before everything went wrong

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A/N: I wanted to go a little old school and bring back my old imagine ways for someone. @lisamalice had a very rough day and I thought this might cheer her up. I hope you enjoy this my love!!!

You unlocked the door to your home and entered, turning on the light. You closed the door behind you with a sigh and placed your keys on the kitchen counter.

Today had been a rough day. It literally felt like the world was out to get you as everything went wrong today. And before your audition, you had a scary run in with someone. But right now, you didn’t even want to think about it. But everything sucked today. Everything except for one. You had an audition to get to work with this amazing music producer and it went really well. It felt like that made up for the bad things that happened prior to you audition. But then as soon as you left, everything picked right back up where it left off.

Coming home was a relief because it felt like the sooner you got to bed, the sooner this day would end.

Your phone rang, startling you. With another sigh, you pulled it out of your pocket, a small smile reaching your face when you saw that it was your boyfriend.

“Hey.” You greeted as you answered the FaceTime call.

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In a slightly different world, Feyre’s wedding to Tamlin went as it was intended to for at least a few hours longer before everything went very wrong.

An AU scenario in which important reveals happen in different places.

ACOMAF   |   Feyre/Rhysand   |    Complete   |   14646  Words    |    Rated T

A mating bond is fate, a Cauldron granted gift. It is not something that we, not the Priestesses with all their magic and herb gardens nor High Lords nor resurrected mortals are able to change. You don’t get to force what the Cauldron has or has not willed.

Part 1: Revulsion and Calm

Part 2: Bargains and Promises  

Part 3: Revelations and Offers 

Epilogue: Starfall and Hope

Tonight is one of those nights.
You know what I’m talking about.
You close the door behind you and numbly lock it shut.
You stare at your hands for long minutes before finally breaking.
You gasp for breath, silently sobbing about everything that went wrong all at once.
Everything that is wrong with you and the world and everything that you just can’t deal with.
Then you deal with it the only way you know how.
You take some deep, exhausted, shuddering breaths as you quietly cry yourself to sleep.
The next morning you wake up huddled in a corner of your bed with a sore neck and a pounding headache.
So you get out of your bed just like any other morning.
—  Unknown

[Chatting into the wee hours] (indeed) Part 1/?

What really REALLY intrigues me about Bloodborne is imagining how the daily life in Yharnam was like before everything went wrong. Byrgenwerth expecially holds a special place in my heart. Seriously who gives a damn about the Hunters, just give me the Lovecraftian Nerds™ .

Also, pardon me for my English T^T

what if everything hadn’t gone wrong

maybe a lot would have anyway, but what if not everything had

what if anakin hadn’t turned, what if palpatine had been killed before he ever got a chance to become emperor

maybe order 66 still would’ve been carried out. maybe kanan still lost depa to the clones he’d trusted all his life. but what if not nearly as many jedi died because someone figured out the plot and managed to remove many of the chips in the clones’ heads before everything went wrong

would krennic have continued his death star research under the cover that it was that republic base everyone wanted, secretly working with an uprising of rebels against the republic? would galen and lyra still have fled to lah'mu with their daughter to escape the consequences they knew were coming? would jyn still have been left behind by saw to fend for herself, developing a bitterness toward both the rebellion and the republic?

would cassian still be fighting against republic occupation, but this time throwing grenades in place of rocks?

would ezra’s parents still be alive, sending him holomessages while he trained under kanan on coruscant? or would they have been captured by the separatist-sympathizers and killed anyway, leaving him with only kanan and occasionally hera?

kanan would still be in love with hera, no doubt, but would it still need to be a secretive relationship? what about sabine and zeb and chopper, would they still have ended up part of this ragtag family?

and what of anakin and padme and their family? would ahsoka drop by to watch the kids when anakin had to go do jedi things and padme needed to attend a meeting? would anakin have raised luke and leia as jedi, and if so would he reveal that they were his own children? would obi-wan know even if anakin hadn’t said they were his?

i have a lot of what-ifs that i kind of want answered

Remember when you
were madly in love
with me, remember?

When your heart pounded
at the thought of me,
before everything
went terribly wrong?

I know you don’t feel
that way anymore;
the profundity
of my delusions
ruined everything.

But do you recall
that beautiful love,
at the beginning –
the birth of romance,
the longing, yearning?

It’s been a long time,
much has passed between
us during that time,
but there’s something that
I want you to know.

That’s how I love you,
even now, even
after everything,
my heart still pounds at
the thought of you, I
still love you like that.
Today, even now.

– deveril