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Misters Before Sisters (Part 2) | G.D.

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It was 4:17 a.m. You were laying in bed, wide awake, because there was no possible way you could sleep. How could you sleep, when your heart is literally ripping itself into a thousand tiny pieces? Your eyes hurt too. Probably from all the crying. You were partially convinced that they would turn red permanently. They were dried out and bloodshot and somehow still open. You wanted to sleep, but you didn’t want to wake up. You wanted to sleep, but you didn’t want to dream, because then he would be there.

You’d met him on his tour. He had captivated you instantly, and slipped his number in your back pocket. You went on a date the next day. And then he had to continue on with the tour and you spent 2 months dating over the phone. You’d moved out to L.A., to live with a friend, and you got to see him more often. You spent all your waking time together, and you got super close with his twin brother. You were in love. And then a year after you met him, your sister had moved to L.A., to live with you. You’d gotten a new apartment, and things were looking good, and then she started acting weird. She would act different around Grayson, and ask to hang out with the twins, and sometimes you caught her glaring at you when she thought you couldn’t see. But you saw. You just didn’t understand until it was too late.

It had been a week. A week since he told you that maybe you were never meant to work out. A week since you had seen your sister. Somehow she’d convinced him that you weren’t who he thought you were.

You missed him. And it hurt. It hurt so fucking much. Because you loved him with your entire heart. You trusted him with everything you had. And all of a sudden, he wasn’t yours to trust anymore. He wasn’t yours to love.


It had been another week. Strangely, he’d been absent from social media. Ethan wasn’t very active either. You still didn’t know where your sister was. Honestly, you didn’t care. You didn’t really care about anything. He was the one who held your heart, and when he left he took it with you. You barely ate, you barely slept, and you spent a whole lot of time wondering what was wrong with you and what wrong in your life and was there even really a point to life anymore?


Two days later, you found yourself staring down at a bottle of sleeping pills. You were wondering how many you wanted to take. And then something in your brain switched and all of a sudden you found yourself in your car. Your mind was still catching up, but your body knew where you were going. Left, right, two blocks straight, left.


I’m knocking on the door and my pulse is rushing and for the first time in weeks I feel something inside me. The door opens, and Ethan stares back at me. He looks exhausted, and almost as broken as I am. His face shatters, and before I can ask what’s going on, his arms are around me, and things are slowly creeping towards being better. He doesn’t say a word, just leads me inside, and up the stairs to Grayson’s room. He pushes the door open, and walks away. Grayson is sleeping. He looks even more exhausted than Ethan, and he’s curled around a pillow. There is no sign of my sister. Grayson looks like he hasn’t left the room in days. And slowly, something inside me wins out, and I find myself crawling onto the bed, and taking the place of the pillow, until everything is almost okay.


I wake up to something wet falling down my cheek. There are warm lips everywhere. My forehead, my chin, my nose, my temple, my hair. I open my eyes to find Grayson hovering over me. There are tears slowly leaking from his eyes, and he covers me in an endless flurry of kisses.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry. I love you. I’ll love you forever. I haven’t left my room in days. I can’t eat. I can barely sleep. I need you. I need you to live. I sent your sister home on the first flight I could. You are the only one that matters to me, Y/N. You, and only you, until the day I stop breathing.”

And I think the saddest part of him and I was that I knew it was just a matter of time before we would end. I clinged to every sweet word he said to me hoping it would lead to him staying. When he kissed me all I could think about was how much I was going to miss that feeling when it was over. I held his hand extra tight and told him every secret about myself. And I was right. We’re over and I wish someone would’ve warned me… When you’re that in love with someone, they’re a storm. They’ll rip your heart out of your body and shred it to pieces. And all you’ll be left with is the memories and laying in bed at night alone trying to remember what it felt like to feel him next to you but now all you can feel is silent tears rolling down your cheeks and the physical pain in your chest that makes it hurt to breathe.

