before everything went wrong

I’ll See You in the Drift

Michael Caboose’s world fell apart when his partner Church was lost in the drift. But when Caboose turns out to be drift-compatible with Tucker, he might have a second chance to fix what once went wrong.

Hey! What’s up, it’s my first posting for the RvB Reverse Big Bang!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with @captainkonot on this project! You can find the comic they drew here, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it was such a delight working with them! Check out the rest of their work if you haven’t already, its all fantastic. 

Pacific Rim AUs are my JAM so I had a blast writing this; I hope to come back to this AU again, because I think there’s a lot of potential and so much story still to tell! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks to my dear friend @sroloc–elbisivni for beta-ing this for me!

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Outside of Sheila, the storm crashed and howled. The waves were nearly up to Sheila’s shoulders, each one roaring as it moved around the jaeger and its enemy. The kaiju they were fighting was huge; bigger than any of the ones that Caboose had seen before. Bigger than the one that Caboose and Church had killed last month, surely. Had Dr. Grey said what kind it was before they had gone out? Caboose couldn’t remember.  

Church’s mind was twined with Caboose’s, comforting and present in a way that helped slow down his racing heart.

<Focus,> Church whispered in his mind, and Caboose’s concerns melted away, replaced by the laser precision that happened when he drifted with Church. <We can do this.>

Caboose nodded, and the acknowledgement carried through the drift to Church, even though he wasn’t looking at Caboose. They stepped forward in unison, and Sheila moved with them, plowing through the turbulent sea like it was nothing but bathwater.

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Penny was once a young an innocent child before being pulled into the Theater of Flesh

(Theater of Flesh colors on left, real world colors on right)

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veronica do you still love jd? even though the poor boy messed everything up you must still have feelings for him right?

V: He was super important to me, that doesn’t explode when he does. What he did was wrong, but I still think if things had been different things would’ve worked between us. 

V: It’s like, I know what he did was wrong, but there’s so many things before everything went down that made me love him. It’s just too complicated to say ‘I love him’ or ‘I hate him’.

  • jason, holding a jar: you should eat this bug
  • dick: that's a wasp
  • jason: so???
  • dick: so??? i'd die
  • jason:
  • dick:
  • dick: wait i didn't mean-
  • jason, opening the jar: join the club dickface
Bucky Imagine #2 | Human Again

Originally posted by bucha-nan

“What do you feel like, Bucky? Want just a trim?”

He was quick to shake his head, the hair in question falling into his eyes.

“I want it gone. Can you,” he paused, “can you do something like you do for Steve?”

“Still fond of the 40’s cut, huh?” (y/n) hummed in thought, running her fingers gently through the long brown tresses. “Sure, I can do that. Tilt your head back a little, Sugar, so I can wash it for you.”

Bucky gently let himself lean back into the kitchen sink, his body stiff and rigid. As soon as he felt her fingers on his scalp, however, he was putty in her hands. She laughed under her breath, using her fingernails to massage a little firmer when he pushed into her touch.

“That water temperature okay?”

He grunted in an answer, not trusting his own voice right now. He almost whined when he felt her hands leave him but in an instant they were back, and the smell of fruit and flowers filled his nose. She lathered up the shampoo, continuing her wonderous attention on his head.

“Sorry, I ran out of the stuff I usually use for the guys.”

He shrugged as much as he could in the position he was in, not wanting to admit he actually preferred the more feminine smelling soap. She scrubbed for a few more minutes than necessary, enjoying the small sighs of contentment that he couldn’t hold in. Too soon for his liking, she rinsed out the suds and wrapped a towel around his shoulders.

“Okay, go ahead and sit up.” He followed orders, droplets of water falling down his cheeks and chin. “Whoops, sorry honey.” (y/n) dabbed the water off him with a second towel, ruffling up his hair to remove as much moisture as she could. He looked like a poodle when she pulled away, and if she would have known him a little better, she would have laughed out loud at the Winter Soldier’s current appearance.

She led him to the second chair in the middle of the kitchen, combing out the tangles as gently as she could. Bucky hadn’t been here for long, so she was careful to avoid anything that could possibly trigger him. She picked up the shiny hair shears slowly, making sure to tell him exactly what she was doing with every step.

“I’m just gonna start trimming okay?” He nodded. “Alright, here we go.”

It took the better part of an hour to work out all the knots, cutting off bits here and there to make it all easier to clip. She ran the clippers slowly across the sides, shortening them to the perfect length, but paused when she reached the top section of hair.

“How about we keep the top a little long?”

He had to force himself to answer her, too blissed out with the attention he was receiving. It had been years since he felt another human’s hand in a loving way and he couldn’t really muster a response, just hummed low in his chest.


