about you.
i hope that if you read this, you read it with crooked glasses and curly hair and that you smell of something fresh,
like lavender or heather.
because back when i knew you, i never got to tell you how much i liked your smile.
and it’s brilliant, truly.
you were the first person i’d ever met to hold a candle to sunlight.
before you, i didn’t know people could mimic summer days.
i hope one day i know you again,
and i can ask if this reached you,
and if you knew it was about you.
—  here’s a hint: if you think this is about you, it probably is (via @honeylovur)

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Hello:) This might be a strange ask and if you don't want to answer it that's okay of course. So you've mentioned a couple of times that you don't like Galadriel because she's racist. And that's okay of course, you can like and not like whomever you want to, but since I personally don't know what to think of her yet, I wanted to ask if you might be able to explain why you think this of her:) She is a very difficult character and it'd be very interesting. Have a nice day:)

This is now apart of my racism in Tolkien series! You can find the link to the Masterpost here!

It’s not strange at all! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this, I’ve just been thinking about ways to approach this.  Before I continue (and this isn’t to you anon, this is to people who may be looking), this will have a bunch of social justice and talk of racism in it, in relation to Galadriel. And if that offends you then I advise you not to read below the line. I’d like to not start an argument because my opinion differed from someone elses. If you disagree, please just look elsewhere. This is a very personal response, so it’s not likely that my view on her is changing.

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I don't understand people.. I am currently using one of your gifs on my sidebar and before I did that, I asked if I could and I have a link crediting you on my blog. gif makers aren't irrational and if you need a gif, all they ask is for credit and respect. Why don't people get that???

k i’m answering this publicly cause this lil homie came to me and asked to use a gif as a sidebar. generally im not going to fret over side bars as long as people don’t claim them to be there’s HOWEVER this is someone to be respected because they went above and beyond.

ALSO. i’ve actually had people say “can you make me a gif that would match this text post” and i have actually made gifs for people just for text posts. No credit required. like they could claim that gif as their own and i’m cool with it because they respect me enough to ask. 

giffers are cool people when you don’t take advantage of them. kinda like humans.

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i don't really understand all the rules about giving credits to artists. if you ask an artist to repost their work and they give you permission, do you still have to tag them once you do? do you always need to ask for permission? are you allowed to save a photo, for example, but not share it publicly, or do all of these things just depend on the artist? i'm asking because i don't want to steal anyone's work or do something i'm not supposed to. thanks :))

different artists have different things they’re comfortable with!

general rule of thumb, don’t repost a piece if you don’t know who drew it. try using google to find the source if you can, but otherwise don’t do it. most ppl are fine with saving to your phone as long as you don’t post, but if you know who the artist is i’d recommend asking them before posting.

i’m cool with people reposting my art as long as they link to my profile/add credit to me in the caption, and for icons/headers i just ask people credit me in their bio.

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hey! sorry, i know you've been asked this before but i don't even know where to begin to find it, do you have a list of fics of after Yuuri and Vik are married and one goes back to college/gets another occupation after retirement and the people there are seriously confused about this Mystery Person's life? again, sorry, i know you've been asked this before

It’s on my master list page! The link is in my bio! You can also find it if you search “identity reveal” in my tags!

#1: Don't assume that readings are free.

While there’s a lot of people who do readings for free, they don’t make up the whole divining community. There’s a lot who charge money for their readings, and/or ask for a donation before fulfilling a request. For some, this acts as a source of income, and to try getting a free reading from them even so is rude.

I can think of 4 simple ways to check the monetary status of someone’s offered readings.

  1. Their blog description may have a PayPal donation button and/or a link to an Etsy, Storenvy, or other store where you can pay for readings.
  2. They may have made a post where they announced that they would do readings for people, and this same post may say if the readings are free or not.
  3. There could be a page on their blog which includes that and other rules about their readings.
  4. If there’s no other indicators, sending them an ask or fan mail that just says, “Are you doing readings for free or a price?” could tell you. 
#2: Don't expect them to be on time, but do be yourself.

Timing is weird on international platforms like this. It’s easy for someone’s need for a reading and someone else’s offering to do readings to not be in the same time slot. That’s right–there can be a time limit on readings.

Some people have a big following and/or busy schedules, so it’s more convenient for them to ask that requests come in between time and y time. In my own experience, I can get anywhere from 5 to 37 requests in just a few hours. It’s an each-to-their-own thing when it comes to getting more requests as you're doing the readings, but for the popular and/or busy, it’s bound to be frustrating.

That’s why one may “close” readings after some time. They’ll make a post or put it somewhere in the body of the leftover readings that “readings are closed”. That means they’re not taking anymore requests. Somehow, a lot of people miss these statements and ask for readings even so–or you can have the total opposite happen, and someone will say “I don’t know if you’re still doing readings…” in their request and there’s nothing that says the reader isn’t. The former tends to be ruder than the latter, but that’s for another section.

Trying to get a reading outside the designated time is like trying to shop at a store that’s closed. Like how the reader may still be blogging, the clerks may still be maintaining it, but neither are open for business. 

Like with the money thing, it’s very easy to find out the timing of someone’s offer to do readings.

