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Hey M!! I have a small fic request, nothing big. Do you think you can write a little something with Livvy, Dru and Helen? So many people write the boys but never the Blackthorn girls bonding, it's a shame.

“Can I see it again?” Dru pleaded. Helen obligingly extended her hand, showing off the shining Penhallow ring she now wore. The sharp mountain peaks weren’t really that different from the Blackthorn’s spiny crest, but the difference felt like molten gold searing into her soul, like the wedding rune was already racing through her blood, making her anew. 

Livvy and Dru sighed in delight. 

“It’s so pretty,” Dru said, turning Helen’s hand over between her little palms so she could admire the new jewelry from every angle. 

Livia smiled wisely, “It means they’re going to get married soon.”

“I know that!” Dru said irately, “I’m not a baby.”

“Settle down,” Helen warned, retrieving her hand and grabbing another cookie. They really weren’t supposed to have food in their rooms, but Helen was an adult. She was allowed to break the rules, just a little. Unlike Ty, she wasn’t about to actively cultivate an ant colony, or try to sneak in another snake. 

It was going to be a lot of work to clean up in the morning, Dru was already getting crumbs everywhere, but it had been the price of luring her sisters in for some girl time- Livvy drove hard bargains- and she didn’t regret it for an instant. Idris was beautiful, but she missed LA and getting to see her family every day. 

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Coco deserves better than the Frozen ‘short’

So I have seen Coco three timed now and by extension the Frozen 'short’ and overall I enjoy it be there are some parts that really bother me.

It is 21 minutes long with 5 song! That is as many songs as Coco has and that is a full lenght film. Why would you put a 'short’ musical about family in front of a feature film musical about family??? It just invites comparisons and Frozen falls way short.

The main plot of the short is thst Anna and Elsa have no traditions. But their parents died long after Elsa was shut in her room so at least Anna should know the family traditions. Wasn’t she allowed to hang out with her parents?

There are some fun moments. Kristoff’s troll song and Olaf’s traditions song are both really fun but the choosing to attach the short to Coco only had one explaination. Merchandise. They wanted to make sure every parent and child is reminded that Frozen exists right before the gift giving season. And guess what???!!! They all have new outfits!!! That means new toys you dont have yet.

Maybe later when the short is released from this context I can enjoy it for what it is but for now I’m peeved.

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Los Angeles Shadowhunters on the 4th

Mark: Being highly irresponsible and setting off as many fireworks as he can at one time.
Julian: Trying to keep Tavvy away from the shower of sparks.
Emma: Watching Julian try and laughing before stepping in.
Ty: Has headphones in and is standing far away to avoid the sounds but enjoying the lights.
Livvy: Standing with Ty, holding a sparkler and “fighting” Kit with it.
Kit: Has an unfair advantage in the “fight” with Livvy because he lights another one before it goes out.
Dru: Lighting some of the huge fireworks and laughing at Mark’s panic.
Tavvy: Avoiding getting chased by Julian and laughing at the fireworks.

Los Angeles Shadowhunters as Things I've Done
  • Emma: kicked a kid rly hard in the stomach during a martial arts class and they had to sit the rest of the class out and i haven't seen them since. this was like 4 years ago.
  • Julian: dated my best friend but then broke up after 24 hours because it was too weird
  • Arthur: ordered 2 large cheese pizzas from dominos at like 1 am
  • Cristina: spent weeks flirting with a person, then found out that they had a girlfriend but "she didn't need to know"
  • Diego: pretended not to know someone to psych them out before an audition
  • Dru: got asked out and then high-fived the person as a response
  • Kit: cried b/c my pizza fell on the floor
  • Livvy: my brother got trapped in an elevator like 6 months ago and i still make fun of him because of it
  • Mark: pretended to date one of my close freinds so we wouldnt get left out of couples activities.
  • Tavvy: couldn't remember how to do basic subtraction on my precalc test
  • Ty: put a bunch of excessively gay decorations around my half of the room because my roommate was really homophobic
Despicable Orientations

Gru - Straight

Lucy - Bisexual, I can see her crushing on girls and probably dated one before

Dru - Gay

Balthazar - Gay

Scarlet - Straight

Herb - Bisexual

Vector - Asexual, he’s a cool dude by himself

Eduardo - Straight

I won’t assume the girls, I just find that creepy because they’re still little.

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10k trying to awkwardly flirt with you but you just find it funny and he thinks you dont like him.

I honestly don’t have a clue where I was going with this. 


“Girls like guys that are assertive.” Mack slapped 10K on the back, “Just go over there and tell her you like her and you want to go out with her.”

“Nah man, (Y/N) isn’t like that. You need those pick up lines. I’ll teach you, Kid.” Doc waved Mack away.

“10K seriously, try my way first. Who’s the only guy in the group with a girlfriend right now?” Mack puffed out his chest slightly.

“Only because you got to her first.” Murphy interjected from inside the truck, through the back window.

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darla/dru: sadie hawkins

summary: darla asks drusilla to the sadie hawkins dance.

for @sunnydaleslut​! tasia, i love youuu! pretty sure it was you who put the darla/dru high school AU into my brain. thanks for that ✨💕  happy holidays!

1k, teen. read on ao3!

“Hey! Dru!” a boy calls, striding up to her and throwing a hand against her locker, effectively pinning her in place. He grins. “You have really incredible eyes, you know that?”

“Yes,” Dru says. “They see things.”

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how i lost 45 pounds: before & after and intro to my weight loss (by youdontsuckthatmuch)

Out of The Darkness Chapter One

Dru Morgan is a spy that works outside of the law for the greater good. But while on a secret assignment, she has a freak accident that gives her special powers. She finds refuge within The Avengers, and soon discovers that she shares a connection to Captain America’s past.

(This is within an alternate universe and I’m not following a specific timeline, but let’s just say that Dru’s accident happens in between the first Avengers Film and The Winter Solider. And the rest of the story is way before Civil War and even before Age of Ultron. (even though I’m not following those exact story lines because I have so many issues with Age of Ultron). But I hope that all makes sense because again this is an alternate universe and I don’t want to screw anything up LOL) 

Chapter One (How it all began)

It was supposed to be a standard retrieval op for Dru Morgan and her team. They were placed on a special assignment by an anonymous benefactor to rescue a hostage that was being held captive in a testing facility. Yet their boss didn’t disclose too many specifics. And while they didn’t like the idea of working under such cryptic pretenses, they were heavily swayed by the substantial payout once the mission was completed. But as they headed towards their rendezvous point just outside of Croatia, Dru couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

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