before his life turned to crap

Where Else?

Fic Request: I need a hurt/comfort or angst fic where Stiles is really sick - maybe cancer or something and Lydia is just super awesome and sits with him through treatment even when it takes hours and it’s boring and gross because he’s throwing up or not feeling good and distracts him with movies or something!

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort, Established Relationship

Author: californcari

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so hello from the other side

fic for flarrow femslash week. day 1: favorite pairing | nyssara.

the five times sara called nyssa to say “hey, what’s up? i’m alive!”

“Um, hi. It turns out the phone company will reinstate your contract if you come back to life.”

Sara notes a piece of especially interesting gum on the sidewalk. It’s blue-raspberry colored, which is unusual. Usually, blue-raspberry gum is chewed into a flavorless white before it’s spit out.

Is she still recording? Crap. Yes.

“That was a joke. I mean, it’s not a joke, it actually happened. And I guess your phone still works, because I can leave you a voicemail, and your answering message is still the same, so. You know. Hey. I said hi already. This is stupid.”

She pokes the gum with the toe of her sneaker. And now there’s gum on her shoe. Outstanding.

“I just thought I’d call you and tell you I’m around. Well. I moved. But you can travel pretty much anywhere, despite being on like, 17 no-fly lists, so if you want to meet up, text me or something. I don’t know. I’m mostly free. Bye.”

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Sherlock would be furious, and say that his son was having dinner…

And then of course he’d go on a deduction tirade turning whoever tried to shame Molly for feeding their son into a sobbing mess…

Or Molly would break in before Sherlock starts spewing out his deductions, and do her own. Leaving whoever ‘tried’ to shame her an even bigger sobbing mess than Sherlock would have.

And Sherlock would stand beside her with his chest proudly puffed up, because dammit he loves his wife.

Then he’ll begin to wonder if Mrs. Hudson will take care of the baby because crap, Molly is really goddamn sexy when she turns people into mere shells of themselves and he needs to have her right away…