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Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

I know it’s a little late but in honor of Coming Out Day here’s a comparison. The left was when I came out to everyone four and a half years ago at a school assembly. The right is from today. I wouldn’t be where I am on the right if it wasn’t for the person on the left not letting people dictate her decisions anymore. Coming out changed my life for the better. Happy National Coming Out Day.

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OMG! thank you for this plan charlotte im loving it! This is my one month progress!! I love the workouts so much and the meals are so simple. I’ve always struggled and been made fun of for my size but thanks to you i’ve gotten into a better mindset. “I can do this!” instead of “i’ll fail anyways so whats the point?” Love you girl, and this is only the beginning for me. xoxoxo Ava <33

SO SO AMAZING!!!! 😍😍 Look how toned and STRONG you’re getting omggg!!  💪🏻 So happy my One Month Makeover can be such a help for you and your body and confidence!!! 😭 Make me so happy ahhh!!💗


Left: August 2012 - 109lbs
Right: April 2016 - 126lbs

On the left, I was barely eating, always crying and getting headaches, and forever trying to see how much smaller I could look the next day. I was uneducated on what “healthy” meant for my body.

On the right, I’m learning what it means to love my body as my home. I feed it what it needs to thrive (lots of ice cream), and I’m teaching it how to do anything and everything I possibly can.

This journey will last a lifetime. But it’s worth it. ❤️