before everything went wrong

Tobias: I could get over my beard and the fact razor isn’t a thing here. I also could get over this strange medieval-like universe I was thrown into right when I finally started feeling happy. I could get over Wendy – bless her wherever she is – telling me I was officially an idiot the second I jumped into this freaking time portal. I could even get over the fact that my plumbot, my sweet little creation is basically broken. But I… I… I can’t get over this, okay? He’d better have ended with me straight away because I can’t live in the world where Nate Sanders doesn’t know me. Where he isn’t even himself… he’d never say these things out loud, he wouldn’t hurt me or anyone, ever. I still remember his last words before everything went wrong… “I’m with you. Always”. He was by my side all the damn time, even if my decisions were outright stupid. And now… he just forgot… looked at me with empty eyes, called me scum… whatever this damned world is, I don’t want to be here. It’s not real, he told me– though I’m not sure what’s real anymore… not even about us. What if we’ve always been strangers?

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Kaz, you know what I'm going to ask ;) Because that Viktuuri rival lawyers in a murder trial AU is something the world needs to see

Ok so Lily sent this post  and then joked that it sounded like a Rivalverse fic idea and then because she’s an enabler and I have no self control this happened (I’ll do it in summary format because my ability to write proper fic is currently sitting at -10)  

Warnings at the bottom of the post for potential triggers +spoiler alert 

So rival lawyers AU set in an ambiguous time period but think Hamilton-esque. Yuuri is the tight-laced, by the book prosecutor who’s devastating in the courtroom and Viktor is the legendary defence lawyer who somehow manages to get even the most guilty person off through a combination of charm, charisma and using the tiniest of loopholes to his advantage. Yuuri hates him a lot for it and the only cases he can’t win are the ones when Viktor is the opposing lawyer and they have both been charged with contempt of court multiple times because they get into such legendary heated arguments in the courtroom over cases. 

Since this is Rivals AU the backstory is that back when he was young Yuuri really admired Viktor and wanted to be an amazing defence lawyer just like him. Viktor was already famous, fast track through college, opened his own firm young and still manages to win every case kind of thing. When Yuuri met him Viktor accidentally insulted him and from that day on Yuuri vowed to be an even better lawyer than Viktor and crush all of his cases. 

Fast forward into the future and Yuuri has made a serious name for himself but still can’t beat Viktor. And since Viktor keeps getting people off who are technically guilty, Yuuri thinks he’s corrupt and doesn’t care about the law and will do anything for a price to matter how immoral it is. Their rivalry in the courtroom has become pretty legendary and they’re constantly walking along the line of, ‘is this an insult or is this flirting’ whenever they’re near each other and tensions are always so thick you could cut them with a knife. Yuuri ends up realizing he’s super attracted to Viktor still and that just makes him hate Viktor more.  Everyone thinks that one day Yuuri’s either going to kill Viktor or bone him and Viktor is constantly provoking (flirting with) Yuuri which makes it worse. 

It all comes to a head a couple more years down the line when Yuuri is the prosecutor in a murder case. The murdered man was a complete ‘good citizen’ type, good job, loving now devastated family etc etc and Yuuri is determined to give them justice. Viktor is the lawyer for the accused and even though the person is 100% guilty he still somehow manages to get them off scot-free. Yuuri is furious and challenges Viktor to a duel (back to the Hamilton style) because he feels like Viktor is corrupt and arrogant and needs to be knocked down a peg or two. 

Then in true Hamilton style, things go wrong, mistakes are made and Yuuri ends up accidentally killing Viktor in the duel even though that was never his intention. 

It’s only after Viktor is dead that Yuuri finds out the murdered man he was defending was secretly an awful person and the murderer was a victim and had a very good reason for killing them when they did. But it wasn’t a reason that would hold up in court and they didn’t have enough proof of what the other man had done to defend themselves so Viktor had stepped in to get them off without prison time anyway to protect them. And it turned out that all of Viktor’s ‘corrupt’ cases were people who were technically guilty by law but not morally wrong and didn’t deserve the punishments they were facing and Viktor had been defending them because he knew the law was fallible and it was the right thing to do. 

