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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything


Happy Birthday Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (november 11th, 1974)

I just really love doing what I do. I know every career is fleeting and there will be time periods when I don’t get the opportunities that I’m getting right now, so I am taking advantage of them.

Bughead Anthem: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

🎶I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window
There’s no turning back for us tonight🎶

oh! I have to tell you guys a great story one of my professors told me. So he has a friend who is involved in these Shakespeare outreach programs where they try to bring Shakespeare and live theatre to poor and underprivileged groups and teach them about English literature and performing arts and such. On one of their tours they stopped at a young offenders institute for women and they put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet for a group of 16-17 year old girls. It was all going really well and the girls were enjoying and laughing through the first half - because really, the first half is pretty much a comedy - but as the play went on, things started to get quiet. Real quiet. Then it got up to the suicide scene and mutterings broke out and all the girls were nudging each other and looking distressed, and as this teacher observed them, he realised - they didn’t know how the play ended. These girls had never been exposed to the story of Romeo and Juliet before, something which he thought was impossible given how ubiquitous it is in our culture. I mean, the prologue even gives the ending away, but of course it doesn’t specify exactly how the whole “take their life” thing goes down, so these poor girls had no idea what to expect and were sitting there clinging to hope that Romeo would maybe sit down for a damn minute instead of murdering Paris and chugging poison - but BAM he died and they all cried out - and then Juliet WOKE UP and they SCREAMED and by the end of the play they were so upset that a brawl nearly broke out, and that’s the story of how Shakespeare nearly started a riot at a juvenile detention centre

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oh god are you one of those people who reads romeo and juliet as a romance rather than a tragedy

I thought I was gonna go to bed early tonight but I guess not

hey friend you just unleashed my nerdy wrath buckle up

short answer: no, I know r&j is a tragedy and I read it as such. Shakespeare didn’t write “romances”, at least not in the sense you mean (some people call his later stuff that’s harder to put into a genre ‘romances’, such as the winter’s tale and the tempest)

so no I’m not a moron thanks

here’s the long answer:

I presume you’re “one of those people” who likes to count themselves as the Specialest Snowflake In All The Land because they don’t buy into the fake cheesy idea of //romance// that everyone else so blindly believes

maybe you like to talk about how romeo and juliet were “just horny teenagers”, how they knew each other for three days, how romeo so loved rosaline thirty seconds before spotting juliet, so clearly he’s fickle and silly. they weren’t actually in love, they were just teenage idiots.
because only stupid girls buy that stuff.
you’re more mature than that.
am I right?

well, here’s the thing, sunshine- you aren’t special. I hear this same damn argument right down to the last word every time I mention my love of this play and it ENRAGES me every time because 99% of the time this is coming from /other teenagers/. other young people talking about how this isn’t a story to be taken SERIOUSLY. it’s silly and frivolous and unrealistic. they don’t realize that this play is dedicated to them.

and it’s criticizing people just like you.

while I do believe that these two young people were soul mates (I’ll get to that later), I don’t really think this is a story about love. it’s a story about /passion/- how love and hate are only a hair’s breadth apart and their overwhelming capacity for healing or for destroying. the emotion that drives mercutio to defend romeo from tybalt. what drives mercutio to be killed at his hand. what pushes formerly docile, dreamy romeo to slay his cousin in law: it all begins to seem like the same continuous passion, enflaming the same group of people on the hottest day of the year.

as a result, love isn’t a pretty thing in this play. it’s linked inextricably to death, to murder, to chaos. love is presented as the most dangerous force in the universe. it leaves five bodies in its wake, and then at the end (people forget this) it’s what finally brings the ancient feud to an end.
it’s not silly. it’s not frivolous. o brawling love, o loving hate.

and who are the conductors of this unstoppable force? who sets verona burning and then rebuilds it better in under a week?


people with a shitty understanding of this play who love to dismiss it and downplay it like to call it a “cautionary tale”- why you shouldn’t think with your dick, why you should grow up and not be so rash, be sensible.

I agree with part of this. it is a cautionary tale. but it’s directed at YOU.

you, who devalue youth. you, who underestimate teenagers and what they’re capable of, who wave off their every thought or feeling with “just a kid”. who think that love is a pretty little silly thing and that no one under the age of 25 is capable of really experiencing it. that the kids don’t MATTER.

capulet thought it- he dismissed tybalt’s rage during the party as dumb kids throwing a hissy fit. he wrote juliet off as a child who should be seen and not heard, shuffled from her father to her husband, guided by the wisdom of those older and wiser than her.

in the world presented in the play, age has NOTHING to do with wisdom. the adults range from careless (montague) to helpless (lady capulet) to blithering (the nurse). the wisest character, the most eloquent and intelligent one with the most beautiful poetry, is fourteen year old juliet.
(go back and read it. whose speeches are the most beautiful, sophisticated, complex? Juliet’s.)

okay, fine, you say. but they didn’t love each other, they just saw each other and got hot and bothered and wanted to jump the other’s bones! anyway, what about rosaline?!

