before he was two face

Okay but listen

Junkrat being introduced to the concept of easter

Only they forget to tell him the eggs they hide are usually chocolate

so when Soldier wakes up on easter morning he steps into his slippers and something cracks, an undignified “AUGH” echoing across the hallway, and it sets in motion a total chaos as everyone wakes up

Lucio comes out of his room with egg in his face and hair, there was one hidden under his pillow

Reinhardt goes to shave and two eggs tumble out of the toiletry cabinet, right onto his clean shirt. 

Mako has to wash his mask and face before he can show himself, there were two hidden in the gas vents.

Hana yells murder when her face sponge turns out to be a real egg.

And idk it just seems a cute concept to me because Junkrat is doing his best to hide the eggs in places people will never expect them and make it fun for everyone 

Just- should’ve used chocolate eggs.

FT message: Larcade’s defeat or Not

Me: Attention all Four Major Couple Fans of FT and FT fans. Sting, the leader of Sabertooth, has been injured and he is taking down Larcade Dragneel, one of the Spriggan 12 of the empire and Zeref and Mavis’ son. However, we are not quite sure if this is Larcade’s defeat. However we’ll find out what Larcade’s true fate is soon enough. If Sting defeats Larcade, he will see his mother Mavis in person before he faces death, meaning to say we might have two strongest members of the empire left, before dealing with Zeref and Acnologia aka the Dark Dragon Lord. But if he doesn’t, we might need a miracle or assassination to get rid of Larcade and other two strongest members. So let’s not give up hope on Sting defeating Larcade.

Shopping Trip

A Navia BROTP fic because… they’re are important. And my two favorite FT characters cough.  I started on this a few days ago, I just decided to finish it now though.

This is based off a headcanon I have, and the headcanon is Natsu and Juvia get together to go buy gifts for Lucy and Gray.

Setting: College, AU

Pairings: Navia (BROTP), NaLu, Gruvia

Summary: Juvia needed help shopping for Gray, what better person to go with than his best friend? And with Natsu’s anniversary with Lucy coming up, there was no way he could refuse. Who knew going shopping for your significant others could be so much fun?

“Natsu-san?” Natsu looked over his shoulder at the female who had called his name. He smiled, seeing that it was Juvia. He gave a two finger salute before turning his body around to face the blunette.

“Whats up Juvia?”

Juvia nervously twirled a piece of her blue hair around her finger. “Juvia… needs help.”

Natsu lifted an eyebrow in question. “Okay, with what?”

“Juvia wants to get Gray-sama a gift, but Juvia doesn’t know what to get.”

“Get him a cardboard cutout of himself so he can wake up everyday and see how much of an asshole he is.”


Natsu put his hands up in the air, signaling it was a joke. “I’m just kidding… okay I’m not but that’s besides the point. Did you have any ideas on what to get him?”

Juvia just shook her head, looking down to her feet. “Juvia has no idea… Juvia came to Natsu-san since Natsu-san is Gray-sama’s best friend.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re friends.” Natsu deadpanned at the female. “But I do know that Eskimo like the back of my hand.”

“So Natsu-san with help Juvia?” Seeing the pink haired boy nod his head with his ever present grin on his face made Juvia’s mood brighten up. She didn’t miss the way his head twisted to the left down an almost deserted hallway. She turned her head the same direction, spotting an all too familiar blonde approaching them.

“Say, isn’t Natsu-san and Lucy’s anniversary coming up?” Watching Natsu tense up answered her question. She looked at the male, a smile on her lips. “Has Natsu-san gotten a gift for Lucy?”

Natsu tugged at his white dragon scale scarf, gulping audibly. “Er, well… you see-”

“Then Juvia assumes that Natsu-san will have to go shopping for Lucy anyway.”

“Who has to go shopping?” A new voice cut in startling the two teens. Lucy gave an uneasy look to the duo. “What exactly are you two planning?”

“Nothing Luce! Honest! Juvia just needs help shopping for Ice Prick is all.” Lucy stared knowingly at her boyfriend, a stern expression on her features. After a few moments of him unwavering, she sighed. Still not believing him because after all, it was Natsu. The boy had something new up his sleeve everyday.

“Alright. You’re just lucky we have class in a few minutes.” Lucy said stepping closer to her boyfriend. The corner of her lips turned into a smile directed at Juvia. “And Juvia, I’m sure Gray would love absolutely anything you get for him.”

“Really?” She asked, slightly surprised. “How does Lucy know?”

“Well he told me silly.” The blonde began to explain. “In art his direct words were ‘I don’t care what Juvia gets me as long as it’s from her.’”

Butterflies began to erupt in the bluenettes stomach at what her blonde haired friends just told her. The excitement she felt was short lived, the butterflies in her tummy soon coming to a standstill as jealousy began to boil in her veins. “Why was Lucy talking to Juvia’s Gray-sama?”

“Are you still going on about that?” Lucy replied, rolling her brown eyes while doing so. “Mine and Natsu’s three year dating anniversary is Saturday and you’re still angry with me for talking to my friend Gray in art class?” As Juvia was about to retort, Lucy’s shout of distress filled the air.

“Ahh! I’m gonna be late for class! I’ve never been tardy for class before! I’ll talk to you two later!” Natsu and Juvia watched as the blonde raced down the hallway to her class. Natsu groaned at the thought of going to his history class. He looked over at Juvia who was still standing in the place his blonde girlfriend had left them. Natsu smirked, an idea forming in his head.

“So, you wanna skip and go shop?” Natsu suggested.

Juvia grinned. “Lets go Natsu-san.”

“Wow are you serious?! Gray has emotions?!” Natsu hollarded in laughter as him and Juvia walked down the strip of shops. “Who would’ve thought.”

“Gray-sama is just a closet romantic. Gray-sama just wants Juvia to know Gray-sama loves Juvia and Juvia only.” She looked down at her hand, eyeing the shiny ring on her ring finger that Gray had given her for their one year anniversary last year. “And Juvia likes it that way.”

Natsu eyed the ring on her hand, eyes narrowing focusing on it. He tried to decipher what kind it was since Lucy talked to him about the different types of rings. All the talking she did went in one ear and right out the other he guessed because it just looked like an ordinary ring to him. He lifted a hand and pointed to the shiny object.

“What kind of ring is that?” He questioned.

“Oh, this is a promise ring Gray-sama gave Juvia.” With her other hand she lightly touched the ring, smiling while doing so. “Does Natsu-san know what it symbolizes?”

He scratched the back of his head, trying to recall his girlfriend’s words. “Lucy told me a promise ring is when the guy ‘promises to marry the girl he gives it it to’ or somethin’ like that.”

