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False Alarm

Sam was in the library, researching an old symbol that he has never laid eyes on before for Garth. He had been slaving over it all day while his brother was out on a supply run and Y/N was cleaning up and doing laundry. He really didn’t mind doing the research for Garth, but he certainly didn’t enjoy doing it on his own. 

  He ran his hand over his face in an attempt to wake himself up a little more but no avail. He needed something strong, something more effective that would give him the burst of energy he needed to push in an extra couple of hours. He knew for sure the bunker was still stocked up with coffee. The last time they ran out, both Dean and Y/N grabbed as many bags as the store would allow them to purchase and touch wood, they haven’t ran out since. 

  He got up from his chair, shutting off his laptop before heading towards the kitchen to fix himself a nice snack and a fresh cup of joe. He reached for his mug and the pot of coffee when he was instantly broken from his thoughts by a scream.

  “FUCK!” he heard. 

  He practically slammed he mug on the counter and reached to the back of his jeans for his gun before wearily making his way through the bunker halls, following in the direction of the scream. By the time he found the source of the abruption, to say he was confused was an understatement.

  “Y/N? What happened? Are you injured?” he questioned all at once. Of course she wasn’t okay. She had tears welling in her eyes and she was on the ground. 

  “No I’m not okay,” she replied angrily. “I stubbed my freakin’ toe and it hurts!”

  “You- you stubbed your toe? Really?” He said, completely taken back. He thought you had been shot or something worse. 

  “It was the baby toe. I think I broke it,” she muttered. Sam pushed the hair away from his face and looked at the girl on the ground in front of him. She looked so small in that moment. He did feel bad for her though. Stubbing your toe hurt like a bitch. But the way she carried on made him smile a little.

  “You want me to carry you?” he offered. 

  “I’m a big girl Sammy,” she stated. “But I’m going to need your help getting up… and walking.” He let out a chuckle before helping her up off the ground. 

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“HARRY STYLES gets zero marks for originality.The ONE DIRECTION star copied ADELE by dropping a surprise mini-advert during the break of a Saturday night telly show to launch his music comeback.

The 30-second clip, shown during The Voice on ITV, saw someone enter a dark room and open a door, the light revealing Harry’s tattoos and green eyes before “April 7th” appeared on screen.

A source said: “Harry is in complete control of the launch.”

However, 1D fans have questioned his timing, given LIAM PAYNE’s baby news.

Harry has been accused of trying to overshadow his bandmate and was blasted for posting three empty Instagram messages rather than congratulating Liam and CHERYL.

They have a point.”

From Dan Wootton - This made me laugh. Bitter much? Somebody seems upset that his “source” no longer includes anyone in Harry’s camp. 

Okay but can we take a moment to talk about how truly traumatic Leorio’s past really is? Like, I know we all talk about how terrible the other three’s childhoods are:

Killua living with a physically and emotionally abusive family, Gon with his father abandoning him, Kurapika’s clan being killed.

But I think we tend to forget that Leorio had just as much of a tragic background as the others. He watched his friend die. Right before his very eyes. 

And then that hard reality sets on him; he could have survived if they had money for medicine. It was an entirely curable sickness. But all he could do was watch as his friend collapsed. And let’s just think for a moment; Leorio lived in such an impoverished area, there were probably bound to be other people he knew who suffered from the same sickness or a different illness that could have been saved from that miraculous money antidote. 

So Leorio could have seen far more death in the course of his childhood that we may not even know about.

This becomes even more of a pressing issue for Leorio, especially concerning Gon. Because seeing Gon just laying there, practically charred skin and bone wrapped up in medical tape, physically and emotionally kills Leorio. Not just because it’s Gon and he feels so connected and attached to Gon, but because it brings back those memories. Of when he couldn’t do anything but watch someone die. And he thinks “Not again. I will not stand by and watch someone die again. I will find some way to heal Gon. I will invest every single piece of fame, fortune and time to bring Gon back.”

And when Gon enters  through that door in the middle of the election, Leorio is so happy; so overwhelmed to see Gon alive and well. He’s so, so ecstatic that for once, 

someone was finally saved.

hamilton + death reactions

Can you do a headcannon of Hamilton characters reaction to your death?