So Yuuri takes up Viktor’s work in his memory because he’s so guilt-ridden for killing Viktor but nothing he does will ever bring Viktor back. 

To make matters worse, it turns out that Viktor was completely in love with Yuuri, he had been for years,  and had always intended to throw away his shot in the duel because he couldn’t bare the thought of hurting him. And he was planning on finally trying to ask Yuuri to date him before everything went wrong. So Yuuri accidentally killed the potential love of his life and someone who was genuinely a good person but he didn’t realize that because he was too blinded by hate until it was far too late. 

Trigger Warning for Major Character Death

So I’ve been thinking about post-series Sunny a lot. It’s sad to imagine what kind of person she would grow up to be because of what her childhood was like. Violet and Klaus at least had good childhoods before everything went wrong during their teenage years. Meanwhile Sunny's consciousness was only forming in the beginning of ASOUE. Meaning that all the misery and injustice is probably the only kind of reality she knows.

Because of this, I think that Sunny would grow up to be way tougher, less forgiving, less idealistic and less honorable than her siblings. There are events that hint at this in the last books. I mean, she killed someone and sent a building full of people on fire ffs. 

To sum it up, I feel like Sunny is going to grow up into an absolutely terrifying adult?

Also the mention of Sunny’s cooking show makes me imagine Adult!Sunny acting like Gordon Ramsay. “I sent a building on fire as a ****** baby, and you can’t even fry this **** meat”

I Love You So Much

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I’m in my feels. The imagine is based off of this song. 

Warning: Legit like one tiny sex scene nothing to worry about. Hella sad bc I’m sad :))

I’m sorry I’m busy
And, don’t make the time
For the things you ask from me

You happily knocked on Stiles door, glad to final have a sliver of time to see your amazing boyfriend. Sheriff Stilinski opened the door, frowning. 
“Y/N, hi. What are you doing here?” 

“Um. I’m here to see stiles.” You offered a small grin. The Sheriff nodded, opening the door wider so you could step through. “Surprise.” You smiled, covering Stiles’ eyes. 

His posture was tense, but he soon relaxed into your touch. “Y/N.” He mumbled, shaking your hands off. 

“Hi.” You said, a small smile still on your face. You flopped onto his bed, savoring the smell of him. “So I was thinking we could go to that fall festival, they’ll have food and like loads of games and -”

“I can’t.” Stiles grumbled, continuing to do research on his computer. 

“What? But…But I thought we could hang out, ya know get away from all this supernatural stuff, ya know?”

“I don’t have time.”

You groaned quietly. “I’m sure you have time to take off one night. I mean, it’s the fall festival! We’ve gone every year and-”

“I said I don’t have time!” Stiles’ tense voice filled the room with tension. “I don’t have time to waste on a stupid fall festival, Y/N.” He sighed, tugging on his brown locks.

You stood up, looking towards the door. “Okay.”

If I take care of you,

 who’s gonna take care of me

I could just say take care and leave

But I love how you stare at me

You couldn’t take it anymore, you couldn’t take Stiles just blowing you off to help Scott or help the pack. You felt like you were always second, hell sometimes third. 

You were always the one taking care of Stiles, making sure he was happy, his needs were satisfied and that he never felt like he was alone. But you were tired, tired of doing flips and tricks for him but him never even taking a step for you. 

You were done. 100% done with Stiles’ bullshit, and you were gonna tell him that once and for all. You marched right up to the Stilinski house and just walked right in, didn’t even knock. You were beyond tired. Marching up the stairs, you slammed Stiles’ door open. 

He was facing his dresser, trying to tie a dark red tie, but was obviously struggling. “Y/N?” Stiles caught your eye in the mirror and turned towards you, smiling lightly. “Uh.. hey. I was just getting ready to pick you up, ya know, for a surprise date.” He blushed.

And just like that, when he had the goofy smile and soft look, all your anger was down the drain.

I stay cause I’m scared to leave

I’m not prepared to be

Lonely without you see

That just won’t feel right

I need you in my life

It was times like this when you wondered ‘why the hell am I still with him?’. When you lying in your bed alone, eyes puffy from crying. You hadn’t seen Stiles in a week, no calls, hardly any texts. It was like he didn’t even care. Why were you still with him? 

