before flipping out

My ideal coming out scene for Steve

Avengers are flying out on a mission, steve and Bucky are jumping out first to scout the area bc they are Sneaky Super Soldiers. They approach the jump zone and steve says something like “stay safe Buck, I’ve got your back” or some corny shit.

Bucky turns from the open door and uses his metal hand to pull steve into a gentle but insistent kiss before running to dive out of the plane. All without changing his expression from winter-soldier determined because he is a fucking bad ass.

Now we have the endless possibilities of team reactions. I give you Thor, looking joyfully clueless as always; happy for his friends and their Warrior Embrace without any idea something significant just happened. Natasha, with a knowing, I-knew-it smirk. Sam nodding to himself like alright, that’s cool, shoulda seen that coming. Clint and Wanda with equally shocked I thought we were the only ones with secret relationships faces. Vision and Banner looking perplexed and impressed respectively with the unpredictability of humans. T'Challa not giving a shit because he already knew - hello he was there for Bucky being re-frozen and asking for steve every time he was thawed.

A dumbfounded Tony just sputters, standing up before steve can follow.

“B-but I thought you had that long-lost love affair with Peggy!”

Steve’s face softens. “She’ll always be my girl.”

Tony’s still confused. “What about that-uh Sharon chick?”

Steve shrugs indifferently. “She was cute.”

“I don’t-”

“It’s called being bisexual,” Steve interrupts with a grin. “Look it up, you can google it now.”

And that little rascal, proud as FUCK for understanding how google works now, gives his team a sassy salute before flipping out of the plane after his boyfriend.

PSA: Don’t compare yourself.

Follow this ONE SIMPLE TRICK and get abs in ONE MONTH!!!


There are some things in the fitness community that I absolutely hate. There are a of half truths and whatnot’s that go around on tumblr and other image hosting sites that are being less than honest with people that are barely starting out, and it really strikes a nerve in me when I see people purposely lying to sell their products/services, get likes/notes, etc.

It strikes a nerve in me because it sets up high expectations of yourself. It makes you feel terrible about your own progress, and makes you want to quit. “They managed to [look some way] in a month? I’ll never be able to do that. Might as well not try.”

So what can we doing to misguide you guys? Camera tricks, misleading text, the works. The above “before and after” picture? I took the “After” first and the “Before” after filling up on food and soda. I’m angled differently in the “after” to make my body look sleeker than it actually is. I can even choose an area with different lighting to make changes look even more intense. And you know what? People can do a lot of this with these methods.

I could slouch my shoulders, look miserable, stand unflexed and give off an image of someone unhappy and unhealthy. Yet two seconds later, after flexing and posing, and I make it seem like after training/using some product, I have turned my life around.

THIS is how badly I can mislead you: using 1. different lighting, 2. posing, and 3. switching the “before” and “after” pictures around.

And it can go even further:

NEVER compare yourself to some of the progress pictures you see out there, especially if they’re attached to a product or service, and the time frame is too good to be true. Fitness takes a long time to reach, and looking the part even longer. 

“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.“

So you’ve been working out for a few weeks/months and don’t quite look the way you want to? That’s how it works. I look the way I do after 4+ years of manual labor, and 1+ years of body building&diet changes, and I’m still not where I want to be. I didn’t start looking the way I do until nearing up on the one year mark of heavy weightlifting. It takes time to get there, but eventually we get there.

Don’t let some pictures on the internet ever stop you from doing something. Don’t compare. Never, ever compare. Just keep going. I have suffered far too long comparing myself to others to let anyone else fall into the same trap.

Why does the snake mascot of Slytherin house mean Slytherins are sly and murderous
have you actually met a snake
my friend’s python is literally what you’d get if you took a fat spaghetti noodle, made it come to life, and gave it social anxiety
snakes are fat spaghetti noodles with social anxiety that flop on warm things, hide in themselves when threatened, lick things they’re not supposed to lick because curiosity, and accidentally get sucked into couches
THATs the dangerous clever and deadly mascot of Slytherin house

My hands are shaky,

And my thoughts don’t make sense. 

I can’t stand up straight, 

And my body feels tense.

Did something bad happen?

Why do I feel this pain?

I was just sitting here thinking about how beautiful this day is.

I can’t seem to breathe,

And my words come out slurred.

I can’t see anything, 

It’s all a mindless blur.

What the hell happened?

Did I blackout?

What’s happening to me?

I need answers before I flip out.

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the last train to jedha (for the made up fic title)

Okay, this, to me, screams Old West AU, more specifically, a Magnificant Seven/Rogue One mashup. 

