before i even looked at the date i knew


I’ve reached a point where I’ve given up on black men. My entire life the main contributors to my self hate has been black men cause of how dark I am. It so bad to the point that when I talk one I can’t look them in the face cause I’m scared of what he may think of me. My self esteem was destroyed before I even knew what self esteem was. I support black men completely but I can’t find myself to date one, no matter how much I like him. I wish I didn’t care so much of what black men think of me..

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“Are you flirting with me?” for cheronica ofc

Cheryl had been thinking about every interaction that Veronica and her had had in the last hour. She was confused because what she was saying made sense to her but the way she said it wasn’t.

“Are you flirting with me?” Cheryl asks tentatively.

“I have been for the past hour but thanks for noticing,” Veronica said chuckling lightly.

“Why?” Cheryl says even more confused than before.

“Generally when people are on a date they flirt with each other,” Veronica replies.

Cheryl couldn’t get past her confusion. When did this become a date? Who asked who on this date?

“Cheryl please tell me you knew this was a date,” Veronica says when she sees the look of confusion on her face.

“I knew it was a date,” Cheryl says trying to sound like she was telling the truth.

“Oh God, I asked you on a date and you didn’t even know,” Veronica is mumbling to herself and turning slightly red.

Meanwhile Cheryl was having a small internal panic attack about this being a date the whole time. How had she not realise that Veronica had asked her on a date? It was so obvious looking back on it.

“Since you didn’t know it was a date how about we call this a friendly hangout and we have a date we both know about this Saturday?” Veronica asks Cheryl carefully because maybe she didn’t want to be more than friends. 

“I would love to!” Cheryl replies letting herself show how excited she was for it.

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Colton Haynes actually basically came out like 2 years ago and literally everyone ignored it. So he came out again in a magazine last year. But he was never in the closet. His hometown, high school, family all knew. He never dated girls in Hollywood. He even did some homoerotic photos when he was a bit younger. His situation, in my opinion, is starkly different. But I really do wish the anon's situation could happen too.

Hello, dear!

Thank you very much for sharing! The J’s are honestly the only celebrities I follow, so all of these other non-SPN actors are completely unknown to me before I do a quick Google look-up.

To be honest, I’m still a little shocked that I follow any celebrities at all. There’s just something so special about the J’s, don’t you think? Anyway, I wish you a very lovely day! Thanks for dropping by.

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dating j-hope.

t/n: just a list of things we see happening in a relationship with hoseok.

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  • screaming hoseok 24/7
  • he screams when he sees a snake he screams when he touches pond water and that one time he screamed when he saw how you looked when you woke up in the morning
  • just kidding he thinks you’re beautiful all the time
  • he’s so thoughtful and gentlemanly that he’s always letting you decide things
  • he’s afraid he’s doing something wrong sometimes so he’s careful with what he does around you and is always looking for signs of approval before he proceeds to do something
  • the pain you get in your heart when you see hoseok struggling
  • yet he still tries to be the happy sunshine he is in front of you because he doesn’t want you to worry
  • so you play along and bring him on fun dates to de-stress and get his mind off stuff
  • “hoseok did i ever tell you that i love you?”
  • he blushes and breaks into a gigantic smile you never even knew his lips could stretch that wide
  • he’s always hugging you and it’s not just simply hugging you he sways from side to side it makes you feel so secure and warm
  • he’s great at deciding stuff and taking the lead as a boyfriend but sometimes he gets indecisive
  • “should we have sushi? or pizza?”
  • “do you think the blue fits me better or the black?”
  • “should i get the latest be@rbrick or the one i’ve been eyeing for the longest time?”
  • but you’re patient and you love when he asks for your opinion because it makes you feel like a legit part of his life
  • most of your dates are in the practice room
  • he shows you the new techniques he learned and you just wonder 25/8 how the heck does a body move like that
  • you’re interested in dancing too but you’re shy to dance in front of a pro like hoseok
  • but he’s so soft and encouraging he teaches you how to do an entire routine and doesn’t forget to shower you with praises along the way to make you feel more at ease
  • thanks to him you’ve gotten more confident at dancing
  • he’s pretty private about his own matters but he always comes to you when he faces problems
  • worried hoseok is probably one of the cutest things in the world
  • he’s always worrying over the most trivial of things
  • “yoongi hyung looked a little down today, do you think something’s wrong?”
  • and because of this you’ve started to worry over the littlest of things too
  • he’s just so precious he makes you so happy and you’re always smiling around him
  • he’s always clinging onto you like you’re just sitting there and suddenly you feel someone wrapping their arms around you and snuggling into the crook of your neck
  • but you don’t mind one bit because you love how he’s always giving you physical affection
  • when you try to go to sleep at night hoseok gets all whiny
  • he constantly wants you to run your fingers through his hair it’s like he’s got some fetish or something
  • but you do it anyway because the look of comfort that goes on his face at your action just makes your heArt melt
  • he’s always taking photos of you whether it’s candid shots or posing for a selfie together
  • he tells you you’re so pretty every time
  • “what’s your secret to such a beautiful face?”
  • you’re both so cringe that the other members cannot stand the both of you
  • it’s all about the cheese
  • whenever you guys argue your heart goes soft seeing hoseok obviously hurt and vexed over the argument
  • you go over and backhug him
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean anything i said just now”
  • he’s so fragile sometimes he even cries when things get real
  • but you’re just as fragile so you end up crying together and things get solved and bonds are pulled closer
  • “i just love you so much y/n”
  • “i love you a lot too hoseok”
  • but tbh when hoseok gets pissed it’s really an entirely new level
  • even the members don’t dare to approach him because he has this intimidating aura and he’s just so scary when he’s actually really really really angry
  • he’s pretty kinky tbh but you love it
  • forcing you to dance for him
  • girl group dances together
  • he’d probably be better at it then you tbh
  • “y/n! it’s like this, not like that!”
  • “uh… like this?”
  • “oh mY GOSH”
  • he’s so random sometimes that you once got a knock on the door at 3 am in the morning and it was him with chicken and beer
  • he buys you gifts whenever he’s out and sees something that reminds him of you
  • you wonder all the time how you are so lucky to ever have landed such a perfect man
I had an epiphany and nearly peed myself laughing

