before i knew it was tom mison

anonymous asked:

why can't Tom and Nicole have the personalities of Orlando and Lyndie?? Sometimes I wish they were the leads. They have chemistry too and at least we'd get some fun twitter action.

I have no problem with Tom and Nicole’s personalities. I find them both to be lovable, adorable, fluffy dorks with just a hint of sass, sarcasm and perfection. Have I mentioned I love them??? Nor do I have a problem with them being the leads on the show.

I think (or at least I assume) you’re referring to fan interaction. In that respect, again, I don’t want Tom and Nicole to be anyone other than themselves. That being said, I do believe that they need some sort of crash course in fandom. There in lies the biggest issue. You can be private, relatively quiet people and still interact with your fanbase.  

Tom is a virtual hermit when it comes to social media and when he does pop up, he literally tweets EXACTLY what I imagine Crane would! I’ll give Nicole this, when she does go on a social media binge, it’s filled with golden nuggets that we all cling too. But when you’re on a show that was initially a break out hit, and you have people clamoring for you, rooting for you, going after racist twits for you and generally doing the only promotion that tends to exist for the show, some love at least once a week or something wouldn’t kill you.

This is even more important during a hiatus where you show is being retooled and any and all appearances you were supposed to have have been canceled. Give us a little poptart to chew on every once in a while. This even goes beyond T&N. Writers, producers: don’t act like you haven’t seen the scripts or the storyboards. Take a pic of something as a teaser but not spoilery and tweet that shit out. Literally EVERY other show I watch (especially genre shows) does this. What is the disconnect with ya’ll over in Sleepy Hollow Land?

Maybe Lyndie and OJ could sit Tom and Nicole down in a classroom somewhere and explain how it all works. Gillian and David are on Fox too. Call them up and ask how it’s done. They’ve been rocking the whole fandom thing before fandom knew it was fandom! Fix it Jesus!