Ten Years of The Office: Benihana Christmas 3x10/11 December 14 2006

“Bros before hoes. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your ho and you told her she was the only ho for you. And that she was better than all the other hoes in the world. And then … and then suddenly she’s not yo’ ho no mo’.”


“They didn’t ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn’t your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like ‘maybe we should just be friends’, turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

~ Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol 9: The Kindly Ones

1. You’d take him back. You’d take him back in a heartbeat, if it meant being his again.

2. The reason you didn’t sleep last night isn’t that you had to stay up doing homework till three in the morning. The reason is that you were going through old text conversations looking for a change. A shift, somewhere that you can identify as the point where he stopped loving you like before. Those kinds of things keep you up at night now.

3. You don’t need him anymore, but you want him. You want his smile in the morning and his laugh and his dumb jokes and his funny faces. You want it all because he means the world to you and every part of him is a part that you want to love.

4. You’re seventeen, but you drink like you’ve lived a lifetime of pain. You drink because you’ve had your heart ripped out- and you have tried to replace his love with other things, but only alcohol can make your heart race the way he used to.

5. Coffee tastes bitter on your tongue but you read online somewhere that it makes you less hungry so now you like bitter. Bitter is the only thing you want. And in the back of your mind you know it isn’t healthy and it’s not right but maybe if you get a little thinner you’ll be worth loving. Maybe if you tried a little harder at looking the right way and talking the right way rather than being loud and hungry, you’ll be enough. He’s made you question everything, and suddenly all you’ll wonder is why you weren’t worth loving.

6. You’d take him back. You’d take him back and you’d do anything to make him want you again, even when you know that he probably never wanted you in the first place.

—  Six things you won’t tell your friends
Not As Good As Her Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Hello everyone! This is a cheating fic about Josh Dun, since I love an angsty fic. Part 3 will be out soon, and will be the last part! I’m sorry if this is slow, but part 3 will rip your heart out.

If you don’t like angst, you can read my other fic here. Which is another Josh Dun fic about an unknown number messaging you.

WARNINGS: mentions of cheating, bad language

You woke up and rolled over. 11:00 p.m. That was the time on the clock. You looked around the room confused, until you the memories of the night before flooded your mind. You rubbed your eyes, and tried not to imagine Josh and that woman in your bed. You would’ve cried if there were any tears left in your body.
You stayed in bed for a while before you decided to get something to drink. Jenna was in the kitchen sipping on a cup of tea when you came in. “Hey, how’d you sleep?” she asked when she saw you. Horribly you thought to yourself. “I slept fine.” She smiled. “Well, Tyler went to get your stuff. I say we get ready, and go shopping, maybe even get you a makeover. We have that party tonight for the celebration for the Emotional Roadshow!” she said. Does she really think you’re going to go to a party to celebrate that asshole’s tour? “We can go shopping, but I’m not going to that party tonight,” you told her. She pouted at you. “Y/N. The best kind of revenge is acting like you are so much better off without him. So change up your look, buy a brand new outfit, and show that dick what he missed out on!” she exclaimed. She did have a point. You reluctantly agreed. You made yourself a cup of coffee while she changed and grabbed some clothes for you to wear. You changed into a cute sweater and jeans from Jenna, and headed out.

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Read This, it will make your day!

If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee
(Hardly seems worth it.)

If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
(Now that’s more like it!)

The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.


A pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes.

(In my next life, I want to be a pig.)

A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.)
(I’m still not over the pig.)

Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour
(Don’t try this at home, maybe at work)

The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male’s head off.

(Honey, I’m home. What the…?!)
The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It’s like a human jumping the length of a football field.

(30 minutes..lucky pig! Can you imagine?)

The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds.

(What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)

Some lions mate over 50 times a day.

(I still want to be a pig in my next life…quality over quantity)

Butterflies taste with their feet.

(Something I always wanted to know.)

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
(If you’re ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)

Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

(Still want 2 b the pig)

A cat’s urine glows under a black light.