So you know how Marrish is getting so much hate for being “rushed” and “shoved down our throats”? Well after rewatching seasons one and two I realized something funny about the timing of tw relationships. I made this bar graph to illustrate an estimated number of weeks each ship has lasted in canon:

Looking at the FACTS, I realized that Marrish has had a flirtatious friendship for THREE TIMES LONGER than Scallison (probs the most beloved canon ship) even dated. Marrish has also been an innocent friendship for as long as Stalia and Scira have been dating. 

Lydia and Jordan have literally known each other and been friends without acting on any feelings for each other over SIX TIMES LONGER than Stalia and Scira knew each other before getting together. And like 30 times longer than Scallison did.

So why the crap are all these haters calling Marrish rushed? Whether you like Marrish or not, it is a FACT that they have the slowest developing relationship (with solid evidence of its potential to become canon) in ALL OF TEEN WOLF. 

So build a bridge and get over it, cuz it looks like JD has special plans for this one.


Celestia: “Yes, they were mortal, either being their father’s tribe or our birth tribe. We don’t even know if it’s possible for a foal to be born as an alicorn. It was… hard, to say the least, when they passed. It was harder still when our grandchildren passed. I think we started to become more comfortable, though, with the natural order of life, even if we seem to be exempt from it.

As for our descendants, yes, I’ve kept track of them, though we have no interaction. As far as they know, they’re normal ponies. There aren’t nearly as many as you’d think, given the time. Maybe 100 at most. And no, neither Twilight nor Cadance are among them.”

Luna: “Twilight is aware. She was there when my sister and I had a trip down memory lane. This was well before we were together so she knew before she ever agreed to a date. She just… looked very, very uncomfortable with the whole situation…”

Stupid long text. I have no idea how to portray all that headcanon in picture form. I also may be shooting myself in the foot depending on how Cadance’s kid comes out.

badboy!michael with his tattoos and leather jackets and a general bad attitude being a self-proclaimed social outcast and refusing to partake in pop culture until he met you. he’d see you at the coffee shop one day and instantly fall head over heels for your beautiful smile and the way that you carried yourself. he’d try to make himself look less intimidating before approaching you although it wasn’t necessary. you knew who he was and when he shyly introduced himself with “hi uhm i’m michael” your reply was simply “yeah i know” with a friendly smile. when he asked you to come see his band play you didn’t hesitate to say yes, wanting to know who he really was behind his dark exterior. by your fourth date you had learned that badboy!michael was actually a super sweet and affectionate
guy, at least towards you. he’d still get in trouble, even after you two became an official couple, but you wouldn’t be bothered bc to you he was a loving boyfriend who had a weakness for cuddles and kisses on his tummy *.⋆(ू◠ᴗ◠✻ू)⋆.*

Imagine agreeing to go on a date with Remus

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“Hey, Y/N!” You turn around at the sound of your name, and see the cute guy in your potions class standing there awkwardly. 

