before he was king

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Thanks you you I now have a great love for King Dorephan, can I have some headcanons of him with a hylian/human s/o in a relation ship? I don't care if it's now or when he's Sidon sized

Sure! I’ll have it set when he’s Sidon sized, before he was a king, just to try!

-Mod Pinks

Hylian s/o (Young! Dorephan)

  • Unlike Sidon, young Dorephan was very very nervous about his new role, and always tried to be serious when secretly he was a big sweetie.
    • As a result, his relationship with s/o was filled with him awkwardly trying to win them over and lots of secret soft moments between them
  • Tries so hard to maintain composure, but one hand holding and he is OUT
    • Flustered as hell
  • best damn advice giver EVER
    • Like s/o could be having a bad day and he’ll give them the best advice ever, already showing what sort of king he’ll be some day
  • Gives the best secret smiles
    • With time, his s/o gets him to smile more often and become the smiling king we all know and love
  • Overworks himself, has to be dragged out by s/o
    • Kinda funny to see, tiny s/o dragging big ol’ Dorephan by his fingers
  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused
so it turns out the tower is not actually haunted, it was just clint sleeptalking from inside the vents

Stop giving Bernie credit for minimally doing his job 2k4ever

Mindblowing facts about SDR2


I was happily fooling around on (it’s very good when you want to read something totally random or interesting about any fandom possible) and I decided to read something about SDR2… There are many things (from tearjerking, to nightmarish, to funny, things of any kind, really) that I never noticed and these are the ones I personally find to be the most interesting. 

WARNING: Long post.

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The Shirt

anonymous requested:  “ Can you do a Calum imagine where you wear his shirt to bed and he gets extremely horny so he has to drop your kid off at grandmas and well you know what happens next. ;D”

But I honestly have no idea how to write smut so yeah…

“Babe, you have got to stop doing that,” Calum groaned while shoving the nearest pillow into his face.

“What the hell are you talking about. I’m literally doing nothing,” you questioned while bending over to pick up Calum’s pants that he carelessly threw on the ground moments before getting into the California King sized bed.

“That! That right there! Stop it! You know what happened last time,” he rambled while aimlessly waving his hands at your body. You looked down at your attire and smirked, knowing exactly what he was getting at; his grey State Champs t-shirt you were wearing to sleep in. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe,” you smirked while purposely reaching down again, making sure Calum could see that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the rather large shirt. He groaned again, throwing the pillow at you, clearly not appreciating your actions. You giggled as you noticed the growing bulge in your husband’s briefs.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” he groaned again.

“I still to this day don’t understand why me wearing your clothes turns you on so much,” you teased while climbing on top of him and straddling his lap. “We’ve been together eight years and a piece of fabric on me that you usually wear on stage is what gets you horny,” you laughed as you trailed your fingers over his chest along the fresh tattoo of three lions on left peck. You were shocked when he came home with it after what you thought was a day at the studio. You vividly remember the smile on his face as he told you that the three lions represented his pride; his family; you and Alani. He distracted you from your thoughts as he pulled you down to connect your lips.

“Well one, we haven’t had sex in over three days, that’s a new record for us. And two, It’s not my fault my shirt only covers half of your ass. You look like a damn goddess every time you wear my clothes,” he grinned causing you to laugh and lightly smack his arm.

“Whatever you say, Hood.”

“You know I’m right, Also Hood.”

You leaned back down to kiss him once more but one simple peck led to a fully heated make-out as Calum began to run his hands all over your body. “Cal, Alani is here.”


“She can walk in here at any moment because of a nightmare and she’s already been emotionally scarred enough by the stupid shit Michael and Luke do, I don’t think she needs to add seeing her parents have sex to the list.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just drop her off at my sisters,” he suggested.

“She’s in London,” you sighed.

Calum immediately got out of bed and began dialing a number. “Babe, who are you calling at eleven at night?” He ignored you before walking out the bedroom door and down the hall towards your three year old daughter’s room while mumbling quietly on the phone. Moments later you child ran past your room and downstairs. Calum peeked his head back into the room before smirking, “I’m dropping her off at my mom’s. You better be naked and on your knees by the time I get back, you’re in for a long weekend.”

“Weekend?” I questioned while raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Weekend. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

You laughed at how desperate your husband was to get you alone, something that occurred often after the two of you decided to have Alani. 

The sound of the front door opening and shutting only made you more anxious for your husband. You quickly discarded the shirt and sat on your knees waiting for him to walk through the doors.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered more to himself as he stood frozen in the doorframe.

“Cal, are you gonna do anything or should I put your shirt back on and go to sleep,” you teased.

Without a hesitation he ran towards the bed and pushed you back while climbing on top of you. “God I missed this,” he moaned out in between kisses, “I can’t wait to do this all weekend long.”

