So, basically I went from a 13 year old emo, to a coloured hair emo, and then back to naturally dyed hair, but still emo. Now I’m just some kid who’s kind of achieving in life. I have a job and I’m getting a car. I have money and good grades. When I was 13 I was suicidal as fuck. I have tried killing myself, not just because of how bad my life has been, but because I didn’t have a way to express my dysphoria. When I was 14 I chopped all my hair off, but it still didn’t make me feel better. Yea, it felt nice and I felt like a boy, but it still killed me every second of the day knowing I had boobs. Finally, I got a binder before I turned 16 and let’s just say, my life is slowly getting better. I’m still dysphoric as fuck, but life is ok. I hope every other trans person gets to succeed in life and not suffer from dysphoria. It does get better. One step at a time.

lauraskingdom submitted:

Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

Left: August 2012 - 109lbs
Right: April 2016 - 126lbs

On the left, I was barely eating, always crying and getting headaches, and forever trying to see how much smaller I could look the next day. I was uneducated on what “healthy” meant for my body.

On the right, I’m learning what it means to love my body as my home. I feed it what it needs to thrive (lots of ice cream), and I’m teaching it how to do anything and everything I possibly can.

This journey will last a lifetime. But it’s worth it. ❤️