“Hey,” you reply with a grin. “You’re Remus Lupin, right?”

“Yeah.” he replies, looking shocked that you even knew his name. The two of you stand for a moment in silence before you break it.

“So, how may I help you, Remus?” you inquire.

“Well…. I was… I was wondering if-if maybe you wanted to……” he trails off, and you look at him expectantly. He takes a deep breath, then blurts out “Doyouwanttogooutwithme?”

You pause, processing what he said. “Sorry, could you repeat that?” you ask. “A little slower this time?”

“I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?” he repeats at a normal speed. “Like, on a date?”

“Really?” you ask, a shy smile growing on your face.

“Yeah, you seemed really nice, so I just thought, you know, it’d be nice?” he smiles. “So, what do you say?”

You nod bashfully. “I’d love to.” 

Gajevy Week - Nursing

I know I’m seriously behind but I have reasons >.< Anyways, here’s my second contribution to Gajevy week. I know it’s supposed to be about nursing but I figured doctors and nurses are sort of similar. Sort of. Hope you guys enjoy!

This was the worst day ever. She was late for work, forgot about her lunch date with Lucy, and now this. Why her?

Levy said she’d make it up to her friend by treating Lucy for dinner. But in her haste she took a few wrong turns and before she knew it she slipped on a patch of ice. “Ouch..” She rubbed her bum and tried to get up. Tried.

The sudden throbbing in her ankle took her by surprise. Why did I even bother? She looked around the alley, looking for any form of support when all of a sudden, “Oi, you plan on sitting there the whole day?”

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So the summer of 2014 our show for our program was West Side Story. My friend and I ran into each other in public and like talked for like 3 hours and basically because best friends. So we were cast as Tony and Maria and basically fell in love. Our director said that in the One Hand One Heart scene I always looked at were lovingly before we were even dating an I guess that everybody kinda knew before us! On Thursday we will have been dating for 1 year and 6 months and we always contribute that show to our happiness!!!

I’m Coming For You (Sammy Wilkinson Smut)

I looked at Whitley awkwardly before concentrating on my laptop again, ignoring the white elephant in the room. The white elephant being my ex, Sammy, sitting across from me on the Lazy Boy while having a conversation with my best friend acting like I wasn’t there.

Whitley and Sammy were close friends before Sammy and I started dating (and are so close they’re basically family) so don’t get your panties in a twist dear reader, also Sammy has a girlfriend; the girl he dumped me for who has no idea that he’s still friends with Whitley let alone hanging out with her. His girlfriend didn’t even want Sammy being friends with Whitley, just because. If only she knew I was here, the though brought a devilish smile upon my face, I looked up again and accidently made eye contact with Sammy, the smile dropping from my face.

Sammy and I are doing no contact; well I’m doing no contact, he’s just being a fucking dick and ignoring me anyway. Sometimes he would be nice and initiate a conversation with me and other times he would just be rude and ignore me or do something that would catch my attention; like kicking one of my friends bags over for literally no reason. Jackass. But I didn’t actually give a fuck to be honest.

One of my old friends, Robin, started talking to me again; and by talking I mean we started a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship; both of us had just gotten out of relationships, have been deprived for over 2 months and had no intentions of getting into another relationship any time soon, so it was chilled. And the sex was so mind-blowingly fantastic, it made me wet just thinking about it.

My phone buzzed, Robin’s name and message popping up: what you doing tonight? I smirked, replying that I was by Whitley’s and my asshole ex was also staying over after having a really bad fight with his mom. I groaned internally; just my fucking luck that he had to be here the exact day I am. I looked up and caught Sammy looking at me again before focusing his attention on Whitley; I frowned. What the actual fuck? My attention shifted to Robin’s next message, my mind instantly off Sammy.

I’m getting hard just thinking of Wednesday night in my car ;) I can still feel your thighs pressing against the side of my head as you cum hard underneath me, your cum dripping down the sides of my mouth ;)


I bit my lip, my nipples hardening underneath my many layers of clothing. I shifted a bit in my seat, trying to find a comfortable position.