I’ll address rosaline first:

shakespeare likes making fun of the poets of old (take for instance his “my mistress’ eyes” sonnet, a deliberate parody of the Petrarchan model of frilly love poetry). heres another example in romeo. when we first meet romeo he’s mooning over a girl in the frilliest, stalest, most formulaic verse imaginable. we get the feeling he’s enjoying himself, basking in his misery.

notice, though, that we never see rosaline on stage. she represents romeo’s vague infatuation with the //idea// of love, the pretty image he made up in his head from reading old poems. this not only creates an incredible arc in his character, but makes his love for juliet obviously the real deal by comparison. he meets juliet and his world goes into free fall; he’s rash and violent and impulsive, and the verse that was so stale and ingenuine before shifts into some of the most famous passionate poetry in the english language.
in his first scene, he asks “is love a tender thing?” he falls in love with juliet- REAL love, not the kind in poems- and comes to answer his own question: no. no it fucking isn’t.

but, you say. but they CANT have loved each other! you don’t fall in love just by LOOKING at someone!

yeah, I know you don’t.

but here’s the thing. if you aren’t willing to suspend some modicum of disbelief, you won’t get anything from shakespeare. period.

we’re already assuming that these people just happen to walk around speaking in blank verse and rhyming couplet. the plot of hamlet relies on the existence of a ghost, a midsummer night’s dream on fairies, macbeth on witches, the tempest on magic, measure for measure on the friggin /bed trick/- is it SUCH A HORRIBLE STRETCH FOR YOUR CYNICAL POSTMODERN MIND TO MAKE that characters can identify their soulmates with a look? have we reached that level of lazy cynicism as a society that magical love flowers and vengeful ghosts are believable, where a woman can turn into a boy by shoving a hat over her hair and statues spring to life as deceased loved ones, but love at first sight (a very very common Elizabethan plot device; it’s /everywhere/ in shakespeare) is just too much of a stretch?

no one rolls their eyes at hamlet because “ghosts aren’t real. are you one of those people who believe in ghosts?” no- they take it for the plot device that it is in order to get to the message of the play as a whole, and the truths of the human conditions it reveals, with the help of some purely theatrical elements.

but kids in love. that’s far too silly.

it’s really fucking sad.

and questions like yours, anon? those make me really, really fucking sad.

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It's highly unlikely that Lauren's character will be Rosaline, tbh. Rosaline never even appears on stage in R&J and she doesn't have any lines, she's just a tertiary background character Romeo is in love with for the first couple of acts of the play before he meets Juliet. Also, Rosaline and Juliet are both from the same house (Capulet), and I don't think Halsey would have Lauren's character be from the same house as her own. Maybe it's a genderbent version of a key character in the play?

idk, I still think Lauren will be Rosaline’s equivalent. Halsey’s character (Luna Aureum) is Romeo’s equivalent, not Juliet’s. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo goes to a party held by the Capulet’s in order to see Rosaline but Juliet ends up catching his eye. Halsey has said that in her narrative Strangers takes place at a party that she holds at her house and it talks about this relationship with Lauren’s character while setting up the meet scene between Luna and Solis. So it makes sense to me that Lauren = Rosaline. While Rosaline’s character may not be very important to the original Romeo and Juliet storyline, I think in Halsey’s narrative she’ll play a slightly bigger role.

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We can divide Otayuri history in 2 periods: Before DJ!Otabek and After DJ! Otabek

otabek pre dj beka: prim n proper, has never touched a computer before, reads romeo and juliet before bed

otabek post dj beka: has cool biker/dj friends, probably drinks every night, lays down the sick beats while yuri stands beside him acting as his hype man

Asking You To Stay

TITLE: Asking You To Stay


AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that Loki was being sent to school for troubled children, when he was young, because of his mischievous nature. He meets a girl there, who doesn’t speak, at all, and she’s being bullied because of it. Her parents had abandoned her there. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: It’s been a long time since I saw this so beware of typos! Thanks for reading! :)

I couldn’t believe the Allfather had sent me here, to this school far from the palace, but near the end of the towns.  It was full of children I guess like me, “troubled”. Father sent me here because I was causing too much mischief around the palace, I’m sure if it were Thor he wouldn’t have sent him here.