Juvia nodded, looking over to the taller teen. “Does Lucy have a promise ring?”

“No, but I think she was kind of hinting that she wanted one.” His hand still on the back of his head as the they just passed a jewelry store. Natsu abruptly stopped, going up to the window seeing the assortment of jewelry they provided.

Juvia stopped, watching at the pink haired teen did some window shopping. “Natsu-san?”

“Do you really think Lucy would like a promise ring or an engagement ring?”

Juvia nearly fell to the ground at the force of how unbelievably shocked she was by his statement. She stared at him, eyes nearly bugging out of her head. “E-Engagement ring?”

Natsu nodded. “Well I mean yeah. I’m gonna marry Lucy one day anyway, so should I just skip the promise and go straight to the engagement?”

“Considering Natsu-san is 21 and Lucy is 20, and still in college… engagement is out of the question.” Juvia sighed, but a soft smile developed on her lips. “Besides, imagine what Lucy would do to Natsu-san if Natsu-san proposed to Lucy.”

Natsu scrunched his face up, thinking of what his girlfriend would do. His expression softened, a chuckle rumbling through his throat. “I can imagine. She’ll get all flustered and probably hit me, calling me an idiot. Then she’ll scream at me about how young we are and we need to wait.” This time Natsu sighed.

“But, I’m just so in love with her I find it pointless to wait ya know?”

At his statement Juvia looked back down to her hand. A pleasant smile stretched on her lips, thinking the same thing with Gray. “Yes, Natsu-san I know.”

“To avoid my girlfriend getting all embarrassed and to save me getting bruises, promise ring is the way to go right?” Juvia nodded at the male, following him into the jewelry store.

“Theres so many choices!” Natsu exclaimed, looking at the shop glass windows containing all the expensive jewelry. He eyed the rows of necklaces, bracelets, earrings until eventually they came to the ring section. “Juvia over here!”

Juvia heard her name being called and walked over to the male, looking at the different assortment of rings.

“Is there anything I can help you two with today?” The two teens looked up to see an employee with a ever-so-nice smile on his face.

“Yeah! I’m trying to get a promise ring for my girlfriend.”

“Ah, what an exciting thing.” The employee looked over to Juvia. “This is your girlfriend I presume?”

The two teens looked to the man in horror. Natsu’s temper flaring a bit.

“Hell no! She’s in love with a stripper!” Juvia sweatdropped besides her friend. Her face was heating up at the dreaded expression on his older features.

“Juvia’s not…”

He just coughed awkwardly, diverting his attention back to the male. “Anyways, a promise ring you say? Well sir you chose the right store.” His grin returned back to his face. He began walking over to the ring section.

“Hey, while we’re here maybe you should get Gray something?” Natsu told her, following the employee. Juvia look up at him, confusion twinkling in her eyes.

“Natsu-san thinks Gray-sama would like jewelry?”

Natsu scoffed at her answer. “He’s a princess, of course he would.” Natsu shuddered at his last thought. “And since Erza’s going to take my life because I skipped the rest of my classes for the day, this probably will be the only store I can go to.”

Juvia giggled at him statement, thinking how true it was. Erza would surely kill Natsu for skipping and dragging her along with him, even though she was willing.

“So, you shall be shopping for your stripper as well?” The employee asked, making Natsu burst out in laughter and the bluenette’s face turn red.

“Y-Yes Juvia will be shopping for Gray-sama as well.”

“Excellent. What piece of jewelry did you have in mind?” Juvia looked over to Natsu, who had a questioning look on his face. He scratched the top of his head, racking his brain for an answer.

“Well, he’s always blabbering about something he can wear in his hockey games and hide from the refs. So, maybe a necklace or something?”

Juvia face lit up. “That’s an excellent idea Natsu-san!”

“Awesome. I’ll get your friend taken care of here and then we can go on a hunt to find your boyfriend a necklace, sound like a plan?”

The two teens smiled, nodding their heads.

“Sounds great!”

“My poor wallet…” Natsu groaned as he and Juvia finally left the jewelry store. Juvia patted the male on the shoulder as they began to make their way down the strip.

“There, there Natsu-san. Lucy is going to love it.”

“I sure hope so.” Natsu looked at the little bag in his hand, a sad look on his features that didn’t go unnoticed by Juvia. She gave him a concerned look.

“Natsu-san, whats wrong?”

Natsu sighed. “It’s nothing…”


“Its just… I just don’t understand.” He seen the confused stare the blue eyes female was giving him, it made him run a nervous hand through his hair. “I just don’t understand why a girl like Lucy chose a guy like me. She’s rich, beautiful, she could literally have any guy in the world she wants… and yet she chose me.”

Juvia stopped walking. Natsu noticed she wasn’t beside him anymore, so he glanced back seeing her frozen in her spot.


“That’s why… Juvia thinks Gray-sama is going to leave Juvia for Lucy.”

“But Gray doesn’t like Lucy like that.” He responded making his way back over to her.

Juvia looked away, feeling tears burning in the back of her eyes. “Still, Juvia isn’t worthy of Gray-sama’s love.”

“Why would you think that? You go out of your way to make him happy, you buy him gifts, you shower him with love and affection… if anyone deserves his love its you.” He just stared at her trembling form. His heart went out for her, he knew what it felt like to feel like you weren’t good enough for someone you truly loved.

“G-Gray-sama doesn’t do any of Juvia’s gestures of love in return. Only on the holidays or anniversaries does Gray-sama give Juvia something…”

“Juvia, you gotta remember that’s just who Gray is.” His comforting words made the girl stare up at him. “He isn’t affectionate whatsoever, hell I don’t even think he knew what love was before he met you. But, he’s trying right?”

“Juvia guesses so…”

“Just look at the ring on your finger. He promises to marry you someday, right?”


“I see the way he looks at you, the way he casually grabs your hand in the hallways, the way he opens doors for you… the way his face always lightens up when you smile.” He seen the way her face was getting more red by the second. “Its the little things in life that count the most.”

Juvia’s heart began to race with every word Natsu was saying. The more she thought about it, the more she began to realize what he saying was the truth. Gray was a gentleman towards her. Opening doors for her, holding her hand whenever they were together, always making sure she was smiling… just the thought of it made her insides bubble with happiness.

“Natsu-san is right. Gray-sama does the little things to make Juvia happy…” She said with a smile on her face.

He grinned back at her. “Besides, I’m not letting go of Lucy… not without a fight that is.”

“Lucy is very lucky to have someone who cares about her like Natsu-san does.”

