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“Bill. We love you, truly. So much. But nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart — nobody will ever publish this.
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)

It’s a long journey and it takes time, patience, dedication, hard work, sacrifices, goals, and so much more, but at the end of the day that time is going to pass regardless and in the end every single step will be worth it even more than you can imagine.

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Casual breakdown of all the gay homoerotic Gafou goodness from Disney's first canon gay subplot:

▪️when Gaston says he likes a girl and LeFou is all, “why do you need a girlfriend when we have each other?”
▪️LeFou freaking the fuck out every time a woman looks at Gaston
▪️LeFou straight up telling women to back the fuck off before sashaying smugly after Gaston
▪️"I’m not done with you"
▪️LeFou looking wistful and practically drooling while Gaston describes a life married to him in a cozy house
▪️LeFou straight up rubbing Gaston’s ears and massaging his body
▪️…and Gaston freaking out when he realizes another man who isn’t LeFou has taken over the massage
▪️LeFou singing about Gaston’s heart breaking abilities
▪️the cabaret worthy moment when LeFou throws himself on a table and sings about how manly Gaston is
▪️LeFou crawling around on all fours while Gaston sings about “shooting from behind”
▪️obviously when LeFou twirls into Gaston’s arms and snuggles the fuck up
▪️Gaston picking LeFou up to demonstrate his strength (how were they so good at that? Like this was definitely practiced)
▪️the infamous BELLY BITE from when Gaston and LeFou “wrestled” (this might be the crowning gay moment of them all tbh)
▪️Gaston grabbing LeFou’s chin and cupping his face and gazing into his eyes in a deliberate attempt to disorientate and manipulate through sexy intimacy

Hit me up if I missed anything, there was such a sea of gay some of it might have passed me by

Yoonbum’s Dream Analysis

This chapter seems to be about Yoonbum and his feelings somehow portrayed very abstract, just like a dream. But I also think this could be Yoonbum trapped in Sangwoo’s world. So here’s my interpretation of it:


We see him step into an almost empty and scary room which I’d like to think represents Yoonbum’s life. He looks around frightened and thinks he’s lost. “Am I lost?”  He only sees one way, a corridor. It’s either that or go back, and he chooses to enter the corridor:

The way he touches the walls reminded me of the first chapter when he enters Sangwoo’s house. Parallels? Could be. Meanwhile, the phone in his pocket rings, twice. The first time, the voice tells him to go towards the ‘sound of the piano’. The second time, it tells him to go back.

This could represent Bum’s internal thoughts and struggles, deciding whether he should go back or move forward and ‘follow his heart’ (aka the sound of the piano). The fact that the phone has no buttons, could show that Bum feels he has no control over this situation and his feelings/thoughts. He can only accept them or dismiss them.

He decides to follow the sound because he’s scared of being alone. He ignores all the blood which are the warning signs. Could show how he’s been dealing with Sangwoo all this time even after knowing he’s dangerous. Just because (like Sangwoo) he also doesn’t want to be lonely.


Yoonbum should NOT open this door and we as readers know that. A horrible world is behind that door. And I think it could represent two things. One, murder (could be the murder of Kim Seokho) OR Sangwoo’s world! Yoonbum holds the key and he opens the door. Once he’s inside, the door slams shut and disappears. There is no going back!


This person can represent 3 characters in the comic.
1. Yoonbum’s uncle: And if it’s him, it explains why he is behind bars and has no fingers! Yoonbum wants to keep him ‘away’!
2. Sangwoo’s father: If this is Sangwoo’s father, it changes the whole meaning of this chapter. This is not just Yoonbum’s dream since this is Sangwoo’s father that’s letting Bum into Sangwoo’s world.
3. Kim Seokho aka the gay bar man: This person(?) looks dead. His body is pale and inflated (how a dead body looks if it’s drowned or stays in the water for too long).
The only confirmed dead people here are Sangwoo’s father and Kim Seokho.


These pictures change after Yoonbum remembers Jieun. Everything turns terrifying and he hears screams asking for help. The hands could belong to Kim Seokho as he was tied up. And as @yoonicidal mentioned somewhere, this could be how Yoonbum sees women before and after killing Jieun. The picture of flowers also changes to fingers as Yoonbum runs past it.

A voice asks Bum to arrange these by color as if it’s a game! It could be Sangwoo’s voice.
“Do you like it? I wanted us to be friends so I prepared a game..”


The movie is Bum’s past and life and people are laughing at him. This could be how Yoonbum feels about people. That they find his pain a joke. Nobody cares about him.


We see a ‘mini’ version of Seungbae, trying to help Bum but he’s small because he’s insignificant to Bum. His efforts are not enough. Yoonbum has no hope and believes he’s doomed. Seungbae tries to get his attention but Bum doesn’t even lift his head up to look at him. The hand holding Seungbae could represent ‘the authority’ whoever that is. Officer Park or even his co-workers. He breaks free but eventually the hand grabs him again and takes him away.


I think the clown represents not only Bum’s fears but also Sangwoo, as Sangwoo is a big part of it.