That was a few years ago. I was a new student here, so I didn’t know exactly where things were and how things ran around here, I was going to stay here until graduation so I had to learn things quickly. It wasn’t long when I found out that this school was very strict. They had watchful eyes.

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Some of my Favourite Books of 2016

Beast imagine

Imagine: Agreeing with Beast that Romeo and Juliet isn't that great

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In this, you become a prisoner guest along with Belle, your best friend. Also, apologies if this is too long and if the characters seem out of character.

It was the very next day when Belle dragged Y/N out of the castle grounds in hopes to escape. During that same night, Adam got injured while projecting the two from wolfs. Y/N felt terribly guilt for everything. Even though, they didn’t do anything wrong. So, in return Y/N insisted that they’ll treat Adam’s injuries. Denying any offer of help, claiming that they can do it themselves.

 Currently, it’s early morning for the sun is shining through the windows. Y/N, Belle and the other servants are in Adam’s room to check on him. Belle is sitting a bit away from Y/N to give them room as they check Adam’s temperature. Once Y/N tell the others that Adam is doing fine and doesn’t have a fever, they sit back down (for they had to stand to reach him) and Belle stands up and ask questions while staring at the rose. Y/N didn’t pay any attention to the conservation as they already know about the curse, thanks to the chat they had with Mrs Potts last night. 

Y/N look over to the rose as a pelt falls down. With a concern look, Y/N looks back over to Adam who is awake. “You’re awake. How do you feel?” Y/N ask Adam quietly. For they didn’t want to interrupt the others conservation. As Adam slowly turns to look at Y/N concern e/c, he reply with the same volume as them: “..Sore”. 

Y/N nod their head in understanding. “You just need some rest to heal. Hopefully the feeling shall past soon. If not, tell me and I can make you some food that should help with the pain”. Y/N flash him a gentle smile. Adam, who’s feeling slight tired, nod his head in thanks. “Rest, you need plenty of it. I shall be right here with Belle and the others.” Again, Beast nod his head in thanks and he goes to sleep. But as he goes into the realm of dreams, Beast couldn’t help but to feel touch by Y/N’s concern. But also.. something else that he couldn’t explain. 

Some time has past and Adam woke up to Belle quoting Shakespeare. Adam gentle turns over to see Belle is alone. Feeling slighty disappoint to not see Y/N, Adam finishes Belle’s quote. Belle, with a face of astonishmnent ask;” You know Shakespeare?”. Adam scoff as he tuns over in his bed, but as doing so he reply’s with;” I had an expensive education”. 

Belle, with a face full of glee, proudly tells Adam that her favourite play is ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Before Adam could say anything, a voice beats him to it. “Oh God, not this again Belle!” said a voice full of annoyances.  

“What?” Ask Belle in slight shock as she looks over to the door, along with Adam, to see Y/N with a bowl of hot soup. “Belle, out of all plays. Romeo and Juliet?” ask Y/N as they walk over and put the soup on the bed side table“I don’t understand. What’s wrong with Romeo and Juliet?” Ask Belle, slightly offended“The heartache and the pining and Beast said as he makes a face of disgust. “Oh finally! Someone who understands! Honestly, it’s as if you never read Hamlet, Belle.” Said Y/N as they sit next to Belle. 

“I agree. The are so many books that are better then Romeo and Juliet..” Agree Adam as a fondness spread through his chest as he learns that Y/N thinks the same about Romeo and Juliet. Belle, shakes her head and gets up to leave the room. “Alright. I get it, I’m in a room full of non-romantic people. I guess I should leave you, Romeo and Juliet haters, alone.” Belle said as she leaves. 

“Oh I don’t have anything abasing romances its just.. Roman and Juliet? .” comment Y/N as they look over to Adam with a half smile. Adam ,who still feels a sort of fondness, nods his head in acknowledgement with his own small smile. “Though, it does seems like we need to show her some better books to read. Perhaps we can go to the library?” Think out loud Adam. Y/N eyes light up at the mention of ‘library’ and couldn’t help to ask about it. “You have a library?!”. “Of course I have a library. You honestly think I don’t have a library? I do need something to past the time with.“ answer Adam as his hearts speeds up. Beating wildly as he looks into beautiful e/c that’s full of fondness for books. 