(I wonder who was paid to figure that out?)

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

(I know some people like that)

Starfish have no brains
(I know some people like that too.)

Polar bears are left-handed.

(If they switch, they’ll live a lot longer)

Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure.

(What about that pig??)

Now that you’ve smiled at least once, it’s your turn to spread these crazy facts and send this to someone you want to bring a smile to, maybe even a chuckle.

In other words, send it to everyone!
(and God love that pig!)                                      

Don’t Come Back

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Heart Break Weekend

A/N: Slowly getting worse before I start ripping out your hearts(:

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You gripped the counter, breathing heavy as the sobs wrecked through your body. His words eating away at your brain, ripping at your heart.

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Let's talk about Theo Raeken real quick

Okay, I used to despise Theo (I’m sure everyone has at some point), and I’ll admit I did literally cheer when Kira sent him to hell. Seeing his hell, made me feel a little bad for him. Having your heart ripped out of your chest over and over again is probably bad enough, but by your dead sister? Damn.
So then I was like ‘he kinda deserves it, right?’ So I continued watching, until he said his only sentence in the scene;
“It’s okay. You don’t have to stop.”
And with that, my heart broke a little.
And then he repeated it to Malia just before she went to rip his heart out, and I died inside.
This, despite not being an obvious change, is my favourite character development on Teen Wolf.

if anime were tutorials for real life

Knb: how NOT to play a sport, or alternatively, how NOT to treat your friends

Tokyo Ghoul: how to survive a bad date

Snk: how to cope with grief and high-stress situations, or, how to handle your impending death

Haikyuu: how high can you jump before the sun’s gravity becomes a concern

Yowapeda: multiple ways to hurt yourself while riding a bike and how to avoid them 

Ookiku Furibatte: how to play baseball in the least heterosexual way possible

Anohana: how to survive your soul being ripped out of your body 

Angel Beats!!: how to survive your HEART being ripped out of your body

Death Note: what you shouldn’t be doing at college 

where your heart belongs. b.b

Type: One-Shot

Featuring: a cab driver thats literally it

A/N: -

Warnings: this took me two days to write and it’s absolutly horrble.

I ringed out the umbrella while I entered the taxi. “Where to ma’am?” the man in the front asked, “Um, 176 N. Brooklyn,” I mumbled as I closed the door. I had been having a horrid week. I hadn’t realized how horrible it had been until today. My boss was late, my top had ripped in two before our presentation and my mom was in a car accident. The day before that my brother lost his job and house, my cat was lost all day, I got on the wrong train and couldn’t get home until early hours of the morning, and let me not forget the worst part of this week, my boyfriend of three years had broken up with me.

I starred at the floorboard, my breathing was slow. “You okay?” he asked, “Yeah, just” I paused, “Stressed I guess.” He smiled softly through the rearview mirror.

I spent thirty plus minutes in the car, I closed my eyes and started to doze off. He didn’t dare to wake me up for a long time, when he did I was shocked. “I’m – I’m sorry; this isn’t where I wanted to be.” I said leaning over the front seat, “This is where your heart wants to be.” He whispered as he pulled up to the all too familiar apartment building. I sighed loudly, grabbing my purse. “How much?” I asked pulling out my wallet, “It’s free. Go be with him,” the man said while unlocking the doors. I got out and opened the umbrella. I looked around. The trees had lights on them still, and all of the windows were pitch black except for two. I took the deepest breath I could before walking inside. I walked up the stairs while closing the umbrella, looking around I noticed that nothing’s changed since we’ve been broken up, and why would it? It’s only been a week. You walked between the apartment doors before being met with the one that I still owned a key for.