“Nina, are you okay?” My head shot up, looking at Whitley before nodding fast and focusing on my conversation with Robin again. I could feel Sammy’s gaze on me, making me feel hot as I replied to Robin.

Now I’m wet and have no one to take care of me :( just thinking of you pounding hard into me, covering my mouth so your parents wouldn’t hear us in the kitchen makes me wanna come over and suck you dry ;) then I will drag you up to your room, take you to the floor and ride you until you can’t anymore and every time you move you will have a constant reminder that I was there and I’m the only one who can fuck you like that. Enjoy your night Robin ;)


I smirked before the smirk was wiped off my face when the next message came through; a dick pic. I gulped, inhaling sharply, ending the conversation, extremely proud of my ability to make him hard with just my words. I looked at the time, 21:30, realizing all the good shows were over until 2am and I didn’t plan on staying up until then.

“I’m gonna take a quick shower, be right back.” I mentioned more to Whitley than to Sammy, closing my laptop before placing my phone in my bag. I went into my room, fetched my duffel bag and walked to Whitley’s bathroom. I bit my lip thinking about Robin’s picture, undressing before putting the water on and getting in. My fingers slowly trailing down my body as I thought back to Wednesday night, closing my eyes as my fingers entered.

The night went by really fast; Robin continued to sext me and I continued to ignore him, planning what to do the next time I saw him, the awkward silence between Sammy and me dying down when we all sat in the lounge and watched “Annie”. The conversation flowed between me and Whitley, occasional laughter erupting from us as we spoke about random topics and Whitley’s party when Sammy almost killed one of our friends with a drink involving tequila and vodka. Whitley and I facepalmed as Sammy tried to justify his actions instead of just admitting he was wrong.

“Sammy don’t even. She ended up cuddling her vomit in the middle of the night and that vomit wouldn’t have been there if you didn’t make her that drink.” Whitley scolded him, Sammy opened his mouth about to argue but he had nothing. I burst out laughing, only Whitley had the ability to scold Sammy and make him half the man he is. The conversation carried on until after 11 when we all decided to go to bed, Sammy being the dumbass he is wanted to stay up so we just left him and went to bed.


My eyes shot open with the need to pee. I pulled a face, internally scolding my body for waking me up from an amazing sleep with the need to empty my bladder. I got up slowly, glancing at Whitley making sure I didn’t wake her; Whitley laid with her mouth wide open, hair spread all over her face and the covers wrapped around her body. I laughed, Whitley was the true representation of what girls looked like when they slept. Take notes Disney. I tip-toed to the bathroom, stepping over random chip packets until I got to the bathroom. I did my business and attempted to quietly close the door.

Suddenly a hand was placed over my mouth and I was dragged into Sammy’s room. The door was quickly shut before the overhead light went on and a pissed off, half-naked Sammy stood before me with his chest heaving.

“What’s wrong?” I frowned, he looked like he ran a mile before I looked down and saw the reason for his breathing. Sammy’s erection was pressing against the thin fabric of his boxer briefs, my eyes shot up.

“Is Robin a better fuck than me?”

“Wait, what?” I squeaked.

“Is. Robin. A. Better. Fuck. Than. Me?” Sammy asked slowly, stepping closer until he was looking down at me. I gulped, resisting the urge to kiss Sammy’s toned chest that was right in front of me.

“Why the fuck would you want to know? It’s none of your fucking business anyway.” Sammy scoffed, gripping my arms tightly leaning in closer. I struggled to maintain eye contact as he licked his lips.

“I read your messages. You should learn to never leave your stuff lying around.” The lust I felt a second ago disappeared and was replaced by rage. I shoved Sammy, his grip gone as he stumbled backwards.

“What the fuck are you doing reading my messages?! Those are private!” I scream-whispered, quickly remembering we were in a house with sleeping people in the middle of the night.

“You don’t have a lot of experience so it’s normal, I’m sure he’s only good because you don’t know much.” Sammy said coolly, I scoffed trying hard not to laugh.

“Sammy please, Robin is better than you’ll ever be. I mean, he gives me multiple orgasms while I had to fake every. single. time. with. you.” I smirked, crossing my arms as Sammy’s face dropped. I shoved past him before being grabbed and shoved against the door, Sammy’s fingers pressing into my hips.

