before minus now

hussein chalayan s/s 2000, before minus now: 

“I think often we are drawn to things that defy gravity. We think of them as more impossible. Therefore, we find them attractive because the more impossible something seems, at times the more attractive it seems—including parts of the body. The more gravity-defying something is, the more attractive you find it. It’s the same with buildings that feel like they are floating.There is that side, and then there is actually the compositional side … I think, for me, looking at a landscape and the balance you want to see there has to do with how things are set in gravity.”

- Hussein Chalayan

[for the interested fashion thinker]

Alright designers you have to scrape off your charred on skin and dirt you’ve had since childhood and create an entirely new ensemble from the jungle around you

Make it work!

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hussein chalayan s/s 2000, before minus now:

The show invitation for ‘Before Minus Now’ contained a photograph with the image of a boy in a yellow shirt trying to control a real jet plane with a remote control. It seemed disconnected from the show itself, until the boy appeared on the runway when a model in this pink resin dress came on stage and, to the solo violinist accompanying the spectacle, the boy operated his remote control and caused the panels of the model’s dress to rise serenely.