Unlocking the door I was met with the quietness of the apartment. I sat down my purse; I took off the heels I had been wearing, setting them beside my bag. “Buck?” I called out, “Bucky, I’m sorry to intrude I know you hate me,” I said walking towards the bedroom door which was cracked. The light was still on and music was playing. “Buck?” I called again, opening the door. Bucky was lying on the bed, his eyes on the ceiling fan as it spun around. “James?” I walked closer and his head turned towards me, “What are you doing here?” he asked, my eyes met his bloodshot ones, “Better question, why are you crying?” I asked, “No reason,” he replied, “There’s always a reason, so tell me why,” I pushed, going to sit beside him.

“I miss you,” he whispered, my heart ached. “Bucky,” my voice had sympathy. “I miss you too, but you ended it.” He shook his head at my response, “I didn’t want to, I just didn’t know what to do because I’ve been going on so many missions, I wanted you happy.” His eyes shut as he spoke, my hand grabbed his. “I would still want to be with you even though you’re on missions.” I reassured him, “But,” he paused, opening his eyes he looked at me. “I don’t want you to think I love you any less because I’m on missions.” I laughed softly, “Do you know what made me think you didn’t love me? When you ended everything between us,”

“You know I love you right?” he asked softly, intertwining our fingers. “Yes, I do.” I whispered, leaning down to kiss his cheek. Getting off his bed I let go of his hands, “You know where I’m at if you want to see me,” I whispered. “Goodnight Buck. I love you.”

Good Little Witch (Part 11)

Angelo Parente x reader
​​​warnings: language, smut, extreme violence and torture, magic, mention of human trafficking

You slump back against the damp wall, curling up instinctively.

You’re definitely not having a good time.

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Despite His Tears

Warning(s): A shit ton of angst

Author’s Note: I am not sorry! I hope your hearts have been ripped out and stomped on and you are in tears. I love you!

You cough violently and feel blood come up your throat and begin to run down your face. ‘How did this happen?’ You think, images of the past few hours flashing before your eyes. ‘I came on the hunt with dad and Uncle Sam. There were more vamps than we had initially thought. I got bit in the throat. I am going to die.’

You hear footsteps and then feel your head being pulled into someone’s lap, someone being your father.

“Y/N, Sweetheart, look at me,” he pleads. “Don’t close your eyes, alright? You’re going to be okay.”

You shake your head, you both know that isn’t true. Your throat injury keeps you from speaking, but you smile weakly and sign the best you can for your father to sing to you. Dean is crying, and you find it strange to see your father cry; the strongest person you know, the man that raised you and put on such a strong face when he was around you, crying. The feeling that rose inside of you upon seeing this was alien. He nods, though, despite his tears. He knows that you’re beyond saving.

“Hey Jude don’t make it bad

Take a sad song and make it better

Remember to let her under you skin

and you can start to make it better

Hey Jude don’t be afraid

You were made to go out and get her

The minute you let her under your skin

You begin to make it better

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain

Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders

For well you know it’s a fool who plays it cool

By making his world a little colder”

By the time your father finishes the third verse of the song, he is choking on his words from crying so heavily. You wear a content smile on your face as your father’s voice reaches your ears. As Dean’s voice fades out and your world begins to go black, you hear four words that make your dying moments as good as they can be given the circumstances.

“I love you, Sweetheart.”

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The Wrestling Match (Star-Lord Reader Insert Smut)

Very graphic. NSFW. Blah blah blah. Sex.

Today was so boring. There was literally nothing to do. You’d think that traveling around with the Guardians of the Galaxy would have a new adventure waiting everyday. But even the greatest heroes have their weak days.

You and Peter were hanging out in his bunk. You’d danced all afternoon to his music. Twice, in fact. Yet you were still not fulfilled. So you and him just talked about nonsense. He was telling more stories about girls who’d attacked him after a one-night stand.

“Anyways, so she’d stuck a fork in my side. Luckily, I’d gotten out of the before she could get anything sharper.” he joked. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“That’s the price you pay. Don’t mess with a girl’s heart; they’ll rip you a new one.” you warned. You started inspecting your fingernails as he continued talking.

“Nah, I don’t think girls are as tough as boys. No woman could stand up to me.” he tested. You bursted out laughing. “What? It’s the truth!”

