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The moment you (and we) have been waiting for! The Kickstarter for Before, After, & In Between is now online!! We have a great comic anthology that needs your help to print. There are four stories for each section of the book and over 250 pages of never-before-seen comics by 12 different and talented artists.

Rewards for backers include the book, a PDF of the book, limited edition postcards, commissions from contributing artists, and more!!! Go on to our Kickstarter page for more info.

The books will be limited, only 300 or so copies will be printed. So grab it while you can! Follow this tumblr for more updates and teasers that will be posted as we go on. Thanks for all your support and interest!


hey guys! only a little over 40 hours left to back-up the before, after, and in between anthology on kickstarter!

the anthology consists of twelve comics by twelve artists (four artists for each category); the central theme being the end of the world.

since the $15,000 goal was reached, there’s a new $50 pledge that includes one of three postcards featuring the main characters of my comic: butterflies. (pictured)

the artists featured in this anthology are: taylor c. AKA enenkay, geraldine chan, william gibbons, marina julia, yuj lee, yasmin liang, kathryn mann, mai k. nguyen, OMOCAT, emma rand, monica ray, and due to an unforseen event, RMR will not be participating but nate maurer AKA captainosaka will be filling her spot in the anthology.

thanks to all the backers who made this project such a success!


There’s only four more days left !!! There’s still over 100 copies left, and you should really buy one before the world ends!!!!

Anyway, I finally finally finally finished my contribution to the anthology and I’m just really nervous because I’ve never told a whole story before so I hope you like it but sorry if it sucks but the art i think looks pretty neat so maybe just look at it or something oh god sorry orz 

Before, After, & In Between: A Comic Anthology

So hey everyone! It’s been quiet around here for reasons I’ve already mentioned, but a little update on where I am right now. I’m currently finishing my comic portion of this awesome comic anthology Kickstarter that I was so graciously offered a place in.

Before, After, & In Between is a comic anthology (AKA: a collection of different stories all revolving around the same topic, universe, or theme) and features amazing comics from 12 different and amazingly talented artists. It’s about the end of the world with stories that occur, well…before, after, and in between the big shebang!

This is the cover for my short story titled “What Remains”.

Our Kickstarter is currently still going, but only has 43 hours to go as of this moment. You still have a chance to get the book and support the artists and the project! Go check it out and spread the word. We’re very proud to be producing this thing. You can also follow our group tumblr for updates and progress reports.

Thanks, guys!


Before, After, & In Between is a comic anthology featuring twelve talented artists on their take on what would happen before, after, or in between everything that goes down on December 21st 2012, the day the world is supposed to end.

This anthology will feature 200+ pages of new comics made specifically for this book. Yes that’s right, a book. We plan on compiling this into one complete book for your enjoyment and leisure. However, this means we require your help.

In the following weeks, we will be putting this project up on Kickstarter. Support of any kind will be greatly appreciated! Tell all your friends and family, be extremely excited, and follow this blog to keep up with upcoming news and more work in progress from the contributing artists. Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest.


finally, i give you a fuckin preview of my short for before, after, & in between, ghosts of the past!! its a small 15-page quickie for the after section, and although it was planned to be longer life and school kinda got in the way

i sort of went at it as an experiment in making comics entirely digitally and i can say i’ve learned a lot … i’m pretty done i just gotta look it over a couple more times and make sure i’ve got it all in shape! 

it feels like forever ago since I drew this so I don’t know if I should be putting it up or not but I guess it’ll be up here for now
yuj invited me to draw a guest postcard for her anthology with a bunch of other cool artists, before, after, & in between, which was funded a few months ago!
these character’s are monica’s, kay’s, and mai’s, and hopefully you’ll be able to recognize them for those of you with the pdf of the anthology

a preview of everyone else’s postcards that are really nice sighs wistfully


This is the final stretch!! We have less than a week left and would love to convert any stragglers into our backers! I was pondering on what would be the best way to do so… Then I realized I have a partial-dummy book I was looking over for any technical edits and thought to indulge you guys with it too! Well snippets anyways. 

And just to remind you, we have grand total of 12 artists in the mix! This is only 5 of them; you do the math. Our project gets funded on the 14th, so hurry in while you still can!

This layout/design probably will change by the time we go to print but I Just wanted to show off the awesome guy and ladies who made the anthology possible. It’s been a long year but just wanted to say thanks dudes. Love you guys.

Owari no Seraph Extra Chapter

This extra chapter takes place right before they go to Shinjuku (i.e. after Mitsuba joins, between chapter 9 and 10). It will most likely fit right after episode 7, for people who watch the anime. 

I found the chinese raws on this site: (x). 

This is translated by me, with a little help from mintyfun. This is a rough translation from a person who hasn’t read a single word of chinese in the last four years, so please tell me if I’ve made any mistakes.

Please ask if you use these. I would also appreciate if this is not reposted on other locations, such as manga sites or on personal websites without my direct permission. (i.e. Ask me or I will hunt you down. I will know.)


I’ve been told that Tumblr has resized most of the images, so there are quite a few that can’t be read. I’ve posted it on photobucket here: (x). 

I really love seeing your comments in the tags! It gets me really motivated to do more! If I find more chapters floating around untranslated I’ll definitely translate it for everyone!

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Here’s a morph between my before and after pictures.  

BEFORE:  6’ 1", 290 pounds, 36% BF, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea

AFTER:  212 pounds, 12% BF, no medical issues

Occurred between October 2013 and August 2014

I blogged about my journey here 

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It hasn’t even been two days!! Dang!! Thanks to everyone for well.. Everything!! We couldn’t have done this without you. We honestly wasn’t expecting this project to be fully funded so quickly! So now we need some time to think about push goals. They will be revealed once we hit $9,000.

But to celebrate our full funding, the commission tiers will open again! The commission slots include the obi-wrapped book, pdfs, post cards, a special thank you in the book, and a piece artwork from one of the available artist. Although they will be priced higher than the first round, this will be your last chance to get the anthology-exclusive obi-wraps. The possibility of additional commissions from the artists for this Kickstarter after this second run will be very low as well. 

The commission slots will open on this Friday, around 5PM EST. So be on the look out friends! And again:


Just felt like I needed a boost today, tbh, so I started comparing my before and after pics. At my heaviest, I was in the limbo zone between chubby and fat, and I just felt AWKWARD. At my current weight, I feel happy, healthy, and confident, which is a blessing! I’m still firmly a “during,” but I already feel so proud of what I’ve accomplished. A little less than a year and a half separates those pics. I’ve lost about 20 pounds slowly and painstakingly over that time, through good old fashioned diet and exercise:) 

Stats: 5'9". SW: 165 lbs. CW: 145 lbs. GW: 130 lbs.