My fighter McCree. Day of rescue in March, 1 month progress and 8 months later in Nov. He’s happily in a heated, filtered and heavily planted 10 gallon.

He had fin rot and ich when I rescued him. Walmart refused to sell him to me or give him to me free. So I went back and did self check out. So yes, I did pay for him since they flat out refused to sell him to me, yet put him back out the next day. I emailed Walmart with photos. Their customer team contacted me via phone and I went off about their poor practices.

This little guy is so inspirational. Even in that terrible shape, he was an energetic wiggle puppy the night I rescued him. He never lost hope.


Still doesn’t feel real sometimes. May 2015 vs today, May 2017. 120 lbs I’ll never have again. Have been keeping it off since August of 2016, growing stronger each and every day.

Take it from me, you can do anything you want.

If you need help, ask me. Helping other people evolve into the best versions of themselves is what I live for. Everything has aligned perfectly since I started my journey- I have given myself so much life that I am able to help others gain their own back.

Haters will say it’s photoshopped 🤣

June 2016 410.2 lbs vs. June 2017 276.7lbs

When you are hurt, sad, upset, down and completely negative, it’s always good to show yourself how far you have come. Peace ☮️✌️

Have a great day!


Hey guys! I got a lot of requests to redraw one of my old drawings. I dug this up from 2009 when I was in High School. It feels so good to see all the hard work pay off! Hope you enjoy it!! :’) 


I made a video illustrating one of your drawings! ITS SO MUCH FUN! I did one one earlier this year and it turned out to be a favorite. Hope you enjoy the episode :)

I was trying on all of my fall/winter clothes to see what new stuff I might need to buy…and I think it might be time for new jeans!! Ugh I remember how frustrated I was in the Target dressing room when I took that picture on the left. I could have given up and stopped trying right then and there, BUT I DIDN’T!!

Learning how to lose weight the healthy way, and keep it off, has been a long process for me. But I’m on what I would consider my official third try and I think this time I’ve got it!

Left: 200 lbs. (25 down from my highest weight)
Right: 177 lbs.

Almost 25 pounds down this year and close to 50 pounds down overall! The goal is to lose 15-20 more :)

For reference, I am 5 ft. 8 in. tall and those jeans are size 14.

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these.

Needing a little reminder of how far I’ve come, even though I may feel a little stagnant and frustrated right now. I’m still SO far from where I started and I have a lot to be proud of.