“Peter, there are many girls who could kick your ass in a heartbeat.”

“Like who? You? Yeah right,” he pressed. You looked up and cocked your head to the side.

“Yeah, me. I will kick your ass right now.”

“Do you know who you’re dealing with?” Oh, that was it. You got up and strided over to wear he was lounging. You put your hands on either side of him, leaned in close, and squinted your eyes at him. You were an less than an inch away from his face.

“Do you know who you’re dealing with? Don’t push me, Quill. I’ll beat your sorry ass any day of the week.” you smiled.

“Okay,” he began, “right now. Let’s wrestle. Rules are there are no rules.” He stood up and you back up a little bit. You put your hands on your hips.

“It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing when you lose to me, Star-Lord. Are you sure you’re ready for that?” you teased. He stepped closer to you, your bodies touching. You started getting a little warm.

“Get ready, honey, you’re going down.” With that, you left to change into shorts and an old t-shirt. When you came back, Quill was in sweatpants and a white shirt. You both cleared out the room, pushing furniture and valuables to the corners of the bunk.

Standing on opposite sides of the room, Peter was still being annoying as usual.

“Are you gonna be okay when I win? I don’t like making ladies cry.” he called. You laughed again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! So all those sad looking women who leave the ship in the morning are just sweating from their eyes?” you mocked.

“Hey, I haven’t done that in a while! I’m a good boy now.” You couldn’t help but laugh again. It was true though, you hadn’t seen these girls in a while. The other guardians would make fun and say it was because of you, but you never believed them. Maybe he did like you, and that’s why he was so willing to wrestle you. You quickly shook the thought out of your head and went back to the matter at hand.

“Yeah right. Let’s get this over with.” With that, you cracked your neck and ran towards him without warning. You tackled him onto the ground. Before he knew what was happening, you crawled up his body and sat on top of him, pressing your hands against his firm chest to keep him down.

“No fair, I wasn’t ready!” he whined. He shoved you off of him, landing on your butt. You quickly tried scrambling away, but he grabbed your ankle and pulled you back. Peter lifted you up. You tried kicking your legs and elbowing which cause him to laugh. His strong arms wrapped around your stomach tightly. Then you went flying onto the bed. He quickly laid on top of you. He was in between your legs, holding your shoulders down. You’re were starting to get a little turned on at the position you two were in. When you actually refocused on pushing him off, he’d already counted down to one, meaning you’d lost the round. You’re breathing was heavy as he laughed to himself.

“We don’t have to go again if it’s too much for you.” he goaded. Yet you were already in a stance across the room, your hands resting on your knees and your feet spread apart. He ran towards you this time, picking you up and shoving you against a wall. He flipped you and twisted your arm behind your back.

“Just admit that I’m stronger, sweetheart.” He leaned in close to your ear and pressed himself right up against you. He twisted your arm a little more and your back arched in pain, forcing your bottom against him even rougher.

“Oh yeah, baby, right there.” He jokingly moaned. You grinned a little and then stomped on his foot as hard as you could.

“SHIT! OW!” he yelled. When he backed away, you took the chance to turn around and shove him on the ground. You straddled his chest this time and pinned both his wrists above his head. He bucked and fought like an angry bull, but you were still on top of him, using all your strength to keep his hands down.

“3… 2… 1…” you counted. He let out a sigh while you grinned proudly.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’ve wanted my head between your legs for a long time, but not exactly like that.” he said sarcastically. He was always saying sexual things to you, so it didn’t bother you. Until now.

Being this close to Peter, touching and feeling him, it’d ignited something inside you. You wanted to touch him more, as you’d suddenly enjoy the feel of his body. Maybe this wasn’t such a boring day. You stretched for the last round. It was a tie and you were determined to win this last one.

“C’mon darling, you know you can’t beat me. Just give up before you get hurt.” he cracked his knuckles menacingly.

“Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the one who’s gonna get hurt.” He acted wounded, putting his hand on chest and making a big scene.