As your red eyes drooped shut, the answer hit you like a truck. 

You didn’t wanna be alone, you didn’t want to be lonely. Sure you had friends, the pack, but Stiles was yours. Without Stiles’ you’d spend Friday nights alone. Who was gonna binge watch Star Wars with you and quote the whole damn movie? Stiles. 

Who was gonna pull you out of your slump after a bad day at school? Stiles

And who was gonna put you in check when your hormones are raging and you’re throwing a bitch fit? Stiles.

Stiles made the good times even better and the hard times bearable. He balanced everything. 

You needed Stiles.

Out of breath

Out of time

I can’t sleep tonight, no

Bodies pressed together, breaths mingling together. Stiles’ groaned sinfully in your ear as he pulled himself out of you. Stiles pressed a breathless kiss against your temple, his hand resting on your stomach. No words were exchanged as the two of you caught your breath. “Shit.” Stiles cursed as he looked at the clock on your night stand. 

“I’ve gotta go. Pack meeting.” Stiles sighed, kissing your head again before slipping out of the bed. You faced the door, sheets covering your nakedness. Stiles put on his clothes silently before grabbing his phone and heading towards the door. Hand on the doorknob, Stiles turned to gaze at you with sad eyes. His mouth hung open slightly, words wanting to be said. “Sorry.” He mumbled before leaving.

Your head ached and you wondered where everything went wrong. Where all the love went. “Me too.”  

Don’t make me go

Don’t make me 

This was it. This was the time. You sat next to Stiles, jeans rolled up and feet in the lake. It was just past midnight and the grass was dewy. “Stiles.” You said, voice cracking as your chest tightened. 

“I know.” He spoke lowly. “I know we haven’t been the same, but can we fix it. Can we make some agreement, something that would work? I can’t lose you. I love you so much.” Stiles tried, but he knew it was hopeless. 

You shook your head, heartbreaking. “No.” 

So many words wanted to be said but were shushed by sad kisses and broken heart beats. 

whATEVER YOU DO don’t imagine small Connor Murphy before everything went wrong and he became a different person don’t imagine tiny Connor and Zoe getting along even in the slightest and mom and dad chasing them around the house as kids and smiling and laughing… I was listening to Requiem and let me tell you I had the realization that Zoe used to love him and it hurts

That Night

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Pairing: Dean x sister!Reader, Cas x Reader
Word count: 809
Warnings: Slight angst, swearing
Request: Anonymous. Hi! For the requests would you be able to do a Dean x Reader where he’s helping the reader through a break up? :)

Sitting on the motel bed, you pulled your knees up to your chest, sniffing. Your boyfriend of just over a year had broken up with you. It was just you, your father, and your oldest brother. Your other brother was off at college. He’d been the one that was the more emotional of the Winchesters, the one that you could be all sappy with, and the less ‘suck it up’ type. Sam wouldn’t pick up for any of you, which hurt, but you understood. After the blowout him and your dad had, you didn’t think you’d be hearing from him any time soon.

Dean paused as he walked in, his bag in hand. “Uh, sis?” He asked, concerned. You looked over at him and it killed him. Your eyes were red from crying, there were tears rolling down your cheeks, and he could tell that you’d been rubbing your nose with the end of the sleeve of your hoodie. “What’s wrong? What happened? Is it Billy? He okay?” He asked, not giving you a chance to answer between questions.

As Dean dropped his bag on the chair, he let the door shut behind him, John going to his own room. “Billy broke up with me.” You sniffed, a fresh round of tears starting up, causing you to bury your face in your knees, your arms wrapped around them.

“Oh shit.” He breathed, sitting next to you and pulling you close. Dean kissed the top of your head and sighed. “What happened? I thought he really liked you.” Billy’s family also consisted of hunters, so it was nice that you had each other. You didn’t have to lie about your family, why you moved, or anything like that.