  1. Check their blog description. It may or may not be bolded, but there could be something short and simple saying if readings are open or not.
  2. Look over the post where they first offered the readings. There may be an interval they specified. 
  3. Look through their blog archive. If they’ve published any readings, they may have included a statement before or after the reading that they aren’t doing anymore. There could also be a number of posts saying they’ve stopped.
  4. Just ask.
#3: Don't ask about big decisions (without discretion).

Divination is not a substitute for a doctor, a lawyer, a pregnancy test, etc. It shouldn’t be the be-all end-all to all arenas of your life. But, while it shouldn’t, for some it’s all that’s available. Not everyone is in the optimal position to deal with what happens in their lives, which is why things like self-diagnosis exist. If you’re in such a situation, take things with a grain of salt and don’t be naive if you get a reading done in place of anything else.

#4: Don't expect more than is possible.

There’s a lot that popular means of divination can’t do. Names can’t be given because Tarot cards don’t have letters assigned to them often, the alphabets for runes and Ogham and Ouija boards don’t include all languages’ characters, etc. Unless the reader’s in a university library, the chances of them finding the name of that deity you’re looking for via stichomancy are slim. That’s just how it is.

Even customized means have their limits. When I do GIF readings, questions seeking a Y/N answer hardly get one. There are GIFs that can respond that way available, but it barely ever works out that way. Rephrasing may be necessary.

#5: Don't be rude, nor ignorant.

Readers vary widely in skill, availability, and accuracy. They may deliver a reading awkwardly. They may not do certain requests. They may misinterpret something. You, as the querent and/or customer, need to be understanding of this.

Everyone’s a beginner sometime, so be patient. Some topics make readers uncomfortable, or for their own sake they delete requests that come in after their set time limit. What gets drawn can be too vague or too specific. 

Then there’s the matter of etiquette. Don’t act like you’re entitled to their time and resources. In the case of paid readings, communicate politely when there’s a delay, and like for #1 and #2, check their blog to see what could explain it. If they’ve closed readings and you know that, it’s more than rude for you to ask for one anyways, and they’re within their right to respond with the same tone–the problem is when it escalates to insults.

Of course, it’s not just querents who can be rude. It doesn’t happen often, but scams are a thing to watch out for. That link talks about precautions for in-person readings so it’s not as relevant as it could be. However, the ways that people can scam for other things on Tumblr can be used by readers all the same. Be wary if a delay for a paid reading goes on for more than a week, with no explanation like that the reader is on vacation or has finals or is having a depressive episode, etc. Depending on how you paid for the reading, you may have to seek outside help to settle this dispute of not receiving the service you paid for. 

Guys….. when an artist does an adopt for you, please save it…. don’t just borrow the image link….. because it will break eventually, and you’ll most likely lose your adopt. You can’t expect the artist to have held onto each and every individual 1000+ adopt files either.

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I don't want to annoy you but I just wanted to ask you this. What makes us so sure the Syco contract ended this year? & How do we know the boys will have a new team soon when they could sign with someone right before they come back? Sorry if this annoys you.

Hi Anon, you must be new and because you must be new, I’m going to answer you and mark this post to link people to it when I inevitably get the question again.

  • MITAM was heavily reported by respectable media outlets as the final album in the 1D/Syco contract
  • Dan Wootton, the worst reporter to ever walk the face of this planet or any other, but who also has unprecedented access to Simon Cowell and Syco artists, flat out stated that the band was “over” in March 2016.
  • US Weekly reported that 1D was not going to renew their contract with Syco, therefore (they claim) the band would be “over” effective March 2016.
  • “History”, the third single from MITAM, went completely without promo by Syco upon its release. So much so that I can’t tell you the official single release date since it wasn’t ever announced. But the video dropped on January 26. No further singles have been announced, nor are they expected.
  • Harry has been reportedly looking for record deals per published industry sources. If Harry is free to do this, so is the rest of the band whether they are together or not.

And if they don’t announce a new record deal right away, they still need to announce their new management if only to keep fans from bailing on them. They do not live in a world without media access. They know that most major media outlets are claiming that they’ve split for good and they know that media has reported that the Syco contract ended in March and they KNOW that fans do not know what to think and are very uneasy and many are leaving the fandom because of it (and other things).

And if they want to reassure the uneasy fans that buy their albums and pay their bills instead of letting us leave and get invested in some other band/artist, they need to let us know that they are continuing (or not) as a band before they formally announce solo projects.

So. While we do not have concrete proof, we have exceptionally strong evidence that Syco is done and we are waiting patiently for confirmation.

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I don't know if you were asked this before, but how do you feel about people (particularly instagram SU accounts) posting your art without credit?

I feel like it’s unavoidable to have your stuff reposted around sites like insta, pintrest etc but people should at least credit? or possibly like the pics from the original account or link back to it since I do have an ig!

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Sry, is there a link that picture of the red/white shirt Louis has on in Harry's room? I don't think I have seen that before!

I don’t know if it’s the same shirt. But, that bed certainly looks like two people slept in it, especially considering there were water bottles on both sides.