The final round, you both started in the middle of the room and immediately started pushing on each other. You were the first to fall to the floor. He laid on your back, but you flipped the position. You hand one knee one the floor and one held down on his chest.

“Had enough, Star-Lord?” you pushed your knee a little harder into his chest which made him let out a cough.

“Not even close!” he spat. Peter grabbed your shirt collar. This being a very old shirt and you being stiff as a statue, your shirt ripped open. You looked down to see your bra exposed, and rapidly looked to see a chunk of the fabric in his hand. You gasped, covering your chest. Quill took the opportunity to jump on you and pin your arms down, exposing your breasts even more.

“Peter get off me! My shirt!” you cried. He stayed quiet and looked at your chest hungrily. The look on his face made your panties a little wet. You bucked your hips, shook your head side to side, and shut your eyes trying to get him off of you so you could fight back. A moan escaped your mouth as you felt his lips on your neck.

His kisses were hot and persistent as he moved further down, stopping to gently suck on your collarbone. You heard a tearing noise as he ripped off the remaining pieces of your shirt. Coming to your senses, you realized you were actually about to have sex on the floor of Peter Quill’s bunk with the man himself.

“Peter,” you breathed.

“Don’t.” he muttered. He unhooked your bra and ran his tongue over your sensitive nipple while gently massaging the other with his rough, calloused hands. He suddenly stopped and lifted you off the floor. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he kissed you. His lips were soft and his mouth was sweet like sugar. Your arms wrapped around his neck gingerly but it wasn’t until he slammed you against the wall that you realized what was going on. As body made contact with the wall, you let out a puff of breath.

“Don’t think we’re not done. There’s still one round left.” he told you in a seductive tone.

“Let’s do it.” you agreed. You unwrapped your legs from his waist and shoved him over and over again until he was against a wall this time. You tore his shirt off him and ran your hands over his body. Peter kissed you before moving to force you against the wall. He wrapped his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he peeled your shorts off. You used your hands to steady yourself. That’s when he laid a big smack right on your ass. You sucked in air through your teeth as the pain started setting in. Smack! You jumped against the wall. He seemed to be enjoying this. Smack!

“Damn it!” you cried. He started squeezing and rubbing your butt now, soothing the pain a little bit. Smack! You jumped again from the surprise. You removed yourself from his grasp and kicked out one of his knees, making him fall to the ground. You took a seat on his toned stomach with your back to him so you could pull down his sweatpants. He writhed underneath you. He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back against his chest and held you there. You flailed around like a baby, he lifted you up, and held you down on the bed.

Peter quickly slid down to get between your legs. You tried to get up, but he pulled you down again and held a death grip on your thighs. He spread your legs open forcefully and threw you one of them over his shoulder. You heard the sound of more fabric tearing and felt the air hit your wetness, causing goosebumps to raise on your skin.

“Quill, you really need to stop rippi— oh my God!” you inhaled sharply. He ran the flat of his tongue up your slit. He gently kissed your clit and and sucked all around you. Your eyes crossed as you bit your fingertips from the pleasure he was delivering. He was going faster and faster.

“I can hear you licking.” you giggled.

“Mmm, I’m a hungry man. You want me to stop?” He licked swirls and lines up and down you, causing your body to tighten.

“Answer me.” he called to you, pulling you out of your trance.

“No, God, no.” you panted. He went back to working on pleasing you. He used his teeth to graze you clit. Quill was staring at your face, enjoying your changing expression the closer you got. ‘Wow, he’s good at this!’ His head was moving to lick more of you and you couldn’t help but clutch on to his hair and dig your heel into his back. It was getting better and better until— Oh there it is!

You bit your lip to keep yourself from being loud. Softly moaning his name, he licked up all your juices. As you came down from your high, he crept up to kiss you. You tasted yourself on his lips and kind of liked it. You wanted him inside you so bad, so you shimmied his boxers down his thighs. He smiled into the kiss. But that was the last part of sweetness you would get.