Natsu scratched his nose, a blush appearing on his face before he could stop it. “Real men are suppose to care for the woman they love. Oh Mavis I’m sounding just like Elfman!” Natsu shouted gripping his hair as Juvia laughed, making their way back home.

“Gray-sama!” Gray turned around hearing the familiar female voice shout his name. He turned around to greet his girlfriend. He was slightly confused as to why she was there, she knew he had hockey practice after school today.

“Hey Juvia-” He was caught off guard when a bag was thrusted in his face. He carefully took the bag from the female, eyeing it questionly. “Whats this?”

“Open it.”

Listening to her orders, he shoved his hand inside the bag feeling a velvet box. He took it out, eyes widening.


“Juvia just wanted Gray-sama to know Juvia loves Gray-sama. Gray-sama does enough for Juvia to show Gray-sama cares… Juvia just wanted to show Gray-sama how much Juvia loved Gray-sama Juvia’s own way.” She walked up to him, pecking his lips with her own for a quick kiss.

“Have fun at practice Gray-sama, Juvia will talk to Gray-sama later.” She smiled at him one last time before turning around and walking out of the ice cold arena.

He watched as she walked away, totally frozen in his spot. When he recovered slightly, he looked at the box in his hands. Slowly, he opened it gasping when he seen it.

It was a simple cross necklace, with a sapphire gem lodged in the intersection of the cross. He felt the material, already telling it was made with real silver. He smiled softly at his girlfriend’s gesture. It wasn’t even their anniversary or the holidays. She got him that simply because she loved him.

“Hey, Gray! Practice is starting!” He whipped his head, eyeing his teammate as he gestured him to come on the ice. He nodded slightly. He quickly took the necklace out of the box, latching it around his neck. He held it in his hands before pressing his lips to it for good luck, and tucking it away in his shirt.

There was no way he would ever take the precious necklace off.

“Happy anniversary Lucy!”

The blonde smiled at the male who was walking in from her kitchen, his gift for her in his hand.

“Happy anniversary to you too, Natsu.” She noticed he slightly bent forward lowering his face down to hers. She met him halfway, giving him a sweet kiss before he plopped himself next to her.

“What’d ya get me?” She laughed at his eagerness, handing him the small bag in her hand. He practically ripped the bag apart trying to get to the contents on the inside. He seen that it was a pair of two tickets and a piece of paper. “Whats this?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Read it would ya?”

Natsu looked at the font on the pair of tickets, eyes widening at every word. “Lucy… these are VIP passes to the Magnolian wrestling showdown! How did… they’ve been sold out for months.”

“Well, lets just say all those days I was cranky from staying up to late to be the first one to purchase them paid off. It was hard, but seeing how happy you are is worth it.” She explained, she felt his strong arms wrap around her.

“You’re seriously the best girlfriend ever.” She laughed, pushing him back slightly.

“Thats not all, take a look at the picture.”

Doing as he was told, his mouth gaped open. “No way…”

“I’m three weeks.” Natsu felt the tears develop in his eyes, seeing the sonogram picture of his three week year old child.

“I… ahh.. you’re… pregnant.” He couldn’t find the words to say. Lucy just laughed at him.

“Yes Natsu, I’m pregnant.”

“But, aren’t you mad? I mean… we’re still in school.”

Lucy just shook her head. “I’m only getting my two year degree remember? I’ll be done with school in a few months. Plus, I have enough money saved up to be able to last a few months until I can find a job.” She reached up, brushing the tears falling. “We’ll be fine, Natsu.”

Natsu nodded his head once, wiping the rest of his tears away. He leaned down and gave Lucy a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I guess my present is a necessity then.”


Natsu pulled the velvet box from his pocket, presenting it to Lucy who gasped as he opened it. The band was simple, but on top was a heart shaped diamond on the top, four simple diamond gems on each side decorating the band.

“Oh Natsu…”

He chuckled, taking the ring out of the box. He took her shaking hand and slid it on her ring finger. “I knew you always knew we would get married someday, but for all your doubts you might have I got you a promise ring. I’m not going anywhere Lucy.” He paused, placing a hand on her still flat abdomen. “Especially not now.”

Lucy let the tears slip through her eyes, wrapping her arms around her boyfriends slender neck bringing his face down to hers for a passionate kiss.

Natsu smirked into the kiss, he would have to go shopping with Juvia more often.

Left Behind - Yugyeom angst

Originally posted by jackandjael

Word count - 5442

“Yugyeom?” you called to the older male. His shoulders tensed, and he hesitated before he turned to face you. “What are you doing here?”

The two of you were stood outside your school gates, the entire student body bustling around you on their journey home. As you stood there, head tilted backwards to look him in the face, he was glaring down at you.

“You mom convinced my mom to make me come and pick you up after school every Friday.”

“Every… Friday?” you asked, bewildered. This was the one day your mother wouldn’t be able to pick you up so you usually just walked home, so why was she making the one person who didn’t like you take you home?

“Keep up Y/N, didn’t your mom tell you this morning?”

“I didn’t see her this morning.”

“Last night?”

“I didn’t see her then either.”

He silenced.

“Well, hurry up, I’ve got better stuff to do than walk a kid home.”

The entire walk home was in silence. You just walked next to him, hands clutching onto the straps of your backpack and head down. He made no noise - even his footsteps were silent - and he ended the entire trip rather abruptly as he got to his house three doors down from yours.

“See you next Friday Y/N. Try and get rid of that dopey look on your face in the meantime.”

You stuck your tongue out at the back of his head.

“Sure. See you, Yugyeom,” You took a slight breath. “Thank you.”


The next week ended in the same fashion, as did the week after that. The third week of Yugyeom walking you home was strained, with words always on the tip of his tongue as he took in the half dried tear tracks on your face and the quiet sniffles throughout the journey. He didn’t ask, and you didn’t tell. That was the first week you hadn’t said goodbye as he turned away and at the absence of your voice, his head swivelled back towards you and he stared at the back of your head until you were in your house. You didn’t turn to look at him once.

The next Friday you were pleasantly surprised with Yugyeom waiting in front of a car. As soon as he saw you, his sunglasses were pushed up to rest on his head and he opened the passenger door for you.

“Whose car did you steal?” you asked in bewilderment, sliding into the leather seat. He laughed, the noise you had only ever heard from a distance surprising you slightly.

“My friend’s.”

He jogged round the car, ignoring all of the bewildered looks that he got from your student body as he opened the door to the driver’s side and slid in too.

“I’m taking you for dinner, your mom can’t come home to cook for you tonight.”

You were surprised. You always cooked for yourself and it was very rare she would be home for dinner anyway.