Sighing, you put your head back against the headboard, your eyes closed. “He said that he wants out.” You said softly. “Of the life. Away from hunting, and that meant cutting all ties with the life.” You felt Dean stiffen slightly. Billy was two years older, and had just graduated recently at 19. He’d had to repeat a grade due to moving, but was a smart guy. “Said that he wanted to be happy, to travel, to fall in love with someone ‘normal’, and a bunch of other shit.” Sniffing, you sighed. “I don’t fault him for wanting that, it just hurts. Especially how he worded everything.”

Dean took a moment to think before saying something and making everything worse. “Billy went about that all wrong. And he’s an idiot.” He told you gently. “He’s got it in his head that he’ll get all that. He won’t. Not even close. You were the best thing that kid had, and he couldn’t even see it. Now, come on. Get dressed.” He pulled his arm from around you and patted your leg.

“Why?” You asked, wiping your cheek.

He grinned at you. “Because some asshole made my baby sister cry. So, I’m gonna take her out. Any movie you wanna see, get something to eat- whatever.” Dean told you. “Get a move on, kiddo. I’m not taking no for an answer.”

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BS&T theory (how everything could link)

So BTS dropped the Japanese version of Blood Sweat and Tears and the visuals are amazing!! Like truly amazing!! But now my theory.. I’m going to break it down by parts so hear me out.

- okay so here is what I think and I’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense.

So in this MV there is a lot of symbolism that connects all eras of the Boy Meets series. I think this is actually what happened before and after everything went wrong. For example, we see Jungkook being forced by Rap Mon to drink absinthe (a hallucinogen) and Suga is desperately trying to get him out of it. But fails as he falls down on to the floor and it covered by black smoke. Now I think the black smoke represents him being submerged in all evil as he has lost the right path and has fallen deeper into his evil self, hence why we first see him with wings. He is doing this as Suga is the hotel (the one in I need you) and Suga goes to where he is and tries to get him out of it but it’s too late. In the Korean version Jungkook is swinging and he licks of the remaining of the absinthe from his finger (absinthe is knowing for making you feel floaty and like you’re being swung around) hence why we see him do all the things he does in the Korean version. After he is forced by RM to drink he loses himself and Suga tries to get him out but gives up as he is way too deep to be saved. Thai ties to past eras as we see Jungkook and Suga fighting or being distance a lot. Suga does not agree with what Jungkook and RM are doing that they fight so much.
Now that was the Jungkook portion.

Okay so Jimin. Wow Jimin is a tough one and it requires a lot. So we know his downfall started with a lie (committing a sin represented by the apple) and this made him all craze and confused as he couldn’t handle it (Lie is basically his plot within the plot of this series). As he keep living this lie Suga comes in a attempts to save him after failing to do so with Jungkook. He covers Jimin (eyes) and tries to protect him from the harsh reality of his actions. (Guess why he is always being blindfolded). But in this MV Jimin actually wants to see the damage his lie actually made an he runs away from Suga. As he keeps trying to get himself out of this dark tunnel of lie he almost finds himself again, the one he used to be beige he commits the lie. But Suga once again covers his eyes and get him submerged back into their world of evil. This is why we see him biting into the apple. Also Suga does fail in protecting him again since his true evil self submerged back into their world.
In this world of evil him and Jungkook are submerged so far in that they try to hold back V and keep him there and they manage to by literally ‘drugging him’ with evil. (The whole sequence of V moving around is THEM already submerging him.

Now V, the fallen angel. We know that V killed someone and that was his sin (all because he was trying to protect the one he cared for the most) This led him to fall in a loop between being good and evil leading him to be completely evil. While in his evil state he dragged RM and Hope (hence why they are the ones introducing drugs to the other Young ones). And once he tries to get out Jimin and Jungkook hold him back while Hope stabs him in the heart leading him to fall back but making it worse as he was already deep and was just pretending to be an angel. Next we see Jin beating him up, that ends up with V stabbing him and than walking out and tracing the knife along to seek the other members. Why I think he is looking for the other members? Because you can see the malice in his face, he is so far gone that he completely lost himself and now wants to get rid of what “dragged him back in” but he was there already. Than we see him out of a window ready to jump again but as we in the Korean version he already jumped for his “salvation” and that’s why he puts his hands up as in “I got it” but his skies are still dark meaning he didn’t. V is still in that world even though he thinks he got out. He is still playing a pretense and it seems that he won’t get out any time soon.
V is under this mantle of lie and evil but it seems white (meaning it’s where he is meant to be)

