I tried to copy the pose, but didn’t really succeed…lol. My friend told me I shouldn’t post this because it’s hard to compare a candid pic to a selfie (bc generally everyone looks better in selfies) especially with different lighting, but I think regardless I definitely look a LOT better than a month ago. The first pic was taken December 27th & the second picture last night after my workout. There’s about a 15lb difference between the pictures!! I know it’s not totally accurate but it still helps me to see a bit of progress (especially in my arms😳)

holy transformation ! ! ! ! ! feed your body w whole, nutritious foods, cut out all the processed junk, exercise w a mix of cardio & strength training, & I promise you’ll find the body, mind, positivity, self-love, & confidence that you’ve been searching for - just like I did. Xxx

🎉🎉 face transformation 🎉🎉

A little start of the week motivation! I didn’t even think I had this shirt anymore but I found it this morning so I had to take a pic & the pic on the left was taken late last spring semester so probably some time around mid-late April. If I had to guess I’d say there’s probably around a 20lb difference between the photos (although I’m not sure my exact weight in the first one) & the shirt definitely fits a lot better now!!😂

Một tình bạn kết thúc luôn đau đớn hơn một tình yêu.
Nó là một nỗi đau khắc khoải không thành lời.
Không thể rơi nước mắt, chẳng thể nói cho ai.
Tình yêu kết thúc là một nỗi đau
Nhưng tình bạn kết thúc là một vết cứa
Cứ âm ỉ chảy máu từng giờ.
Mỗi lần nghĩ đến đều đau mà không thể bày tỏ,
Không thể giãi bày…


(previously theunitedstatesoferica)

Left: Sept, 2014 ~220 lbs
Right: Jan, 2016 ~155 lbs

Breast size: 34 DDD
Shirt size: M
Pant size: 8
Dress size: 8/10

I work out with a highly qualified certified trainer/nutritionist 3-5x a week. I eat a mostly keto lifestyle (had to add carbs before workouts because my body couldn’t handle it. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY)

I’ve struggled with eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression clinically diagnosed since the age of 8.

Starting this last week of November, I decided to join the keto fam. And fell in love.

I’m not always happy, but I now have self love. Not because I’m thinner but because I FEEL GOOD.

I am in no means a professional, but if y'all need any advice from a success amateur, by all means, I am open to answer anything.

I hope you welcome me into your family.

All my love and more,

PS @aubernutter is my dream goals. Don’t be creeped out but you are my inspiration. And you’re the reason why I grew out my eyebrows. Keep on killing it lady! 💋