“I cook for myself all the time anyway.” you informed him, watching as his brows furrowed. How often does she even see her mom?

“Well, she asked me to take you to dinner anyway. Do burgers sound good?”

Seven months had passed like this. He would walk you home, gradually opening up to you about his family, his six best friends and his ambition to be an idol. He would tell you what he had done that week, he would tell you what he was going to do that week. He introduced you to his friends and you hit it off immediately. He told you about himself; his favourite colour, a weird dream he had that he couldn’t explain, something that his mom said which he found annoying. You always listened too; he was by far one of the most interesting people you’d ever met and after the two of you had gotten past the initial awkwardness, he quickly became an incredibly important figure in your life. He always waited for you at exactly quarter past three in the afternoon, always leaning against the same bit of the fence, always wearing sunglasses.

You didn’t know why he always wore sunglasses. You never really thought to ask him.

Another three months had passed, and the two of you had become a constant in each other’s lives. It was completely involuntary on your side, but one moment you were sleeping in your bed and the next Yugyeom was on top of you, crushing your ribs into your lungs, and you knew your friendship had reached a new level of comfort.

It had been a whole year that Yugyeom had been walking you home when he came home.

You didn’t know he was in the house, watching you out the window when you hugged Yugyeom goodbye, perhaps lingering longer than you should have. You didn’t hear the front door open, or his footsteps towards you. You didn’t know he was behind you until Yugyeom’s eyes widened and you whirled around, coming face to face with your worst nightmare. You immediately took a step backwards onto Yugyeom’s foot, making him exhale slightly into your hair and causing you to jump away from him, until Yugyeom’s hand grasped onto yours to hold you steady.

“Y/N, who is this boy?” your father’s voice cut through the tension and your soul like steel.

“Uh, um, this is, ah, u-u-uh…”

Speech had left you completely, and you just stared at your father with your mouth opening and closing like a fish.

“My name is Yugyeom, sir.” Yugyeom’s calm, even voice glided from behind you and you breathed out shakily, hand tightening around his. His hand squeezed yours in response and it was moments like this where you thanked Yugyeom’s perceptiveness.

He knew something was wrong, he just didn’t know what.

“I was asking the girl.” your father snapped, making you shrink in on yourself. It had been so long since he had last walked out of your front door and you had thought you were free. You had thought that you could just go on without him, recovering and learning to defend yourself from people like him in the future.

Of course not. Of course he came crawling back, and of course your mother forgave him. She always did, no matter what he did.

“This is my friend, Yugyeom.” you whispered, staring at the floor.

“The boy two doors down.”

You nodded in response, still keeping your gaze down.

“Well?” he prompted and you looked up in confusion, before remembering.

You jumped away from Yugyeom, tearing your hand out of his grip even as he tried his best to hold on.

“Thank you for walking me home, Yugyeom. I’ll see you next week.” You even went the extra mile and bowed low in front of him, making his mouth drop open in bewilderment.


You ignored him, walking away from him and going past your father into the house.

You’d be lucky if you saw Yugyeom again.

You could eat your words as you slid your bedroom window open to let the older boy in. He was slightly winded from the climb up, but he crawled in and stood up straight, towering above you and making your bedroom seem that much smaller.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, hand reaching up to caress your face, face dropping when you flinched away from him slightly. “Y/N?”

You just shook your head, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“You really shouldn’t be here.” you muttered, not looking at his face. You didn’t want to know what you would find there, swimming in those eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t understand what’s going on. That was your Dad?”

“Yeah.” you whispered, even quieter than before if that was even possible.

“Then why did he give me the creeps like that?” the boy asked, moving around you to flop onto your bed.

You internally groaned. If your Dad was to walk in now, see this boy he hated on your bed, you’d both be killed.

“You really have to go, Yugyeom.” you hissed, walking over to him and gripping onto his arm. “It’s really not safe for you.”

“Then it’s not safe for you either.”

He sat up suddenly, opening his legs so you were between them and he tugged you by your waist closer to him, gazing up at your face.

Throughout your friendship, Yugyeom had these moments where he could touch and look at you as if you were the only thing in the world he needed. He treated you like you were his girlfriend or something and, as much as you knew it was wrong, you loved it. You loved the way he would tuck you under his arm and walk with you after school, you loved the way he would pull you away and glare when he thought you were too close to one of his best friends. You didn’t know why, but you loved the way that he made your heart hammer.

“Gyeom,” you whispered, reaching your hand out to stroke his cheek softly. He leant into your touch, making you smile. “You honestly should leave before he finds you up here.”

“Come with me,” he muttered, head still resting in your hand. “Come to my house.”

“I can’t.”


“He’ll come up to check on me soon and I don’t want to get caught.”

“Y/N, I really don’t understand what’s going on.” he said, standing up suddenly and leaning down to switch the light of your lamp on. He turned to face you again, and he almost vomited at what he saw.

Patches of bruising littered your face and arms, dried blood dribbled from your nose and a cut above your eyebrow. Your lip was split and your left eye was in the process of blackening and swelling up.

“What the fuck,” he hissed, pulling you closer so he could inspect the damage better, blood boiling. “Did this bastard do this to you?”

“Yugyeom, it’s fine. Leave it. Don’t get involved.” you protested, pushing his hands away.

“What the hell? How can I not?” he gasped. “Y/N, you’re covered in bruises and cuts, that’s fucked up.”

“I know, okay? I know. But let me fix this on my own, okay? It’ll be over soon, he’ll leave again and my mom won’t let him back. She won’t.”

“Is that what you said last time?” Yugyeom hissed, making you wince at the insensitivity.

The two of you stood in silence for a few moments, him staring at your face and taking in everything.

“I’m walking you home from school everyday now.”


“I’ll make excuses for you to come round all the time too.”


“I’ll get you out the house as much as I possibly can.”

“Okay, Gyeom.”

“You come to me everytime this happens and I’ll clean you up.”

Your breathing hitched slightly, and you looked up at him to make sure he was certain.

“You’re… You’re sure?”

“Yes. Y/N, you were planning on going to sleep without cleaning yourself up. Come to mine, climb up to my room and I’ll do it.”


“I’m going to clean you up now.”



Yugyeom was getting sick of it. He hated seeing you covered in bruises and cuts, scars and scrapes. He hated the way you stared at him when he held onto you and wiped over your injuries, bandaging them up.

It took another two months for it to get even worse. You would come to him with blood coating your hands, the source and injury that would scar you for life. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that your father was mere moments from killing you, but you still insisted on not getting him involved. He didn’t want to do anything you didn’t want him to do, but he felt that he would have to have a serious chat with your mother sometime soon.