First I want to remind you of a line from chapter 1:

“Who is that person…? The Sangwoo I know… … is a much more considerate person…”

After that, many things happened between Sangwoo and Bum but we know one thing for sure. Despite him having feelings for Sangwoo and staying with him, he has been scared the whole time. Sangwoo makes fun of him (just like the clown laughs at him) And Yoonbum is scared Sangwoo wants to hurt him (Just like the clown does). THIS PERSON was not the Sangwoo he knew.

Yoonbum hears the sound which represents HOPE! The hope that Sangwoo has been giving him. He starts running away. He wants to run away from THIS PERSON. THIS CLOWN is not Sangwoo.


Meanwhile Bum comes across a really creepy picture. And the mole reminds me of only one person:

Sangwoo’s mother! And if she is indeed Sangwoo’s mother, it’s more likely that the ticket man is Sangwoo’s father.


The picture could indicate how he’s losing his sanity or innocence or even how he’s getting closer to ‘his death’ as he tries to run away from the clown. (The summary of his life with Sangwoo)
Yoonbum hears Sangwoo’s voice calling him, ‘Bum… I’m here… I’m right here.’ And it made me think it’s the clown calling him especially since in one panel the clown is reaching out towards him. Yoonbum sees the recorder (it represents the false hope that Sangwoo has been giving him).

The clown is now standing there with a knife. The killer. And we see an empty frame. We know so far all the frames have been like ‘coffins’, holding dead people’s pictures. Could this one be Yoonbum’s?
The clown? He is everything that’s going to kill Yoonbum. His fears, his painful life. This clown is a nightmare. Yoonbum has completely given up, until he hears Sangwoo’s voice. “Bum…”

The background slowly changes to white. The nightmare slowly disappears,

1. Now the first possibility, the nightmare Yoonbum has been running away from, the clown, the killer, it has turned into his savior. Or was he the same person all along and Yoonbum only had to stop being scared? The killer and Sangwoo can be the same person. Sangwoo can be both his fear and his shelter.

2. The second possibility, Sangwoo caused the nightmare and the clown to vanish.

Going through everything Yoonbum did in this chapter, being humiliated and blamed, suffering, it was to finally be able to ‘SEE’ Sangwoo. This is what Sangwoo means by ‘I’ve been waiting a long time…’ until you understand me/see me/join me.

Whether the clown and Sangwoo were the same or Sangwoo caused the clown to disappear, we can agree on one thing. To Yoonbum, Sangwoo is his shelter/savior.

[All images belong to Lezhin and the author/artist, Koogi]

I want those that are trying to get healthier, whether that be to lose weight or gain muscle or just stay healthy, there is no secret pill, secret smoothie, secret diet, and the list goes on, that will help you achieve your goals… With motivation, determination, perseverance, drive and most importantly self-love and self-appreciation, you will reach your goals!
The biggest “aha” moment that I’ve had, through this journey, is that at the end of the day, the only person who will always be there for you, to love you, to support you and push you is YOURSELF; so why tear yourself down? It is a constant battle in our minds, hurting ourself, finding our flaws and picking at them but remember at the end of the day that you are amazing, strong, powerful, resilient and just downright awesome!
Love yourself and push yourself to your limits because you can achieve any goal you set your mind to! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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A Museum of Yoon Bum’s Mind


If you look closely you can see that this painting is actually of two roses, covered with things that are also vaguely flower shaped. I feel like this is meant to show Bum’s twisted sense of what’s pretty, or what’s good. His heart is in the right place, sure, but it’s not the same thing. Instead of looking pretty, the painting ended up looking crazy, too much, unfocused, weird. His understanding of what’s pleasing has been mixed up and muddled. 

Second picture is what we see after someone says “arrange these by colour”. 

So, it’s still what Yoon Bum sees as beautiful, as what is pleasing to him, but now it’s a bunch of different fingers, a bunch of different women. Thinking like this is such a raw and obsessive state of mind and it shows how Bum truly thinks about people he was stalking, how it overwhelms him and takes him over so he can do nothing but to try to get more, to stalk them. Keep in mind that he stole the nail polish of the girl who he thinks looked like Jieun.

Explanation: [Note that the pictures change after he sees Jieun, then Jieun bleeding, presumably dead.]

I’d like to think these pictures are of basically how Bum used to view women before and after he killed Jieun.

It’s his more perverted side. All those pictures of women on the left are almost like all different women he was after. Even if it isn’t, just the fact that there are a lot of them shows how obsessed he was with it. The naked women on the right are also how he used to view women and how aesthetically and perhaps sexually pleasing seeing those were. However now, after he has killed Jieun, he can’t think of women the same way anymore. All he sees is blood and murder and what he did to her. All of his previous thoughts have become haunting and basically disgusting to him. He has previously stated his disgust towards meat after killing Jieun, and it must have also affected his line of thinking towards women as well. 


These, I believe were meant to be just stock images of general museum stuff that could have been turned gorey in one way or another if strategically placed. I don’t think there is a lot of explanation for these. 