We’ve got Jedha, a small mining town that was happy enough once, prosperous enough once, but then wealthy industrialist Orson Krennic discovered that there was Niter in the coal mine. He muscled into town with his paid-off gang, the Death Troopers. Krennic locks down Jedha, his personal train the only fast way into or out of the town.

In this chokehold, people start dying, and eventually, longtime resident Chirrut decides that Enough is Enough and goes off with all the wealth the town has left to hire some gunslingers. 

Well, at first he’s just looking for one gunslinger. A gunslinger with his own damn gatling gun. He finds Baze Malbus, throws a pile of money down in front of him. “Jedha is dying. Is this enough to make you come back home and fight for it?” 

Baze looks at him. “Jedha hasn’t been home for me for a long time.” 

Chirrut sighs. “It could be, again. Please, come home. It’s been so long since you’ve left that I can’t even remember why. We were a good team, once. We could be again.”

Baze has never been able to say no to Chirrut for long. (it was part of the reason why he left) He pushes the money back across the table. “Alright. But we can’t do it alone. We need help.” 

They find law-abiding Marshall Cassian Andor first. Yankee Intelligence Captain in the Civil War, went into peacekeeping afterward. Never lost the taste for wanting to see Justice done. He knows it’s a lost cause, but he’s got some ideas. 

Cassian goes and sends out a message to Kate Euesso, his old partner in the intelligence game. Kate is an enormously tall woman (we’re genderbending! What even is a droid gender, anyway) who is good with her fists and even better with her rifle. Cassian pitches their lost cause, and she looks at him and says, “You know your chance of success is less than two percent and casualties are a certainty.” 


“Well, I’m in.” 

Their recruiting party is crashed by a young woman with a six-shooter at her hip and a truncheon in her other hand. She’s accompanied by a twitchy young man who nevertheless covers her back with quiet competence. “Name’s Jyn Erso. I understand you’re going after the man who killed my father. This is Bodhi Rook. He can get you in to Krennic’s base.” 

“Assuming they haven’t changed the codes. If they have, all I can get you is blown up.” 

And then Bodhi helps them hijack a train and they make it into Jedha and everyone does a lot of kicking ass and Baze finally confesses that his long love for Chirrut was what made him leave and they kiss in the middle of battle and  they set the town free. 

And despite being a mashup of two movies where everyone/nearly everyone dies in the end Gosh Darnit They All Live Because This Is My House.




Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

“You do realize that most stories like this are quite overused, right? I’m sorry to disappoint you Dipper, but I suggest rewriting this, or starting over, so it won’t end up as a cliché,” Mason sighed, tapping his long and thin fingers on the table.

Dipper groaned, and pressed the heels of his hands against his brown eyes. “Knew it,” he hissed underneath his breath, the corner of his lips curled into a scowl. “Shouldn’t have listened to my peers when they said it would have been easier,” he grumbled under his breath, not removing his small hands from their place on his head.

“I suggest not listening to your peers at all,” Tyrone butted in, taking a seat next to Dipper at the kitchen table. He had a red apple in hand, already taking a bite out of it. “They don’t really help with much at all, really.” The man shrugged, and tipped his chair back, resting his feet on the table, crossing his ankles. He frowned, and took small nibbles out of the red fruit in his hand. “Then again, that’s just me.”

“Feet off of the table, you heathen,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone’s feet. “We eat here, so at least show some respect and get your dirty feet off.” Mason’s face scrunched up a bit as he leaned back in his seat.

Tyrone just stuck his tongue out, before flipping the bird, and continuing to eat his apple. Mason huffed, and decided that dealing with Tyrone could happen later.

“As I was saying earlier,” Mason nodded his head a little, thinking before he continued, “editing this or rewriting it would help very much. I would say that if you just get rid of a few sentences or fix them, then you’ll be good. A solid ‘B’, in my opinion,” he hummed. Mason stopped tapping the table, and glanced up at Dipper and Tyrone, the former still in the same position (and had started groaning softly), and the latter still slowly eating an apple silently. “I.. Wouldn’t want you to rewrite the entire thing of course…” He said slowly, eyeing Dipper. “Are you okay?” Mason asked, tone oddly sympathetic for once.

“Mmmmhmmmmm, a-okay, totally gonna be alright. Yep. All good over here. Totally not gonna have to rewrite the entire thing,” Dipper removed his hands from his eyes, and shifted a bit, before letting his head drop on the table with a soft ‘thump’. “A-okay,” Dipper repeated, giving his brothers a thumbs up, his hand then disappearing underneath the table.

