Timehop told me I took the photo on the left exactly one year ago, so I decided to recreate it today. It’s been the hardest year but I feel so amazing and younger and its good. I don’t talk about my journey (lol) here on Tumblrerer too too much, but if anyone wants to follow my insta is hulloskinnyjeans. :)

Also tmi I’m so happy my boobs shrunk, that shit was painful xoxo


The first picture was taken after I dropped out of college for the first (and hopefully last) time in 2013. I wasn’t in a good place physically or mentally and I can’t remember, but I doubt I ever realized I could be the person I am today. I’m still working on myself in 2015, but I definitely have a plan on where I’m going and couldn’t be more positive about the future! 

The girl on the left was sad,
And the girl on the right is still kinda sad,
BUT I’m fighting for my much deserved happiness. I’m doing what the girl on the left never did.

I’m seeing problems and making changes.

I’m making a lot of waffles.
I love waffles.
I’m also making a few mistakes along the way, but mistakes are a part of life and I have to learn how to live with them.

Weight loss doesn’t make all of your problems go away.
Losing weight can make your problems worse, because when you realize that your weight wasn’t your problem, you start to see what your problems really are.



Decided to make a comparison of before I started my weight loss journey and where I am today to remind myself of how far I’ve come and to get pumped up for starting 2016 on a healthy track. 

In the first picture I’m at 335 pounds. I had just graduated from high school and was on my way down a path that made me miserable. Now I’m 211.1 pounds and feel like I’m doing what makes me happy! 

Was looking back at my Camera Roll today and wanted to compare pictures from the start of this whole thing to the ones I took this morning. Wow.

Left picture was taken on January 6 this year. I think this was around my highest weight of 165. There’s almost a thirty-pound difference between these two pictures.

Hello, little beans!

I’ve maintained a 20 lb weight loss since around November of 2015 but I’ve gained so much in these past few months! This post is to show that changes can happen even when the scale stays the same.

- I’ve gone down two holes on my Fitbit band! (One more and I’ll need to move from a large to a small.

- I’ve upped my steps per day from 5k to 10k (which I regularly exceed, my highest record being 45k in one day).

- I’ve gone down a ring size.

- I have brought my resting heart rate down from 88 bpm to 72 bpm (an unhealthy range to a healthy range).

- I’ve lost fat in my arms to the point that sweaters that I wasn’t able to wear before now fit.

- My leggings are looser than they used to be in the butt and thighs.

- I used to have to use a bra extender which I’ve now ditched, and have even gone down a notch since then on the regular strap.

- I regularly win Fitbit challenges.

- I’ve worked out 5-7 days a week for 20-60 minutes EVERY single week since December 25th. Every week!

I’ve personally gotten anonymous hate for not losing “pounds” and I think that’s silly and very damaging for people to see. A fitness and health journey is NOT just about the number on the scale. I look at it once every few weeks and the number hangs between 195-197 and that’s just fine with me! Clothes and jewelry is looser, I’m crushing goals left and right, I’m making my heart healthier, and tons more.

I’m not sorry that the scale isn’t moving and you shouldn’t be either if it isn’t for you.

Keep pushing, it WILL pay off.

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