His hands were all over your body, trying to feel every inch of you. No matter how long you had been together, every time he touched you felt like the first time back in high school.

He quickly stripped of his clothing and you pushed him back lowering your mouth to his now fully erect member. “Babe, no. As much as I love it when you do, I’m not gonna last. I need to be in you now,” he breathed out before flipping the two of you over. 

“Cal, condom,” you gasped out in between your own moans as he began to align himself with your entrance.

“I could put one on, but I think Alani needs a little sibling,” he grinned.

“You really want another kid?” your heart skipping a beat. It had been something you’d wanted to bring up to him but were too scared of what his answer would be.

He nodded, “there’s a reason I left more space on my peck,” he smiled referring to the three lions on his chest, “hopefully it’s a boy this time.” 

Long before Atem defeated the Thief King and banished Zorc, he found a prisoner hidden within the tombs, sealed inside as a captive by the previous Pharaoh because unknown to the child, his Ka was bound to the spirit of the Winged Guardian of Ra. The tomb raider set the captive free, gave him the stolen Millennium Rod and persuaded him to stay and join his cause, not fully sure how to unlock his potential to use against the Pharaoh, but determined to do so. 

Sidlink AU

Sidlink AU where Hyrule is starting to thrive again. Sadly the Zora King get’s weak and dies before he is able to see it go back to it's state in it’s glory days. Making Sidon the King. Taking this as his opportunity to make Link his forever he carefully plans a way of proposing to his Hylian boyfreind. It goes a little south but he dose so anyways and Link accepts Happily. Making him the second King of the Zora. They, After a lot of thinking and talking, decide to adopt a Gerudo child and not long after that give her a little sibling by adopting a Goron child.
(Just fluff and Sidon/Link being great dads)

  • Akutagawa: Dazai-san is always so busy now that he's dating the mantiger. I mean.. Seriously? What does the mantiger have that I don't have?
  • Chuuya: Dazai.

Minwoo: Eric, who hasn’t talked at all & the fans kept on asking us to make Eric talk, so we made him talk. And then .. he talks about shoebill stork……

Bonus: Dongwan’s imitation of Eric’s bird xD

As I read an article about John Lewis and all the incredible things he did, I wondered why I had never heard about him before. He was a civil rights leader who walked with Martin Luther King and worked with him, but somehow it took an angry tantrum from an old man on Twitter to inform me about who he is–and that is almost embarrassing.

I asked myself why that was, and then I came to one simple observation:

Everyone focuses on MLK because he’s dead. This is not simply because he’s a martyr, but because a dead man cannot tell you that you are wrong. If John Lewis was held in the same high regard as MLK, if today was John Lewis Day, our future Supreme Leader would not be able to just drop an argument he was having and say “Honor him for being the great man that he is!” Anyone can argue that a dead figurehead would approve of their position on any matter, because they cannot be contradicted. 

If we afforded the same amount of attention to John Lewis as we did to Martin Luther King, perhaps even Donald would be afraid to attack him on an internet platform. However, because the two are not even comparable in terms of attention received (well…they weren’t…because someone is currently selling a lot of books…), a man with bad hair and tiny hands can launch into whatever tirades he wants and simply pretend like he’s arguing with another human being. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen observations similar to this on the website in the past, but I feel like this morning’s tweet from the “President-Elect" only confirms it: Martin Luther King can’t tweet back, so Donald can pretend like they would have been friends.


ASOIAF meme: 2/3 pre-got queen characters

Maris the Maid

Maris the Maid, the Most Fair, whose beauty was so renowned that fifty lords vied for her hand at the first tourney ever to be held in Westeros. (The victor was the Grey Giant, Argoth Stone-Skin, but Maris wed King Uthor of the High Tower before he could claim her, and Argoth spent the rest of his days raging outside the walls of Oldtown, roaring for his bride.)

Before Sunrise They’re Your Kids!

basically inspired from Lion King quote “Before sunrise he’s your son.”

You were woken in the middle of the night by the sounds of screams. You bolted upright in the bed and Bruce did the same beside you. The pair of you listened intently for several seconds trying to identify the danger. First you heard Tim’s voice, then Jason’s and finally Damian’s. They were arguing. Groaning, you flopped back down onto your pillow, pulling the covers back up to your shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Bruce asked. You could feel his eyes glaring daggers at you. “Aren’t you going to do something about that?” Even though you weren’t facing him, you could tell he’d just pointed at your bedroom door. You glanced over at the alarm clock on your nightstand. It was two in the morning. Too early to deal with screaming teenage boys.

“I take them to school, I make sure they get fed and I help them with their homework. I work the day shift. Batman is Gotham’s nocturnal avenger. Before sunrise, they’re your kids.” You grumbled before squeezing your eyes shut.

“You’re lucky I love you!” You heard him mumble before he flung the covers off himself and staggered sleepily towards the door. “BOYS!”