“Think you broke him, bro,” Tyrone commented, twirling his apple on his finger before taking a bite out of it. “Not the first time this happened. I think Mabel said something about this happened when they finished finals. Not sure though.” Tyrone shrugged, finishing his apple. Tossing the core up in the air and catching it, he tossed it at Mason, grinning widely.

Mason glared at Tyrone, catching the apple core. “Ew,” he mumbled distastefully, face scrunching up in disgust. He stood up, and walked over to the trash can, dropping the apple core in it. “Next time, just throw it away,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone.

Tyrone grinned at his older brother, and gave the man finger guns. “Bang,” Tyrone said, his hand moving up a bit so it looked like he shot Mason. Despite it being his fingers.

Mason rolled his blue eyes, sitting back down, crossing his right leg over his left. He put his elbow the table, and rested his chin in the palm of his head. “You sure you’re okay Dipper?” He received a groan in response.

“We’ll take that as a yes!” Tyrone said, smiling. Mason glared at him, and Tyrone just winked at the other brunette.

Name Calling

For @leiascully xf writing challenge prompt: lists. It’s not a list, but it’s about a list. I hope that counts? I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, so…

Mulder’s chaos. That’s the only way to describe his filing system. Or lack thereof.

Scully wouldn’t have this problem if Mulder were here, or if he were at least answering his phone. The cell is probably either dead or he’s lost it again. He really needs a system, Scully thinks as she tries to understand the connection between haunted beach resorts and possessed guinea pigs. According to Mulder, there seems to be one.

Twenty minutes ago Skinner called their office to let them, or rather Scully, know that he needs the report on their latest case. Immediately. Utmost importance. And more words Scully didn’t hear, already frantically going through Mulder’s desk. She should not have let him write that report. Had she done it herself, she could already be on her way to Skinner’s office. But no. The one time she insists on him doing the paperwork, she regrets it.

So here she sits, among files, reports, several bills, a Playboy magazine from 94 and even more National Geographics. The report, however, is not here. Skinner will call again in five minutes, tops. Since Mulder is not here, she will get yelled at all by herself. Just what she needs today.

Lost in thought, Scully unfolds a piece of paper. At first she thinks it’s merely a scribbled note, nothing important. But it’s a list, a long one. She quickly scans the many names neatly categorized into girls and boys. Samantha and Melissa are at the top and they’re both crossed out. Too much history, she deciphers the scrawled words next to them. Scully reads through all of them; from Abigail and Adam to Xenia and Zachary. Some have comments right next to the entry; Mulder has terrible hand writing and some of it is no longer readable. Scully doesn’t notice her tears until one of them falls down right down at the end. Mulder?, it reads there in black ink, or would she prefer Scully? The names blur together, eventually.

Baby names.

Mulder made a list of baby names. For their child.

“Hey Scully, what’s up with Skinner? He just- Scully?” Mulder barges in, holding two large coffee cups and stops when he sees her slumped over the chaos on his desk.

Scully can’t stop the sob that escapes her and Mulder is by her side in two long strides. He puts the cups down on the desk and crouches in front of her. He gently tips the chair so that she’s facing him. His hands, warm and large, rest on her knees as his eyes finds hers.

“Scully, what happened? Is it because of Skinner?” She shakes her head, her tongue too thick, her throat too tight to talk. Instead she hands him the list.

“Oh.” His voice is as gentle as his hands as he takes the proffered piece of paper. He looks at it for a moment, the ghost of a smile passing over his face.

“I forgot about this.” Mulder’s index finger gently touches one of the names and suddenly nothing matters as much as this to Scully. She needs to know.

“What’s your favorite?” She asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Uhm, I had several favorites depending on, well…” He refuses to look at her, shy now, but she knows exactly what he was thinking about.



“No, I mean… their name, it would have been Mulder.” His eyes light up in surprise for a moment, soften, and he smiles up at her. Scully used to think, when there was still possibility to dream, that their baby would smile exactly like that. Same eyes, same beautiful mouth. The picture shatters in front of her once again, as it always will, but Mulder’s voice, warm and gentle, keeps her here, keeps her sane. It does now as it did then months ago, when their dream, her baby, wasn’t to be.

“Jake for a boy. Jake Mulder. I felt that… it felt like a good name, you know? Or William.” Scully raises her eyebrows and he nods, chuckles.

“I know, I know. Plenty of Williams in our families already.” Mulder stares at the list again, at their lost possibilities. There would be no Jake Mulder. No William Mulder either.