So he did.

When you were at school, he went to your house. Your father’s car wasn’t on the drive, and he knew that your mother would be because this was one of the few days that she stayed home from work or elsewhere.

He knocked a few times on the door before she answered, looking appropriately disheveled. She had bags the size of Yugyeom under her eyes and she was more hunched over than the last time he saw her. She was aging quickly, and she was literally withering away under his gaze. Still, he saw no signs of physical injury, which meant that Y/N was either taking all of the blows or this woman was ignorant to what was going on.

“Yugyeom?” she questioned, and even her voice was aged and croaky. “My girl’s at school.”

“I know, ma’am. I’m here to see you, actually.” Her face displayed obvious surprise, but she stepped away, opening the door wider to let him in.

He stepped in, feeling hesitant to go in. There were signs of destruction obvious everywhere - vases that used to be perched on tables were gone, there were square shapes on the walls where picture frames used to be but had either been knocked off or taken off. He felt sick. This was the house you were beaten and attacked in; he didn’t want to be here at all.

“What can I do for you, Yugyeom? Is it your mother? Is everything okay?”

“It’s actually about Y/N.”

“My girl? What about her?” your mother asked, pausing in her movement to the kitchen.

She didn’t know. How could she not know? Even if Yugyeom hadn’t seen it first hand, he would have been able to tell something was wrong just by the look in your eyes.

“And your… Husband.”

“Oh.” She sat down at the dining table, gesturing for Yugyeom to do the same. As he complied, she opened her mouth to say something, but he spoke first, interrupting her and effectively shutting her up.

“I don’t think you’re a stupid woman. Quite the opposite really; you’ve managed this long by yourself, working however many jobs and raising a young woman as wonderful as Y/N,” he started, staring straight at her whilst he mentally structured what he was going to say. “You’re not ignorant, and you’re not blind. You’re a strong, smart woman and Y/N is fortunate to have you as a mother.”

The older woman looked down at the table, smiling slightly at his words. However, her joy was short lived:

“If this is all true, however, then why are you allowing your daughter to be ruthlessly attacked and beaten by your husband?”

A knife could have sliced through the tension in the room. Yugyeom stared straight into her eyes and she did the same to him, neither person wanting to look away and give in. Never before had Yugyeom ever said anything of such a nature to someone older than him - he even spoke to his best friends with more respect - but he had also never felt so passionate about something.

Countless times Yugyeom had been covered in his most precious friend’s blood, and countless times he had had to stitch you up. He had had to cleanse your wounds without saying anything to anybody for too long and he was sick of it.

“You’re a reasonable person. I seem to have knocked you speechless, so I’ll do all the talking for you,” Yugyeom was ruthless. He was saying all these words to the woman who was powerless against his anger and she merely shrunk in on herself. “One day, and most likely one day soon, your husband is going to kill your daughter. He’s going to go too far, she won’t be able to make it to my house, and she will die. And you will have let it happen under your roof. Would you be able to live with yourself?”

A miniscule head shake.

“Then why are you letting this go on?”

She said nothing.

“Either there’s something wrong with you, or you don’t care about-”

“I care.”


“I care,” she raise her head to glare at Yugyeom. “I love my daughter like any mother would love their child. I love her so much; she’s my rock throughout everything and she’s the only reason why I’m still here. So how dare you come into my house, throw around words like this and accuse me of not caring about my child? My only child?”

Yugyeom raised an eyebrow, muscle in his jaw working furiously.

“Then why have you allowed this to go on? Why did you bring that man back into your home? Why did you let him back in if you knew what kind of a person he was?”

“I don’t expect a child like you to understand.”

“Ma’am, please don’t insult me like that.”

“I love him.”

Yugyeom was baffled. How could she love someone like that?

“Turns out you’re right, I don’t understand that at all.”

“We met in high school. He was wonderful back then, he was so attentive and kind. He was such a sweetheart, and I fell so hard for him. We married right out of school, and then my girl came along. We were together for so long that it was just natural for us to be together; every time we separated, it was too hard, so we just came together again because it was comfortable. He started getting belligerent, and he would come home drunk or angry from work. He would start hitting me, and when my girl turned ten years old, he would hit her. I tried my hardest to protect her, I even forced him out of the house, but he always came back and I was too weak; I let him back him. He was sweet again, like the boy I used to know all those years again. I thought we would finally be a family again, but I see now that it will never happen again.”

She shook her head, sighing heavily and moving her gaze from Yugyeom to the table.

“Thank you for telling me it had started again. I never see my girl anymore, I had no idea. I’ll get rid of him for good, I promise you that.”


Your mother was true to her word, and the next day you came to his house with a glowing smile that knocked the breath straight out of him. You were so, so happy. He was finally gone and you would be able to move past this and recover, with Yugyeom right by your side.

Of course, your happiness would only last for a short time.

Tears dribbled down your face, clutching onto the front of his shirt. “Please don’t go.” you gasped through your sobs.

He was crying too, but he was trying to gently tug you off him. “Y/N… Please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“Please, Gyeom, please don’t leave me here alone. I can’t do it without you, please, I need you!” you were almost hysterical at this point, crying and clutching onto him, sliding down to your knees in front of him.

“Y/N, stop this.”

“Yugyeom, you can’t go! Please don’t go without me!”

“This is my biggest dream, Y/N, don’t take this away from me!” he shouted, surprising you into silence.

His best friends were stood a while away, watching with sombre expressions. They knew how close the two of you were, but they didn’t think that you would react like this. You were always so calm and put together, it was alarming to watch you fall apart like this.

You slackened your grip on him, rising to your feet and wiping your tears as you removed all signs of any emotion from your face.

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” you bowed to him, making him release a sigh. “Good luck, Kim Yugyeom, I’ll be rooting for you.”

“Y/N…” he whispered, watching you turn from him and walk away. “Y/N, please!”

“Yugyeom, c’mon, we have to go.” JB came up to stand beside the younger, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Y/N!” he still called, reaching out to go after you, but JB pulled him back.

“Let her go. Give her time to cool down, and call her tomorrow or something. This isn’t the end, she’ll be okay in a bit.”

It had been three weeks since the two of you had spoken. Yugyeom had only managed to call and text you a dozen times in the time he had free. You hadn’t answered, for whatever reason. It was all he could do to try and get time off to get the train back to see how you were and to ask in person why you weren’t picking up your phone. He was almost sick with worry but he literally could not leave Seoul. Training was ruthless and it was all he could do to make sure he was eating and sleeping enough, let alone finding the time to get away and call you just for you to ignore him.

