before owl city

adepters-moved-deactivated20170  asked:

Is there a specific reason why you don't like the meme?

I dunno, it’s just really uncreative and irritating to me :OO There’s not a lot of potential for variation to it, the only way I’ve seen it used is just bass boosting the intro of the song and slapping it in a Spongebob clip or something and then just putting “You would not believe your eyes” anywhere.

Maybe I’m just bein a spoil sport i dunno!!! Owl City is super important to me, Fireflies included, and has been a major source of inspiration and comfort and the fact that people ALREADY saw him and that song as basically a joke cause the lyrics don’t make much sense objectively is like salt in the wound.

This is also actually the second time I’ve legitimately loved a song and then because it was memed™ I now have to specify that i like it “unironically”, the first one being Ocean Man, but the difference here is that the Ocean Man thing actually had variation to it and was a much funnier concept, and as I’ve stated before Fireflies and Owl City are very emotionally important to me so the double whammy of it just being kinda stupid and also further giving people reason to laugh at a thing that really resonates with me is kinda meh.

But who knows, I’ll probably get over it, heh. It’s just a meme after all. It’ll leave.

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