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Motercycle Ride - Justin Bieber Imagine

“I’m telling you that you can’t!” Your father spoke harshly.

“Well I’m saying that I’m eighteen and it doesn’t really matter what you say,” you spoke forcefully.

“We still provide so much for you,” your mother snapped. Usually your mother was more on your side but today she was feeling cranky.

“He’s not a bad guy,” you felt like a broken record, over and over again you’d said this.

“Y/n,” your mother sounded tired.

“You can’t stop me!” You said, and your voice sounded whiny even to yourself.

“It’s Sunday, can’t you at least go another day?,” your father had given up trying to convince you not to go out, and now just to go a different day.

“He’s off work today,” you explained. Suddenly a low roar burst through the silence. A boy riding a motorcycle, and wearing a leather jacket zoomed into the church’s parking lot.

“Justin!” You called out excitedly. You’d always wanted to ride on a motorcycle.

“Oh hell no!” Your father’s face seemed to say as you ran toward Justin.

“Hey babe,” he said removing his helmet and kissing your forehead.

“This is awesome,” you said running your hand over the bike gingerly.

“Hop on, I’ve got a date planned,” he said with a bright smile.

“Y/n!” Your parents called as you began to climb on.

“Bye mom and dad, I’ll be home for supper,” you called as you and Justin sped away.

The two of you had driven away before you could hear your parents reproaches. You wrapped your arms tightly around Justin, feeling comfort run through you. After a few miles Justin stopped.

“Here,” Justin said handing you a helmet when he’d stopped the bike.

“Gotta be safe,” he said gently as he buckled the helmet under your chin. He kissed your cheek sweetly and got back on the bike.

You held him again, loving the smell of his cologne. The trip was picturesque. So many flowered trees had bloomed recently. Justin took you all through beautiful paths, until you reached a small clearing with a babbling brook and emerald green grass. Beautiful flowers were scattered over the ground, yellows, pinks, and blues looked like confetti against the ground.

“This is so beautiful,” you said in awe.

“I found it and thought of you,” he said sheepishly. “I brought a picnic.”

“Yay!” You said excitedly. He parked, and pushed the kickstand out for his bike. You climbed off, and he went round to the trunk of the motorcycle and grabbed the picnic basket.

You stood staring at the stream. Soon Justin came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you, and kissed your neck.

“Mmmmm Justin,” you moaned slightly, and turned in his arms. You pressed your forehead against his and closed your eyes.

“I love you,” he mumbled and kissed your mouth gently.

“You love me?” You gasped. It was the first time he’d ever said those words to you. You felt joy bubble up inside you, filling you to the brim.

“Yeah, I love you,” he said with a grin. “Of course I do,” he seemed amused by my shock. “And you love me right,” he said in a more serious voice.

“Yes, yes I love you, so much,” you said, grabbing his face and kissing him passionately. “I love you, I love you,” you loved saying the words.

“I love you too,” he spoke against your mouth. You couldn’t get enough of his succulent lips. You kissed him hungrily, feeling drunk from the words you’d just spoken. Just then your phone buzzed.

“When you get home don’t expect to get off easy,” you father’s text ruined the mood.

“I’m sorry they don’t like me,” he looked very sad.

“It’s not your fault,” you said caressing his face worriedly. “They can deal with it,” you felt angry and indignant.

“Hey it’s alright, they’ll get used to me once they realize I’m here for the long haul,” he said kissing you again.

“Good, because I’m here for the long haul too,” you said.

“I love you,” he smiled.

“I love you too,” you felt happier than you ever had before.

SMH as things my mother has said/done

lardo: was a big fake straight beard for her gay friends

jack: “huh, I’ve never heard Justin Bieber before”

bitty: “it’s just not the same with jam, but I can’t find any good preserves”

ransom: refuses to give up foreign citizenship because (s)he is Not American and refuses to associate with that whole mess

holster: has watched 90% of the tv shows on netflix twice, even the ones she hates

dex: “I’m not sure what it was about her, but every time I saw her face, I just wanted to punch it”

nursey: casually called to say “don’t freak out but i’m in the hospital”. twice.

shitty: constantly says “fucking white people”- is white

Bonus Kent, since there’s no Chowder (that sunshine boy is literally the opposite of my mom):
“I had a boyfriend once who had a jaguar. The animal, not the car.”

Doctor Office Secret Part 2

Type: One Shot | Imagine About Justin Bieber
Rating: Rated R for Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,454

I placed my phone in my bag as I was rushing out of the house. I just slipped on a pair of flats before heading out the door. I made sure the door was locked before running out to my car. I got into my car and on the day that im running late. Of course my car wouldn’t start, I could feel the tears running down my face. I was just getting frustrated with everything including myself. I tried to start my car again and it finally turned over. I pulled out of my driveway as I headed my way towards the office. Little did I know that I would be the gossip of the office.

“Did you hear?” One of the nurses Rebecca said.

“What?” the other nurse Nicki asked.