I fought against Sammy’s grip but it was useless, I peered up into his eyes as he bit his lip, the angry expression still evident on his face. Suddenly Sammy pressed his erection into me, I held back a moan. Sammy clearly didn’t like this because he started grinding his hips against me, his hands moving to my ass and pushing me into him. I bit my lip, Sammy’s head moved to my neck and started kissing my sweet spot. My head lolled on his shoulder, my body lame as Sammy grinded against me.

“You know something Nina? You may have had to fake with me but you can’t deny that I always had the ability to make you soaking wet.” Sammy whispered against my neck, his voice vibrating against my skin as he slipped a finger into my shorts, moaning as he felt my wetness coating his fingers.

“See? You’re fucking soaked. Jesus Christ I missed this.” Sammy growled, dropping to his knees and pulling my shorts and underwear with him, exposing me to him. I looked down, Sammy licked his lips before leaning in and running his tongue along my clit. I moaned, my fingers latching in his hair gripping tightly and pushing my hips into his face. Sammy’s hand reached up and covered my mouth, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as he put his tongue in me and sucked on my clit. I grinded against his face, Sammy took his other hand and pushed me against the door, stilling me as he darted his tongue in and out of me, teasing me. I gripped his hair harder, parting my legs wider and pushing his face into my wetness.

Sammy stopped teasing and started lapping at my wetness, the hand he used to push me against the door was now resting on my stomach while his thumb rubbed at my clit. I groaned as he went faster, I could feel my body slowly reaching its peak. I muffled out an “I’m close” against Sammy’s hand, pulling at his hair making his groan against my pussy, the vibrations almost setting me off.

“Come for me Nina. Show me how much better I can make you feel than Robin.” I guess Robin was his trigger because suddenly Sammy tongued and rubbed me faster, my body went lame against the door, Sammy was basically holding me up. I came in bursts, Sammy lapping my juices up, my body heaving up and down as I tried to contain my breathing. I felt exhausted as Sammy pulled my pants back up and stood up, he kissed me and I tasted my juices on his breath. My horniness was reignited as I felt the wall on my right and turned the light switch off.

Sammy pulled me with him as he maneuvered his way in the dark towards the bed, gently setting me on the bed before getting on top. Sammy gripped the bottom of my t-shirt, pulling away before almost ripping it off my body and throwing it across the room and pulling me into the kiss. His fingers felt for my boobs, my nipples hardening as his icy fingers came into contact with them. I moaned as Sammy pulled away and lowered himself so my boobs were in line with his face, pulling me up and sucking on my nipple. I grabbed the pillow above my head biting it as Sammy nipped and sucked my nipple while rubbing the other one between his fingers. Suddenly he stopped, I was about to ask why when he blew onto my nipple and I felt like I could’ve died of ecstasy. I was pretty sure he was smirking as he continued with the other nipple. Suddenly he stopped and I groaned.

“Be patient baby, we’re not even close to finished.” I gulped as I heard Sammy removing his boxer briefs, I remembered how big he was and how much we used to struggle to find a comfortable angle to fuck. Sammy’s cold hands came into contact with my skin and I flinched making him chuckle as he took off my shorts and underwear in one go. I heard Sammy feeling around on the bedside table, then the ripping of the condom packet before placing his hands on either side of my head before feeling his dick at my entrance. Sammy kissed me as he thrusted in hard, swallowing my moans as I got used to his size again as well the bliss of being filled.

“Fuck. You’re still so tight Nina, you’re squeezing me like a fist.” Sammy growled, thrusting in, the bedsprings moving underneath him. I giggled before he shushed me and thrusting in again, the bedsprings moving once again.

“For fuck sakes.” Suddenly Sammy picked me up and thrusted hard into me as he got off the bed and slowly set us down on the floor. He thrusted in, no sound except my moaning was made.

“Better.” Sammy thrusted in fast, not stopping this time. Sammy continuously pulled out until just the head was in and thrusted in fast and hard until he was balls deep in me, my pussy squeezing around him as I shuddered. I bit my lip, holding in the moans that were contained in my throat. Sammy’s head rested on my shoulder, his spiky hair tickling my cheeks as he lodged his teeth just above my collar bone and bit hard, an animalistic moan vibrating against my skin. I reached around Sammy’s body and dug my nails deep into the skin above his shoulder blades. Sammy bit even harder, if even possible, making me wince in pain.