“And for a girl?” The question hurts as she presses it through her constricted throat. She needs to know, though. They never talked about it. Let’s move on, she’d told him the morning after breaking down in his arms. Back then it had seemed like it had been her loss; only hers.

“I thought maybe… Melinda. It’s not Melissa, but it’s close and I thought-” Scully’s painful sob tears through his words and makes him pause. The list slips from his hand as he opens his arms and she falls into them, easily.

Mulder holds her as tightly as possible and she lets him. She let him before when the IVF didn’t work. This, she realizes now, way too late, is their pain. It’s not just hers; he, too, lost something. The phone rings insistently, startling them both, returning them to the here and now.

Scully looks at Mulder and smiles thankfully as he wipes her tears away. His finger traces her lips and she kisses it, softly, like a butterfly’s flap.

With a sigh, and protesting knees, Mulder gets up to pick up the phone. Scully can hear Skinner’s angry booming voice.

“I’m just gonna… go and give Skinner that report before he completely flips out,” his grin is lopsided, “all right?” Scully merely nods and watches as Mulder opens a drawer and after a moment holds the right file in his hands. Mulder’s chaos, she thinks with a sigh. She can no longer feel angry about it.

“Mulder?” He’s already at the door and turns to face her, his eyebrows slightly raised.

“I’d like to keep this list. If it’s all right with you.”

“It’s your list, Scully. It’ll always be your list.”

Mr. Stark

Request: “Loved your latest Tony Stark x reader fic! If you’re up for it could you do another smutty oneshot? One where the reader is Tony’s personal assistant and they have a sexual relationship going on and they get busy on a conference table right before a meeting 🙈 “

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: smuttttttt, bit of an AU aka no avenger-related business

A/n: i got probably too excited reading this request. also um this gif??? he’s so cute 

Originally posted by cinziadowney

“Mr. Stark, you have a meeting in half an hour. Conference room B.” You said, poking your head into his room.

He turned from his place at the mirror. “Got it. How do I look?”

You gave him a quick once-over, admiring the navy suit he wore. “Just as good as always, sir.”

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The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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*shuffles around a bit* 
*mumbles* Hana..dul…sET


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Girl you got me fucked up! Cats And Dogs is so fucking hot! I'm a hoe for hybrid!au and the whole heat/crazy hot lust thing. I'm very glad you didn't make tae take advantage of the OC. That was very thoughtful of you. With that said can you please MAKE THEM DO THE DO!!! POSSIBLY WHEN ONE OF THEM IS IN HEAT??? I'LL BE YOUR SLAVE FOR LIFE!!!! jk I would hate to pressure you I'm just thirsty af. I'm so excited for the kink thing 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

i’m blushing real hard rn.  

tbh i was going to make them fuck, but then i ran out of stamina.  i tend to do that a lot where i write and write and write and then all the way at the end i just lose all energy and put in a cop-out ending.  

no worries!  i dont feel pressured.  thank you for being considerate though!

I don’t know if I can do a whole scenario about it, but here’s how I picture it:

You finish your internship just before Taehyung’s heat.  After being away for more than two months on assignment, you’re anxious to get back to your puppy.  

On the flight home you browse through your gallery at all your message downloads, smiling fondly at the sheer number of dick pics Taehyung sent you to “tide you over” until you got home.  They have a special place in your album next to your collection of his silly faces and handsome, full-body shots.  

Technically, you’re coming home a little earlier than usual, so you decide to surprise him.  

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When it Becomes too Much - Batfamily x Reader

Originally posted by thedragoon

Requested by robinlover11620 - A batsis imagine where she deals with depression and self-harm. 

You could feel their stares as you tried to find the energy to punch the punching bag. They watched you from across the cave, judging you. In that moment, you hated them for it. Landing a hard punch on the bag, you found agitation eating away at your soul. The punch seemed to drain you.

After a long moment, you heard footsteps behind you followed by a warm hand coming to rest on your shoulder. “(Y/N), are you okay?” Dick asked softly, coming around to face you. 

You suppressed the urge to scream or burst into tears as you laid a punch onto the bag. “I’m fine,” you growled, blinking back the tears that wanted to fall down your cheeks. You hated yourself so much at that moment. 

Dick’s hand started to rub your back. “Why don’t you take a break?” Dick suggested, trying to guide you towards the Batcave stairs. “Alfred has some of your favorite cookies waiting.” 

You glared at him, emotion bursting from you. “I said I was fine,” you screamed, elbowing him in the stomach and flipping him over your shoulder. Dick slammed into the ground, groaning from the impact. 

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Tim shouted, running to Dick’s side. He helped Dick sit up before glaring at you. 