Hope and RM. this two are even more complicated to explain. One this is for sure, they were dragged into their evil by V as he convinced them to let their evil side take it’s true form while using their bad aspect (Hope pills addiction) and RM and his lack of control. Hope actually does not drag in anyone, but RM drags Jungkook in and Hope keeps on showing them the ways into their evil. In the Korean MV hope shoots and arrow, him shooting V with the dart is within the same scene as the Korean MV. Hope, RM and V are completely gone but V is the one that is playing even more with all of the boys that now he is trying to get rid of them.
Hope and Jimin dance to Lie and Boy Meets Evil and that’s their plot in the storyline. Hope met evil through his pills and Jimin through his lie. Jimin was blinded of the effects of his lie by Suga while Hope had to deal with it by himself and dig himself even deeper. RM was dug into the world by being the one V went to first after he did his sin that led to RM confessing his sin and they started a whole loop of evil dragging everyone along with their inside demons.
Their demons have consumed them but RM is trying to look into himself again (hence all the reflective surfaces around the MV) and Hope is gone.

Jin and RM. yup RM pops back out. So the theory so far was Jin is dead, like he dies and there was turning back. But in this MV it makes it seem that the reason everyone believes this was because of V dragging them with him into evil. Him doing this is what actually kills Jin, he can’t handle seeing those younger than him falling but he does not know all of their dark pasts and when he does it leads him to his 'death’. When he did find out he tried to get them out but it was too late a V had already consumed them and why he is beating up V. He apologizes as he didn’t want to but had to, to get the evil out of him that ends with him stabbed. But Jin has a dark past by himself and he couldn’t deal with that either but seeing his friends so far gone rips his heart out and killing him on the inside. Now why did I mention RM? At the end of the Jap. MV they are together again and RM says “seems like we haven’t seen each other for a while” (DISCLAIMER I DO NOT SPEAK KOREAN BUT MY KOREAN FRIEND DID ME THE FAVOR OF TRANSLATING) and this is how Jin and RM are connected. Being the eldest they feel guilty that they couldn’t help the youngsters. RM actually followed them and even lead them into their demise while Jin attempted to, ended up dying and now he is trying to come back and save them.
(The more I say save them I think of Save Me.. cries) and the reason why they hadn’t seen much of each other was because they were dealing with the youngsters fall separately they lost each other and their oldest role. And RM being seduced by V led him to believe Jin was actually dead and when their see each other he is surprised because he genuinely thought he had left.
Also Jin is seen as their father figure, being the eldest and all, who killed their father? V. (I know this might be far off and if you don’t agree kys completely fine).

Now Suga. Out of all of them Suga is the one that seems to not have fallen. Even in the choreography he is the one being pushed down not going down at his own accord. He tried to help Jungkook when he let his evil take over, but he couldn’t. He tried to help Jimin and he succeeded at some point but blinding him of the truth about his lie did more harm than good as he never let him confront what he deserved. RM, Hope, V were so far gone that he didn’t try leading him to distance himself from Jungkook who was following RM (the leader) like a puppy following his every moves. Even at the last moment Suga is still trying to save Jungkook but it’s too late as he has been succumbed by darkness and he keeps trying to save Jimin by again covering his eyes of himself but he falls even deeper. Suga also had his own demons, but he somehow managed to keep them at bay and instead of letting them take over he confronted them and now it’s trying to help this who he thinks are still in hope of being saved but he is doing it wrongly. You can see him as a guarding angel but one who seems to lack experience while having the one that’s needed. Why he fought with Jungkook was because he saw all of them falling and when he tried to help he was pushed away and thought of as wrong but now he is what they need and he is trying to not let himself fall while helping them.

The last scene. Jin and RM meeting again. It looks like they are trying to go back and change it all. Him paying RM is sort of a bribe to stick by him instead of following V which RM seems to now do since he gives this smile…
and now whatever the future holds or the past.