  • he wasn’t sure how to react at first
  • he couldn’t wrap his head around the thought of not only his wife, but his best friend leaving him alone in life
  • at first he hated you for leaving him
  • he found it selfish that you so willingly were gone and left him alone to forever think about you
  • but now he was torn apart more than ever
  • nobody
  • and he means nobody
  • could ever replace you 
  • no matter what his friends tell him, he will never get over you


  • how does one react to losing the love of their life?
  • especially when he witnessed it right before his own eyes?
  • john would never drive down that road again
  • he knew that if he just so glanced at the small memorial friends set up for you beside the road, he might just swerve and lose control on the spot
  • every time he steps into the garage and sees his car, all he can be reminded of are memories of the two of you
  • he will never be the same


  • he still does things he once did when you were alive out of habit 
  • when he gets home from work, he puts down his things and goes to bring you a glass of water to leave beside your bed
  • he gets half way up the stairs before he suddenly remembers
  • he has a collection of glasses of water on the side of your bed
  • he doesn’t have the heart to dump them out
  • he just continues to bring you glasses of water and wash and fold your towels and put them on the bottom towel rack like you always did
  • he was just numb and like a broken record player
  • he couldn’t stop doing the things he did for you


  • he tries to act like he’s handling things well
  • and on the outside, he’s doing pretty well
  • in fact, on the inside, he isn’t as bad either
  • that is until you step into his house
  • and you see the sweatshirts you left on the couch a month ago still sitting there
  • and your extra toothbrush on the counter beside his
  • and your clothes in the bottom left drawer of his dresser
  • and your perfume placed on top of his dresser 
  • he never had the heart to throw away any of your things
  • and nobody ever has the heart to tell him to


  • he makes himself sick from how much he tries to avoid the thought of you
  • whenever somebody ever so mentions you, he leaves the room or changes the subject
  • he blocks you out of his memory so much he practically forgets the sound of your voice and the feeling you gave him
  • he knew how upset you would be with him
  • he was hopeless without you though
  • he was doomed to never be happy again and he knew it


  • she rereads every single letter, note, poem, and text you’ve ever sent her each day
  • she slept on your grave for the first month since you passed away
  • she has this look in her eyes like she’s seen a ghost
  • she sometimes refers to you as though you were alive still
  • “I can’t wait to show this to Y/N!”
  • “Oh wait.”


  • she’s fairly strong when it comes to your death
  • the first few months afterwards though, she was completely broken
  • she would wear your clothes everywhere and listen to only your music
  • she would never go out and make up excuses not to go out 
  • people often saw her at your grave
  • talking to it as though the gravestone was you sitting there
  • some people believed that’s what she saw


  • she doesn’t know how to react quite frankly
  • she just has a fair off look to her eyes
  • no words ever are detected by her 
  • she just nods or shakes her head and sometimes shrugs
  • she’s just in a constant state of shock
  • she’s become accustomed to the way you lived, she begins to embody your habits 
  • she orders her coffee the same, reads the same books, sometimes even talks the same
  • there’s nobody who could replace you and nobody had the heart to tell her to try and move on


  • he feels like his world has come crashing down
  • he hears that everyone has a breaking point
  • and being as headstrong as he was he never thought he’d have one
  • that was until your death
  • and he slowly just started deteriorating
  • and he sometimes hallucinated and saw you
  • people began to question his stability
  • thomas jefferson finally broke


  • it was especially difficult for james since nobody knew about your relationship
  • you and james were planning to tell everybody about your relationship that night
  • that was until you never showed up to james’s house
  • and hours went by
  • that was until james was told you passed away in a car crash
  • nobody ever understood why james was so undeniably heartbroken
  • and why he put fresh flowers on your grave every single week
  • but they never asked why
  • and they never asked why he blamed himself for your death

So someone at my university made a sculpture of @thejacksepticeye and it’s in the art gallery here! It’s so cool!

I blurred out the name because I didn’t want to put the creator on the spot since I don’t know them. I just thought this was awesome ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ It’s made from terra cotta clay and some other stuff c:

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Use this pleasseee I would die 'I'm sorry he broke your heart' xx

I’m sorry he broke your heart

“Fuck sake, y/n! I’m sorry he broke your heart” Shawn yelled at you.

He wasn’t mad, it wasn’t anger working him up, but you weren’t sure what did. He sighted heavily, before letting his eyes gaze over at you.

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I'm legit shaking in anger right now after seeing what CJ is doing. I don't get angry I hate being mad and it physically hurts me to get angry. But OMG how can someone be such a.... fucking... degenerate?