“I’m fine, Tim,” Dick reassured, rubbing his head where it smacked against the floor. The guilt from your actions ate you alive. Tears started to well up in your eyes. Tim’s face soften at the sight.

Before either man could speak again, you ran towards the stairs of the Batcave, desperately wanting to escape. Bruce and Jason were in the study when you stepped out of the clock entrance. Jason was arguing with Bruce, preventing them from noticing the tears on your face. You felt Bruce’s eyes on you as you slipped out of the study.

You ran down the hallway, bumping passed Damian and Duke to enter the kitchen. Alfred was cooking something, calling out to you, but you ignored him and sprinted out of the back door. Tears clouded your vision as you ran through the garden and into the woods surrounding the manor.  

Eventually once you were deep into the woods, you came to a stop. Leaning onto your knees, you caught your breath before sinking to the ground. A sob escaped your lips, burying your face in your hands. Your emotions were racing a hundred miles a minute. 

Everything was falling apart. You didn’t want to eat and all you wanted was to sleep. Alfred wouldn’t let you sleep, making you enraged beyond your control. You were restless and exhausted at the same time. More tears slipped out your face.

Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a small pocket knife. Slowly, you rolled up your sleeve, revealing the scars you had made on your wrist. You traced the scars before flipping out the blade. Just when you were about to lower the blade to your wrist to reopen one of the scar, a gasp stopped you.

Your eyes shot up in surprise to find Duke standing only a few feet away from you. Duke took in the sight of the knife and the scars on your wrists before springing into action. He tried to disarm you, but you moved away from him.

“(Y/N), put the knife down,” he ordered, holding his hands up in surrender. His eyes were on the knife as if willing for it to disappear from your grasp. 

More tears fell down your cheeks. You shook your head, sobbing. “You weren’t supposed to see. No one was supposed to see.” 

While you were distracted, Duke shifted closer to you. You flinched at his movement, accidentally cutting your arm deeper than you meant. Hissing from the pain, you looked down as the blood started dripping down your arm.  

Suddenly, the knife was gone from your hand. You were too distracted by the blood rising from the rather deep cut on your arm that you didn’t see Duke taking the knife from your hand. He folded the knife before hiding it into his pocket. Slipping off his over-shirt, Duke pressed it to the cut.

“Come on,” he ordered, pulling you to your feet. He kept the shirt pressed to your wound while dragging you back towards the manor. You followed best you could, lightheaded by the blood loss. 

“Please don’t tell anyone,” you begged as you walked. “I won’t do it again. Just please don’t tell anyone.” 

Duke stopped, turning to look you in the eye. You could see his hesitation, but there was resolve in his eyes. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but things like this can’t be kept a secret.” With that, he pushed on. Stumbling behind him, you knew your family was never going to look at you the same way again.

Later, you were laying on a couch in Bruce’s study with your head in Dick’s lap. He was stroking your hair as Alfred cleaned up the cut on your arm. Duke had told them everything, and your secret was out. 

Bruce was on the phone, making an appointment for you to see a doctor. Tim was sitting by your feet on the couch, typing rapidly on his laptop. Every once and while, he would stop to give you a long look before going back to work. Damian and Jason left a long time ago, unable to handle the news. Duke sat in the corner of the room, watching you with a solemn expression. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” Dick whispered, wiping a rouge tear that fell down your cheek. “We should have known.” You didn’t say a word, saying blankly at the ceiling.

Alfred finished bandaging your cut, getting to his feet. He rubbed his eyes, gathering the medical supplies. “I’ll go make some tea,” he mumbled before leaving the room. More tears slipped down your face when you heard the door shut behind him. You could feel them rejecting you already for what you had done to yourself. 

Tim laid a hand on your foot at the sound of your tears, trying to comfort you. Dick pulled you up in his arms, hugging you to his chest. 

You didn’t know how long you sobbed into Dick’s chest. All you knew was you felt dead inside. 

When your tears dried, you were handed over to Bruce. Bruce leaned down to whisper into your ear.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He kissed your forehead as he carried you up to your room. “I’m so sorry you were in so much pain, and I didn’t notice.” Entering your room, Bruce laid you down on your bed before sitting on the edge of it. 

“Please don’t hate me,” you coughed, your eyes burning from crying so much.

Bruce was taken back. “(Y/N), why would you think of such a thing? Sweetheart, I may have hated that you got to the point of hurting yourself, but I don’t blame you. I don’t hate you, (Y/N).” He reached out to take your hand.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, exhausted. “I always cause you trouble.” 