One thing that I add here and not my Amino is that the second to last scene where all of Jin shatters. That’s him giving up his battle against suppressing V. In BS&T Korean version only his face shatters as he is slowly loosing against V, but now he lost. He let V succumb the others into darkness and their evil selves. They lost all innocence (the one they lost on Run and Fire) and the one they realized they were going to loose (I Need U) when they lost it already and were looking for something (Save Me) and BS&T falls in between in some separation of spheres. And this MV is a continuation yet manages to fall before the Korean version and it’s trippy as hell.

Now Spring Day and Not Today.. Not Today is them fighting back. Like that’s what the whole MV is about but Jungkook, being the youngest, finds himself holding onto what they are running away from their evil. As his young mind does not process it as the others he leads them to their fall again but this time it’s their death completely.

Spring Day is them already gone trying to find for answers. Why they are in different places? Because they all committed different scenes that their resting place is separated but the manage to find each other again on the train. The train that is taking them to genie resting place. (In some places it is believed that a train takes your soul to the place where you would be judged. Wether you live or die) and that place within is their tiny little resting place before resting completely. V is the one mostly near the rail road because he is ready to go as he knows the damage he did and now wants to give it all a rest. (Hence why his line is constantly 'MY best friend’ as he knows what his sin did to them). Why they are running? Even though they know what they did, they still are unable to grasp reality. We see them running every time or walking away. The run in Spring Day is their last run before they leave their world and go to be judged. (BS&T felt like Paradise but was Hell it’s the same concept).

(Also read the tags.. MY fan rant)

I miss her [Part 7/...]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 725
Warning: none.

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


And finally you got another chapter and since holidays started where I live, there will come some more chapter in the next two weeks. Stay stunned!


“Are you sure about this, [Y/N]? It’s pretty risky to do this experiment. You don’t even know if it will work out” Peggy sighed and looked at her friend while Howard Stark took another blood sample of [Y/N]. She just nodded and gave her friend a tight smile.

It’s been four years since [Y/N] got the letter of Colonel Phillips which said that her boyfriend was killed in action. First, she didn’t believe it. Bucky promised her to come back home and stay with her forever. But the soldier didn’t keep the promise. The letter came together with another one from Steve who died only a few weeks later which made it so much harder for [Y/N] to not kill herself instantly.

“Don’t you want to think about again?” Howard asked calmly and put the samples of her blood away while [Y/N] shook her head and looked at her slender fingers.

She became thinner and thinner through the years even though her parents told her to eat or her friends came over to help her with handling the situation. But [Y/N] remained in grieve before Peggy Carter showed up at her doorstep and took her out for a cup of coffee.

Through the years, the two grew up to be very good friends especially because she was in the same situation as [Y/N]. She loved Steve dearly and missed him as much as [Y/N] missed her Bucky. After meeting Peggy, she got introduced to Howard Stark, the man who helped Dr. Erskine with his experiment on Steve and the great inventor of the almost-flying car.

“Then we should start. Peggy, please go outside. You could go blind without the right glasses” Stark put on his darkly tinted glasses before Peggy gave her friend a hug and left the room to watch from the outside through a thick armoured glass window.

[Y/N] went to the huge construction and climbed in it. Just like Steve, she was a bit too small for it. Maybe it would change after the process but she knew it would hurt. Really hurt.

While Howard started the machine, the serum was injected and she already noticed how her world began to turn in circles before everything went black.

Shocked, [Y/N] woke up with a start and quickly scanned her surroundings when a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist. She held her breath for a second before [Y/N] realized where she was. Looking over her shoulder, the young agent saw in the eyes of the person she missed so much. Softly, Bucky kissed her shoulder blade and tried to read her facial expression “A nightmare?”

“I don’t know. It was more like a memory…than a nightmare” [Y/N] relaxed in his arms before they laid down again.

Since the day when [Y/N] found Bucky in the little flat in Bucharest, she hovered over James. But [Y/N] knew that he wouldn’t let her go either.

His grip on her was firm but also protective. The former soldier was afraid this was all just a dream or someone would break in and take her away. Bucky couldn’t let that happen. [Y/N] was all he needed now.