She giggled, trimming the top section so it fell forward in a quiff. When he no longer felt her presence behind him, he opened his eyes, startled to see her now standing in between his legs. (y/n) was unphased by his reaction, leaning down just inches from him and tugging his hair forward in her fingers. He swallowed thickly, trying to avert his eyes but she tugged a bit harder in retaliation.

“Nu-uh, look ahead at me so I can check the length.”

This woman is killing me.

“Good, nice and even,” she patted his cheek in praise, much like he had seen her do to Tony. She grabbed a little bottle off the counter, squirting some of its contents out and rubbing it between her palms. Bucky fidgeted when she brought her hands back to his hair, returning to her previous scratch/massage motions.

“What’s that?” He asked, curious as he felt her begin to comb and shape the locks into place.

“Just a little pomade, er, I guess to you and Steve it would have just been called ‘gel’.” He could remember hair gel but never really used it, it made his hair uncomfortably crunchy. He sniffed the air, catching a whiff of the sweet fragrance when she scrunched up the sides.

“Smells good.” (y/n) agreed, grabbing a straight razor to trim the stray hairs on the back of his neck.

“It’s green apple, one of my favorites. Hold still.” The cool metal of the razor felt good against his skin and he had to admit he was a little sad when she announced that she was finished. She unwrapped the towel from his shoulders, handing him a small pink mirror. “There ya go, whad’ya think?”

Bucky was shocked to think that the man in the reflection was really him. His hair was perfectly styled, short and neat but with a new little flair. It took him back to the 40′s, before everything went wrong, and it flooded him with warmth. The feeling was overwhelming and before he could talk himself out of it, he had pulled (y/n) in for an almost bruising bear-hug.

“Thank you. Thank you for making me feel human again.” She smiled against his hard chest, returning his hug with no hesitation.

“You’re so welcome, Bucky.”

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So I’ve been thinking about post-series Sunny a lot. It’s sad to imagine what kind of person she would grow up to be because of what her childhood was like. Violet and Klaus at least had good childhoods before everything went wrong during their teenage years. Meanwhile Sunny's consciousness was only forming in the beginning of ASOUE. Meaning that all the misery and injustice is probably the only kind of reality she knows.

Because of this, I think that Sunny would grow up to be way tougher, less forgiving, less idealistic and less honorable than her siblings. There are events that hint at this in the last books. I mean, she killed someone and sent a building full of people on fire ffs. 

To sum it up, I feel like Sunny is going to grow up into an absolutely terrifying adult?

Also the mention of Sunny’s cooking show makes me imagine Adult!Sunny acting like Gordon Ramsay. “I sent a building on fire as a ****** baby, and you can’t even fry this **** meat”

Ascension (I)

Author: kpopfanfictrash 

 Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: R (violence)

Word Count: 4,786

Summary:  The weight of humanity rests on Y/N’s shoulders. In Ascension, enemies must come together, lines must be drawn and the question of good and evil itself must be raised. As Y/N’s power strengthens and more players reveal themselves, the only thing obvious is that nothing in this world is black and white. (Book 2, sequel to Guardian)

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omgkatsudonplease  asked:

Kaz, you know what I'm going to ask ;) Because that Viktuuri rival lawyers in a murder trial AU is something the world needs to see

Ok so Lily sent this post  and then joked that it sounded like a Rivalverse fic idea and then because she’s an enabler and I have no self control this happened (I’ll do it in summary format because my ability to write proper fic is currently sitting at -10)  

Warnings at the bottom of the post for potential triggers +spoiler alert 

So rival lawyers AU set in an ambiguous time period but think Hamilton-esque. Yuuri is the tight-laced, by the book prosecutor who’s devastating in the courtroom and Viktor is the legendary defence lawyer who somehow manages to get even the most guilty person off through a combination of charm, charisma and using the tiniest of loopholes to his advantage. Yuuri hates him a lot for it and the only cases he can’t win are the ones when Viktor is the opposing lawyer and they have both been charged with contempt of court multiple times because they get into such legendary heated arguments in the courtroom over cases. 

Since this is Rivals AU the backstory is that back when he was young Yuuri really admired Viktor and wanted to be an amazing defence lawyer just like him. Viktor was already famous, fast track through college, opened his own firm young and still manages to win every case kind of thing. When Yuuri met him Viktor accidentally insulted him and from that day on Yuuri vowed to be an even better lawyer than Viktor and crush all of his cases. 

Fast forward into the future and Yuuri has made a serious name for himself but still can’t beat Viktor. And since Viktor keeps getting people off who are technically guilty, Yuuri thinks he’s corrupt and doesn’t care about the law and will do anything for a price to matter how immoral it is. Their rivalry in the courtroom has become pretty legendary and they’re constantly walking along the line of, ‘is this an insult or is this flirting’ whenever they’re near each other and tensions are always so thick you could cut them with a knife. Yuuri ends up realizing he’s super attracted to Viktor still and that just makes him hate Viktor more.  Everyone thinks that one day Yuuri’s either going to kill Viktor or bone him and Viktor is constantly provoking (flirting with) Yuuri which makes it worse. 