Call it cliché but I think this looks a bit like the saintly side of Yoon Bum, then his actual self. It’s to show the duality of his self. He is both good and bad, guilty and innocent. 

Explanation: (Assuming the frame is blank on the inside, since previously empty frames were filled after release.)

I think this is to show how Bum’s mind has drawn a blank, or maybe that his future is simply not there because he thinks he is about to die. It could also be repressing how empty Sangwoo is, as it is above the machine that played his voice saying empty words. 



I think the ticket man represented Yoon Bum’s uncle, and I don’t think this just because they look similar. It’s also that this is how Bum basically entered “the nightmare”. By someone who is imprisoned taking something that Bum didn’t even realise he had and didn’t even know the purpose of almost by force, ripping it the process (and then being disgusting with it by smelling it). Bum’s uncle plays a huge role in how Bum fell into this hole that Sangwoo later only dug deeper to begin with. 


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Before: 190, Size XL/ 12
After: between 145 and 155, Size S-M/ 4-6

I’ve had my share of weight regain and a seemingly endless slew of plateaus, but I keep pushing forward. Hoping to be in the 130s by Christmas time.

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Share your weight loss story and help motivate others

i wish there were more fitness blogs that didn’t only post skinny girls :( i love seeing beautiful women but sometimes i just want motivation from my thick ladies like me

“I popped Captain America’s cherry !” - Steve Rogers x Reader (NSFW)

Steve Rogers is (was) a 90 years old virgin, someone had to “pop his cherry” one day you know. Just so happened it was you. Slightly NSFW. Well, actually, totally NSFW. Let’s just say it. First times and stuffs

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Being Tony Stark’s little sister wasn’t always easy. You couldn’t count the number of times you had to go pick him up somewhere because he was too drunk to come home on his own. Or the times you were waking up to go to school only to be met with a naked woman walking casually around…and getting suddenly flustered when she realized that Tony’s little sister was living with him. Or the times he just embarrassed you in general. Or when paparazzis just chased you everywhere just because you were his sister. Or just all of the Iron Man thing. You were in danger all the time, just because you were his sister…

Tony was twenty when your parents died, you were just a four year old at the time, and didn’t understand what was happening…Most of your childhood had been a bit chaotic. But you ended up fine, with all of his flaws, your brother still took good care of you. The perks of being rich really, an army of nannies were there when he wasn’t. 

Yes, being Tony Stark’s sister wasn’t always easy. But it definitely had its good sides. Your life was NEVER boring, and you always met interesting people. 

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was one of those people. You guys “clicked” right away. You loved his gentlemanly way, and he loved the fact that you were always very careful not to make him uncomfortable by talking about something he didn’t know. You were very aware that he wasn’t from your era, and that sometimes, he struggled. You also were the only one to acknowledge the fact that he might have PTSD from WWII. And unlike most men, he really wasn’t interested in your money and fame that came with the package of being a Stark. He liked you just the way you were, and vice versa. Unlike your brother you never mocked him when he was confused about something from the modern world. You loved hearing about when he was in the forties, and you felt that talking about it made him feel better. After all, everything and everyone he knew was long gone, that had to take a toll on your mind…It became a habit for the two of you to meet every day for lunch and just talk about anything. 

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She could be gentle, kind, and loving but let no one be fooled… She was a Warrior, who had the strength and courage to conquer all that life tossed her way.

There is a warrior living inside you. ❤ Let her out.

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I’ve said this before but after having a conversation with a friend…. Women don’t compliment each other enough! So to the women tagged in this post and the rest of my female followers…

You are GORGEOUS!! You’re smart, funny, ambitious, creative, and unique. I just love your hairstyle(s),outfit(s),shoes, the way you do your makeup and so much more! Baby girl you out here snatching edges and it got me like “yaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!“😍😍 Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on getting that promotion, getting an A on your exam, perfecting your craft, earning that scholarship, getting a new car, paying off your bills, starting a family, getting ready for graduation, starting and building your own brand, getting a new job, your new relationship, learning a new skill… whatever the case may be, you did it and applaud you! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 With all that being said JUST KEEP SLAYING QUEEN ❤️💅🏽(please feel free to reblog and tag more beautiful queens!!)

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From the woman that got Emmet Till killed to Melania Trump, (being there so many more before and after these) white women are always painted as victims and dammisels in distress even when they benefit from racism and their unchecked privilege. This is the basis of white feminism where white women are just fighting misogyny within their own race but never needing or wanting to fight for civil rights because they arent affected.
      White feminism is the mainstream feminism that shuts down racism and erases white women’s participation on the oppression of other marginalized groups as well as their reluctance to use their platform and privilege to fight for intersectionality.


We have a non-profit pregnancy care center built right across the street from the local abortion clinic. Christians in the community donate and volunteer there, making sure that women in need are taken care of before and after birth. 

They provide pregnancy counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, HIV/STI screening, clothing and resources for mother and baby, parenting classes and loving community. I’ve heard stories from mothers who felt like they were completely out of options, and were able to walk in and find caring people who could meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.