I feel u, bud. Just… try to distract yourself, yeah? This drama isn’t worth your time and definitely not worth subjecting yourself to any physical pain. CJ is done and over with. Anything else they do at this point is a ply for attention so that they can stay relevant. Which.. good luck with that.

Jonerys problems.

That feeling when you have to move on with your work but all you think about is Jon and Dany. Like literally thinking about everything like —>

Their first meeting. How first time looking at each other will be? 

What will be the first think these two will notice about each other. 

Will it include smiles from Dany? Let’s be honest - Jon is too shy and moody to make a first move in any way. Dany is more dominant person. 

How palpable will be the tension between them, so every other person in the room with them or fans watching it can notice it. 

What will be their first love scene? Will it be gentle or wild, do they look to each other eyes before making sweet love?

Fighting against deadly army of Night King and White Walkers side by side. Watching each other fight and thinking “why do we have to meet in such a times?” 

Dany introducing Jon to dragons and Jon’s mind literally being blown away by these creatures. He often wished he had few of them while serving at the Wall. How helpful it would have been.

Dany and Jon talking about Targaryens Viserys and Aemon. Also about their lives experiences as young leaders. How lonely job that really is.

Just bring on that damn season 7, so we all can find out about it.

HTTYD FanFiction: Under the Stars (Hiccstrid’s first date)

               Title: Under the Stars

               Requested by: ReptileGirl497

               Summary: Hiccup’s nervous about asking Astrid out on their first ever “date”.

               Genre: Romance (I guess… I’m not really good at it but I’ll try)

               Rating: K

               Time-line: After Blindsided but before Shell Shocked Part 1 (RTTE)

               Hiccup lifted his hand, letting it hover above the door knob uncertainly. Toothless let out a huff of exasperation from his place curled up by the wall of the hut. Hiccup looked at him, and Toothless merely rolled his eyes.

               “Hey, this is big, bud. I’m just… well… nervous.”

               Toothless huffed again, then his eyes brightened before he flopped over onto his back, his body smashing into the building and making a very loud noise.

               “Toothless! Sh-“

“Hiccup? That you?” came Astrid’s voice from inside. Hiccup glared at a smirking Toothless, before turning back to face the door.

“Uh, y-yeah it’s me!” he replied, shifting from one foot to another nervously. The door swung open, revealing Astrid Hofferson. Hiccup did a double take, not expecting her to be out of her armor. Her shoulder guards were gone, as was the skull belt around her waist. She was casually dressed, and for a moment, he wondered if maybe it was too late to ask…

“Uh, sorry, you look… like you’re…” Hiccup stuttered helplessly.

Astrid just smiled and placed a hand on her hip, “You’re here for a reason, now what is it?” She demanded.

Hiccup swallowed, casting Toothless a glance for any kind of help. But the dragon merely shrugged before rolling over, standing up, then stalking over to Stormfly, the two dragons beginning to play tag.

“Um, well…” Hiccup continued to stumble over his words. Finally, he took a deep breath and said carefully, “I was wondering if you wanted to go on a flight with me and Toothless?”

Astrid smiled brightly. “I’d love to!”

Hiccup sighed in relief, confused as to why he’d been nervous before. He should’ve known better. He grabbed her hand boldly and led her over to Toothless, climbing on before turning and holding a hand out to her. She smiled slowly before grabbing it and tossing herself up behind him, her arms going to wrap around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder. He smiled to himself before giving Toothless a little nudge with his foot, urging the dragon into the air. Not that Toothless needed it, Hiccup had explained what he wanted to do before they left.

“Stay here, Stormfly!” Astrid called out to her dragon. Stormfly squawked sadly, before perking up and beginning to preen herself.

Toothless climbed higher into the sky, making Astrid clinger tighter to Hiccup, her arms tightening around his waist. He grinned, rubbing a hand over her clasped hands around his stomach. She yelped and hung on harder.

“Hiccup Haddock, hang onto the saddle because if we crash I will not be happy!” She called out. Hiccup blushed and moved his hand back to the saddle, gripping onto it tightly. He could’ve sworn he saw Toothless smirk and even let out a small chuckle.

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BTS reaction to their s/o initiating the first kiss


He wouldn’t know what to do when he first felt your soft lips against his, stopping his sentence right in the middle. It wouldn’t take him long to reciprocate your kiss, though. You can bet he would be a grinning mess after.

