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Sometimes I look at old pictures and I think- who was that girl? That girl on the left was sad. I used to lay in bed and cry.. I wanted so much more out of my life and my weight was truly holding me back from being happy. I never imagined being where I am today. I used to make every excuse as to why I was over weight- you know the “I’m big boned” or “my body was meant to be this size” all of which is total bullshit- but at the time I totally believed it! I had no idea what my body really looked like under all those pounds- 130 to be exact! Now it’s hard for me to look I the mirror and see what the rest of the world sees. Obviously I know I’m no longer “fat” but I also don’t see myself as “thin.” Sometimes I feel like a whale- how is that even possible? Extreme weight loss is a total mind fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just hope you know- if you’re that girl on the left- you are brave, you are capable, you are significant- and you can accomplish anything 💕

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 60 lbs down!

260 - 200 lbs, I’m 5'6

Hi, I’m Sasha and this is my journey to reinvent myself. Of course, it was only about weightloss at first. But through time I realised this is me, my health, my body, my decisions and my life. Which is the one and only I have.
Also without your support guys I won’t find motivation, tumblr society helps a lot!

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a little #mondaymotivation for myself to stay ON TRACK this long holiday week. feeling good this morning & want to feel just as good in a week from now.

🎉🎉 face transformation 🎉🎉

Today i finally had chance to put my progress pictures next to my originals. I’ve currently lost 44 pounds and have another 31 to go, it’s been slow and steady and so unbelievably hard but worth it! This has been done purely through healthy balanced diet (no fads or pills) and exercise. I cook everything at home from scratch and strictly limit processed sugary shit and I work out every day, that’s it :)

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Was looking back at my Camera Roll today and wanted to compare pictures from the start of this whole thing to the ones I took this morning. Wow.

Left picture was taken on January 6 this year. I think this was around my highest weight of 165. There’s almost a thirty-pound difference between these two pictures.

holy transformation ! ! ! ! ! feed your body w whole, nutritious foods, cut out all the processed junk, exercise w a mix of cardio & strength training, & I promise you’ll find the body, mind, positivity, self-love, & confidence that you’ve been searching for - just like I did. Xxx

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 Today, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Not because I lost weight, but because loosing it made me realize I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I love myself even without a perfect body. I’m happy, healthy and surrounded by people who support me and encourage me to be better.


HW: 167 pounds
SW: 156 pounds
CW: 118 pounds

Hard work, hard work and hard work. Don’t stop till you are the person you wanna be.

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I don’t think I’ve shared these but here are my only pics of T&S at Worlds. This was when they first arrived half way through practice on the morning of the SD. They were so beautiful that I stopped mid-sentence while talking to @canadianvirtues and said “they’re here.” 

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I’m in need of some serious discipline. I have the motivation to continue on my journey, but actually following through with my diet plan lately has been a disaster. The truth is I haven’t followed through with my diet plan at all for weeks. Looking at these pictures reminds me that I can do it, I do have the power to control myself around food, and that I can reach my goals if I just make good decisions and stop sabotaging myself. I can do this! Getting back on track this time has truly been a test, but I haven’t given up yet. I don’t plan on ever giving up on myself again.

Before picture, 09.12.2016, 215
During picture, 04.05.2017, 167.6

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Before 194 

After 149

Goal 120

This took me about a total of 6 months

Going into my weight loss journey I didn’t want to think of it as a “diet” more of me being cautious of what I was in-taking and how it affected me. At first I was going to the gym 5 days a week for about 45 minutes. I would do 30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of weights. I wasn’t really keeping track of my calories, but I was guesstimating and trying to stay below at least 1250 calories. I usually ate what I wanted as long as it was in that calorie range for the day. I did however cut out most sugars. And definitely soft drinks!  I am by no means at my goal. I still have about 30 lbs to reach my main goal. I did reach my first one which was to get to 150! Yay :) It’s really hard to actually realize how different you actually look, that is why these before and afters are really important. You may be thinking “ugh, I don’t want to document myself looking like this!” Well, trust me neither did I, but looking back and seeing the difference really helps to stay motivated! Especially when you feel like you aren’t making progress, cause girl… I still feel the same! Good luck to anyone who is out there looking at these for motivation :) You can do it.  

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