before penguin

Dan and Phil’s Liveshow // 3.30.17

Phil is wearing his NASA shirt

Dan screamed hi

Dan is wearing a Dreamcast shirt

Phil scratched Dan’s face 

Apparently Dan thinks they’re “professional entertainers”

It trailer

They got haircuts

“My ears are ready for some summer action” -Phil

Ugly gifs

“Why are there so many gifs of us?”

YouNow kept giving them error messages as they were trying to go live

They’re going to Australia soon (that’s the reason for the haircut)

Dan stole Phil’s hairdresser

Hi Hector

Video idea: curl Phil’s hair

Phil gets to go first for the hairdresser because that means he gets to use the best small talk

Dan tells Febrise Phil’s stories what a content stealer

“Me and Phil”

Dan gets to clean the camera this week #kinky

“Clean me daddy”

Lambs poppin out

Rodents and mammals what is the truth

Phil ordered flowers for his mum but he accidentally put his address in and got it sent to their house instead

(He got her chocolates and a dvd instead)

Dan’s face is a language warning

Corn prince

“’Dan you have the cutest smile’ What about me?”

They googled loins 

Wholesome Lester? Lighthearted Lester?

“’Dan you look like a meatball’ wait sorry.”

Flower penis

“Bees in the trap”

Phil did the Papyrus laugh

Phil’s new video is trending #8

Mark of Oxin discussion

They filmed a Club Penguin video before it died #RIP

They think there’s a wasp nest on the roof of their apartment 

Thicc bumblebees

“Dan what would you do if Phil died?”


The time change killed them

The last time they were at the cinema Dan held his popcorn in front of his face so he wouldn’t see the trailers

Phil bought metal earplugs 

Petlandia made Dan a book with his dream shibe and made Phil one with his cactus Loki

RIP Loki

Dan’s corner

Phil also bought a lemon humidifier 

Phil’s corner

Dan got up to get The Adventure Scent (related to The Smell of Happiness)

Phil hates it

“We’re always joking”

Gorillaz (or get some plushies

They’re back on the anime train

They caught up in Steven Universe 

Riverdale is fine 

Math and NASA

“I don’t think the dog wanted to go to space though I think it was scared” -Phil

They have loads of movies to watch in Australia 

“Andrew Garfield suffering. That’s my kink” -Dan

Keep an eye on their twitters because they’ll be pretty busy before/during Australia 

“We have been Dan and Phil”

“Go inseminate some flowers” “We’re in the wilderness now.”

“Phil please end it”


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