It was months before he heard from you again. It was a Sunday, and it was one of the rare days that he didn’t have to go down to the practise room until midday. He was lolling on his bed, considering calling you - of course, he didn’t, because he had finally stopped calling you three weeks before. It was at that moment, when his phone buzzed in his hand and he groaned exaggeratedly, raising the screen to his face to check the text.

Princess: Hey

Yugyeom’s eyes nearly fell out of his skull and he swore he pulled a muscle when he shot up to hunch over his phone and allow his fingers to dance across the keys.

Gyeom: what the fuck? Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick and all you have to say is “hey”? What the fuck Y/N

Admittedly, he could have been kinder, but he had spent so long thinking about you, so many sleepless nights worried that your Dad had come back and he wasn’t there to save you this time.

Princess: I’m really sorry :( I’ve been really busy with school and stuff. What about you? How’s Seoul? Training? Everything you wished for?

School? You were so busy for four months that you didn’t even have one second to send a quick text to let him know you were alive? He sensed bullshit.

Gyeom: Why are you lying to me? It’s been four fucking months, Y/N, and your excuse is school? Bullshit. Tell me the real reason.

He thought he would have been so relieved to hear from you again, but all he felt was anger. Betrayal. His best friend, his closest friend, had ignored him for four months whilst he was all alone in busy Seoul. He felt… abandoned.

Princess: Gyeom… Please. I’ve missed you, just… Talk to me, please?

Princess: Gyeom?

Princess: Yugyeom? Please don’t ignore me

Princess: Yugyeom, I’m really sorry! I’m so sorry Gyeom, I didn’t want to ignore you like this

Princess: Gyeom…

Princess: Okay, I’m sorry, goodbye

His phone buzzed pathetically on his bed where he left it, grabbing his practise bag and walking out of the room, casting one more glare at the inanimate object, hoping for the heat of his glare to hit you.

He didn’t want to talk to you.


You were sobbing, curled up in a ball on the floor, fingers wrapped tightly around your phone. Pain burst like fireworks around your body when you tried to move even slightly, but you didn’t cry out from that.

Your heart was hurting.

You had hurt Yugyeom. You had pushed Yugyeom away, and now you were paying the price. How foolish could you be, to think that pushing him away was going to make both of your lives easier? He had spent so long trying to cling onto you, but no, you ignored him and neglected him.

You were the worst.

You flexed your ribs slightly and a hiss escaped your lips as another burst of pain ripped through your body.

Either God hated you, or you were the unluckiest person in the entire world.
After Yugyeom had left, things had been quiet; your Dad hadn’t come back, but everything was so much lonelier. Things at school had gotten bad again - without Yugyeom collecting you from school everyday, the same people from before would follow you instead, harassing you, catcalling you, throwing things at you.

You tried your best to ignore it, you really did. You didn’t react because you thought that if you didn’t do anything, they would get bored and move on.
If anything, it seemed to make them try harder to get a reaction out of you, and soon it became attacks in school. They would trip you, shove you, smack things out of your hands or throw things at your head. Today, it had gotten incredibly physical; they had cornered you on your way home and had waited for you to open your mouth before one of them punched you so hard you thought you had died immediately.

It had gotten really bad now that Yugyeom wasn’t around to protect you.

You had started working too, to help your mom with the bills. It wasn’t much, but you had gotten two jobs working downtown late at night. They left you tired and unable to concentrate properly at school, but it was helping your mother, so it was worth it.

You had only managed to scrape enough money together to pay your phone bills the other day, and you hadn’t had the guts to message Yugyeom.

Really though, was “hey” the best you could do? He didn’t deserve that. You didn’t deserve him.


He read through all of the messages you had left him with flared nostrils and the muscle in his jaw working angrily. He was exhausted, completely drained, and all of his muscles screamed in pain at once, but he was fueled by anger and betrayal.

He wasn’t thinking straight at all when he sent the next text, and he had never regretted anything like he had regretted that immediately after he sent it - he didn’t think he would ever regret anything quite like it either.

Gyeom: Whatever. I hate you. Don’t ever message me again. In fact, delete my number. The world would be better without you anyway.

As he sent these words - the words he had promised to himself he would never say to anybody - he felt something inside him break.

Another three months had passed and they were easily the worst three months of Yugyeom’s entire life. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat or drink. He lost so much weight he was almost unrecognisable and the dark circles under his eyes made him look like a corpse.

All he could think about was you, and the words he had sent to you. He could only imagine the look on your face and the feeling in your heart as you opened a text from him, expecting to find his usual words, but you found that instead.
He wanted to vomit. He needed to scrub all of his skin until he felt clean again.

He didn’t think he would ever, ever forgive himself or get over what he had said to you, and he didn’t expect you would either.

You never replied to him.

It had been three months and a week since he had sent the text and he was still unsettled. Training had gotten a lot more ruthless and he nearly didn’t have the time to think about you, but he still managed. Whilst he was memorising routines, your face floated in front of his vision and he was getting slightly frustrated.

Yes, he loved you, and yes, he regretted everything he had said to you, but even when you weren’t there, you were distracting him from his work. He had to work hard in order to debut but he couldn’t when you were always in the back of his mind, staring at him with those big sad eyes.

Instead of going directly to you (because that had worked so well the last time) he decided to call his mother, knowing that she still lived by you and would tell him whatever she knew.

Imagine Yugyeom’s surprise when even she didn’t answer the phone the first few times.

Panic gripped him as he dialled the number again, and the flood of relief that ran through his system as he heard his mother’s voice was enough to floor a man. However, his body soon froze up again when he heard his mother crying.

“M-Mom?” Yugyeom whispered, clutching the phone to his head harder. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“Yu-yugyeom.” she gasped and Yugyeom bit back tears. He didn’t even know what was happening, but he hated when his mother cried.

“Mom? Mom, what’s wrong?”

“I-It’s, it’s Y/N, Yugyeom.”

It felt a lot like someone had just poured a bucket full of icy water over him.

“What?” he whispered, hardly able to catch his breath. “What? What’s wrong? What about Y/N? Is she okay? Is she there?”

“Gyeom…” she murmured and Yugyeom felt a spasm of pain shoot through his chest at your old nickname for him.

“Mom?” he cried frantically. “What’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s…” his mother inhaled shakily, the emotion still strong in her voice. “She’s gone, Yugyeom.”

Yugyeom was heartbroken. Everybody knew it. Hell, the entire JYP building knew it by the sound of the younger boy’s screams.

The phone fell to the floor and his fingers laced in his hair, trying his best to clutch onto something so he could get a grip on life. To get a grip on something real, so he didn’t slip off the face of the Earth.