“Harder.” Sammy commanded. I obeyed as I dug my nails into his skin, worried that it might bleed. Clearly Sammy didn’t mind because he sat up, gripped my hips tight as he started fucking me at lightning fast pace, making my body arch off the wooden floors and my fingers dislodge from his back, reaching out for anything. They found my t-shirt and I stuffed it in my mouth and all the moans lodged in my throat came out in a cry of lust. Sammy bent down and lifted my hips at an angle that allowed him to hit my spot, I swear my eyes almost rolled into the back of my head as Sammy slowed his pace so he could concentrate on hitting that specific spot.

“Robin will never be able to make you feel the way I do, Nina. Just accept it.” Sammy said, I could feel him smirking as his hot, heavy breath hit my ear. I removed my t-shirt from my mouth as I ran my lips along what felt like his cheek until I reached his ear, licking the shell of it making him shiver.

“That may be true but one thing’s for sure: he can make me cum like you’ve never been have. And that’s definitely true considering how I’ve had to fake all of mine with you.” I sneered as I started to grind against Sammy’s cock, moving a bit faster. Suddenly Sammy growled and started fucking me at an ultra-fast speed still hitting that spot, making me jerk and twitch on the floor as my orgasm approached. No no no no no. I tightened my pussy muscles trying not to cum but that only squeezed Sammy’s dick even tighter and brought my orgasm closer, making me groan.

“Fucking cum for me Nina, I wanna feel your tight cunt wrapped around my dick as you cum and show me how good my cock makes you feel. Yes, yes, yes.” Sammy started chanting as he bent down and wrapped his lips around my nipple, sucking hard. I ran my fingers through his hair as I came, pulling hard. My pussy gripped Sammy’s cock, my body still shaking as my juices leaked out of me.

“Fuck Nina. Hold me.” I had one hand on Sammy’s back and one on his ass as he fucked me fast, chasing his own orgasm. I bit my lip, imagining how hot he must’ve looked fucking me. Suddenly he started whispering profanities against my lips moments before he came. He kissed me hard as he came hard, his fingers digging hard into my thighs. He moaned into my mouth as his cum poured into the condom, his body jerking like mine was just mere moments ago. We laid on the floor in a sweaty, tangled mess, breathing hard, both too tired to get up.

“Fucking hell Sammy. If I knew sex with you was this good I would’ve never left.” I joked but I doubt Sammy found it funny because next moment he pulled out and got up so fast, I had barely comprehended what happened. Suddenly there was light and my eyes squinted as they tried to adjust.

“That’s not funny Nina. Why would you say that?” He questioned as he handed me my shorts with underwear already inside. I frowned.

“What do you mean ‘Why would I say that?’ it was clearly a joke. Although between the both of us, I’m the one who should be offended since you cheated on me with that bitch.” I snapped as I grabbed my top from the floor, a small wet spot at the bottom.

“That bitch is my girlfriend in case you haven’t noticed, and I’m not the one who’s fucking other guys and bragging to all my friends about how good he fucks.” I scoffed while Sammy was pissed off, once again.

“I tell my friends because they’re my friends and that’s one of the many things that friends do, as well as laugh at the cheating, asshole ex who could fail to make his girlfriend orgasm at all.”

“Well clearly after tonight that’s not the case now, is it?” Sammy smirked which caused me to scowl.

“You know what? Yes you made me orgasm, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still the asshole who broke my heart and left me to deal with the mess you left behind. So fuck you, yes I fuck Robin on a regular basis. But he makes me feel good. And, ironically, he doesn’t make me feel used like you used to make me feel. And still do apparently.” My voice broke as I opened his door, exiting Sammy’s room while he had a look of regret on his face.

I got the front door keys, quickly texting Robin that I was coming over to fuck. I wanted to fuck away the mistake of tonight. Did I hate Sammy’s girlfriend? Yes I did. But I basically did what she did to me, and that made me the world’s biggest hypocrite. My stomach sank at the realization as I shoved that to the back of my mind. I closed the front door behind me and threw the house keys through the bathroom window as I walked to my car. I got in, remembering the vivid messages that Robin sent me and a smirk popped up on my face as I looked forward to the rest of the morning.