Peter thrust into you roughly. So rough, in fact that you broke the kiss to catch your breath. He rested his chin between your neck and your shoulder, his breathing heavy as his thrusts got harder and faster into you. He was literally pounding into you, hearing your flesh slapping against his. It was no longer sensual lovemaking. It was hot, rough sex. And you loved every bit of it. But you suddenly remembered you had a wrestling match to win.

You pushed him off of you, never separating from him. He landed on his back and you were now riding him. Quill gripped your hips and moved you faster.

The same joyful spot kept getting hit and you were soon pushed off the edge. Multiple times. He came soon after you had for the 3rd or 4th time. He let out a grunt and a low moan that was probably the sexiest noise you’d ever heard. While he was still breathing heavily trying to cool off, you were still on top of him. You grabbed his wrists of your waist quickly and held them down on each side of him. He shot you a puzzled look.

“3… 2… 1… I win.” You got off him and laid next to him. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed your cheek sweetly.

“Yeah, yeah whatever.”

     Hope You Guys Like !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

You think that you’ll breathe a little easier when you grow up and move out of the town that’s suffocating you, and maybe you will. For awhile. But you should know that every city has the potential to take your breath away; with or without good connotation. It’s life that chokes you, and you can’t escape it no matter how far you run. Breathe in & breathe out. You’ll get your rhythm back.

You think that love is an apology letter sealed with saliva that was spit in your face just the day before. You think that apologies are good bandages to patch up the infidelity, the lies, the abuse. You think that the world is inherently good, and that people can change like the weather- always for the better. But they don’t. Love is tears of laughter, not pain. Love is forgiving him for ordering you the wrong cup of coffee, not for ripping your heart out each time he chooses you last. You should be no one’s back up plan. You belong at the front of the line. If you’re not, get the hell out.

I know that you think your guilt deems you filthier than the book shelf that you always neglect to dust off because it’s too high up, too far gone. But if you get on your tippy toes, you’ll realize that in one foul swoop He can wipe you entirely clean. Don’t complain that you’re sick if you haven’t visited the Healer. Worldly substitutes may provide temporary relief, but they can not and will not heal you.

You think that people are written in permanent marker, but one day you’ll learn that more often they are inscribed in pencil. You’re gonna have to learn it the hard way, but getting over this hill will give your legs strength for the tougher battles that lie ahead. Your tears will smear the ink of those in pen- present for longer than some, but inevitably vanishing. Family, however, is permanent. Remember this.

You have been driving on a one lane road for quite some time now. A path has been clearly designated for you, and auto pilot has made each turn without your input. But you’re gonna grow up and realize that the world is an open expanse and paved roads are nonexistent. Grade school may not have prepared you for this, but [as scary as it is] lessons are best learned through execution. And you’ll take several wrong turns, but even if three lefts are wrong, well at least you’ll make it right and find yourself back where you started. So try again. This time, differently.

—  A Letter to my Young Self

“Hello Mr. Mikaelson, pleasure to have you in my house, well technically my porch since I still haven’t invited you in,”Stiles greeted, awkwardly waving at him and you facepalmed behind him at his first sentence to your dad,”Please, come in.”

Klaus entered the house, following Stiles to his dining room so they could eat dinner.”This is the boy you are dating? Him out of everyone in Beacon Hills?”

“Father, be nice. You better be nice, I mean it, no ripping his heart out,”You whispered to him before you met up with Stiles who placed spaghetti on the table in an attempt to try and impress your father so that he won’t kill him.

You scare me so much, you have the ability to snatch my heart out and rip it to tiny pieces. In a way, I hate that you have so much power over me, I have become so attached to you and thinking that I could lose you devastates me. I’ve made myself completely vulnerable to you mentally and physically, so being sure before moving any farther is a must because the deeper we get into this the harder it will be. I love you and I’m willing to be with you as long as you agree to guard my heart because it’s yours.