He turned over your hand, studying the scars on your wrist. Bruce closed his eyes, gathering his next words. “You are not a burden to me, (Y/N). If you are suffering, I’m going to help you because I’m your father. You don’t have to be sorry, Sweetheart.” He smiled when he saw how you were trying to stay awake. “Go asleep, Honey. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Peace filled you at his words as your eyes drifted closed. You knew you were far from better, but somehow the future seemed just a little bit brighter than before. 

The Demon Next Door [M]

Warnings: This is a Rated M+ story. Read at your own risk. This is not a fluffy smut. There are parts that may bother some readers so please remain conscious of this.

A/N: This is gonna be a new series but it’ll be kind of darker than what I usually write. Tell me what you think

He moved months ago. I noticed him on the first day when a moving truck was parked in front of the house next door. It was late in the afternoon and I had just gotten home from class. I glanced over at the house as I got out of my car. The lights were on and the front door was open. A couple boxes were situated on the drive way. Suddenly, a male walked out of the house and his eyes quickly landed on me. A smile spread on his lips.
“Hey neighbor!” He said cheekily and made his way to the property line.
“O-oh Hi,” i smiled awkwardly and walked towards him. “Its nice to meet you”
“Same here….I’m Ten by the way” He held out his hand.
“____,” I shook his hand. “So how do you like the neighborhood so far?”
“Its nice” He nodded.
“Well that’s good..” I nodded. “You have a lot of boxes to load huh?”
“Yeah” Ten sighed. “It’s going to take me all night to get everything unpacked”
“Do you need any help?” I asked, trying to be friendly.
“That’s fine. You’re probably busy” Ten shrugged with a smile. I felt my cheeks heat up slightly. He was in reality really attractive and the way the afternoon sunlight hit his face made him almost glow.
“No, I honestly have nothing going on” I laughed. “I’ve finished my classes for the week so I have the weekend free”
“Oh, well then I could use the extra help I guess” Ten shrugged.
“Okay. Let me just put my stuff away and change” I smiled before heading inside my own home.

Hours passed as I helped Ten get unpacked.
“Why do you have so much stuff” I whined as I helped him set the last of his things in his room.
“I don’t know.” Ten chuckled as he loaded his clothes into his dresser.
“It’s 1 in the morning Ten. We’ve been at this for 7 hours” I collapsed onto his bed, feet dangling off the side.
“And I really appreciate that” He closed his dresser and went to lay down next to me. “It’s good to know that I have nice neighbors”
“Well FYI, I’m the only nice one” I laughed. “All the other neighbors are obnoxious kids with lousy parents and then cranky seniors”
“Then I’m glad I live next to you” Ten smiled.
It was oddly comfortable hanging out with Ten even though we had just met. I smiled slightly. It was going to be nice having a normal neighbor.

At least I thought he was normal…..but I soon found out things pertaining to Ten would be anything but normal.

A yawn escaped my lips and I stretched my arms, unconsciously arching my back in the process. Ten stared at me with an unreadable expression. I turned my head to face him and raised an eyebrow.
“Is there something on my face?” I frowned and sat up.
“No” Ten stated lowly and sat up as well.
“Oh..” my cheeks heated up slightly.
“You know ___,” Ten’s hand reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “You’re really pretty.” Something felt off suddenly.
“T-Thank you..” I scooted away slightly.
“Im serious. You’re beautiful” He softly whispered.
“Thanks…umm….you know,” I stood up, “It’s getting late. I should go home,”
“What’s the rush?” He smiled wickedly and the doors and windows suddenly slammed shut.
“What the Fu-” My words got caught in my throat when I looked over at Ten. His eyes turned a bright shade of red before returning to their brown color.

