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I did not feel like doing one of these today because my mirror selfie game has been strong this week and it felt unnecessary BUT today is actually kind of a big deal. 1: one year ago today I started lizzielosing (though at the time it was lizzieketo) and that is making me feel all kinds of things. 2: On January 1st (my “before” picture day) I was determined that this weight loss challenge was going to end today, after 3 months. I wrote all sorts of essays to myself about how 3 months wasn’t that long, I was going to hermit myself for winter and be all hot and sexy by Spring, yada yada. 3: I haven’t posted a sincere progress side by side in 3 weeks and a month just ended so here we are. I am adding bold text highlights to make this word-explosion appear more interesting.

I gained 2 pounds this week because I’ve been lazy, but since Jan 1st I’ve lost around 8-10 stubborn pounds and am still about 10 pounds away from one of my goal weights. (I fluctuate between 125 pounds and 127.) 2 inches have been lost from the waist and 2 from the hips. I’m actually pretty much halfway to all of my goals after 3 months. Obviously I wish I was 100% there and ready to maintain at 110-115 pounds, but if these months have taught me anything it’s that even with the best intentions I still screw up at least once a week and maybe that’s OK! Things are still changing in the right direction, and that matters. 

I feel like the first few weeks my body really dropped a lot of fat and my progress looks less and less noticeable each week because it’s more muscle toning+bone-revealing, but I feel generally hotter! The increasing frequency of selfies on this site is a testament to that. Those shorts are now baggy and sit below the belly button, which they’re not supposed to do and now do because they’re too big. My tits got smaller but they look better so it’s all good. Hips/saddlebags finally, slowly shrinking. I don’t know. Again, wish I was already there after 3 months but staying positive. I’m going to try and not drink at all this week because it truly is the only thing holding me back at this point. I’m not setting a new date for my goal weight just yet, but it took me 3 months to get here so realistically June-ish I should hit my goal weight…but we’ll see! Thanks for sticking with me, gang. (and today a special, loving shoutout to @alittlebitofketo and @ketokee both of whom I have now been interacting with for ONE YEAR TODAY and both of whom have made fucking outstanding progress in the last year and are a huge inspiration to me.)

Can you see a difference? It’s kinda hard for me to see it, even though I know there probably is some! Def have more booty definition.

This is a 4 month before / during photo. About 11 kgs lost.

I need to keep it up! Let me know if you see a difference, because it’s kinda hard to recognize your own progress sometimes.


Here’s a little transformation Tuesday for you. The first picture is from 2013, the second was taken today. There are days when I look at myself and don’t see a single difference, and THAT is why progress photos are so important. Starting to get back into losing weight after maintaining my current weight loss (~75 lbs) for over a year. Let’s motivate each other!

When I started my weight loss I never thought I would want to incorporate exercise into my life for enjoyment. It would be a necessity to take care of my body, like brushing my teeth. But here I am joining a softball team and wishing I was fit enough to backpack the Grand Canyon, run crazy obstacle courses like on TV, etc. But I used to be 286 pounds. Sometimes I wonder, even if I get down to a healthy weight, will my body ever really be capable of amazing physical feats? Did the high weight irreparably damage my physical capabilities? Would appreciate any advice or success stories.