• Its the second day of Matt Espinosa week! It’s technically the third but I went to sleep hella early yesterday, so I ended up not posting. The imagine will be posted today as well. This scenario was suggested by a lovely anon!❤️

I felt like shit. No, that was an understatement. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this shitty before. I had a huge headache, a sore throat, a stuffed nose, and a bad cough. “Matt!” I called out with a scratchy voice, instantly regretting it when it made my headache even worse. I had spent the night with Matt after our little date night which consisted of a movie and dinner, and I woke up feeling like this. I knew I should have got my flu shot when my mom took me to the doctor. I just fucking hate needles. “Yeah babe?” He asked while looking at his laptop screen which he was holding. “Matt. Look away from your fucking screen for five seconds to talk to me.” I snapped at him with my scratchy voice. I didn’t mean to snap at him, I knew he had to be editing his new YouTube video, but I just felt so horrible. “Alright, sorry babe.” He said as he closed his laptop then squatted down next to the bed so we were face to face. “I was wondering if you’d go to the store and get me some medicine and some soup. I feel like I got hit by a truck.” I said as I started into Matts beautiful brown eyes. “Of course, you wanna take some NyQuil while me and my dad go to the store?” He asked as he placed his hand on my forehead to feel how warm my forehead was. “Damn you’re burning up.” He breathed out, then got up and walked into the bathroom. I sat up on the bed, not even caring that my bun wasn’t even a a bun anymore. “Here take this, we’ll be back as soon as we can. But if we get unlucky and get stuck in traffic, you’ll at least get some sleep.” Matt said as he handed me a tiny cup with NyQuil in it, then placed a cup of water on the nightstand. I quickly downed the medicine then quickly drank nearly the whole cup of water to drown at the disgusting taste of the medicine. “We’ll be back soon.” Matt said as I laid back down in bed, then Matt pressed his lips to my forehead. “Love you baby girl.” He said sincerely, making me smile as I closed my eyes. “I love you too.”
“Babe, wake up.” I heard someone say as I got woken up out of my sleep. I slowly sat up and saw Matt standing beside the bed with a Walmart bag. “How long was I asleep?” I asked before yawning, feeling a little bit better than earlier, but still felt shitty. “An hour maybe, not that long.” He replied, then sat down on the bed. “My dad picked out the medicine since I didn’t know what to get, but I got you a few cans of that really good progresso chicken noodle soup, and since you’re gonna be in bed for a couple days I got you some magazines and that new book you wanted.” Matt explained as he pulled out the contents of the bag. I seriously have the best boyfriend ever. Words can’t explain how grateful I am for him. “Have I told you how much I love you?” I asked, making Matt smile. “Everyday.” He replied, and I know he wanted to kiss me, but he didn’t wanna get sick. And I didn’t want him to get sick either. “I’m gonna go make you a bowl of soup and bring you a water bottle for your medicine. You can use my laptop to watch Netflix if you want.” Matt said as he picked up the contents of the bag, then handed me his laptop. “Thank you for doing this for me Matt, I really appreciate it.” I said sincerely before he walked out of the room. “Anything for you baby.”

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Imagine Obi Wan purposely making you blush.

Obi Wan: You know, you look absolutely beautiful in this light.

Y/N: *blushes* Thank you…

Obi Wan: *chuckles to himself* And your voice always sounds so melodic. 

Y/N: *blushes deeper* Obi…

Obi Wan: I never knew anyone could be perfect before I met you.

Y/N: *blushes even more* Stop it, you’re making me blush.

Obi Wan: That’s the point. *kisses your cheek*

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Poison || Thomas & Thorns

It was early evening when Thomas once again found himself standing in front of Tabitha’s apartment door on the predetermined date. This time, enough advance notice had been necessary, and the reason for that was visibly evident if one knew for what they were looking.

The pallor of his skin nearly matched the color of his white t-shirt, and his eyes were weary and strained and a dull shade of grey. He had foregone feeding altogether and had combined the impromptu diet with deliberately wearing himself out over the past few days, so he figured he’d built up enough of a hunger that it would prove challenging for Tabitha to combat. From the increased attention he’d been drawing outside over the past few days, it seemed to be sufficient in enhancing his natural magnetism to draw in prey.

Which was encouraging for his purposes, but also an annoyance that he ordinarily preferred to avoid, so he’d largely kept to himself indoors, trying to combat the ever-encroaching boredom. He’d actually made some progress on his Netflix queue for a change.

The whole situation also came packaged with the added bonus that he looked like shit. He looked visibly drained and stressed and feverish, and he figured that that would appeal to Tabitha’s more conscious need to help. He’d briefly considered allowing his hair to become disheveled, too, but had quickly concluded that there were limits and that was one of them.

In any case, overcoming her innate altruism was, for Tabitha, at least half the battle, and he meant to take advantage of it. In fact, he rather suspected that he would find it very difficult not to, once he was actually faced with her, regardless of his intentions. Because, quite plainly, Tabitha was food and he was hungry.

