before i was a fan of avan

The popular hot black chick shuns & humiliates her boyfriend who’s from the wrong side of the tracks for her popular friends then has to grovel to get back in his good graces until said boyfriend realizes later that his quirky but supposedly loveable, outcast BFF since childhood has always been the ONE. Hmm, where have I seen this play out before? I just can’t seem to put my finger on it. Can any of you Janners & Dacey fans help me out here?

This is just more proof that Gavin Polone is a fucking hack who keeps recycling the same bullshit.  Welp, the one good thing about this is if Gavin didn’t have such a hard on for beautiful black women in thigh high socks and reliving some kind of repressed memory of public humiliation, they probably would’ve never cast Kylie Bunbury to play LuLu (oops!) Lacey in the first place. At least she and Avan are better actors. smfh

anonymous asked:

Since you (rightly) think that one popular fancast set for the Marauders is so boring, who do you imagine?

I will take Suraj Sharma as James, the delicate looking kid from In the Flesh as Remus, Avan Jorgia as Sirius, someone small and rodent-y for Peter idk (i know y’all aint here for peter anyway), and Sophie Turner as Lily