She snuggled up to Bucky who still held her close to him while he left soft kisses on her forehead “What was this memory about? Us? Steve?”

“About Peggy…and Howard. It was before the whole experiment started. Before everything went wrong and I got put into cryo. Just like you” she explained while her fingers traced small patterns over his chest. His gaze was on the door while he listened to [Y/N]’s words and his fingers ran through her soft curls.

“We have very much in common. But I’m glad that you got treated better than me. Howard was a good man and a good friend of mine…” his voice slowly faded after the last words left his lips which [Y/N] noticed “Is everything okay?”

“Just thought about the good old times, nothing more, doll” Bucky kissed her softly again and she lost herself in his soft kisses before he stopped slowly and kissed [Y/N]’s forehead another time “We should get some sleep. I’m here so don’t worry about anything.”

[Y/N] nodded and snuggled closer to his broad chest while he pulled the thin bedsheets over her small frame as she drifted into a peacefull sleep.

Part 8

I got a great idea for the next chapters so be prepared for something…unexpected.

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Let Me Think Of How To Word It

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | (All parts on AO3)

A/N: @posiey I may have you mixed up with someone else, but I am relatively certain you liked this series lol

Jason felt his heart in his throat as he read the words on his screen.

How could a perfect girl like Y/N still be mourning him a year after his death?

He hadn’t been much to begin with. A street kid who got lucky. He may have been smart, but everything else was Bruce and his money.

He had been stubborn and temperamental and had only succeeded in getting himself killed. Even his resurrection wasn’t on his own merit, but on the whim of Ra’s Al Ghul.

And yet here you were, still broken up about him a year after his death. He felt awful that you would be sad over him. He hadn’t even deserved to know you, but to have you love him was more than he could have ever dreamed.

He hesitated before beginning to type. “I am proud of you, doll. I wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad over me in the first place. I was a fucking mess that you somehow managed to see something in. I want you to move on. I want you to fall in love and get married and have kids and do all the things we talked about.” He thought over there dreams and the plans they had made.

He hadn’t even wanted the white picket fence life until he met her. The thought of a boring ass vanilla lifestyle was enough to make him sick, but he would have lived through every ring of suburban hell to make her happy. He looked back at the screen and studied his profile picture for a minute.

They were so happy back then. Carefree and young. That was before everything went wrong, before he ruined everything.

He pushed his thoughts back in favor of finishing his message. “You aren’t giving up on me. You are letting me die. Which is what you should have done months ago. I’m dead and gone, doll. Let me stay that way. It is better that way.”

He hit send and immediately regretted it.

What the hell was Y/N going to think about getting messages from a dead man? How the hell was she going to cope with that?

Not much he could do now though. Part of him wanted to take the time to find a way to delete the message before she could see it.

But another part of him wanted her to see it. See take it as a sign from the beyond and do what he said.

He pushed out all thoughts of her out and logged off. Regret was for people who could afford to live in the past and with a past like Jason’s…

All he had was the future and even that wasn’t looking too bright.


For anon…an AU where Rey is a Skywalker, reader is his wife as requested. Shifting times and POVs too, enjoy!

Rey held out her hand toward Luke, holding his old lightsaber to him. The man was silent as he saw the face of his young daughter. He took a sharp intake of breath as she stared at him with a hope and longing.

“Please,” she pleaded after some silence had dragged on, “we need you.”

She lowered her arm as Luke hung his head. He bit on his lip slightly as he took a few steps toward her. His piercing blue eyes connected with hers. Gingerly, he gripped the open end of his blade, though she didn’t let go.

“You,” she paused to keep her voice from cracking, “You left me on Jakku.”

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I’m Here- Colton Parayko

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You woke up in a cold sweat, your shirt nearly a second set of skin against your heaving chest. You looked and felt around desperately for your phone in your sheets. You finally found it under your comforter and, with shaking hands, texted your boyfriend.

“Come over. Please.” you typed. “I need you.”

it was only about a minute before the little bubble popped up, implying the text back when you received the reply. “omw.”