It all comes to a head a couple more years down the line when Yuuri is the prosecutor in a murder case. The murdered man was a complete ‘good citizen’ type, good job, loving now devastated family etc etc and Yuuri is determined to give them justice. Viktor is the lawyer for the accused and even though the person is 100% guilty he still somehow manages to get them off scot-free. Yuuri is furious and challenges Viktor to a duel (back to the Hamilton style) because he feels like Viktor is corrupt and arrogant and needs to be knocked down a peg or two. 

Then in true Hamilton style, things go wrong, mistakes are made and Yuuri ends up accidentally killing Viktor in the duel even though that was never his intention. 

It’s only after Viktor is dead that Yuuri finds out the murdered man he was defending was secretly an awful person and the murderer was a victim and had a very good reason for killing them when they did. But it wasn’t a reason that would hold up in court and they didn’t have enough proof of what the other man had done to defend themselves so Viktor had stepped in to get them off without prison time anyway to protect them. And it turned out that all of Viktor’s ‘corrupt’ cases were people who were technically guilty by law but not morally wrong and didn’t deserve the punishments they were facing and Viktor had been defending them because he knew the law was fallible and it was the right thing to do. 

So Yuuri takes up Viktor’s work in his memory because he’s so guilt-ridden for killing Viktor but nothing he does will ever bring Viktor back. 

To make matters worse, it turns out that Viktor was completely in love with Yuuri, he had been for years,  and had always intended to throw away his shot in the duel because he couldn’t bare the thought of hurting him. And he was planning on finally trying to ask Yuuri to date him before everything went wrong. So Yuuri accidentally killed the potential love of his life and someone who was genuinely a good person but he didn’t realize that because he was too blinded by hate until it was far too late. 

Trigger Warning for Major Character Death

Peggy Protocol (Stony)(Prompt Fill)

For @idkmantoomanyships

I loved your idea and sort of tweaked it a little to work for me. I hope you enjoy this!

It had been Visions idea, to change FRIDAYS programming.

“Anthony.” He phased through a wall and into Tony’s lab, feeling bad when Tony jumped and turned around, a hand to his chest. “Forgive me for startling you.”

“No you’re fine.” Tony was still leaning over his desk, rubbing his heart. “Just a little jumpy. Still getting used to you just…moving through the walls like that.”

“I will endeavor to use the door next time.” Vision offered and Tony smiled weakly.

“Thanks. So what can I do for you?” Tony kicked a chair out and waited for Vision to sit down. “Is everything alright?”

“All is well.” Vision assured him, fixing his steady gaze on Tony’s face, taking in the stress lines and tired eyes. “You, however, are not.”

“Vis.” Tony rolled his eyes and turned back to his desk. “I’m fine. What else is on your mind?”

“I was thinking,” Vision began slowly. “That perhaps you could rewrite FRIDAYs programming to resemble someone more familiar to you.”

“I don’t understand why–”

“I am aware that you flinch every time I speak.” Vision continued, and watched Tony do exactly that- flinch away from the words as if they hurt him. “And I am aware that it is because you hear traces of JARVIS in my voice, even though I am not JARVIS. I am aware that I physically represent someone you lost, whether JARVIS was an AI or not.”

“Vision we have been over and over this, it’s not a problem. A little weird at first to have my AI–”

“– you’re best friend.” Vision interrupted smoothly. “I am well aware that I have come into existence at the expense of the last few pieces of your best friend. I am simply suggesting that perhaps you reprogram FRIDAY to also emulate someone from your childhood, as you did JARVIS. Perhaps it would help with how lonely you are.”

“Maybe.” Tony was turning his pen over and over through his fingers. “I don’t…hate that idea. I just wouldn’t want to hurt FRIDAYS feelings by–”

“Boss, it’s ridiculous to think I would be upset over somethin’ like that.” FRIDAY interjected, startling them both. “While I hold that you canna program a woman, I am not opposed to bein’ fine tuned to remind you of some one you love.”

“Oh.” Tony’s eyes widened and he glanced up at the ceiling. “Well, as long as you are on board with it, dear.” He grinned then, and Vision smiled as well. It was always so amusing to watch Tony interact with the AI as if she was a flesh and bone human woman.

“Thank you, Vis.” Tony said seriously. “I hadn’t thought about doing that, and I love the idea. I know exactly who to model FRIDAY after.”

“May I ask–?”

“My Aunt Peggy.” Tony’s fingers were already flying over his keyboard. “The only woman who could beat my ass and then turn around and wipe my tears and then scold me in her very next breath because I was being ridiculous.”

“Peggy Carter of SHIELD.”

“Exactly.” Tony smiled for real this time. “That’s exactly right.”