The feeling in Yugyeom’s chest was something that he couldn’t even describe with all of the words he knew. Not a single thing could tell anybody the pure, sheer, raw agony that ripped through him.

Yugyeom was completely ruined. Everything inside him was crying out in pain and Yugyeom didn’t know what he could to keep a lid on his earth-shattering grief.

So he didn’t.

He threw everything he could get his hands on across the room, letting them shatter and break just like his heart and soul had. He punched and kicked and clawed and screamed at anybody that ran into the room to calm him down, and soon he was bursting through the front doors of the JYP building, ignoring the shouts from his brothers behind him and hurtling out on the street with only his wallet and his phone stuffed hastily in his back pocket.

As his feet slapped against the pavement rhythmically, the remnants of his heart pounding loudly in his ears and tears stinging at his eyes, threatening to blind him, he knew exactly where he was going - he was going home. He was going to you.

“Yugyeom,” his mother gasped, opening the door wide to reveal her son that looked like he had walked to entire way there from Seoul. “Wha-Wha-What are you doing here?”

“Y/N…” he whispered, eyes filling up again.

He’d thought that, after crying pathetically the entire train journey here, that he’d have ran out of tears, but he couldn’t hold back the tears and the sobs as he crumpled into nothing in front of his mom.

“Mom…” he sobbed. “Mom…”

“I know,” she cried, falling to her knees in front of him and wrapping him up in her arms the best that she could. “I know, baby. I know.”

“It hurts,” he sobbed. “It hurts so much. Make it stop, please!”

It felt rather like his body was on fire, knowing that he would never see you again.

He would never hug you, never laugh with you, never look into your eyes and wonder how one person could be so astoundingly beautiful. He would never walk you home from school again, never lie on his sofa with you and stuff your faces with pizza and he would never  He would never hold you tight against his body as you shook with sobs overnight. He would never knock on your front door to look down at your face, always beaming and always so happy to see him. He would never hear your voice again and he would never ever hold you again.

He would never get to tell you that he had fallen so deeply in love with you as if he had plunged head first into an icy lake, and now he was drowning.

shiro and pidge constantly denying that they have crushes on each other despite it being SUPER obvious to the rest of the paladins is my favorite thing in the world holy sHIT


Gif source:  Digger

Imagine Captian Boomerang attempting to pick you up at a bar.

——— Request for anon ———

He sat at the stool beside yours so roughly that you had to look in his direction, catching him in the process of ordering two beers before he faces you like his tilt towards you would suggest was his plan all along, “Well, hello there, love. Ya’ here all by yourself?” You almost chuckle at his forwardness when he slides the second beer he’d ordered towards you, quick to get into your personal space.

Taking the beer into your hand, you let it sit there as you look over this clearly Australian man, “Maybe…”

He moves a bit closer, and you can smell the scent of liquor and week-old cologne that still clung to his jacket, “What do ya’ say to having some company tonight?”


Harry discovered that Albus is gay when Ministry business led him to Hogwarts on what was coincidentally the school’s Pride Day. While climbing the staircases towards the Headmistress’s office, he heard an undeniably familiar voice let out a burst of exhilarated ‘whoop’s. He spun around and leaned over the railing. There only a story below him, his son danced around in circles, twirling a rainbow flag. His cheeks sported multi-color eye black, and the phrase ‘gay af’ was messily painted across his bare chest. Harry stared, eyes round with disbelief, as Albus pulled a- fully clothed, much to his relief- boy from his hiding place next to the doorway and proceeded to lock lips with him. The other boy’s shockingly blond hair was enough to reveal his identity. So, Albus and Scorpius were gay. Harry felt his expression loosen as he watched the two boys’ faces part before they immediately dived into a tight hug. His lips fell into an easy grin. 

After a moment of thought, Harry cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled down to the embracing couple. “Albus Severus Potter!” He shrieked, feigning anger. Albus’s gaze flew skyward as he stumbled out of Scorpius’s arms. 

“D-Dad?” He stuttered as a look of horror passed over his features. He jerked the flag down and attempted to hide it behind his legs. Scorpius stood silently at his side, eyes settling on his feet. Albus’s lip began to tremble. “D-Dad, I… We were just… I…” Scorpius picked up on the anxiety in his voice and placed a hand lovingly on his shoulder as a gesture of his support. Albus visibly relaxed at Scorpius’s touch. He cleared his throat before speaking again with a million times more confidence in his tone. “"I know you might be mad but just… Hate me, if you have to. Disown me, even. But…” He glanced over his shoulder at Scorpius, his eyes glistening. “Leave Scorpius alone, or so help me, I’ll-”

“Albus, stop talking … Unless it’s to invite your boyfriend home to meet the family,” Harry mused, finally letting the corners of his mouth curve upwards once more. “"Oh,” he added thoughtfully, “and, by the way, rainbow suits you both quite well.” With that, he turned and continued ascending the stairs. He could hear Scorpius muttering "I love you, Albus Potter” on repeat for about three more flights. 

Cuddling Xero

@kan-heeyoung : Hello you, french follower here ! 😆 I just read the ‘Cuddle with Bjoo’ and I’d like to know if you could -eventually- the same with Xero or Hojoon ? Thank you so much ! (And sorry for my english) 😉

+ the Hojoon one will be up shortly


-So Xero is one of my biases right

-So this is gonna be long and feature me freaking out bc oH my god i love him but anyway

-He’s got like kind of a tough look to him but really he’s soft and adorable tbh ya feel ??

-Cuddles would be like a nightly thing before bed

-I think he’d prefer facing you so you two can have long conversations

-Like in english at school you read a book and then reflect on it??? Yea you guys like live your lives and then you reflect with each other at night lols

-Your legs would be intertwined and his arm would go over you and be just aimlessly making random shapes on your back with his fingers

-Sometimes his hand gets a little too low


-”Yep uh um sorry ‘bout that”

-He isn’t sorry


-He would love talking to you about anything and everything

-He’s mentioned before that he likes girls who listen so he would probably do most of the talking

-Which is not a problem

-He’d talk about how his day was going, what he ate for breakfast, how work went, drama he read on twitter idk man just anything

-He’d casually throw in a compliment to you just because

-”Yea and then we got stuck in really bad traffic, by the way your hair looks good today, yea and it was really boring..”

