So I was doing a massive clean out on my desktop of old stuff that I should have deleted a while back and man did I find an absolute gem. the photo on the left was me maybe 2 years ago right before I tried p90x or something, I think I was maybe 205 pounds, I wore a 36 waist, and must have had no muscle at all. The photo on the right was a few days ago, after starting to really take care of myself for about a year and a half now I’m in the 180 pound area depending on the day, I wear a 32 waist, and am easily in the best shape I ever have been at any point in my life. Granted its not anything too crazy but it was pretty cool to take a look back and be able to see how far I’ve come.

It’s July 1.

6 months ago you said “this is my year, this year will be different, this will be the year I lose the weight”

it’s July now - have you lost the weight?

did you give up? are you waiting til after the summer or after the new school year starts or after the holidays or after next year?

there will always be excuses - I’m so busy, it’s not a good time, I have too much to do, I don’t know where to start, it’s too hard, nobody supports me

it’s never too late to change your life. start now. start slow if you have to. start alone if you have to. just start. today.

you are so worth it ✌🏼️


These are really fucking shitty pictures, but they’ll do for now. This years camp was my wake up call. I didn’t feel like myself and I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I’m part of a group that is known for starting the party, dancing on stage, and in general being confident and putting it all out there. It was such a struggle this year. I just wanted to hide most of the time. I got back from camp on June 5 and I cut out carbs June 6. I’m not looking back. I can’t wait for next camp so I can actually have fun and focus on getting to know everyone instead of having crippling anxiety.

Bottom pics are from today July 1 and wearing the same shorts. I couldn’t keep them zipped at camp and now they are so large that they rest under my boobs. Yay!



I was wondering how much my face changed since gooseindian took my first facial “before” picture, so I put it next to a picture I took recently, and wow. I must admit, I was shocked.

I no longer look like a sad boy with a really bad haircut. Thank the lawwwwd.

I was 246 pounds in the picture on the top and 164 in the photo on the bottom.

Work hard and be persistent.
You’ll become who you want to be.

Oh, and hey, kids who made high school a nightmare for me, fuck you. 😉

Transformation Tuesday!

Proof that you can change your life. You can wake up tomorrow and take steps towards becoming the person you have always dreamed of.

Since I started my weightloss journey I have lost 140 pounds. I am still not where I want to be, but I know I will reach my goal.

There is no quick fix. I let myself get unhealthy and out of control. So it was up to me to kick my ass into shape. Eat healthy and exercise, it really is just that simple. There are a million diets out there that claim they’ll make you lose all that weight. But to be successful you can’t be on a “diet”, you have to change your lifestyle.

I am changing everyday and I’m really starting to love the person I am becoming. Because that person is a fighter. Never give up on yourself. You are the best project you’ll ever work on. ♡

What I find most amazing about my weight loss is that I had my best friend through it all. He fell in love with me at 200 pounds. I’m grateful that he looked at what matters in a person, and loved me for what counts. Now a couple of years and 60+ pounds lost later, we are happily married and striving to live a healthy lifestyle together.


4 years ago –> this morning before my run.
230lbs –> ~140lbs
Very shy, no self confidence, felt so wrong and uncomfortable in my body. –> still very shy, some actual self confidence, and loving all that my body can do and feel absolutely healthy
Maxed running at 1mile with a pace of 12min/mi –> a 5mile run with a 9.4min/mile pace
Feeling so tired and lethargic –> so much energy from fueling my body right

So thankful that I made that choice to get fit.