Originally posted by jiminrolls


You’d hear him gasping, and right after you’d have to stop kissing because of his smiling so much. Jin would cup your face and look right into your eyes before going for another kiss.

Originally posted by theseoks


He’d be quite surprised you iniciated the kiss, but on the inside he would be super proud of you taking matters into your own hands. He wouldn’t stop teasing you about it later, though.

Originally posted by kuromel


You’d receive the biggest hug of your life. His lips would stay on yours for longer than you thought it would, and the whole scenery was just perfect. Expect sweet glances in your direction because he’d be really happy about the new step you two just took.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


He’d instantly answer to your kiss, making your heart flutter. His ultra soft lips wouldn’t want to leave yours and after your first move, he’d keep on pecking your lips many times. Also, he would keep on blushing forever.

Originally posted by itschiminie


He would be talking about something random when you decided to kiss him. There would be a mortal silence between the two of you before you felt his lips slowly moving against yours and his hands holding your face gently. He’d be pretty amazed you had the guts for the first move.

Originally posted by helendrv


He would be as nervous as you for your first kiss, and you knew he wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t show you wanted to be kissed. So when you cupped his face and kissed his lips sweetly, his eyes would be wide and you’d hear clearly his loud inhale. He’d be pretty shy afterwards, but wouldn’t let go of your hand.

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X-71 (epilogue) [StevexReader]

Summary: You were created to be a WMD, but can you be an Avenger?

Pairings: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence.

Word Count: 743

A/N: Based on this request, which has turned into a mini drabble series. So it didn’t end up longer. Sorry.

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The first thing you noticed, even before you opened your eyes, was the peculiar mixture of smells. It was obvious you were in a sterile room, be it at a hospital or otherwise, but that was mixed with a familiar scent intermingling with the musty smell of a book roughly a century old. You enjoyed the peculiarity of the combination, and let a smile play at the corners of your lips as you opened your eyes, your head lolling to the side, allowing you to lazily gaze at Steve.

“How long was I out?” You asked, fighting back a yawn.

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i just discovered this autocorrect fail in the yoongi fic i am editing.

“I’ll drive you” Yoongi suggests, pulling out his eyes before you had the chance to protest.

it’s definitely supposed to say keys, not eyes. omfg I am cracking up

hiveswap predictions

-the only mention of vriska is a shitty 8 ball jpeg that you can only access through a hidden poster room that takes an extra 10 hours to find

-the characters they showed us aren’t even in the game. It’s just cd of act 7 but in ms paint’s pov.

-it’s delivered to your house by a patented hussie Messenger Fox™, even if you bought it on steam.

-it might just be a 100 hour infomercial, getting you to buy Kankri’s home tapes on How to Avoid Triggering Someone.

-when you open the game, the entire mspa site disappears, and everyone forgets ever hearing of a “HOMESTUCK“

-but then the game loads and it’s the entirety of the SBAHJ comics and everyone just.. sort of remembers again and then shouts uncontrollably.

-finally, we get sburb and im in a doomed timeline as i watch my friends and closest family die right before my eyes, brutally

What Have I Done?

Lakryss walked form the Pig and Whistle in a daze…her ears throbbed, still ringing from all the gunfire. Images of the nights activities made it hard to focus on anything as she uttered nearly silent apologies to anyone she bumped into. She was disheveled, dust and dirt in her hair, smatterings of earth decorated her face. 

“Please…don’t hesitate to ask for anything.”

Her own words rattled around her skull like horrible mockery. Is this what anything meant? Did it mean that she would be asked to attend more gatherings like the one she’d just walked away from?

Once she was within her shoppe and safely upstairs, Lakryss would throw her dirty suit onto the floor and promptly drew herself a near scalding hot bath as she attempted to clean herself of the grime. 

Moments from the night flashed before her eyes and it was almost too much for the little tea maiden. She’d never once fired a gun before and tonight had been how she’d wanted to learn. No one was dead…but still…she’d aimed to hurt, to put down. 

Small sobs escaped the woman as she brought up her knee’s and rested her head upon them, just soaking there and trying to push away the night, not wanting the memories. But her aching shoulder and ringing ears would be constant reminder for the next few hours of what she’d done. 

“Please forgive me…”

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((Was a huge bit of fun, did some cross faction rp and did something I never thought I’d see this muse do))