My first impulse was to run, and so that’s what i did. I tried to open the door but It was stuck. I still frantically tried to open it.
“There’s no use” Ten was suddenly behind me. His arms encircled my waist and my breathing hitched. “You’ve been caught”
“Let go of me!” I exclaimed and pushed him away before running to the other side of the room. I tried to open the windows but those were closed too. “HELP!” I began to scream.
“No one will hear you” Ten smirked and sat onto the bed.
“What are you? What do you want from me?” I shook in fear.
“I’m a demon,” Tens eyes flashed red. “And I’ve lived in the underworld for all my existence. If you saw the demon women, you’d be utterly repulsed. Now human women, like yourself, are different. They draw us to them with a scent. Your scent grabbed my attention.”
“What the fuck do you mean?? I never tried to draw anyone in,” I took a step back.
“You don’t try ___” Ten laughed and rested his elbows on his thighs. “It just happens….and you, oh you give off such a sweet scent. I don’t know how no one else got to you.” I stayed silent, too scared to say anything. A chuckle left Ten’s lips. “It’s been too long since Ive gotten out of that hellhole. I wanna have some fun tonight,”
“Y-you can’t make me do anything” I stuttered.
“On the contrary,” Ten smirked. “Come here”
I felt myself walking towards him. I knew I shouldn’t but something made me walk forward and I stopped right in front of him. He pulled me closer so that I was standing between his legs. He brought his lips to my neck, sucking on the skin and letting his tongue roam over the now colored skin. My hands shakily grabbed his sleeves and I closed my eyes, trying to escape the present. I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning and giving him any satisfaction. Ten pulled away slightly and stood up. He lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it to some corner of the room before turning me around and pushing me onto the bed. He tossed his own shirt to the side and moved atop me, ushering me further up the bed.
“Kiss me” He commanded. I propped myself up onto my elbows and hesitantly brought my lips to his. Ten immediately kissed me back. His tongue immediately darted into my mouth and caught mine. He was passionate, i couldn’t deny it and it would have felt great if it weren’t for the circumstances at hand. Ten continued to kiss me and his hands began to move to my stomach. His fingers traced my exposed skin causing me to shiver. A gasp left my lips when he moved his mouth down my chest and stomach, stopping right above the hem of my shorts. Ten slid 2 fingers underneath my shorts and pulled them down and off my legs.
“Do you want me to make you scream” Ten asked.
“N-no..” I responded weakly, causing Ten to raise a brow.
“I guess that’s too bad” He smirked and slid his fingers into my panties. “You say no yet you’re so wet”

One finger. He began to pump it inside of me at a quick pace.
Two fingers. My breathing got heavy and my hands reached down to stop him. He simply grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head.
3 fingers. I was resisting the urge to moan. A bitter pleasure swept through me as he went faster.
Suddenly, his thumb began to rub against my clit and that’s when I lost it.
“Ten!” I gasped, feeling a warm feeling erupt in my stomach. “Aaah~”
“That’s what I like to hear” Ten licked his lips. I was so close to the edge. The pressure in my stomach continued to increase but before I could release, Ten pulled out. I panted for air and stared at Ten. He was hovering right above me now.
“You seem to really want this now” He smiled.
“Fuck you” I spat out without thinking.
“In time” Ten responded. “But first, lets see if you taste as good as you smell” He moved down again, letting go of my wrists this time. His face was directly in front of my womanhood. I tried to push him away but he didn’t budge.
“___, if you don’t play nice, Im going to put you right on the edge over and over again and not let you release” His words made me stop. He smirked and attached his lips to my core. My breathing was uneven as his tongue licked a swipe against my folds. My hands tangled themselves in his hair and my eyes closed. This felt so good but it felt so wrong.
Ten began to dart his tongue in and out of my womanhood, causing me to let out a soft moan. The pressure was back and this time, I released over Ten’s face. He lapped up my juices before coming back up to kiss me. I let out a whine of dismay but Ten continued to move his lips against mine.
“You tasted amazing,” He whispered against my lips. “But I think it’s my turn now” Ten got off the bed and took off his pants and boxers with one pull before climbing over me again. My eyes stared at his cock. It was bigger than what I was used to. He moved up this time so that his pelvis was right in front of me.
“Suck” he commanded. I parted my lips and licked his tip, tongue sliding over the slit. A low groan escaped Tens lips and I took him deeper. I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock and started to bob my head.
“___ you’re so good” Tens arms that were next to me shook slightly, threatening to give in. I continued to suck on his cock, hollowing my cheeks in the process. Ten let out another moan and suddenly began to thrust into my mouth. Surprised by his movement, I stopped bobbing my head. This only led Ten to quicken his pace. His dick hit the back of my throat, causing tears to well up in my eyes. My name continually left his lips as he thrusted into my mouth. His pace quickened but he soon pulled out.
“Turn around” he said. I scrambled onto all fours and faced the other way. Ten’s hands traced my ass before giving it a smack. I let out a whine at the sensation.
“I hope you’re ready for what’s next” He stated lowly before positioning himself in front of my core.
“Aahh~” a loud moan left my lips as he pushed himself inside me.
“You feel so good ” He groaned and started to thrust inside me. His pace was excruciatingly slow and it made me go crazy. Breathy groans left my lips as this continued.
“Do you want me to go faster?” Ten suddenly asked. I let out a soft yes.
“Beg for it” He stopped moving and pulled out before flipping me onto my back. He stared down at me with dark eyes.
“N-no” I mumbled. I didn’t want to plead. Ten raised an eyebrow at this and smirked.
“Alright then” He pushed himself back in but his pace was still slow, probably even slower. He went deeper this time and suddenly hit a spot that made me see colors.
“Ten!” I screamed unconsciously. Ten smirked and began to direct his thrusts away from this spot. My eyes caught his and I bit my lip.
“Beg” he smiled. I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.
“Ten…” I gasped. “Please..go faster.”
“Louder” he commanded.
“Go faster please,” I cried out. His thrusts immediately gained momentum and my hands reached up and grabbed his shoulders. Moans filled the room as he went deeper with each thrust. He hit the spot again and I pulled him closer. He continued to hit the same spot over and over again.
“Ten~~” I gasped.
“You sound so beautiful when you moan my name” Ten brought his face closer to mine and kissed me. He was rough this time. His lips moved harshly against mine before pulling away. I could tell he was close. I was too. Warm pressure built itself up inside of me and I came over his dick. Ten continued to thrust into me until he came as well, filling me up with his seed.