The two find themselves staring at each others eyes, full of fondness for different reason. Y/N then realise that they are staring at Adam for a while and quickly looking away with a blush of embarrassment. Y/N gets up and slowly made her way out of the room while saying; “ I got you some soup. You have been asleep for a while, so I thought you would like something to eat. umm, I guess we can go to the library afterwards. I hope your injuries get better. Um, I see you later.”

As the door close, Adam gets up to sit in his bed and look over at the soup that’s left for him. Adam couldn’t help to smile widely as the fondness he felt earlier is still there, but it seems to be turning into an unknown emotion. One he never felt before. This seems to be happening by the simple thought of Y/N being concern for his wellbeing. As Adam reaches out to eat his soup, he looks forward to spreading time in the library with Y/N and wonder what other books they like. But also thinks of books they could read together. They’ll definitely won’t be reading Romeo and Juliet together.   

Shondaland Shakespeare Drama ‘Still Star-Crossed’ Goes Far Beyond 'Romeo and Juliet’

Before Game of Thrones, a Shakespearean drama could’ve been a hard sell to mainstream TV audiences. But, with the success of all things Westeros — and the backing of Shondaland — ABC is debuting its newest primetime soap, the Shakespearean sequel Still Star-Crossed, on May 29.

Showrunner Heather Mitchell tells The Hollywood Reporter that she thinks the appeal of a Renaissance period drama is wider than one would imagine.

“It is a beautiful time period that’s really cool and has sword fights,” she says. Besides, she adds, “We’re not going to be talking in iambic pentameter here.”

While the series is based on the novel of the same name by Full Frontal With Samantha Bee writer Melinda Taub that tells the story of Shakespeare’s Verona after Romeo and Juliet’s suicides, it pulls back from the Shakespearean language that the book utilizes to great effect.

“I am not a drama buff. I am not a Shakespeare buff. I read more about the plays and refamiliarized myself with the plays working on the show,” Mitchell confesses, “but I came into this with my 10th grade English memory of this stuff. The bottom line is that these are fantastic characters, and you can take their storylines and use them in a modern way.”

Add in gorgeous costumes, locations and castmembers, and there’s a recipe for escapist television that Shondaland has perfected.

“I’m always writing for the person who’s coming home after work and wants to pour themselves a nice big glass of wine and forget about everything and just watch some awesome TV,” explains Mitchell, who has previously written for both Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. “We say the words 'thou art’ once in the entire pilot, and that might be the only time we say it in this series.”

In true Shondaland fashion, this Verona is populated by beautiful people of all races — but Mitchell says it’s not only because of the company’s race-blind casting policy.

“The Renaissance was much more diverse than I think most of us, having just taken high school history or whatever, [remember],” she says. “Shakespeare in the 1500s is writing about an interracial marriage in Othello, and Alessandro deMedici is the ruler of Florence, and he’s a biracial man. And you’re talking about all these cultures along the Mediterranean who have been trading with the Arab world and the African world, and by the Renaissance, they’re starting to trade with Asia. This was not a white world, really. You may remember whatever artwork or whatever you want to, but I think, in reality, this is a more diverse world than people think — and on top of that, we just cast the best actor for every role.”

Still Star-Crossed filmed in small medieval villages in Spain, and Mitchell says not a single soundstage was used in the entire production.

“You are really getting a travelogue of medieval Europe,” she says. “It’s fantastic! We’re in these beautiful gardens, these beautifully manicured gardens. We’re in castles. The writers type 'monastery’ and we get the locations people sending us, 'Which one of these 20 medieval monasteries would you like to use?’ We could use any of them.”

While the premiere focuses on the Romeo and Juliet story and its immediate aftermath, the series as a whole will take a broader approach.

“The show is about, what if all the characters in Shakespeare lived in the same world and could interact with each other?” says Mitchell. “So the plays either have happened or are going to happen, but the plays are canon. Verona is an excellent place for many people to cross paths because it’s right on a trade route, and you could totally believe that someone from, say, Scotland or someone from, say, Denmark or a bunch of people from, say, Venice might make their way through Verona at some point. So many of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Italy, anyway.”

She continues, “We are actually thinking about the whole world of Shakespeare, and we’re using Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, as sort of our launching point to the larger world. So yes, there is romance, but there is also mystery and intrigue. And I was a writer on Scandal for many years, so it’s not like I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty of long-married characters and politics and the backstabbing. It’s a good mix of all this stuff. I don’t think that people should tune in thinking that it’s going to be solely romance because it’s a lot of action and adventure and mystery as well.”

Still Star-Crossed airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.