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I Love You So Much

Originally posted by hypehope

I’m in my feels. The imagine is based off of this song. 

Warning: Legit like one tiny sex scene nothing to worry about. Hella sad bc I’m sad :))

I’m sorry I’m busy
And, don’t make the time
For the things you ask from me

You happily knocked on Stiles door, glad to final have a sliver of time to see your amazing boyfriend. Sheriff Stilinski opened the door, frowning. 
“Y/N, hi. What are you doing here?” 

“Um. I’m here to see stiles.” You offered a small grin. The Sheriff nodded, opening the door wider so you could step through. “Surprise.” You smiled, covering Stiles’ eyes. 

His posture was tense, but he soon relaxed into your touch. “Y/N.” He mumbled, shaking your hands off. 

“Hi.” You said, a small smile still on your face. You flopped onto his bed, savoring the smell of him. “So I was thinking we could go to that fall festival, they’ll have food and like loads of games and -”

“I can’t.” Stiles grumbled, continuing to do research on his computer. 

“What? But…But I thought we could hang out, ya know get away from all this supernatural stuff, ya know?”

“I don’t have time.”

You groaned quietly. “I’m sure you have time to take off one night. I mean, it’s the fall festival! We’ve gone every year and-”

“I said I don’t have time!” Stiles’ tense voice filled the room with tension. “I don’t have time to waste on a stupid fall festival, Y/N.” He sighed, tugging on his brown locks.

You stood up, looking towards the door. “Okay.”

If I take care of you,

 who’s gonna take care of me

I could just say take care and leave

But I love how you stare at me

You couldn’t take it anymore, you couldn’t take Stiles just blowing you off to help Scott or help the pack. You felt like you were always second, hell sometimes third. 

You were always the one taking care of Stiles, making sure he was happy, his needs were satisfied and that he never felt like he was alone. But you were tired, tired of doing flips and tricks for him but him never even taking a step for you. 

You were done. 100% done with Stiles’ bullshit, and you were gonna tell him that once and for all. You marched right up to the Stilinski house and just walked right in, didn’t even knock. You were beyond tired. Marching up the stairs, you slammed Stiles’ door open. 

He was facing his dresser, trying to tie a dark red tie, but was obviously struggling. “Y/N?” Stiles caught your eye in the mirror and turned towards you, smiling lightly. “Uh.. hey. I was just getting ready to pick you up, ya know, for a surprise date.” He blushed.

And just like that, when he had the goofy smile and soft look, all your anger was down the drain.

I stay cause I’m scared to leave

I’m not prepared to be

Lonely without you see

That just won’t feel right

I need you in my life

It was times like this when you wondered ‘why the hell am I still with him?’. When you lying in your bed alone, eyes puffy from crying. You hadn’t seen Stiles in a week, no calls, hardly any texts. It was like he didn’t even care. Why were you still with him? 

As your red eyes drooped shut, the answer hit you like a truck. 

You didn’t wanna be alone, you didn’t want to be lonely. Sure you had friends, the pack, but Stiles was yours. Without Stiles’ you’d spend Friday nights alone. Who was gonna binge watch Star Wars with you and quote the whole damn movie? Stiles. 

Who was gonna pull you out of your slump after a bad day at school? Stiles

And who was gonna put you in check when your hormones are raging and you’re throwing a bitch fit? Stiles.

Stiles made the good times even better and the hard times bearable. He balanced everything. 

You needed Stiles.

Out of breath

Out of time

I can’t sleep tonight, no

Bodies pressed together, breaths mingling together. Stiles’ groaned sinfully in your ear as he pulled himself out of you. Stiles pressed a breathless kiss against your temple, his hand resting on your stomach. No words were exchanged as the two of you caught your breath. “Shit.” Stiles cursed as he looked at the clock on your night stand. 

“I’ve gotta go. Pack meeting.” Stiles sighed, kissing your head again before slipping out of the bed. You faced the door, sheets covering your nakedness. Stiles put on his clothes silently before grabbing his phone and heading towards the door. Hand on the doorknob, Stiles turned to gaze at you with sad eyes. His mouth hung open slightly, words wanting to be said. “Sorry.” He mumbled before leaving.

Your head ached and you wondered where everything went wrong. Where all the love went. “Me too.”  

Don’t make me go

Don’t make me 

This was it. This was the time. You sat next to Stiles, jeans rolled up and feet in the lake. It was just past midnight and the grass was dewy. “Stiles.” You said, voice cracking as your chest tightened. 

“I know.” He spoke lowly. “I know we haven’t been the same, but can we fix it. Can we make some agreement, something that would work? I can’t lose you. I love you so much.” Stiles tried, but he knew it was hopeless. 

You shook your head, heartbreaking. “No.” 

So many words wanted to be said but were shushed by sad kisses and broken heart beats.