My eyes suddenly widened. We hadn’t used protection. Ten caught sight of my expression and chuckled.
“You won’t get pregnant. The chance of a human being impregnated by a demon are less than 1%” He sighed and pulled out before collapsing next to me.

“How did you get drawn to my scent?” I asked. Ten looked over at me.
“I told you it intrigued me” He stated.
“But out of every woman in the world…why me?” A shiver ran up my spine as i thought about all the others who were caught.
“You’re special” Ten replied.

Special….. Was that what he called it?

Meant to Be - Part Seventeen: Together

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 3060

WARNINGS: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts

Dedicated to: @limpblotter for the funniest comments (ex. “SIT DOWN BURR YOU SALTY MOFO”)

It had been a hellish morning. After he left Thomas in the bathroom, he was forced to endure two mindless classes, trying to stop himself from breaking down. Eliza was in his French class, and even though she sat beside him, he remained sullen and subdued. By lunch, his mind and stomach were an uncomfortable swill of anger and sadness. He saw Herc and Laf at their usual table, and knew he had to apologize for his behaviour earlier. With a deep breath, Alex approached the picnic table.

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Love Divided Ch. 4 (Peter Parker x reader)

Good afternoon from California, my loves! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Agh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active, but I only have a couple weeks of school left and then I’ll be back with tons of fics because I’ll actually have time to sit at my computer instead of pulling my hair out 24/7. Anywayyyss, here’s the long awaited next chapter of “Love Divided”. Enjoy my loves! xoxo

Description: The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?

Warnings: Angsty ending.

Chapter 3


For days he laid unconscious on the hospital bed, his body slowly recovering from his wounds. You stayed with him each day, holding his hand, telling him how much you love him, and how much it was going to hurt you when you had to leave. 

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I love you. And I know you’re going to hate me for leaving, but I can’t fight on a side that I don’t agree with. Of course I love you and I want to stay with you. Of course it’s killing me inside, but I need you to understand.” Tears were pooling in your eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time since his surgery. “I need to fight for what I believe in. It’s what I have to do…” You paused, taking in a shaky breath. “M-maybe when it’s all over, we can be together again.” You choked on your sobs, the emotional dam in your body finally bursting. All you could think about was what was going to happen after the dispute between Steve and Tony; if there even was going to be a future after that. 

Nobody was going to change your mind on your decision, because you were stubborn like that. Tony didn’t even try convincing you to stay, he knew the circumstances and he knew you valued your morals. He just hoped that nothing would happen to you. Tony saw you kind of like a daughter, and to think of all the terrible things that could happen to you in the near future always made his heart ache. Now he was silently leaning against the doorway into the hospital room, listening to your confession. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows together in concern and pain. You had your head buried into Peter’s side and holding his hand as he slept. 

Tony cleared his throat awkwardly, making his presence known. You lifted your head up, turning towards him, your eyes red and puffy. “Uh, F/N, do you want me to stay with him for a little while? You haven’t left the hospital in days and I can have you escorted to the hotel and back so you can shower and get something to eat, if you want.” 

You sniffled, wiping your nose and your tears with your sleeve. “O-okay…” As you nodded, you turned your face to Peter again, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful there, and you were worried about how peaceful he would be when he woke up. “Just, uh, if he wakes up.. call me… please…” You croaked, trying to hold back another wave of tears. Tony nodded as you slowly let go of Peter’s hand and walked towards Tony with your eyes glued to the floor. 

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