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Before I Ever Met You
Before I Ever Met You

BANKS - Before I Ever Met You.

“Before I ever met you,
I never knew that my heart could ever love so hard.
Before I ever met you,
I never knew I would be enemies with disregard.
Before I ever met you,
I never knew that I liked to be kissed for days.
Before I ever met you,
I never knew I could be broken in so many ways.”


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(TRANS) Haru Hana Vol. 23 - BTS Personal Question Q&A

Q: What song do you like the most in this album? And what’s the song you spent the most work on?
A: I like ‘BTS Cypher Pt. 2’ the most and the most tiring is 'Tomorrow.’

Q: There is a line in 'Boy in Luv’ that says 'Why are you shaking up my heart?’ What is shaking up your heart lately?
A: I obviously want to lose weight, but delicious food has been tempting me!

Q: If you were to compare the members to a school setting, who/what would each member be?
A: Suga = class leader’s friend
Jin = The type of student that makes his mom proud (his face gives this type of feeling)
Jimin = A student that’s good at sports
Jungkook = A student that’s only good at sports

Q: Who is the man’s man? (T/N: A man that has qualities other men admire.)
A: Rap Monster. He’s the leader so his appearance and his actions are also very manly. Moreover, he would break things he own and even the members’ bodies.

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[#셔누] 공중파 뮤직뱅크 첫 사전녹화 직전! 곧 만납시다 #MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #몬스타엑스 #무단침입

[#SHOWNU] right before our first Music Bank broadcast pre-recording! We’ll meet soon #MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #TRESPASS
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