-And you just giggle and he loves your giggle

-But of course there would be days where something was off with you

-He would start his conversation and suddenly be like “Hey what’s wrong with you?” bc he can just tell

-And since he’s your bf you can’t act like you’re fine and you just vent everything out

-He’d drag you closer to him and he’d hold onto the back of your head as you nuzzle your head in his neck okay now i’m crying

-Leaves little kisses on your forehead oh my god

-When your done he’d just squeeze your hand and tell you it was all gonna be alright i need to leave

-Every little thing is gonna be alright (im sorry this song is so old)

-Sometimes you’d fall asleep while cuddling

-Actually all the time

-But you always fell asleep first

-And he’d take pictures of you

-Sometimes if you were wearing like his shirt or something and the lighting was good he’d post it on his insta

-”It looks good with my aesthetic”

-So yea I love Xero and cuddles are great and I rambled a lot but whoops


Usually, office place relationships were frowned upon. Once the team found out you and Derek were a thing, Hotch had a grumpy face for at least two days before he laid down the law; work comes first.

You two obviously agreed, already knowing that during a case, they had to concentrate. But that didn’t stop the two of you from giving each other knowing little glances and small touches. Derek would bring you coffee and stress out about your safety.

Sometimes, things would be strained between you two. Derek would put himself in danger and you’d yell at him. He would argue that he just wants you to be safe, and you’d ask him if he thinks you can’t protect yourself. No relationship was perfect; especially in this job as co-workers. But you fixed whatever problems you had, because as Hotch said, the work comes first.

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MITAM song blurbs: Hey Angel

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@thenextleap (Jihoon and James)

The demon was far from current in his taste in music. He had been raised on classical, to appreciate it as a noble genre from the balls his farther had held and even now it was all he could listen to. He had a deep appreciation classical, a love for the music that he found could calm him, relax him or even inspire his every day life and so with a little free time, he had finally taken himself off to a music store.

He pushed the door open before he moved his head to look around with him and stepped further inside the store. He had a distaste for the look of plastic CD’s and held a fondness for vinyl records but where they were he had no idea. 

“Excuse me, d-” He was about to request some help on where to look but he was only two words in before he recognized the face of the male before him. It was the man from the bar, the one who had gone off on him for buying him dinner.

Noc said he needed a hand with something. Pumpkin tried to be punny and LITERATELY gave him a hand. But now he’s being an ass and won’t give it back.

idfk random idea I conjured while waiting for post limit to reset.

Pumpkin’s mine and Noc belongs to bunny-virus

For @peetypie1919, because she said please.  :-)

First Kiss

Barry knew she was there, just inside the door, watching him.  He also knew she’d stand there until he invited her into his private moment.

His head turned a few degrees as he looked at the empty space beside him.  “Hey.”

The door opened before the sound of the word faded.

“Hey.” Taking her welcome for granted now, Iris sat down and angled her body toward him.  Although he didn’t look at her, he could feel her eyes on his profile, studying him.  Her concern washed over him with the warmth of a touch.   “Barry … I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you know how many kids grow up without a father?”  He didn’t expect an answer, and didn’t wait for one before he finally turned to face her.  “I was lucky enough to have two and now …”

“Zoom.”  The word sounded like a curse.

“Jay.”  Barry corrected her in the same tone.  “He hid behind the name of a monster but that’s over.  He’s Jay Garrick – and he’s just a man.”  He shrugged and when he smiled, it was devoid of humor.  “He’s a man, like I am, and you know what?  He was right.  We are just alike.”

Iris immediately protested.  “That’s not true - -“

Barry shook his head, silencing her.  “It is, but that’s okay because it means I can beat him.  All he has is hate and I have …”

When he paused, Iris simply waited, her attention wholly focused on him.  A shaft of late-afternoon sun found sparks of auburn in her hair, setting them ablaze and surrounding her with light. A memory flashed by – the look on her face the night before when they’d so easily talked of a future together.  Just now, with her eyes faintly swollen and her nose pink from the tears that still clung to her lashes, that chance at happiness seemed one more thing Jay was trying to steal from him.

The thought strengthened Barry’s resolve.  His chest rose as he breathed deep.

“I’m not going to let him take anything else from us, Iris,” he vowed.  “Nothing.”

When her gaze dropped to his lips, he leaned in as if she’d whispered his name.  Responding to the same siren’s call of destiny, Iris met him halfway.

The spark wasn’t visible this time, not as it had been when the touch of their hands had inadvertently revealed the truth of his identity, but they felt it just the same.  It turned a kiss into a promise, and a promise into the first step on the road fate had waiting for them all along.  As his lips brushed hers, the universe sighed and shifted … and smiled.

luke and you had tried long distance. the late-night calls you’d receive that were actually early-morning to him, the skypes that never seemed to be long enough, your day to day life seeming so insignificant to his hundred miles a day job. you were in love. before he left, you felt that the two of you could face anything. through thick and thin, rough and easy, you always thought you’d be able to handle it with him. and that was just it. you weren’t with luke anymore, and he wasn’t there with you. and one night, nearing 1 in the morning, the two of you would be talking over the phone, exhaustion apparent in both your voices, not just from the time, but the lack of each other. and you both knew it. “i just miss you so much” and “i don’t know how much longer i can take this” would be exchanged, keeping the charades of strength up for long enough until you utter softly, reluctantly, “maybe we should just call it quits.” and you both knew that each others hearts had broken from that one line because it was out there and it couldn’t be taken back and neither of you necessarily wished it could be, because what more could there be? and after what seemed like hours of contemplating, speaking your minds, mournful silences and hundreds of tears, the call ended with luke saying, utterly broken yet with a small spark of hope, “i’ll be with you one day. i promise you that. i’m coming back when we’re ready for each other. theres a time for us. maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. and trust me, when that time comes, i am going to sweep you off your god damn feet.” 

5 months later and things that are still upsetting me

  • Alfrid have an obscene amount of screen time for all of his supposed “comedic relief”
  • Fili having five lines
  • Fili saying “Go! Run!” before he is killed
  • Fili getting two seconds of a fast zoom in of his face as he is dead on Raven Hill
  • zero shots of anyone mourning over his dead body
  • Fili looking like a frosted mini wheat dead and alone in the snow
  • Bilbo watching Thorin fall to the ground on Raven Hill
  • Balin smiling to Bilbo before he leaves for Bag End because he KNOWS how Bilbo felt 
  • having to wait for the EE to see what happens to the acorn
  • Bilbo going home and realizing that he isn’t the same person as he looks at his handkerchief 
  • Bilbo going his whole entire life not realizing how much the mithril was worth 
11.08 Coda

Dean never had an imaginary friend.  He sat in his room and stared at the floor just beyond his toes.  He must have sat there for a long time, because Cas ended up poking his head in before approaching.

Snapping his head up, Dean looked over Cas’ face.  He took two long breaths before his question burst forth without permission.  “Why didn’t I have an imaginary friend?”

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