“Y/N is with Mr. Bieber” Rebecca said.

“What do you mean?” Nicki asked as her blood started to boil.

“They are dating” Rebecca said.

“Impossible” Nicki crossed her arms.

“It’s true, ” Rebecca said.

“Ill make sure that wont last long” Nicki said as she walked back to the office.

I pulled into the parking lot, locking my car before seeing Mr. Bieber get out of his car. We walked in separate so no one would think anything of it. Little did I know we were the talk of the office, but it seemed like no one confronted me about it. I figured it was my choice and if Mr. Bieber was into me then that’s how it was. It seemed like I was getting swamped before lunch time.

“So is it true?” Nicki asked as she walked to my desk.

“What?” I asked.

“You and Mr. Bieber” she crossed her arms.

“That has nothing to do with you” I looked up at her.

“Oh, but it is” she smirked slightly.

“I have work to get done” I rolled my eyes as I turned my attention back to my computer.

“He’s my fiance” she snapped back.

“Well, guess he doesn’t value you the relationship if he’s with me” I said.

It seemed as soon as I said that her blood started to boil. She walked away my desk going back to hers quickly. I could feel her stare from across the room. I didn’t pay any attention to her as I continued to work, I worked through lunch since I was swamped. I saw Mr. Bieber walked back in from his lunch break and of course, Nicki through herself at him. It was like she was a hungry tiger and he was the piece of meat she wanted. I tried not to pay attention to her, but it did catch my attention.

“Can I see you in my office y/n” Mr. Bieber said as he looked towards me.

“Sure” I nodded as I got up from my desk.

I walked into his office first as he was behind me. I heard the door close behind us and the lock switch, I turned to look at him. He placed his hands on my hips, pulling me close to him, I rested my hands on his shoulders. I didn’t know if what Nicki was saying was true or not. I didn’t want to believe her, but there was something in me telling me that something was wrong here.

“Is it true?” I asked.

“Is what true?” he looked at me.

“You and Nicki” I said.

“We dated a few months ago, but nothing came of it, ” he rested his hand on my chin.

“She said you two are engaged, ” I spoke softly.

“She’s crazy, I wouldn’t propose to someone and then cheat on them, ” he brushed his thumb against my cheek.

“I believe you, ” I leaned up slightly allowing our lips to meet.

He moved his hand towards my neck as he kept the kiss between us. Slowly moving us towards his desk, lifting me up slightly as he sat me down on the desk. I moved my legs slightly apart as he moved between them, keeping the kiss between us. I rested my hand against his chest as moved closer, keeping his grip onto my hips. I slightly pulled at his lip as I grabbed his shirt. I started to raise his shirt up as he rested his forehead against mine. He lifted his arms up as I removed his shirt. He placed his lips against my neck as his hands slipped up my sides. Removing my shirt, allowing it to fall onto the floor. I rested my hand on his chest as he leaned down to kiss my softly. I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my legs around his waist. He smiled slightly as he pushed me back against his desk. His lips pressed against my neck slowly moving down my body. Slipping his hands behind my back undoing my bra. Removing it from my shoulders as he kept his lips against my skin. His lips moving down my stomach to the top of my pants. He undid my pants as I lifted my hips up so he could remove my pants. Removing my panties as well, so I was naked on his desk. I watched him as he stood back looking over my naked body. I bite my lip as he started to undo his pants, allowing them to fall down to his feet. He moved back between my legs, allowing his tip to tease my clit.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes, ” I nodded.

He rubbed his tip up and down my slit. Slightly pushing into me as I felt him enter me. I laid my head back as he started to thrust inside of me. Hitting my spots with each thrust, I started to moan as he held my hips. I rested my legs along his hips. He leaned down to kiss me softly as he started to pick up the pace. My breathing picked up as I could feel myself edge closer to a climax. Running his fingertips along my stomach, his thumb finding my clit. Adding pressure against it as he moved it fast. He kept moving his hips towards mine, his thrust was hard and deep. I moved my hips towards his as I climaxed against him as he thrust forward. Once he felt me tighten around him, he climaxed as well. He soon slipped out from me pulling his pants back up, as he watched over me. I soon sat up from the desk as I caught my breath. He handed me my clothes as he sat down in his chair. I finally finished getting dressed, looking back at him.

“Don’t worry about Nicki” he said.

“It’s all over the office so what are we going to do?” I asked.

“Well, we can act like nothing is going on or be out in the open” he walked over towards me.

“Whatever you want to do” I bite my lip as he grabbed my hand.

“I kinda like us being a secret, ” he smirked slightly.

“Then I’m your dirty little secret” I looked up at him.

He rested his forehead against mine, as our eyes meet. I laced our fingers together as I didn’t want this moment to end. I felt my heart start racing when I heard someone knock on the door. I pulled away from him as I walked towards his desk. Trying to pretend that I was working on a few things while he opened the door. Of course it was Nicki is sticking her nose in something that had nothing to do with her. I rolled my eyes as I kept my back turned to her as I straightened up the paperwork.