Thomas hadn’t given her any information about his plan, but it had struck him as a logical next step, even if, in his mind, it really wouldn’t have hurt her any to repeat the very beginning steps a few more times for good measure considering just how much sitting innocently beside him on the couch had tripped her up. But she seemed intent on testing herself, even while he didn’t believe for an instant that she was intent on actually passing her own test. And on some level, at least at the moment, he didn’t mind that one bit. Rationally, he supposed that just exposing her to different situations with which she might at some point find herself faced could prove useful enough to her.

That said, he wasn’t terribly interested in being rational in the first place. But that was Tabitha’s challenge to deal with.

Forcing a smile onto his lips that was really only slightly insidious, he lifted his hand and knocked on her door.


She's to young -Nate maloley

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“MOM .. DAD” Mine and Nates 17 year old daughter yelled
“Kitchen” I yelled back

Kaylee came running downstairs like a killer was chasing after her.

“Mom so this boy from my class invited me to go to the movies with him! can I go?”

Nates head instantly shot up, “Sure sweets I don’t see a problem with it?” Nate have me the eyes and I knew I was in for it, “why don’t you go upstairs and finish your homework before dinner” “okay” she said running back upstairs. Nate didn’t even turn around to look at me he just stood there on his phone, ignoring me. “Nate you can’t keep her away from boys forever” “I can until she’s 18” he spat back “Nate I don’t like this attitude, she’s going on her date, and there’s nothing wrong with it” i said giving him attitude. He sighed because he was mad and went upstairs to our room.

I finished dinner then we all sat down to eat. “So Kay who is this boy?” nate said “He’s a really nice boy in my French class.” She said nervously “I don’t know how I feel about this kay” nate said disappointed. I looked up at him and I gave him the annoyed eyes “Dad please I already told him I was able to go” she said upset. “No kay I don’t think I want you going.” Kaylee got up and ran to her room. “I can’t believe you Nate” “Y/n she’s to young, you weren’t dating boys at 17” “no nate I was dating them at 15 because you asked me out” I said getting up and going to her room.

“Kay” I said knocking on the door, I walked in and she was laying on her bed crying. “Dad doesn’t trust me” she said crying “He does kay, he just doesn’t trust the boys, let me talk to him, but your still going on your date, regardless of what he says” her face lit up and she got up and hugged me “thank you thank you thank you mom”

I walked downstairs and nate was sitting at the table with his phone. I came up took the phone out of his hand and straddled his waist. “Nate I think you need to let her go on her date” I said running my hands through his hair “y/n it’s not just the fact that I don’t want her to go, it’s just that I know how teenage boys think and I don’t want anything happening to her” he said looking upset “nate she’s your daughter, she’s more than capable to protect herself.” he smiled at me then kissed me “this is why I love you” he then said

he called Kaylee down told her she could go and we went to bed.

~~~the next day~~~

Kaylees date was at the door and nate came running downstairs. He shook the boys hand and then we sat down to get to know him. “So what’s your name boy?” Nate said “Chris” he said nervously “Well Chris what are you guys gonna go see?” “American Sniper, Kaylee has been talking about seeing all week” Nate instantly smiled “Well chris take care of my daughter tonight, and be home by 11”

Chris nodded his head then they left “I feel like a dad who just lost his little girl” “Nate she’ll be okay, let her be a teenage while she has it” He hugged me smiled then kissed me.

cut quite the figure.

A/N: So, I went prom dress shopping with my sister lately, and I selfishly tried on some dresses or myself! Anyways, I got to thinking, and this little Modern!AU popped into my mind!

He promised to go with her for one reason–Elsa and Mary Margaret had already gone together, before Emma had a date.
He knew she wanted someone to go with her, so it was only right for him to go.
Even if he hated the guy she was going with.
“Em,” Killian offered as they looked through the seemingly thousands of dresses, “What color do you want?”
“I don’t know.” Emma sighed, “That’s the problem.”
“For the record, I think you’d look great in red.” Killian offered.
“Well, if we can find me a nice red dress, red it is.” Emma grinned, holding up a lavender dress, “Do you like this one?”
He nodded in response, holding his hand out for her. She giggled and handed him the dress, watching as he laid it over his arm.
“I still can’t believe Neal asked me out.” Emma smiled, “I thought he’d be too afraid to.”
Killian offered a tight-lipped smile as she handed a dress to him.
“I did, too.”

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