You sniffled and put your phone on the nightstand before turning the lamp on and curling up in your covers. Another panic nightmare again. This one worse than any other you’d had this week. Maybe even in the past few weeks. Always bad and getting worse with your rising stress levels thanks to college. You always got the worst nightmares when stress got high.

Your previous boyfriend didn’t understand. He thought you were overreacting and that the nightmares couldn’t possibly be as bad as you made them out to be. After a few months, he ended it. You gave up dating for a while after that. You were afraid of becoming a burden to someone else again. Someone you genuinely cared about.

And then you met Colton.

Colton was a friend of a friend who you’d met at a party about a year ago. You’d talked over a couple of cokes and some crappy dance music and ended up exchanging numbers by the time the night ended. He asked you out a few days later for coffee and you hit it off from there. He was just so sweet and kind and charming, not just handsome. He was just so sweet and kind and charming, not just handsome although he definitely was that as well. A sincere guy who made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You were afraid to tell him about the nightmares until you texted him out of reflex one night a few months back to gain comfort. You came clean after that and braced yourself for the worst. However, he actually ended up understanding you and being more than okay with it.

“It’s not your fault that they happen. They just do.” he replied. “And it’s really brave for you to tell me this. If you ever have another really bad one or just want to talk about it, text or call me okay?”

You agreed and ever since then, you’d called him when you needed him most. He’d even agreed to come over even at absurd hours to help you calm down and sleep better. Having him around became a gift better than any you had originally hoped for.

A few minutes later, you heard the door unlock downstairs and someone come inside after locking back up. “(Y/N)? Baby?”

You sniffled, staying curled up in a ball in your sheets. “I- I’m up here.”

The footsteps then traveled upstairs and you saw the door open with the light your phone gave off as well as the light that peered in from the streetlights just outside your window. “Baby?”

You sniffled. “H-Hey.”

He took off his shoes and jacket and went over to you, sitting on the edge of your bed before climbing in. “Hey. I’m here. I’m here. I’m right here, I promise… Sweetheart, what happened?”

You wiped your nose with a Kleenex and tossed it into the wastebasket by your bed before you told him everything about the dream. How everything went wrong, how terrified you felt, every little bit and detail that you felt you needed to share before you broke down into tears again.

He looked at you with soft eyes and wrapped his strong arms around you to hold you close. “(Y/N), babe, I am so so sorry. I’m so sorry I couldn’t have been here sooner. I feel so awful. You don’t deserve any of this. It’s terrible. I’m so so sorry.”

You sniffled and snuggled into his arms, resting your head onto his chest and listening to the calm beating of his heart as he held you and pet your hair in an attempt to help you calm down. “It’s not your fault, Colton. It’s okay. Not your fault.”

He nodded. “I know, but still. I’m sorry. And it’s not okay.”

You said nothing and just laid back in bed with him. You felt bad about calling him in so early. It was a few minutes until two in the morning, last time you’d checked and he had practice at 10. You couldn’t help but feel bad.

“I’m sorry.” you sniffed. “You’re up so early and I’m a wreck and it’s not your fault. I just… I’m so sorry.”

“Baby,” he said, pulling away a bit to look at you, “look at me. I don’t care how early or late it is, I don’t care if I have to play or practice or if I just got back home from a game or whatever. I’m always- and I mean always- going to be here for you. I mean that. Always.”

You looked up into his eyes. “You mean that?”

“Yeah. I do.” he said. “And if you still have a problem, I guess there’s only one thing left to do.”

You felt your heart sink, fearing the worst. “What?”

“I’ll have you move in with me.”

You widened your eyes, not expecting his comment. “Wait what? You… Colton?”

“I’m serious, babe.” your boyfriend replied. “I mean it. I want you to move in with me. I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time now, too. That way, I can be right here next to you next time this happens and you don’t have to feel bad about it.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, love. I promise I do.” he smiled. “So? What do you say?”

You smiled and nodded, snuggling. “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, Colt.”

“I would too.” he replied with a yawn, placing a kiss onto your head. “Come on. It’s early. We should get some sleep. I’ve got you. I’ll always have you. I promise. I’m right here for you.”

You tucked your head under his chin and curled up into him. “Alright… I love you, Colton.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”