“The patient is here for their appointment at 2” Nicki said.

“I’ll be in there in a second, ” he responded.

“You are already 15 minutes late, ” she snapped back.

“What is your problem” he asked.

“We, the ring you gave me” she said.

“There was no ring and nous, ” he crossed his arms.

“Your just saying that because she’s here, remember that when you come over later, ” she rolled her eyes as she walked out.

“Don’t believe her, ” he said as he looked back at me.

“I have work to do, ” I said as I walked past him, going back to my desk.

I kept my head down as I focused on my work. Trying to schedule all of the appointments that came across my desk. I knew Nicki was at her desk just staring me down, but I ignored it the best way I could. I kept checking my phone hoping that the time would melt away. It went slower with each time I checked, I just wanted to go home. I didnt know who to believe, he had everything to lose but what did she? Once the clock hit 4pm everyone started to leave the building. Once again I was collecting my things when Nicki decided to stop by my desk.

“Hes mine, so back off” she said.

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.

“You will soon find out” she walked away.

“Listen here, its clear he wants me! He proves it every time he fucks me so your irrelevant so next time you decided to drop by my desk just keep walking” I stood up.

“You are just a little slut he will fuck for a while BUT he always comes back to me” she crossed her arms.

“We shall see about that” I stepped closer to her.

“Trust me the last chick to cross me isn’t able to talk” she said.

I could feel my jaw clench as the anger in raged me. My blood was boiling and I just wanted to shut her up.

“Try me” I looked at her.

“Excuse me ladies, not doing that here” he grabbed my arm before I could strike her.

“Get this low life bitch out of here” Nicki said.

“Oh I got your bitch” I said as I stepped towards her. Of course Mr. Bieber placed his arm around me keeping me from her. I was beyond pissed now, I wasn’t that type to allow some petty person get away with name calling.

“Nicki go home NOW” Mr. Bieber shouted as he held onto me.

She finally left the building as Mr. Bieber tried to keep me under control. He gently pushed me to the wall, moving my arms above my head. I tried to get from his grip but his strength held me against the wall. He leaned down towards me allowing his lips to touch mine. Slightly kissing me as he kept my arms above my head. We both looked at the door when we heard it open. Of course it was Nicki but this time I knew she wouldn’t leave without a fight. Mr. Bieber kept my arms up as he held me against the wall.

“I told you to leave, ” he looked back at her.

“Not without you, ” she stood at the door.

“Go home!” he said.

“Once again, not without you” She crossed her arms as she demanded his attention.

“What do you want Nicki?” he asked.

“We need to talk, I’m pregnant” she said.

Those words came crashing down on me. I swallowed deep as his hands allowed my arms free. I could see the shock on his face as he stood there. I pushed passed him as I grabbed my bag, heading out the door. I didn’t care what they were going on but now there was a pregnancy. I rushed to my car as quickly as I could, shuffling the keys in my purse. I could feel someone running after me as I tried to get in my car. The tears slipped onto my cheek as I opened the door. I knew I shouldn’t of catching feelings for someone who just looked for sex but the truth was I did. I shut the door before Mr. Bieber could get to my car. I started my car and took off from the parking lot as he ran to his bike. He followed me with his bike, I tried to get away, but it seemed like he would let me go. I hit the interstate just having my foot on the petal going as fast as I could. He kept up with me, but had trouble going in and out of traffic. He soon got in front of me, but I turned the other direction, he focused on me. His bike started to wobble as the speeds picked up. He tried to hit the brakes, but the bike slide underneath of him as his body went through the hair. I slammed on the brakes as his body came to a rest on my car. I held onto the steering wheel as my heart started to race. I was frozen as I closed my eyes, hoping this was a dream that turned into a nightmare. All I could remember was hearing the police sirens. The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital room, not knowing what was going on. My monitors beeping was ringing in my ear, where was Mr. Bieber? I took a deep breath in as the I closed my eyes.

Next time on Doctor Office Secert: Will the hot doctor make it? Would his love interest be ok? Is Nicki lying about it all?

“And CUT” the director said.

I got up from the hospital bed, walking backstage. I changed back into my regular clothes as I saw Justin standing there. I walked towards him leaning up kissing him softly. He grabbed my hand as we walked out of the studio. It was nice to turn off the real world and be able to be in a different world. He leads me to the car opening the door as I got in. Of course the media were snapping pictures of the hottest couple in Hollywood. I had three lives, the one I played on tv, the one in the media and the one I spent with Justin. We mainly kept our private life as private as we could.

“How was that scene?” he asked as we drove home.

“Terrible” I said as I grabbed his hand.

“It wasn’t real, ” he kissed my hand softly.

“I know” I smiled.

We finally pulled up to our house, where our world started. Once those doors didn’t behind us it was Justin and I. We didn’t have our phones nor did we have the internet at our house. We wanted to connect with each other, the only thing that private, better love story will forever be private but our sitcom was pretty entertaining.